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Date: Fri, 24 Jul 1998 13:37:22 PDT

          ______    _____                                        .*''*.    TM
         |      |\ /     |                                   .*'*'*'*'*'*.
         |_     | /     _|                                  *'*'*'*'*'*'*'*.
          /     |/      | __________ _________   __________*'**'**'**'**'**'*
         /              ||          |         | /        |     |**    *******
        /               ||     __   |         |/__      _|_   _|*      *******
       /                | |   [__+--'--|   |--'  /      | |   |        *******
      /                 | |      |     |   |    /       | |   |        *******
     /    /|      /|    | |    __|     |   |   /   /|   | |   |       +**+**+
  __/    / |     /_|    |_|   [__+--. _|   |__/   /_|   |_|   |__--.  +*+*+*+
 /      /  |    / |      |          | |     |    /       |         | +*+*+*+
/______/   |___/  |______|__________| |_____|___/________|_________|*++*++*
         _________  _____      _____  _____    _________          +++++++
       ,'         ||     |    |     ||     | ,'         |      +++++++
      /   _____   ||_   _|    |_   _||_   _|/           |    +++++++
      |   `-_  ---' |   |      |   |  |   | |   ,----___|   +++++++
      \_     `-_    |   |      |   |  |   | |   |-------.  #++#++#
        `-_     `-  |   |      |   |  |   | |   |       | #+#+#+#+
           `-_    \ |   |      |   |  |   | |   |____   | +#+#+#+#+#+#+#+#+#+#
      .---____=.   ||   |__---.|   '--'   | |   `---'   | ##+##+##+##+##+##+##
      |           /|          |\          / \           | ####################
      |_________,' |__________| `-______-'   `-_________| ####################
          _     _  _  _       _      _     _    _  _         _____
         |_ | ||_||_ |_|  | ||_ |_|||  |  |_   | || | |   /   | |
          _||_||  |_ | \   V |_ | |||_ |_ |_   |_||_| |  /   _|_|_

This FAQ (c) Nahum Reduta 1998
Metal Slug, Neo-Geo, and all other applicable trademarks are (c) SNK 

V 2.0

Metal Slug 2
2 Players - Side-Scrolling Action

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 Table of Contents
  by mission
 High Scoring Tips
 Parting Thoughts


  Most soldiers take only one shot to kill.  Certain enemies can be 
taken care of by different means described below: 

-Arabian Swordsmen (Mission 1)
<> Will try to approach and attack with sword.  Some will throw swords 
in a small arc. 
[] You will generally be fast enough to knife them, but firearms work 
just as well. 

-Imperial Guards (Mission 1)
<> Rush at you, swinging swords when in range.
[] Use firearms, bombs thrown low if there are too many.  They take 
about 3-4 pistol hits.  For some reason, they leave behind lots of meat 
(300 pt.). 

-Bats (look carefully for them in Mission 2)
<> Either busy pestering miners, or carrying "mummy juice".  Some will 
also hide in treasure chests.
[] Shoot single ones.  Close attacks work well on groups.

-Mummies (Mission 2)
<> Pop out of sandy places or "mummy rooms."  Breath attack will turn 
you or bystanders undead. 
[] While ducking, close attacks or firearms work well.  Bomb the vaults 
if you need the items behind them.  Try to keep downhill of mummies as 
breath attack hits high. Take 10-15 pistol hits, but easy kills. 

-Special mummies (Mission 2)
<> Whiter in appearance.  Spit rolling bombs that have the same effect 
as a breath attack.
[] Take more pistol shots to kill (20-25).  DON'T forget about their 

-Bazooka Grunts (Also appear on Mission 1's boss)
<> Shoot bazooka shells at a wide variety of angles, and high or low.  
Will try to position themselves for clear hits.  Some will parachute in. 
Groups of two or more will try to mix up their shots.
[] In earlier levels, not all parachuters will shoot at you!  If they 
don't take a shot within two seconds of appearing, knife them! 

-Grenade Grunts
<> Throw grenades in a small variety of arcs.
[] Too easy to knife.  Shoot if annoyed.  Later on, these grunts will 
also throw small rockets, roll bombs, and use knives.  

-Shield Grunts
<> Probably the most improved enemy in MS2.  Their shields absorb 
bullets and sometimes knife attacks and bomb blasts.  They can block up 
or down if quick enough.  Will fire three pistol shots (high) when far 
or draw a sword up close.  They usually protect other units.
[] Use care when knifing; they may get the first hit.  They cannot block 
rockets, flame shots, or shotgun blasts.  Bombs have to hit them from 
above to kill them.

-Mortar Grunts
<> Fire mortar cannons from protected areas.
[] Use bombs or downward fire.  Avoid mortars.

-Sniper Grunts
<> Offensive ones will run ahead and fire (high).  Defensive ones hide 
behind obstacles, wait for a clearing of fire, and take their shot.  
They use single-action rifles (that means one shot per cock).
[] Duck shots and fire. Defensive ones can be taken out by pistols, 
distracted with other arms fire until you can knife them, shot with 
downward sprays, or bombed.  Be careful when clearing the sandbags in 
front of them.  Their shots are now free to travel as are yours. 

-Rocket Grunts
<> Throw small rockets, usually from a sheltered position.
[] Rockets will travel upwards slightly when hit with weapons.  If their 
rockets won't hit you when left alone, shoot in between rocket throws. 
Their rockets cannot be destroyed.

-Bowling Grunts
<> Roll bombs
[] Their rolling bombs are one of the hardest obstacles in the game.  
Don't allow them to roll more than one.  It's hard to land safely in 
between them.  Rolling bombs cannot be destroyed, and absorb shots while 

-Knife Grunts
<> Actually, any weapon throwing grunt carries a knife.  They will use 
them when up close.  Some will also make a leaping attack.
[] Standing knifers can be beaten to the slice if you try to do so.  But 
firearms are safer to use in their presence.  Jumpers have priority in 
the air.  Run underneath them and shoot them from behind.  Standing bomb 
throws also hit them.  If you are shooting from a crouch, knifers that 
try to hit you from behind will catch bullets first, leaving you safe to 
continue firing. 

-Mutants (Mission 5)
<> Jump up and down from ceiling, floor, or wall, crawling on either.  
Ones that have turned red can kill you with a self-destruct attack.
[] Kill floor crawlers with low fire, careful close attacks, or bombs.  
Kill ceiling or wall crawlers with upward fire or bombs.  If you are in 
the Metal Slug, shoot or shell whatever you can, but escape whenever 
they get too close. 

Most vehicles appear from Mission 3 on.  The wheeled vehicles have a 
nasty little habit of running you over if you get too close.  Obviously, 
vehicles take more than one hit to destroy (approximations given in 
pistol rounds, increasing by mission): 

-Minicopter (appearance in Mission 1): 25 shots 
<> Appears either separately or in chains, firing three bullet salvos or 
one at a time.  Only the red leader in chains will fire.
[] If low enough, two or three bombs will make short work of them. 
Otherwise, shoot high.  Destroying the red leader first not only takes 
out the rest of the chain (reaction), but also coughs up major bonus 
points (150,000 for the entire group)! 

-Missile Launcher (appearance in Mission 1): 30-45 shots
<> It fires about four missiles, each arcing down after traveling 1/3 
[] Shoot from a distance or while ducking up close.  The missiles can be 
destroyed with five shots. 

