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Nightmare Creatures (N64) guide
by KeeperBvK aka Burkhart von Klitzing
Contact: KeeperBvK@web.de

Dedication: I dedicate this work to my beloved dad who passed away on the  
            I always loved you and I always will. Thank you so much for the  
            time we had.

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Started working on this on 08/26/2006.

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                                0.3 Contents

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0.1 Legal Stuff                                |      1.01     |            |
0.2 Version History                            |      1.01     |            |
0.3 Contents                                   |      1.01     |            |
 1. What is Spider-Man?                        |      1.0      |     AAA    |
 2. Controls                                   |      1.0      |     BBB    |
 3. General Hints                              |      1.0      |     CCC    |
 4. Walkthrough                                |      1.0      |     DDD    |
                                               |               |            |
    Chapter 1: The Heist                       |               |            |
    4.1  Level  1 - Get to the Bank!           |      1.0      |     DD1    |
    4.2  Level  2 - Bank Approach              |      1.0      |     DD2    |
    4.3  Level  3 - Hostage Situation          |      1.0      |     DD3    |
    4.4  Level  4 - Stop the Bomb!             |      1.0      |     DD4    |
                                               |               |            |
    Chapter 2: Scorpion                        |               |            |
    4.5  Level  5 - Race to the Bugle          |      1.0      |     DD5    |
    4.6  Level  6 - Spidey vs. Scorpion!       |      1.0      |     DD6    |
    4.7  Level  7 - Police Chopper Chase       |      1.0      |     DD7    |
    4.8  Level  8 - Missile Attack             |      1.0      |     DD8    |
    4.9  Level  9 - Building Top Chase         |      1.0      |     DD9    |
    4.10 Level 10 - Scale the Girders          |      1.0      |     D10    |
    4.11 Level 11 - Police Evaded              |      1.0      |     D11    |
                                               |               |            |
    Chapter 3: Rhino                           |               |            |
    4.12 Level 12 - Spidey vs. Rhino!          |      1.0      |     D12    |
                                               |               |            |
    Chapter 4: Venom                           |               |            |
    4.13 Level 13 - Catch Venom                |      1.0      |     D13    |
    4.14 Level 14 - Spidey vs. Venom!          |      1.0      |     D14    |
    4.15 Level 15 - Sewer Entrance             |      1.0      |     D15    |
    4.16 Level 16 - Sewer Cavern               |      1.0      |     D16    |
    4.17 Level 17 - Subway                     |      1.0      |     D17    |
    4.18 Level 18 - Sewage Plant               |      1.0      |     D18    |
    4.19 Level 19 - Hidden Switches            |      1.0      |     D19    |
    4.20 Level 20 - Tunnel Crawl               |      1.0      |     D20    |
    4.21 Level 21 - Venom's Puzzle             |      1.0      |     D21    |
    4.22 Level 22 - The Lizard's Maze          |      1.0      |     D22    |
    4.23 Level 23 - Spidey vs. Venom Again!    |      1.0      |     D23    |
                                               |               |            |
    Chapter 5: Symbiotes                       |               |            |
    4.24 Level 24 - Symbiotes Infest Bugle     |      1.0      |     D24    |
    4.25 Level 25 - Elevator Descent           |      1.0      |     D25    |
    4.26 Level 26 - Stop the Presses!          |      1.0      |     D26    |
    4.27 Level 27 - Bugle's Basement           |      1.0      |     D27    |
    4.28 Level 28 - Spidey vs. Mysterio!       |      1.0      |     D28    |
                                               |               |            |
    Chapter 6: Doc Ock                         |               |            |
    4.29 Level 29 - Waterfront Warehouse       |      1.0      |     D29    |
    4.30 Level 30 - Underwater Trench          |      1.0      |     D30    |
    4.31 Level 31 - Stopping the Fog           |      1.0      |     D31    |
    4.32 Level 32 - Spidey vs. Doc Ock!        |      1.0      |     D32    |
    4.33 Level 33 - Spidey vs. Carnage!        |      1.0      |     D33    |
    4.34 Level 34 - Spidey vs. Monster-Ock!    |      1.0      |     D34    |
                                               |               |            |
 5. Items                                      |      1.0      |     EEE    |
 6. Enemies                                    |      1.0      |     FFF    |
 7. Comic Book Locations                       |      1.0      |     GGG    |
 8. Unlockables                                |      1.0      |     HHH    |
    8.1 Character Bios                         |      1.0      |     HH1    |
    8.2 Game Covers                            |      1.0      |     HH2    |
    8.3 Slide Shows                            |      1.0      |     HH3    |
    8.4 Costumes                               |      1.0      |     HH4    |
 9. Training Mode                              |      1.0      |     III    |
    9.1 Time Attack                            |      1.0      |     II1    |
    9.2 Survival Mode                          |      1.0      |     II2    |
    9.3 Speed Training                         |      1.0      |     II3    |
    9.4 Item Collection                        |      1.0      |     II4    |
10. Closing Comments                           |      1.0      |     JJJ    |
11. Experimental                               |      1.0      |     KKK    |

                       1. What is Spider-Man?                             AAA

Anybody reading this ought to know who Spider-Man (the character) is, but 
anyway: He is one of the best known Marvel Comics Super Heroes, using various 
powers he got when he was bitten by a radioactive spider.

The game Spider-Man, however, is an action game, having you control the hero 
of the same name, which is based on the comics, rather than on the movies 
like later Spider-Man games are. The game consists of numerous rather short 
levels with lots of different approaches. You get to swing across New York's 
skyline, fight famous bosses, stay on moving subways, climb up skyscrapers, 
rescue hostages and so on.

The original version of this game (for the PSX) was made by Neversoft, by the 
way, which makes it the only product of Neversoft that doesn't star Tony Hawk 
or any other skater.

                                 2. Controls                              BBB

While it is possible to change a few button settings, I will only list the 
standard setting.

Standard Moves:

Move........................: Control Stick or D-Pad.

Punch.......................: C Down.

Kick........................: C Left.

Jump........................: A Button.

                Jumping Punch.........: C Down.

                Jumping Kick..........: C Left.

Pick up Objects.............: C Down.

                Throw Objects.........: C Down.

Web Trap....................: C Up.

Hang onto the Ceiling.......: B Button.

                Return to the Ground..: B Button or A Button.

Swing around via Spider Webs: R Button.

Activate Aiming Mode........: L Button or Z Button.

Activate Switches...........: C Left or C Down.

Pause the Game..............: Start Button.

Button Combinations:

Grab an Opponent..................: C Left + C Up or C Down + C Up.

               Punch a Grabbed Opponent: C Down.

               Kick a Grabbed Opponent.: C Left.

Web Gloves........................: Left on Control Stick or D-Pad + C Up.

Web Dome..........................: Right on Control Stick or D-Pad + C Up.

               Break Web Dome..........: C Left or C Down.

Web Ball Projectiles..............: Up on Control Stick or D-Pad + C Up.

Trap and Pull in Enemies..........: Down on Control Stick or D-Pad + C Up.

Trap and Pull Enemies to the Left.: Down + Left + C Up.

Trap and Pull Enemies to the Right: Down + Right + C Up.

                               3. General Hints                           CCC

When crawling at the ceiling, it doesn't matter if you drop down by plain 
jumping via the A Button or by shooting down a web string via the B Button. 
The only difference is that using your web to get down requires web energy, 
of course, so definitely jump off ceilings.

If you don't necessarily need to get up to a ceiling quickly, jump at a wall 
and climb up to the ceiling instead of using your web shot.

Use kick combos instead of punches. Kicks are just as quick and strong as 
punches but their reach is superior.

Usually the best way of fighting enemies is to pull them in with your spider 
webs, pressing down and C Up, but it consumes lots of web energy, so use it 
either when you have loads of energy left or if some passage is hard to beat.

Jumping kicks are great (especially against close quarter boss fights), but 
somehow you have to cool down after each one. If you perform a jumping kick 
(or punch) and right after get back into the air and do another one, you will 
stay motionless for a few seconds upon landing. To avoid this you should do a 
jumping kick, jump normally once and then jump kick again.

Jumping attacks can only be used when focusing an enemy. Focusing is done 
automatically by looking at an enemy that is rather close to you. You can 
tell you are focusing on a foe when seeing a red arrow above his head.

Jumping kicks also offer a great way of fighting multiple enemies: Knock down 
one of them with a jumping attack and then turn to the other one, using a 
combo on him.

Web Fluid slowly regenerates when being depleted, so don't worry too much 
about running out of it.

Jumping and swinging is faster than running. Use this to your advantage when 
escaping an enemy or hunting one down.

You do not have to finish a level after grabbing a comic to get it into your 
collection, so if you play an older level just for a comic, pick it up and 

                                4. Walkthrough                            DDD

This guide will get you through the whole game on hard difficulty, while 
collecting all comics. If you play on medium, easy or kid you can still stick 
to all of my strategies and paths as enemy positions, level layout and stuff 
stays the same as far as I know. The only thing to remember is that you might 
need less hits than I say to defeat enemies.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=4.1 Level 1 - Get to the Bank!=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-DD1

Comic Books: 0

Walk over to the question mark to make Black Cat appear, explaining to you 
how to swing from one building to another...as if Spidey wouldn't already 
know. Swing to the building in front of you, touch another question mark and 
pick up the Web Cartridge.

