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Pokemon Stadium 2 Rental FAQ
Written by Michael (thepeoplesgamer) (
Started on 22 December, 2003
Completed on 31 January, 2004
Version 1.00

Introduction: Hello, and welcome to my first FAQ ever! YAY! This guide was made
after repeated requests on the Pokemon Stadium 2 board for rentals that could
beat a particular section of the game. For those of you unfortunate enough to
be without a Transfer Pack and your own copy of R/B/Y/G/S/C, rental pokemon are
all you can use. But the problem is, they're horribly weak compared to pokes
raised by you personally. Their movesets are terrible, their stats are worse,
and the only thing you can change is the item they hold. This is where we come
in. myself and several other very helpful people have selected the best rentals
for each part of the game so you don't have to give yourself a headache over
it, and so you don't have to play right into Nintendo's hands and spend more
money on a Transfer Pack and a copy of R/B/Y/G/S/C (cheeky people that they
are). Enjoy!

Table of contents:

1. Legal/copyright information
2. Version history
3. General information
4. Round 1:
   a) Little Cup
   b) Poke Cup
   c) Prime Cup
   d) Johto Gym Leader Castle
   e) Elite Four and Champion
   f) Kanto Gym Leader Castle
   g) Red
   h) Rival
5. Round 2:
   a) Little Cup
   b) Poke Cup
   c) Prime Cup
   d) Johto Gym Leader Castle
   e) Elite Four and Champion
   f) Kanto Gym Leader Castle
   g) Red
   h) Rival
6. Credits/special thanks
7. Contact information

1. Legal/copyright information.

I have been informed that as soon as this guide is posted it is protected by
international copyright law. It is the work of myself and the others mentioned
herein. It cannot be used in any way without my written consent and that of any
contributed who may have an interest in the relevant information. The only
sites that may display this guide at their own free will are:

If I find out that this work has been plagiarised (claimed by somebody else as
their own), or used in a manner other than that for which it was intended, I
will take the appropriate steps. Legal steps, if necessary. I am a law student,
and I not only know my rights but how to enforce them. Make things easy on
both of us, and DON'T STEAL THIS GUIDE!

2. Version history.

V 1.00 Completed on 31 January, 2004. This is, in substance, the finished
product. Some of the final battles (Little Cup/Prime Cup/Johto Castle R2) I have
yet to personally complete with the specified methods, but hopefully you clever
people will manage.

V 1.01 February 1st, 2004. Fixed up a mistake in the last battle of Prime Cup
Round 2. Thanks to Donald for pointing that one out.

V 1.02 November 6th, 2004. Fixed the mistake in the Round 2, Poke Cup, Ultra
Ball team. It turns out I had Jynx as the sixth poke, when it should have been
Dugtrio. As a result, the Master Ball strategy also didn't make any sense. But
it's all better now. :) Props go to yamiyugi for filling me in. Oh, and I also
FINALLY managed to run a spell check over this thing. More than nine months
after it hit the site.

V 1.03 February 24th, 2005. Fixed some more Round 2, Poke Cup, Ultra Ball
mistakes. The first and fourth battles had some discrepancies between the team
to choose for the battle, and the instructions for the battle itself. Thanks to
a guy named Victor Pinto who found me on MSN for picking that one out.

V 1.13 June 15th, 2005. First major update! Put in a new strategy for Rival,
Round 1, from the brain of IceWindMX. It works really well, and I found it
considerably less trouble than the original strategy (though the original is by
no means ineffective). I suggest giving it a look as the first one you try.

3. General information.

Most, if not all, questions concerning the game are answered in Donald's FAQ,
which can be found on the same page as this one. Go there first if you have a

Where I list the pokemon that you should choose for each battle, ALWAYS lead
with the first poke mentioned. This is very important in some matches.

Remember that in the Cups you can earn a continue if all three of your pokes
are alive at the end of the battle, regardless of their HP. If you can, and if
the strategy doesn't specifically tell you otherwise, always try to earn a
continue. They can be extremely useful in later fights.

In order to unlock Round 2 you need to complete everything in Round 1 (that's
all the cups, both Gym Leader Castles, Red, Rival, and Elite 4 + Champion).
Your prize is a Baton Passing Farfetch'd, but without G/S/C and a Transfer Pack
you won't be able to get him.

For completing Round 2 you get an Earthquaking Gligar, but again, you need
G/S/C and a Transfer Pack otherwise it's no Gligar for you.

You might want to go through Earl's classes at the Academy before you jump
right into the cups, just so you know a bit about what you're doing.

Also, throughout this guide I use several abbreviations to save typing out
certain words in full. They are as follows.

@ = attach this particular item to that pokemon. Donphan@Soft Sand means attach
Soft Sand to Donphan.

STAB = Same Type Attack Bonus. Refers to the extra damage a move does if a poke
of the same type as that move uses it. Donphan gets STAB on Earthquake,
Aerodactyl does not. Pokes with two types get STAB for both types.

OHKO = One Hit Knock Out. Refers to a situation where either you or your
opponent will go down in a single hit, thanks to either Fissure, Horn Drill or
Guillotine, or in a set of circumstances where type match-ups, etc mean a
regular move puts you down in one hit (eg critical hit Cross Chop from Machamp
to Chansey).

Right, now that we've got all that stuff out of the way it's time to being the
guide itself! Here we go!

4. Round 1.

Generally speaking Round 1 shouldn't be too hard. In most Cups the pokes are
unevolved, have poor movesets, or both. Enjoy the easiness while it lasts,
because Round 2 is a pain.

a) Little Cup. Pokemon and strategy contributed by: thepeoplesgamer


Squirtle@Bitter Berry
Voltorb@Ice Berry
Charmander@Mint Berry
Mankey@Burnt Berry

This is, without a doubt, my most hated of all cups. Some people say that
Challenge Cup is worse, but I disagree. Every single hit point counts here.

I haven't listed every single pokemon that every trainer has, but where a
particular poke is often used you'll see it mentioned.

Battle 1: Choose Squirtle, Voltorb, and Charmander.

Use Rain Dance to start, no matter what they lead with. If they started with
Mankey, keep using Hydro Pump till it dies. If they started with anything else,
switch in Voltorb and use Thunder on everything. If Voltorb dies bring in
Charmander or Squirtle depending on their last pokemon.

Battle 2: Choose Mankey, Squirtle, and Voltorb.

With some luck, Mankey can win this one on his own. If they start with anything
other than Pidgey, use Cross Chop for a OHKO. Mankey can survive three Quick
Attacks from Ratatta, so you have a good chance. If they lead with Pidgey,
switch to Squirtle and use Rain Dance, then switch immediately to Voltorb and
Thunder away. Otherwise, Cross Chop everything for an easy win.

Battle 3: Choose Squirtle, Phanpy, and Charmander.

If your opponent starts with anything weak to Squirtle they'll use Swagger. Use
Hydro Pump, Bitter Berry cures confusion and you get a free shot. One hit is
all you need. If Squirtle dies, make it up with Phanpy but be sure to keep him
alive for later. If their second poke is Grass, use Charmander. If their second
is Chinchou, use Phanpy. Chinchou has no water attacks, so Phanpy wins easily.
Use whatever has the type advantage against their last poke.

Battle 4: Choose Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander.

The three RBY starters! Your opponent loves to Double Team, but they'll only
use it once. If they start with something weak to Bulbasaur, switch IMMEDIATELY
to Charmander. They bring in Paras, but won't switch out again so one
Flamethrower puts it down. Geodude is their likely second, so bring in
Bulbasaur. If they don't bring in Geodude or something that Bulbasaur can take
care of, use whatever has the type advantage. Same for their last poke.

Battle 5: Choose Phanpy, Squirtle, and Voltorb.

Phanpy alone can do this one, with a bit of luck. If Larvitar starts, use
Earthquake for a OHKO. If everything else they have is weak to ground, keep
using Earthquake for an easy win. If they lead with Smoochum, take the Psychic
hit and use Earthquake. You should survive, and with a bit of luck Smoochum
goes down in one hit. If not, let Phanpy die and bring in Voltorb. Rollout puts
Smoochum away, or you can risk a Thunder. For their other two, use whatever is
super effective.

N.B. If you have Voltorb out against one of their full health or near full
health pokes, they'll bring in Larvitar. Use this to your advantage, and switch
in Phanpy on the same turn.

Battle 6: Choose Voltorb, Bulbasaur, and Phanpy.

The Oddish in this one really irritates me. Anyway, Kabuto is the usual lead,
and they'll switch in Wooper to meet your Voltorb. Bring in Bulbasaur right
away, and they'll switch to Oddish next turn. Use Sleep Powder as they switch,
and hopefully Oddish is now snoozing. Use Cut until it's down to 13/12 HP, then
switch in Phanpy and use Earthquake. Oddish has Berry, but 13/12 HP is enough
for one Earthquake to kill but too much for Berry to kick in. Keep in Phanpy
till it dies if their next one is Wooper (DON'T switch in Bulbasaur, cause
he'll eat an Earthquake). Bulbasaur finishes Wooper off, and takes Kabuto too.
You can probably switch Bulbasaur in against Kabuto if you want, but watch for

Battle 7: Choose Charmander, Phanpy, and Voltorb.

They usually lead with Swinub, and don't switch out. One Flamethrower and down
it goes. If their second is Scyther, Flamethrower weakens it (and might kill if
you get a critical hit). Otherwise, Charmander goes down. If their second is
Eevee, Sentret, or Elekid, bring in Phanpy right away. You need to keep
Charmander alive for Scyther. If Scyther kills Charmander use Voltorb's Rollout
to finish it off, and you might kill their last poke too (but if Voltorb
doesn't Phanpy will). Watch out for a switch back to Scyther when you have
Phanpy out.

Battle 8: Choose Phanpy, Mankey, and Squirtle.

The final battle. However good you are you'll need some luck on this one. If
they lead with Chansey switch immediately to Mankey, then STRAIGHT back to
Phanpy. They'll bring in Gastly, who uses Psychic. One Earthquake puts it down.
If they lead with Gastly, use Earthquake right away. Chansey is next either
way, but DON'T switch in Mankey. Keep using Phanpy until one of you dies. Let
Phanpy die against their last if Chansey goes down first, or bring in Mankey to
finish Chansey off if Phanpy goes down first. Magby or Abra is their last. Pray
that it's Magby. Mankey CAN get a OHKO with a critical hit Cross Cop, so keep
Mankey dies bring in Squirtle and pray for Hydro Pump to hit. Pray more if
their last is Abra, because you'll need a critical hit Hydro Pump if you hope
to win.

If Elekid appears, bring in Phanpy right away. It will try Thunderbolt, then
Dynamicpunch. One Earthquake puts it down.

With any luck you should now be staring at the R1 Little Cup trophy.
Congratulations on a well-earned victory. Little Cup is hard enough with your
own pokes, but rentals make things even harder. Don't get too comfy, though.
You still have R2 to deal with...

b) Poke Cup, Poke Ball. Pokemon contributed by: Lord Nerevarine
                        Strategy contributed by: Lord Nerevarine and


Wobbuffet@Mint Berry
Hitmonlee@Ice Berry
Entei@Bitter Berry
Misdreavus@Burnt Berry

N.B. I'm reasonably sure Lord Nerevarine had Machamp listed instead of
Hitmonlee, but I find from experience that Hitmonlee works best.

Battle 1: Choose Entei, Wobbuffet, and Hitmonlee.

Entei takes everything with Fire Blast. If it gets confused, you can switch out
then switch back. Expect to earn a continue.

Battle 2: Choose Wobbuffet, Misdreavus, and Hitmonlee.

Poliwhirl is the likely starter, so use Safeguard (it uses Belly Drum), then
Counter (it uses Body Slam). After that, switch in Misdreavus immediately. They
use Rain Dance, you use Thunder, repeat for their last poke and you win. If
they lead with anything other than Poliwhirl, switch in Misdreavus right away
and Thunder everything in sight.

Battle 3: Choose Wobbuffet, Lapras, and Misdreavus.

Use Counter against every pokemon. Some start with Defence Curl, but that's
nothing to worry about. If Wobbuffet goes down trap their pokemon with Lapras'
Whirlpool (unless it's their last pokemon) and perish Song for an easy win.

Battle 4: Choose Donphan, Wobbuffet, and Misdreavus.