-Motorcycle (Mission 3 only): 5 shots
<> Carries a Grunt in the sidecar.
[] You should worry more about what the Grunt is going to do.  The 
motorcycler doesn't do anything but drive (into your bullets).

-Tall Tank: 30-40 shots 
<> Fires rolling shells. 
[] BIG target. Avoid the rolling shells.  Sometimes, grunts will climb 
on top to attack you. Many of the shorter tanks can be jumped onto.  
Your character will automatically jump whenever on top of a tank.  You 
can still maneuver left/right during these hops or hold jump to hop 

-Stout Tank (beige): 25-45 shots
<> Rolls around, stops, and fires straight cannon blasts (high).  When 
damaged, the driver pops out, launches rockets, and escapes. 
[] Duck and fire.  When it has stopped moving, you can stand right in 
front of it and shoot at it without getting hit.  Either way, play it 
safe.  Shoot or knife the driver. 

-Hydrofoil (Mission 3 only): 35 shots
<> Fires two missiles at a time.
[] Whether the driver is alive or not, it will still fire at you.  Don't 
stop firing until the vehicle is destroyed.  The missiles take 4-5 
pistol shots each.

-Armored Rocket Launcher (Mission 3 only): 50-60 shots
<> Fires a very slow but nimble rocket.
[] STAY AWAY FROM THE POINTY END!  The best way to kill these is still a 
single bomb.  The operator may jump out to knife you.

-Airplane (Mission 3 only): 30 shots
<> Fires a missile.
[] Easy to bomb (plane or missile).  After firing their single missile, 
they fly away.

-Blackhawk Helicopter (Mission 4 only): 50-60 shots
<> Drops volleys of bombs or fires fast missiles.
[] Keep up a fire on the chopper, dodging the bombs.  Throw bombs when 
it drops down to fire missiles.

-Jeep: 25-30 shots
<> Fires rockets from its bay, and tries to run you over.
[] Shoot from a distance.  A single bomb will destroy the missile bay.

-Small Tank (black/green): 30-45 shots
<> Rolls around, aims, and fires 3-5 shells. Repeats
[] "Tease" it by making it fire in one direction and cutting around to a 
safer spot to get some free hits.  Lowest fired shells start high then 
fall.  Duck up close, or stay away.  

-Long Tank (tan) (Mission 4 only): 50-60 shots
<> Fires a single "teardrop" shell.
[] Two words: sitting duck.  (If their slow-moving shell hits you, walk 
away from the machine and play some other game.  You don't deserve to be 
a tank buster.)

  Eri: "So what do I get to shoot them with?"


- Knife, SI:
  Actually, only the guys have this gut-busting staple.  The ladies use 
a hatchet or a baton for close combat. Using this against enemy soldiers 
spares a considerable amount of ammo to use on vehicles.  Shots cannot 
penetrate the ground or solid walls.


  All firearms can be used against the enemy.  Even a pistol, generously 
used, can destroy tanks, submarines, and airplanes.

 - Pistol, Standard Issue:
  This is one of your default weapons.  Affectionately known as the 
"bean shooter" in some circles, this will sometimes be your only weapon 
against big, bad bosses (players with skills like the challenge this 
presents).  Lucky for you, this may actually defeat a boss or two for 
you.  You are equipped with infinite magazines, but don't have to reload 
them (though all characters have reload animations after twelve or more 

  All special arms are limited by a certain amount of ammunition, 
whether they are bullets, rockets, charges, or so on.  Special arms can 
be fired in the same directions as the pistol (jump to fire downward).  
With the exception of the Laser Rifle and sometimes the Heavy Machine 
Gun, it doesn't seem to matter if you fire from a crouch or while 
standing.  Firing from a crouch with these two weapons will hit crawling 
enemies more often.
  Try not to grab a weapon the minute it's available; each weapon has 
its strong points.  The Shotgun is great against a pack of grunts, but a 
Heavy Machine Gun is safer to use against a widespread group of enemies.

[H] Heavy Machine Gun:
  The most common power-up.  Squeezing the trigger releases a spray of 
rapid fire, each bullet having roughly twice the power of pistol rounds.  
The [H] fires in diagonal sprays when the joystick is moved from one 
primary direction (up, down, left, right) to another.

[R] Rocket Launcher:
  Fires two slightly homing rockets from its barrel.  Like the bombs, 
you can only have two onscreen at a time.  Its range is limited to a 
flared cone extending up to 45 degrees from the direction it was fired.  
Rockets are slightly less powerful than bombs.

[F] Flame Shot: (improved)
  Fires a burst of flame roughly 2/3 screen.  It has less horizontal 
range than it did in MS1, but looks more realistic this time around.  
Damage to vehicles depends on its exposure to the burst.  A single, 
properly placed Flame Shot can take out a tank (the distance seems to be 
2/3 tank length away).

[L] Laser Rifle: (new)
  Fires a steady stream of coherent light.  Aside from roughing up your 
hairdo, the [L] seems to be more powerful than the [H].  Unfortunately, 
it can only be fired in the primary directions.

[S] Shotgun:
  Still the kickass weapon it was in MS1.  Although its range is limited 
to 1/3 screen from the barrel tip, it packs enough heat to knock 
soldiers back about 100 feet, and makes short work of tanks.  A single 
blast has the strength of 2-3 bombs.  Use it sparingly.


]=[] Bomb, SI:
  You come equipped with 10 every Mission.  Bombs are thrown at a slight 
arc.  Upon impact with a target or after bouncing once, it explodes into 
a powerful plume of flame (hint: it hits high enemies with the blast).  
You can only throw two at a time onscreen while on foot, but can unleash 
your entire load while inside a vehicle.

]=[] Firebomb: (new)
  Found in Mission 2, impact with the ground creates a wall of flame 
about 2/3 screen.  It takes off more than half the unlife out of 

[> Normal Shells:
  Turns A.P. shells into normal shells and adds 10 more.  They have a 
slow trajectory, arching earthward after about 1/3 screen.  They have 
the same flame plume as the regular bombs.

[> A.P. Shells: (new)
  Turns normal shells into A.P. shells and adds 10 more.  A.P. (added 
power?) shells travel at a faster trajectory, in a straight line while 
onscreen.  Hence, they have a more forceful impact than normal shells.


[#] Ammo Crate:
  Adds ammunition to your special arm, if you're carrying one.  They're 
worth either 150 [H] bullets, 150 [L] charges (if you ever find one), 20 
rockets/shotgun shells/flame shots, or 1000 pt.

[%] Ordinance Crate:
  Adds 10 ordinance devices to your current stock.  On foot, you'll get 
bombs or firebombs.  In vehicles, you'll get shells or missiles.

[X] Gas Tank:
  Adds a unit of fuel to your vehicle.  These three units represent the 
damage your vehicle can take (it won't take damage immediately after 
being hit, while it's flashing white).  


  The other half of your weaponry.  All vehicles, except the Camel Slug 
(which never gets hit) can take only three hits before going up to scrap 
heaven.  Gas tanks increase the damage your vehicle can take.

(A): Vulcan cannon
  All vehicles come equipped with a Vulcan cannon.  It shoots rapid-fire 
shots in the direction of the cannon barrel.  Having trouble pointing it 
where you need it?  It rotates to whatever direction you're pointing the 
joystick (this may mean while you're moving).  To fire at diagonals, tap 
the joystick slightly until the desired angle is reached.  You can fire 
at two 45-degree diagonals while moving: high and forward/away, and low 
and forward/away.  The Slug Flyer cannot shoot behind itself.

