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K9999 FAQ V 1.01
For King of Fighters 2001 for Arcade/Neo-Geo.
By Omega Cosmo (Andreas "Andy" Borgelind / Andersen)
This FAQ is copyright 2002 Omega Cosmo
Character K9999 and game King of Fighters 2001 are copyrights of SNK/Eolith.


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1. General
2. K9999 Bio
3. Quick Move List
4. Detailed Move List
5. Combos
6. Striker
7. Colors
9. NEST Team Ending [Spoiler]
10. Quote List
11. Thanks / Credits
12. Revision History

1. General


Hail thee, traveler!
My name is Omega Cosmo, and I shall do my best in guiding thee on the
semi-long road of K9999 wisdom!
Although I am quite new with the game, I'll try my best...

So why do I write this FAQ?
Well, it's an almost long story.
I've had been playing King of Fighters for some time, but when I heard that 
was given over to Eolith, in combination with the HORRIBLE art... I was VERY 
sceptical over
this game.

One day, I finally got to try it... and I was lyrical.
Not only were the new characters 'different', the existing ones were also
tweaked in various ways.
Although the music downright sucks, and the art is HORRIBLE, it's still a 
great game.

On my first try, I immeaditely chose K9999.
Having read about him, I understood that he was a complete ripoff of Tetsuo
from the epic manga/anime Akira, a piece of anime that I really liked.
So since this IS Tetsuo, I like him. A lot.
And him having a bunch of nice moves + not being too complicated for my 
unlike *cough* Angel *cough*, he quickly became my favorite character.
So here it follows, my fantastic FAQ.
If you have thoughts/corrections blah blah etc etc please mail them to me.
(A bunch of combos would be thankful too)



ub   u   uf    Jump Backward         Jump Up      Jump Forward
  \  |  /        (up-back)             (up)         (up-forward)
b -- n -- f    Retreat / Block       Neutral      Approach
  /  |  \        (back)                             (forward)
db   d   df    Crouch Block          Crouch       Offensive Crouch
                    (down-back)           (down)       (down forward)

[ Button Layout ]  -----------------------------------------------------

  B  C  D                   Light Kick    Heavy Punch    Heavy Kick
A              Light Punch

[ Other Notation ]  ----------------------------------------------------

dir.   :  Any of the eight directions can be used: u (up), d (down)
          b (back), f (forward), ub (up back), uf (up forward)
          db (down back) or df (down forward).
qcf    :  Roll the joystick from d to f  (d,df,f)
qcb    :  Roll the joystick from d to b  (d,db,b)
hcf    :  Roll the joystick from b to d to f  (b,db,d,df,f)
hcb    :  Roll the joystick from f to d to b  (f,df,d,db,b)

2. K9999 Bio

Birthplace:          Unknown (probably Japan)
Birthdate            Unknown
Height:              1.68 m (5'5")
Weight:              58 kg (128 lbs)
Blood type:          B
Hobbies:             Working on bikes
Favorite food:       Peanuts
Favorite sport:      None
Most valuable:       His bike
Hates the most:      Orders and those who give orders
Fighting style:      Sheer power

3. Quick Move List

K9999         [NEST Team]

Get Lost!                      when close, b/f + C
Quit Playing!                  when close, b/f + D
Shut Up!                       f + A

Get Out of My Sight!           qcf + P
Split!                         f,d,df + P

Moon...                        db,hcb,df + P
You Get Lost Too!              db,hcb,df + K
Power is... losing control...  d,f,df + ABCD

- Only the first 3 hits of K9999's Shut Up! can be Super Attack Cancelled.
- K9999's Split! (C version) can be Super Attack Cancelled.
- K9999's Jump A can hit up to 7 hits.
- If opponent is hit by K9999's Moon... in the air, it is possible to hit 
him again with another Moon....
- K9999's crouching D can link with his Moon... and Power is... losing 

Comments and move names are all from KOF Online.


King of Fighters 2001 is a buggy game, and K9999 himself has a bug.

Try doing db,hcb + C,df + P and see for yourself.
Appearently, Eolith didn't count on you using a C > Moon...

Thanks to Persona for pointing this out!

4. Detailed Move List

=Normal Moves=

A - The Light Punch


A swift slap.
It's not very strong, but surprisingly fast and nicely used to
make your opponent a bit angry.
When you are close, you can hit your enemy twice with this if you are fast.
(As in, pressing A once more after the first slap is finished)


Similar to the standing, but in another angle.
It's real easy to get two hits out of this one.
Quick and abusable.


