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Asked: 5 years ago

Why is every game in black and white?

So, I have a 22-inch Samsung HDTV. The TV channels are fine, but when I switch to component, it plays everything in black and white. Is the only way to fix this is to get a splitter for the video component?

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I use the cables that come with the N64, in the only input that lets an image appear. It's the farthest left of the three, and the other two don't produce any image or sound.

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From: hylianarmy 5 years ago

Nintendo 64 systems don't have a "Component Video" cable. You'll have to settle with standard AV cables (Red, Yellow, White.) Switch to "Video"; don't use "Component Video."

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Do you have the regular video cable going into the component input on the TV? That would be an issue.

I don't think the N64 has a component out cable, so you should be using it on a Audio/Video input not component.

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Both NumenorKing And hylianarmy are Right.Componet Is For Systems That Came Out After They Stopped Making The 64 In 99 or 2000.64's Use An A/V Set With A Yellow Componet And The 2 Audios(Red And White) In One A/V Cord.So If Your TV Is Componet Capable Only,You Will Have To Get One That Is Capable With Your 64 A/V Cord.I Know Hearing This May Suck,But It Is The Only Way You Can Enjoy Your Games In Color Like They Were Made.

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