(B): Jump
  Why not?  Your vehicles outmatch any enemy vehicle for speed, ease of 
use, and power.  Jumping can get you onto a tank's blindside, help you 
hit high targets, or clear some obstacles.  Every vehicle except the 
Slug Flyer can jump (it has a quick take-off, resembling a jump).

(C): Ordinance
  Except for the camel (BYOB), each vehicle is equipped with some kind 
of heavy ordinance.  Cannons fire shells that have 4-5 times the power 
of bombs.  Missiles have roughly the same effect.

Down+(B): Escape/Eject
  Used primarily to get out of ruined vehicles (if you stay inside, your 
ass is fried).  If you need to tag a hostage too high to reach, feel 
that you'll need bombs instead of cannon shells, or simply want to waste 
a tank with your shotgun, use the escape to do so.  The escape is no 
longer the last-minute ditch it was in MS1 (if you couldn't avoid being 
hit by a stray missile, you could jump out to avoid damage to the Metal 
Slug).  A few worthless frames of animation were added to the escape, 
which increase the chance that your vehicle will be hit when you don't 
want it to.  To eject from the Slug Flyer, land it and press down+(B)

Down+(C): Throw bombs
  Throw what bombs you need or have.  The Slug Flyer needs to be landed.  
The Camel simply ducks while you throw bombs with down+(C).

(A)+(B): Frontal Assault
  Don't use this unless you are simple, or are about to take that final 
grenade.  You escape your vehicle, sending it on a crash course towards 
the enemy.  This was only useful in Missions 4 and 5 of MS1, when there 
was more than one tank in the level.  None of the missions have more 
than one vehicle, so don't bother.  (Personally, this is one trick you 
could do without, since you can accidentally do it when you mean to fire 
and jump at the same time.)


=Mission 1

-Deserts of Arabia
  You are sent to control a loyalist force suspected of building weapons 
of mass destruction.
  The tallest tree after the first building contains lots of fruit and 
three hidden POW's.
  To kill the camel rider, jump and pepper him with bullets.  When he 
ducks down, he's preparing to fire a few pistol rounds.  The fruit 
basket acts like an armor, absorbing some shots.  If you can get close 
enough, a single knife hit will kill him also.
  Near the domed building, the commander will send a squad of Imperial 
Guards after you.  Shoot them, and the wagon they bring with them.
  Eri: "Omigod!  What about the baby?!"  (Bomb blasts will send the baby 
flying >:D)
  Marco: "Don't worry, he's a tough lil' tyke."

  Shoot towards the right of the red banner to release 2nd lieutenant 
Hyakutaro Ichimonji. This mystic POW has a cool energy bolt attack (Ha 
dou ken!) and a close jumping roundhouse kick.  The bolts inflict at 
least five pistol shots of damage (gauged by Imperial Guard kills), and 
home in on anything you can shoot (this means structures as well; 
collateral damage!).  They travel very fast, but have a long charge 
time.  He'll help you until you finish the Mission or die, whichever 
-Rocket towers
  Shortly after finding Hyakutaro, the kiosks from the next building 
reveal three rocket batteries.  Rescue the POW above and kill the 
onlooking Imperial Guards.  Each of the batteries fires rockets that 
travel very wobbly paths.  The rockets themselves take one shot to 
destroy.  After taking about 35 bullets, each individual station will 
blow up, and the operators will fall to their respective deaths.

  You'll find the Camel Slug after the conversing Arabs and the cart.
  Eri: "What's with the camel?"
  Marco: "I did the best I could!  HQ couldn't send out anything 
  Tarma: "My ass; they just don't want a sunburn."

} The camel comes equipped with a Vulcan.  Pretty damned cool, I say.
  Tarma" "Whatever."
  However, the Camel Slug provides no cover against enemy fire.  The 
camel itself won't take hits, but its rider will (remember the camel 
rider from earlier on?)  (C) simply makes you throw a bomb, like normal.  
(A)+(B) Charging Camel.  Wave bye while your camel runs away.
  Fio: "Where does he think he's going?"
  Like the Metal Slug, the Camel Slug can run over enemy soldiers (try 
to get the ones crawling on the ground!).

  Watching out for the grenade grunt, blast the wall to reveal a missile 
battery.  Destroy it before it can fire its deadly arsenal.
 You'll pass by a couple of biochemical tanks, guarded by swordsmen.  
Don't forget the POW and the point bonus one of the swordsmen were 
carrying (sometimes, its a gem worth 30,000 pts).  Later, you'll be 
assaulted by minicopters.

  Frustrated by repeated attempts to halt your progress, the commander 
will send his final weapon against you:

-BOSS: Harrier VTOL (96)
<> While hovering above, waves of swordsmen rush at you.
[] In between shots at the Harrier, take out the swordsmen before they 
get too close.  If Hyakutaro is still with you, try to get him to take 
one side of the craft while you fire at the other.

<> After about 100 shots, two bazooka grunts exit the top hatches and 
open fire.  Meanwhile, the lift jets fire into overdrive.  They'll try 
to trap you in their gauntlet of white-hot exhaust and bazooka shells.
[] Stay in between the jet exhausts.  You will easily be tagged by 
afterburn or bazooka shells if you try attacking from its flank.  Dodge 
shells by running side-to-side and jumping, keeping fire on the Harrier.  
(If you have less than 10 POW's, another one will walk carelessly into 
the firefight.

  For 60,000 pt., aim for the engines as much as possible.  Keep firing 
at them until you are credited for the task (you'll see and get 10,000 
pt. for the first wing and 50,000 for the second).  It should take about 
75 shots (the engines will catch fire by the 25th shot).

  For a really tactless to defeat the Harrier, simply jump and toss all 
the bombs you've collected during the level.  The body of the plane is 
within jumping distance most of the time.  If you throw them fast enough 
(get close to the plane), the bazooka grunts won't have time to come 
out.  (This reminds me of Mission 1 of MS1, where you could simply throw 
all the bombs out of your tank, destroying the grounded Bomber before it 
could fire its main cannon.)  Tasty cheese.

 When defeated, the Harrier crashes to the ground.  At a loss, the 
Arabian commander surrenders.  Mission 1 complete!

=Mission 2

-Valley of the Pharaohs
  Intelligence has indicated that the enemy army is using a secret 
Egyptian site to house military machinery.  Gear up!
  Use your pistol/shotgun to knock out an eye from the Sphinx (30,000 
  Fio: "Hey, what has four legs, then two, then three?"
  Tarma: "Don't know... but I probably shot them all off yesterday.  

  If you still have the camel, give it a well-deserved rest at the 
  Without hitting the explosive barrel, kill the Imperial Guards that 
approach.  Finished, you should be able to fire at the top right corner 
offscreen, releasing three POW's.  (You need the Shotgun.  Bombs and 
pistols won't reach them.)
  Fio: "What were those Imperial Guards trying to guard?"
  Marco: "They weren't doing a good job of it."

-Excavation site
  You can shoot the bats near the top of the screen.

