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* GAME: Rugrats In Paris: The Movie
* SYSTEM: Personal Computer (PC)

* TITLE: Walkthrough
* VERSION: FINAL (8/6/2003)

* AUTHOR: Paul Rudoff
* E-MAIL: http://www.theraffon.net/~spookcentral/email.htm
* WEBSITE: http://www.spookcentral.tk


1. Introduction
2. Minimum System Requirements
3. Characters
4. Gameplay Elements
5. Walkthrough
6. Revision History
7. Copyright Notice & Disclaimer


[from the game manual]

Chuckie and the babies are in luck!  Tommy's dad, Stu, is going to do some
work at an amusement park called EuroReptarland in Paris, France!  Tommy
gets to take some of his friends along for the trip.  While Stu is
working, the kids get to take a special tour of the amusement park.  They
meet Kimi, whose mom works at the park.  Kimi's an expert on the layout of
the park, and is going to give the babies a guided tour.

EuroReptarland is run by Coco LeBouche, who isn't as nice as someone who
works in an amusement park should be.  Coco doesn't watch where she's
going and trips over Chuckie's favorite toy, his teddy bear named Wawa.
She grabs Wawa and gives it to her assistant to get rid of!  The assistant
takes off into the park with Wawa!

The babies promise to help Chuckie get Wawa back.  Thank goodness Kimi is
along, ready to help navigate the huge amusement park!



[from the game manual]

-- Windows 95/98 *
-- Pentium 166 MHz processor or better (Pentium 233 MHz recommended)
-- 16 MB of RAM (32 MB recommended)
-- Quad speed (4x) CD-ROM drive (8x recommended)
-- Video card capable of 16-bit graphics with a minimum of 2 MB of RAM
-- 16-bit Windows- and DirectX-compatible sound card
-- Video card compatible with DirectX
-- 100 MB available hard disk space

* The game runs flawlessly under Windows 2000, so I would assume that it
will run perfectly under Windows XP.  It should also run fine under
Windows ME, since that is a derivative of Windows 95/98, even though it
doesn't specifically state it.



[all descriptions are from the game manual]

Chuckie Finster
Voiced by Christine Cavanaugh
Chuckie's the star of the game!  Help him get his Wawa back.  A mean lady
named Coco stole it.

Tommy Pickles
Voiced by E.G. Daily
Without Tommy, the kids wouldn't even be on this adventure in Paris.
Tommy's dad is working at EuroReptarland, fixing the giant Reptar.

Dil Pickles
Voiced by Tara Charendoff
Dil's following behind in his jumpy seat, as usual.

Phil and Lil DeVille
Voiced by Kath Soucie
Phil and Lil are on the trip, too, jumping in to take part in all the
'citing adventures.

Kimi Watanabe
Voiced by Dionne Quan
Kimi's mom works at EuroReptarland, so Kimi knows all the ins and outs of
the park.  Kimi is the one who'll give you hints when you click the Help

Angelica Pickles
Voiced by Cheryl Chase
Angelica somehow made her way to the EuroReptarland control room.  Give
her bonbons because she's got the power to give you clues!

Coco LeBouche
Voiced by Katherine Movius (Susan Sarandon in the film)
The evil head of EuroReptarland, Coco treats her employees badly, hates
children, and likes Chuckie even less because she tripped over his Wawa.

Voiced by Keythe Farley (John Lithgow in the film)
Coco's slimy henchman and toady, Jean-Claude doesn't like kids either.
He does whatever Coco tells him to do.

Meet the terrifyingly huge yet tenderhearted star of EuroReptarland.
He may look scary, but he's really the babies' best friend!

Reptar's historical nemesis is Robosnail, the colossal robotic snail of
EuroReptarland.  He's ready to battle Reptar to the finish!



[all text from the game manual, rearranged by me for better reading]

Saving Games
Your games are automatically saved when you exit the game.  You can go
back to your saved game and you'll still have all of your inventory items
and will be in the same place in the adventure.  All of the entrances
you've opened will still be unlocked.  Just continue your quest for Wawa.

