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Makishima's User Guide
 ver 0.1

 Unpublished work by Toxic:
 (also know as Toxic Avanger)
  ICQ number: 146473636

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 According to international trademark laws if anyone rapes this FAQ, 
use it with out my name on it or sell it to internationals nations, 
he will be cursed and will be killed by a violent attack of Jelly 

 I have heard from many "expert" players that Maxima sucks big time,
well, they are as wrong as the babilionians with their gods and their
tower, in act Maxima is a fairly good character that need some practice.
But now we are having one trouble; Maxima passed from being one of the
cheapest characters of KoF '2000 to be one of the most averaged
characters of KoF '2001, most of his ultra cheaps damaging moves have
been weakened (Bunket Buster, CD, the System 1/2 combos and some normal
attacks) to became more less abusive attacks... many times I have found
myself trying to stop attacks with the use of the autoguards, but most
of them have been removed or the guard frames have been lessened...
That bothers me since I almost for instinct I thow the attacks to stop
the enemy and I end up eating the damage instead... WHY BREZZA SOFT??

 The out come that have won this characters is that some of his normal
and slow as hell normal have recieved some "speed up" namely the df + C
and the cls C... I personally don't need the speed, I need the 
autoguards, but maybe you can play better with that extra speed...

FAQ Legend
fwd: Foward.

bk: Back.

dn: Down.

up: no comment...

df: Down-foward.

db: Down-back.

uf: Up-foward.

ub: Up-back.

Qcf/Qcb: Quarter Circle foward or back; standar Fire ball motion.  

Hcf/Hcb: Half Circle foward or back; standar KoF throw command.

Upc/Rup: Uppercut motion or Reverse uppercut motion; better know as 
dragon punch.

/ : means or.

. : Hold the previous direction. 

; : Means a different move from the previous one.

, : Means a follow up.

cr: Crouch.

cls: Close standing.

far: Far standing.

jp: Means short jump.

JP: Means high jump.

N: Means neutral; may be neutral jump or return the stick to the 
   neutral position, AND if I am talking about an attack it means
   that it can be blocked lor or high.

Call xx: Call Striker, XX is the name of the Striker.

§ : Striker hits.

(x hits): The move before this must give a certain amount of hits; if
          there is no note on a multi-hitting move it is because all
          hits are expected.

- : Means that it is a combo.

# : Means that the combo has to start from a counter wire attack.

+ : Means that the combo uses a super cancel.

[ ] : Means that the move between them does not connect.

{R} : Means that you can roll recover from a part of the combo.

{NR} : Means that the enemy touch the ground; but he can not recover
      if you perform it well.

Game System
Run: Press the pad foward twice quickly.

Back Hop: Press the pad Backwards twice quickly.

Jump: Pressing the pad up makes you jump; if you press up fwd or up bk
      the jump will be directed towards the direction you pressed.
      Pressing the pad briefly makes a short jump; holding the pad 
      makes a high jump; pressing down and up quickly makes your 
      character give a quicker jump; this quicker jump may be high or
      short... if you run you can only perform a quick or high quick 
Throw: Press foward or back plus C or D near the enemy.

Throw Escape: Press foward or back plus C or D as you are being
              throw if you are thrown with C you have to get off with fwd
              or bk + C; if you are thrown with D you have to get off with
              fwd or bk + D... note that are some throws that are 
              unescapable; I got to inquire more on this.
Roll: Press A + B... rolling will make your character evade non throw
      attacks, as always rolling may be performed foward or backwards; 
      you can also use the roll to make a "safe landing" from being
      knocked down; rolling effectiveness will be incerased while you
      run, making your character roll a bigger distance.

Heavy Attack: Press C + D... this attack knocks down the enemy and can
              be performed on air.

Striker Summon: Press B + C sumultaneosly... this action calls another
                character to help you; using this will waste a level of
                power bar

Defense Cancel 1 = Roll: While blocking; press Foward or Back + A + B;
                         using this; you may cancel your guard with a
                         front roll or a back roll; this action wastes a
                         power bar.