  Miner: "A gem for the lovely lady?"
  Eri: "Wow, thanks!  It's so sparkly!"
  Marco: "You'll have to include that in your battle log."
  If you stand next to the first and third miners, they'll dig up some 
bonus items for you (the frog [500-pt.] is the best you can get)
  Shoot at the top right of the support tower for a POW.
  Waste the bats coming out of the cave with knife swipes or [S] blasts.

  Eri: "Did someone just scream?"
  I bet so.  Checking up ahead, you find a mummy about to get the best 
of a miner.  Breathe lightly.
  After clearing the mummies from around the first cave, walk inside and 
release the POW hidden inside.

-Pyramid slope
  A small group of bats are hanging out at the top left of the screen, 
right after you jump onto the slope.  A gem or three POW's are hidden at 
the top of the screen, right above the spot where the first mummy pops 
up (don't get hit by the second one).
  Get a handle on the mummy infestation.  Remember that they can only 
attack high.
  Should you get a whiff of undead breath, here are some things to 
} You'll become a member of the undead, identifiable only by headgear 
(bandanna, hat, or shades).  After a brief invulnerability, you'll be 
carrying only a pistol.  No heavy arms.  You still carry whatever 
(fire)bombs you had before, but your stiff arms will make throwing them 
in time very hard.  Jumping is also quite a task.  Get into your funny 
crouch to avoid another stank breath attack, which will kill you the 
second time.  If you tire of the unlife, look for any of the flashing 
healing potions, which turn you back into a human instantly (no 
  If you need that [F] or healing potion behind the vaults, bomb them 
before the items disappear.
  Near the end, try to get the POW's before clearing out the mummies.  
Otherwise, you'll leave them behind when you automatically segue to:

-Cavern Maze
  You'll catch up with Rumi Aikawa here.  She'll leave behind a single 
healing potion or some point bonus(es).
  The bats drop their undead potion when in range or when you shoot 
  The eye hieroglyph before the special mummy hides a single gem.
  Shoot the deceased explorer to make her give up a gem (50,000 pts).  
Disgruntled, she'll give you the matching stick of dynamite.  Haul ass!
  Any sandy spot is a prime spot for mummies to appear.  They'll show up 
in packs of three most of the time.
  The fifth platform (the one with the single point bonus and bat) has a 
boulder trap right above it.  Quickly run to the point bonus, then jump 
out of the way of the falling boulder (it will destroy part of the 
  The purple gas jets on the sixth platform have the same effect as 
breath attacks.  Jump in just as the jet dissipates to grab the point 
  Jogging to the left, you'll see a few platforms to jump on.  From the 
second to the top, you can carefully jump over to the platforms on the 
right.  The long platform holds two treasure chests.  But don't stop 
here!  Carefully jump on top of the cat statues on the right.  Shoot the 
chest open, which holds a magic lamp (previously rubbed).  If you are 
patient enough, a djinni will appear!
  Djinni: "I will grant but a single wish!"
  Fio: "Just one, huh?  Um, I could use a little cash."
  Djinni: "It is done!"

  Wait just a moment longer, and he'll grant a wish for riches (by 
turning into a cloud of coins).  Starting from the moment the lamp is 
released, count the plumes of smoke and jump after the fifth one.  The 
coins are worth at least 10 pts, increasing in value up to 6400 pt.  $$$  
Keep it coming by shooting above the right statue for another magic 
  Tarma: "I'll have what she had."

  On the next level path (eighth platform), the head of the hieroglyph 
(wall painting) holds a number of gems (10 x 100 pts, and sometimes, one 
for 30,000 pts).  Shoot 'em out (It's easier with a pistol).
  If you let the mummy attack the explorer, you can destroy the new 
mummy for a gem (100 or 30,000 pts)

-Tower of Doom
  You'll come across a series of ledges.  Treasure and healing potions 
can be found here.  The twin-armed Slugnoid vehicle is located on one of 
the higher ledges.  One player should get in, while the other collects 
the Heavy Machine Guns in the treasure chests above.
} The Slugnoid crabwalks along the platforms.  Jumpjets give it a very 
high jump (B).  The twin Vulcan fire converges at a point downscreen but 
can be aimed in any direction.  The main cannon (C) fires downwards.  
(A)+(B) Swan Dive.
  Tarma: "Why does everything aim downward?"

-BOSS: Iron Claw [86]
<> Players caught in the arcing insides will die a shocking death.  Iron 
Claw attacks with ball lightning, rockets, a charge attack, and an 
Extreme Plasma Cannon.
[] Shoot downward and fire your cannon/throw bombs at the same time.  If 
you stay at the same altitude for a while, Iron Claw rears back and 
charges towards you (up to 2/3 screen).  It won't fire weapons while 
doing so, giving you time to get free hits in.  It's best to have a 
center ledge while teasing it.
  The lightning balls can only be dodged.  Rockets can be shot.  When 
Iron Claw primes up, jump to the side ledges to stay out of reach of the 
Extreme Plasma Cannon.  A power-up will fall every now and then to even 
out the battle.

  When defeated, Iron Claw starts to sag, then tries for one more 
charge, but is unsuccessful, and falls.  Mission 2 Complete!

=Mission 3

-Supply Train
  You've managed to catch up with an enemy train headed for a night 
shipment to the Far East.  Lucky for you, the troops are unaware of the 
doom you're packing.
  Eri: "All aboard!"

} On the flatcars, all gunfire aimed downwards will strike the ground 
instead of the flatcar.  This means that you can shoot the motorcyclers 
and grunts running on the ground below you.  All ordinance devices 
behave in the same way.  Once the train starts moving, bombs will bounce 
towards the rear of the train.

  You'll meet up with shield, grenade, mortar, and sniper grunts here.  
Hit the levers to lower a platform and jump to the roof.  Grunts on the 
walls of and inside the boxcars cannot be hit, except those very close 
to the sides (you can knife them, but they can also knife you).
  Use some ingenuity when fighting the snipers.  They don't pop up when 
bullets are flying above them (gotta give them credit, they're not that 
stupid).  Wait them out, bomb them or keep firing while you close in and 
knife them.
  It's a little difficult to bomb the mortar grunts without putting 
yourself in reach of their mortars.  Throw your bomb, then back off.

-Livestock Cars
  Use close attacks to knock open the locks.  Collect the pigs inside 
(1000 pt. each) the first one.  Be aware of the shield grunt inside the 
second one, who's holding the POW captive.  The mortar grunt can be shot 
through the roof, or taken out with a bomb thrown at the shield grunt.

-Over the Bridge
  The action pans below, where hydrofoils pursue the train.  The 
operator takes only a shot to kill, but the hydrofoil will continue to 
launch missiles (the missiles move just as fast as the train, gaining 
altitude but losing velocity) and follow the train.  Keep firing until 
the hydrofoil smokes and finally blows up.  Two more will follow.

  At the engine, rescue the POW.  Shoot at the smokestack from below to 
release three POW's hidden in the smoke.  From the head of the engine, 
you have to long jump to the flatcar of the next train.  If you manage 
to clear more space with your jump, you'll be rewarded with 50,000 pt.  
Those who take the easy jump don't get anything.
  Eri: "Wait, can I go back and pull the whistle?"
  Marco: "We don't have time for that!"

  On the flatcars, parachuters and stout tanks greet you.  Keep low and 
fire, then shoot the driver when he pops up.  Next, two tall tanks will 
surround you.  Concentrate fire on one (preferably the left one), 
jumping over the shells of both.  Take care of the grunts stationed on 
the passenger cars.  From the last one, you have a nice vantage point to 
bomb the grunts surrounding your Slug Flyer.  Try not to eat mortar.

