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Nintendo 64 Version
Version 2.2 FINAL
Written by: S-DOGG
E-mail: phishphan1430@hotmail.com
Started January 13 2002
Ended February 23, 2002

Table of Contents

6...............The Skaters
7...............The Levels
9...............Park Editor
11..............Codes & Secrets
12..............Gap List
13..............Legal Stuff
14..............Music Credits

1. Introduction

This FAQ is for the Nintendo 64 version of Tony Hawk 2.  Even though nobody 
has taken advantage of this great game, I'm writing one on this version cause 
everyone else wrote one for the PSX and GBA versions. If you have any 
questions (no comments, please), my E-mail is at the title and at the end of 
this FAQ.

Tony Hawk has arrived on the Nintendo 64, again. Choose from 13 pro skaters, 
or create your own legend and put him through the very challenging Career 
Mode. Consisting of 8 large levels, each with 10 goals to accomplish, make 
your skater the best in the world. If that's not enough, make your very own 
skatepark for your skating pleasure.

2. Updates

January 13, 2002: V 1.0: Started it. Finished Chapters 1-5.

January 17, 2002: V 1.1: Continued at Chapter 6. Got Tony's, Bob's, Steve's, 
Kareem's, Rune's, Eric's, and Bucky's profiles.

January 19, 2002: V 1.2: Got everyone else's profiles done. Started Chapter 
7. Finished Hangar, School, and France level descriptions.

January 20, 2002: V 1.3: Finished Chapter's 7 and 8. Got to Chapter 9. 
Finished Hangar skatethrough.

January 21, 2002: V 1.4: Got School and France skatethrough done.

January 22, 2002: V 1.5: Got NYC skatethrough done.

January 23, 2002: V 1.6: Got Venice Beach skatethrough done.

January 24, 2002: V 1.7: Got SkateStreet and Philadelphia skatethrough done.

February 2, 2002: V 1.8: Sorry I haven't been around lately. Finished 
chapters 10 & 11. Got Hangar gaps.

February 3, 2002: V 1.9: FINISHED THE DAMN THING!!!!!!

February 17, 2002: V 2.0: Error on secret characters. There is no Trixie. 
Officer Dick is the replacement!!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

February 18, 2002: V 2.1: Error on cheats. There is no Level Flip. Instead, 
there's Disco Mode, which is odd. Added my created skater so everyone can use 
him. Also added Officer Dick's decks. I think it's complete, again!!!!!

February 23, 2002: V 2.2: Thanks to POD4ever5 for a new cheat.

3. Controls
A: Ok in pause/Flip trick
B: Back in pause/Ollie/Crouch
C-up: Grind/Lip trick
C-left: Flip trick
C-right: Grab trick
C-down: Ollie/Crouch
R-Shoulder: Switch/Rotate in air
L-Shoulder: Nollie/Fakie
Start: Pause/Ok
Z: Camera
Up: Forward/Exit pools/Manual balance
Down: Brake/Manual balance
Left: Turn left/Grind balance
Right: Turn right/Grind balance

4. Basics
These are some fundamentals you need to know how to do before becoming a 
legendary skater.

Ollie: The most basic trick. Simply press C-down. Hold it down to jump 

No Comply: A step up from the ollie. Press Up then ollie to jump higher.

Boneless: A step up from the no comply. Press Up twice, then ollie to jump 

Grinds: A street skater's delight. Ollie onto an edge of ANYTHING and press 
C-up. Keep your balance with Left and Right. Try getting different kinds of 
grinds on one rail.

Flip Tricks: You can do these on a flat surface, or a halfpipe. Ollie, then 
press C-left. Try linking flip tricks with grinds to get lots of points.

Grab Tricks: Vert skater's favorite. Ollie onto a quarter, or halfpipe, and 
press and hold C-right. Remember to release C-right when you're coming off a 
quarter/half pipe. Try combining grab tricks with flip tricks while still in 
the air.

Manual: A basic wheelie. While on a flat surface, press Up then Down. Keep 
your balance using up and down. Try using these to link up grinds for massive 
points. You can also do a nose manual by pressing down then up.

Wallride: To do this, ollie, while near a wall, and press and hold C-up. Use 
these to get up to high grinds.

Lip Tricks: Vert lovers will like this. Go straight up a quarter/half pipe, 
then press and hold C-up. Don't hold it too long, or else you'll fall.

5. Options
The Options menu can be found at the Main Menu.

Controller 1: Set controls for Player 1

Controller 2: Set controls for Player 2
 -Auto Kick: On or off. Leave it on, trust me.
 -Rumble: On or off. You need a Rumble Pak to toggle this.

Sound Levels: Control the sound levels of the game
 -Music: Toggle the volume to your heart's content. If it's all the way off,      
the music is automatically off.
 -Sound FX: Toggle the sound FX volume to your heart's content.

Controller Pak: Use this menu to load and save games. You can also save game 
settings and replays here as well.

Cheats: You can toggle the cheats here.

High Scores: See who has the high scores in each level.

Gap Checklist: Check how many gaps you have gotten in each level.

Display Options: Toggle visual options
 -Trick tips: Turn them on or off. Turning them on will give you hints during 
gameplay. Nifty, ain't it?
 -Score Display: Displays the score you get.

Credits: See who made this game. Not very interesting.

6. The Skaters
D- Down
U- Up
L- Left
R- Right

Tony Hawk
Style: Vert
Stance: Goofy
New Skater?: No

"If you meet Hawk, look at his shins. You'll see how much flesh he's left 
behind becoming the most influential skateboarder in history. He lost some 
perfecting the first 900. More went to creating 50+ signature moves and 
winning 12 world championships. The father of two boys and modern 
skateboarding, Tony makes his home in his native SoCal."

Rail Balance-2
Lip Balance-6

BS Overturn- D, L, C-up
Stacktap- U, D, C-right
The 900- R, D, C-right

Full Skull 99- FREE
Falcon 3- $250
Falcon 2- $500
Pterodactyl- $750
Birdman Head- $1000
Falcon- $1250
Hawk- $1500
Birdman- $1750

My Rating: 9/10

Bob Burnquist
Style: All Around
Stance: Regular
New Skater?: No

"Out of Brazil and onto the winner's podium, Bob Burnquist is one of today's 
most exciting and original skaters. Blowing minds with his unique style and 
switch-stance tendencies, Burnquist won the first pro contest he entered. He 
then went on to be the first skater to pull off an Eggplant Revert, a move 
now simply known as the "Burntwist"."

Rail Balance-2
Lip Balance-7

Racket Air- L, D, C-right
BS Rocket Tailslide- U, D, C-up
One Foot Smith- R, D, C-up

Stamp- FREE
Stencil Enforcer- $250
Shadow- $500
Cigar- $750
Can't Stop- $1000
Maestro- $1250
Can't Stop Bob- $1500
Football- $1750

My Rating: 8/10

Steve Caballero
Style: All Around
Stance: Goofy
New Skater?: Yes

"How long has Steve Caballero been part of the skateboarding scene? Over 
three decades. Along the way, he helped found the Bones Brigade, invented the 
Caballerial and owned his share of world records- including the highest 
halfpipe air and a 44-stair rail. Cab's still riding hard, inspiring 
skateboarding's next generation."

Rail Balance-6
Lip Balance-5

Hang Ten- R, U, C-up
Triple Kickflip- U, L, C-left
FS 540- R, L, C-right

Original Dragon '80- FREE
Chinese '86- $250
Bats '87- $500
Animal Chin '88- $750
Mask '89- $1000
Guitar '90- $1250
Gundam '95- $1500
Brigade '00- $1750

My Rating: 8/10

Kareem Campbell
Style: Street
Stance: Regular
New Skater?: No

"East Coast, West Coast, or any coast, Kareem Campbell and his smooth 
metropolitan style are recognized on the real streets. Born in New York and 
raised in Los Angeles, Kareem defies any East vs. West barriers. When he's 
not skating you can find him chilling with his son, l'il Reem. Kareem's 
advice for skaters: "Do it for yourself and keep it honest."."