Use your mouse to move around (or the arrow keys on your keyboard).  Move
the shoeprints cursor where you want the babies to go, then left-click.
The babies will walk to where you clicked.  Use your mouse to left-click
on items in the game.  Your cursor will change to an exclamation point (!)
whenever it is positioned over a clickpoint.  If you see an exclamation
point (!), click on that spot.

Monitor Consoles
There's some secret information you need to learn if you're going to win
the game.  Fortunately (or not), Angelica has made her way into the
control room!  Go to the monitor consoles you'll see around the park to
talk to Angelica.  She won't give out important information unless you
give her chocolate candy bonbons.  You can collect the bonbons as you
travel through EuroReptarland.  Collect all the candies you can, because
Angelica can see everything from the control room and has lots of advice
to give.

When Chuckie and the babies find a game they need to play in order to get
Chuckie's Wawa, the mouse cursor will change into a ticket.  Click to

On-Screen Display

Inventory Items
The items in your inventory will appear in your backpack until you use
them.  Pick up items you see along the way, like bonbons or light sticks.
The bonbons will be needed to buy information from Angelica, who's in the
park's control room.  The light sticks are needed to see in the darkness
of the underground park.

Help & Hints
Click on the Question Mark to get help and hints.  When you click the Help
Button, Kimi will offer tips and tricks for the section of the game you're
in.  If Kimi has more than one tip for you, click the Arrow Button to get
another tip.  Click OK when you're done.

Back Arrow
Click the Back Arrow to go back to the beginning or exit the game.

Difficulty Level
Click on the Difficulty Icon to change the level of difficulty of the game
you're currently playing.  If you're in the middle of a game and it's too
hard, change the difficulty level to an easier setting and you'll restart
that game with the new difficulty level.



The original walkthrough was provided to me by THQ e-mail support.  I have
added information from the game manual, as well as from my own playing, to

1. To start, walk up and to the left to go into Ooey Gooey World.

2. If you win all 10 levels you will get the key that will allow you to
enter the elevator that goes to basement #1.

Ooey Gooey World
Help Kimi drive her car through ten levels of mazes.  She must collect the
elevator key hidden somewhere along the tracks and make it to the exit
before getting slimed!  As the car moves through the maze, click on the
Gooey Mice to switch to different tracks that will lead Kimi in another
direction.  Use the spacebar to give Kimi's car a surge of speed.  Kimi
will get slimed if she runs into obstacles or traps.  She can only take so
much slime before she gets "slimed out" and has to start over again.  Go
through a car wash to clean up the slime and empty the slime meter.
Direct Kimi's car to collect all the bonus items you can, like the Reptar
and Robosnail toys, to earn extra points.

3. Walk to the right from Ooey Gooey World, to get to the elevator.

4. Once in Basement #1 you will need to get the Box.  It will be found in
the lower left hand corner of basement #1.  You can get to it by
heading left from the monitor that Angelica appears on.

5. Find the top middle section of the basement and use the box to get on
the lift.

6. At the top you will be above ground and you will need to go up to get
to the Rice Bowl Ride.

7. Try to collect Bon Bons and Light Sticks along the way.

8. Help Dil collect all of his toys to beat the Rice Bowl Ride to get the

Rice Bowl Ride
Baby Dil's stuff is lost in the Rice Bowl ride.  Grab Dil's stuff and make
it to the exit before time runs out.  Watch for the spinning rice bowls
that move around and must be avoided.  Use the directional arrows on the
keyboard to maneuver Dil.  Using two keys at one time, such as the right
arrow and down arrow, will move Dil at an angle.  Guide Dil past the bowls
to pick up his belongings.  If a rice bowl hits him, he'll drop his stuff.
Pick up bonus items, like rattles, for big points!  Watch for special
items like the ice cube and the green clock to help you out.

9. After you complete the Rice Bowl Ride, go back down to Basement #1 and
collect the Bon Bon.  You will need to go back up the lift and go up and
to the right until you see a patch of dirt by a boarded up entrance.  Move
up and click with the shovel.

10. You are then taken to Basement #2.  Try to collect all of the Bon Bons
first, then you will need to travel to the right until you see a circular
wheel with 4 colors and several gears to the right of it.  Hit the Red
lever to activate the gears.

11. Click the Blue button, then Red, then Green to deactivate the gears.
You will then be able to get through.  This order may change randomly,
it's part of the puzzle.  You will need to do this again to go back the
other way as well.