Defense Cancel 2 = Heavy Attack: Using this will make you knock down the 
                                 enemy canceling your defense; this 
                                 action wastes a power bar and does no 

Power Bar: Whenever your character attacks or recieve hits the power bar
           fills; once it filled it becomes a level; the quantity of levels
           you can store depend on the tactical order you have selected;
           also being affected the lenght of the bar. 1 character with 3
           strikers is the shortest lenght with a maximun of 4 levels and
           being 4 characters with 1 level and maximun lenght.

Cancel Striker System: In certain conditions you are capable of calling
                       a striker while you are attack; for normal and
                       command attacks the enemy must be standing and 
                       must be under a successful impact; for the 
                       special moves there are some moves that allow you
                       to call the striker; these moves might fulfill or 
                       not fulfill these conditions; just as striker 
                       summon; this action waste a power bar and engages
                       a handicap system that will lessen the damage to
                       the half.

Handicap System: Once the enemy is struck by a striker the damage of the
                 following attacks will be reduced to a 50%, calling
                 several strikers won't affect the damage again (I mean,
                 call one striker and the damage will be 50%; call 3 of
                 them and the damage will still be 50%); note that the
                 damage that the strikers do does not decrease with this
                 handicap; for the contrary, sometimes calling to many
                 strikers at once will activate a propierty that will make
                 one of the strikers will inflict MAJOR damage (I have seen
                 up to 1/4 of energy on 1 character team- it was Ryo-)... 
                 so; 1 striker combos can be kind of worthless; but with
                 2 or more, it means business.

Guard Crush: Blocking too much or blocking certain attacks will break
             your guard for a moment.

Counter: Counter attacks are still intact; so I have no need of explain
         them; do I? The only add that I can give is that there are no
         more "message pop ups"; I mean, when you break the guard or
         made a counter the game will not tell you; you just have to
         recognize it by your experience.

Critical Wire Attack: There are some moves that have this propertiy; this
                      means that once the enemy is hit by the attack he
                      will bounce on the wall allowing you time for more

Counter Wire Attack: Exactly the same as the "Critical Wire Attack"; but
                     this is only triggered when the attack hits on 

'Beta': I am talking about the beta-test of this game; though I did not
        played it (I am very far from japan at this time) I was entrusted
        with valuable info by someone who did... That's 'Chipuler-sama'
        for you >>:D

Buffering Methods:
Active Striker System -as a bug-:

 I have been informed that there is a nasty bug; whenever the enemy 
breaks his Guard with a CD or an AB it gives you the right to call an
striker on any time; even when you are being hit, there are some
rectrictions and random features; since it is a bug it can not be exact.

Active Striker System -by the rules-:

  -If you use an attack and call the striker and later you use another
   attack that ALSO allows you to call an striker you will be blessed
   with the chance of using a one time active striker system. 

 * There are some more restrictions and adds to the active striker
   system; but you'll have to wait until I finish up the KoF '2001
   Perfect Guide to know more about it.

Performing as MAX:

 As we all should know; when a desperation move says that can be 
performed as MAX then the only thing that you have to do is inputing
the same motion; but using 2 buttons instead of one (if the move is
performed with puch; press AC and if it is kick, BD).

Follow up order:
 I have described the moves that had follow ups in a diferent way; let
us examinate the case of Makishima-sama:

 The first move of his system one combination is Qcf + A or C, so 
the move will be like this:

Qcf + A or C:
 Move description.

 The second move is another Qcf + A or C; but I will leave an space at
the beginning; so the player does not mix it with another move:

 Qcf + A or C:
  Follow up description.

 So, the whole move will look like this:

Qcf + A or C:
 Move description.

 Qcf + A or C:
  Follow up description.

   Qcf + A or C:
    Finisher description.

 This is the exact method that Tekkens FAQs use to describe follow ups.
Now, if you have something like:




 It means that the move has 2 posible follow ups; as I mentiones, the
key is just noticing the space that are prior to the moves; on the
moves descriptions I have also hinted posible follow ups; in order to
avoid mistakes. -Incoherence is often present on something that I have

About Makishima:
 On the early part of the 90's there it was a SNK beat 'em up called
Robo Army, compared with most of the SNK beat 'em up it was fairly
good (SNK was not that successful with beat 'em ups, most of them COULD
be qualified as "crap")... the issue that interest us is that the main
character was a commando, he dressed all in pink and had for name
"Maxima", after carefully watching it's moves you can tell that many of
Maxima's moves are inspired on that game, they even taked the name from
the character, you might even want to say that KoF Maxima IS Robo Army
Maxima, but there is no place for that on KoF's time line, by the time
being, at least... It is my desire that they should put the pink dressed
commando on an ending or on a stage as a joke to this character... Ha Ha.

