Terry by Shirow

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                          THE KING OF FIGHTERS 2001

  [Guide]      :  Terry Bogard a.k.a. The Legendary Wolf
  [Game]       :  The King of Fighters 2001
  [System]     :  Arcade
  [Author]     :  Orochi K
  [E-mail]     :  kartelkertra <at> caramail <dot> com
  [Version]    :  2.50
  [Date]       :  July 4, 2002

   2001-2002, Orochi K. All rights reserved.

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  The King of Fighters 2001  Eolith & SNK.
  Terry Bogard  SNK.


  1. Introduction
  2. Control notation
  3. Bio sheet
  4. Movelist
  5. Move descriptions
  6. Combos
  7. Strategies
     - Close to opponent
     - At a distance
     - As wake-up
     - Airborne
  8. Revision history
  9. Credits


  Damn! I should be intent on finishing my full FAQ and yet, here I am, 
  writing a guide for Terry. Well, can't really help it. Terry's always been
  my favorite character and I got the urge to write this while I was doing 
  his section in the 2001 movelist! ^_^


           ub   u   uf                        A        B
             \  |  /        
           b -- n -- f                   
             /  |  \      
           db   d   df                        D        C

   General Notations:
    n    - neutral                             A     - Weak Punch
    d    - down                                B     - Weak Kick
    u    - up                                  C     - Strong Punch
    b    - back                                D     - Strong Kick
    f    - forward                             

   Special Notations:
    db   - down-back                           P     - Press A or C
    df   - down-forward                        K     - Press B or D 
    ub   - up-back                             AB    - Escape          
    uf   - up-forward                          CD    - Attack
    qcf  - d,df,f                              BC    - Call Striker        
    qcb  - d,db,b                              START - Taunt
    hcf  - b,db,d,df,f 
    hcb  - f,df,d,db,b
    dp   - f,d,df
    rdp  - b,d,db


  Fighting Style:    Martial Arts & Jeff's Deadly Brawling Arts
  Birthdate:         March 15 
  Age:               24
  Country:           USA
  Blood Type:        O
  Height:            182cm
  Weight:            82kg
  Hobbies:           Playing video games, trawling
  Favorite Food:     Fast food
  Mastered Sport:    Basketball
  Prized Things:     A glove inherited from Jeff (his father)
  Dislikes:          Slugs


 |--------------------------------- [Throws] -------------------------------|

  Grasping Upper                             close to opponent, b or f + C
  Buster Throw                               close to opponent, b or f + C

 |----------------------------- [Command Attacks] --------------------------|

  Hammer Punch                               f + A
  Rising Upper                               df + C

 |------------------------------ [Special Moves] ---------------------------|

  Power Wave                                 qcf + A
  Round Wave                                 qcf + C
  Burn Knuckle                               qcb + P
  Rising Tackle                              charge d,u + P
  Crack Shoot                                qcb + K
  Power Dunk                                 f,d,df + K 

 |---------------------------- [Desperation Moves] -------------------------|

  Power Geyser                               qcb,db,f + P
  High Angle Geyser                          qcf,qcf + K

 |------------------------- [Super Desperation Moves] ----------------------|

  Power Geyser                               qcb,db,f + P

 His Super Cancel Moves are the Round Wave and the Rising Tackle (first hit


  Grasping Upper                      close to opponent, b or f + C

  Terry will hold the opponent and kick them once in the face. Good throw.
  A nice way of using this effectively is to do the (A) Burn Knuckle and 
  you'll land close to the blocking opponent. If the latter is too slow and
  just remains blocking like a fool, just press f + C and Terry will perform
  his Grasping Upper. OK, I know this is pretty cheap but what other thing
  can you do if you have only Terry left and your opponent is taunting you
  with his 4 characters?! 
  It's a good throw but personally, I like to use the Buster Throw better.
  Anyway, just use it when you can. It will save your day on more than one

  Buster Throw                       close to opponent, b or f + C

  Terry will hold the opponent and slam him down on the other side. This
  throw will make you and your opponent switch sides. Again, you can apply
  the (A) Burn Knuckle technique to be able to pull the Buster Throw. Also,
  if the opponent is of the aggressive type, one thing you can do is to 
  retreat and wait for the freak to come at you. Keep holding back and
  immediately press the D button to throw them. It works very often and is
  deadly against challengers if you know how to use it.

  Hammer Punch                       f + A

  This is an overhead attack and it has considerable lagtime when used alone.
  You may cancel this into a special move or a desperation move but you need
  to have cancelled in it first. I really don't advise anybody to use the
  Hammer Punch as an overhead simply because of the recovery time. Besides,
  even though it can only be standing-blocked, the moves takes so much time 
  to come out that your opponent will easily know what to expect. Instead,
  use it in combos instead and always start with a stand C. The Hammer Punch
  will flow in nicely and you can finish with a good move for a strong combo.