K9999 hits, and in a split second after that, a drill comes out of his hand.
The key to his move is to hit A as soon as you jump, so the drill comes out
almost directly.
This move can hit up to 7 times.

f + A - Shut Up!

A GREAT move!
K9999 dashes forward as his right arm turns into a drill.
Being very fast and damaging, this is a great move that hits up
to 6 times.
Oh, and the first 3 hits of this move can be Super Canceled.
Oh happy day!

B - The Light Kick


A kick aiming towards the foe's leg area.
Tricky in the sense that it hits low, and damages a bit more than the
Light Punch... however, it's not as fast.


Similar in both strength and speed to the crouching A, this might be
a better choice due to it's better reach.
I usually end up doing the crouching A when I'm crouching near my opponent 


K9999 unleashes a sexy (?!) kick with nice reach.
Being stronger and having more reach than the jumping A, this might be a 
choice unless you time the drill accordingly in the A.
This move is - of course - not as fast as the jumping A either.
However, it's a good cross-up move.

C - The Heavy Punch


The standing C functions exactly like the Shut Up! but K9999 doesn't
dash forward when he uses it.
A nice move to use when there's a bit of a space between you and your foe.
I believe it is cancelable aswell.

When Close

A heavy slap which damages for 3 hits.
Nice sound effects to go with it.
Good, and keeps the distance between you and your foe still.


A fast double slash which damages your enemy for 2 hits + knocking
him/her off the ground.
Comes out quick and has good enough reach.


Can be seen as a super version of the jumping A, but with the following 

- The drill comes out faster.
- It damages more, naturally.
- It doesn't damage for as many hits.

when close, b/f + C - Get Lost!

K9999's 'basic throw' which throws the enemy in the direction K9999 is 
Being a throw, it is unblockable and has nice damage.

D - The Heavy Kick


A kick that hits in your foe's waist area.
A bit slow and predictable, but - just as most of K9999's moves - makes
a nice poke.

When Close

So abusable that it's crazy, and it definately makes your opponents
angry after a few turns!
It has K9999 jumping up and stomping your foe for damage and instant
But the best part; it hits downed enemies after some moves!
Try executing this on your foe after a Split! for mad damage!


A slide.
K9999 slides forth to damage his enemy by the leg area.
Must be blocked low, naturally.
I tend to not use this move as it 1) is a bit slow and 2) doesn't knock
the enemy off feet.


A bit slower but stronger version of the jumping B, together with
a greater reach.

when close, b/f + D - Quit Playing!

K9999's 'other throw' which throws the enemy in the opposite
direction of which K9999 is facing.
Being a throw, it is unblockable and has nice damage.

CD - The Knockdown


Instant knockdown slap with good damage and range.
Use it when you want your opponent to shut up!
(Gotta love name puns)


Great slash move that hits in a downward angle, instantly knocking
your opponent down with a nice sound effect.
Has good priority.

=Special Moves=

qcf + P - Get Out of My Sight!

K9999 forms a 'air slash' that reaches about half-screen.
Damaging the enemy as it travels, it racks up at most 6 hits.
The most used special move by K9999.
Use it to create traps for a jumping opponent that is about to land after
a jump.
NEVER use it as a projectile.

A version is executed faster, but doesn't travel as far.
C version has a lot more lag, but travels a lot longer.

f,d,df + P - Split!

K9999 crouches backwards as he creates a semi-shield of fire above him,
launching his opponent up in the air.
Has a lot of lag (especially on the C version) so use carefully, or the 
will hit you hard.
This can also be used against jump-ins.
Try doing a close D (THE STOMP!) after the opponent has landed for mad 

A version comes out faster, but only hits once and doesn't launch opponent 
high at all.
C version has a lot more lag, but hits twice and launches the opponent 

=Desperation Moves=

db,hcb,df + P - Moon...
[Requires 1 Power Stock]

The first and perhaps most used of K9999's DMs.
It has K9999 forming a passing wave/shield of energy around him, hitting
enemies within the shield's reach.
The damage is great, and so is the reach.
Several attacks can be comboed into this move for maxium perfection.

db,hcb,df + K - You Get Lost Too!
[Requires 1 Power Stock]