 On KoF '99 Maxima had a very important role escorting K' on the
tournament, they where orinally working for NESTS, and when they
realized that NESTS where using them they turned agaisnt the cartel...
The cool part is that Maxima had an integral part on the Team's ending,
when he attacked the Axe Squad in order to escape.

 On KoF '2000 Maxima and K' where chasing NESTS and that's why they
signed up on the tournament with people that didn't knew (Ramon &
Vanessa), but everything went wrong and they couldn't attack NESTS,
On this KoF ending it was sad to see that Maxima passed to be "K's 
friend" rather that the big main man he turned to be on the KoF '99

 On KoF '2001 they are attempting again to attack NESTS, the fact that
a NESTS team is signed up... on this game ending Maxima also had a
minimal part just by having satisfaction after beating NESTS... the
thing was that Maxima was fighting to avange the death of a friend at
the hand of NESTS, Andy Seto's KoF '2000 & KoF zillion comics suggest
that that friend was Rocky, I wonder if that info is official (as far
as I know, most comics of KoF deliver official info to the artist and
then he can do what he wants with it).

Maxima: Move list
Normal Moves:

 There are some notes that I have to give, I don't like focusing on the
normal moves but rather to have the player to investigate about them...

 -The Normal Moves that have lost their autoguard are:
    The cls C, the cls D, the cr C, the far C.

  Note that the autoguard frames of the CD have been lessened, before
 Maxima did have 3 "images" on where he could use the autoguard, now
 he has only one; that means that you can use the autoguard on the CD;
 but it will be harder than before.

Command moves:

fwd + A:
 Overhead; no longer has autoguard, it can be interrupted when you 
combo into it.

df + C:
 Neutral, quick punch; it is harder to cancel (HHAAGGGHHHH!!!).

Special Moves:

Qcb + A or C:
 Not so fast yet very damaging punch; dispels projectiles and is a 
'counter wire attack'; on the beta this move has autoguard; now either
I can't time it (with this character; MY character, impossible) or it
did had it removed.

Upc + B or D:
 Anti-air throw; this move will only work against jumping enemies.

Hcf + B or D:
 Close range throw; it has less range than other special throws.

Hcb + B or D:
 Running throw; it can be followed up, but it's a darn shame that the
opposition can roll recover before the follow up and avoid it, leaving
you open.

 fwd + B or D:
  Maxima will fall over the enemy hitting them on the ground.

Qcf + A or C:
 Quick attack wich is very safe, it can be followed up.

 Qcf + A or C:
   Two hitting move that can be super canceled.

   Qcf + A or C:
     Attack that throws the enemy; I must say that the whole moves does
    not leave you as safe as it once did in '2000.

Desperation Moves:

Qcf, Hcb + A:
 The beginning has auto-guard and hits while the character is going up 
and is outside the screen, then drops with an overhead attack that has 
auto-guard on the floor, only first frames though. The distance where 
he drops is determinate by the strength of the button; the button also
determinates the speed that this attack uses to come out; being A version
fast and close and the C version being slow and far; though it is not
that HUGE diference. In the air is an overhead, on the ground is a 
projectile. This is a projectile...
 Is it anyone else bitching about the fact that this moves did lost 
some of it's damage?? Though it was natural -too abusive- I did enjoyed
the frustrated look of my enemy when I connected this move.
Hcb x 2 + B or D:
 Special throw, comboable as DM or SDM. As it's uses.

Maxima: Combos
Independent low combos:

 - cls B; df + C; Qcb + C.

 - cls B; df + C; Hcf + D.

 - cls B; df + C; Qcf + C x 3.

 - cls B; Qcf + A x 2, Qcf, Hcb + A.
    + This uses a super cancel after the second Qcf + A.

 - cls B; df + C; Hcb x 2 + D.
    * Hcb + D x 2 may be either normal or Max version.

 - fwd + A; Hcb x 2 + D.
    * Hcb + D x 2 may be either normal or Max version.

