CAW Face Guide by Ozzie

Version: 3.141 | Updated: 05/11/03 | Printable Version

WWF No Mercy CAW Face Guide Version 3.141592653

This document is current as of 05/10/03
Written by Ozzie 3.14

Most of these faces are correct, but some might be off. I am confident that
most if not all of these faces are correct. If you feel different, let me know.
Alot of these faces were taken from VPW2 and modified a bit. If anyone notices
any errors or knows who the male/female faces that I am missing belong to, let
me know. Also, DO NOT e-mail me saying 91 is Big Show. His face is "unlockable"
using gameshark. If anyone wishes to use this guide for a site they manage,
please e-mail me and let me know you are doing so prior to your posting of the
guide. I don't really care who uses this guide on their site, it is just that I
like to know who is using it and what site is using it. Thanks.

Credits and Thanks:
Team Danger- Rjtiger, Joe, and AJ for finding and compiling a list of the faces
for VPW2. Without them, alot of the japanese faces wouldn't be known. jmcglade
for the correction on some of the faces and naming some of the female's faces.
Thanks to jobeisdamien at the Rana Revolution board for helping me with the
VPW2 faces.
Thanks to those that have been e-mailing me, I appreciate the feedback about
this little guide. It is good to see that there are people out there that want
to identify all the faces. Thanks to Stylin and Profilin over at the codes4u
board for posting the addy for the faces. Credit to whoever originally found
the addy.

Version History:
-Version 3.141592653
	I received an e-mail recently regarding some of the faces. I corrected #98. I
also corrected the chaz/mosh name. Thanks to GameCubeGuy04.
-Version 3.14159265
	I have gotten a few e-mails lately regarding how to exactly use the gameshark
to "unlock" Big Show's face and the Rock's eyebrow face. I have decided to
make it more detailed on how to do this. I am going to be as specific as
possible, so that I don't leave anything out. I have also updated my e-mail
-Version 3.1415926
	Big Show's face is in the game, but can only be "unlocked" using a gameshark
or equivalent cheat device. Below the face I explain how to "unlock" his face.
Rock's face with the raised eyebrow is also "unlocked" using gameshark.
-Version 3.141592-
	I have made a correction to face # 96. It is Del Wilkes, not Christopher
Daniels. I was speculative of 96 being Daniel's face. #96 is #110 in Virtual
Pro Wrestling 2 for those that have that game. Check it by comparing face #110
with mask #15 (The Patriot's mask). I also fixed #94. It is Dos Caras, not Dr.
Wagner Jr. #94 is #107 in VPW2. Check it by comparing face #107 with mask #18
(Dos Caras's mask).
-Version 3.14159-
	I have added some more names to the female list thanks to jmcglade.
-Version 3.1415-
	I finally decided to add Lillian Garcia to the list.
	Changed the version #'s to better suit me.
-Version 3.141-
	Added the women to the faces list.
	Fixed some faces thanks to jmcglade.
-Version 3.14-
	Made the initial list.

02-Steve Austin
04-Mick Foley (Mandkind)
05-Mick Foley (Cactus)
09-Billy Gunn
10-Road Dogg
11-Chris Benoit
12-Dean Malenko
13-Perry Saturn
14-Eddy Guerrero
15-Chris Jericho
16-Kurt Angle
20-D'Lo Brown
21-Val Venis
22-Ken Shamrock
24-Grandmaster Sexay
25-Scotty Too Hotty
28-Matt Hardy
29-Jeff Hardy
32-D-Von Dudley
33-Buh Buh Dudley
34-Hardcore Holly
38-Al Snow
39-Steve Blackman
40-British Bulldog
41-Mark Henry
44-Bull Buchanan
45-Essa Rios
46-Taka Michinoku
47-Sho Funaki
48-Vince McMahon
49-Shane McMahon
50-Jerry "The King" Lawler
52-Paul Bearer
53-Gerald Brisco
54-Pat Patterson
55-Howard Finkel
56-Earl Hebner
57-Michael Cole
58-Andre The Giant
60-Joey Abs
61-Pete Gas
62-Steven Richards
68-Kenta Kobashi
69-Akira Taue
70-Takao Omori
71-Stan Hansen
72-Gary Albright
73-Shin'ya Hashimoto
74-Shiro Koshinaka
75-Terry Funk
76-Masahiro Chono
78-Gen'ichiro Tenryu
79-Jinsei Shinzaki (Hakushi)
80-Masakatsu Funaki
81-Nobuhiko Takada
82-Kazushi Sakuraba
83-Aleksander Karelin
84-Rickson Gracie
85-Mark Kerr
86-Bas Rutten
88-Don Frye
89-Naoya Ogawa
90-Eiji Ezaki (H, Hayabusa)
91-Atsushi Onita
93-Jyushin Lyger
94-Dos Caras
95-The Great Sasuke
96-Del Wilkes (The Patriot)
98-Aki Man

02-Stephanie McMahon
04-Terri Runnels
05-The Kat
09-Linda McMahon
10-Debra Williams
11-Trish Stratus
12-Mae Young
13-Fabulous Moolah
14-Lillian Garcia
19-Barbara Bush (B.B.)

To get Big Show's face:
1) Turn on N64 with the gameshark and No Mercy attached and turn on the N64.
2) Go to the select cheat codes menu option and press A
3) Go to WWF No Mercy in the menu if you already have No Mercy codes entered
into the gameshark. If you don't have any codes 	saved in the gameshark, go the
the new game option and press A
	a) Go to the detect game option and press A
	b) Go to the exit & save option and press A
4) Go to WWF No Mercy in the menu and press A
5) Make sure you have the enable code on
	a) If this is the first time entering codes for no mercy, go to the new code
option and press A
	b) Enter "Enable Code" for the description and F103E360 2400 for the code.
Make sure default is ON. Go to exit and 	save the code
6) If you have any other codes that affect the faces of the wrestlers, turn
them off. Otherwise, press start to go to the 	next menu
7) Go to the code generator option and turn it on
8) Go to start game with selected codes and press A
9) Once in the game, go the the face section in the appearance section of the
wrestler you want to change the face for
10) Once in the face menu, press the GS button. (It is on the front of your
11) A menu will come up. Go to memory editor and press A
12) Press A in the memory editor to bring up a menu. Go to "Go to address" and
press A. Enter 8029729E as the address
13) Use the Up and Down C buttons to enter the value of 03 for Big Show's face.
Press start once the value is entered to go 	back to the game
14) Big Show's face should now appear. Go to decision and press A. Now save the
15) You should now have Big Show's face for your CAW. If you go to the face
area again the data will read RROR. In order to 	change the face, you will need
to either change it using gameshark, default the CAW, or clone over the CAW.

To get Rock's raised eyebrow face do the same above steps but change the value
from 03 to 79 for the Rock's eyebrow face.