-Air Battle
  Use the Slug flyer to take on the upcoming tanks, missile batteries, 
and airplanes.
} The Slug Flyer is equipped with a Vulcan that is limited in angular 
range.  Otherwise, it behaves just like the Vulcan's of the other 
vehicles.  (C) launches missiles.  (A)+(B) Kamikaze.  Gotta give props 
for the ejector seat and parachute.  2P can stand on top for protection 
or a vantage point.  Throwing bombs and escaping must be done landed.  
You can also ram grunts running around on the flatcars.
  Bazooka grunts will attack you from motorcycles while mortar grunts 
will do so from behind armor.
  Having trouble nailing the planes with missiles?  Try flying just 
above the plane and launching your missile for a sure hit.

-BOSS: Four Legger.
<> The Four Legger hugs the sides of a flatcar and begins its assault.  
Its main weapon is a cannon that shoots flaming shells.  They have a 
strange trajectory, climbing in an arc, then falling straight down.  It 
also releases a group of hovering bombs (usually while someone is 
dodging cannon fire from above.  They take 5 shots each.  Four Legger 
uses an anti-aircraft cannon, which fires either three groups of three 
large shots or an interrupted spray of smaller shots.  A flame-thrower 
is tucked away in a lower compartment.

[] While the Four Legger is standing, shots pass through its legs (this 
means you have to jump to shoot at it).  Everything except the 
flame-thrower can be avoided by hiding underneath its legs, firing up 
into its crotch.  Soldiers on foot should attempt this only when there 
are two players.  The flame-thrower has a range of 2/3 screen (it's safe 
to stand in the black smoky portion of the flame). The anti-aircraft 
cannon can be evaded by standing close to Four Legger.  You cannot jump 
over the low salvo of large bullets.  And despite what you may have seen 
in shooter-type games, none of the shots can be neutralized by your own.
  If you see steam vented from its legs, move over to the left to evade 
crushing death.  The steam vents indicate that Four-Legger is about to 
sit on the car, crushing anyone underneath.  While sitting, those on 
foot can jump onto Four Legger's lower compartment, and fire from a 
crouch, evading everything except the hovering bombs.  The Slug Flyer 
can evade fire by flying directly above Four Legger.  When it puts away 
its anti-aircraft cannon, fly back to the left, because it's about to 
stand up again.

  Defeated, Four Legger loses its grip on the car, and begins to slide 
away from the train.  Mission 3 complete!

=Mission 4

-Chinese City, Downtown
  A platoon of enemy troops is stationed nearby.
  Blast the trucks to release their cargo.  Be sure to collect as much 
of the food as you can.  Once you've stuffed yourself full: 

} Fat-assed mayhem!  (Did you know that the Chinese consider chubby 
babies to be of excellent health?)  Along with a visible increase in 
weight, your weapons now cause slightly more damage.  From your pistol 
to your rocket launcher, your weapons have a new look about them.  Grunt 
standing in your way?  Waste him with your dinner fork!  Too tired to 
walk over to those bazooka grunts?  Throw some black beauties their way 
(C).  The bombs drop a little faster but travel farther.
The only drawbacks to being so hefty are having a slower walking speed, 
and only being able to take the same one hit before you blow up.  If you 
work out long enough (by running and gunning), you'll regain your former 
  Check out the "crouching" and standstill animations when you have time 
(Mmmm, donut).  Absolutely hilarious!  I like the detailed ripples 
caused by firing your weapons.

  Most of the buildings can be demolished, revealing hidden POW's and 
point bonuses (more food).  Some of the hard to reach POW's can be 
reached by knocking down the building they're on or the one next to it.

 The parked double decker bus converts into a barricade.  Be careful 
when picking up power-ups in the wreckage (two bullet boxes surrounding 
a [R], or a [R] and a single bullet box).  I prefer to leave with a 
packed Heavy Machine Gun than with a rocket launcher.

-Dry creek
  Right about where the monkey and fish are, there's an opening in the 
walkway.  After jumping into it, you can find some POW's hidden 
underneath the left walkway.  If you're obese, you may also get a diet 
shake (which trims off the excess instantly).
  Fio: "I lost 200 pounds in one second!"
  Hyakutaro: "Good for you!"
  Marco: "Welcome back!"

  Run over to the right, and you'll find some soldiers hiding away in a 
Chinese "junk".  While turning it into American "junk", spend a few 
shots on the shield grunt that jogs across the walkway (or catch him 
with a bomb blast).  Each ruined junk gives up a pile of food.

-Not-so-dry creek
  A tall tank will approach, with grunts climbing over to bomb you.
  When you reach the oil rig type platform, a Blackhawk and a Jeep will 
assault you.  Plug a few bullets into the Jeep then jump onto the lower 
platform.  The Blackhawk's bombs shouldn't reach you.  When the 
Blackhawk descends (missile launcher at the ready), jump to a higher 
platform and start shooting.  After finishing the chopper, pick up the 
love letter bonus (300-pt.).  The Jeep will attack with its missiles 
when the bay is done pointing at you.

-Residential Area
  Sitting on a rooftop is your Metal Slug (about time it showed up).

} The Metal Slug performs just like it did in MS1, with the exception of 
longer escape animation.  (A) Vulcan  (C) Main cannon  (A)+(B) Frontal 

  Maneuver your way around the parachuters, short tanks, and mortar 
grunts.  When using A.P. shells (provided by the third POW in the area), 
take note that they fire at whatever angle the barrel is facing.  If you 
can't line up a shot, move over to another area and get the angle right.
  If you think you're about to lose a hostage, run ahead and try to keep 
him onscreen.  At the end of the hill, the hostages will jog back and 
forth, where you can tag them.  In this area, you'll be fighting some 
mortar grunts on top of some houses, a long tank, and a short tank.
  Tarma: "Hehehe... It's humping the other one."
  Fio: "How observant..."
  Marco: "He always had sharp eyes."

  An uphill segment pits you against Jeeps and Missile Batteries.  
Finish them with cannon shells or bombs before they can fire on you.
  Eri: "Hey, try to save one of those Jeeps for me; I need a car."
  Tarma: "I think a motorcycle would fit you better."
  "You think so?"

  Take out the pillar of grunts ahead.  You can stand on the platforms 
of similar pillars to get a better angle when fighting:

-BOSS: Big Ass Tank
  At first, I thought the boss was some kind of battleship.  This boss 
is loaded with cannons.

<> The twin-barreled cannons (about 8 on the side you're fighting, 40 
pistol shots each) fire teardrop shells in a variety of directions.  At 
random times during the battle, and when all of the cannons are 
destroyed, the front end opens up to reveal a 3-foot cannon (cannon 
measurements usually refer to the diameter of the barrel; this is one 
freaking huge shell shooter!  Check out the size of the casings!)