Donphan takes everything with Earthquake. Easy continue.

Battle 5: Choose Donphan, Hitmonlee, and Entei.

First is Miltank, which Donphan beats with Earthquake (Przcureberry heals Body
Slam's added effect if it happens). If their second is anything other than
Skiploom keep Donphan in till you either win or it goes down. If Donphan dies
use Hitmonlee to finish off. Anytime Skiploom makes an appearance, use Entei.

Battle 6: Choose Donphan, Hitmonlee, and Lapras.

Go with whatever is super effective. Lapras' Icy Wind takes Gligar. Expect to
earn a continue.

Battle 7: Choose Misdreavus, Hitmonlee, and Wobbuffet.

Use Misdreavus' Thunder and Hitmonlee's Hi Jump Kick where they'll be super
effective. Wobbuffet is there if you need it.

Battle 8: Choose Wobbuffet, Hitmonlee, and Donphan.

Counter/Mirror Coat weakens their first poke (pray you choose the right move).
Other than that it's Donphan for Raichu and Growlithe, Hitmonlee for Clefable
and Smeargle, and Wobbuffet for Slowpoke and Natu. Natu's only damaging attack
is Night Shade, so feel free to Counter. Slowpoke will either use a special
attack (so use Mirror Coat), or will Dig, which gives you a free Counter next

Poke Cup, Great Ball. Pokemon contributed by: MeowthRocket
                      Strategy contributed by: thepeoplesgamer



You can choose the items as you wish. I didn't find them absolutely necessary
when completing these battles.

N.B. Having just re-read these strategies the only thing I see Poliwrath doing
that Hitmonlee couldn't do is beating Shuckle with Hydro Pump, and you could
use Quagsire for that. Feel free to put Hitmonlee in Poliwrath's place if you
want a more accurate fighting attack.

Battle 1: Choose Kadabra, Poliwrath, and Fearow.

Use Psychic against everything except Mr Mime and Shuckle. Mr Mime gets
Thunderpunched (he'll Encore himself to death), and Poliwrath takes Shuckle
with Hydro Pump.

Battle 2: Choose Kadabra, Poliwrath, and Fearow.

Psychic for Ivysaur, Nidorina, and Ditto, Thunderpunch for Pidgeotto, switch in
Fearow and use Drill Peck against Skiploom and Heracross. Piece of cake.

Battle 3: Choose (you guessed it!) Kadabra, Poliwrath, and Fearow.

Everything has Sunny Day (according to Donald's FAQ), so starting with
Poliwrath won't work. Keep plugging away with Psychic, use Poliwrath's
Dynamicpunch against Furret, and Fearow's Drill Peck against Vileplume.

Battle 4: Choose Kadabra, Quagsire, and Fearow.

You should switch between Kadabra and Fearow when facing Dunsparce, to negate
the effects of Swagger. You'll only eat a Screech on the switch in, and both
pokes are faster than Dunsparce, so it'll go down in a few attacks. Otherwise,
Kadabra for Koffing, Ariados, and Weepinbell, and Quagsire for Sandslash and
Ampharos. Fearow can also take Weepinbell if necessary.

Battle 5: Choose Fearow, Kadabra, and Electabuzz.

One Drill Peck and one Hyper Beam will stop Girafarig if it starts (you don't
have to recharge if Hyper Beam misses, which is good), one Drill Peck should
put away Ledian if it starts, and one Hyper Beam MIGHT get Aipom. Your own
Kadabra takes out theirs, and either Kadabra or Electabuzz for Mantine. For
Dragonaire, just use Kadabra's Psychic and Fearow's Drill Peck/Hyper Beam till
it dies.

Battle 6: Choose Kadabra, Electabuzz, and Fearow.

Psychic for anything that isn't Jynx or Murkrow. Murkrow gets Thunderpunched,
and probably Jynx as well. Kadabra should sweep here.

Battle 7: Choose Kadabra, Haunter, and Quagsire.

Psychic and Thunderpunch your way to victory. If Kadabra dies, bring in Haunter
against Lanturn. A Giga Drain or two will send it packing.

Battle 8: Choose Quagsire, Electabuzz, and Kadabra.

Quagsire for Pupitar (one Surf puts it down), Electabuzz for Noctowl and Seadra
(Kadabra can help too), Kadabra for the rest. Just use what's super effective
where you can. This one isn't hard.

Poke Cup, Ultra Ball. Pokemon contributed by: MeowthRocket
                      Strategy contributed by: thepeoplesgamer


Exactly the same as for Great Ball. Kudos to MeowthRocket for that one. :)

Once again, the only thing Poliwrath does here is beat normal types, (but
there's more of them here than the previous Cup), so you could use Hitmonlee
for something more reliable in terms of accuracy. His Hi Jump Kick is weaker,
though, so it's your call.

Battle 1: Choose Fearow, Kadabra, and Electabuzz.

Fearow easily takes five of the six pokes here. Should Dunsparce show up, Drill
Peck once then bring in Kadabra to finish. If Parasect comes out next let it
put Kadabra to sleep, then switch in Fearow for the win. Rely on the birdie,

Battle 2: Choose Kadabra, Electabuzz, and Quagsire.

Psychic whatever comes out first, even if it's water, as Quagsire will likely
appear. With luck you'll survive his Earthquake and kill him with Psychic. If
Quagsire starts, just use Psychic and pray. Your own Quagsire beats theirs if
it kills Kadabra, and takes Magneton too. Electabuzz or Kadabra for everything

Battle 3: Choose Quagsire, Kadabra, and Poliwrath.

This one loves to Defence Curl + Rollout, which Quagsire resists. Quagsire can
sweep here, but use Poliwrath against Ursaring. Everything else is Quaggy's.

Battle 4: Choose Kadabra, Haunter, and Quagsire.

Kadabra takes Tentacruel (it'll use Toxic first if it starts, the fool),
Corsola (watch out for Mirror Coat, you might want to use Psychic first), and
Skarmory. Quagsire for Ampharos, Haunter for Wobbuffet (try using Spite, which
forces it to use Safeguard, and Shadow Ball it to death when it does), and
either Kadabra or Quagsire for Porygon2.

Battle 5: Choose Poliwrath, Kadabra, and Electabuzz.

Dynamicpunch against any normal types that start (try switching out if your
about to die), Kadabra or Electabuzz for Mantine, Kadabra for Jumpluff.

Battle 6: Choose Quagsire, Poliwrath, and Fearow.

Quagsire for anything that isn't Stantler, which Poliwrath and Dynamicpunch
takes care of. Smart battling in terms of type match-ups will win it for you

Battle 7: Choose Electabuzz, Quagsire, and Poliwrath.

If they start with Sneasel they'll switch to Blastosie (God knows why). Keep
using Thunderpunch until you die, with Quagsire to finish off (watch for Hydro
Pump). Thunderpunch for anything that is weak against it, Poliwrath for Sneasel
when it comes back, Quagsire for Jolteon if you see it.

Battle 8: Choose Quagsire, Electabuzz, and Poliwrath.

Dig against Raichu, Surf against Arcanine and Hypno (it keeps using Shadow
Ball, which does jack all against Quagsire), Electabuzz for Xatu, Poliwrath for
Kangaskhan and Smeargle.

Poke Cup, Master Ball. Pokemon contributed by Char2D/MeowthRocket
                       Strategy contributed by: Chard2D/thepeoplesgamer


Same as Great and Ultra Ball. Co-incidence, or something more? :)

Strategies listed here are part mine and part Char2D's, depending on which
worked better. For example, Char2D's strat beat the hell out of mine for Battle
5, and his eight battle strategy is great as well, but I found Battle 6 easier
the way I did it.

Poliwrath is necessary here. Don't go switching him for Hitmonlee.

Battle 1: Choose Kadabra, Poliwrath, and Fearow.

Kadabra takes Azumarill and Togetic, Poliwrath takes Clefable and Persian,
Fearow takes Raichu (one Hyper Beam kills it and Fearow goes first, but DON'T
bring him in right away) and Bellossom.

Battle 2: Choose Feaorw, Poliwrath, and Kadabra.

Bring in Kadabra if Pidgeot starts (use Thunderpunch, and hope Pidgeot hurts
itself thanks to Berserk Gene), Poliwrath for Raticate, Kadabra for Ditto, and
whatever will be super effective against the rest.

Battle 3: Choose Quagsire, Feaorw, and Kadabra.

Tough one, this. Quagsire takes Arcanine and Marowak (Surf both of them) for
sure, and might get Magmar and Houndoom too if you Dig (they have Sunny Day, so
don't rely on Surf). Fearow also takes Houndoom with two Drill Pecks. If Dodrio
starts let whatever you have you die then bring in Kadabra to finish off,
because as Char2D said when he gave me this start, Dodrio WILL kill Kadabra in
one hit. Fearow for Exeggutor. If you have Quagsire out against Exeggutor,
first switch to Kadabra, then Fearow. Otherwise Fearow will eat a Psychic and
you won't be able to kill Exeggutor unless you get a critical hit.

Battle 4: Choose Kadabra, Haunter, and Fearow.

Kadabra sweeps everything except Steelix and Rhydon. If Steelix shows, let
whatever you have out die then bring in Haunter and use Destiny Bond. Rhydon
could cause some issues but I've never come across it. Giga Drain from Haunter
will probably do the job.

Battle 5: Choose Haunter, Kadabra, and Electabuzz.

Girafarig is a common starter. Use Giga Drain once, then Destiny Bond. Down you
both go. Send out Electabuzz next and Thunderpunch where it's super effective.
Kadabra takes out Lanturn.

Battle 6: Choose Poliwrath, Kadabra, and Electabuzz.

You can probably get away with the Mind Reader/Dynamicpunch combo here, as this
one loves Mean Look and hasn't switched out against me yet. Kadabra for the
other pokes that aren't Umbreon, and you should be fine. Watch for Murkrow's
Shadow Ball on the switch, but it should use Mean Look first. Thunderpunch
kills it easily.

Battle 7: Choose Poliwrath, Haunter, and Fearow.

Hydro Pump if Typhlosion starts, and he switches to Meganium. Bring in Fearow,
he charges Solarbeam, two Drill Pecks kill it. Back to Poliwrath for Typhlosion
and the normal types, Fearow for Hitmontop (watch for Counter), whatever you
can make work for Feraligatr.

Battle 8: Choose Quagsire, Kadabra, and Haunter.

First is Aerodactyl. it loves Fly, so use Amnesia, the Surf when it comes down.
Repeat until Aerodactyl goes down. Let Quagsire die against whatever is next
(Tyranitar and Machamp are popular choices), and bring in Haunter or Kadabra to
finish it off. Kadabra takes Charizard, Machamp, and Kingdra (Psychic for
Kingdra). If Dragonite shows, switch in Haunter. It uses Outrage, you use
Destiny Bond, you win. You won't see both Tyranitar and Dragonite in the same
battle here thanks to level restrictions. YAY! :)

Whew, that was a marathon of battles. Time to move on, methinks.

c) Prime Cup. Pokemon and strategy contributed by: Dionysus8.


Dodrio@Mint Berry
Primeape@Bitter Berry
Slowking@Ice Berry
Zapdos@Burnt Berry

Again, I favour Hitmonlee above all other rental fighting types, but that's
just me. Try Primeape to being with and if you find it isn't working, consider
switching to Hitmonlee.

Battle 1: Choose Primeape, Dodrio, and Jynx.

Primeape for Furret, Wigglytuff, Ampharos, and Azumarill (just keep using Cross
Chop), Jynx for Bellossom and Togetic (or Dodrio for Bellossom).

Battle 2: Choose Slowking, Zapdos, and Dodrio.

Slowking disables Wobbuffet so you can wear him down with either Zapdos or
Dodrio (Zapdos if you disabled Mirror Coat, Dodrio if you disabled Counter),
Slowking and Dodrio for the rest (Slowking for Nidoking). Watch out for Counter
on Hitmontop.

Battle 3: Choose Zapdos, Jynx, and Wobbuffet.

Zapdos takes out everything except Gligar, which Jynx Ice Punches to death.
Wobbuffet if you need him. Easy one, this.

Battle 4: Choose Dodrio, Zapdos, and Jynx.

