Walkthrough by VC viper

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King of the Monsters 2: The Next Thing 
Developed and Published by SNK
Year: 1992
Created by: Vc Viper
Contact me @: battlecruiser2004@hotmail.com

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1.	Update
2.	Introduction
3.	Controls
4.      Characters
5.      Game Mechanic
6.	Power-ups
7.	Common Enemies
8.	Walkthrough
9.      Credits

1. Update

V 1.0 9/20/12

First Version.

2. Introduction

In 1996, 6 powerful monsters waged a massive battle on Japan against each 
other to become the King of the Monsters. After 3 years of intense 
fighting 3 monsters emerged victorious and even more powerful than before. 
Just when everyone thinks nothing can challenge their might, a new 
challenger appears, and it's not of this world. Can the earth's 3 most 
powerful monsters face off against this new threat and defend their title 
as the King of the Monsters?

3. Controls

Joystick: Moves monster in 8 directions.

A Button: Punch

B Button: Kick

C Button: Jump

C+A: Jump attack

Hold down A, B, or C for a few seconds, then release: Special attack.

4. Characters

Super Geon

Height: 112m

Weight: 132000t

Speed: Low

Power: High

Attack range: Medium

After undergoing mutation Geon has turned into Super Geon, with increased 
strength. Punch is a claw swipe that has the shortest range of the 3 
monsters. Kick is a tail strike with the longest range. Jump attack has 
Geon turn into a spiky ball.

Special attack

LV 1: Horn sword

Geon grows a giant horn and pulls it out. You can then use the horn as a 
weapon. Thrust the horn with the A button, or throw the horn as a 
projectile with the B button. The horn has a lifespan of a few seconds 
before blowing up on its own. You'll lose the horn if you touch a power-
up or takes damage.

LV 2: Flame wave

Geon shoots out a flame wave that travels straight across the ground. 
It's capable of hitting multiple times on bosses when they are downed, 
inflicting great damage.

LV 3: Earthquake

Geon glows red and jumps high into the air, then drops back down and 
stomp on the ground hard, creating an earthquake that damage any enemies 
and bosses on the ground.

Grapple 1: Geon throws the boss high into the air and bends over as the 
boss lands back on Geon's spiky back.

Grapple 2: Geon bites the boss viciously, then takes a giant bite.

Atomic Guy

Height: 98m

Weight: 126000t

Speed: High

Power: Low

Attack range: Medium

Astro Guy from the first game ditched the cape and received a huge dose 
of radiation to become Atomic Guy, with bigger muscles but still quite 
agile. Punch is a simple straight punch that's fast and has ok range; 
kick is a crouching side kick that's a bit short on the range but makes 
up for it with speedy execution. Jump attack is a flying elbow.

Special Attack

LV 1: Energy Block

Guy charges up a large amount of radioactive energy into a bundle in the 
shape of his helmet and throws it forward. If it hits a boss it creates 
an energy field around the boss, immobilizing it for a few seconds before 
it explodes.

LV 2: Guy Flash

Guy fires out a wide energy wave in the shape of his face forward. Like 
Geon's flame wave it can also hit downed bosses for extra damage.

LV 3: Atomic Thunder

A lightning bolt strikes down on Guy and hits any ground based enemies. 
If used against a boss, a separate lightning bolt will strike down 
exactly where the boss is standing.

Grapple 1: Guy grabs the boss and does a suplex

Grapple 2: Guy holds the boss and send out an electric shock.

Cyber Woo

Height: 90m

Weight: 180000t

Speed: Medium

Power: Medium

Attack Range: High

After Woo's defeat at the hands of Geon, its brain was transferred into a 
giant robot gorilla. Punch has Woo launch its spring connected head out, 
kick is a quick side kick with great speed. Jump attack is different from 
the other 2 monsters, if there is an enemy close enough to Woo, a metal 
foot extends from a secret compartment and kicks the enemy. You can also 
hold down the punch button after executing the jump attack so that it 
auto detects and launches the kick the moment an enemy walks within range.

Special Attack

LV 1:Rocket Hands

Woo launches both of its rocket hands forward and replaces it with 
another set. If the hands hit a boss, it grabs them and holds them in 
place before exploding.

LV 2: Mega Cannon

Woo's entire body transforms into a giant gun that fires single plasma 
shot forward.