[] Only the cannons take damage during this battle.  Shoot whatever guns 
you can aim at during the battle.  If using the Metal Slug, try for the 
lower cannons first.  They are either on level with the Metal Slug on 
higher ground, or within jumping distance on lower ground.  Use the 
houses and boulders to aim for the higher guns.
  When fighting the 3-foot cannon, concentrate fire on the cannon 
portion itself.  All you really have to avoid are the shells.  
Impressive as the explosions are, they don't do any damage.  You can 
jump onto the explosions for a little "ride".  They also propel the 
Metal Slug into the air; opening up A.P. shots to the cannon.
  Fio: "Wheee!"
  Marco: "Hey, quit playing around in there; those babies cost 

  If you're on foot, stand below the cannon, firing at the yellow/black 
warning decal just to the side of the barrel.  In the Metal Slug, try to 
stay a bit behind the cannon, so it has to fire at a slight angle.  Jump 
above the shell, firing one of your own, and ride the blast for some 
Vulcan hits and a second cannon shell opportunity.

  When defeated, the tank ceases to function and smolders in the 
background.  Mission 4 complete!

=Mission 5

-New York City (?)
  I'm still unsure of the locale.  It's obviously a city; the signs are 
in English, like on the taxi.  I referred to this city as Russian in an 
earlier version, because the game seems to follow a progression of 
locales along Africa and Asia.

  Anyway, the townsfolk have been complaining about strange smells and 
sounds coming from the sewers.  Intelligence confirms that a battalion 
is stationed inside, ready for an invasion.

  Whenever you are safe from harm, jump on top of any of the cars, 
firing downwards (25 shots, three rockets, or one bomb).  Eventually, 
the car will burst in flames, sending you into the sky.  A lot of the 
bonus items here are within jumping reach of an airborne car.  
Sometimes, a weapon (or point bonus) will be left in the remains of the 
vehicle.  Can anyone say "road rage"?
  You'll encounter a lot of grunts and two swarms of minicopters along 
the street.  Jump on top of parked cars/trucks to get yourself within 
bombing range of the minicopters.  In two spots, two bazooka grunts will 
fire at you from behind a parked car.  You can long jump over all four 
of their shots, jump above them and fire, or throw a bomb over their 
automotive barricade.
  At the end of the street, shoot at the fire escape of the last 
building for three POW's.  Fire into the tree for some fruit.

-Underground Railroad
  The street ends in a steep embankment.  Don't run into the entrance 
right away, as a tall tank rushes out on the rails.  While fighting 
this, watch for the grunts that try to backstab you.  If you can get to 
the other side of the tank, shoot into the top of the arch for more 
POW's (It's probably easier to try this before you kill the talking 
grunts, and with a rocket launcher, too).
  Tarma: "Hey, is it just me, or did I just see a UFO?"

  Inside the subway system, you'll face a number of grunts and 
  (Bell rings)  Eri: "Hey, our train is arriving."
  Marco: "What?  We're standing right in its tracks!"
  Stretch out your hands.  As soon as the train approaches from the 
right, fire immediately.  If you don't, the train pushes you to the end 
of the screen, crushing you.  Each shot pushes the train back a little 
bit (demonstrating the pistol's firepower!).  The trains take about 100 
shots before upending, so keep up a constant fire.  Bombs and other 
firearms have the same effect (Now is a good time to tell you that with 
[H] or [L], you don't have to pound the button furiously.  About four 
presses each second will keep a constant fire rushing from the gun 
barrel.).  Each train leaves behind some kind of bonus.
  A stout tank encounter follows.  The second of these will cover a 
squad of rocket throwers.  Carefully throw a bomb above the tank or jump 
over it to take care of the grunts.
  Three more trains will arrive.  After destroying each one, run to the 
right to regain any lost ground.  When the second of these arrives, some 
grunts will attack.  The ones falling from above may be killed with a 
well-timed bomb blast.  The plume reaches above the subway car.  Should 
a grunt come up from behind, turn around, fire, and turn back.  To 
easily dodge grenades, let the train push you a little bit.  The grenade 
will hit the train instead, leaving you free to continue firing.
  After marker zero (0), the track bends from here.  But before you 
leave (by shooting the EXIT door open), fire at the ceiling above the 
bend.  There are three separate spots with concealed POW's, a nice find.

  Tarma: "A hidden laboratory?"
  Fio: "Dead scientists?"
  Marco: "Sounds like fun to me."

  The funny looking box with the arrow on it is a crank.  After you find 
the lever, press (A) to wind it.  After three turns, an item will drop 
down.  The first is an ordinance crate.
  Shoot down the gate to open up the rest of the level.  (The sign 
roughly says "Caution, mutants!")  Throughout this level, mutants will 
attack you.  They don't cause you any harm until they've turned red, at 
which time they try to self-destruct by your side.  Crouch to fire at 
the ones on the floor.  One or two close attacks should also work.  
Quick shots can kill the ones on the ceiling before they drop to the 
floor.  If a red one is in the group you're fighting, be prepared to 
jump away from a self-destruction blast.
  Inside the next area, you'll see a crank for a [L].  The next crank 
gives you a [S].  Try to get it after spending all of your laser ammo.  
The mutants behind this gate may also crawl on the walls.  These tend to 
stay on the walls, crawling along it until they can self-destruct.
  The last crank releases a [S] and a Metal Slug!  Don't get too cocky 
now; you'll face more mutants in this area, and a few of them may get 
close enough to damage your tank.  Use the escape early to avoid damage, 
wasting the closer ones with the [S] before climbing back in.
  A squad of tanks confronts you by the staircase.  A POW carrying A.P. 
shells will fall before the staircase.  A lone POW will be sitting at 
the end of the path.  If you have the Metal Slug, another POW will fall 
from the ceiling.  He'll change your shells back to Normal for your 
fight with:

-BOSS: Nuclear Submarine
<> Surfacing from the sewer slime, the sub attacks with a lot of 
lightning balls.  They come in three kinds of waves:
  Single:  About four to five single LB's.  They can be very quick.
  Spray:  Two, four or five LB's form an arch.  It will attack with two 
or three of these.
  Homing:  These red LB's rise quickly to the level of the walkway, then 
head in some kind of high/high/low pattern.
  The sub also has a thunder cannon.  This shares the same compartment 
with the LB generator.  When you see double barrels pop up, prepare for 
some serious thunder.
  It tends to use the singles first (a slow group and a fast group).  
Then it alternates between the other three lightning attacks.
[] The strategy of bombing the boss to death doesn't seem so cheesy 
here, since it can easily destroy your Metal Slug (the tank will feel 
true to its name here).  Fire the Vulcan and bomb it at the same time, 
using shells when the bombs run out.  Carefully watch the lightning 
attacks to judge how you should avoid them (the slowdown should help 

  When defeated, the sub sinks, forcing grunts to abandon into other 
people's toilet water.

Mission 5 complete!

=Final Mission
  Metal Slug veterans remember the Final Mission as one long, hellish 
firefight.  MS2 establishes a tradition, with only breaks during the 
  Tarma: "We could use that submarine again."
  Marco: "Can't; it got decommissioned after the war."
  "A shame."

-Siberian Shipyard
  Fio: "Brrrr!  It's damn near freezing out here!" 
  Tarma: "You can huddle up next to me for some warmth, baby." 
  Far from Moscow, the rebel army has secretly established war factories 
and rebel headquarters.
  Jump carefully from the dock.  A mortar grunt assaults you from behind 
sandbags.  Too short a jump will send you out to sea in a glacier.  The 
next dock has a few rocket throwers, a bazooka grunt on the search 
tower, reinforced by sandbags (try spending some bombs here).  From this 
second dock, you'll notice ICBM's fired from underwater silos.  The best 
you can do is jump between them, which is safest when your head just 
touches the end of the last missile.  A late jump sends you on top of 
the next missile.  There are no breaks in the firing pattern of the 
smaller missiles.  Only skills will take you further.
  You'll come to a mountainside.  Here, watch for parachuters, snipers, 
and mortars.  The sign with the arrow hides a single POW.  Pretty 
sneaky, huh?