Run to the ledge near the next skyscraper straight ahead, jump off and swing 
to it. The third question mark explains how to fight, so let the first enemy 
(turning his back on you) have at it. Hop down, defeat another enemy and 
don't worry too much about not being hit as there is another Web Cartridge 
and a Health Item.

Climb up the sign and head for the next building right in front of you. As 
you climb up on it, move a bit to the left or to the right to reach either 
one of its highest spots. Now look down to the sole patrol, wait for it to 
turn its back on you and jump down for the kill.

Next, simply swing to the next house, surprise another patrol, climb up to 
the roof, punch the last henchman off the building and restore your health if 
you need to. Swing over to the tallest skyscraper near the helicopters to end 
the level.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=4.2 Level 2 - Bank Approach=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=DD2

Comic Books: 1

See the small platform between the two skyscrapers on the left? That is where 
you want to get onto. Plan your leap carefully to make it safely to that 
place. Then climb up the left building and swing over to the Channel 4 
building to pick up the first comic book. Return to the previous building and 
continue to the next one.

Climb up and finally learn what the health items do (geez) by touching the 
question mark, which is a bit stupid in my opinion, as everybody should know 
what a goodie with a red cross on it does and furthermore why not at least 
have this tutorial part in the first level, where the first medikits appeared?

Swing over to the bank building, (ignore the lone Web Cartridge down in a 
niche on the bank building,) climb up to one of the higher ledges and choose 
a strategy: Either wait for a patrol to pass by and jump down to defeat it in 
close quarter, so you can sneak up on the rest of the Bank Thugs and pick up 
two items or just stay high up, enter the aiming mode and pull in all enemies 
with the web one by one.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-4.3 Level 3 - Hostage Situation-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=DD3

Comic Books: 1

Wait for the sole patrol just outside the computer room to come into sight 
and dispose of him in close quarter. Move on until you reach a big corridor, 
with another sole Bank Thug running around. Pull him in with a web and defeat 
him. The elevator on your left holds a Web Cartridge.

Proceed around the glassy room until you hear yourself speaking about 
hostages. You need to defeat the next two enemies quickly, because if you 
only kill one, the other one will go for the hostages, ending the mission 
instantly. Stay far away, enter aiming mode, kill the guard that turns his 
back on you by reeling him in and quickly run over to where the hostage comes 
from and eliminate the second enemy in close quarter. There are two question 
marks, two Web Cartridges and a Health item nearby, so nab whatever you need 

Then search for some cables hanging down from the ceiling. Get up to the 
ceiling either by climbing up a wall or by pressing B and crawl through the 
shaft right into the control room. Stay on the ceiling a bit longer, position 
yourself above the Bank Thug, drop down on him and kick in midair for an easy 
kill. Pick up another Web Cartridge and some health and activate all three 
switches. One of them opens the door nearby, another releases a hostage and 
the final one opens the next area, setting free two enemies. Since they will 
position themselves just outside the control room, simply run through the 
door and beat them up.

Move on straight through the newly opened gate. Quickly reel in an enemy 
appearing in front of you and climb up to the ceiling. Up there close in on 
two Bank Thugs threatening some more hostages. Enter aiming mode, stun both 
bad guys with your web (the one closer to the hostages first) and drop down 
to finish them off. The question mark in this hall tells you how to pick up 
and throw objects, but actually it is a bad idea trying to use this move 
against the enemies you just beat, as it takes too long. Grab the Web 
Cartridge and the health, pick up the chair in the first office to reveal a 
comic and go to the exit.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-4.4 Level 4 - Stop the Bomb!-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-DD4

Comic Books: 1

Get up to the ceiling and crawl to just behind the first enemy. Go into 
first-person view, wait for the patrol to move away from you and then pull in 
the guard below. Afterwards also reel in the patrol when it is at the back 
end of the hall. Next, there are three Bank Thugs inside small niches, 
guarding some hostages. Simply drop down from the ceiling onto the three bad 
guys with a jump kick one after another to clear this room and to safely grab 
a Web Cartridge and some health.

Crawl up a vent in the far left corner and drop down on an enemy at its other 
end. This makes another foe see and attack you, so quickly stun him with a 
web and defeat him with your fists. Pick up an armchair and walk to the newly 
opened gate, while sticking to the left wall. This way the sole enemy won't 
realize you're there until very late...until you can throw the armchair at 
him, that is.

Pick up the two Web Cartridges in the next room before pressing the button 
responsible for security area 2 (the vault) and then the other one, which 
opens the room behind the windows. Quickly position yourself in front of the 
security check near the bomb room, pull in the first enemy and rush in to 
kill the last two of them in close quarter. The question mark only tells you 
once more how to pick up objects, so ignore it. Pick up the bomb, leave the 
room and toss it into the open safe. Walk back through the first metal 
detector to a comic and press button #2 again to close the safe.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-4.5 Level 5 - Race to the Bugle-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=DD5

Comic Books: 1

Your boss needs help: Scorpion is trying to kill him, so you better hurry in 
getting to him. If Scorpion's head on the timebar at the top of the screen 
reaches the right end, you will fail the level no matter what, so I give you 
a quick path with as few fights as possible.

Stop the cut-scene at the beginning as time already starts to flow in the 
background. Ignore the question to save some additional time (it teaches you 
to jump forward before swinging to reach spots far away). Swing straight 
ahead to the lower building, run past the enemy, swing to the high skyscraper 
on the left, climb up, swing to the tower on the building up ahead, this time 
ignoring two Henchmen, and pick up the Web Cartridge.

Swing to the building up ahead and a bit to the right, pass up on another 
enemy and use your spider powers to reach the pretty high building a bit to 
the left. On a ledge on its right side lies a comic book.

Climb up to the roof, nab the Web Cartridge, ignore the two Henchmen and 
proceed to the building opposite of where you just climbed up. Ignore the bad 
guy here, turn right and swing away twice more. Grab the Health, disregard 
one final foe and swing to the Daily Bugle.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=4.6 Level 6 - Spidey vs. Scorpion!-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=DD6

Comic Books: 1

The first boss fight and what a tedious one. Scorpion actually isn't hard to 
beat, but you need to concentrate...for quite a while.

At the beginning pick up and destroy all objects in the room to make a comic 
appear in the centre.

Now jump at Scorpion, dealing a jumping attack to him. Then jump away, land 
and repeat. Fighting him from the air is the only way to avoid his tail and 
in addition you can be so quick with the right timing that he won't use his 
laser cannon, attack J.J.J. or move around too much. You will want to keep 
him in a corner so you don't accidentally stick to a wall when jumping away 
from him, which would slow you down and allow for a counter-attack against 

Once the boss is down to about half of his health, the fight will be taken 
over to another room, but the strategy stays the same.

Definitely make sure to land once without attacking in between two assaults, 
or else you will find yourself somehow unable to move for a few seconds after 
every second jumping attack.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=4.7 Level 7 - Police Chopper Chase-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=DD7

Comic Books: 1

In this level you have to escape a fully equipped police copter, which 
requires you to run like hell. Just keep on running without fighting any 

Try to pick up the Web Cartridge on your way just at the turn to the right. 
Then when the small tower collapses, swing over to the building on your left 
so you save the time you would need to climb up if you simply jumped over to 

Stay left of the bridge (it will be destroyed) and swing over the gap. By 
doing this you can avoid the blast at the Dunkin' Donuts sign (or at least 
the parody of a Dunkin' Donuts sign ^^). Ok, so there is a Web Cartridge 
inside the sign, but losing time (and therefore health) for it isn't worth it. 
Proceed, pick up some health, fight the two policemen (but only if you want 
to get the comic) and jump behind the first box on the right side of the roof 
to make the chopper blow it into pieces, revealing a comic. Finally get to 
the big skyscraper.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-4.8 Level 8 - Missile Attack-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-DD8

Comic Books: 0

Your first task is to climb up the skyscraper while avoiding the chopper's 
missiles. Luckily, it doesn't fire them off at will, but just at those 
windows being covered with wooden boards, so simply stay away from them. 
After a bit of climbing you will come across a ledge. Here, choose the centre 
path, where a graffiti says Furse or something like that. Shortly after that 
you get to another area where you have to crawl over some boards. Choose the 
left-most path here and quickly move over to the one on its right as the 
copter somehow doesn't destroy the center boards this time. Just after that 
you should again climb up on the left and quickly move over to the centre. 
Return to the left and move up to the first checkpoint.

Your task changes, as the copter's arm changes: You still need to climb up, 
of course, but now you have to dodge the machine gun. The copter now has a 
crosshair staying somewhat focused on you until the cops are ready to fire. 
When this happens, your spider senses warn you and the crosshair moves away 
to form a line of fire right through your position. Just keep climbing 
straight up and move a bit to the left or to the right when you see your 
spider senses ring the alarm.

Finally for the last few seconds of the level you will face some more 
missiles again. Start climbing on the right side and switch over to the 
centre when you are sticking to some boards. Quickly move up on the centre 
until you reach the roof and hence the next level.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-4.9 Level 9 - Building Top Chase-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-DD9

Comic Books: 1

Like in the seventh level you have to escape a copter while running past lots 
of policemen.

Ignore the first enemy and jump to the next building. Run forward in between 
the two towers that are going to be shot down and swing to the hotel, but try 
to be on the left side of its wall. Climb up, jump over the small hut and 
proceed to the right where you need to swing to a construction site and to 
pick up a Web Cartridge.