Dodrio for Exeggutor, Victreebel, and Poliwrath, Zapdos for Stantler and Hypno,
and possibly Clefable. This guy loves to put you to sleep, so use the sleep
clause to your advantage (no two pokes can be asleep at the same time). It's in
the rules, trust me. :)

Battle 5: Choose Jynx, Zapdos, and Wobbuffet.

Wobbuffet has to take care of Lanturn, here. You can probably get away with
switching Wobbuffet in immediately if Lanturn starts, otherwise keep him at
full HP. Lanturn only has special moves, so feel free to Mirror Coat. Jynx
takes Dragonite, maybe Wobbuffet for Quagsire (or Jynx as well, but don't rely
on her). Zapdos for the rest.

Battle 6: Choose Primeape, Zapdos, and Slowking.

Confusion is the order of the day for this guy, which is why Primeape has
Bitter Berry. He takes Persian and Sneasel easily, and can Cross Chop anything
but Forretress and Crobat if he faces it at the start (they'll likely use
Swagger, and you get a free, boosted Cross Chop out of the deal). Zapdos for
Crobat and Forretress, Slowking for Ninetales if you need it.

Battle 7: Choose Dodrio, Zapdos, and Wobbuffet.

Mr Mime must die. Tri Attack is great for the job but takes two hits (damn
Double Team). Zapdos for Lapras, Feraligatr and Slowking (watch out for Ice
moves), Dodrio to weaken the rest and Wobbuffet to help finish things off.

Battle 8: Choose Wobbuffet, Zapdos, and Primeape.

Mew has three special attacks (counting Psychic, which it probably won't use
against Wobbuffet), and one physical attack. Make your call between Counter and
Mirror Coat. Zapdos for Starmie (it doesn't have Ice Beam, so worry not),
Primeape for Umbreon, Tyranitar, and Ursaring, Wobbuffet for Muk. Take down
what you can with Wobbuffet, he makes the job SOOOOOOOO much easier.

d) Johto Gym Leader Castle. Pokemon contributed by: MeowthRocket and

There's not a whole lot of complex strategy to the first few Gyms. Basically,
you drill type weaknesses and you win, which is why a battle-by-battle strategy
isn't listed. it gets slightly more tricky towards the end, though.
MeowthRocket contributed 99% of the pokes after the first six gyms.

Violet City Gym: Ah, the birdie trainer. Pick six good electric pokemon
(I swear by Zapdos, and Magneton is awesome too) and you win. Seriously, you
can do this one with your eyes closed.

Azalea Town Gym: Pick three good fire pokemon (Charizard, Moltres, and Entei
are good bets), Hitmonlee (for the normal types), Quagsire (for Geodude and
Pupitar), and Donphan (for Pikachu in the second battle).

Goldenrod City Gym: Pick two good fighting types (can't go wrong with Hitmonlee
and Primeape), Zapdos, Donphan, Quagsire, and Fearow. Fighting types for all
the normals, the others where they have the type advantage.

Ecruteak City Gym: Pick Kadabra (you won't believe how easily he sweeps this
Gym), two good Dark pokes (Houndour and something else), a water poke to take
down Morty's Sudowoodo and Marowak (I'd go with Quagsire), and the rest is your
own choice. Try a Magikarp, just for fun. :P

Cianwood City Gym: Pick three good Psychic pokemon (Kadabra, anything else that
has Psychic/Psybeam and gets STAB), a water pokemon (Quagsire, once again), an
electric pokemon (for the Seaking on the first guy's team), and the last one is
your own call.

Olivine City Gym: Entei is the perfect pokemon to sweep here unless Corsola or
Mantine show up, but bring along Kadabra for them and you'll have no problems
at all.

Team Rocket: Bring along Corsola, Kadabra, Sandslash, Hitmonchan (see my
comments about Hitmonlee, but I don't want to mess up Mewoth's strategy),
Skarmory, and Houndour.

Battle 1: Choose Corsola, Sandslash, and Houndour.

Corsola takes Geodude and Graveler, Sandslash takes Electrode, Koffing, and
Weezing, Houndour takes Pineco.

Battle 2: Choose Kadabra, Hitmonchan, and Skarmory.

Kadabra takes out Zubat, Spinarak, and Murkrow, Hitmonchan takes Dunsparce and
Houndour, Skarmory takes Drowzee.

Battle 3: Choose Kadabra, Hitmonchan, and Skarmory.

Kadabra for Arbok, Vileplume, and Muk, Hitmonchan for Raticate, Likitung, and
Sneasel, Skarmory as backup.

Battle 4: Choose Houndour, Kadabra, and Hitmonchan.

Houndour takes Wobbuffet (Mirror Coat doesn't affect you, so Crunch all you
want), Victreebell, and Misdreavus, Hitmonchan for Houndoom and Persian,
Kadabra for Golbat.

Mahogany Town Gym: Select Raichu, Venusaur, Kadabra, Wobbuffet, Moltres, and
anything you want for the last one. Enjoy the easiness of this Gym in Round 1,
because Round 2 is a huge pain in the rear.

Battle 1: Choose Venusaur, Raichu, and Kadabra.

Venusaur takes Seel, Shellder, Kingler, and Swinub, with Raichu and Kadabra for
backup, and Kadabra does the rest.

Battle 2: Choose Raichu, Venusaur, and Kadabra.

Raichu takes Delibird, Qwilfish, Azumarill, and Seadra, Venusaur for Cubone
(expect it to switch in against the 'Chu), and Kadabra should handle Dratini.

Battle 3: Choose Wobbuffet, Moltres, and Venusaur.

Try to take out two pokes with Wobbuffet (Destiny Bond the second one). Just
watch the movesets, and try to predict. Otherwise, Venusaur takes Dewgong,
Cloyster, Piloswine, and Donphan, with Moltres for Jynx and anything you want
to use against Ursaring.

Blackthorne City Gym: Take Dugtrio, Ninetales, Wobbuffet, Primeape (or
Hitmonlee), Golduck, and any poke you want as your sixth along to this Gym.

Battle 1: Choose Ninetales, Primeape, and Wobbuffet.

Ninetales burninates the grass types easily, with Primeape for the normals.
This one is a piece of cake.

Battle 2: Choose Wobbuffet, Ninetales, and Golduck.

As is the usual tactic when Wobbuffet starts, predict the opponent's moves and
use Counter/Mirror Coat to beat what you can. Other than that, use Ninetales
and Golduck for type advantages to earn another easy win.

Battle 3: Choose Wobbuffet, Primeape, and Dugtrio.

Wobbuffet needs to take out Kingdra, otherwise you'll have a major headache.
The only physical move it has is Headbutt, and it won't use that all the time,
so keep using Mirror Coat until she hits you with a special attack. Hopefully
it'll be Hydro Pump, and Kingdra will go down in one hit. Primeape for Lapras
and Ampharos, Dugtrio for Arcanine, and Wobbuffet for Rhydon or Dragonaire
(use Destiny Bond if it's weak from Kingdra), with Primeape or Dugtrio to
finish them off.

Now, onwards to the so-called "Elite" Four. Round 1 is almost complete!

e) Elite 4 and Champion. Pokemon and strategy contributed by Uriel3ca3.



Again, attach the items as you see fit, if you need them at all.

Elite Four Will: Choose Umbreon, Wobbuffet, and Fearow.

Faint Attack against Xatu, who keeps using Fly. Electabuzz to finish if Umbreon
dies. Umbreon can take everything except Clefable, which Wobbuffet takes easily
with Mirror Coat (it only has special attacks). Fearow for Exeggutor if you
need it. If Umbreon dies before it can deal with the Psychics, just use
Wobbuffet to wear them down and Fearow to finish.

Elite Four Koga: Choose Kadabra, Umbreon, and Quagsire.

Kadabra takes everything except Gligar and Electrode, which Quagsire can beat.
Umbreon is there to use Faint Attack if Koga gets Double Team set up and you
can't hit him.

Elite Four Bruno: Choose Quagsire, Kadabra, and Fearow.

Quagsire takes Golem and Onix, Fearow takes Heracross, and Kadabra takes
Blastoise and Machamp. Kadabra and Fearow to work on Kangaskhan. Be careful
when pitting Kadabra against Blastoise, in case it gets lucky with Headbutt.

Elite Four Karen: Choose Fearow, Quagsire, and Kadabra.

Generally, you want to Toxic Karen's team and work on her bit by bit. Fearow
takes Victreebel and Vileplume with Drill Peck, and should beat Murkrow too.
Quagsire for Magmar. When in doubt, use Toxic with Fearow and wear it down
gradually with some Drill Pecks.

Champion Lance: Choose Quagsire, Wobbuffet, and Kadabra.

With all due respect to Uriel3ca3, I've changed the pokes he listed for this
battle. He had Kadabra, Wobbuffet, and Electabuzz, but that leaves no safe way
of taking down Tyranitar, as Mirror Coat won't effect it and there's no
guarantee it will use Hyper Beam. Plus, you're in trouble if it starts.

Anyway, Quagsire takes Tyranitar, Charizard, Aerodactyl, and Steelix, Kadabra
takes Gyarados and Wobbuffet takes Dragonite. Every set has Hyper Beam here,
and it will usually be used against you right away, so if you've got Wobbuffet
out use Counter and down they go. Destiny Bond takes out a second poke if
you're lucky. Aerodactyl only has physical moves, so Wobbuffet can counter it
safely. Play smart and you'll be fine.

With Johto finished, a stroll down memory lane to the world of Kanto is in
order. Just ten more battles and Round 1 is all yours.

f) Kanto Gym Leader Castle. Pokemon and strategy contributed by: The Mighty

Brock: Choose Bayleef, Houndour, and Mantine.

Bayleef takes everything except Pinsir and Forretress. Mantine for Pinsir,
Houndour for Forretress. If Forretress does appear and you don't already have
Houndour out, switch in Mantine as a sacrifice and bring in Houndour later for
an easy KO with Flamethrower. Houndour takes Pinsir as well, if you need it to.

Misty: Choose Magneton, Jumpluff, and Kadabra.

Everything except Sunflora has Rain Dance, which means Magneton's Thunder is
100% accurate. If Quagsire shows up, switch IMMEDIATELY to Jumpluff or Magneton
will die. If Thunder from Magneton fails, bring in Kadabra to Psychic or
Thunderpunch things. Shouldn't be too hard.

Lt. Surge: Choose Sandslash, Jumpluff, and Quagsire.

Sandslash should be able to take everything except Raichu, which has Surf, and
Lanturn, which is a water type. :) Jumpluff or Quagsire for Raichu and Lanturn.

Erika: Choose Fearow, Magmar/Houndour, and Electabuzz.

Status changes abound here, so watch out. Electabuzz should do all/most of the
work against Vaporeon, because it's a Sleep Talker and has the potential to
take down everything you have. Maybe a Hyper Beam from Fearow to finish it off.
Other than that, it's Fearow and Magmar/Houndour for the rest. The choice is
yours between Magmar or Houndour, but I found Houndour to work better. Give one
of them a Mint Berry to avoid being put to sleep. Use Fearow's Drill Peck or
Hyper Beam against Chansey.

Sabrina: Choose Houndour, Electabuzz, and Wobbuffet.

Houndour takes Alakazam, Hypno, and Mr Mime. Wobbuffet can safely Mirror Coat
everything except Furret, which only has physical attacks (so use Counter). For
Slowbro, use Electabuzz but DON'T switch it in right away, as Slowbro has
Earthquake. This one is blow-for-blow the whole way.

Janine: Choose Kadabra, Hitmonlee, and Skarmory/Wobbuffet.

Kadabra takes everything except Stantler, so Hitmonlee for him. Crobat has Mean
Look and Toxic, so be careful. You won't be able to switch, and Toxic will do
more and more damage. Keep an eye on your status changes and you should be
fine. That Tentacruel doesn't have Mirror Coat, so you can safely use Psychic.

Blaine: Choose Aerodactyl, Quagsire, and Wobbuffet.

Everything except Octillery goes down to Aerodactyl's Ancientpower or Quagsire
and Surf. Wobbuffet takes Octillery with Mirror Coat, as Octillery only has
special attacks.

Blue: Choose Kadabra, Houndour, and Seadra.

Kadabra takes Pidgeot and Gyarados, Houndour takes Exeggutor and Alakazam, and
Seadra takes Rhydon and Arcanine. Just drill type weaknesses and pray.