The less used of K9999's DMs is this one.
He turns his right arm into a gun and starts shooting at his foe.
The damage is ok I guess, and it's an ideal DM if you want to keep the 
But if you know what you are doing, Moon... will serve you better.

d,f,df + ABCD - Power is... losing control...
[Requires 2 Power Stocks]

This is K9999's SDM (Super Desperation Move), and it's great. Great. Great.
First off, I used to do qcf,hcb + ABCD when executing this move... and for 
some reason,
it worked. (O_o)
But now when I noticed the real movement, it's a bit easier.
(Maybe not for everyone though)
Hitting ABCD might be hard in a tough situation, but it's possible... and 
the move itself,
is worth it.
K9999 turns his arm into a big, nasty tentacle which pierces through almost 
all moves.
(This includes projectiles... and heck, I think it even whiffs out the Haoh 
Sho Ko Ken!)
This move hits up to 18 times, and one may say that it rapes life like 
If all hits connects, it's 1/2 lifebar to heck!
(The damage when your foe blocks is quite good too, about 1/5 of the 
Overall, a great SDM (one of the games best!) which you should use whenever 
are available.


Power is... losing control... has a special ability!
It can eat an opponent no matter what state they are in.
Be it falling, grounded... it hits!
Heck, you can even hit your enemy with this after a CD without
the CD having to be a counter!
Such a superior move! Gwahahahaha!

5. Combos

Basic Combos

Before we start with this, be aware that K9999 is not a combo character.
He relies on heavy assaults solely.
That is why this section will be a bit short.

1. Power Stocks: 0
Jump C > Standing C > Get Out of My Sight!

2. Power Stocks: 0
(Opponent near corner) Jump C > Standing C > Shut Up! > Standing D

3. Power Stocks: 1 or 2
Crouching A x2 > Shut Up! > Moon... or You Get Lost Too! or Power is... 
losing control...

4. Power Stocks: 2
Jump A > Crouching A x3 > Power is... losing control...

Striker Combos

Fairly advanced combos used together with certain strikers.

1. Power Stocks: 2/3/4 | Striker: King
(Opponent near corner) > Jump A or C > Crouching B > Crouching A (Call 
striker King at the same time)
>Shut Up! > *(While opponent is in air) Moon... > Repeat from * (Up to 3 

2. Power Stocks: 2 | Striker: Iori
(Opponent near corner) > Jump A or C > Crouching A x2 > Shut Up! > Call 
striker Iori >
(While opponent is in air) Moon... or Jump CD

3. Power Stocks: 3 | Striker: Kula
(Opponent near corner) > Jump A or C > Crouching A x2 > Shut Up! >
(While Kula hits opponent up at the highest point) Moon... > (While opponent 
is in air) Moon...

6. Striker

K9999 as a striker gets a whole section.
Sexy, huh?


K9999 jumps in, hitting enemy twice with the kick.
He then hits the enemy in a 'sneaky' manner.
After this, he walks away.

..what if it misses?

Well, then he just stands there for a while and then walks away.


When you are in the corner and enemy around the middle of the screen
for best results.


It might not be the best striker in the game, but it's great as a
defensive surprise striker due to it's speed.

7. Colors

A weird section where I shall cover all the colors/outfits of K9999.
This followed by my comments.
(My personal comments of course, you probably have a different opinion)

P [A,C] = K9999.
Default outfit with orange vest, dark pants and blue hair.
(K9999's basic outfit fits him, and is therefore my favorite.)

K [B,D] = Tetsuo.
Alternate outfit with white vest, red pants and dark hair.
(This outfit makes K9999 look more like Tetsuo, heh.)


After the NESTS cartel captured Kyo Kusanagi shortly after the battle with
the Orochi battle ended, they extracted his DNA from his body, and was later
experimented with. The product of this research are the Kyo clones that 
around the fighting scene, using the power of the Kusanagi clan in their own
way: one of them is K', a loner, who had left the NESTS cartel out of his 
free will in search of his own past to discover his future. The other is 
Diamond, whose genetic tampering allowed her to wield ice in the same way K'
used fire. The third clone, Krizalid, had died in the advanced stages of the
project. But although that seemed enough, NESTS was not content. All these
experiments were conducted on normal people, injected with the DNA of the
Kusanagi, and analyzed their reaction to the power. But, what would happen 
you could create your own clone, artificially modified, start it up from 
and create a new fighter altogether?