Independent combos:

 - cls C; fwd + A; Qcb + A.

 - cls C; fwd + A; Hcb x 2 + D.
    * Hcb + D x 2 may be either normal or Max version.

 - cls C; fwd + A; Qcb + C.

 - cls A; df + C; Qcf + C x 3.

 - cls A; df + C; Hcf + D.

 - cls A; df + C; Hcb x 2 + D.
    * Hcb + D x 2 may be either normal or Max version.

 - Qcb + C; df + C; Upc + D.
    # This combo begins from a counter wire attack.

Striker low combos:

 - cls B; df + C, call Kula; Qcb + C; §; df + C; Upc + D.
    * Aproach after Kula Hits.

 - cls B; Qcf + A x 2, call Angel; cls A, call Leona; df + C; Qcb + C;
   §; df + C; Upc + D.
    * Nothing difficult.

 - cls B; Qcf + A x 2, call Angel; JP C; cr A, df + C; Qcf + C x 2, 
   call Angel; JP C; cls C (1 hit); fwd + A; Hcb x 2 + D.
    * Call Angel at the latest time and the Hcb x 2 + D can be MAX 

Striker combos:

 - cls C (1 hit); Qcf + C x 2, call Angel; cr C; Qcf x 2, call Foxy;
   Qcf, Hcb + A.
    * Nothing Difficult.

 - cr C; Qcf + C x 2, call Yuri, Qcf, Hcb + A (1 hit), §; Qcb + C.
    * Call Yuri at the latest time.
    + This combo uses a super cancel... you know where

 - cls D; Qcf + C x 3, call Iori; df + C; Upc + D.
    * Call Iori when Maxima is about to chocke the enemy.

 - cls C (1 hit); Qcf + C x 2; call Xiang Fei, Qcf, Hcb + A; §; df + C
   Upc + D.
    * Call Iori at the latest minute.
    + This combo uses a super cancel after the Qcf + C x 2.

 - cls C (1 hit), call Chin; Hcf + D, §; df + C; Upc + C.
    * You must be near the center of the screen, it is hard.

 - cls C (1 hit), call Foxy; Qcf + C x 2; §, call Andy; Qcb + C; §;
   Qcb + C.
    * Call Foxy before the first Qcf + C hits.

 - cr C; Qcf + C x 2, call Clark; cls C (1 hit), Qcf + C x 2, call 
   Angel; cls A; df + C; Qcf x 2 + C, call Benimaru; df + C; df + C;
   Qcf, Hcb + C. {R}
    * When you call Clark, run foward and time the hit so it hits 
      simultaneosly to Clark last hit, so you leave the enemy standing.

Corner combos:

 - cls D, call Xiang Fei; Qcf + C x 2; §; cr C, call King; Qcf + C x 2;
   §; JP CD; call Xiang Fei, Qcb + C; §; JP C; cls C; fwd + A; Qcb + A.
    * To call both, Xiang Fei & King; use cls/cr C, Qcf + BC; to call
      the final Xiang Fei use Qcb N + BC, advisable to have Xiang Fei
      at front and King in the middle.

 - cls C (1 hit), call Heidern; Qcf + C x 2, call Hinako; Qcf + A;
   Heidern §; df + C, call Foxy; df + C, df + C; JP CD.
    * Works as the previous one, but to call Foxy you must use a df + BC.

 - cls C (1 hit), call Whip; Qcf + C x 2; §; cls C (1 hit), call Kula;
   Qcf + C x 2; §; call Andy; Qcb + C; cls C (1 hit); fwd + A; Qcb + C.
    * Just as the first one, Qcf + BC and almost in the end, Qcb + BC.

Dawson Marica:
 For being a bother... my good old sparring partner who has been
vanished from the arcades due to his extensives studies at the

Mad Man's cafe:
 For having a great board with people that can correctly speak Engrish.

Kao Megura:
 Tradition more that anything... I guess you know who this man is,

 I wish that some day I can translate the japanese text like he does...
tough that's kind of hard to achieve *He's japanese and he is a
translator student, while I'm just some poor devil from no mans land*

 For drawing the Hidden KoF '2001 boss team (joke from the MMcafe) and
for building up even stronger the legend of Papá Mono. Juan SUCKS!!!!

 "Hey!! You are not up to dodge ball!!"