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Music too fast?

I have the PAL version of the Mario Tennis VC and the music is too fast. It can be heard on the title screen and the courses as well. Especially in the opening, because the music is over before the opening itself. It's not that bad, but it's interesting. So, is there anyone who has experienced this?

oqw provided additional details:

No, I don't have homebrew on my Wii. The game is legal, downloaded from the Wii Shop Channel.


cwjakesteel answered:

It sounds like you downloaded the WAD for this game and installed it using homebrew. I read it in a forum somewhere that the PAL version of the downloadable wad has a glitch where the music is too fast.

If you DID download the wad, please add more information telling me yes or no so I can tell you how to fix it.
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cwjakesteel answered:

Hmmm, well I only know to fix it using homebrew. Try deleting it and downloading it again, but make sure you can download it again before you delete it. Sorry that I can't help you very much, but at least you got one answer in over 3 months.
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