That was the premise behind the creation of K9999. Viewed to be the
ultimate Kusanagi clone, the NESTS organization used their advanced 
and based on the experimient data they had already gathered in the past, 
a young man frail in appearance, but who represented the evolution of the
Kusanagi power. This clone could gather an incredible amount of power, so
frightening that even his original, Kyo Kusanagi himself, would be shocked 
the result. But K9999 had his own thoughts....

Despising his unnatural origin, K9999 quickly showed traces of rebellion
in his attitude. He hated the fact that everybody treated him like some 
they could use at their will, a mere object, something they could toy around
with. K9999 thought no one could understand him, that he was alone in a 
where everyone saw him as a number. Only one woman was bold enough to go 
such formality: fellow NESTS agent, Angel. Angel was interested more in 
feelings than his possible potential, but K9999 was already too bitter to 

Ever since he has memory of it, K9999 was assigned to eliminate and do
away with K', the traitor to the cause of NESTS. But K9999 didn't hate K'
because they ordered him to do so. He loathed K' because he wouldn't be 
so badly, not even created, if K' wouldn't have turned against NESTS. Thanks 
his rebellious nature, K9999 had to pay the price. K9999 now aims all his 
and hatred against K9999, as his superiors assign him to team up with other
NESTS agents (including Angel) to enter the King of Fighters tournament. The
objective of K9999 was clear: to eliminate the deserted clone, K', and set 
stage for the rising of NESTS to power!

The incredible power of K9999 was inmediately shown to the world, and
everyone was amazed by it. K9999 could not only control flames at will, he 
also shape his body into piercing blades and the such. But one flaw was not
being seen: K9999's fragile body was not too adapted to the Kusanagi power.
Being just a genetic product, K9999 was not able to control the Kusanagi 
without suffering horrible mutations in his body when he channeled his power 
full force. His hair would turn white and raise up at the maximum level of
power. The power he could display could destrou whatever he wanted, but what 
the price he had to pay for such suffering?

The tournament was soon drawing to an end, as K9999 and the rest of the
team awaited orders from the HQ of NESTS. They all stood on a cliff near a
coastline, watching how the winning teams got up on a blimp that would 
take them to the main HQ of NESTS, located in outer space. K9999 watched 
passionate fury as K' was among the entries, and burned with resentment. But
soon, Angel would soothe his pain. She tells K9999 that she has received 
orders from Igniz, CEO of NESTS, to eliminate their other 2 companions, as a 
to erase all trace of loyalty to the president of NESTS. K9999 grinned and
almost laughed out in pleasure. He could no longer stand Foxy's pestering
orders, telling what to do, and what not. He was also disgusted of Kula, 
she reminded him every day what he was. K9999 sneaked up behind Foxy as she 
Kula were talking, and promptly stabbed Foxy in the back!

Foxy's dying body slumped to the ground, as Kula stood poised to object
against K9999's actions. But K9999 and Angel were more than willing to do 
with Kula as well. K9999 even called out Kula as a "biological defect", as 
readied himself to eliminate Kula. But Kula's rage for losing her friend 
up up for the disadvantage in number against the 2 NESTS agents. But K9999 
also a fire ablaze, raging with anger, and slowly deteriorated Kula's 
Dawn arised as K9999 continued to pressure Kula. Kula was on the brink of
defeat, and K9999 was too anxious to finish her off. But when he was about 
to do
so, he was stopped by K'! K' had survived his adventure to the NESTS space
station, and now stands along Kula to fend off the remaining NESTS members.
K9999 gets more and more angry, but Angel warns him that NESTS helicopters 
on their way, probably looking for them. Angel advices that it should be 
wise to
escape now and regroup, since more backup for K' and Kula could be on the 
K9999 grinds his teeth, and quickly condemns the two clones to death, before 
makes a hasty retreat. What will be in store for K9999 next time? What will
happen if he continues to exploit his power like this...?

A man not to be tampered with, K9999 has a short temper and is easily
driven to violence. He attacks with enough ferocity and strength that 
he doesn't even mind being attacked, as long as he gets the opponent down. 
only known friend is Angel, but for the most part, K9999 despises all those
around him, even his superiors. A true sociopath, K9999 contiunes to walk 
the path of self-destruction.