Move on to the skyscraper nearby, grab the health and look for a crane in the 
background. Swing there and drop into a hidden room through a hole where you 
will find a comic and some armor.

Return to the building, turn right and jump onto the next one. Jump past some 
enemies and climb up another skyscraper. Swing over to the real big one, 
whose wooden board sections are blown apart again and choose whether you need 
a Web Cartridge or some health. The first one lies on the roof, whereas the 
latter one can be found in the blown up section. If you want you can also 
pick up both, of course.

Continue onto another roof, swing over to a box hanging in the air, grab the 
two Web Cartridges and quickly make your way onto the second box and then 
onto another construction site, as the boxes fall down. The next building is 
the exit. 

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=4.10 Level 10 - Scale the Girders=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=D10

Comic Books: 1

Although you have got a police helicopter in your back, firing his machine 
gun at you, jump down to the ledge, follow it around the left side and pick 
up a comic. Now start climbing up until the copter leaves. Stick to the crane 
and climb it up to avoid some fights against SWAT Cops.

At the top, jump to the girder construction, beat up a SWAT Cop and stay off 
the boards as they break. Proceed up and don't even think about sticking to 
the outer side of the construction site, or else you will be sniped at. When 
you hear and see the copter machine gun firing again, try to climb up near 
the crane to get some cover. Climb up the crane and swing to the box to end 
the level.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=4.11 Level 11 - Police Evaded=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=D11

Comic Books: 1

Run straight to the abyss, jump and swing over to the first box. Then quickly 
to the second, grab the Web Cartridge and swing to the girders where you 
should dispose of a SWAT Cop with a jumping kick.

Climb up the skyscraper on the left, run away from the copter fire and drop 
down onto another building where two SWAT Cops open up a hole in the ground. 
Jump down, defeat the two enemies with some jumping kicks and open one of the 
broken windows as if it was a switch to find a comic book.

Get back up, swing to the next skyscraper and climb up quickly as the machine 
gun fire here cannot be dodged. Ignore two enemies on the roof and swing to 
the building on the left for a Web Cartridge. Down to a construction site 
again and back up to a skyscraper on the right. If you need it really 
desperately you might consider picking up the health item in the small room 
two SWAT Cops come out, while ignoring them completely, but it is a lot safer 
to just move on. Swing to the box and finally to the last building.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=4.12 Level 12 - Spidey vs. Rhino!=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=D12

Comic Books: 1

The second boss fight also takes quite a while and it doesn't allow for many 
mistakes to be made, but it also is rather easy when you know what to do and 
it is nowhere near as hectic as the battle with Scorpion.

|           RSP           |
| EB                 EB   |
| 4                       |
|      EP        EP       |
|               2         |
|           SSP           |
|        1                |
|      EP        EP       |
| 3                       |
| EB                      |

RSP: Rhino Starting Position
SSP: Spidey Starting Position
 EP: Electric Pole
 EB: Explosive Barrel

You have to defeat Rhino by letting him run into the explosive barrels and 
the electric poles. As long as you stay on the ground, Rhino's only attack is 
to charge at you, which can only be dodged by jumping. Now go figure what 
exactly you need to do. Stand in front of one of the hazardous objects, wait 
for the boss to run for you and then jump away.

There are some things to consider, though: Rhino can still change direction 
while performing an attack so you either have to jump pretty late or jump in 
the direction the boss comes from or else he will miss the barrel or the pole. 
Furthermore you cannot rest on a wall, because your enemy can shake you off, 
causing damage by doing that.

The best way of beating this boss is to quickly walk to point 1 in the 
diagram, let Rhino charge at you and jump back over the pole (any other 
jumping direction might confuse the camera and hence your controls so you 
jump into the electricity). Then head for point 2 (note that the laser beam 
can only hit you when jumping) and repeat this procedure until both poles are 
broken, with the laser beams dying down.

Now bait your opponent to the barrels at 3, jumping towards 4 rather late, 
but not too late or else the explosion might hit you. Wait for Rhino to run 
towards and jump over him back to 3. Repeat again until these barrels are 
gone. Bait the boss to any remaining objects to finally finfish him off.

To get the comic, let Rhino destroy all barrels.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-4.13 Level 13 - Catch Venom-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=D13

Comic Books: 2

This level is pretty much straight forward, with you chasing Venom without 
ever letting him get too far away (which can be seen at the bar on the upper 
side of the screen).

After the first swing, do not follow Venom to the left, but take a shortcut 
to the right. Then again, when Venom waits for you for a bit, escaping over a 
short bridge right after that, also do not swing to the left but just 
straight ahead.

Once you reach the girder area, search for some armor and a comic book on the 
left side of the roof before hunting your nemesis again, leading to a nice 

Then jump up and swing towards Venom once, as this is a lot quicker than 
walking, follow Venom to the left and try to pick up a comic on the right end 
of a roof you are landing on. Luckily, your enemy pauses just two buildings 
after that one, so you should have the time to pick it up. The rest of the 
level is pretty easy to figure out. Still follow Venom, while trying to cut 
the corners a bit.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=4.14 Level 14 - Spidey vs. Venom!=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=D14

Comic Books: 1

This boss fight is pretty similar to the one against Scorpion, but a lot more 
frustrating. Venom has three attacks, with two of them basically being the 
same. He either pulls you in with his arm or spider webs or he grabs you when 
being close to you.

His long range attacks cannot be dodged so you definitely will want to avoid 
him performing them. He only uses them if you either stick to a wall or are 
somewhat far away from him. Make sure to never jump against a wall and try to 
be close to him. Focus on the manhole and keep on jumping around near it, 
while trying to do some jumping kicks (don't forget to cool down in between 
them). The most common mistake for me was to hit Venom and to jump away from 
him as I would do when I didn't him. This made him use his stretchy arm, 
dealing lots of damage to me. I don't mean to tell you not to jump after 
hitting him, but try to jump to the left or to the right and not away from 

Your opponent disappears from time to time, which always gives you a good 
chance for an easy hit: Stand on the manhole and keep turning until Venom 
reappears and you can see him. Look at him, wait for the red arrow to appear 
above his head and attack.

The backyard also contains some health and a Web Cartridge but it's better to 
focus on the battle. Only nab the health if you really need it and if you are 
sure you can avoid Venom's attacks without getting too far away from him.

Pick up the car to get the comic of this level.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=4.15 Level 15 - Sewer Entrance=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-D15

Comic Books: 1

It's time to face a new enemy: The Lizardman. Enter the cave on the right, 
where Venom escaped into, and fight two of those reptiles. Quickly get into 
close quarter and attack one of them. Since their attacks are really slow you 
can simply stop attacking when the other enemy's attack is about to be 
unleashed, move aside a bit and continue attacking.

Run into a bigger cave where you first of all pull in another Lizardman. 
After that, walk back into the hallway to find a comic. Return to the big 
cave and swing from pipe to pipe, watching out for the poisonous gas coming 
out, fighting a single enemy and picking up a Web Cartridge on the third pipe. 
Then finally you get back to solid ground and a health item.

The tunnel is being shut by Venom, forcing you to beat up four Lizardmen. Let 
them come your way a bit before quickly jumping past them and around the 
corner. Then slowly head back so you don't need to fight all of them at once. 
Let the closest one taste some kick combos and once another enemy has come 
close, simply grab the first one and kick him away.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-4.16 Level 16 - Sewer Cavern-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-D16

Comic Books: 1

Enter aiming mode to pull in a Lizardman patrolling on a pipe. Afterwards 
swing onto the pipe and then onto another one, where two more enemies await 
you. Dispose of them by grabbing and kicking them.

Hmm, the game tells you how to enter aiming mode. I wonder why that is...ohh, 
you need that to reach the blatantly marked green pipes. Enter aiming mode, 
aim for the first green pipe and press R to get there. Do the same for the 
second pipe and then look at the waterfall, enter aiming mode and swing 
behind it to find a hidden room, containing some armor, two Web Cartridges 
and a comic. Repeat the whole aiming and swinging stuff for the remaining set 
of pipes until you can climb up onto one of them and jump over to a ledge 
with some health lying around.

The next tunnel contains four Lizardmen, but no shut gate at its end. That's 
pretty much an invitation to just run and jump by, maybe picking up the 
second health pak behind the corner, but mostly concentrating on getting 

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=4.17 Level 17 - Subway=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-D17

Comic Books: 0

Stay on the rolling subway until it reaches the next stop (indicated by the 
bar at the bottom of the screen), while fighting infinite hordes of Lizardmen. 
At least the enemies cannot knock you down the subway (or at least only very 
rarely and only if you are way too close to the edge anyway), but you can.

Since there will always come new Lizardmen until there are three of them on 
board, you shouldn't concentrate too hard on defeating them. Instead, knock 
down single enemies with a kick combo and if there are two or even three 
enemies close to you, use a jumping kick on one of them and quickly hop over 
to the other end of the train, waiting for the reptiles to approach you again.

There are loads of Web Cartridges (unimportant) and health items (yay) 
passing by in the air, just on your level, so you might want to get the 
camera looking up front to see and grab them unless you have an enemy right 
at your heels. Sometimes you might even stand at the tip of the train, see an 
item go by, turn around, use a jumping kick on a Lizardman at the back of the 
train and still get the goodie, but you better not rely on this.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-4.18 Level 18 - Sewage Plant-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-D18

Comic Books: 1

On hard difficulty the sheer amount of enemies in this level nearly requires 
you to ignore some of them.