So much for the Gym Leaders, then. Now only Red and your Rival stand between
you and the end of Round 1.

g) Red. Pokemon and strategy contributed by: Zanbie Xanvier.

Just like in the Gameboy version, after you've put down all the Gym Leaders in
both areas, you can face of against Red. Looks strangely familiar, doesn't he?



Since you only get to send out three, choose anything you want for the other
spaces on your team.

Wobbuffet deals with Tauros, Scizor, Jolteon, and Typhlosion. Tauros and Scizor
only have physical attacks, so Counter is guaranteed. The only threatening
attacks that Jolteon has are special based, so use Mirror Coat to win. Watch
out for the Thunderwave/Bite combo, though. It could cause you some grief.
Typhlosion will either use special attacks (answer with Mirror Coat) or will
Dig, which gives you a free Counter on the next turn. It MAY also use Quick
Attack (so may Jolteon), but it won't do much. Try to take down two pokes with
Wobbuffet (Destiny Bond the second one) just to give you some breathing room.

That leaves Feraligatr and Meganium. Tentacruel can take them both with Sludge
Bomb (especially Meganium). Skarmory is there to beat Tauros if you need it.
Feraligatr also has three special attacks and only one physical (Slash), so you
could use Wobbuffet's Mirror Coat to take it down if you had to.

And there you have it! He gets harder in Round 2, but good old Wobbuffet will
help you out. Now, the final battle of the round!

h) Rival - FIRST METHOD: Pokemon and strategy contributed by: Zanbie Xanvier.

You need to have done everything else in the round before the Rival appears. If
he doesn't show up, you've missed something. Go back and complete it.



Once again, items aren't absolutely necessary. Add what you like.

If your rival starts with Mewtwo, use Sand Attack and switch to Umbreon. If he
starts with Ho-oh, use Zap Cannon and PRAY it hits. Jolteon is faster and can
paralyse Ho-oh before it gets Safeguard set up. If Zap Cannon misses you might
as well restart, as you get OHKO'd by Earthquake. Take down Ho-oh with another
Zap Cannon if you can, but if you can't don't worry.

Umbreon wears down Mewtwo with a few Sand Attacks followed by Faint Attack.
That Hidden Power is fighting type, so pray for some luck. You could also bring
in Steelix at some point to wear down Mewtwo's accuracy even more with Mud
Slap, then bring in Umbreon to finish. Failing that, try using Wobbuffet and
Mirror Coat. The only attack Mewtwo has that Wobbuffet doesn't resist is
Thunderpunch, so Mirror Coat should do the job.

Against Lugia, use Kabutops. His Ancientpower can work fairly well, and if you
get a boost you may even take it down.

As well as Steelix, Arcanine is just here for backup. His Extremespeed is good
for finishing off what you've weakened with the other pokes, as you always get
the first strike.

As always, when in doubt use Wobbuffet. His Counter/Mirror Coat combo can spell
the end for your Rival, though you need some luck in choosing the right move.

SECOND METHOD: Pokemon and strategy contributed by IceWindMX.



No items are necessary. Attach anything you like.

Yeehaw! It's the first alternate strategy that's been submitted since this
guide was published! *Happy dance* I received the e-mail a week or so ago and
tried the strategy out in the early hours of this morning, and it works like a
charm. Zanbie Xanvier's strategy still works as well, but upon another run
through of it I found it lacks a reliable way to take down Lugia. Anyway, check
this one out.

If your Rival leads with Mewtwo, use Corsola's Mirror Coat right away. Mewtwo
is greedy and will Thunderpunch you before of putting up Safeguard. Mirror Coat
either kills it or leaves it with 7-30ish HP.

If Mewtwo dies, let Corsola faint against whatever comes in next, then bring in
Aerodactyl to meet Ho-oh or Magneton to meet Lugia. If Mewtwo doesn't die,
let it kill Corsola then bring in Umbreon to finish Mewtwo off with Faint
Attack (or Quick Attack if you're feeling tricky). Silly Mewtwo will use
Safeguard instead of trying to finish you off with Hidden Power Fighting. Make
him pay. :P

Against Ho-oh, you should be using Aerodactyl. Aero is faster, and his
Ancientpower will take Ho-oh down in one or two hits (depending on whether you
get a critical hit or not). He'll also resist all of Ho-oh's attacks except
Steel Wing, but even then he'll survive one (if it isn't a critical hit) and be
able to beat Ho-oh.

Against Lugia, you have Articuno's Blizzard, Wobbuffet's Counter/Mirror Coat,
and Magneton's Thunder (if you need it). Between themselves, these three can
easily take Lugia down.

Now, you're probably wondering what to do if your Rival starts with either
Ho-oh or Lugia. IceWindMX didn't give a strategy for that situation, but it
isn't difficult to figure out.

If he starts with Ho-oh he'll try to Earthquake poor little Corsola straight
away. Switch to Aerodactyl immediately, avoid the Earthquake damage, and
Ancientpower it to death as normal. Let Aerodactyl die against whatever else
comes out, then continue as above. However, if you were lucky enough to get an
Ancietpower boost (and I was, against Mewtwo) you might even be able to take
down two pokemon with Aerodactyl. Bite is tempting to make Mewtwo flinch, but
Ancientpower will do more damage (thanks to STAB). Your choice.

If the Rival leads with Lugia, bring in Magneton (or Articuno, but Magneton's
Thunder is a 2HKO on Lugia and Articuno's Blizzard isn't). It uses Safeguard as
you switch. Thunder Lugia for any damage you can. It needs 3 Surfs to kill you
off, so that's two chances you get at Thunder. If you die before Lugia does,
bring in Articuno and use Blizzard. If by some chance you still haven't beaten
Lugia, Wobbuffet can finish it off. Let whatever comes out next kill the poke
you have in (or try and get Wobbuffet to kill it) and proceed as normal from

CONGRATULATIONS, YOU'VE CLEARED ROUND 1! Take a well deserved break, and get
ready for Round 2. The computer doesn't mess around anymore. Expect it to get
every lucky break it needs, exactly when it needs it. Some fights will leave
you quite frustrated, and absolutely convinced that the computer cheats. But
it's not impossible, and as long as you keep trying you'll eventually emerge
victorious. Now, on with the show!

5. Round 2.

This is the real test of skill and patience. Some of the toughest battles
you'll ever fight are about to come your way. See you at the other end. :)

a) Little Cup. Pokemon and strategy contributed by: thepeoplesgamer


Mankey@Ice Berry
Elekid@Burnt Berry
Bulbasaur@Bitter Berry
Swinub@Mint Berry

Before we begin, I must say that at the time of typing I have yet to complete
this series of battles myself with the listed rental team. I can get up to the
last battle, but I'm beaten every time (though I would have won first time if
it weren't for a critical hit Tri Attack from Porygon)! I'll continue to work
on this cup, and hopefully I'll have something that works for me sometime soon.

Also, the suggestions here aren't all just "Bulbasaur takes Rhyhorn" or stuff
like that. Little Cup R2 isn't that simple. You need to know what the computer
will do before it does it, and the instructions are written in that way.

Battle 1: Choose Houndour, Phanpy, and Bulbasaur.

Houndour can sweep here with a bit of luck. Crunch Exeggcute if it leads, and
continue using Ember if the pokemon that appear are weak to it. Bulbasaur takes
Rhyhorn (you can switch Bulbasaur in right away). If at any point Machop shows
up, bring in Bulbasaur immediately and use Sleep Powder. Then, Razor Leaf it to
death if it didn't get Light Screen up, and use Cut if it did. This one has
Counter, though, so don't cut too often. Phanpy takes Voltorb.

Battle 2: Choose Mankey, Phanpy, and Houndour.

Phanpy is their likely lead. Cross Chop till it dies (one critical hit Cross
Chop can do it, though sometimes it'll be left with 1 or 2 HP). If it isn't a
critical hit hope that he gets left with 12HP, as any lower and his Berry kicks
in. If they lead with Spearow, keep Mankey in for the first turn. It charges
Sky Attack, and you get a free Cross Chop. Critical hit kills it, normal almost
does. If it's still alive, bring in Phanpy to take the Sky Attack and Flail
Spearow to death.

If their second is Cyndaquil and you have Mankey at full health, leave him out
for one Cross Chop. Critical hit kills. If Mankey is low on health switch in
Phanpy. Cyndaquil digs, and one Earthquake from Phanpy puts it away when it
surfaces. If their second is Bulbasaur, switch in Houndour and use Ember.

If they now bring out Horsea and you have Houndour, Crunch and let Houndour
die. Houndoom might survive if Hydro Pump misses, but don't count on it. Mankey
finishes it off.

Battle 3: Choose Bulbasaur, Elekid, and Mankey.

It is highly likely that Wooper starts, but DON'T use Razor Leaf right away as
Hoppip will probably switch in. Use Sleep Powder, and Hoppip should be asleep.
If it is, Cut twice then use Sleep Powder. Bitter Berry cures the confusion
from Swagger, and you can kill it while it sleeps. If it DIDN'T fall asleep on
the switch, keep using Sleep Powder till it does, then Cut it to death.

If for some reason they didn't switch Wooper at the start, just use Razor Leaf
on your next turn to kill it. Wooper's either asleep, or will try Swagger. With
a bit of luck it goes down.

Either way, you're one pokemon up. If their next is Psyduck you can either use
Razor Leaf and pray you survive the Ice Beam (you'll have 1-3 HP left), or
switch in Elekid to take the Ice Beam (Burnt Berry will cure the freeze if it
happens), use Thunderpunch, and pray they don't switch to Diglett. Once Psyduck
is damaged from Razor Leaf it won't switch out against Elekid, even if they
have Diglett in reserve. If Wooper is still alive, switch in Elekid right away
to meet Psyduck. If Wooper is gone, keep Bulbasaur out against Psyduck. If
Bulbasaur takes it down, let it die against their third and bring in Mankey to
finish. If Bulbasaur dies against Psyduck, bring in Elekid and Thunderpunch.

If they switch in Diglett after you bring in Elekid, use Quick Attack and let
Elekid die. Bring in Mankey and use Cross Chop. Hopefully you break through the
Swagger, and you can kill Psyduck. If Psyduck beats Mankey, bring in whatever
you have left to finish it off.

Alternatively, their third pokemon will be Teddiursa, which Mankey takes easily
(switch him in right away), or Meowth. If it's Meowth, let whatever you have
out die, then bring in Mankey to Cross Chop. Meowth has the potential to sweep
your entire team, so be careful.

Remember, they might still have Wooper, which you need Bulbasaur for. If Wooper
appears, let whatever is out die and bring in Bulbasaur for a one-on-one.

Apologies for the long instructions, there, but they are necessary. Bad news is
that the instructions aren't getting any shorter...

Battle 4: Choose Houndour, Phanpy, and Elekid.

This one is relatively easy. Their lead is either Spinarak, or something weak
to Fire. Use Ember until it either dies or gets two Double Teams. If it gets
two Double Teams use Roar, cause it'll use Sludge Bomb and hurt you a lot. If
what comes from Roar is Seel, follow the instructions below. If it's something
weak to Fire, keep using Ember. If it's Gastly, use Crunch. If it's Houndour,
bring in Phanpy.

If they switch at the start, it'll be to Seel. Bring in Elekid, take the Surf,
and use Thunderpunch. Seel won't finish you with another Surf (surprisingly),
so use Thunderpunch again and down it goes.

If you beat their first poke their next is probably Houndour. Switch in Phanpy,
take the Toxic hit, and use Earthquake. If they switch to Ledyba, bring back
Houndour and use Ember, or Roar if you can't kill it (because it'll use Double
Team, Agility, then Baton Pass). If they don't switch out you only need one
Earthquake to kill, so pray you don't get flinched from Bite. You have Berry,
though, so you should be ok.

Now you're down to their last, and it's either Houndour or something weak to
Fire. If it's Houndour bring in Phanpy or Elekid to kill it (Elekid if you fear
the flinch). If it's something weak to Fire, bring in Houndour. Spinarak can
give you grief, but Ledian shouldn't (it's only offensive attack is Ice Punch).

Battle 5: Choose Houndour, Elekid, and Phanpy.