  Rising Upper                       df + C

  Hits high and comboable in the Rising Tackle, which makes it pretty useful.
  It has considerable recovery time though mainly because Terry is still 
  crouching when he does it. But the fact that the move is comboable into
  one of Terry's best moves saves it. A good way to use it effectively is
  to run. As you run, move your finger such that your are holding the
  down-forward direction. Now, if you press C, Terry will perform the Rising
  Upper. You only need to press up & C and the Rising Tackle will combo in.

  Power Wave                         qcf + A

  Terry's projectile as seen in RB. It comes out very quickly and will
  travel the whole screen quite fast. The Power Wave also has a nice
  recovery time but that won't really change anything against very fast
  characters. Besides, it is possible to jump over it. Your opponent may
  very well jump over it and can land near you before you recover and you'll
  be in serious trouble. 

  You can win using only the Power Wave against some CPU characters. Just
  abuse it and you'll win through tick damage. Of course, that's cheap play
  but it is possible, I need to mention it. :)

  The Power Wave is comboable and can be used along with the Hammer Punch.
  Use it in combos to make sure that it connects all the time. Note that
  the Power Wave doesn't knock down the opponent. The opponent appears to be
  dizzied for a short time but whether you use it alone or in a combo, it
  won't knock down the opponent.

  Round Wave                          qcf + C

  This is considered as the stronger version of the Power Wave but in fact,
  it is very different from its weak counterpart. The Round Wave takes a
  hell of a time to come out and if blocked, watch out for the recovery time
  which implies you'll eat anything, even from Chang.

  The Round Wave looks like a big Power Wave except that it doesn't travel
  at all. Instead, it remains by Terry just like Robert's projectile in '98
  and Terry remains crouching as long as it is on-screen.

  In previous versions of this guide, I used to say that the Round Wave
  hits low and must then be crouch-blocked. Well, this is no longer the
  case as the projectile is now a regular one (thanks to debourge eric
  for the correction).

  This is also a Super Cancel Move. You can cancel into any of Terry's DM
  from it provided you have enough power stocks. 

  Burn Knuckle                       qcb + P

  Terry will throw his hands forward with energy radiating from them in the
  form of a ball and he'll rush at the opponent. The weak version travels
  about 1/3 the screen distance while the strong version goes up to 3/4
  the screen distance. However, it has a really poor recovery time and takes
  to much time to come out. On the other hand, the weak one comes out soon
  and Terry does not take that long to recover from it.

  The weak Burn Knuckle should be used in combos or to tick the opponent.
  Anyway, the strong one cannot be comboed because it takes too much time 
  to come out and your opponent can block it. Use the strong one to land 
  close to the opponent if you are too far apart. There are risks to using
  it though because a fast opponent will attack you as you recover.

  Thus, you should rely on the weak one most of the time. It can take
  jumping opponents by surprise and hit them when they least expect it.
  A good way of fooling the CPU is to perform the Power Wave quickly 
  followed by the Burn Knuckle. It works fine from time to time but do not 
  abuse it!

  Rising Tackle                   charge d, u + P           

  A great move! It has been toned down but it still is useful. However, it no
  longer has auto-guard and guard crush and doesn't have that high priority
  which made it so cheap back in '98.

  The strong version will do up to 7 hits if you manage to suck the opponent
  in as from the first hit while the weak one can do 5 hits at most. Both
  are highly damaging and once the opponent is caught in either, there's no
  coming out.

  I guess that's pretty obvious from the command itself, the Rising Tackle
  is an anti-air and a very good one at that too! Use it against overly
  aggressive opponents who like to jump at you like Choi. To make sure it'll
  efectively connect, wait for the character to land, do a crouch C and 
  release the Rising Tackle.

  This strategy has a lot of risks though. If your opponent manages to
  cross-over, you're in for a bad time. The recovery time is another 
  drawback. Terry takes a lot of time to get back on his feet after a missed
  Rising Tackle. If it misses completely, your opponent even has time to 
  taunt you before attacking you.

  This is also a Super Cancel Move. You can cancel into any of Terry's DM
  from it provided you have enough power stocks. However, it is very tough
  to make the moves effectively connect, which is why I don't advise you
  to cancel the Rising Tackle.

