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Kensou FAQ (KOF 2001) by Penguin
ver 0.4

1. Table of Contents

1. Contents
2. Why Kensou?
3. Character bio
4. Movelist
5. Combos & Strategies
6. Legal crap
7. Update history
8. Credits and final words
2. Why Kensou?

Kensou in 2K1 is a mix of his old self (98) and his toned-down version of his
99-2K self. He regained his Psycho Ball, and added his 98 qcfx2+P (now AC) SDM.

Why should you use Kensou:
- He now has a fireball
- His 2 DMs have great priority
- Just because of his special intro with Athena
- His Ryuu Renga Chiryu (hcf+A) is usually safe

Why shouldn't you use Kensou:
- He's a weakened version of a mixed 98 and 2K Kensou
- Not a very comboable character
- You can't stand him yelling around

Well that *kinda* sums it up.
3. Character bio

(Taken from Orochi_K's KOF 2001 FAQ)
Fighting style:	Kung Fu
Birthdate:	September 23
Age:		19
Country:	China
Blood type:	B
Height:		172 cm
Weight:		61 kg
Hobby:		Comic books
Favorite food:	Meat buns
Best sport:	Soccer
Most important:	Stuffed dolls from fans
Dislikes:	Training
4. Movelist

I assume that you have basic knowledge of KOF2K1's game system as well as the
more advanced stuff like strikers, wire and super cancelling. Remember that
Super Cancels cost 2 stocks for a DM, and 3 stocks for a SDM.

Normal moves that are noteworthy:
Far B: A pokey pokey. Has about the same range as his far D.
Far C: A good starter for easy combos. 2 hits. Cancellable after the second
Far D: High roundhouse. Can somehow works as an anti-air, but there are better
moves. Can be considered a slower poke.
Down A: It seems that you can do it 3 times in a row.
Close C, D: Great combo starters.
Jump C: Good for air-to-air.
Jump D: THE jump-in to use~
CD: It has the same starting frame as his Choukyuu Dan (qcb+P) so sometimes you
can fake it. Starts slow but comes out fast.
Jump CD: Kensou sticks one of his legs out in a 45-degree manner. More
air-to-ground than air-to-air.

I'll just list the throws, because most throws do pretty much the same (and
crappy) damage in 2K1.
Sunda: (close) b/f+C
Tomoe Nage: (close) b/f+D
Tomoe Nage switches sides with opponent.
Both are breakable.

Command moves:
Kobokushu: f+A
An overhead. Loses this property once it's cancelled into (eg. C -> f+A). Comes
out slow like most overheads. Not a really good combo extension but you can do
a close C/D -> f+A -> hcf+A (which doesn't always connect).

Kousentai: f+B
Kensou does a mini-jump kick. Not an overhead. You can cancel into Ryuu Sougeki
(qcb+P in air), but it won't connect.

Special moves:
Choukyuu Dan: qcb+P
Standard fireball. Has the same starting frames as his ground CD attack. Since
he crouches down for the fireball, his 'hit area' is smaller than most
fireballers. Does okay damage (like most standard fireballs). A is a slower
version, and C is a faster version. However I heard from ppl online that Kensou
players like to abuse this move, or do zoning (fireballing all day, and then DP
when opponent jumps in). Well it's basically turtling anyway. Just don't do it.

Ryuu Renga Chiryu: hcf+A
*THE* move to use. Well that's what I think anyway. Kensou does a 3 hit
horizontal rush that goes full screen. Quick startup, goes fast, decent damage,
and if you're blocked it leaves you enough space to be safe. Sometimes able to
catch people off-guard. Note that opponents can easily roll forward (from a
distance) before you hit em and you'll be left open. Lost the autoguard from 2K.
You can call a striker for this move, at any time.

Ryuu Renga Tenryu: hcf+C
An anti-air version of RRC (hcf+A). Kensou goes diagonal this time for 3 hits.
Does about the same damage as RRC. Don't use it unless you're sure that you're
gonna hit the opponent with it. Quick startup, but has a huge recovery. Also
lost the autoguard from 2K.

Ryuu Sougeki: qcb+P in air
The 99-2K version, without the sexy blue streak of 98. Not really useful, since
the startup is pretty slow. So you're probably gonna deal tick damage instead.
But it does a decent job at that, you can score a 5 hit with the C version
(with decent damage). C version goes diagonally downwards, and the A version
goes more 'down.' I suggest that you do an air CD -> Ryuu Sougeki when the CD
attack hits or is blocked, to build up stock. And if the CD's blocked, Ryuu
Sougeki is safe enough (both versions). Little recovery time.

Ryuu Gakusai: rdp+K
*THE* anti-air. If somebody jumps in, just do this move. Looks a bit like
Terry's Rising Tackle. D version goes higher and farther. But don't use the D
version unless you're sure it's gonna hit, since the recovery time is bad. B
version has almost no lag though. A Super Cancel move, do the SC before he
leaves the ground.