This one gives me headaches. Chikorita is the likely lead, but they'll switch
to Marill. Use Crunch as your first attack, then bring in Elekid to finish it
off. If they switched in Vulpix, switch Phanpy in instead of Elekid. Vulpix
will Dig and you get a free Earthquake, which will put it away.

If Chikorita comes out bring in Houndour, use Crunch, then Ember to kill. 
You'll only die if it gets a critical hit Giga Drain, then a critical hit Body
Slam. Even if you get paralysed, you have Przcureberry. DON'T use Ember right
away, otherwise Berry will kick in and make your life difficult.

If Marill comes out, it's likely because you used Phanpy to beat Vulpix. Let
Phanpy die, then bring in Elekid and Thunderpunch Marill to death. It has Gold
Berry, but hopefully you'll come out on top. If Elekid is out against Marill
anyway, just use Thunderpunch right away and bring in something else to finish
it if Elekid goes down.

Now you're down to their last poke. If it's Cleffa, you can either use what you
have to try for the win, or bring in Phanpy. Cleffa's Hidden Power is Ground,
which won't do much to Phanpy. If the last is Sentret, use whatever you can to
finish. Both Houndour and Elekid are faster, and a couple of Crunches or
Thunderpunches will do the job. It has Surf, though, and even though Phanpy can
take one hit from it don't rely on him.

Battle 6: Choose Houndour, Swinub, and Phanpy.

They'll probably lead with Dratini. Bring in Swinub right away to stop Thunder
Wave. Use Blizzard, and pray that Twister doesn't flinch you. If Blizzard hit
but didn't kill, use Mud Slap to finish. If it kills you before you can do
that, bring in Houndour and Crunch it to death. Przcureberry stops Thunderwave.
If Blizzard missed completely, try once again (Dratini will use Ice Beam, which
won't kill you). If you miss again, kiss the battle goodbye.

If their next is Abra, bring in Houndour to stop the Psychic hit. Crunch it to
death. Abra will use Thunderwave, so if you still have Przcureberry on Houndour
this bit is easy. If you don't you need to hope that you break through the
paralysis and/or don't get flinched by Abra's Headbutt.

If they bring in Poliwag you're probably screwed. These pokemon are chosen on
the assumption that Poliwag won't show. If it does, switch Phanpy for Elekid
when choosing pokemon, let Swinub/Houndour die against Poliwag when it shows,
then bring in Elekid for some Thunderpunching fun.

You are now hopefully facing their last pokemon, and often it'll be Cubone. If
you have Houndour out and it's high on HP, use Crunch to weaken. It uses
Attract, you bring in Phanpy to take his Bone Club, and use Earthquake for the
win. If Cubone isn't their last, bring in whatever you think will win.

It is important to remember two things. 1. If the pokemon you have out when
they bring in Cubone is high on HP and the opposite gender, Cubone will use
Attract. Use this to your advantage when switching in your pokemon. 2. Neither
Elekid nor Houndour will survive a Bone Club from Cubone.

Battle 7: Choose Elekid, Phanpy, and Mankey.

This is as close as you'll get to fun in Little Cup R2. If Doduo is their lead,
use Thunderpunch. They'll use Quick Attack. If they don't die, use your own
Quick Attack to finish it next turn.

If they lead with Ponyta, bring in Phanpy. They use Curse. Switch IMMEDIATELY
to Elekid, as they bring in Natu. Thunderpunch, then Quick Attack, and down it

Either way, you are now one pokemon up with Elekid in play. If Ponyta is next,
bring in Phanpy to take the Double Kick/Flame Wheel, and use Earthquake. With a
bit of luck you didn't get burned, but if you do and Ponyta beats you bring in
something else to finish it off. If Eevee shows instead of Ponyta, bring in
Mankey to absorb the Bite Attack. Use Cross Chop (you can survive several Quick
Attacks) until Eevee goes down.

Their last pokemon is usually whatever their second wasn't, out of Ponyta or
Eevee. Follow the appropriate instructions above if it's one of these two.
If it's something else bring in whatever you think will work (i.e. Phanpy if
it's an Electric type).

Battle 8: Choose Elekid, Swinub, and Mankey.

Let it be known right from the outset that I HAVE NOT PERSONALLY BEATEN THIS
BATTLE WITH RENTALS!!! Having just re-read my own strategy I've come up with
these three pokes to use, but nothing is guaranteed. I can tell you what the
computer does, but from there it's up to you. You may want to switch these
pokemon around as you learn what the final guy does against you.

Ok, this one likes to start with either Slowpoke or Scyther. If it's Slowpoke,
they will switch immediately to either Porygon or Onix. Either way, switch in
Mankey. If you see Onix, you have a real chance for a win. Use Cross Chop and
pray for a critical hit which will put down Onix right away. A normal one might
be enough, but I don't know. Cross Chop till it dies, anyway.

If Onix is now gone, Slowpoke is their likely second. Bring in Elekid right
away, and hopefully it won't switch out. Thunderpunch till it dies, and you now
have Mankey left for Porygon. Let Elekid die, and Cross Chop Porygon when you
bring in Mankey. If their last is Scyther, it WILL kill Elekid in one hit with
Hyper Beam (and even if it misses, you probably won't live long enough to kill
Scyther with Thunderpunch). Mankey won't kill Scyther either, unless Scyther is
paralysed and you have more luck than the Gods. Swinub is your only hope.

If you were hoping to see Onix switched in but they brought in Porygon, they'll
switch back to Slowpoke immediately. You should switch straight back to Elekid.
Now you know that Porygon will appear, use Thunderpunch. Out goes Slowpoke, and
Porygon takes the damage. Bring in Mankey to finish it off, as Porygon won't
switch out against Mankey if Porygon is low enough on HP.

If they started with Scyther, it will use Hyper Beam to kill Elekid. Let this
happen, and bring in Swinub. Blizzard needs to hit while Scyther recharges,
otherwise the battle is over.

If Elekid shows up, you're probably screwed. It has Cross Chop and Psychic,
which will kill all but your own Elekid easily, and your Elekid won't come out
on top either. If Elekid is an issue for you, drop one of the other pokes for
Phanpy. Phanpy takes Elekid with a single Earthquake.

And that's it for the Little Cup. I know I said I haven't beaten it yet, but I
would have if it weren't for a critical hit Tri Attack from Porygon. I'll give
you the three pokes I chose for that battle, and what happened. Hopefully, you
can re-create it and win.


I chose Mankey, Elekid, and Phanpy. Slowpoke was their starter. I switch to
Elekid, he uses Psychic or something. I switch immediately back to Mankey,
anticipating a switch to Onix from them. I was right. Onix uses Earthquake, I
use Cross Chop. Critical hit, super effective, down it goes.

He bring backs Slowpoke. I use Cross Chop, intending to let Mankey die. Normal
hit. He uses Psychic, dead Mankey.

I bring in Elekid. Thunderpunch. Dead Slowpoke.

He brings in Porygon. I use Thunderpunch, not wanting to bring Phanpy in right
away in case Porygon ahs Ice Beam, or something. Thunderpunch takes off about
one-third of his HP. He uses Tri Attack. Critical hit. Dead Elekid.

I bring in Phanpy. He uses Tri Attack, I use Earthquake. 12 HP left on Phanpy,
5 HP left on him. 12 HP is just 1 HP too high for Phanpy's Berry to kick in.
But I'm not worried, as I know Phanpy can survive the next Tri Attack and kill
him with Earthquake. Unless the next Tri Attack is a critical hit.

I use Earthquake, but he's faster, of course. Tri Attack. Critical hit. Dead
Phanpy, battle goes to him. If the first Tri Attack had taken off just one more
HP the Berry would have restored Phanpy to near full health, and he'd have
survived that critical hit Tri Attack for the win. Or, if that last one hadn't
been a critical hit, Phanpy would have survived for the win.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I hate Little Cup more than any other
Cup EVAR! I would gladly play Challenge Cup Master Ball, rather than do this

Now that Little Cup is (hopefully) behind you for good, let's move on to the
rest of the game.

b) Poke Cup, Poke Ball. Pokemon contributed by: MeowthRocket (I used his team
                        for Round 1 to win this division of Poke Cup)
                        Strategy contributed by: thepeoplesgamer



Battle 1: Choose Fearow, Kadabra, and Haunter.

Fearow sweeps this one. Kadabra is here to take Yanma with Thunderpunch, or
just to clean with Psychic. Expect a continue.

Battle 2: Choose Haunter, Electabuzz, and Kadabra.

Giga Drain everything with Haunter, and use Destiny Bond if you're about to go
down. Or you can switch in Electabuzz and Kadabra to use Thunderpunch if you
want a continue.

Battle 3: Choose Haunter, Fearow, and Poliwrath/Hitmonlee.

Switch in Fearow wherever Drill Peck will be super effective, but if you switch
it in against Hitmonchan bring Haunter back right away. They'll switch to
something you can use Giga Drain on. Don't worry about them using Rollout.
Other than that, Fearow and Haunter sweep this guy.

Battle 4: Choose Poliwrath/Hitmonlee, Quagsire, and Fearow.

If they start with Electrode bring in Quagsire right away, and use Dig. With a
bit of luck you'll break through the Swagger and put him away. Your fighting
type takes Porygon and Miltank, Quagsire for Pupitar and Electrode, Fearow for
Pineco, and anything you want for Misdreavus (it has Thunder, so watch out).

Battle 5: Choose Quagsire, Kadabra, and Poliwrath.

Quagsire takes Marowak and Sudowoodo, Kadabra takes Pidgeotto, Togetic, and
Delibird, and the fighter takes Wigglytuff (and Sudowoodo, if you need it).

Battle 6: Choose Quagsire, Poliwrath, and Haunter.

Quagsire takes everything except Dunsparce, which your fighting type will beat
down. Get a continue.

Battle 7: Choose Poliwrath/Hitmonlee, Kadabra, and Haunter.

The fighter takes Clefable, Chansey, Kangaskhan and Smeargle, Haunter's Destiny
Bond for anything that won't go down easily, and Kadabra's Thunderpunch for Mr

Battle 8: Choose Kadabra, Fearow, and Haunter.

Kadabra for Stantler and Smeargle (watch for Spore/Hypnosis, attaching a Mint
Berry is probably a good idea), Feaorw for Primeape and Meganium (or Kadabra
can take Primeape), Haunter for Slowbro and Quagsire (remember Destiny Bond
against Slowbro). Alternatively to Mint Berry, you can make use of the sleep
clause to put Smeargle away.

Poke Cup, Great Ball. Pokemon and strategy contributed by: thepeoplesgamer



Items are your own. If Hitmonlee isn't working for you, use Primeape.

Battle 1: Choose Kadabra, Girafarig, and Jynx.

Kadabra takes Noctowl and Octillery with Thunderpunch, and beats everything
else with Psychic. Shuckle loves to Encore, so just plug away with Psychic and
you'll be fine.

Battle 2: Choose Kadabra, Hitmonlee/Primeape, and Slowbro.

Kadabra takes Fearow and Kingler with Thunderpunch, Ditto with one Psychic and
a couple of Thunderpunches after the Transform, and Ariados with a Psychic or
two. Slowbro is for Rhyhorn if it shows up instead of Kingler. The fighter is
Ditto, or maybe Rhyhorn as well.

Battle 3: Choose Donphan, Primeape/Hitmonlee, and Kadabra.

Donphan for Ninetales, Magmar (won't see both in one battle), and Magcargo, the
fighter for Lickitung (and Magcargo if needed), Kadabra for the rest. Don't
switch in Donphan if it means taking a hit, he's too slow to do anything. Watch
for Bellossom, it can give you headaches (Sunny Day/Solarbeam/Stun Spore/Double

Battle 4: Choose Girafarig, Jynx, and Donphan.

Use Agility straight away, Psychic a few times till you're about to go down,
then Baton Pass to Donphan and Earthquake anything that isn't Parasect or
Skarmory. Jynx takes Parasect with Ice Punch, and possibly Skarmory as well but
it won't be as easy.

Battle 5: Choose Girafarig, Jynx, and Slowbro.

The main thing here is to stop the Baton Pass chain before it gets well set up.
If they start with Mr Mime or Girafarig, try Agility then Stomp to flinch them
to death. Use Psychic if they start with Venomoth. Slowbro is mainly for
Sandslash but can be used against Smeargle and Stantler if you need it.

Battle 6: Choose Girafarig, Primeape/Hitmonlee, and Kadabra.