Rail Balance-6
Lip Balance-2

Ghetto Bird- D, U, C-left
Nosegrind to Pivot- D, U, C-up
Casper- L, D, C-right (this is a manual, not a grab)

Citystars.com- FREE
Dwella- $250
Splash- $500
Silhoette- $750
Needle to the Record- $1000
Rapper- $1250
Performance- $1500
Biker- $1750

My Rating- 8/10

Rune Glifberg
Style: Vert
Stance: Regular
New Skater?: No

"When Rune was 11 years old a friend brought a skateboard to his home in 
Copenhagen, Denmark. Later, a skateboard brought Rune to his new home in 
Huntington Beach, California (He didn't ride it. He became a pro on it.) Here 
you'll find the all-terrain terrorist sessioning pools and streets. But he 
saves his best for his true love: wide-open vert skateboarding."

Rail Balance-4
Lip Balance-6

Kickflip 1 Foot Tail- L, D, C-left
One Foot Bluntslide- L, U, C-up
Christ Air- L, R, C-right

New Wave- FREE
Smiley Face- $250
Multi- $500
Mother Earth- $750
Euro-Flair- $1000
King of Copenhagen- $1250
Dragon- $1500
Red Elephant- $1750

My Rating- 9/10

Eric Koston
Style: Street
Stance: Goofy
New Skater?: Yes

"Who do you want to be today? Think Koston, because he rides like anybody and 
nobody else. He'll bust any pro's signature trick with uncanny similarity 
then transition into the eponymous K-Grind. Besides this move bearing his 
name, Eric's famous for clowning around while making challenging switch and 
nollie rides look like a joke."

Rail Balance-7
Lip Balance-3

Pizza Guy- D, L, C-right
The Fandangle- R, D, C-up
Indy Frontflip- D, U, C-right

Old Man- FREE
Flag Series- $250
Baseball- $750
Luche Libre- $1000
Basketball- $1250
Boombox- $1500
OG 2000- $1750

My Rating- 10/10

Bucky Lasek
Style: Vert
Stance: Regular
New Skater?: No

"Hardened on the East Coast and currently refining his skills in Carlsbad, 
California, Charles Micheal Lasek, better known as Bucky, soars to sickening 
heights above halfpipes- and other skaters. He's equal parts power, 
originality and style. When Bucky's not dropping jaws at the local Mission 
Valley Skate Park, you'll find him loving life with his wife and daughter."

Rail Balance-3
Lip Balance-7

One Foot Japan- U, R, C-right
The Big Hitter- L, D, C-up
Fingerflip Airwalk- L, R, C-right

Flame Bird- FREE
Giant B- $250
Eatin' Bird- $500
The End- $750
Bird- $1000
Bucky and the Bird- $1250
Cat Killer- $1500
Bucky 1- $1750

My Rating- 9/10

Rodney Mullen
Style: Street
Stance: Regular
New Skater?: Yes

"Get up, shower, brush and head out and invent new tricks. Just another day 
for Rodney Mullen, the godfather of street skating. A pro for over 20 years, 
Mullen owns 35 freestyling world championships and a dizzying list of special 
tricks. Like the kickflip, underflip, impossible, casper, and darkslide to 
name a few."

Rail Balance-7
Lip Balance-2

Nollieflip Underflip- D, L, C-left
Heelflip Darkslide- R, L, C-up
Casper to 360 Flip- D, R, C-right (this is a manual, not a grab)

Scope- FREE
3D Bunny- $250
Bunny Crest- $500
3D Bar Logo- $750
I.D. Series- $1000
Stealth- $1250
Bar Logo- $1500
Hunny Bunny- $1750

My Rating: 10/10

Chad Muska
Style: Street
Stance: Regular
New Skater?: No

"Out of his native Las Vegas and into skateboarding's top magazines and 
videos- welcome Muska. After lighting it up on the Strip, Chad moved to 
California at 15 and quickly became one of the most respective skaters of all 
time. This self-styled professional always takes his brand of skate-and-
relate creativity to another level. This includes experimenting with jungle 
and hip-hop beats on his 'Muskabeat' album."

Rail Balance-8
Lip Balance-3

BS Hurricane- D, R, C-up
Mute Backflip- U, D, C-right
Muska Nose Manual- R, U, C-right

Kamakazi Large- FREE
Team XXL- $250
Team Large- $500
Kamakazi XL- $750
Large Red- $1000
Team Small- $1250
Team XL- $1500
Kamakazi Medium- $1750

My Rating: 7/10

Andrew Reynolds
Style: Street
Stance: Regular
New Skater?: No

"Andrew's only been a pro since 1996, but what he may lack in years, he makes 
up for air and guts. If you're in Los Angeles, California and you see 
somebody going over massive gaps, sessioning sick sets of stairs and doing it 
all with efforts style, odds are you're in the presence of Turtle Boy 
himself. Say "hi" as he flys by."

Rail Balance-8
Lip Balance-4

Triple Heelflip- U, R, C-left
Nosegrab Tailslide- U, D, C-up
Hardflip Lateflip- U, D, C-left

Excecutioner- FREE
Kosickutioner- $250
Monkey- $500
Razor- $750
Reaper- $1000
Mummy- $1250
Toy Logo- $1500
Reaper 3- $1750

My Rating: 9/10

Geoff Rowley
Style: Street
Stance: Regular
New Skater?: No

"Called the one-man English invasion, Geoff Rowley went from the streets of 
Liverpool, England to the top of the skating world. In fact, Geoff's often 
called the skater's skater.

He currently resides in Huntingtion Beach, California, where his diet consits 
of miles of handrails, huge staircases and lots of vegetables. Picture a 360 
flip down 13 stairs. Yep- that's Rowley."

Rail Balance-8
Lip Balance-7

Half-Flip Casper- R, L, C-left
Rowley Darkslide- L, R, C-up
Double Hardflip- R, D, C-left

Pop Cat- FREE
Smiley Face- $250
Direction- $500
Death Metal- $750
Modern- $1000
Guilty as Charged- $1250
New Wave- $1500
Red Death- $1750

My Rating: 7/10

Elissa Steamer
Style: Street
Stance: Regular
New Skater?: No

"Making the cut skating against the boys. Dominating every all-girl event she 
enters. Getting her name on a pro model street board. You guessed it - it's 
Fort Myers, Florida native Elissa Steamer. Elissa specializes in sessioning 
streets and stereotypes. Now living in Los Angeles, California, Elissa skates 
like you wish you could."

Rail Balance-6
Lip Balance-5

Madonna Tailslide- U, L, C-up
Hospital Flip- L, R, C-left
Indy Backflip- U, D, C-right

Mon-Star- FREE
Blood Stains- $250
Cry Wolf- $500
Poo Poo Head- $750
Pushing Up- $1000
Tenth Try- $1250
Dead Monster- $1500
Skull- $1750

My Rating: 7/10

Jamie Thomas
Style: Street
Stance: Regular
New Skater?: No

"Originally from Alabama, Jamie has conquered some of the biggest gaps and 
longest rails ever seen. His video parts in "Welcome to Hell" and "Misled 
Youth" proves it. Jamie is the only person to walk away from the Leap of 
Faith with both legs intact."

Rail Balance-7
Lip Balance-4

Beni F-Flip Crooks- D, U, C-up
Laser Flip- D, R, C-left
One Foot Nose Manual- L, U, C-right

Power- FREE
Wolves- $250
Overspray- $500
Red Blood- $750
Eagle- $1000
Smith Grind- $1250
American Zero- $1500
American Punk- $1750

My Rating: 9/10

Spiderman (Secret)
Style: Street
Stance Regular
New Skater?: Yes

"Given fantastic powers after being bitten by a radioactive spider, Peter 
Parker skates and fights crime as the Amazing Spiderman. Spiderman's super 
strength, enhanced reflexes, wall crawling and web slinging make him one the 
most spectacular skateboarders around."

Rail Balance-7
Lip Balance-4

Spidey Grind- L, R, C-up
Does Whatever a Spider Can (Spidey Varial)- L, R, C-left
Spidey Flip- U, D, C-right

38 Years of Spidey- FREE
Black Cat- $250
Rhino's Rampage- $500
Web Head- $750
Symbiotes- $1000
Mary Jane- $1250
Enter Venom- $1500
Spidey Sense Tingling- $1750

My Rating: 10/10

Officer Dick (Secret)
Style: Street
Stance: Regular
New Skater?: No

"As a youth, poor Richard Ennvee was deemed a "Poser" by the other skaters. 
Distraught and overtaken by the need for revenge, Dick vowed to someday 
become what those skaters feared most...the long arm of the law!"