  Crack Shoot                     qcb + K

  Terry whirls around and tries to hit the opponent with his foot. The weak
  version come out very quickly but doesn't have a very good range and is
  good only against close opponents. The D version takes a lifetime to come
  out and Terry takes even more time to recover from it.

  The weak Crack Shoot is rather unpredictable and you can use it to take
  your opponent by surprise. It is comboable after a stand C but even that
  sometimes misses. I don't understand why this happens though, my guess is
  that's because of the lag. It doesn't go far but is quite damaging and
  has certain uses.

  On the other hand, the strong one will see Terry fidget about for about 2
  seconds and if the move misses, I hope you still have a lot of life left.
  It's still useful though because it lets you get close to the opponent and
  do some tick damage at the same time. It can also act as anti-air but I
  wouldn't count on that very often if I were you. ^_^

  Power Dunk                      f, d, df + K 
  The Power Dunk is primarily an anti-air but is not limited to those 
  situations. The animation is such that it'll even take a crouching 
  opponent up and all the hits will connect.

  The weak version is comboable after a crouch C (I guess it is comboable
  after the first hit of the stand C too but it's harder to pull and you
  can't risk such stuff in KOF). The stronger Power Dunk makes Terry go
  higher up and it does seems that Terry get forward more too.

  If the opponent keeps jumping at you, wait for him to be close to landing
  and perform the Power Dunk. Chances the Power Dunk will take him away
  with 2 hits are very high. Otherwise, use it more as an anti-air even 
  though it is comboable. It also enables you to get close to your opponent
  and may surprise turtlers.

  Knowing where Terry will land is very hard and this makes the Power Dunk
  a great attack against blocking challengers. They'll be so confused that 
  you'll have time to recover and to hit them too. A very nice move and
  we're lucky enough to have it back to its original command.

  Power Geyser                    qcb, db, f + P
  Terry will punch on the ground and will perform a very big Round Wave.
  The projectile is stationary too and is a very good desperation move.
  Both the weak and the strong versions can be used in combos along with
  the Hammer Punch and this makes the move very dangerous.

  Once you can get a close C to connect, whether standing or crouching,
  simply follow with the Hammer Punch and end with the Power Geyser. There's
  no getting out of this.

  This DM is also a great anti-air and jumping opponents cannot block it.
  Pull this and win laughing! It is very quick to come out although the 
  recovery time for the strong version really sucks. Terry remains crouching
  for too long and any player can punish you for that.

  As as a desperation move, you couldn't ask for more. Quick, comboable and
  works anytime. It is more damaging that the High Angle Geyser when it
  connects too! 

  High Angle Geyser               qcf, qcf + K
  Terry's second desperation move where he'll start with the Power Dunk and
  finish with a Power Geyser. The move does 5 hits in all and Terry even
  swears during it. Yeah, right, I know I said something else in my 2000
  FAQ and Run Hin Hun and Kao's FAQ confirmed that but I still get the 
  impression that Terry's swearing. Can't really help it! ^_^

  This DM does 5 hits and when blocked, does massive tick damage. It takes
  off less life than the Power Geyser when it fully connects though. The
  High Angle Geyser is comboable just like the Power Geyser.

  The best thing about it concerns its recovery time. It is very quick and
  you are safe performing it. Not to be abuse against real fast opponents

  It is also very useful as even if the opening part misses because you
  are too far from the opponent or he has managed to roll back, the rest
  may still hit him. CPU characters tend to eat it a lot and let themselves
  fooled by the tick damage.

  Power Geyser                    qcb, db, f + P (AC for SDM)

  His SDM is a stronger version of the DM Power Geyser and you'll understand
  that alone just by looking at its animation. Here, Terry will pull three
  of these geysers. It has the same properties as the DM and is darn 
  powerful. You need 2 power stocks to pull this SDM.

  Can be used in combos too just like the DMs. However, if you pull this 
  against a cornered opponent, the third geyser will miss as it isn't
  on-screen. This also applies to jumping opponents. There are cases 
  where either the second or the third geyser will miss if you pull this
  move against a jumping opponent. It's all a random process though and I
  can't really comment on that.

  Otherwise, Terry is lucky enough to have a very effective SDM and this'll
  make you win if you know how to use it. Never use it alone except against
  jumping opponents (I simply love to see Choi eat it ^_^). That'll just
  be a waste of stocks. It isn't that hard to combo it after a stand C
  and the Hammer Punch simply adds another hit.


 The combos are divided into 2 parts :
 i) Normal Combos
 ii) Striker Combos

 I suppose I don't have to explain what each means but just to avoid  
 confusion, 'Striker Combos' doesn't mean that Terry is the striker, okay? :)


  * qcf + C -> qcf + A

  * qcf + C -> qcb + A

  * qcf + C -> qcb + B
    Obviously, (D) doesn't connect.