Right at the beginning you will see three Lizardmen coming in and while you 
could fight them, of course, with lost of jumping kicks and some combos 
against single enemies, it is best to simply run and jump by, performing a 
jumping kick in midair to at least knock down one of them. At the end of the 
tunnel is an intersection, with three more enemies appearing from both sides, 
but still you should take a left (heading for a dead end) and jump past them 
to reach some health, a Web Cartridge and a comic. Turn around and run down 
the corridor, past another health item and three additional Lizardmen.

Stick to the ceiling, crawl through a hole and prepare to fight two Lizardmen 
once you're up. You could ignore these as well, but I find it nice to clear 
one's back and since there are only two of them, they can be fought pretty 
easily. Just use some jumping kicks and some kick combos if they stand behind 
one another.

Move over to the water basin, but watch out not to fall in. Enter aiming mode, 
shoot a web at the switch, wait for the water to completely drain (even the 
slightest bit of water here triggers the drowning animation) and quickly jump 
down. Then run straight over to the opening and climb up the wall before the 
water reappears. Up in the new room, pick up the health if you need it and 
activate the three switches to both open a gate way back in the level and to 
trigger three Lizardmen appearing behind you.

Aim at one of them from a great distance, pull him in and finish him off with 
a few combos. The remaining two enemies shouldn't be much of a problem when 
using some jumping kicks. Get close to the switch over the water, activate it 
in aiming mode and again wait for the water to fully disappear before going 
down and up where you came from earlier on.

Jump over the gap, activate another water draining lever, drop down, run 
through and climb up. Even the three switches-theme repeats itself, but this 
time the three Lizardmen appear prior to activating them. Employ lots of 
jumping kicks and some kick combos whenever you wouldn't risk being countered. 
Pick up the health, push the levers, return to the gap as you previously did 
and drop down.

The gate next to you has been opened whereas another one has been shut so no 
remaining Lizardmen can reach you. Activate the switch in aiming mode, drop 
down, grab the health and look out for an opening in the ceiling about 
halfway through the tunnel. This is where you want to get up.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-4.19 Level 19 - Hidden Switches-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=D19

Comic Books: 1

This is definitely one of the easiest level in the whole game. All you need 
to do is pressing four buttons, with infinite Lizardmen watching you do so.

Enter the big hall, jump over to the left and activate the switch at the 
health item. This lowers the toxic liquid in the basin a bit and it makes an 
unlimited amount of Lizardmen jump out of the liquid, but they just stand 
next to the basin, not doing anything except for a bit of spitting. 
Furthermore they can even be killed with a single hit. Get over to the other 
side while using jumping kicks on the Lizardmen, press the button near the 
health, go back and press the switch near the Web Cartridge and finally cross 
the basin again to activate the last switch. Tadaa: The exit is now open at 
the bottom of the pit, but if you cross it once more you can find a newly 
spawned comic book.

Watch out not to drop down into one of the gaps in the ground of the pit, but 
other than that, there is nothing that can stop you from finishing this stage 

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-4.20 Level 20 - Tunnel Crawl-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-D20

Comic Books: 1

Ignore the two Lizardmen; just follow Venom into the left tunnel. Stick to 
the ceiling, crawl into the vent and wait for the water to go down. You have 
to crawl through while the water is down, but this cannot be done on the 
first draining. So position yourself as much down the tunnel as possible 
without being washed away when the water returns (try to get your head just 
above the line in the background). Immediately crawl on once the water starts 
to drain for the second time. You will reach a relax zone, in which you 
should position yourself as you did previously, and wait again for the water 
to reappear once and then drain again before moving on.

After having gotten through you will face two Lizardmen that once again can 
be ignored. Enter the big hall and reach the other side either by swinging or 
crawling. Then pick up the Web Cartridge, pull the lever and drop down into 
the pit. Four Lizardmen are patrolling in here, but that's none of your 
business. Just pick up the health on one of the box-shaped structures, pull 
the lever on it and pick up the newly appeared comic behind the other box. 
Leave the level through the gate at the head of the pit.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=4.21 Level 21 - Venom's Puzzle=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-D21

Comic Books: 0

Ok, so you thought Hidden Switches was easy? This level contains not even a 
single battle, it is short and it basically consists only of an easy puzzle.

Turn around to enter a hall. In here you better not fall to the ground, but 
except for that, there is nothing to fear. You have to combine four switches 
in such a way that all four gates Venom hides behind are opened, but you 
really only need two of the switches.

Activate the lowest one and the one right of it (when looking at the switch). 
That's it. Return to the hallway you started in, either by climbing or by 
choosing the lazy web-swing way and follow Venom.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=4.22 Level 22 - The Lizard's Maze=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=D22

Comic Books: 1

Run straight past Venom into the toxic tunnel and stick to the wall. The 
liquid coming out of leaks above you doesn't hurt you, but the gas below is 
deadly and so are the crushers. Wait for them to open and then quickly crawl 
past them.

At the first intersection, take a right, attack Venom a few times as you did 
in the boss fight until he disappears and then move on until you meet the 
Lizard. After he has told you the correct path, turn around, pick up the 
comic and enter the first gas passage. Move right and take a left at the end 
(the right path only leads you to some health and to Venom, but you don't 
need the health). You will see some armor in the background, but also Venom 
appearing behind it. Run for the armor as quickly as possible, so Venom's 
attack will strike after you have picked it up. Your opponent will disappear 
again, leaving you behind with still loads of armor and health left.

Return to the first intersection and go straight to another gas tunnel. 
Ignore the opening straight ahead (there's only some health to be found) and 
follow the passage to two sets of crushers, while Venom lets you know you're 
on the right track. Pass the machineries and enter the second opening on the 
right to finally find Mary Jane.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-4.23 Level 23 - Spidey vs. Venom Again!-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=D23

Comic Books: 0

Think of this as your first fight against Venom, but even more frustrating, 
due to various factors:
1. Mary Jane is trapped in a water basin, with Venom pulling levers so water 
flows into the basin, drowning your wife as soon as the blue bar on the right 
side of the screen is full.
2. You have greater distances to cross, making it easier for Venom to use his 
stretchy arm.
3. The various areas are smaller than before, hence making jumping harder and 
the camera even crappier.

First of all, enter aiming mode and hit the switch at the other end of the 
hall to stop the flow of water. Then position yourself in the centre at the 
chain and look at either one of the switches close to you (the ones on a 
slightly higher level). When Venom reappears (you'll know by seeing his life 
bar) quickly see if he does at the switch you are looking at. If he does: 
Jump up and repeat the same attack pattern as in your first boss fight 
against Venom (search key D14) before he activates the switch. If he doesn't: 
Turn around 90 degree to see if he's there and then eventually again 90 
degree. If you can see him now, attack him, if not, he very likely is at the 
remaining fourth switch. Jump blindly into that direction, using a kick in 
midair and hope Venom isn't about to pull the lever or prolong his arm into 
your direction.

Repeat this system over and over again, only altering it when a switch has 
been activated. In this case, step in front of it, enter aiming mode and 
shoot a web at it, as somehow the normal way of pressing it rarely works in 
this stage.

There are some Web Cartridges and Health Items spawning and disappearing on 
top of the four blocks near the centre of the stage and while I believe them 
to be coming in infinitely, I don't recommend picking them up, as you will 
never know just how much time is left before Venom reappears. Only nab one of 
the health items if the blue bar is still pretty empty, you are desperately 
in need of life, Venom has just disappeared and the goodie is nearby.

I highly prefer the centre of the hall as your battle arena over any other 
place, because here the ceiling is high up so you don't accidentally stick to 
it, you cannot fall to a lower level, the camera is at least working a bit 
better than elsewhere and there aren't too many obstacles around. If you are 
having really big problems with Venom, you might consider only attacking him 
when he appears on the lower level and when he doesn't, attack him once so he 
is stopped from activating any switches and then quickly hide at the centre. 

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=4.24 Level 24 - Symbiotes Infest Bugle-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=D24

Comic Books: 1

Ahh, you're finally out of those sewers and caves, back to the daylight...at 
least shining through the windows. It's also time to meet a new enemy: 
Symbiotes. The first one of these pesky creatures awaits you in the starting 
room. Don't even think about using combos on them as Symbiotes are too fast 
for that. Instead, keep jumping and using jumping kicks, like against 
Scorpion and Venom (remember the cooling down after each jumping kick).

After the fight, look at the shattered glass, enter aiming mode and shoot a 
web at the air conditioning machine to set free a human. Go around the corner, 
bait back another Symbiote into the big hall and stick to the ceiling after 
having dealt with him. Search for an opening in the ceiling. Up there, wait 
for a blade of the fan to pass by and then quickly run through to find a 
comic book and a Web Cartridge. Carefully go back and drop down.