12. Once past the Gears you will see a TV to the right.  Click on it and
you will talk to Angelica and give her the Bon Bons and she will give you
a piece of paper with a code on it in exchange.

13. You will need to go back to the left and go back above ground.  Then
go back down into Basement #1.  Collect all the bon bons you can find.

14. From the Lift in Basement #1 go to the left to get to the Large
computer.  Get near the computer and the cursor will turn into a piece of
paper with numbers on it.  Click and Chuckie will enter the numbers into
the computer and you will go above ground to a new area.

15. Go up and then to the left to get to the Chuckie Chan Game.  This game
is a lot like the classic Pong (though it's more reminiscent of Breakout
on the Atari 2600 to me).  You must beat all 10 levels to win the Black
Belt for Chuckie.

Chuckie Chan
Chuckie Chan, the well-known martial arts expert, is featured in this
arcade game.  Use the left/right arrow keys or hold down the left mouse
button to move Chuckie across the screen.  Whenever the ball comes near
Chuckie, he'll punch it.  Use the spacebar to launch the ball.  Maneuver
Chuckie to hit the balls toward the wall of masks.  Don't lose the ball,
or you'll lose one chance.  Some of the masks are special bonus power-ups.
Collect all the bonus items you can like the pinwheel and the rattle to
earn extra points.  Watch for the special bonus ice cream cone, too!
Press the spacebar to have Chuckie kick the ball fast and earn more points
when you hit items.  Keep the ball in motion and hit all the masks until
Chuckie earns his black belt!

16. Go back down the ladder and click on the TV monitor.  You will then be
given a mission by Angelica to rescue her doll from the volcano.

17. Go to the right and click on the Lift to get above ground.

18. Then go back up to the right and click on the patch of dirt with the
shovel.  You will be taken down in to Basement #2.  Go to the right until
you get to the Escalator then go up.

19. Once up the escalator you will need to go downward and then up the
wooden ramp.  Click to enter the Ninja Chase (which plays a lot like
Donkey Kong).  Beat all 10 levels of the Ninja Chase to get Angelica's
Cynthia doll.

Ninja Chase
Tommy, the best climber of the group, is given the assignment of
retrieving Angelica's Cynthia doll from the top of a volcano.  He must get
there before the Ninja security guards can grab him!  Use the arrow keys
to move Tommy and use the spacebar to help him jump over obstacles.  Use
the spacebar in combination with the left and right arrow keys to do a
running jump.  If the Ninja guards catch Tommy, he'll lose one chance and
have to start over.  Grab all the bonus power-ups you can, like the bag of
marbles!  Collect bonus points by collecting flowers along the way.  At
the end of each level, a cargo lift will take Tommy higher for more

20. Go down and to the right and down the tube to get back to Basement #1
once you have beaten the Ninja Chase game.

21. Navigate up and to the left to get back to the TV Monitor to give
Cynthia back to Angelica.  She will then turn off the security system for

22. Go right, then down, and then back left, to get to the Elevator that
was in the beginning of the game.  Now go back up the elevator.  When you
are back to the beginning area, go down until you see a metal ramp.  Click
to enter the Reptar Service Entrance and play the final game - Reptar vs.

Reptar vs. Robosnail
Control the star of EuroReptarland, Reptar himself, in a robotic battle
against his evil nemesis, Robosnail.  You'll be fighting on a bridge over
the river Seine in the heart of Paris.  Push Robosnail off the bridge to
win the game!  Use the arrow keys to control Reptar and the arrow keys in
combination with the spacebar to push Robosnail away.  Use the spacebar by
itself to do a defensive move to avoid a shove from Robosnail.  Don't let
Robosnail push Reptar into the river, or the game ends.  There are bonus
power-ups along the bridge that'll help both robot monsters, so watch for
the lightning bolts and batteries.

23. Assuming you've pushed Robosnail off the bridge, you have now won the
game.  Congratulations.



Ver. FINAL (8/6/2003)
The very first and FINAL version of this guide.



This document is copyright 2003 by Paul Rudoff.  Rugrats In Paris: The
Movie is copyright 2001 by THQ & Viacom International Inc.  This document
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