Rail Balance-5
Lip Balance-5

Lazy A. Grind- L, D, C-up
Assume The Position- U, D, C-right
Salute!!!- L, D, C-right

Breakfast of Champions- FREE
Sweetheart- $250
The Other Night Stick- $500
Dick's Weiners- $750
Search Warrent- $1000
D.O.A.- $1250
Code Red- $1500
Chester- $1750

My Rating: 8/10

7. The Levels
There are 8 normal levels and 2 secret ones in THPS2.

Level 1: The Hangar- Mullet Falls, MT
Cost: FREE
Secret Areas?: Yes (2)
Type: All Around
Hazards?: No

"Welcome to the land of big sky, sick air, and bad hair. Perfect your basic 
skating skills and some new tricks in this abandoned Montana hangar filled 
with huge rails, large halfpipes, kickers, funboxes, and a rusted-out WWII 
plane and a helicopter."

This level is great to practice your skills for later levels.

Level 2: The School- Southern California
Cost: $1000
Secret Areas?: Yes (2)
Type: Street
Hazards?: Yes (1)- Maniac in golf cart

"Why do so many pros relocate to California? For the schools of course...or 
at least for their fine rails, stairs, and lines. This level features the 
best the SoCal education system has to offer, all in one campus. If you've 
watched a skate video, you'll recognize most of these prime learning 

There's a maniac on a golf cart going around the school, and he'll have no 
trouble ramming you over. You can car plant him for extra points (just ollie, 
then hit grind when he's about to ram you to do a car plant).

Level 3: Competition 1- Marseille, France
Cost: $3000
Secret Areas?: Yes (1)
Type: All Around
Hazards?: No

"Invade France in this level featuring a triple-bowl area, a middle section 
of flowing banks and canals, and a flatland section on the backside that can 
be used as an additional street course. Bring your best tricks, combos and 
air to this contest - and never surrender."

There's tons of places to pull off combos and huge air tricks. Take advantage 
of everything you see and you'll suceed.

Level 4: The Big Apple- New York City, New York
Cost: 1 Medal (from France competition, gold/silver/bronze)
Secret Areas?: Yes (1)
Type: Street
Hazards?: Yes (7)- 2 taxis, subway train, 2 water pools, and 2 construction 

"The big city equals big terrain, air gaps, and trouble. The hottest street 
skating spots in NYC are here. There are long curbs, obnoxious taxi drivers 
and even a subway. Ride through Central Park, hang out at Brooklyn Banks and 
bring your own brand of mayhem to Manhattan."

New York City equals hazards. There's two taxi's in the roads, so try to 
dodge them. Also, when on the subway rails, watch out for the subway train. 
It hurts.

Level 5: The Graffiti Pits- Venice Beach, California
Cost: $15000
Secret Areas?: No
Type: All Around
Hazards?: Yes (1)- Sand traps

"Resting in peace, The Pits was one of the most popular skate sites of its 
time. In this level, the original lines and graffiti have been recreated. 
Ledges, rails, quarterpipes and the occasional friendly bum make The Pits the 
place to perfect your more advanced tricks (Say that Fast.)"

Found more like an updated Hangar, perfect your better tricks for tougher 
levels. Be careful of the sand traps that surround the level.

Level 6: Competition 2- SkateStreet: Ventura, California
Cost: $25000
Secret Areas?: Yes (2)
Type: All Around
Hazards?: No

"Ask and ye shall recieve - recieve the original SkateStreet Park. Heavily 
requested be fans, SkateStreet features sweet masonite curves and varied 
surfaces. Carve up rails, halfpipes and slopes as you try to build your 
career earnings."

Try to use more of the park than in the last competition, because the judges 
are more strict than in France. Just pull out combos and you'll be fine.

Level 7: Phillyside- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Cost: 2 Medals (one from France, one from SkateStreet, gold/silver/bronze)
Secret Areas?: Yes (1)
Type: All Around
Hazards?: Yes (2)- bus, water pool

"The City of Brotherly Love brings you, arguably, the two most famous East 
Coast skate spots, Love and F.D.R. Parks. Bring your best game to the streets 
of this huge level as you ollie benches and kick-flip huge stairs. But 
Phillyside isn't just street. A large vert waits to test your all around 

This level would be all street, but a secret skate park makes it all around. 
Careful of the big bus that rounds the streets. This is a great level for an 
all around skater.

Level 8: Competition 3- The Bullring: Mexico
Cost: $60000
Secret Areas?: No
Type: Vert
Hazards?: Yes (2)- bull, stands

"In a semi-abandoned bullring, in a secret spot in Mexico, the world's best 
skaters perform moves illegal in most countries. Judges watch as you shred 
quarterpipes, rails, kickers and a beautiful half-pipe with a distinctive 
full-loop on its end. Did we mention a raging bull?"

The only vert-like level in the game. Use the halfpipe to gain huge points. 
Don't go near the borders of the level, due to the mad bull running around, 
unless you're a street skater. Just stay near the center of the level and 
pull off combos and you'll win.

***To totally clear Career Mode with a skater, you must get 100% of the goals 
in every level.***

Level 9: Hoffman Factory: Oklahoma City (Secret)
Cost: See Codes & Secrets
Secret Areas?: No
Type: Vert
Hazards?: No


This level is boring! It's from Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX for Playstation. It has 
no gaps, no secret areas, and no hazards, so there's no fun in it. It may be 
fun for 2 player games, but single players should stay away from this level.

Level 10: Skate Heaven (Secret)
Cost: See Codes & Secrets
Secret Areas?: No
Type: All Around
Hazards?: Yes- (1)- falling to hell

"Ascending to Skater Heaven..."
"Skate on, my son..."

This is my favortie level. It's so frekin' huge, that it took me such a long 
time to memoize the level. It's pretty hard to get all the gaps (71!!!). Use 
this level in any 2 player game. Also, god mocks you if you fall off the edge 
to hell, so be careful.

8. Create-A-Skater
The Create-A-Skater options is at the Main Menu. You can save up to 4 skaters 
on a Controller Pak.

Menu A- Basic Info

Name: Give your legend a name.

Hometown: Where was your skater from?

Age: How old is your skater? Choose from 5 to 55 years old.

Style: He can ride Street, Vert, or All Around.

Stance: Regular or Goofy.

Weight: He can be thin, normal, or a fatass. Weight ranges from 88 to 378 

Menu B- Appearance

Complexion: He can be African American, White, or a tanned person.

Head: Each head type differs with what you chose for a complexion:

---Type 1: Choose head types for the African American.

---Type 2: Choose head types for the White.

---Type 3: Choose head types for the tanned person.

Cap Color: Only if you choose a cap will you be able to choose a color for a 

Torso: Choose a shirt that your skater will wear.

Logo: Only if you choose a T-shirt or a Long Sleeve shirt will you be able to 
choose a logo you can have on your skater's shirt.

Shirt Color: Choose from many colors for your skater's shirt.

Legs: Choose from many pants that are availible. No, pantless is not an 
option, pervert...

Pants Color: Choose from many colors for your skater's pants.

Shins: If your skater's wearing shorts, you can make him have socks, or no 
socks at all.

Shoes: Choose from many shoes that pros wear.

Menu C- Stats
-If your skater is a vert skater, increase his air, hangtime, ollie, lip 
balance, and spin stats.

-If your skater is a street skater, increase his speed, landing, switch, rail 
balance, and manual stats.

-If your skater is an all around skater, even out his stats to your heart's 

Menu D- Tricks
NOTE: If this is your first time making a skater, you don't have the 
opportunity to edit his tricks. If you go through Career Mode with your 
created skater, you can update his tricks through there.

Menu E- Skate Shop
Choose a board for your legend to use, or you can use a pro's board (only of 
you unlock all that pro's boards).

They're varied kinds, so choose your favorite.

Menu F- Save!
Save your skater before you lose him!

Name: KJ Rally
Hometown: San Diego
Age: 22
Style: Street
Stance: Goofy
Weight: 180 lbs.