Enter the next hall, approach the window and step back as this has just 
triggered a Symbiote to break through. Ignore him, pick up the health item 
and enter the shaft above your current position. Look around the corner to 
see when the next Symbiote is turning his back on you and swiftly run past 
him to the shaft on his left, leading down to another air conditioning button 
you need to press. Pick up the Web Cartridge, run past the Symbiote, smash 
one of the boxes near the right wall of the big hall you come into for some 
health, ignore yet another Symbiote and finally open the lift shaft via the 
button right next to it. Enter the shaft to finish the level.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-4.25 Level 25 - Elevator Descent-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-D25

Comic Books: 1

Toss a Symbiote off the elevator with one or two jumping kicks or a kick 
combo. Stay on the lift until it comes to a halt. Drop down to the slimy 
barrier, fight a Symbiote with lots of jumping kicks and after that, crawl up 
the wall opposite of the one with two openings in it. Enter aiming mode to 
shoot a web at the switch in the right opening (the one near the lift), 
ignore the health and the Web Cartridge inside the openings as they are too 
well-guarded and hop back onto the elevator instead. Nearby is another health 
item that can be easily picked up.

When the lift stops again, drop down and shoot at both switches. First enter 
the left opening for a comic and then the other one, while ignoring all 
enemies, to leave the level.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=4.26 Level 26 - Stop the Presses!-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-D26

Comic Books: 1

There are two ways of beating this level: The long, boring, yet heroic way or 
the complete opposite. You can either slash your way through hordes of 
Symbiotes with lots of jumping kicks or just run past them.

Either way you need to destroy four Symbiote generators.

I prefer the hit-and-run tactic, so here goes: Blow up the first generator 
right in front of you and run straight ahead to a Web Cartridge (by the way: 
If you ever get close to those presses you better watch out as they are 
deadly) and then take a left into a pretty empty hall, containing only 
another generator that is guarded by a Symbiote. Attack the generator 
whenever the Symbiote isn't nearby. If he is, simply go away from the 
machinery to lure him away from it and then attack again.

Afterwards return to the first hall, take a left and enter the second press 
hall where you get to find another Web Cartridge just behind the first ramp. 
Proceed to the generator in the centre of the hall and again attack it only 
when being safe from attacks. Otherwise bait the enemies away.

Enter the next hall on the left, stick to the left or to the right wall on 
the ramp to avoid being crushed by the paper roll and destroy the last 
generator on the left like you did before. Activate the switch to open a gate 
in this hall, giving access to an orange Web Cartridge.

Pick it up, return to the second press hall, take a right, dodge another roll 
and end this level by approaching the vent on the left. If you accidentally 
entered this hall before destroying all generators, you can (and need to) 
press the switch nearby to open the gate again.

After the last generator has been destroyed you might want to use the fiery 
webs to clear a path back to the centre of the second press hall. There pick 
up the stack of paper, destroy it and smile as you have just found a comic.

In case you really want to fight against all Symbiotes in this level, the 
path to take basically doesn't change, but you would have to perform lots 
(and I mean LOTS) of jumping kicks.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-4.27 Level 27 - Bugle's Basement-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-D27

Comic Books: 1

Once more you can decide whether to fight some Symbiotes or run and jump by 
ninja-like and like before I prefer the latter way, although the long 
corridors here definitely allow for good fighting.

Immediately run straight ahead when the level begins, jump past the first 
Symbiote and walk into the left tunnel where the second Symbiote will break 
apart the gate. Jump over the gas streaming out and hop behind the generator 
on the left. Break the first part of it and then jump over to the other side 
of it to fully destroy it. If you are quick and if you use the generator as 
your cover you can easily do this without even being hit once. Afterwards 
pick up the health in case you need it and press the switch.

Jump back over the gas, turn left and jump through the fire wall, which 
actually is completely harmless. Move on carefully as gas is about to break 
its way into the corridor. Repair the three pipes by aiming at their holes 
(your crosshair turns blue) to obtain fiery webs and a comic. Run past two 
Symbiotes, ignore the switch, turn right, ignore the opening down into the 
lift (which contains both health and a Symbiote, but the tight space would 
make fighting it way too difficult) and proceed until you see three possible 
directions. Go left, pick up a Web Cartridge and fight a Symbiote in the long 
hallway. Then climb up where you nabbed the item to find a new, small area 
high up. Enter aiming mode and shoot as many web balls as necessary at the 
Symbiote to get a clear shot at the lever. Quickly pick up the health after 
activating the switch and jump back out and down.

The next gate on your left has been opened, revealing a generator, so 
position yourself in the corridor in such a way that you can see the 
machinery and bait out the newly created Symbiote. Then head into the hall, 
destroy the generator and leave the level by taking a left again the corridor.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-4.28 Level 28 - Spidey vs. Mysterio!-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-D28

Comic Books: 1

Luckily, this boss fight is different from the ones against Venom and 
Scorpion and it even isn't very hard when you know what to do.

There are four levels, three of them consisting of a circular walkway and one 
just being a pit. Mysterio stands in the centre, being protected by six 
energy capsules placed on his suit. On each level Mysterio uses a different 
attack, but on every one of them he spawns a spinning spiked wheel, moving in 
a clock-wise motion. You'll never know when he stops his normal attack to 
spawn one of them, so be prepared to either run from them or jump over them.

Usually you should start on the highest level, but sometimes you don't make 
the final jump in the cut-scene. In this case, hop up to the highest storey. 
Once you are there, start running and jumping counter-clock-wise to avoid 
being grabbed and thrown down. After having run a bit and/or jumped, turn to 
Mysterio and use a web projectile (or web ball, whatever you want to call it) 
on one of the energy capsules (don't use aiming mode for this). Continue to 
the right until Mysterio again tries grabbing you and repeat until both 
capsules are destroyed (each one of them takes three hits on hard). When a 
wheel appears, just jump over it while moving on.

Stay on this level to pick up enough Web Cartridges to get a stock of ten 
(there are two places up here where they respawn endlessly). Then drop down 
one level and dodge Mysterio's punches by simply moving a bit to the right or 
to the left (you can move way less than on the highest storey to dodge). 
Attack the next two capsules when the boss returns his fist to the normal 
position. When both are destroyed, stock up on health and Web Cartridges 
(just stay close to the spot where they appear and dodge the attacks there).

Drop down once more and dodge the kicks like you did with the punches. Also 
attack at the same moment, which can be a bit tougher to time correctly. If 
you are having problems striking the capsules, return to the previous level, 
wait for Mysterio to raise his fist, then drop down and quickly attack as his 
legs should stay motionless for a few seconds. Once only a single hit is left 
to destroy the last capsule, return to the second to highest storey and stock 
up on health and on Web Cartridges (unless you have about five of them left).

Happy having depleted the boss's life bar? Well the real battle has just 
begun. Hop down to the second to lowest level for a comic, but other than 
that there is just an electric floor to be found on the two medium levels, so 
you will want to get up to the highest one. Mysterio now attacks with a red 
double laser. Get in between them, position yourself right behind the one 
that is moving away from you, turn to the boss and fire a single Web Ball. 
Then concentrate to jump at the correct moment so you can get in between the 
lasers again, as they are fired anew and repeat the whole thing until one of 
the lasers is broken. The remaining one will become extremely fast, so you 
better just keep firing at it.

The last stage of the battle actually is pretty easy: Mysterio tries to grab 
you again, while two light-blue electric panels wander around the walkway in 
a clock-wise motion. Keep running counter-clock wise to easily avoid the 
grabbing and jump over the electric floor. If Mysterio isn't about to start 
an attack just when you are landing after a jump, that is the correct moment 
to turn left and shoot a Web Projectile. Repeat this to finally defeat your 

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-4.29 Level 29 - Waterfront Warehouse-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-D29

Comic Books: 2

It's time for some more generator destruction. Quickly jump onto some crates 
on the left to reach the first generator which could already be seen in the 
first cut-scene. Destroy it without worrying about the Symbiotes. Then drop 
down, turn left and run for the second evil machinery that was visible in the 
cut-scene. Jump past some enemies, destroy the right side of the generator 
and afterwards destroy the other side while using the machinery as cover 
against the slimy enemies.

Jump onto a crate behind the left side of the generator for an orange Web 
Cartridge and have a look to the left to see some armor. Use the fiery webs 
against any Symbiotes you come across in this hall. It might not be necessary, 
but it sure is fun and easy. If you run low on the fiery web bar, pick up a 
new orange goodie either in the opposite corner of the hall or on the bars 
just below the ceiling, so you don't run out of your Symbiote killer #1. 
There's also lots of health scattered throughout the hall, but you probably 
won't need it because of your armor.

Get up onto the ledge high above where you nabbed the first orange Web 
Cartridge and look for a hidden path with some health lying at the entrance. 
Drop down here, take a left, destroy the third generator and jump past the 
Symbiotes to reach another big hall. Run straight ahead to the next generator 
and finally proceed to the last one on some crates on the right. You might 
have to kill the Symbiote coming out of the last machinery with your webs or 
use the generator as your cover, but here the first choice definitely is 
easier to take.

Afterwards pick up a new Orange Web Cartridge on one of the high stacks of 
crates in case you need it and also have a look for another hidden niche in 
one of the stacks, like in the first hall. This time it contains a comic. 
Leave the hall through the doorway to reach a checkpoint.

Follow the only possible path until your spider senses warn you from the 
ventilation fan below. Stick to the wall and carefully climb down to the next 
platform. Jump over the gap in the oncoming shaft, open the gate as you would 
activate a switch and grab the Web Cartridge, health and comic behind it 
before dropping down into the next level.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=4.30 Level 30 - Underwater Trench=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=D30

Comic Books: 1

First pick up the Web Cartridge on the right side of the pipe. After that, 
enter the big trench, whose ceiling, walls and floor are electrified and 
instantly lethal on contact. Jump off in the direction of the left laser 
platform and swing a bit later than usually so you stick to some low point of 
the platform. Simply swinging past it is impossible due to the laser that 
cuts off your webs.