  * qcf + C -> dp + K
    This cool-looking combo used to be tough to perform but it's relatively
    easy this year.

  * Stand/crouch C -> f + A

  * Stand/crouch C -> df + C
    (Hold df while Terry does the stand C to perform this combo)

  * Stand/crouch C -> qcb + A

  * Stand/crouch C -> qcf + A

  * Stand/crouch C -> qcb + B

  * Crouch C -> f,d,df + K

  * Crouch C -> charge d,u + P

  * Run -> df + C -> charge d,u + P

  * Crouch C -> df + C -> qcf + A

  * Crouch C -> df + C -> qcb + A

  * Crouch C -> df + C -> qcb + B

  * Jump D -> crouch C -> charge d, u + P

  * Stand C -> f + A -> qcf + A

  * Stand C -> f + A -> qcb + A

  * Stand C -> f + A -> qcb + B

  * Stand C -> qcb,df,f + P / AC

  * Stand C -> qcf,qcf + K

  * Jump D -> stand C -> f + A -> qcf + A

  * Jump D -> stand C -> f + A -> qcb + A

  * Jump D -> stand C -> f + A -> qcb + B

  * Stand C -> f + A -> qcb,df,f + P / AC

  * Stand C -> f + A -> qcf,qcf + K

  * Jump D -> stand C -> f + A -> qcb,df,f + P / AC

  * Jump D -> stand C -> f + A -> qcf,qcf + K
  * Corner -> jump D -> crouch B -> crouch A -> charge d,u + P

  * Corner -> jump D -> crouch B -> crouch A -> df + C -> qcb,df,f + P / AC

  -= Combos contributed by HoTaRu =-

  * qcf + C -> cancel into qcb,db,f + P or qcf,qcf + K
    = 2 power stocks needed

  * Stand C -> f + A -> qcf + C -> cancel into qcb,df,f + P / AC
    = 2 power stocks needed

  * Jump D -> stand C -> f + A -> qcf + C -> cancel into qcf,qcf + K
    = 2 power stocks needed

    Note: In the last 2 cases, the hits don't add up. However, you can try
          pulling this since some opponents can get confused in it. 
          Otherwise, the real thing starts with the Power Wave as shown

  -= Combo contributed by spinel =-

  * Crouch B -> df + C -> charge d,u + P


  There are obviously countless striker combos. I'll only be listing a 
  few and the most damaging ones.

  * With Maxima/Kyo/Lin/Benimaru/Iori/Kim/Mary : 
    Call striker and perform a Rising Tackle or a Power Geyser. It is 
    impossible to pull real combos with these strikers but the DM easily 

  * With Vanessa :
    Vanessa is a great striker for Terry. Simply call her and you may pull
    a powerful combo while she's hitting the opponent. However, you need to
    be quick enough or otherwise, she'll have knocked the opponent down.

  * With Clark :
    Clark is another great striker when your fighter is Terry. When Clark
    does his Gatling Attack, you can add a combo as from the third hit. 
    By 'continuing' with the attack, you will prevent the opponent from
    being knocked down. Just make sure that you are performing your standing
    strong punch as Clark is going away and anything will connect.

  * With Leona :
    Same as Clark. Standing C as Leona plants her bomb on the opponent.

  * With Kensou :
    Do your combo-starter just as Kensou does his first hit. Then, pull any
    combo you feel like.

  For combos involving more than one striker, I haven't really tried out
  those yet myself for the simple reason that I almost never play with a
  1-3 team. Contrary to what you may believe, multi-striker combos are
  not a waste. Consecutive strikers in a single combo always do more 
  damage and may thus really drain the opponent's life.

  Here are a few "basic" combos just so you can get started.

  * With K' and Iori [3~4 stocks] :
    Jump D -> stand C -> f + A -> call K' -> call Iori -> Power Geyser

  * With Robert and Angel [3~4 stocks] :
    Jump D -> stand C -> f + A -> call Robert -> call Angel -> stand C ->
    f + A -> Power Geyser (DM/SDM)

    Call Angel -> stand C -> f + A -> call Robert -> stand C -> f + A ->
    Power Geyser (DM/SDM)

  * With Robert, Angel and Vanessa [4 stocks] :


  This section deal with various strategies which you can use against CPU
  opponents and challengers using Terry. Of course, there are tons of way to
  play and you need to adapt to your opponent's style but I'll just be 
  listing the more common situations.