Complexion: Type 2
Head: Beanie
Cap Color: Darkest Black
Torso: Long Sleeve Shirt
Logo: None
Shirt Color: Lighter Black
Legs: Bunched Up
Pants Color: The blue right before White
Shins: No Socks
Shoes: Circa Thomas

Ollie: Add 2 points
Rail Balance: Add 2 points
Landing: Add 1 point

Flip Tricks-
U- Pop Shove It
U & R- Inward Heelflip
R- Heelflip
D & R- Varial Heelflip
D- Impossible
D & L- Varial Kickflip
L- Kickflip
U & L- Hardflip
U, U- FS Shove It
R, R- Body Varial
D, D- 360 Shove It
L, L- 360 Flip

Grab Tricks-
U- Nosegrab
U & R- Mute
R- Indy
D & R- Stalefish
D- Indy Stiffy
D & L- Roastbeef
L- Melon
U & L- Crossbone
U, U- Indy Nosebone
R, R- Benihanna
D, D- Tailgrab
L, L- Japan Air

Lip Tricks-
U- Nosestall
R- Axle Stall
D- Nosepick
L- Rock n Roll

U, D, C-up- Layback Grind
L, R, C-up- Darkslide
L, R, C-left- Shove It Rewind
R, L, C-right- Casper to 360 Flip
D, U, C-right- Muska Nose Manual

Decks- Shortys


9. Park Editor
Park Editor Controls:
R Shoulder- Rotates piece.
L Shoulder- Changes view at 90 degree angles.
C-left/C-right- Changes sets.
C-up/C-down- Changes pieces in selected set.
A-	Places piece.
B- Erases piece.
Z- Changes camera view (use with Control Pad).
Start- Park Editor Menu.

Park Editor Menu
Continue: Continue with what your making.

Test Play: Test out your park and make sure it's perfect. If it's not, then 
fix it.

New Park: Allows you to have a size for your park.
---16X16: Small sized park.
---24X24: Normal sized park.
---30X30: Large sized park.
---60X24: Long park.
---60X6: Extremely narrow park.

Set Theme: Set a park theme.
---Power Plant

Save: Duh...

Load: Loads a previously saved park.

Pre-made Parks: Loads a pre-made park that has been made for you by the 
producers of the game.

Exit Editor: Duh, again...

Set 1: Starting points- Marks a starting point for either player 1 or player 
2. Also sets a horse icon to where a horse game will start.

Set 2: Gap Tool- Makes gaps. Hit once on a piece to place a starting point 
for the gap, then hit again on another piece to end gap. Set a maximum of 10 
gaps in a park.

Set 3: Risers- Raises the ground for higher...things.

Set 4 & 5: Quarterpipes- Sets a quarterpipe down. There's many pieces in this 
set to choose from.

Set 6: Rails- Set rails for grinding pleasure.

Set 7: Offset Rails- Rails that are oddly positioned. Put a set of these next 
to onset rails for easy transfer.

Set 8: Low Walls- Set them up to act like rails.

Set 9: Slopes- Can be used for kickers, and for ramps.

Set 10: Stairs- Not for seating, of course. Place somewhere in easy reach for 
long grinds.

Set 11: Pools- Big dips equal mad air. Nuff said.

Set 12: Funboxes- Place somewhere in the middle for a real skatepark.

Set 13: Kickers- Used for getting to higher places.

Set 14: Benches- Also not used for sitting. Place multiple ones for a pretty 
fun grind gap.

Set 15: Signs- Totally worthless! Only use these if you have space to spare.

Set 16: Floors- Completely worthless, just like the signs. Only put them down 
if you have space to spare.

Set 17: Planters- A garden of schrubs and trees. Not very useful.

Set 18: Wall/Pillar- Useless, again.

Tips to making the perfect skatepark:
1: Don't have impossible gaps! Make them easy for small points. You won't be 
confused if you don't make a strange and stupid gap.

2: Mix up the park. Don't have it all vert or all street. Have it a mix of 
both, so everyone is satisfied.

3: NEVER PUT IN SIGNS OR FLOORS! They waste space and look stupid.

4: Put in a bit of every set to spice it up.

5: Don't crowd things in the middle. If you do, you won't have very much fun.

6: The point of a park editor is in the name. "Editor". Get it? You can 
always go back and fix things if it's not right.

7: If you're a beginner, try the 30X30, because it's a lot of space to put 
things in. When you're ready, try doing a park at the 60X6 ratio for a real 

10. Skatethrough

HANGAR (see chapter 7 for level description)
$2500 to get here


High Score 10,000 - $100:
Easy easy easy. Just do a combo or two.

Pro Score 25,000 - $200:
Just a bit harder, but still, easy. Pull off a couple combos with a special 
or two.

Sick Score 75,000 - $500:
Hard stuff for a beginner. Try going over several gaps while doing combos. Or 
just go off that lovely halfpipe for some big points.

Collect S-K-A-T-E - $150:
S- Over one of the halfpipe rails.

K- On the opposite quarterpipe of where you start

A-	Above the rusted plane

T- On the quarterpipe, opposite of where you got the K, just above the wall 
the seperates the two rooms.

E- On the wooden quarterpipe that's facing the helicopter in the second room.

Barrel Hunt - $150:
1-	In the halfpipe.

2- On the side of the halfpipe, opposite where you start.

3- Near the rusted plane.

4- Near the helicopter in the second room.

5- On top of the wooden quarterpipe in the second room.

Collect 5 Pilot Wings - $250:
PW1- Above the gap between the two quarterpipes near the start.

PW2- At the end of the halfpipe. You have to grind the propeller to get it.

PW3- On the long rail behind the rusted plane.

PW4- On the opposite side where you got the T.

PW5- On the wooden quarterpipe that's in front of the glass, in the second 

Nosegrind over the Pipe - $150:
Simply keep going forward from the start and push up then grind to nosegrind 
the beast.

Hit 3 Hangtime Gaps - $150:
HTG1- Go over the halfpipe.

HTG2- Go over the rusted plane.

HTG3- Go over the helicopter.

Find the Secret Tape - $150:
From the start, go into the second room and grind the helicopter propeller. 
It should take off and crash into the ceiling, leaving the way open. Now, 
behind the wooden quarterpipe NOT in front of the glass, there was a door 
that's now open. Go through it and it'll lead you outside. Simply jump up on 
this quarterpipe to get the tape.

100% Goals and Cash - $200:
(500 bucks total)

$50- Next to the K.

$50- After the helicopter leaves, there's 50 bucks where it used to be.

$50- On the back quarterpipe in the secret propeller room to the left.

$50- On the back quarterpipe in the secret propeller room to the right.

$50- Above the gap between the near quarterpipes in the secret propeller 

$50- Just above where you got the E.

$100- On the back quarterpipe in the secret propeller room near the center.

$100- On a light WAY above the halfpipe. Launch yourself from the wooden 
quarterpipe that's in front of the glass, then catch the light in a grind. 
Grind it all the way down, then jump to snatch it.

When you grind the propeller to the helicopter, it'll take off, opening a 
door that's behind the wooden quarterpipe that's not in front of the glass. 
Out here is the secret tape.

At the end of the halfpipe is a plane propeller. Grind it to make it start. 
It cuts away the wall, revealing a room. In here is some money.

SCHOOL (see chapter 7 for level description)
$5000 to get here


High Score 15,000 - $200:
Easy! Just pull off several grind specials while making fabulous combos to 
get an easy 200 bucks.

Pro Score 40,000 - $350:
Tougher than high score. Keep pulling off grind specials and making combos to 
get this goal done.

Sick Score 100,000 - $500:
Ok. This is pretty tough, but it's doable. Just keep pulling off long combos 
while doing grind specials and you'll get it.

Collect S-K-A-T-E - $400:
S- In the first hallway on the right of where you start, just past the 

K- On the wooden quarterpipe in the area right after the hall where you got 
the S.

A-	On the rail right after the large area where you got the K.

T- On the small wooden quarterpipe after the large sloped area.

E- On the left wooden quarterpipe on the side of the gym.

Wallride 5 Bells - $500:
Bell 1- Just to the right of where you start, above the kicker.

Bell 2- To the right of the propped lunch tables down the small slope.