Climb up and destroy the first turret. Then swing to the other nearby 
platform, wait for the laser to cease and quickly climb up to destroy the 
second turret without being further hurt. Position yourself close enough to 
the edge to get a green crosshair when aiming at the next platform on the 
right, but not as close as to make the next turret open fire on you. Swing to 
it and destroy it.

Afterwards, either just swing to the end of the first section of the trench 
or (if you feel confident) swing to the last small platform and try to 
destroy the laser without getting hit, to find a health item before moving on.

An alternative strategy for this area is to swing to the bottom of the left 
platform, drop down onto the safe white strip on the floor, run and jump 
towards the far right platform and start swinging in midair. Then climb up 
the platform on its opposite side, destroy the turret on there, swiftly turn 
around and swing to the exit.

Pick up the Web Cartridge and the health in the relaxing room, before 
entering the next section of the trench. Like before, swing over to the right 
turret, stick to a low spot on the platform and wait for the laser to cease. 
Then quickly climb up and destroy the machine. Now pick up the health, drop 
down to the safe white stripe, get back to the bottom of the right platform 
and from there swing to the nearby platform.

Climb up when the turret above stops shooting and destroy it. Hide behind the 
low wall afterwards. Wait for the fire to cease, jump up and swing to the 
bottom of the next platform on the left. Climb up at the correct moment 
destroy the turret and quickly swing to the last small platform of this area. 
Destroy the turret up there, swing to the next relaxing room and pick up the 
Web Cartridge and the health item and activate the switch.

This switch has just opened a gate beneath the entrance into the first trench 
corridor. I recommend destroying all turrets up to this switch, activate it 
and safely returning to the first corridor, where you just swing down to said 
gate and pick up the health, the Web Cartridge and the comic. Then the rest 
of the level probably is too hard to beat, but you should at least give it a 
shot. If you fail, restart the level and this time do not take out all 
turrets, but stick to the path I explained earlier.

Time for the last turret-infested trench area: Jump off and swing to the left 
platform to destroy the first turret once it stops shooting. Swing to the 
next platform on the right (the upper one) and climb up as soon as the first 
laser stop begins, as you don't want to risk being hit by the laser below you.

Finally, ignore the turret below you, swing to the last platform, climb up 
when it is safe to and destroy the final turret. The exit is just one swing 

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-4.31 Level 31 - Stopping the Fog-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-D31

Comic Books: 1

Completely ignore the three Symbiotes spawning in the centre of the hall, as 
they will keep respawning over and over again when being killed. Swing up to 
the big Symbiote generator in the centre of the hall to find some armor way 
up. Afterwards drop down to the normal level and climb down to a hidden niche 
in the lower part of the centre platform for a comic. Then get back up and 
enter the second door on the left (Security Control) to find Black Cat. Then 
pick up the health and activate the switch.

Leave the room and open the first door on the right (Control Room A). Leave 
this place again after picking up some more health and activating another 
switch. Repeat this two doors further on the left (Control Room B, which 
pretty much looks like Controls Room E3) and again two doors further (Control 
Room C).

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-4.32 Level 32 - Spidey vs. Doc Ock!-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=D32

Comic Books: 1

So Doc Ock hasn't truly turned to the good side. What a surprise...

Luckily, this is the easiest boss fight in the whole game, even a bit simpler 
than the one against Rhino. Dock Ock stands in the centre, being guarded by 
an energy shield. Sticking to the wall makes him use an energy attack, that 
won't hurt you but shake you off the wall. Other than that he uses his 
tentacles to attack you. While this is hard to foresee, it can be easily 
dodged by running relentlessly.

See the computer panel saying On, which hangs down from above? You need to 
hit it with a spider web to slowly make the next panel appear, until are four 
are hit. Only then the shield will fade, allowing for a maximum of three 
combos against the boss, so don't waste any time after hitting the fourth 

Keep running left and right in front of the panel, until an attack either 
misses or hits you (don't worry if it does the latter), then turn to the 
panel and shoot a web at it (no need for web balls or aiming mode). After the 
first panel is done, a wall of energy appears next to it. This wall doesn't 
hurt you and it is possible to jump over it, which renders is pretty much 
just irrelevant. Keep on moving, while picking up any health items and Web 
Cartridges you might need (they respawn infinitely) until the second panel 
appears. Repeat all of this until the fourth one is hit, allowing for some 
quick combos against Doc Ock.

When the shield reappears, step away from it, as the boss will swing his 
tentacles all around him. Then repeat the whole procedure until Doc Ock 
slightly changes his attack pattern: He stops using all four tentacles at 
once and instead he launches them at you one after another. This attack 
cannot be dodged by simply running, but only by jumping, so mix in lots of 
jumps into your normal movement pattern and you should be fine. If you ever 
run low on health, ignore the panels and constantly keep jumping while 
grabbing health items.

The comic of this stage only appears briefly after Doc Ock's shield 
regenerates for the first time. If you want to get it you better not attack 
the boss on your first energy draining, but get behind him and wait for the 
comic to show up.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-4.33 Level 33 - Spidey vs. Carnage!-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=D33

Comic Books: 1

Ok, so I said the battle against Doc-Ock was easy, but this one surely is not 
much harder.

The fight takes place in a rather small dome, with a sonic bubble in the 
centre, which can hurt both you and Carnage, so you better stay on the outer 
walkway. Furthermore there are three machineries inside the bubble that are 
responsible for the sonic energy and there are infinite health items and Web 
Cartridges spawning on the walkway.

Carnage has got two attacks at his disposal and so do you. The boss either 
strikes his claws in close quarter battles or he fires off Symbiote slime 
over greater distances or when you stick to the ceiling/wall. The first 
attack can easily be avoided by not getting too close, while the latter one 
also should appear rarely as long as you stay rather close and keep up the 
pressure on Carnage. However, if he uses his distance attack, keep on running 
to dodge it. If he still uses it while you get close to him, jump up and 
change direction.

To damage the Symbiote, you can either use the Web Dome (takes way too long) 
or toss him into the Sonic Bubble against one of the three machineries.Stay a 
few feet away from Carnage, turn around and swing him into the Bubble. If 
there is a machinery right next to him, he doesn't get thrown into the bubble, 
so when this happens, walk away a few more steps and repeat.

Enter the bubble to get this level's comic.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-4.34 Level 34 - Spidey vs. Monster-Ock!-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=D34

Comic Books: 2

In this level you need to escape Monster-Ock. If he ever gets close to you, 
you die. It's as easy as that.

At the beginning, jump and swing into the direction of the camera and stay 
left to grab the comic at the first corner. Turn right, swing once more and 
swing up to the ceiling when you see some faint arrows on the back wall. 
Crawl right, drop down and proceed around various corners only by jumping; 
don't swing.

After a while you will have to swing up to the ceiling again and then crawl 
into the direction of the camera. Drop down, move on with lots of jumps and 
swing up once more after a metal gate with a 5 on it shuts behind you. Crawl 
towards the camera, drop down and return to jumping repeatedly.

Especially make sure to quickly jump over a set of pipes and a bit later on 
again over two more of them. Behind the next glassy gate you will need to 
swing up again and crawl to the camera before dropping down. Two more metal 
gates to go after that.

Soon you come across some more pipes, which you don't need to jump over, but 
which actually even hinder you from jumping. Move on to a reddish section, 
where you need to go right. Here you will have to swing up at the end of the 
corridor and crawl right.

Proceed to another dead-end while moving away from the camera, swing up, 
crawl away from the camera and return to solid ground. When you take a left 
now, stay on the wall closest to the camera to find the second comic book 
lying in a corner.

Time to swing up to the ceiling again and again crawling away from the camera. 
Quickly move on and now not only with jumps, but also with some web swings 
like you did at the beginning of the stage. After the next swing to the 
ceiling and crawling away from the camera you will pass gate 1. Now finally 
swing through some glass gates, swing up one last time to the ceiling and 
crawl away from the camera before dropping down and escaping Ock.