-Mountain Bridge
  A wooden bridge and heavy winds makes for a spectacular effect.  As 
you deal with parachuters, bowlers, grenade and rocket throwers, the 
bridge waves tremendously.  Rockets travel up the slope of the bridge.  
Rolling bombs roll along the entire length of the bridge; their view can 
be obscured by the high segments of the bridge.  Don't be surprised if 
you jump onto the bridge peaks and die a sudden death.
  The best place to throw your bombs is to the left of peaks, so they 
fly over and hit grunts on the other side.  About halfway down is a 
pillar you can stand on, once you clear the grunts off of it.
  Grunts stationed at the end of the bridge fire mortars and roll bombs.  
At lower depths, bombs fall past you if you stand close to the edge.  
Carefully jump to the solid platform at top, advancing the screen.  
Clear the mortar and grenade grunts from the area, prepping for your 
battle with:

-Midboss: Super Soldier!
  Marco: "What's the matter?  One death isn't enough for you?"

<> Fully recovered from his war wounds, Super Soldier challenges you to 
another showdown.  But this time, he's brought reinforcements.  
Throughout the fight, grunts will try to bomb you.  Super Soldier 
attacks with a chaingun, firing five bullets a salvo in six basic 
directions (forward, diagonally up, diagonally down).  From higher 
ledges, he throws bombs at you (they're similar to yours, without the 
bounce).  If you approach him, he'll swing his knife at you.
  SS: "Go home to your mommy!"
  Tarma: "Go back to your grave."

[] The old tactic of keeping him on the middle ledge doesn't work 
anymore. (In MS1, Super Soldier would do his best to avoid taking bomb 
blasts.  From the middle ledge, you could duck his shots, throw a bomb 
when he approached, wait for him to jump back onto the opposing ledge, 
and repeat this until he kicked off.)
  SS: "Come on, boy!" (fires chaingun)
  Eri: "Hey, I'm a lady, you steroid freak!" (goes for groin shots)

  This time around, Super Soldier is a little more daring, willing to 
take a bomb blast if he can still approach you.  All of his horizontal 
shots can be ducked.  Sometimes, you can knife him once, jump away while 
he pulls out his own knife, knocking a few shots into him as he does so, 
then running away from him.  Take whatever shots you can in the 
  He seems to be easier to kill this time in the sense that fewer shots 
do him in.  But by all means, don't let up in any way.

  SS: (taking his final bullet) "See you in Hell!" shortly interrupted 
by a killer whale, which makes a gory little meal out of him.  Bones 
  Fio: "Did he say 'See you in whale?'" 
  Tarma: "Who cares?  He left his chaingun behind!" (picks up gun, which 
acts as a Heavy Machine Gun) 

  Head down the stairs and punish the slackers who thought that Super 
Soldier could defeat you.  From here, you'll climb up a gentle ramp, 
confronting mortars and snipers ahead, and shield grunts below.  A few 
shield grunts will protect mortar grunts below.  They'll also protect a 
missile battery.  A few snipers will try to ambush you from behind
-Submarine factory
  Knock the foreman out of his post at the top of the screen.  A bomb 
crate will fall from the control post.  The submarines take damage, 
passing it on to grunts standing on deck.
  Tarma: "Um, what's with the UFO?" 
  Fio: "Those aliens are getting away!  Shoot them!"
  Marco: "This may explain where the rebel army is getting their 
  Shield grunts will protect a squad of bomb rollers.  A small tank will 
descend from an elevator.  After busting it, use the platform to release 
the hostage on the higher platform.

  A full rack of aliens appears on the next elevator.

<>  Their pistols shoot strange atom-shaped thingies.  The darker ones 
shoot blue particles (fast and straight) from their pistols (and 
foreheads when floating).  The lighter ones fire yellow ones (which 
float around more).  4-8 shots kills an alien.
[] The particles take a hit each to cancel.  It's best to stay low and 
attack hand-to-tentacle.  The aliens tend to travel in packs and 
patterns.  They like to fly around a lot.  Try to find their landing 
spot, crouch near it, and knife each one.

  The next control post holds a [F], very effective against the small 
tanks and shield grunts ahead.  The one after that holds a bomb crate.

  You'll face a lot of alien packs here.  Small platforms give you 
access to some of the prisoners on the top level, but it's easier to 
fight aliens on the lower platform.
  When the second area is clear, turn the crank to release a [L].  
Frying time!
  Don't forget the three POW's hanging at the top of the screen after 
the third area.  A POW is hidden on the short plank in the fourth area 
(shoot him out).

  General: "Haaaaahahahaha!"
  Marco: "He's still alive?  I could've sworn I slashed him about ten 
times after he fell out of his Huey twin!"
  Eri: "He's been cooperating with the aliens the whole time!" 
  General: "Smart girl, you are.  I see my boys can't handle four little 
soldiers, even.  No matter, I take care of this myself."
  Alien Captain: "That will be unacceptable."
  General: "What is this you talk about?  (alien drone descends from the 
sky, priming its thunder cannon)  No, nooo, AHHHHH!"
  Sure enough, the General has returned, with a fruity looking tank.  
Displeased with his inability to get rid of you, the aliens take matters 
into their own hands and blast the General with a bolt from a Battle 
Drone.  The aliens beam aboard, taking the General in tow:

-BOSS: Battle Drone
<> Most of the battle will be spent sending out up to four Battle Pods 
after you.  They fire small laser shots, and attempt to corner you with 
them.  If successful, they'll fly into the stratosphere, engaging 
airplanes in dogfights.

[] A few bombs or 25 shots should take care of each Pod.  Try to follow 
the same one around.  If you can destroy one, you'll get a bonus or a 
weapon.  [L] works extremely well.

<> The Battle Drone has only two major attacks of its own.  It may hover 
to the top right of the screen, and bombard you with a blanket of plasma 
bombs (Remember the Huey Twin bomb blanket from MS1?).  Its other attack 
is a lightning attack, like the one used to fry the General (it will 
hover above the building).

[] Keep a constant fire when free from the Battle Pods.  Use the 
platform to the left whenever possible.  Move in between the bombs in 
the blanket, shooting the Drone as it passes above.  Move underneath the 
moon in the background so you can fire at it when it returns.  When the 
rod is exposed, it will prime up for two seconds, then fire a bolt.  It 
can strike the ground up to 45 degrees from vertical.  Tease the rod 
(you have to be within 20 degrees when doing so), jump away and take 
some shots, then repeat.

  When defeated, the Battle Drone crashes into the building.  Mission 6 

  Marco: "Heads up!  It's a mothership!"
  The mothership tractors the damaged Battle Drone, activates a docking 
mechanism, then confronts you!

FINAL BOSS: Mothership
<> The Mothership sends out more Battle Pods.  Its main (and only) 
weapon is a Planet Buster, which primes for two seconds, then fires.  
Anything in its beam is instantly destroyed.