*Fun fact = You can smell what's going to be in here, right? Yep! It's the
obvious ripoff that SNK made of Tetsuo, one of the main characters of the 
anime, Akira! And it couldn't be so obvious...First, K9999 has a 
physical appearance (with that ragged cape, and his prominent forehead).
Secondly, K9999's arms mutate in rather grotesque ways, just like Tetsuo 
when he
could no longer control his inmense psychic powers. Also, K9999's Get in 
special move resembles an actual move by Tetsuo, where he creates a 
with just a mere scream. Also, notice K9999's bio sheet: working on bikes? 
orders? And last, but not least...SNK hired the same voice "seiyuu" (actor) 
played Tetsuo for K9999! Oh my...KANEEEEEEDA! ^_^;

9. NEST Team Ending [Spoiler]

Ignis is walking forward slowly, limping.

Ignis: "Argh... Is this the end... of lovable Ignis? Why?"

"How could it happen? Defeated by my own creations!"



"Does destiny frown on the advent of a new god?"

Ignis puts his hands on two column-like panels, activating what seems to
be a self-destruct mechanism. The spaceship ignites from the heat.

Angel: "What did you just do?"

Ignis: "Defeated by my creations... Am I not worthy to be a god? Very
well! I will become a devil. And I'll turn all to nothing."

Foxy: "He's going to blow us all up!"

The door closes, shutting out all light.

Angel: "DON'T DOOOOO IT!!!"

The outside of the spaceship starts to crumble from the intense heat. It
is heading back towards Earth.

"What is that?"
"It's NESTS HQ."
"Let's go. If memory serves, it's there our past lies."


The spaceship splashed into an ocean. We see Lin and Maxima on a beach,
looking out towards the ocean.

Lin: "It's over, huh?"
Maxima: "Someone must have saved us by stopping the explosion."

K' simply stands there. We see Whip talking with Kula and Diana, in the

K': "I'm glad your all safe, even if you are jerks."

Two yellow helicopters fly by.

K': "Geez. Here comes Loudmouth."
"Let's finish this."

The helicopters fly over the wreckage of the spaceship.

Suddenly, a series of hits and attacks appears from out of nowhere.

Angel pops out of the wreckage.

Angel: "Let's do it. Nothing scares me now!"

One of the helicopters has crash-landed into the ocean. We see K9999
atop the other helicopter, his right arm mutated and bulging. His white
hair and red cape are blowing in the wind as he laughs like a lunatic.

K9999: "PANT. PANT. PANT...!"

K9999 continues to laugh maniacally as he hacks away at the helicopter's
wires and mechanisms.

10. Quote List

(Main intro for '01): "Kiite mirou...hai doumo!" = "Come here...you

(Taunting): "Sa~te...dou suru?!" = "So...what am I going to do [to

(Winpose 1): K9999 looks away from his opponent while he transforms
into his real self, saying, "Kaze ga dekita ta na..." = "Wind [comes to
(Winpose 2): K9999 poses while his right/left arm turns into a drill
and says, "Kore mo...ore no chikara na no ka?!" = "Is this...also part
of my power?! and finishes with a long laugh.

(Defeated): "Ii janei kai yo!!! = "Forget I did that!!!" (A.C: He means
that he wants you to forget the move he was trying to do, as it was the
mistake that cost him the fight.)

11. Thanks / Credits

- Because I wrote this.

- My star on the online heaven.
  Rock on girl *L*.

- I don't know why the hell he is in the Credits section.
  ARGH! Disappear!

- Just because.

- What can I say, everyone who are there are trustworthy.
  You all rock.

SNK       (www.neogeo.co.jp)
- For making King of Fighters and loads of other excellent series.

- For continuing the series!

GameFAQ's (www.gamefaqs.com)
- It's the ultimate FAQ place. Period.


- For K9999's Story.
  This guy is amazing at writing.
  A miracle that he hasn't written a book yet.

Orochi Yamazaki
- The NEST ending was taken from his excellent
  King of Fighters 2001 FAQ.

Vincent (Webmaster of www.kofonline.com)
- Move names and combos taken from his respectable site.

- The combo master pointed out K9999's bug + the special abilities
  of the Power is... losing control...

The True Warrior
- For the quote list, which was taken from his Quotes FAQ.

12. Revision History

Version 1.01 (13th April 2002)
- Added stuff here and there + corrected some wrongful information.

Version 1.00 (12th April 2002)
- The FAQ is now readable!
  Stuff will be added and corrected when there is a need for it.

End of FAQ

/ Omega Cosmo 2002