Bell 3- Behind the gym in the corner above the dumpster.

Bell 4- At the end of the large sloped area on the opposite side of where you 
got the A.

Bell 5- Right outside the area where you got the K above the cornered brick 

Collect 5 Hall Passes - $400:
HP1- Straight ahead of you from where you start in the hallway.

HP2- At the end of the propped lunch tables.

HP3- In between the two rails right in front of the gym doors.

HP4- On the right wooden quarterpipe on the side of the gym.

HP5- On the brick structure right across where you got the last hall pass.

Kickflip TC's Roof Gap - $400:
TC's Roof Gap is near the back of the school, around where you got the T. To 
do this, jump off the kicker that's propped right in front of the building. 
You have to jump from this roof to the other, but remember to do a kickflip 
and you'll get the goal.

Grind 3 Roll Call Rails - $500:
RCR1- Ahead of you behind the large planter from where you start. Go around 
it, and grind all the way down the left rail to get the rail.

RCR2- At the back of the school, near the two wooden quarterpipes. Use the 
smaller kicker that's propped up right in front of a higher rail. Jump up and 
catch the rail in a grind. Grind it the rest of the way to get it.

RCR3- The rail where you got the A. Grind it down, not up.

Find the Secret Tape - $500:
Go off the wooden quarterpipe where you got the K. Go to the other end and 
you'll see some skid marks. Follow the skid marks and you'll be riding down a 
board. Boneless off the planter and you should land on the roof. The tape in 
in front of you. Boneless again to get the tape, as well as getting to a 
secret area.

100% Goals & Cash - $500:
(750 bucks total)

$50- Go by the big planter at the start and turn right just before the 
staircase. Jump up onto the wooden quarterpipe.

$50- There's 50 bucks hanging on a metal slope to the right above you. Use 
the kicker to get up there.

$50- Go by the planter at the start and jump over the railing to the far 
left. Land on the platform, then jump and grab the 50 bucks.

$50- Right after you jump off the planter with the skid marks is 50 bucks. 
See Secret Tape.

$50- In the secret area on the curved rail.

$50- Go down the stairs ahead of you at the the start, then turn right before 
the propped lunch tables. There 50 bucks on the wooden quarterpipe.

$50- In mid-air around TC's Roof Gap. From the start, go up onto the kicker 
and grind the metal slope. Jump through the window and hop the roof gap. 
Grind the wire that's between the two buildings, then go to the left of the 
huge vent, then boneless off to get it. A tough one to get.

$50- In the left bathroom around where you got the K.

$50- On top of the upper right awning (perspective: in front of the wooden 
quarterpipe where you got the K). Use the planter between the two awnings to 
get up there.

$100- On the wire that's between the two buildings. See the long description 
of the $50 to get there.

$100- In the secret area on a wooden quarterpipe.

$100- On the awning opposite where you got the $50. Jump onto the raised 
ledge near the exit, then jump onto the awning to get it.

In the area where you got the K, jump onto the wooden quarterpipe to get 
speed. You'll notice some skid marks, a board and a planter. Use the planter 
to launch yourself up to a roof. Boneless across the gap to get to this 
secret area. There's money to get here.

Go down to the Opunsezeme rail (the one where the A was). Wait until it's 
1:40, then grind it all the way down. This should unlock the gym that was 
previously locked. There's nothing in here, but there's a basketball court 
and a pool, which is wicked.

FRANCE COMPETITION (see Chapter 7 for level description)
$7000 if you get the gold

Not much I can tell you here. See Chapter 7 for details.

100% Goals & Cash - $500 bucks total
$50- On top of the wall to the left of the start. Wallride to get into a 
grind to get it.

$50- Behind you after you drop into the secret well.

$50- On the center rail in front of you after you drop into the secret well.

$50- To the right of the fountain in the secret well.

$50- To the left of the fountain in the secret well.

$50- Behind the fountain on the stone quarterpipe in the secret well.

$100- On the crossbar that says "Bluetorch" near the bowls. Launch off the 
quarterpipe in front of it and grind it to get it.

$100- Above the fountain in the secret well.

TIP: Don't worry about the money yet. Once you've won the competition, then 
go get the money.

In the trees on the opposite side of the level from where you start, there's 
a darker tree that's propped up by a stick. Hit the stick and the tree will 
crash the fence down, revealing a hole. Well, drop down! I don't have all 
day! Inside the well is lots of money.

NYC (see Chapter 7 for level description)
$10000 to get here


High Score 20,000 - $750:
Keep pulling off grind combos and you'll get this.

Pro Score 50,000 - $1000:
Again, keep pulling off long grinds with your special and you'll eventually 
get this.

Sick Score 150,000 - $1250:
Now we get serious. Try pulling off grinds in the park, then pull off tricks 
on the huge brick quarterpipe in the park. Remember to pull specials a lot 
and you'll do fine.

Collect S-K-A-T-E - $800:
S- Straight ahead when you start. Grind the brick wall to get it.

K- On the huge brick quarterpipe in the park.

A- To the right of the statue in the park. You'll have to use the brick 
quarterpipe to get speed, then launch up to grab it.

T- On the rail in the park at the edge of the water front.

E- Right after the T on the stone quarterpipe.

Ollie 3 Hydrants - $700:
Hydrant 1- Behind you down the street. Turn around at the start and follow 
the left sidewalk. The hydrant is down there.

Hydrant 2- Near the "Road Closed" sign down the road. Keep going forward at 
the start and turn right when the road intersects. The hydrant is on the 
right sidewalk.

Hydrant 3- Down the road from the 2nd hydrant on the left sidewalk.

Collect 5 Subway Tokens - $800:
ST1- In the air in the park. Turn around at the start and turn right into the 
park. Jump off the big stone structure to get it.

ST2- On the park bridge rail.

ST3- On a rail near the exit of the park.

ST4- On a stone quarterpipe after you get ST3.

ST5- In the air on the opposite side from ST1. Use the wooden ramp propped up 
in the road to launch yourself up and get it.

50-50 Joey's Sculpture - $900:
From the start, go right onto the sidewalk. You should see a strange blue 
rail going down. Jump onto it and do a 50-50 grind (just push grind, no 
directional buttons) to get this done.

Grind the Subway Rails - $1100:
You need to get the 5 subway tokens before doing this. Go onto the subway 
escalator (it should be next to the set of kickers ahead of you at the start) 
and go up. Take an immediate right and onto the subway tracks. Ride them 
until you can see a cash icon in the air. Then start grinding it until a gap 
says "Ride the Rails". Jump off into the secret area to get the goal. Careful 
of the train!!

Find the Secret Tape - $1250:
Go up the subway escalator and ride the rails again (don't grind). When you 
get over the brick wall, jump off into a secret park. Follow the bridge type 
structure with the cash icon over it and grind the rail that's sticking out 
of it at the end to the right. Keep grinding it until you see another rail to 
the left with a cash icon on it. Grind into that, then jump for the tape at 
the end of the grind.

100% Goals & Cash - $500:
($1000 total)

$50- Sitting at the bottom of the escalator.

$50- On the subway tracks.

$50- In the park in front of a hot dog stand.

$50- On the bridge type thing before you get the secret tape. Grind the right 
side, since it goes higher, then jump for it. A tough one to get.

$50- On the second rail just before getting the secret tape.

$50- On a wooden quarterpipe hidden on the left side of the secret park.

$100- Down on the stone quarterpipe near where you got the first hydrant.

$100- Above the gap in the lower area opposite of Joey's Place.

$100- On top of the fence at the end of the secret area. Use the wooden 
quarterpipes opposite the fence to gain speed, then launch up and catch the 
fence in a grind to get it.

$250-Above the statue in the park. Do the same thing you did getting the A.

Well, it's not really secret. It's just hard to get there. Just go up the 
subway escalator and follow the subway tracks down into it. Watch out for the 
train, cause it really hurts. In this park is money and the secret tape.

VENICE BEACH (see Chapter 7 for level description)
$15000 total


High Score 40,000 - $1500:
If you're a vert skater, go left at the start down the stairs and keep 
pulling off tricks off this long wooden quarterpipe. If you're a street 
skater, keep grinding everything, making massive grind combos until you get 

Pro Score 100,000 - $1750:
See high score.