  Terry is extremely powerful in close situations but like any character,
  there are certain things that you must never do because you're very likely
  to be punished. First of all, never use the Hammer Punch alone. You may
  feel tempted to use it from time to time as you feel that the opponent will
  surely eat it but forget about using it alone ANYTIME. This is because
  the move takes too much time to come out and your opponent will see it
  coming miles away. So, if you want to stay alive, just forget about using 
  it alone!

  Your most useful moves here are the Round Wave and the Power Dunk. Since it
  hits low, the Round Wave has a greater probability of connecting and if
  it does, you can pull the Power Dunk for a 3-hit combo. The Power Dunk
  itself is quick to come out and besides, it's a close move as you'll be 
  able to score the 2 hits instead of using it to surprise far-away wimps.

  Otherwise, his standing D and crouching C have decent range and may take
  the opponent by surprise. Beware of the recovery of the stand D though as
  some of the quicker opponents will easily punish you.


  One cheap technique to take care of CPU opponents is to throw the Power 
  Wave continuously and win through tick damage. However, this does not
  work against all opponents. Some will jump as soon as you pull the first
  one while others will block a few before jumping and attacking on the 
  counter. Thus, if you want to be a cheapo, be careful of what may happen.

  The (A) Burn Knuckle is a nice move to get in close to your opponent while
  possibly do some guard damage at the same time if you're lucky enough. I
  know it sounds logical to use the (C) version when the distance is greater
  but that's just suicide because of the recovery time. Instead, perform two
  weak version in quick succession and you'll be close to the freak in no

  The Power Dunk is another cool move to use against far-away opponents.
  If your opponent is a turtler, you may perform it and the second hit 
  where Terry strikes down with his fist may connect. Time it well and you'll
  land near to your opponent where you'll be able to pull a nice combo.


  I guess this one is very obvious to everyone. Your best wake-up retaliation
  is the Rising Tackle. To do this, simply keep holding down while Terry's
  lying and as soon as he recovers, press up along with the punch button.
  It's even better if you manage to do a crouch C beforehand as it may 
  confuse the opponent and leave them open to the move.

  His stand CD is also great as it has a small lag and recovery. It is also
  interruptable, which means you can pull a special move quickly after it
  if it's blocked. In this case, your opponent will try to attack you after
  the missed heavy attack and the special move will connect.

  There are other ways to attack as you get up and these are just the best
  ways. Remember, though, that these only apply if you let Terry get up at
  his own pace and they won't work if you used recovery roll to save your 
  ass! :)


  Simple: Rising Tackle, Power Dunk or jump CD. In the first case, you need
  to have charged first. So, you won't always be able to use it effectively.
  If that's the case, the Power Dunk comes in next. There is a slight 
  problem with it though. Since Terry goes forward as he pulls it, he may
  completely miss the opponent and you'll be left wide open for anything.
  Thankfully, the jump CD makes up for this. It has a small lag but a great
  recovery and will work wonders in most cases.

  Of course, Power Geyser if you have a stock but I don't advise relying
  too much of it because you'll be the one to eat dust if you don't time it
  well and it misses.


  Version 1.00 on 11/20/01
   First release.

  Version 1.25 on 11/22/01
   Completed the moves descriptions.

  Version 1.50 on 12/09/01
   Reformatted the combos section (at last...^_^). Only a minor update

  Version 1.60 on 1/2/02
   A few corrections. More combos.

  Version 1.80 on 1/8/02
   Strategies added.

  Version 1.90 on 2/15/02
   Tweaked strategies section.

  Version 2.00 on 4/23/02
   A few corrections -- the Power Wave is not a Super Cancel Move.
    Striker combos added.

  Version 2.10 on 4/23/02
   A few MAJOR mistakes corrected!!

  Version 2.20 on 4/25/02
   Round Wave notes edited.

  Version 2.20 on 4/29/02
   E-mail change!

  Version 2.30 on 5/5/02
   Edited some notes and added a few comments.

  Version 2.40 on 6/20/02
   Added 1 combo and more notes.

  Version 2.50 on 7/4/02
   Another combo courtesy of spinel.


  I would like to thank the following persons for their help in the making 
  of this guide.

  - SNK & Eolith
    For making sure that KOF didn't die.

  - Jeff "CJayC" Veasey <http://www.gamefaqs.com>
    For hosting this guide on his website.

  - HoTaRu for pointing out various typos and for the Super Cancel Moves

  - debourge eric for his important Round Wave corrections.

  - spinel for the crouching B bufferable note and combo.

  - Special thanks to Kao Megura. His format in his Rolento (SFA3) FAQ 
    inspired me as I typed this up.

  Thx for reading!

   2001-2002, Orochi K. All rights reserved.