                                   5. Items                               EEE

|Helper Icon     |  A blue question mark.                                   |
|Actually, I didn't mean to include these in this section, but the manual   | 
|refers to them as items, so I decided to do so as well. These things teach | 
|you some moves when being picked up, although they are already accessible  | 
|before that, so if you know the controls, there really is no need          |
|whatsoever to pick them up.                                                |

|Web Cartridge   |  A blue object shaped like a spider.                     |
|Performing a web move of any kind will lower your web storage. To avoid    | 
|running out of this energy you can carry up to ten Web Cartridges with you,| 
|which automatically refill your web bar once it is depleted. Every         |
|cartridge is worth one full bar.                                           |

|Health Item     |  A spider-like object with a red cross on a white ground.|
|These restore your health. Kinda surprising, eh? Unfortunately, though, you|
|never know how effective one of them is prior to picking it up.            |

|Armor           |  A golden object shaped like a spider.                   |
|Armor is quite rare in this game, but when you get it you are in for a     |
|treat. Spidey will change to a blue and white suit, having double the life | 
|bar as usually, dealing more damage and taking less damage. The armor suit | 
|can even be taken with you into the next level, but it disappears once the | 
|blue life bar is depleted. The suit energy cannot be restored with health  | 
|items or anything else...except for a new armor, of course.                |

|Orange Webs     |  An orange object shaped like a spider.                  |
|Picking up this item turns your webs into fire webs. You can still use them| 
|for swinging, but it is best used to attack Symbiotes that can now finally | 
|be hit with your webs. There is no time limit to the effect, but only one  | 
|web cartridge is altered, so think twice how to use that cartridge. Luckily| 
|new orange web cartridges appear at certain places after having picked up  | 
|the first one, but they also disappear if you deplete the web bar.         |

|Comic Book      |  A comic book...you know the looks.                      |
|These goodies are well hidden throughout the game. They serve no real      | 
|purpose but being looked at in the gallery. All 32 comics also give some   | 
|information about special things happening in them.                        |

                                  6. Enemies                              FFF

The stars tell you how difficult an enemy is, with one star being incredibly 
weak and five stars (which no enemy received) being extremely hard.

|Henchman        |   **OOO   | An ugly foe with two handguns.               |
|Even on hard these guys die quickly and barely deal any damage. In addition| 
|they are rather slow and can often be attacked from behind. Their only     | 
|advantage is their good aiming skill. All they need to be defeated are two | 
|combos. Sometimes they might drop a grenade, but it is easily dodged and   | 
|they will only employ it if you give them enough time to.                  |

|Bank Thug       |   **OOO   | Guys in black special unit suits.            |
|These look a bit more difficult to beat with their black suits and their   | 
|laser cannons, but in fact they are pretty much the same as the Henchmen.  |

|Policeman       |   *OOOO   | Well...it's a policeman.                     |
|New York's finest? Not in this game. The policemen aim poorly, can take    |
|only little damage and are overall just weak. Only watch out for their     |
|close quarter attack. Just run past them, since they only appear in levels | 
|with you escaping from a copter.                                           |

|SWAT Cop        |   **OOO   | Men wearing light green suits.               |
|And yet another easy enemy. Like the ones before, the SWAT Cop aims well,  | 
|but deals only few damage and he even withstands less than the Henchmen or | 
|the Bank Thugs. Their only special ability is to strike with their gun in  | 
|close quarter. One kick combos should be sufficient to finish them off.    |

|Lizardman       |   ***OO   | Green Reptiles.                              |
|Lizardmen can take way more damage than earlier enemies, but other than    |
|that they have no great advantages. They have a standard distance attack   |
|and a close quarter attack, with the latter one being extremely slow. Use  | 
|this to your advantage when fighting two of them. Use a combo on one, dodge| 
|the other one's attack and repeat. Sometimes Lizardmen also try to grab you| 
|and get a bite out of you, so don't get too close. These reptiles are also | 
|able to stick to the ceiling.                                              |

|Symbiote        |   ****O   | Pink slimy aliens.                           |
|Symbiotes are pretty much more difficult to beat than previous enemies, as | 
|they are quick enough to counter combos, as they can stick to the ceiling  | 
|and quickly move forward, similar to Lizardmen. Furthermore they can take a| 
|lot of damage, shoot acid and deal loads of damage. Your best bet is to use| 
|jumping kicks like against Venom and Scorpion and nothing else. As long as | 
|you keep that in mind and stay careful they actually aren't very hard to   |
|beat (outside of small corridors, that is). Also note that you cannot trap | 
|them with your web.                                                        |

|Laser Turret    |   ****O   | Grey Turrets.                                |
|Laser Turrets are destroyed after two hits, their attacks sometimes miss   |
|and they cannot move, but still they are very dangerous. All they do is    | 
|firing off a laser that lasts for a few seconds, followed by a break of    | 
|several seconds. Try to close in on them during that time and quickly      | 
|destroy them. What makes these turrets especially mean is that they always | 
|use a long distance attack unlike any other enemy and that they usually    | 
|stand at some place that would even be dangerous without them.             |

                           7. Comic Book Locations                        GGG

                          1: Amazing Spider-Man #1:
Level 2 - Bank Approach
See the building on the left at the beginning of the stage? Get there and 
look around for the Channel 4-building. Swing over to it and pick up the 
comic on its roof.

                          2: Amazing Spider-Man #200:
Level 3 - Hostage Situation
Pick up a chair after rescuing the last hostages.

                               3: Spider-Man #1:
Level 4 - Stop the Bomb!
Throw the bomb into the safe and walk back into the corridor just before the 
security check.

                          4: Amazing Spider-Man #25:
Level 5 - Race to the Bugle
On a ledge on the really high skyscraper with two Henchmen on it talking 
about their payment.

                          5: Amazing Spider-Man #20:
Level 6 - Spidey vs. Scorpion!
Destroy all objects in the first room.

                          6: Amazing Spider-Man #16:
Level 7 - Police Chopper Chase
Make the chopper blow up the first box on the right side of the last roof you 
come across.

                          7: Amazing Spider-Man #39:
Level 9 - Building Top Chase
There is a hidden room inside a crane on the far right of this level. Search 
for a hole on top of the crane.

                          8: Amazing Spider-Man #400:
Level 10 - Scale the Girders
Drop down onto a ledge right at the beginning and walk around the left side 
of the building.

                          9: Amazing Spider-Man #14:
Level 11 - Police Evaded
About halfway through, some glass on a roof is shattered, allowing going down 
to two SWAT Cops. After defeating them, activate one of the broken windows as 
if it was a switch to open it, revealing the comic.

                          10: Amazing Spider-Man #41:
Level 12 - Spidey vs. Rhino!
Let Rhino destroy all barrels. You might help him with that, but picking up 
stuff in this level takes too long and is dangerous.

                         11: Amazing Spider-Man #42:
Level 13 - Catch Venom
At the left side of the roof with all the girders on it; just at the end of 
the first area.

                         12: Amazing Spider-Man #76:
Level 13 - Catch Venom
At the right side of a roof pretty early in the second area.

                   13: Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #8:
Level 14 - Spidey vs. Venom!
Pick up the car.

                     14: The Spectacular Spider-Man #229:
Level 15 - Sewer Entrance
Kill the first three Lizardmen and run back down the hallway.

                              15: Spider-Man #1:
Level 16 - Sewer Cavern
When sticking to the second vertical pipe, aim at the waterfall and swing 
behind it.

             16: Peter Parker Spider-Man #1 (Reprint Version B):
Level 18 - Sewage Plant
Take a left at the first tunnel intersection.

             17: Peter Parker Spider-Man #1 (Reprint Version A):
Level 19 - Hidden Switches
Return to the third switch after activating the fourth one.

                    18: The Spectacular Spider-Man # 158:
Level 20 - Tunnel Crawl
Activate the switch at the end of the level and hop behind the box in your 

                         19: Amazing Spider-Man #6:
Level 22 - The Lizard's Maze
Take a right at the first intersection and follow the path to the Lizard.

                         20: Amazing Spider-Man #42:
Level 24 - Symbiotes Infest Bugle
Climb into a shaft at the ceiling after fighting the second Symbiote.

                         21: Amazing Spider-Man #100:
Level 25 - Elevator Descent
Shoot at the left switch after the lift has stopped for the second time. This 
opens a small opening, containing a Symbiote and the comic.

                         22: Amazing Spider-Man #50:
Level 26 - Stop the Presses!
Pick up and destroy the stack of paper near the generator in the second press 

                         23: Amazing Spider-Man #13:
Level 27 - Bugle's Basement
Repair the three pipes after jumping through the fire wall. Aim at them and 
shoot a web once the crosshair turns blue.

                         24: Amazing Spider-Man #311:
Level 28 - Spidey vs. Mysterio!
Destroy all six energy generators and go to the second to lowest level.

                         25: Amazing Spider-Man #129:
Level 29 - Waterfront Warehouse
Search for a hiiden niche in a stack of crates after destroying the last 

                         26: Amazing Spider-Man #15:
Level 29 - Waterfront Warehouse
Open a damaged gate in the second ventilation shaft.

                         27: Amazing Spider-Man #2:
Level 30 - Underwater Trench
Activate the switch in a relaxing room near the end and return to the first 
trench corridor. In here, swing down to a gate below the first entrance.

                              28: Spider-Man #1:
Level 31 - Stopping the Fog
Climb down to a hidden niche in the centre of the big hall, below the 
Symbiote Generator.

                          29: Amazing Spider-Man #3:
Level 32 - Spidey vs. Doc Ock!
Position yourself behind Doc Ock when neutralising his shield for the first 
time, as the comic only appears for a brief moment after the shield reappears 
for the first time.

                         30: Amazing Spider-Man #33:
Level 33 - Spidey vs. Carnage!
Enter the sonic bubble.

                         31: Amazing Spider-Man #252:
Level 34 - Spidey vs. Monster-Ock!
Stay left at the beginning of the level.

                           32: Amazing Fantasy #15:
Level 34 - Spidey vs. Monster-Ock!
Stick to the wall closest to the camera while moving on after the first dead 
end that takes you away from the camera.

                                8. Unlockables                            HHH

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=8.1 Character Bios=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-HH1

J. Jonah Jameson
Beat Level 5 - Race to the Bugle

Beat Level 5 - Race to the Bugle

Beat Level 6 - Spidey vs. Scorpion!

Beat Level 6 - Spidey vs. Scorpion!