Sick Score 200,000 - $2000:
This is hard. Even if you're not a vert skater, keep mixing massive air 
tricks with long grinds with your special. Vice Versa for street skaters. 
Keep mixing your lovely grind combos with massive air tricks and you'll get 
it down.

Collect S-K-A-T-E - $1250:
S- On the roof ahead of you at the start. Grind the fence straight in front 
of you when you start and grind it until you get to it.

K- To the left of the S over a roof gap.

A- On a structure on the other side of the roofs. To get there easily, just 
go into the pits and launch off the wooden quarterpipe to get there.

T- On the roof right after you get the A with all the metal quarterpipes.

E- On the lower roof after the T on the metal quarterpipe.

Ollie the Magic Bum X5 - $1500:
NOTE: The bums have to be ollied in order.

X1- In the cornered off area to the right of the wooden quarterpipe in the 
pits. Just hop over him and he'll curse at you and dissapear.

X2- In the cornered off area down the stairs to the left of the wooden 
quarterpipe in the pits. Jump him again.

X3- To the left of the starting point down the sidewalk. Jump him again.

X4- In an area under the Bluetorch banner. Jump him again.

X5- To the left of the starting point. Jump him a final time.

Collect 5 Spray Cans - $1250:
SC1- On the wooden quarterpipe to the left of the start.

SC2- On the wooden quarterpipe at the other side of the level.

SC3- Over a wooden quarterpipe gap around where you ollied the bum X4.

SC4- On the wooden quarterpipe in the area where you ollied the bum X2.

SC5- On the wooden structure behind the fence ahead of you when you start.

Tailslide Venice Ledge - $1000:
From the start, go left into the lower area with the long wooden quarterpipe. 
In the corner with the lower wall, launch over it and you should land on a 
sidewalk. Don't fall into the sand, or else you'll have to do this again. The 
sidewalk will bring you into a small area. Take a left and you should see 100 
bucks on a ledge. This is Venice Ledge. To do a tailslide, press right and 
grind. Grind the monster to get this goal done.

Hit 4 VB Transfers - $1500:

VBT1- The wooden quarterpipe to the right all the way at the end is where you 
start this one. Get some speed by grinding the ledge. Once you approach it, 
launch off to the left, over the "Tight Landing" gap and you should land on 
another wooden quarterpipe, getting the fist VB transfer.

VBT2- The wooden quarterpipe opposite of the set where you got the 3rd spray 
can. Go off of it to the left, and land on another wooden quarterpipe to get 
the second one.

VBT3- In the area where you ollied the bum X1. Go off to the right, but not 
too much because this is a skinny gap. If you get it, that's your third one.

VBT4- Behind Venice Ledge on the upper area. Go off the wooden quarterpipe to 
the right and transfer to the one down below it to get the last one.

Find the Secret Tape - $1250:
It's easier than it looks. Go onto the roof with the T on it and go off one 
of the metal quarterpipes to gain speed. Boneless off the metal vent towards 
it to see if you can get it.

100% Goals $ Cash - $500:
($1400 total)

$50- On the fence right behind you at the start.

$50- On the fence down a little ways to the right of the start.

$50- On the fence across from the Bluetorch banner.

$100- On the rail before you ollie the bum X2.

$100- Over the 2nd VB transfer.

$100- On the Bluetorch banner.

$100- Over the big gap opposite the 3rd VB transfer.

$100- On Vencie Ledge.

$250- Over the nearest stone structure in the pits. Get onto the roof using 
the technique of how you got the S. Launch off the metal kicker of snatch it 
on your way down.

$250- Above the first bum. Instead of doing the 3rc VB transer, go the other 
way and you'll get. You get a nice view of your head crashing into the 

$250- On the lower roof where you got the E. Get up onto the higher roof and 
use the metal kicker to get up onto the rails. Transfer when the time is 
right and you'll get it.

SKATESTREET COMPETITION (see Chapter 7 for level description)
$19000 if you get the gold

Again, I can't repeat what I said earlier. See Chapter 7 for this one.

100% Goals & Cash - $1000 total:
$50- On the curved rail at the end of the halfpipe.

$50- In the air next to the lounge area. Use the quarterpipe to get it.

$100- Next to the wave on the quarterpipe ahead from where you start.

$100- On a rail just after you grind the wave.

$100- Over the hippie van in the secret van area.

$100- Around the lounge area. Leave the halfpipe and jump off the bridge type 
structure to get it.

$250- Between the two wooden quarterpipes in the rail secret area.

$250- Just below the speaker before the van secret area. Use the large hump 
to launch yourself up to get it.

At the end of the quarterpipe, there's a curved rail with 50 bucks on it. 
Grind it until the gap says "Van Secret Area Key". Go near the large hump 
with the 250 bucks hanging over it. Out here is a hippie van and some money.

If you grind the wave on the large quarterpipe ahead from where you start, 
there's another rail with 100 bucks on it. Grind it until the gap says "Rail 
Secret Area Key". Right after you leave the grind, take a right to enter it. 
Out here is money. Not a very fun area.

PHILADELPHIA (see Chapter 7 for level description)
$25000 total


High Score 50,000 - $2500:
Try to use a combonation of grinds and air tricks to get this score.

Pro Score 125,000 - $3000:
Again, pull off mixing tricks and you'll do fine.

Sick Score 250,000 - $4000:
The hardest score to get in the whole game. Unlock the secret skatepark and 
use the halfpipe the whole time, even if you're not a vert skater. If you run 
out of time, pull off some last ditch manuever grinds and combos and you just 
may get it.

Collect S-K-A-T-E - $2000:
S- Off the huge ledge near the fountain.

K- On the blue awning. Use the stone kicker type things to get up there.

A- On the ledge right after you get the K.

T- In the air next to the balcony. Go up on the balcony and go to the very 
end, that's facing the skatepark. Launch yourself over the rail to get it.

E- Next to the telephone pole. Wallride the ledge right before it, then catch 
it in a grind, then jump to get it.

Drain the Fountain - $2500:
From the start, grind the spine in front of you, then go over The World's 
Most Obvious Gap. Grind down the rail, then boneless up to the balcony 
overlooking the stairs. Just hit the valves to get this goal done.

Collect 5 Liberty Bells - $2000:
Bell 1- Over The World's Most Obvious Gap at the start.

Bell 2- Around where you got the S, at the end of the ledge.

Bell 3- Next to the blue awning with the K on it. Use the stone kicker type 
things to get it.

Bell 4- On the ledge right after you jump up the second flight of stairs.

Bell 5- Ahead of Bell 4, on the edge of the ledge next to the wire where you 
get the secret tape.

Bluntslide the Awning - $2000:
Go to the blue awning where the K resides. Use the stone kicker type thing to 
get up to it. To do a bluntslide, press down, down grind, or up, up grind for 
a nose bluntslide. Jump early so you get more air.

Liptrick 4 Skatepark Lips - $2500:
Lip 1- The halfpipe.

Lip 2- The HUGE quarterpipe.

Lip 3- The bowl type quarterpipe across from the HUGE quarterpipe.

Lip 4- The quarterpipe behind all the humps.

Find the Secret Tape - $2000:
Go to where the fifth liberty bell was. See the wire? You need lots of speed 
to get this. Grind the ledge even with the wire. You'll catch the wire in a 
grind. Go all the way up until you reach it.

100% Goals & Cash - $500:
($2000 total)

$50- On the wire just before you unlock the secret skatepark.

$50- Above the ledge right after the A.

$50- In the fountain once you've drained it.

$50- See above.

$100- On the balcony with the valves where you drained the fountain, just to 
the right of it in the air.

$100- On the gigantic pillar in the secret skatepark.

$100- Above the center of the fountain. Use the wooden quarterpipe to get 
speed, then use the kicker to launch yourself up to get it.

$250- On your way up to the balcony with the valves on it.

$250- In a gap between the halfpipe and a quarterpipe in the secret 

$250- On the halfpipe, opposite the whole park. It's in the middle.

$250- Over the quarterpipe with the third lip.

$250- Just past the secret tape on the same wire.

$250- Just next to the balcony on the telephone line to the left when you get 
on it.