Senkyutai: qcf+K
Consider it Kyo's 75 Shiki Kai (qcf+K,K) with autoguard. Infamous for its part
in his KOF 99 infinite. It sets up the opponent in the air for a juggle (a free
hit). You can follow up with almost everything except for this move, DMs and
SDMs. However, you can't connect, say a far C into this move. Even though it
has autoguard, don't use it as an anti-air because you have a very high chance
of missing. Autoguard on first few frames only.

Shinryuu Seiou Rekkyaku: qcf, hcb+B
The signature move I guess? Anyway, Kensou performs a RRC (hcf+A) look-alike,
then a heavy RG (rdp+D). Does really good damage, quick startup (you can use it
as a wake-up DM), and the second and third hits are overheads. Old-timers
(yeah, old-timers) usually would block the whole DM crouching. Good tick damage
as well. Recovers rather fast when you land.

Shinryuu Tenbu Kyaku: qcf, hcb+D
Kensou performs a RRT (hcf+C) look-alike, then a heavy RG (rdp+D). Like the
above, does really good damage, and quick startup. Not what it seems like, but
this isn't a good anti air. Usually after the RRT part you'll miss and do the
RG part with the opponent down. I suggest doing the SSR (qcf,hcb+B) instead of
this one. Only use it if you're SCing from Ryuu Gakusai (rdp+K) as an anti-air.

Senki Hakkei: qcfx2+AC when close
This move takes out 50% of a full life, and it's unblockable. However, it's not
as quick as Clark's UAB. So you may get hit and it'll stop. I'd rather do the
SSR instead of this one. It is important to have the last hit connect, since it
does the most damage. And yes, opponents may not get the full 5 hits. Last hit is
the most damaging. SDMs take two stocks.

5. Combos and Strategies

The way I use Kensou, isn't much on combos. He isn't a combo guy anyway.

Far C -> hcf+A/hcf+C/qcf,hcb+B/D [Difficulty: 3/10]
Low B -> A -> hcf+A [Difficulty: 4/10]
Close C/D -> (optional) f+A -> hcf+A/qcf,hcb+B (no guarentee that it'll connect
every time, best used in corners) [Difficulty: 5-6/10]
qcf+K -> (hcf+C)/(run forward -> rdp+K) [Difficulty: 3/10]
qcf+K -> run forward -> rdp+K -> (optional) SC qcf,hcb+D [Difficulty: 7-8/10]
d+A x2/3 -> qcfx2+AC [Difficulty: 8-9/10]
[Corner] qcf+K-> jump qcb+A -> hcf+C/(rdp+K -> SC qcf,hcb+D) [Difficulty:
8-9/10] (Credits to Persona)
Close D -> f+B -> B -> qcfx2+AC [Difficulty: 8-9/10] (Credits to Persona)
Far C/Close D->f+B->low A->A->hcf+A [Difficulty: 8/10] (Credits to Persona)
qcb+A -> hcf+A/(run forward -> qcfx2+AC) [Difficulty: 10/10 (for show only,
literally useless)] OR, more useful:
qcb+A -> run forward -> far C -> whatever that connects [Difficulty: 9-10/10]

Feel free to send striker combos, I don't mind basic ones but complex ones which
deal more damage is welcome~
Best strikers IMHO should be Xiangfei (who can OTG), and prolly Seth.

Well that's pretty much of it I can think of. Feel free to add more combos.

Kensou can be played two ways (in general):
1. Aggresive
Kensou has a lot of move that will move him forward. Basically,
if you're familiar with the 99-2K Kensou you should have no problem with this
one. hcf+A is usually safe, but don't count on doing big combos.

2. Defensive
A defensive Kensou will annoy the hell out of your opponents. Kensou can play a
very good zoning strategy, by fireballing a lot, and if they jump in, do rdp+K
or hcf+C. Simple strategy, and very effective if used this way. Of course, I
recommend against it.

What to do when:
1. Opponent is a turtler
You can keep on fireballing him, but that takes out the fun. Keep a high
pressure by closing up, like hcf+A or air qcb+P. However most of the time
you'll deal tick damage. If you got two stocks, and the opponent's a *newbie*
player, roll at him and do the SDM. If he favors crouch-blocking, do qcf,hcb+B.
Take every open opportunity. And since Kensou isn't a big combo guy, do the one
which does the MOST damage.

2. Opponent is all-out-offense
Kensou has enough defensive moves to keep with the all-out guys. If they jump
in, do rdp+B (if you do not need the range of the D version) because of the
little recovery time. Sometimes you can do qcf+K, but it's not recommended even
though most of the time you'll trade hits. And you'll probably be at the 'more
damaged' end. If you think the pressure is too high, do a CD counter, and if
the opponent's special move takes some time to complete (or lag), emergency
roll past em and combo his butt.