Girafarig and Kadabra can take out Tentacruel, Golbat, and Muk (Tentacruel
doesn't have Mirror Coat, so Psychic is safe), the fighter for Umbreon (and
possibly Dewgong, though Kadabra can take him), and Girafarig or Kadabra for
Misdreavus. This one is fairly easy, and switching is relatively safe where you
can manage it.

Battle 7: Choose Kadabra, Girafarig, and Primeape/Hitmonlee.

Kadabra for Venusaur, Kabutops, and Mantine, the fighter for Magneton and
Chansey (and also Kabutops if needed), Girafarig for Kadabra. Agility and Stomp
stops Kadabra cold. Kadabra and Mantine won't both appear in the one battle.

Battle 8: Choose Primeape/Hitmonlee, Jynx, and Slowbro.

The fighter is primarily for Ursaring, but could also take Vaporeon should the
need arise. If they start with Ursaring switch IMMEDIATELY to Jynx, as your
opponent will likely bring in either Dragonite or Exeggutor. Ice Punch takes
Dragonite and should damage Eggy enough for something else to finish him off.
Slowbro for Donphan. Apart from that just battle smart, and don't switch in to
take a hit unless you're certain that you'll survive and be fast enough to get
the very next strike.

Poke Cup, Ultra Ball. Pokemon contributed by: MeowthRocket
                      Strategy contributed by: thepeoplesgamer



Battle 1: Choose Charizard, Golem, and Zapdos.

Charizard for Beedrill, Venomoth, and Ledian. Golem for Dodrio and Yanma.
Zapdos for Omastar (it could also take Dodrio). Golem can take some of the Bug
types with Rock Throw, as well. Switch where you need to, and get a continue.

Battle 2: Choose Zapdos, Golem, and Hitmonlee.

Zapdos can sweep with a bit of luck. It might only require three Thunders. :)
Golem in against Raichu (it doesn't have Surf), but switch immediately to
Zapdos as your opponent will probably bring in Mantine. Hitmonlee take out
Dunsparce. This one isn't hard.

Battle 3: Choose Hitmonlee, Zapdos, and Golem.

If they start with a normal type your very first move should be to switch to
Zapdos, as Slowking is probably gonna come out. If it doesn't, switch back to
Hitmonlee and wipe out the normal type. If it does, Thunder it to death. Golem
for Rapidash if it appears, Zapdos and Hitmonlee where they'll be super

Battle 4: Choose Hitmonlee, Tangela, and Charizard.

Switch to Tangela if they start with Lanturn, and Giga Drain away. Hitmonlee
for Raticate, Porygon2, and Magneton, Charizard for Forretress, Tangela for

Battle 5: Choose Dugtrio, Charizard, and Zapdos.

Dugtrio if they start with Nidoqueen, as you'll need a quick Magnitude or two.
Pray for some big numbers, as Nidoqueen can screw this entire match for you.
Zapdos for Politoed, but don't switch Zapdos in if Politoed will hit, cause you
need at least two Thunders to kill the thing and you won't get two chances if
you're hit on the switch. Dugtrio for Flareon, too, Charizard for Vileplume and
Jumpluff. Dugtrio is good against Wigglytuff, but watch for Body Slam.

Battle 6: Choose Zapdos, Charizard, and Hitmonlee.

Zapdos takes Gyarados, Moltres, and Murkrow, Hitmonlee for Persian and Steelix,
Charizard for Steelix also, as well as Pinsir. Feel free to switch in Hitmonlee
right away if Persian appears, as it'll probably use Thief unless the pokemon
you had out before is low on health.

Battle 7: Choose Charizard, Hitmonlee, and Zapdos.

This one is a pain. If they start with Articuno, use Fire Punch on the first
turn, Scary Face on the second (to slow it down for Zapdos), and another Fire
Punch before you die. Hopefully Zapdos can finish with a Thunder. Zapdos takes
Golduck and their own Zapdos (bring in your Zapdos right away against theirs,
and pray Thunder takes it down). Hitmonlee takes out Kangaskhan, Blissey, and
Sneasel. Don't switch in anything to take a hit, ESPECIALLY against Articuno.

Battle 8: Choose Charizard, Zapdos, and Golem.

You'll need some luck in this one. Charizard takes Primeape and Heracross.
Zapdos takes Blastosie and Xatu. Golem takes Jolteon. Espeon is a worry, let
whatever you have out against it die and bring in something else to try and
take it down. Golem might bring you luck (as it did for me), especially if
Espeon is already weak. Don't switch in anything to take a hit here, let them
die and bring in something else. You MIGHT get away with switching in Zapdos
against Blastoise, but it has Ice Beam so I wouldn't risk it.

This battle was the site of my sweetest ever victory in the game. I had Golem
left against their Espeon and Jolteon. Espeon didn't kill me for some reason,
and after a combination of Morning Sun, Reflect, and Magnitude from me it
finally went down. That left me with a near-gone Golem against their full
health Jolteon. Reflect faded as Jolteon came out. Not only did Jolteon's Bite
not flinch OR kill me, but I got Magnitude 9, AND it was a critical hit.
OHKO, and I'm the champion. :)

Poke Cup, Master Ball. Pokemon contributed by: MeowthRocket/thepeoplesgamer
                       Strategy contributed by: thepeoplesgamer


Same as above but replace Dugtrio with Jynx.

Battle 1: Choose Tangela, Hitmonlee, and Charizard.

Giga Drain their starter if it's weak to Grass, Sleep Powder it if it's not.
Switch around to whatever is super effective to earn yourself a continue. Hypno
and Clefable can be taken down by Charizard's Fire Punch. Just keep plugging
away. These guys mainly use Metronome, so don't worry too much about getting
hit by something big.

Battle 2: Choose Tangela, Hitmonlee, and Golem.

Giga Drain against Rhydon and Feraligatr if they start. Rhydon usually switches
out, but if it doesn't you get a OHKO. Two Giga Drains and a Thief send
Feraligatr packing. Golem takes Fearow, Hitmonlee for Tauros and Granbull (and
Rhydon if need be). Tauros is a pain. let whatever you have out against it die,
then bring in Hitmonlee to take it down.

Battle 3: Choose Zapdos, Hitmonlee, and Charizard.

This one can be easy or hard, depending on luck. Nidoqueen once against wreaks
havoc on your chances of winning. If Slowking starts, Thunder away and hope for
a kill. Bring in Charizard if they start with Typhlosion or Exeggutor (Eggy
uses Sunny Day, and one Fire Punch puts him down). Zapdos takes Charizard as
well as Slowking, Hitmonlee for Blissey, Charizard for Nidoqueen and Typhlosion
(but it won't be easy). Switch Hitmonlee in right away against Blissey, and if
they switch bring back whatever you need.

Battle 4: Choose Zapdos, Golem, and Hitmonlee.

If they start with Vaporeon, Thunder it till it dies. If they start with
anything else switch in Golem and use Magnitude, but watch out for Muk's Giga
Drain. Hitmonlee to clean up. This isn't hard.

Battle 5: Choose Golem, Charizard, and Tangela.

More Baton Passing shenanigans, here. If they lead with Girafarig use Magnitude
and pray for a kill before it gets too many Double Teams going. Charizard takes
Scizor whenever it appears (Charizard in right away). Tangela for Quagsire.
Charizard can also take Mr Mime with a few Fire Punches (a burn is nice), and
Golem for Raticate and Arcanine. As long as they don't get set up, this is a
piece of cake.

Battle 6: Choose Zapdos, Golem, and Hitmonlee.

Zapdos is mainly for Crobat, but can be used to take out anything except
Umbreon and Entei. Hitmonlee takes Umbreon, Golem takes Entei. Don't worry
about getting hurt on the switch, the worst that will happen is Golem gets a
Crunch from Entei, and unless your special defence drops and you die next turn
you can pull off one Magnitude and bring in Zapdos to finish. Hitmonlee also
takes Lapras. Zapdos for anything that causes you trouble, but don't switch it
in right away against Jynx.

Battle 7: Choose Zapdos, Golem, and Tangela.

Another tough one depending on your luck as to who they chose. If they start
with Electrode switch in Golem right away to shrug off the Thunder Wave, but
then switch IMMEDIATELY back to Tangela. DO NOT attack with Golem. If Electrode
uses Headbutt you're in luck, as it means your opponent didn't choose Suicune.
Switch back to Golem in that case and take Electrode down. If Suicune appears,
hurt it with Giga Drain then bring in Zapdos to finish it off. Apart from that,
Golem takes Rapidash, Zapdos takes Aerodactyl, and you'd better pray for some
serious luck against Alakazam. let whatever you have in die, then bring out

Battle 8: Choose Golem, Jynx OR Hitmonlee, and Zapdos.

Hitmonlee takes their Snorlax and Jynx takes their Dragonite, but you need to
hope they chose the right one, hence the split choice. Golem takes Gengar and
Electabuzz. Zapdos takes Starmie (and Machamp, with some luck, but don't switch
in Zapdos right away). If they start with something you are super effective
against (eg your Golem v their Gengar). Switch to Jynx/Hitmonlee straight away.
Hopefully they'll bring out Dragonite/Snorlax and you can take them down. Keep
Jynx/Hitmonlee alive and at full health for that situation AT ALL COSTS. If you
chose Jynx and they brought Snorlax, switch straight to Zapdos and use Thunder.
Snorlax's Earthquake misses on the switch, it uses Belly Drum next turn, and
with some luck you can take it down.

Now, regarding the Jynx v Dragonite and Hitmonlee v Snorlax situation. If you
switched at the start and now have your Jynx against their Dragonite, Ice Punch
straight away and you should get a OHKO or close to it. Bring in something to
finish if Dragonite didn't go down.

If you switched at the start and now have Hitmonlee v Snorlax, you need to be a
bit more sneaky than a simple Hi Jump Kick. Bring in Zapdos immediately.
Snorlax's Earthquake will miss. Now, switch STRAIGHT back to Hitmonlee, because
Snorlax will use Belly Drum. You now have Hitmonlee against their half health
Snorlax. Go for Hi Jump Kick and pray it takes down the big guy, otherwise
you're up a certain creek without a paddle.

And that's the main marathon of R2 battles over and done with. HOORAY!!! Only
one more Cup to go (besides Challenge Cup), and it's on to the Gym Leader

c) Prime Cup. Pokemon and strategy contributed by: thepeoplesgamer


Wobbuffet@Ice Berry
Jynx@Burnt Berry
Houndour@Mint Berry
Golem@Bitter Berry

This is another battle I haven't personally beaten. Up to the final fight, and
I lost each time. This strategy should see you through, but you'll need a bit
of luck on your side, especially in the third battle.

Battle 1: Choose Wobbuffet, Jynx, and Hitmonlee.

Use Safeguard if Jumpluff appears first, then switch to Jynx and Ice Punch it.
This battle is all about getting the type advantage, and sometimes the opponent
will use moves that aren't very effective (eg Crunch from Steelix against
Hitmonlee). Just go with type advantages, and try for a continue.

Battle 2: Choose Zapdos, Houndour, and Hitmonlee.

Zapdos should Thunder everything that isn't Tentacruel right off the bat, and
keep doing so until they die. For Tentacruel use Flash the first time, because
it uses Mirror Coat and WILL kill you. Try to predict when it won't use Mirror
Coat and Thunder it then. You only need to be lucky once, a second Thunder will
put it away. Hitmonlee is for Heracross if it's their last pokemon, and Zapdos
should weaken Heracross too.

Battle 3: Choose Wobbuffet, Golem, and Jynx.

Zapdos or Aerodactyl are the usual leads. With Zapdos, Safeguard first (it
won't stop the Thunderwave but you won't waste a Counter/Mirror Coat either),
then just keep Mirror Coating until Zapdos uses Thunderbolt. It won't kill you
with Mud Slap, so don't worry. With Aerodactyl, pray that you choose correctly
between Counter and Mirror Coat. It has Fire Blast/Earthquake/Iron Tail/Hyper
Beam, so Counter is the odds on choice. Use Wobbuffet to take down as much as
you can. Jynx is for Dragonite (DON'T switch Jynx in right away). Golem is for

Battle 4: Choose Wobbuffet, Zapdos, and Houndour.