LV 3: Remote Torso

Woo's upper torso detaches with the legs and takes flight. You can now 
control the torso freely as the legs follow. The punch button makes Woo's 
torso does a spinning punch. While in this transformed state both the 
legs and torso can take damage. The transformation only lasts for a few 
seconds and when the time is up the torso freezes in place as the legs 
catches up and recombines.

Grapple 1: Woo lifts the boss and flies off the screen, then throws the 
boss back down hard.

Grapple 2: Woo holds the boss in place as a rear mounted missile launcher 
fires 3 homing missiles at the boss.

5. Game Mechanics


You start off each stage with 70 on time, this is reset each time you 
lose a life. When a boss battle commences you get 99 and its reset with 
each life lost.

During the normal stage after defeating the enemies in an area, you'll be 
prompted by the "Hurry up" sign to move forward, if you do not comply 
after the sign shows up 3 times, a beam of light hits you and you lose a 
life instantly. This will also happen when you run out of time during 
boss battle.

Special attacks

Each monster has 3 unique special attacks. By default you have one, to 
use the other 2 you need to collect 2 power icon, shown as a giant red 
box with the letter "P" each will power-up your monster to another level 
(to a total of 3) giving you access to a new special. 

At LV 1 A button charges the default special. LV 2 A button charges the 
newly acquired special while the default special is done with B button. 
Finally for LV 3 A button uses the newest special, while the older 
special is done with B button and the default special with C button. 

To use the specials hold either A, B, or C button to start charging it, 
when your monster is glowing white the special is charged and ready, 
release the button to launch the attack. If the charge is held for longer 
than 6 seconds you'll be stunned and lose the charge. Holding the charge 
is very important since many bosses can evade the attack if they see it 
coming, you need proper timing to hit them with your specials.

After your special lands a hit, your monster goes into a happy animation. 
You can bypass this animation by holding the joystick to any direction, 
allowing you to charge your next special a bit faster, this is crucial in 
boss battle where every second counts.


When your monster is in close contact with the boss, the two will start 
grappling. Pressing A or B will result in 1 of 2 different grapple moves. 
However, the success of a grapple isn't depending on how fast you press 
the button, but based on luck. Generally you always win the first time 
and maybe even the second time, but afterwards the boss gets their turn 
and their success rate is usually proportional to yours (sometimes a bit 
higher) Dying and continuing  will reset the chance. Grapple do a lot 
more damage than your standard attacks, but the boss's grapple does 
significantly more to you, often can finish you in 2-3 grapple attacks. 
It's best to avoid grappling if you want to survive longer.

6. Power-ups

Power Icon

Each increase your monster's level by 1, and adds one extra life bar. A 
maximum of 2 power icon can be obtained for a total of 8 life bars. 
Additional icons obtained at max power are worth 1000 points.

Life Icon

Restores life, comes in 3 sizes.

Small: restores 1 bar

Medium: restores 3 bars

Large: Fully restores life


Gives you points depending on the value. Either 100, 500, or 1000.

Anti-Power Icon

Looks just like the Power Icon, but its dark colored and the letter "P" 
is reversed, getting this will strip you all the levels you have, 
reverting you back to the default level and leave you stunned for a few 
seconds. Stay away from this.


Exactly what it says on the box, getting this will create a small 
explosion that will knock you down, doing minimal damage.

Unknown Icon

A box with question marks. Touching it will reveal the hidden content, 
can be any of the power-ups (including the bad ones)

1 Up

Gives you an extra life.

7. Common Enemies

One hit monsters

These are various small monsters that fly or hop around. They only take 
one hit from any attack to destroy. The flashing ones drop power-ups upon 
defeat, be careful as they can also drop bad ones too. They're also 
dropped into the battle zone during boss fight as reinforcements, and 
some bosses have the ability to summon them. They will cause instant 
knock down if you touch them, but they will be destroyed in the process 

Military Vehicles

These are a collections of military forces. Jets, space shuttles, tanks, 
submarines, etc. Like the small monsters, they pose very little threat 
and can be destroyed with any attack or even just on contact. Some of 
them can even be picked up to be thrown as projectiles.