[] Throughout the fight, various grunts and tanks will join the battle.  
But fear not, for they are here to help you.  Their attacks DO count, if 
you're wondering (the tanks do well against the pods).  The grunts and 
tanks take damage from the laser beams from the Battle Pods.  Try using 
the tanks and Shield grunts for cover.  Their shields will absorb laser 
shots.  You can also stand on top of their shields, but this isn't all 
that useful.
  The Mothership itself is just one big target.  Aiming upward from 
anywhere on the available screen will hit some section of the ship.  The 
Planet Buster has a width of 1 1/2 small tanks, or 1/4 screen.
  The soldiers are kind enough to bring in a fresh Metal Slug later in 
the Battle.  You just have to unload it from the truck.  The cannon is 
only effective against the Pods, and only when you're positioned on 
what's left of the platform to the left.  Jump to shell the pods just as 
they appear, firing your Vulcan at the Mothership.

  After a long and ruthless battle, the Mothership withdraws.  But it 
decides to prime up the Planet Buster for one more time.

  One of the pilots won't have that though.
  Pilot: "I can't fire my last missile!"
  In service to his general, he sacrifices himself and flies into the 
core of the Mothership.

  Lucky for you, this halts the Planet Buster!  Internal explosions 
force the Mothership to leave without destroying the earth.  It discards 
the Battle Drone, smoldering from war scars.  Finally, it blows up, 
releasing its captive, the General, who is still strapped to the 
examination table.
  Grunts: "Yeah!  Wooo-hoo!"
  But their celebration is short, as the table falls on top of the 
General, crushing him!
  Marco: "Score!"
  Fio: "Anyone for sandwiches?"
  Eri: "Alright!"
  Tarma: (to himself) "hehe, bouncy, bouncy,..."

Final Mission complete!


  My primary reason for playing Metal Slug 2 so much are the various 
secrets hidden in the game.  Killing enemy soldiers can be fun, but 
finding the hidden stuff in the game is more challenging to me.  My 
current high score stands at around 3.3 million pt., quite an increase 
from MS1, where I got about 1,426,950 pt. (some other guy found ways to 
get almost 2 million).  A bit of this comes from fighting the enemy (I 
don't think a score based on enemy kills alone would break 1 million).  
The bulk of the score comes from other sources:

  The greatest contributors of points, rescued hostage points are also 
the hardest to earn.  First, you have to find them.  After Mission 1, 
there are more than 10 POW's hidden in every stage (Mission 5 is 
supposed to have more than 20 hostages.  Less than half of the POW's in 
the game are visible onscreen.   You have to poke around for the rest of 
them.  The other half of the problem is staying alive to get credit for 
your rescues.  You only get credit for POW's you rescued on your current 
life and mission (your rescue count resets when you die).
  When you complete a mission, you receive 10,000 pt. for every hostage 
you rescued.  You receive 30,000 for finding Hyakutaro Ichimonji (the 
fireball guy) or Rumi Aikawa (the girl with the pack).  In a one-player 
game, you are also given 100,000 pt. for rescuing more than ten hostages 
(GREAT!).  In a two-player game, the player with more hostages gets the 
100,000-pt. bonus (no bonus given for a tie or no rescues).  If you 
rescued 15 POW's in a given mission, you'll receive 250,000 pt. for your 

-Skill Bonuses
  Although not as plentiful as other bonuses, they still contribute a 
lot to your score.  The skill bonuses include but may not be limited to:
 -destroying the red leader in minicopter chains (150,000)
 -destroying the engines of Mission 1's boss (10,000 and 50,000)
 -long jumping from train to train in Mission 3 (50,000)

-Point Bonuses
  Watermelons, steamed buns, and bok choy may not seem like the best 
things to kick up your score.  But all those fruits, vegetables, and 
animals can add up.  Treasure items are a sure way to rack up points 
(the gemstones and golden bats of Mission 2 are valuable).  Point 
bonuses placed in dangerous spots are worth more than usual.
  To round them up:
10 pt.       Spoiled food, fresh eggs, single bananas, apples, magic 
100 pt.      Most gems, banana bunch, root vegetables, bread, cats, bok 
300 pt.      Steamed buns, meaty bones, love letter
500 pt.      Frogs, chickens, briefcases, bird nest?
1000 pt.     Pigs, roast chicken, canned rations, monkeys, fish, gold 
5000 pt.     Dolls
30,000 pt.   Rare gems, golden bats

-Collateral damage
  You can shoot a lot of things other than enemies in Metal Slug 2.  
This is more evident in the last three missions.  Mission 4 is full of 
buildings and vehicles you can wreck.  The wall along the dry creek is 
one long target.  Houses in the suburban area can be demolished high and 
low.  Even the boulders can be shaved (this makes the going easier).

-Knife vs. Gun
  It's trickier to kill a grunt with a knife than with a gun.  That's 
why you get 500 pt. for fighting hand-to-hand.  Each weapon shot is only 
worth 100 pt.  Use your combat skills whenever possible.  Doing so also 
spares ammo for use on vehicles.


=What I Would Like to See In MS3
  In a few ways, Metal Slug could fare well with a little more 
processing power running it.  It's not the slowdown that bothers me.  
But some of the visual magnificence can be improved on further.  I would 
like to see some dramatic lighting effects, like a battlefield lit only 
by white flares, explosions that shine brightly in midday, early morning 
fog, stuff like that.  You don't need to turn the game into 3D to do it, 
it works very well in 2D.
  The game could also benefit from the addition of a four-player mode.  
I like this idea a lot.  Split-screened, multi-player, double Metal Slug 
madness!  Granted, it would detract from the "one-man army" feel of the 
game, but I think people would like this very well.
  Almost no one knew the names of the characters before they saw them at 
the bottom of the character select screen.  Concepts like character 
backgrounds, motivations, and storylines add so much personality to the 
game.  There are hundreds of viable ways to introduce these into the 
fabric of the game without turning it into something else.  I've enjoyed 
the storylines in games since Street Fighter II, and the endings each 
character had.
  The "war movie" feel of MS1 was very effective.  The cinematic music, 
foreign locales, even the color scheme gave the player the sense that 
s/he was watching a movie instead of playing a game.  Sometimes, I 
stopped pressing the buttons just to pay attention to the background and 
the music.  I have to be more careful about it in MS2, or else I'll take 
a bullet.

=Special Thanks
  My first acknowledgment goes out to Nazca and SNK, the former for 
creating such a tremendously enjoyable game, and the latter for 
providing a masterful sequel.  We need more games like this.
  Secondly, to the arcade owners who decided to purchase this fine piece 
of video gaming, your thanks are in the change machine.  You keep it 
coming, I keep it coming.
  To all who provided helpful information over the Internet, including:
(by order of appearance):
G. T. Komatsu, the first person to send me anything about MS2,
"EX" Andy Park, who must be one of the few people with a Neo-Geo 
E. Murfonsky, who found some of the trickier secrets in the game,

  And finally to the brave men and women who fought and will fight the 
real wars, whose actions wrote the pages of history, whose adventures 
inspired this game, and whose diligence protects their countries, so 
that stupid college kids like me can ditch history class for a game of 

Peace forever!!

Check out this month’s issue of Gamefan magazine for a review of MS2.

P.S.  By the way, it seems that MS2 has no ending like MS1.  The scene 
with the pilot, and the scene with the General on the table, seem to be 
all the ending that we'll get.