Swat Cop
Beat Level 6 - Spidey vs. Scorpion!

Beat Level 11 - Police Evaded

Beat Level 12 - Spidey vs. Rhino!

Beat Level 14 - Spidey vs. Venom!

The Lizard
Beat Level 21 - Venom's Puzzle

Mary Jane
Beat Level 22 - The Lizard's Maze

Beat Level 23 - Spidey vs. Venom Again!

Beat Level 27 - Bugle's Basement

Beat Level 28 - Spidey vs. Mysterio!

Doc Ock
Beat Level 31 - Stopping the Fog

Beat Level 32 - Spidey vs. Doc Ock!

Beat Level 33 - Spidey vs. Carnage!

Captain America
Beat Level 34 - Spidey vs. Monster-Ock!

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-8.2 Game Covers-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=HH2

Sting of the Scorpion!
Beat Level 4 - Stop the Bomb!

Rhino's Rampage!
Beat Level 11 - Police Evaded

We're Back!
Beat Level 12 - Spidey vs. Rhino!

City in Peril! The Invasion!
Beat Level 23 - Spidey vs. Venom Again!

To Trap a Spider!
Beat Level 28 - Spidey vs. Mysterio!

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-8.3 Slide Shows-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=HH3

Choppers Down
Beat Level 1 - Get to the Bank!

Scorpion's here
Beat Level 4 - Stop the Bomb!

Scorpion Attacks
Beat Level 5 - Race to the Bugle

Get him Officers
Beat Level 6 - Spidey vs. Scorpion!

Venom's Threat
Beat Level 11 - Police Evaded

Where's Rhino
Beat Level 11 - Police Evaded

Rhino Defeated
Beat Level 12 - Spidey vs. Rhino!

Venom's Challenge
Beat Level 12 - Spidey vs. Rhino!

Face Off
Beat Level 13 - Catch Venom

Into the Sewers
Beat Level 14 - Spidey vs. Venom!

Spidey Attacked
Beat Level 17 - Subway

Venom Defeated
Beat Level 23 - Spidey vs. Venom Again!

Beat Level 23 - Spidey vs. Venom Again!

The Imposter
Beat Level 27 - Bugle's Basement

Mysterio Reveals Plan
Beat Level 28 - Spidey vs. Mysterio!

Warehouse 65
Beat Level 28 - Spidey vs. Mysterio!

The Masterminds
Beat Level 31 - Stopping the Fog

Carnage Attacks
Beat Level 32 - Spidey vs. Doc Ock!

Super Ock Appears
Beat Level 33 - Spidey vs. Carnage!

The Finale
Beat Level 34 - Spidey vs. Monster-Ock!

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-8.4 Costumes-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-HH4

Spider-Man 2099
Collect all 32 comics.
Gives double damage.

Black Suit Spidey
Beat the Game in Kid Mode or harder.
Gives unlimited webbing.

Captain Universe
Beat the Game on Hard.
Gives unlimited webbing, double damage and invincibility.

Spidey Unlimited
Beat the Game in Kid more (or harder) two times.
Press C Right to turn on Invisibility. Does not work on bosses.

Scarlet Spidey
Beat Level 12 - Spidey vs. Rhino!

Ben Reilly
Beat Level 23 - Spidey vs. Venom Again!

Quick Change Spidey
Get 10,000 or more points in Zip-Line Training.
Can only hold up to two Web Cartridges

Peter Parker
Play Item Hunt in Training Mode. Now pick up all coins on the upper level so 
you can drop down below the floor and head for the coins below the gate with 
a 4 on it. If you have taken less than 55 seconds so far, the wall in front 
of you has a question mark on it and it is possible to walk through it. 
Behind it is Kraven's room, containing the Peter Parker costume.
Can only hold up to two Web Cartridges

                               9. Training Mode                           III

I decided to include Training Mode in my guide, as two goodies can only be 
unlocked here and as this already made me write for some part of the Training 
Mode I also decided to deal with all of it. Since it does not really belong 
to the normal game, this section is at the end of the guide.

Note that costumes don't work in Training Mode.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-9.1 Time Attack-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=II1

In Time Attack your goal is to defeat as many enemies as possible within a 
short time limit. Prior to the training you get to choose whether to fight 
for 60 or 120 seconds and you can decide whether to fight against Henchmen, 
Bank Thugs, Lizardmen or Symbiotes, but no matter what options you choose the 
plain, cube-shaped arena always stays the same.

Use most of your webbing early on so you don't happen to have some of it left 
when the time runs out, but save a bit in case you need to use a Web Dome 
when being attacked from various sides.

Other than that, don't rely on jumping kicks as you did in the normal game, 
but rather on combos to work quickly and effectively.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=9.2 Survival Mode=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=II2

In Survival Mode your task is to live as long as possible. Like Time Attack, 
this mode allows you to choose your enemy, but also the level: Either Combat 
Room or Building Top. The first one being a way smaller version of the Time 
Attack arena and the latter one being an even smaller arena on top of a roof.

In The first level try to grab as many opponents as possible to be safe from 
attacks and in the second level use lots of jumping kicks to toss enemies off 
the roof. As soon as you run low on health, use lots of Web Domes and let 
them break as late as possible.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=9.3 Speed Training=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-II3

In Speed Training, try to reach a set point as quickly as possible, using 
lots of web swings.

The first level is pretty much straight forward: Jump up, swing to the next 
building up ahead and jump forward upon landing on a roof for a small speed 

The second level is a lot longer, but also straight forward. Just swing to 
the next building you see and don't let the spidey compass distract you as it 
sometimes shows some weird directions here. Also don't climb up to the 
highest area on the third building to save some time.

The final level is a bit more complex. First stand still to avoid the 
explosion. Approach the edge ahead and wait for another explosion. Then swing 
over to the next building and move on until you get to a heliport. From here, 
do not swing over to the skyscraper, but rather to the building left of it. 
Move on up to a building with a Neversoft sign. Climb up to its roof and 
proceed to the building left of it. Then swing to the skyscraper in the 
direction the compass points. The rest is absolutely straight forward.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-9.4 Item Collection-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=II4

Item Collection consists of two play modes, both involving the collection of 

In Item Hunt you have to pick up a certain amount of coins as quickly as 
possible. First grab all coins on the ground floor (use lots of jumps for 
speed), then the ones on the low platform. Afterwards use that platform to 
jump up to another higher platform with some coins on it. Swing over to the 
final platform and once all coins here are in your pocket as well, some 
electric machineries are starting to work and a gap opens up in the floor. 
Drop down to the centre of the hall, enter the opening down to the last coins 
and pick them up.

To obtain the Peter Parker Costume pick up all coins on the upper level so 
you can drop down below the floor and head for the coins below the gate with 
a 4 on it. If this has taken less than 55 seconds so far, the wall in front 
of you has a question mark on it and it is possible to walk through it. 
Behind it is Kraven's room, containing the Peter Parker costume.

In Zip-Line Training, you have to pick up as many coins as possible in either 
30 or 90 seconds. You stick to the ceiling and the floor is electrified, so 
your only chance is to drop down to the coins and zip up (or swing up) to the 
ceiling again before touching the ground. The coins have different colors and 
hence they are worth different amounts of points:

 Green  10
  Blue  20
   Red  40
Silver  80
  Gold 200

There are four different coin locations, marked with numbers from 1 to 4, 
with 1 being the easiest place to grab coins and 4 being really hard. On the 
other hand the more difficult a place is the more points you can get there.

After having picked up the last coin at one place, new ones appear, but in a 
different layout. If you manage to clear that one as well, the first layout 
reappears again and so on.

To unlock the Quick Change Spidey Costume you need to achieve 10,000 or more 
points in Zip-Line Training, which is only possible when choosing the 90 
seconds option (naturally) and by playing at the most difficult area where 
only silver and gold coins await you. Clear the first set by simply dropping 
down and zipping back up with a perfect timing. The second layout should be 
approached differently: Get your shadow right in between two stacks of coins 
before dropping down to hopefully collect both of them in one fall, although 
this happens rarely. After three layouts you will have the required amount of 

                             10. Closing Comments                         JJJ

Shortly before writing this guide and playing Spider-Man for the first time I 
had played Nightmare Creatures. After that game pretty much left me 
disappointed I'm really glad that Spider-Man turned out to be a very well 
done example of how a third person action game should be like. Battles are 
fun to fight, Spidey's special abilities are implemented fantastically, 
levels are numerous and diversified, there are lots of goodies to be found 
and I've got to admit I might go and buy some comics next time I go near my 
local comic store, although I've never bought any ever before. Well done, 
Neversoft...if only the camera would be better.

I'd appreciate any comments, questions, high scores, critics or whatsoever, 
so please mail me at KeeperBvK@web.de if you have anything to tell me (even 
misspellings and stuff).

                               11. Experimental                           KKK

In some other guides I've seen the author implement the following and I 
thought "Why not give it a try for your own guides?":

If you really like this guide and you think it helped you or entertained you 
a bit or whatsoever and you feel like rewarding me not only by writing a nice 
e-mail, feel free to send some money to my paypal account at:


Of course I don't want to make somebody send me money who doesn't really want 
to (even if I could, I wouldn't ;) ), but (also of course) I'd appreciate any 

Thank you very much for reading this guide and hopefully some more of my 
stuff on gamefaqs.