3. Opponent is roll-happy
These guys don't walk. They roll. It's pretty easy for Kensou against these
guys, a well-timed hcf+A or rdp+K should be enough. If they're trying to roll
past you and you have two stocks, do the SDM. they usually can't escape the
full 5 hits.

4. Opponent is a grappler
Keep these guys at a distance. They must get near you to be effective.
Fireballs help, but don't rely on it too much or they can roll past it and grab
you. Do not do these moves frequently against good grappler players: hcf+A,
hcf+C, rdp+K, air qcb+P, qcf,hcb+B/D.

5. Opponent is fireball-happy
The classic strat is a well-timed hyper jump CD. But you can roll past the
fireballs, and most fireballs have a certain lag. Take the chance. Watch out
for fellow Kensou players though, his fireball is wicked.

6. Opponent is striker-dependent
Remanents of KOF 2K I fear you not! With this new striker system, people
usually think twice before calling a striker, since it takes a stock. In
addition, striker combos does less damage than normal combos, but the system is
rather weird by itself. If the opponent likes to use a striker to save their
ass and combo at you, try to do a throw at your opponent. Throws are much
harder to escape, and you're invulnerable to strikers during a throw. However
the throws do crap damage.

7. Opponent is a masher
This opponent tends to mash the buttons and swing the joystick at random
directions in hope of pulling something off. Since both of you (you and your
opponent) don't know what he'll pull off, approach with caution. Do not try to
pull combos because he'll do the unexpected. Stay calm and keep a distance.
Remember that mashers do not tend to block. In addition, they don't know the
properties of most moves, so it'll all work to your advantage. If you stay
calm, that is.

8. Opponent is jump-happy
Well my Benimaru is jump-happy. Anyway, if they're jump happy, do rdp+K. Most
of the jump-happy players rely on their character's priority. rdp+K *should* be
good enough to stop the opponent. Watch out for Beni's jump D, Mary's jump D,
Ralf's jump B, Terry's jump B, blah blah blah blah...

9. Opponent is wayyy better than you are
Resort to basic tactics and/or even cheap moves. If they're really really good
with their character, and knows all KOF characters' move properties really
well, you're pretty much doomed. Try doing rdp+B two or three times in a row,
mix a bit to fake out (HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED). Or, play some zoning.

Other than not recommended tactic:
Try to keep your own style of play with Kensou. However expect the match to be
much faster and more intense. You may have a lot of keeping up to do. If you're
familiar with the popular ones, then you'd know like Iori will always try to do
a close B or a crouching B, etc etc. You may have to be more on the defense as
well, so mostly the opponent will be trying to find a way to start a combo.

Remember to learn from your mistakes and try not to do it the next time. Also,
if the opponent is a really good Kensou player, learn from em.

And if you're in school, stay in school! KOF is addicting.
E-mail address is at the end of the FAQ.
6. Legal crap

This document is protected by US Copyright Law, and the Berne Copyright Convention
of 1976. It is for private and personal use only - it cannot be reprinted in part or
in whole, or reproduced in any way or in any form (written or otherwise). It is a
free document that cannot be used in any sort of commercial transaction, including
selling it or giving it away as a gift (unless approved by the writer himself). This
FAQ cannot be referenced, altered, or used by anybody (including webmasters,
publishers, and magazine staff) without my written permission. This FAQ was created
and is owned by me, Penguin. All copyrights and trademarks are acknowledged and
respected that are not specifically mentioned herein.

The contact information is in the last section of the FAQ.

The King of Fighters 2001 is developed by SNK and Eolith. Kensou is a fictional
character from SNK.
7. Update history

v 0.1 Created the FAQ

v 0.2 More additions and strategies

v 0.3 More and more additions and strategies

v 0.4 More changes, combos, renewed legal crap =P
8. Credits and final words

The reason on why I have this Kensou FAQ is because the lack of Kensou FAQs for
the past KOF games. While there is a Kensou FAQ for KOF 2K1 at GameFAQs
already, I think it wouldn't hurt much to have another one. I'll probably work
on the 2K Kensou FAQ as well when I have the time.
If you have a suggestion or question, e-mail to
Take out the DELETE part...
I will not answer these:
1. Rom begging
2. Attempts of having a blind date
3. Stuff that's already explained in the FAQ
4. University bachelor degree offers (yes, I get these too)

Shameless self-promos:
Championship Manager 2 97/98 FAQ
Aero Fighters 2 FAQ
Both are hosted in GameFAQs. The CM2 FAQ is also hosted in a few other sites as


Orochinagi ( guys rule. Also for a few combos as well.

GameFAQs (
For hosting this and other FAQs by me as well

For a few great Kensou combos!

For Kensou's info and movelist.

For reading this.

For writing this from 2 AM to 4 AM. Man I rock! =P