8. Walkthrough

Stage 1: American City

Right from the start a brain-like entity is announcing their takeover, 
and all earth creatures will be under their control. The brain then flies 

Suddenly the first boss "Huge Frogger" teleports in and you are thrown 
into battle immediately. Fortunately it isn't a full scale battle, two 
jump attacks and the Frogger starts walking away, it laughs at you and 
then teleports away as you continue through the city in search of him.

As you proceed through the city, the city alarm is sounded and the 
military are being deployed to defend the city from your attacks. 
Submarines rises from the water, each capable of launching 3 missiles 
into the air that rains down. Experimental shuttles armed with plasma 
cannon circle around you before firing, and fighter jets drops bombs that 
makes a trail of explosion. The subs and shuttles can also be picked up 
and thrown as projectiles when damaged, you can also grab medium to large 
sized building to throw as well. Some of the jets are flashing, those 
contains power-ups, be sure to destroy them and see what it leaves behind. 
The larger buildings also contain power-ups when you grab them off the 
ground. You should be able to get 2 Power Icons just before the boss.

Boss: Huge Frogger

Frogger teleports 3 times before confronting you. Although quick, he's 
very predictable and easily tricked.

Talon strike: A quick strike with a sharp blade attached to the arm.

Front kick: A short ranged forward kick, not often used.

Flying flip kick: a quick flying kick that can catch you off guard, 
frogger can use this move without warning.

Laser shot: Frogger lifts up his helmet and shoots out a laser bolt 
forward. You can tell by the start-up animation when he wriggles his body 
briefly before firing.

Teleport: Frogger can teleport at will to anywhere on screen, but most of 
the will teleport right in front of you, which then is usually followed 
up with a flying flip kick. He can also use this to escape special 
attacks if he sees it coming.

Grapple: Frogger grabs you and jumps high into the air before pile 
driving you into the ground.

Boss Strategies

As Geon

Knock him down with a jump attack first, since Geon's jump attack has the 
shortest range you'll have to get closer to do it. Charge up the horn and 
have one in hand before Frogger gets up. Stab Frogger once to knock him 
down, then stab him while he's down to inflict nearly twice the normal 
damage, you can usually stab him one more times before the horns blows up 
or throw it for a bit of extra damage.

Alternatively the flame wave can deplete his life even faster but its 
trickier to use. You'll need to first hit Frogger with a flame wave by 
itself, this will knock him down long enough for you to position yourself 
so your next flame wave will pass right over Frogger dealing large amount 
of damage. You can't knock him down the normal way because Frogger would 
do his recovery jump much sooner and he may land somewhere else or even 
right next to you to start a grapple and interrupt your charge up. You'll 
have to take a risk and just hold your charge and wait for Frogger to 
move towards you in an attempt to grab you, release the flame wave when 
he's near and he'll have no time to evade the attack.

As Guy

Very easy, knock him down with a jump attack and hold the A button 
immediately to charge up the Atomic thunder, once charged don't let 
go yet, wait for Frogger to do his recovery by leaping up high in the air 
and dropping down on the ground, release the A button just before he 
lands, the thunder bolt will hit him dead on. Repeat this and Frogger 
won't have a chance to retaliate. 

As Woo

Just like the other 2 monsters, knock him down with a jump attack first, 
then charge up the remote torso. When he gets up hit him with the 
spinning punch to knock him away, repeat this 4 times then move to a safe 
place to recombine and repeat the process. If you're taking damage in 
torso form because the legs keeps jumping into Frogger's attacks, just 
use jump attacks to knock Frogger down and kick him while he's down for 
an easy win.

Stage 2: French City

As you jump out from the ocean and step into the city the brain entity 
awaits and says you're foolish to oppose Famardy, it then leaves. The 
military have been deployed, the same as the first stage minus the subs. 
A new unit here is the red helicopter; it drops a single bomb that 
explodes into a small cloud of purple gas that has semi homing capability. 
If the gas hits you, you become purple and your movement is reduced 
greatly, but you are still able to attack. This effect will last only for 
a few seconds. Another new enemy is the jetpack man, they are deployed 
through the shuttle, hop around and then rams into you for a kamikaze 
attack. Finally the last new enemy is the tank, also dropped by the 
shuttle; they fire 4 shells in an arc forward. You can also pick them up 
to throw. Pick one up and keep moving right to start the boss fight.