Rapidash is the usual starter. Safeguard at first, then Mirror Coat until Fire
Blast comes out (hopefully it'll be the first move). You can try to Counter
Body Slam if you're feeling lucky. Zapdos for Politoed (again, don't switch in
Zapdos right away), Houndour for the Psychic types that love to put you to

Battle 5: Choose Zapdos, Wobbuffet, and Jynx.

Thunder everything that isn't Quagsire. Przcureberry is for the battle you'll
have with Lanturn. Wobbuffet for Quaggy, with Jynx to finish with Ice Punch if
Wobbuffet goes down.

Battle 6: Choose Golem, Hitmonlee, and Wobbuffet.

Use magnitude against the starter (hopefully Electrode). This is why you have
Bitter Berry on Golem. Starmie doesn't have Surf but it does have Ice Beam,
so watch out. Hitmonlee for Umbreon and Stantler, Golem for Electrode, and
Wobbuffet takes the others.

Battle 7: Choose Wobbuffet, Hitmonlee, and Golem.

Wobbuffet is for Kingdra, so try to take it down. One Mirror Coated Bite from
Jolteon, though, will kill the thing, so you can use Wobbuffet for him as well.
Hitmonlee for Snorlax and Tyranitar (remember that Mirror Coat will NOT work
against Tyranitar). Golem for Jolteon in the event you need to keep Wobbuffet
for Kingdra (and you should try to do that). He can also take Tyranitar, but it
has Ice Beam so be careful.

Battle 8: Choose Jynx, Wobbuffet, and Zapdos. Jynx for Celebi. Hopefully you'll
take it down with Ice Punch before Leech Seed does too much. Wobbuffet takes
Raikou easily (the only physical move it has is Dig, which you can Counter when
it goes underground, so ALWAYS Mirror Coat to start with). Zapdos for Lapras.
Thunderbolt and Body Slam are its only damaging moves, the other two are Rest
and Confuse Ray. Wobbuffet can Counter Machamp easily, but Persian has Bite and
will probably use it, so beware. As for Gengar, either use Golem's Magnitude or
Wobbuffet's Destiny Bond (its only damaging move is Night Shade, so make use of
that knowledge).

And that, as they say, is that. No more fugly cups to deal with. Onwards ever
upwards, oh mighty trainer, to the Gym Leader Castle!

d) Johto Gym Leader Castle. Pokemon and strategy
                            contributed by: thepeoplesgamer

The format here is slightly different to that of Round 1, given that it's no
longer a simple matter of picking six pokemon of the one type and drilling type
weaknesses. Well, for the earlier Gyms it is, but things get significantly
harder as you progress.

Where items are needed, you'll see them next to the appropriate pokemon.

Violet City Gym.


Anything you want

Battle 1: Choose Chinchou, Zapdos, and Electabuzz.

Simply use the Rain Dance/Thunder combo with Chinchou and Zapdos, and bring in
Electabuzz to finish things off.

Battle 2: Choose Golem, Jynx, and Chinchou.

Zapdos is the likely start, so use Golem's Rock Throw. Don't scream too loudly
when Mud Slap makes you miss. Chinchou for everything else that isn't Gligar,
which Jynx puts down with Ice Punch.

Azalea Town Gym.


Whatever you want

Battle 1: Choose Moltres, Feaorw, and Donphan.

Moltres takes all the Grass and Bug types, and could even take Sandslash and
Dunsparce (Sunny Day + Fire Blast + Moltres' special attack = OUCH!!!!!) Feaorw
and Donphan for those two if you need them.

Battle 2: Choose Donphan, Moltres, and Hitmonlee.

Donphan for Nidorina and Ponyta, Moltres for Ledian and Pineco, Hitmonlee for
Eevee and Snubbul. Watch out for Charm.

Battle 3: Choose Moltres, Donphan, and Seadra.

Moltres takes the Bugs/Grasses again, but watch for a switch to Sudowoodo.
Seadra or Donphan for him, Seadra for Quagsire as well, and Donphan for
Raticate. This one is tricky, so be careful.

Goldenrod City Gym.



Battle 1: Choose Hitmonlee, Dewgong, and Donphan.

Hitmonlee for the normal types and Corsola (watch out for Reversal on Furret,
use Donphan to finish it off), Dewgong for the others. You can use Donphan to
take out Corsola, though. Donphan is faster and will put it away with a single

Battle 2: Choose Hitmonlee, Zapdos, and Donphan.

Hitmonlee takes Clefable and Wigglytuff (you'll often see one right after the
other), Donphan for Pikachu, Zapdos for the others. This one's fairly easy.

Battle 3: Choose Wobbuffet, Hitmonlee, and Zapdos.

Use Wobbuffet to take out as many pokes as you can. Miltank is easy. Besides
Milk Drink it only has physical attacks, so Counter is a certain hit. If she
leads with Mr Mime let her set up all she wants, as she can only pass to
something that you can use Wobbuffet to take out. As I mentioned in Koga's R2
strategy, provided you pick the right move Counter and Mirror Coat will never
miss. Zapdos and Hitmonlee when they're needed.

Ecruteak City Gym.


Zapdos@Burnt Berry
Houndour@Bitter Berry
Any two you want

Battle 1: Choose Kadabra, Zapdos, and Hitmonlee.

Kadabra takes Weepinbell, Gastly, and Qwilfish with Psychic, and Seaking and
Noctowl with Thunderpunch. Zapdos if you need him. Hit Ditto with whatever you

Battle 2: Choose Kadabra, Zapdos, and Houndour.

This one is pathetically easy. Kadabra takes everything except Jynx, which
Houndour beats. Feel free to switch whenever you want. They'll only use Mean
Look if you don't kill them in one hit, or if you switch something in.

Battle 3: Choose Zapdos, Kadabra, and Houndour.

Zapdos for Lapras and Mantine, Houndour for Gengar and Exeggutor (with Kadabra
as backup against Gengar). Zapdos takes out Granbull and maybe Misdreavus as
well. Both Misdreavus and Granbull have Shadow Ball, so watch out. Houndour
might beat Misdreavus, too, if he's still around. Try to keep Zapdos alive,
he's the easiest way to kill Mantine (though Kadabra could do it).

Cianwood City Gym.


Any other three

Battle 1: Send out Kadabra first, followed by the other two.

Kadabra takes Arbok, Machoke, and Kingler (with Zapdos as reserve if needed).
Donphan takes Graveler. Dragonaire goes down to either Donphan or Kadabra,
and Kadabra takes Pinsir (watch out for Fury Cutter).

Battle 2: Kadabra first again, then the other two.

Kadabra beats Poliwrath and Hitmonchan, Donphan takes Ampharos and Sandslash.
Zapdos for Ursaring and Poliwrath (if you need it). Anything but Kadabra for
Hypno. Dynamicpunch is the main theme here, but it shouldn't cause you too much

Olivine City Gym. Choose Zapdos, Slowbro, and Moltres.

Only one battle here. If Slowbro leads, use Thunder. If she switches to Steelix
bring in Slowbro and Surf it. Zapdos and your Slowbro take out Blastoise,
Rapidash, Steelix, and her Slowbro between themselves. Moltres for Scizor and
Stantler. You could also drop Moltres for Donphan, and use Slowbro on Scizor,
but that's not half as much fun. :)

Team Rocket.



Battle 1: Choose Moltres, Zapdos, and Donphan.

If Cloyster leads, use Endure right away to survive the Explosion. Bring in
Donphan for the next one. If it's Golem use Earthquake once, then switch back
to Moltres for the Explosion. If it's Sudowoodo, after you brought Donphan in
to take whatever Sudowoodo threw at you switch immediately back to Moltres and
take Selfdestruct. Donphan or Moltres for their last poke. If they lead with
something Donphan can beat, switch him in right away. Pray you've got Moltres
alive if their last is Forretress.

Battle 2: Choose Slowbro, Zapdos, and Kadabra.

Surf on Shuckle if it starts. It'll use Protect if Toxic hits you, so try
Disable on your next turn. If it misses, just Surf Shuckle to death. Bring in
Zapdos against Dewgong and Azumarill, and their last poke is usually something
Slowbro can take out. If Onix starts, just Surf.

Battle 3: Choose Zapdos, Donphan, and Kadabra.

You NEED to keep Kadabra alive for this one. Thunder Kabutops if it starts, and
hope it hurts itself in confusion (it's holding Berserk Gene). Use Thunder
against Magcargo, too, if it means keeping Kadabra alive. Use Kadabra against
Arbok, Vileplume, Victreebel and Golbat, but KEEP HIM ALIVE! Donphan can also
take Magcargo if it'll mean Kadabra will live, but I wouldn't switch it in
right away.

Battle 4: Choose Donphan, Zapdos, and Houndour.

This one loves to Swagger, which can be his downfall. Earthquake Houndoom if it
starts; the fool will charge up Sunny Day and you should get a OHKO. Houndour
for Parasect Hypno, and Wobbuffet (Mirror Coat won't affect you, so Crunch all
you like but watch out for Destiny Bond). Zapdos for Octillery. Donphan for
Tyranitar. (It Swaggers, you Earthquake, it dies. Eventually).

Mahogany Town Gym.



Hoo boy, this one is a royal pain in the ass. Of all the Gym leaders you'll
face in Round 2 Johto, Pryce is without a doubt the hardest. Be prepared to be
frustrated beyond imagination.

Battle 1: Choose Moltres, Donphan, and Magneton.

Unless they start with Seel, use Fire Blast on whatever starts. Venusaur uses
Reflect, then Body Slam. Fire Blast until it dies. Same with Kadabra (it uses
Psybeam, and you can survive two before you die). Magneton for Seel and
Delibird. Donphan in right away against Magneton, Moltres for Sneasel. Once you
play this one several times (and Pryce will make sure you do) you get the right
feel for it.

Battle 2: Choose Magneton, Hitmonlee, and Slowbro.

Thunder Omastar and Seadra if they start (you'll OHKO Omastar, and Magneton is
faster). Slowbro in if they switch to Marowak. Hitmonlee for Raticate and
Persian, but Slowbro can take them too if necessary. Flinch is the name of
their game here (Marowak's Rock Slide once flinched me four times IN A ROW!!!)
so Slowbro's great defence can come in handy (though four flinches will make it

Battle 3: Choose Moltres, Wobbuffet, and Tangela.

I cannot tell you how much Pryce made me hate him throughout this battle. Fire
Blast to start off with (he always leads with Articuno for me). If he switches,
bring in Tangela and use Sleep Powder IMMEDIATELY! He brings back Articuno, and
you need to pray that Sleep Powder hits or your chances of winning take a nose
dive. He'll switch to something else right away, so use Giga Drain, and try to
kill whatever it is on the next turn or so. Use Wobbuffet to take out what you
can, and aside from that just play to type advantages. This is another one you
need to do several times before you get the right feel for it.

Blackthorne City Gym.


Donphan@Mint Berry

Battle 1: Choose Donphan, Zapdos, and Moltres.

Donphan takes out Ninetales if it starts (it uses Hypnosis, which is where Mint
Berry comes in). Donphan also takes Haunter. Bring in Zapdos right away against
Golduck, it'll only use Whirlpool and Hypnosis and even if you are trapped and
put to sleep it can't kill you before you wake up. Moltres for Tangela and
Jynx. Smeargle is usually their last one, so attack with whatever you have out
at the time and if it's foolish enough to put you to sleep bring in something
else right away (Donphan worked for me) to put it down. Again, use the Sleep
Clause to your advantage.

Battle 2: Choose Zapdos, Moltres, and Slowbro.

They'll usually lead with a Water type, and foolishly try to Mirror Coat you
when a single Thunder will knock them out. Zapdos for the waters, Moltres for
the grasses, Slowbro for the fires. Switch whenever you need to. This is a piece
of cake.

Battle 3: Choose Wobbuffet, Slowbro, and Donphan.