Go to where the T was, onto the balcony. You'll notice a wire, and 50 bucks 
not too far away. Right when you get on, align yourself so you can jump 
forward when you get to the top of the ramp. Grind the wire and get the 50 
bucks. This will cause the telephone pole nearest you to crash down, knocking 
down the fence that seperated you from skating glory.

COMPETITION 3- BULLRING (see Chapter 7 for level description)
$62500 if you get the gold.

See Chapter 7 to master this competition.

100% Goals & Cash - $2500 total:
$250- On the wire above the halfpipe parallel to the halfpipe. From the 
start, go left and launch yourself into the stands. Go off this mini 
quarterpipe, then boneless off the wooden ramp onto the wire. Keep your 
balance to get it.

NOTE: For the people who don't know what parallel means, here's a picture to 
help you out.

                = parallel

$250- Same as above, just after it.

$250- On the wire perpindicular to the halfpipe above the halfpipe. From the 
start, go forward around the halfpipe and launch yourself into the stands. Go 
off the mini quarterpipe, then boneless off the the wooden ramp and catch the 
wire in a grind. Keep your balance to get it.

NOTE: For the people who don't know what perpindicular means, here's a 
picture to help you out.
        //////// = perpindicular

$250- Same as above, just after it.

$250- In the bullring, there's bull poop. Ewwwwwww. The lighter colored poop 
has money in it. How the bull ate money is beyond me.

$250- See above.

$250- See above.

$250- See above.

$250- On the red, white and green banner WAY above the arena. From the start, 
go right and keep going high off the wooden quarterpipe to the left of the 
wooden funbox type thing.

$250- On the other red, white and green banner WAY above the arena. From the 
start, go backwards and keep going up off the wooden quarterpipe to the right 
of the hump type thing until you catch the banner in a grind.

everybody else!

11. Codes & Secrets
Perfect Balance- During pause, hold L Shoulder and press C-down, right, down, 
C-left, C-down, C-up, C-right, and C-left. The screen should shake. This will 
give you infinate rail and manual balance.

10X Point Multipler- During pause, hold L Shoulder and press C-down(4), C-
left, C-right, and right. The screen should shake. This will multiply every 
trick you do by 10.

Raise Stats to 10- During pause, hold L Shoulder and press down, up, C-up, C-
left, down, up, and C-up. The screen should shake. This will bring your 
skaters stats to 10.

Double Moon Physics- During pause, hold L Shoulder and press C-down, C-left, 
C-right, C-left, up, C-down, down, right, and C-down(2). The screen should 
shake. This will let your skater have moon physics, except twice as high!

Thin Skater- During pause, hold L Shoulder and press left, C-right, right, 
down, C-down, and up(2). The screen should shake. This will make your skater 
thinner than what he/she was before. You can enter this code again to 
continue making him/her more thin.

Turbo Mode- During pause, hold L Shoulder and press C-left, C-down, C-up, 
down, and up. The screen should shake. This will increase the game speed by 

Flight Mode- During pause, hold L Shoulder and press right, up, C-down, C-up, 
C-down, C-left(2), and C-right. The screen should shake. This will let your 
skater fly like the wind!


Secret Characters:
McSqueeb- Beat the game with Tony Hawk 100% to get an 80's version of Tony.

Spiderman- Beat the game 100% with a custom skater to get Spidey.

Officer Dick- Get all the gaps in the 8 normal levels to get the long arm of 
the law.

Trixie- Get all the gaps in the game, including the one's in Skate Heaven and 
the pre-made parks to get Trixie. Thanks to POD4ever5 for this one.

Secret Levels:
Hoffman Factory- Get all the gold medals in all three competitions with all 
the 12 normal skaters and Spiderman to get this level. This is kind of a 
boring level and should never be played. It's from Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX for 

Skate Heaven- Beat the game 100% with all 12 normal skaters and Spiderman to 
get this level. This level is awesome! Try getting all the gaps, it's frekin' 
hard! It's also hard getting used to, since it's so huge.

NOTE: Each time you beat the game 100% with someone, you earn a cheat. This 
is the order you would get them if you beat it with everyone in order.

1X- McSqueeb- Tony Hawk
2X- Skip to Restart- Bob Burnquist
3X- Kid Mode- Steve Caballero
4X- Perfect Balance- Kareem Campbell
5X- Always Special- Rune Glifberg
6X- Stud Mode- Eric Koston
7X- Weight Mode- Bucky Lasek
8X- Wireframes- Rodney Mullen
9X- Slow Nic- Chad Muska
10X- Big Head- Andrew Reynolds
11X- Sim Mode- Geoff Rowley
12X- Smooth Mode- Elissa Steamer
13X- Moon Physics- Jamie Thomas
14X- Disco Mode- Officer Dick

Skip to Restart: Lets you restart from any specific point in a level.

Kid Mode: Gives the skaters little bodies, but their normal heads. It looks 
quite funny.

Perfect Balance: Gives you perfect balance for manualing and grinding.

Always Special: Lets you have your special meter always flashing so you can 
pull off a special anytime you want.

Stud Mode: I have no clue what this does.

Weight Mode: Lets you determine how thin or how fat the skaters can be. Look 
at Jamie Thomas when he's fat, it's hilarious.

Wireframes: Lets you see the original wireframes before the textures were 
added in. It looks kinda cool actually.

Slow Nic: Everytime you do a trick, it goes slow-mo Matrix style.

Big Head: Duuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh.

Sim Mode: Makes jumping more realistic instead of arcade like. You jump lower 
than you could before.

Smooth Mode: Totally smooths out level textures.

Moon Physics: Lets you jump higher but slower, having less gravity.

Disco Mode: Makes the level flash with bright colors. I would rathar have 
level flip, but whatever, it's still a cool cheat.

12. Gap List
NOTE: This is only a list of the gaps in every level. See another FAQ to see 
how to get them.

Total- 21

Air Gaps: 8
Air Over the Door
Chopper Hop
Flyin' High
Halfpipe Hangtime
It's Cold Up Here
Rollin' Gap
Skycrane Hangtime
Wingtip Hangtime

Grind Gaps: 6
Bug Light Hopper
Light Corner
L'il Light Hopper
Rail Guided Missile
Rail Drop
Halfpipe Grind

Manual Gaps: 1
Instrumental Landing

Lip Gaps: 6
Downwind Lip
High Steppin'
One Halfpipe Lip
The Other Halfpipe Lip
Upwind Lip
Wind Tunnel Back Wall

Total- 43

Air Gaps: 18
2 Da Roof!!!
3 Points!!!
And Down the Bank!
Are You Serious?!!
Awning Hop
Balcony 2 Awning
Carlsbad 11 Set
Crazy Roof Gap!!
Drop Out Roof Gap!
Huge Transfer!!!
Leap of Faith!!!
Mad Skeelz Roof Gap!!!
Over the Wall...
Overhang Air
Suicidal Roof Gap!!!
Table Transfer
TC's Roof Gap
Grind Gaps: 15
Backboard Dance!
Bank 2 Ledge
Bendy's Curb
Big Rancho Bench Gap
Flyin' the Flag!
Gym Rail 2 Rail
Kicker 2 Hook
Overhang Stomp!
Pole 2 Brix!
Pole Stomp!
Rack 'Em Up
Roll Call! Gonz Rail
Roll Call! Nightmare Rail!
Roll Call! Opunsezmee Rail!
Stage Rail 2 Rail

Manual Gaps: 4
2 Wheelin' TC's Roof
Bendy's Flat
Ledge on Edge
Planter on Edge

Lip Gaps: 5
Arch Extension
High Dive Extension!!!
L'il Guppy Extension!
Mid Squid Extension!!
Starting Blocks Extension!!!

Other Gaps: 1
Rock the Bells!

Total- 33

Air Gaps: 19
2 The Box
And Away!!!
Big Mouth Gap
Big Ol' Stanky Gap
Box 2 Box Action
Dumpster Pop
Freakin' Huge Hip
Humptey Humps!!!
Over the Crossbar
Over the Gate
Over the L'il 4
Over the Table
Shorty Table Pop
Up the L'il 4
Water Up Le Backside

Grind Gaps: 10
Crossbar Stomp
Dumpster Stomp
Kink Clank
Kink Stomp
Knucklin' Futs!!!
Lamp Stomp
Ledge 2 Rail
Rail 2 Rail
Rail 2 Ledge
The Hidden 4 Kink!