Boss: Eifflelyte

Eifflelyte appears from the ground, but only 1/4th the size. Hit him with 
the tank you picked up and he'll grow a bit bigger, use 2 kick attacks 
and he'll grow again, one more time and he'll finally grow into normal 
size. He doesn't have as many attacks as Frogger but his strength lies 
within attack range. Here are Eifflelyte's attacks.

Punch: A simple straight punch, but Eifflelyte has an extremely long 
reaching arm, capable of outranging even Geon's tail, also very fast too.

Kick: Just like the punch, very long range and quick.

Jump: He uses it to cover large distances and to avoid specials.

Grapple: Eifflelyte grab and slam you left and right a total of 4 times.

After depleting his life bar, his body explodes and his head remains 
intact. Without the body the head can't do much, but it isn't completely 
harmless either.

Contact: If you touch the head you'll be electrocuted and lose some life. 
The head will often charge into you by itself.

Energy drain: The head flies off screen and attempts to land on your head, 
if it succeeds it quickly drains your life, shake the joystick left and 
right rapidly to break free.

Circle swing: The head swings around in a circle, starting slow and 
gradually getting faster, if you touch the head you'll be knocked down.

Green fireball: The head's 3 eyes widen and shoots out a big green 
fireball, if it hits you become petrified and lose quite a bit of life, 
shake the joystick left and right to break out.

Cloning: When on its last bit of health, the head will split into another 
one. The newly formed head can use all the attacks of the original.

Boss Strategies

As Geon

Use Guy's Atomic thunder strategy with Geon's flame wave.

When fighting the head, use the horn to stab and repeat.

As Guy

Atomic thunder strategy still works. But instead 
of jumping Eifflelyte does a backward roll to recover, wait until he 
almost complete the roll before you release the attack and it will hit.

Alternatively you can use Guy flash. Go to the bottom of the screen 
and knock him down with a jump attack first, then charge up the special. 
Once he recovers he'll most likely start walking towards you to attempt a 
grapple, release the wave just before he reaches you and you'll hit him, 
charge up another one and release it immediately and it will hit him 
while on the ground for major damage. If the wave knocks him off screen, 
he'll instantly recover and walk towards you, then simply just release 
the wave when he is close enough and repeat the process.

For the head use Guy flash, it has enough power to kill the head in 
3-4 uses.

As Woo

Use the same strategy as Guy, only you'll be using the rocket hands.

For the head you can use the remote torso to punch it around, or just use 
regular punch attack. The mega cannon can work too if you can knock the head
away far enough to charge up.

Bonus battle

You and another monster stand on a rock and grapple each other, press the 
A button as fast as you can to increase power. Whoever pushes the other 
monster off the rock before time runs out wins; they will be awarded with 
2 point item and 2 power icons. If it's a draw there is no bonus. Frankly 
this is impossible to win against the CPU without autofire.

Stage 3: Grand Canyon

Move to the right, fighting the one hit monsters as you go along until 
you reach a piece of terrain with several holes on the ground. Suddenly 
the ground shakes and the terrain starts rising, while this is happening 
a worm monster pops out from one of the holes and shoots an acid shot at 
you; soon many of the worms starts to appear from different holes. This 
part of the game plays like Whack-a-Mole, you can either do you best to 
dodge the acid shots or take out the worms before they shoot their 
projectiles. After a while the terrain comes to a halt and you can 
proceed to the right away. Destroy the rock cliffs just past the rail 
track, not only do they contain point items, but also widens the passage 
for the boss battle up ahead.

Boss: Clawhead

Clawhead is perhaps the first boss with a greatly increased difficulty 
than the previous 2 bosses you have fought. It has nearly 20% more life 
than the previous boss (the next 2 bosses also have the same amount) and 
it can perform one of its attacks even when taking damage.

Horn strike: The two horns do a quick strike forward, fast and long 

Extending mouth: The big mouth opens up and a small mouth extends forward 
to bite you. Has a very long reach.

Web ball: The big mouth shoots a small white cocoon that travels forward 
at medium speed. If it hits you a web opens up and traps you momentarily 
and knocks you down when you break free.

Flying spinning punch: Very much like Woo's remote torso's attack, 
Clawhead propels himself across the screen while punching. Very fast and 
no start-up delays, he can do this even when taking damage from punch or 
kick attacks.