Clair will most likely lead with Kingdra. Try to trick it into using Hydro Pump
by highlighting Counter (hold Up on the D-Pad after you press A to attack), but
then select Mirror Coat. One Mirror Coated Hydro Pump will put Kingdra away. He
NEEDS to go down to Wobbuffet, otherwise you're in trouble. You can use Wobb to
take out their second pokemon if you want/need to. Otherwise, Slowbro takes
Charizard, Nidoking and Rhydon, and Donphan takes Ampharos. You should only
need Wobbuffet again if Gyarados shows up (three special attacks and one
physical, so try Mirror Coat first). Keep switching to whatever can resist
Clair's pokemon's attacks, and attack her when/if she does switch. Not too hard
at all, thanks to the mighty Wobbuffet. :)

Now that you've disposed of the Johto Gym Leaders for good, it's time for your
re-match against the Elite Four and Champion. These final five trainers are all
that's remaining in the Johto area.

e)Elite Four and Champion. Pokemon contributed by: Uriel3ca3
                           Strategy (what there is of it) contributed
                           by: thepeoplesgamer



Elite Four Will: Choose Umbreon, Wobbuffet, and Corsola.

Umbreon can safely Faint Attack the Psychic types, Corsola can Mirror Coat
Electabuzz (watch for Rolling Kick, though), or Wobbuffet can take him (you can
bet Electabuzz won't use Rolling Kick against Wobb). Corsola takes Flareon and
MAYBE Mantine and Chansey. When in doubt, use Wobbuffet. Chansey only has
special moves besides Counter (which it won't use against Wobb).

Elite Four Koga: Choose Kadabra, Fearow, and Wobbuffet.

Kadabra takes Venomoth and Ariados with ease, and may take down Lapras with
Thunderpunch and Lanturn with Psychic. Just keep hitting them with Psychic or
Thunderpunch, and use Wobbuffet/Fearow to finish things off. Or bring in
Wobbuffet if Koga gets too much Double Team going, because as long as you
choose Mirror Coat when they use a special attack and Counter when they use a
physical one, you will NEVER miss. The only pokemon that has a physical
damaging attack is Stantler, so Mirror Coat the rest.

Elite Four Bruno: Choose Feaorw, Wobbuffet, and Haunter.

Feaorw takes Machamp, Primeape, and Exeggutor, Haunter takes Golem, Wobbuffet
for Ursaring and Granbull. They only have physical attacks, so Counter away and
you win.

Elite Four Karen: Choose Wobbuffet, Haunter, and Fearow.

Use Wobbuffet to take down what you can. Persian only has physical damaging
attacks (but it has Screech, too, so be careful of OHKOs). Slowbro will
probably stick to Surf against Wobbuffet (Submission is its other damaging
attack), so use Mirror Coat. Electrode has Headbutt and Thunderbolt, so make
the choice and hope it's good.

Haunter takes Misdreavus, either with Shadow Ball or Destiny Bond. Haunter can
also put down Slowbro. Fearow is there for Umbreon, use Toxic and Drill Peck to
wear it down. And don't forget that both Haunter and Wobbuffet have Destiny
Bond, so use it well. Also, as you did in Round 1 try Toxic and Drill Peck from
Fearow to wear down her team and work on her bit by bit.

Champion Lance: Choose Wobbuffet, Corsola, and Kadabra.

Use Wobbuffet to take down what you can. Kangaskhan and Aerodactyl only have
physical attacks, so Counter is guaranteed. Arcanine will probably Crunch for
the type advantage, so try Mirror Coat. Corsola takes Dragonite (use Mirror
Coat and watch Draggy's Thunderbolt get thrown back at it), and can also handle
Arcanine, Aerodactyl, and Tyranitar. Kadabra takes Feraligatr.

It is important to note that EVERYTHING has Hyper Beam, so you can use this to
your advantage and switch in Corsola to shrug off the hit, then finish off the
poke with a super effective attack should type match ups permit. Or, you can
get a guaranteed OHKO when you Counter a Hyper Beam with Wobbuffet.

Well, that's Johto finished forever. No need to come back, unless you get a
copy of the Gameboy game and want to use the excellent Move Tutor. Onwards to
Kanto! You are just ten battles away from the seemingly impossible, finishing
the game WITH RENTALS!!!

f) Kanto Gym Leader Castle. Pokemon and strategy
                            contributed by: thepeoplesgamer

Brock: Choose Wobbuffet, Slowbro, and Fearow,

Wobbuffet can safely Counter everything except Slowbro and Heracross. The only
physical attack Slowbro has is Fissure, and unless you can Counter it when it
misses (which is possible in at least some of the Gameboy versions, I believe)
you'll have to use Mirror Coat. Heracross will probably put you away with one
Megahorn, so Counter is pretty futile. If Ursaring starts let is use Defence
Curl twice, then use Destiny Bond in case of Fissure from Steelix on the next
attack. If anything else starts, Counter or Mirror Coat depending on the poke.
Slowbro for Steelix if you need it, Feaorw for Heracross. Fearow can also take
Ursaring if you're luck, with a combination of Drill Peck and Hyper Beam.

Misty: Choose Zapdos, Wobbuffet, and Kadabra.

This one's hard. Switch immediately to Wobbuffet so you're facing Misty's poke
while it's raining. DON'T start with Wobbuffet though, you need the rain to
come out. Use Counter and Mirror Coat, and pray for the right move to hit you.
Thunder from Zapdos when Wobb goes down. Kadabra takes Nidoqueen. Good luck.

Lt. Surge: Choose Wobbuffet, Donphan, and Hitmonlee/Piloswine.

Piloswine if you think Surge will use two electric types, Hitmonlee if you
think he won't (you'll need to fight him a few times in order to know, and he
usually alternates between one and two electrics). Wobbuffet should take out
the first poke, and the second too if you can. Keep Donphan alive for Jolteon
(but don't switch him in right away, let whatever you have out die first). Use
what you can for the other pokemon that appear, you should know your types and
pokemon well enough by now. :) Jolteon has a Hidden Power type that is super
effective against Donphan, so you only get one shot at Earthquake, but that
should be enough.

Erika: Choose Houndour, Ampharos, and Slowbro.

Sludge Bomb Blissey if it leads, with Ampharos and his Dynamicpunch as backup.
Ampharos also takes Mantine, so keep him alive in case you need him. Houndour
is also for Bellossom and Exeggutor, and Slowbro is for Marowak and Ninetales.

Janine: Choose Magneton, Moltres, and Kadabra.

Use Thunder Wave to paralyse Girafarig if you need to, then drill him with
Thunder. Play to type advantages otherwise, and you're in for an easy win.

Sabrina: Choose Zapdos, Houndour, and Slowbro.

Use Thunder if Slowking leads, and switch in Slowbro if she switches to
Sandslash (or starts with it). Otherwise just play to type advantages once
again, but watch out for Thunderpunch on her Alakazam. It can cause your
Houndour some trouble.

Blaine: Choose Wobbuffet, Houndour, and Hitmonlee.

Safeguard on the first turn, then Mirror Coat Moltres' Fire Blast. There's no
way you're taking down that fire birdie otherwise. Houndour for Vileplume and
Mr Mime, Hitmonlee for Clefable and Chansey. Use Wobbuffet for Arcanine, as
well as for anything else you can before Wobbuffet bites the dust.

Blue: Choose Wobbuffet, Moltres, and Donphan.

Mirror Coat against Kingdra and pray for a Surf (it uses Flail, too, but that
won't do much). Destiny Bond Houndoom if it shows up, or you can Earthquake it
with Donphan if he's still around. Take down two pokemon with Wobbuffet, and
use Moltres and Donphan as needed for the last one (Moltres takes Scyther and
Piloswine, Donphan takes Gengar, and either of them take Miltank).

Kanto Gym Leader Castle...R2...CLEAR!!! Just two more battles and it's all

g) Red. Pokemon and strategy contributed by: Zanbie Xanvier.

Choose Wobbuffet, Lapras, and Umbreon/Ariados.

Wobbuffet must lead, and has to take down two pokemon. Shouldn't be too hard,
as Espeon is the likely lead and will go down to one Mirror Coated Bite. The
next one is often Snorlax. Don't try to Counter his Shadow Ball, you want take
enough damage for a OHKO. Just use Destiny Bond till you both die.

As for the other pokes, Dragonite has at least two physical attacks (Counter
him), Raikou has at least two special (and one of them is Bite, which will
certainly be used against Wobbuffet, so Mirror Coat him), Entei has the same as
Raikou (Mirror Coat), and Suicune has at least three special (Mirror Coat). All
of them have Hidden Power, and I don't know which type it is on each one, so
just pray. Counter/Mirror Coat their first, Destiny Bond their second.

Now, for their last one. Bring in Lapras and use Perish Song. Zanbie tells me
that Lapras is able to survive one attack from any of Red's pokemon EXCEPT
Raikou, which means an almost guaranteed Perish Song. Follow this with a poke
that can survive for two turns, and you'll pull off the big win. Umbreon is
good for lasting two turns because he's a tank, but you could use Ariados for
his Protect move, and hope it works twice in a row. Also, if Lapras isn't
living the one turn you need him to get another Perish Song poke, or make sure
Raikou dies first. :)

With everything else in Round 2 done, your Rival appears to challenge you once
more. He has the same pokemon, but this time they're at max stats and have
better moves. You'll need to keep your wits about you.

h) Rival. Pokemon and strategy contributed by: Zanbie Xanvier.



Start with Wobbuffet and have it take down the first pokemon. Lugia will switch
between using Aeroblast and Psychic, so you'll just have to pray. Start with
Counter and hope for an Aeroblast. It will often use Psychic next, so Mirror
Coat and down it goes. Let Wobbuffet faint against their next one, and bring in
Lapras or Politoed to use Perish Song. Let Lapras/Politoed faint, then use
Umbreon and Mean Look (though that could be a problem if Mewtwo is out, as
Submission can smoke it and the Rival might switch suddenly). Let Umbreon faint
and bring in your other Perish Song poke (whichever one you didn't choose out
of Lapras and Politoed first time) to watch their second bite the dust. Now,
use Perish Song and proceed to stall your heart out until they go down. The
items don't really matter, but one of the Perish Singers should probably hold
Przcureberry for extra insurance.

AND THAT'S THE GAME!!!!! You have just completed Pokemon Stadium 2 with rental
pokemon! Who says it can't be done, eh? :) Congratulations on succeeding with
the little help that Nintendo gave you. Now go and brag to all your friends
that you beat the game using only rentals. You've certainly earned bragging
rights after what this game has put you through.

6. Credits/special thanks.

First and most importantly, a HUGE thankyou goes out to everyone who helped me
put this FAQ together by taking a particular part of the game and finding the
best rentals for it. Without your help this FAQ would not be here right now.
So, to:

Lord Nerevarine
Uriel3ca3 (Travis)
The Mighty Mollusk
Zanbie Xanvier


Second, major thanks to cmsnrub25, aka Donald, for allowing me to use his FAQ
as reference for the movesets of the opponent's pokemon. Wherever you see me
say that a certain pokemon has three physical attacks, etc, that was taken from
Donald's FAQ. Most of the complete movesets mentioned in this FAQ were also
taken from Donald's. And, I used the style of his guide as a basis for my own.
I said I'd give him proper credit, and I have. So thank you. :)

Third, we all owe Wobbuffet a great deal of gratitude for being the most kick
ass rental in existence. Lord knows how I'd have beaten Clair's Kingdra or
Blaine's Moltres without him. Always there when you don't know what else to
bring in...the mighty Wobb!

Fourth, thanks to NOA, Creatures, and Gamefreak for making this game.

Fifth, thank you to CJayC and Gamefaqs for giving me the medium to make this

And last but not least, thanks to YOU for reading this guide! Hopefully you
got something out of it. If just one person uses this FAQ after it's posted it
will all be worth the effort.

7. Contact information.

My e-mail is I check it at least once every day, so
if you have a query as to something I've explained here, send me an e-mail and
I'll try to reply. If the question is something that can easily be answered in
the guide itself, though, you won't hear from me. Check the FAQ first, and if
something isn't clear or isn't here at all, let me know.

You can also find me on mIRC at server, in the #battlearena
channel, or on Netbattle in the Blue Heaven server. I'm not there all the time,
and I can't guarantee that I'll be able to deal with your query then and there,
but you can always try your luck. I go by the name TPG[insert something here],
or just plain TPG.

If anybody out there has any alternate rental strategies for ANY part of this
game, e-mail them to me and I'll test them out. If I agree that they're easier
or better than the ones listed here, I'll post them as an alternate strategy
and you'll get the appropriate credit.

Well, that's all from me for the moment. Keep on battling, because as Strider
Shshwi once said to me, experience is the one true teacher of pokemon.