Lip Gaps: 3 
Boomin' Extension
Stanky Extension
U.U.A Extension

Other Gaps: 1
Wall Crawler

Total- 41

Air Gaps: 12
Awning Air
Big Air Out Of The Banks
Kick It
Over the Banks Barrier
Over the Road
Pillar Air
Pigeon Puddin' Gap
Pouncer Was Here
Ramp To Park Gap
Ramp To Statue Shorty Gap
Rock It Air
Take It To The Bridge

Grind Gaps: 24
Across The Pit
Banks Fence Gap
Banks Road Gap
Banks Spank
Bench Hoppin'
Buuurp! Now Go Skate
Changin' Trains
Corner Cut
Grab A Snack And Sit Down
Jamie's Steps
Joey's Sculpture
Left Side Pit Rail Stomp
Park Entrance
Parking Meter Gap
Path Less Traveled
Rebar To Rail Gap
Ride The Rails
Right Side Pit Rail Stomp
Sidewalk Bomb
Slam Dunk
The Easy Way
The Hard Way
You're Next In Line

Manual Gaps: 2
Going Down?
The Bridge

Lip Gaps: 2
Phat Lip
Waaaay Up There

Other Gaps: 1
Banks Barrier Wallride

Total- 41

Air Gaps: 30
And Away!!!
Big Double 5 Set
Big Vent Gap
Cake Transfer
Canyon Jump
Fatty Transfer
Huge Ramp 2 Roof
Huge Roof 2 Ramp
Ledge 9 Set
L'il Vent Gap
Massive 20 Set!
Muska's Gap
Nice Mid Size Roof Gap
Planter Pop
Ramp 2 Roof
Roof 2 Ramp
Shorty Planter Pop
Siiiiick Roof Gap!!!
Table Pop
Tight Landing Transfer
VB! Ledge Transfer
VB! Huge Transfer!!!
VB! Pit Transfer
VB! Skinny Transfer
Vent 2 Roof Gap
Uphill Canyon Jump
Wee L'il Roof Gap
Westside Transfer

Grind Gaps: 7
10 Point Landing!
Bench Trippin'
Ledge 2 Ledge
'Round the Horn!!!
Seaside Handrail
The High Wire
The Venice Ledge

Manual Gaps: 4
All The Way...
Candy Cane Manual
He Could Go...

Total- 36

Air Gaps: 17
Bowl To HP
Bullet Bowl Hop
Cut The Corner
Daaaaay Tripper
Gimmie Gap Redux
Hexbox Gap
High Jumper
High Sticker
HP To Bowl
No Kidding Around
Over The Bridge
Over The Deck
Over The Wall
Railing Hop
Shoot The Gap
Sodee Pop Gap

Grind Gaps: 12
Big Air Railing Grind
Circle The Pool
Extension Transfer
Havin' A Picnic
HP To Railbox
Nail The Rail
Rail Secret Area Key
Rail To Rail
Skatin' On The Dock Of The Bay
Surfin' U.S.A.
Van Secret Area Key
Wave Wall Minigap

Manual Gaps: 1
Funbox Wheelie

Lip Gaps: 6
Bowl Envy
Bowl Lip
Gully Lip
HP Lip
Mr. Small Lips
Ride The Wave

Total- 41

Air Gaps: 12
Bench Gap
Chillin' On The Balcony
Easy Post Ollie
Phillyside Hop
Phillyside HP Transfer
Pillar Fight
Post Ollie
Stair Set
Statue Hop
THPS Fountain Gap
Up The Small Step Set
World's Most Obvious Gap

Grind Gaps: 21
Awning Grind
Death From Above
Fly By Wire
Fountain Ping!
Funbox Transfer
Grind Of Faith
Grind Up 'Dem Stairs
Hobo Grind
Just Visiting
Little Corner Grind
Long Stair
Medium Stair
Pillar Hop
Double Planter Pillar Gap
Planter Transfer
Railing To Planter
Short Stair
Telephone Co. Gap
Track Smack
Train Hard
World's Second Most Obvious Gap

Manual Gaps: 4
Flatlands Techin'
Funbox Wheelie
Manual Stimulation
Rockin' The Stairs

Lip Gaps: 4
Phillyside Big Bowl Lip
Phillyside HP Lip
Phillyside Mid Bowl Lip
Phillyside New Bowl Lip

Total- 31

Air Gaps: 10
Air Toro
Big Enchilada Mama
Gate Gap
Jumpin' Da Humps
Launchin' On Up
Launchin' The Pipe
Plat Gap
Rollin' Gap
Tight Gap
Wussy Rollin' Gap

Grind Gaps: 18
Box To Banana
Box To Rail
Don't Look Down!
Enjoyin' The View
Finesse Test
Grindin' The Pipe
Launch To Banana
Launch To Rail
L'il Wee Wussy Gap
Nailin' Da Rail
Nice Friggin' Ankles
Rail Plat Gap
Ramp Rail To Banana
Ramp Rail To Rail
Takin' The High Road
Way To Go Amigo

Other Gaps: 3
Threadin' The Needle
Up To The Stands
Way To Go Gringo!!!

Total- 0

Total- 71

Air Gaps: 37
Airs Hole
Big Fat Grassy Gap
Blowin' It Out The Hole!
Clearing The Swings
Down 2 Tonys Island
Dropping In On Tony
Feed Me!!!
Grassy Gap
Gutter 2 San Dieguito Roof
House Of Tony 2 Sadlands
Isle Of Tony 2 Sadlands
Jumpin' Da Hub
Northeast Snake Gap
Northwest Snake Gap
Over The Dome
Pit 'O Doom!!!
Platform Gap
Reverse Wussy Snake Gap
Reverse Zag Gap
Reverse Zig Gap
Sadlands 2 San Dieguito Hall
Sadlands Path Gap
Sadlands Up 2 Isle Of Tony
San Dieguito Hall 2 Sadlands
San Dieguito Ten Set
San Dieguito Window 2 Sadlands
Southern Snake Gap
The Holy Crail
Tight Landing
Tunnel Of Luvin'
Up 2 Combi
Weak Sauce Wussy Snake Gap
Weak Sauce Zag Gap
Weak Sauce Zig Gap
Wussy Snake Gap
Zag Gap
Zig Gap

Grind Gaps: 32
90 Degree Ramp Rail Gap
90 Degree Sadlands Rail Gap
Bench Gap
Bench Gap Series
Chen Rail Series
Fence 2 Radramp
Gutter 2 San Dieguito Roof
Isle Of Tony 2 Edge
Kicker 2 Rail
Kicker 2 Railspin
Mid Intersect Sad Gap
Northern Crossover Sad Gap
Northern Intersect Sad Gap
Northern Swingrail
Off The Roof 2 Rail
Rail 2 Kicker 2 Rail 2 Bench
Radramp 2 Islands Edge
Radramp 2 Snakerun
Rail 2 Snakerun
Ramp 2 Rail
Ramp Rail Gap
Rimrail Gap
San Dieguito Hall 2 Edge
San Dieguito Roof 2 Edge
Southern Crossover Sad Gap
Southern Intersect Sad Gap
Southern Swingrail
Swinging The Set
Time 2 Feed The Volcano!!!
Top Of Da World Ma!!!
Up 2 Pipe Rail

Other Gaps: 2
Cleaning The Pipes
Woohooo Oh Ho Yeehee!!!

13. Legal Stuff

This damn thing took me so long to make, and I'll be pissed off if anyone 
steals it, or takes any part of this without my consent. Don't even try 
copying anything from this, unless you ask me. If you don't, you'll be 
prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, and lose. Ok?

14. Music Credits
Track 1:
"Bring The Noise"
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15. End

S-DOGG's E-mail: phishphan1430@hotmail.com
Only e-mail me if you have any questions about anything that's not in the 
FAQ, or if there's a typical error in it. THAT'S IT!

Rated "E" for Everyone
-Comic Mischief
-Mild Lyrics
-Mild Violence

Thanks To:
THPS2 Instruction Booklet
My desire to write sometime this huge
My computer
Root Beer (aaaahhhhh)

                              THE END