Subterranean shot: Clawhead buries his head into the ground, which pops 
out elsewhere, the head then shoots a single acid shot at you.  

Grapple: Clawhead swings you on the horn several times before throwing 
you to the ground.

Boss Strategy

As Geon

You can either use the horn to stab him, or the flame wave. Lure him into 
the narrow passage so neither attack will miss him when he's downed.

As Guy
Remember the passage you widened just before reaching the boss. Lure him 
into this passage and proceed to use the Atomic thunder you've used on 
the previous bosses. Release the special when you see his long neck is 
almost upright.

You can also use the energy block special too, but you'll need to release 
it a bit earlier since the projectile takes time to travel, move closer 
to shorten the travel distance.

As Woo 

Same strategy as Guy by using the rocket hands.

Stage 4: Desert

You start off in a giant quicksand pool; the sands around you are all 
being drawn towards a smaller darker pool. Don't walk in there, or else a 
giant mouth will eat you whole, taking one life from you. If you wait a 
while, you'll see its eyes pokes out from the sand looking around before 
disappearing again. There are some acid shooting worms appearing from the 
sand, they can burrow and change their position. 

As you move to the right into another pool note which direction you are 
being pulled towards. Some shark monsters will appear from either side, 
only their fins are visible. If you collide with them here you'll get 
knocked down and drift towards the giant mouth unless you can get up fast 
enough. There is one more pool up ahead, and after some more sharks and 
worms, a tornado forms and you are sucked in, it throws you high into the 
air, as you begin to fall back down there are several point items you can 
get. A message will appear telling you to press the button in a timely 
manner, this may sound rather vague. What it's really saying is press the 
jump button the moment before you land, not only will you be standing, 
but you are awarded with an 1-up, if you miss you get nothing.

The brain entity appears and says you're an inferior creature and your 
resistance will end. The brain will be encased in a glass ball and float 
with you. After some more various one hit monsters you'll arrive at the 

Boss: Beetle Master

A pyramid opens up revealing Beetle Master's body, the brain lowers into 
place and the boss charges at you. Beetle Master is the last easy boss 
you face before things get hard. He prefers the use of projectile attacks 
at a distance.

Chop: A quick chop, it has a short range but can be done very rapidly.

Laser: The mouth shoots a single rainbow colored laser bolt forward, if 
it hits you it splits into 2 smaller bolts that travels diagonally.

Brain shooter: The body bends down and shoots out the brain like a cannon, 
the brain only travels a certain distance before returning to the body.

Tornado: Beetle Master spins in place and generates a tornado that moves 
towards you. The tornado tracks your last position and moves towards it.

Subterranean grab: Spins just like the Tornado attack, but instead of 
generating one the entire body goes underground, then the ground below 
where you are standing kicks up sand and a pair of hands appears, 
dragging you down if you are standing in place. The body then emerges 
from the exact same spot.

Cloning: When his life is down to 20%, he'll flash white and another copy 
of him will appear, also at 20% life. The copy can use all the moves the 
original can (except cloning)

Kamikaze brain: When you defeat Beetle Master, the ball containing the 
brain shatters and the brain crawls towards you, when close enough it 
jumps at you and explodes on contact, but only does minimal damage.

Grapple: Beetle Master picks you up and stings you 3 times with the 
stinger on his tail before throwing you down, you are also inflicted with 
the same speed reduction status the red helicopter's bomb gives, although 
this one wears off much quicker.

Boss Strategy

As Geon

Flame wave can wrap this up pretty fast if you remain on the bottom of 
the screen and use it when he's downed, otherwise use the horn and stab 
him. When he splits the earthquake can be used to knock both of them down, 
you'll have to release the attack the moment it's fully charged so they 
will jump to avoid it and get hit the moment they land.

As Guy

The Atomic thunder strategy still works, but Beetle Master has a really 
fast recovery. Release your special the moment you see him starting to 

Once they split, Atomic thunder no longer works since it can only 
target one of them, you'll need to keep both of them under control. If 
both of them overlap each other and are coming towards you, you can try 
using several kicks to knock them both down, then charge up Guy flash 
and use it when they're both closing in on you, repeat and you can 
take them both out.

As Woo

Use the rocket hand strategy. When they split use the remote torso and 
hit each of them individually.

Stage 5: Sea Bed

After plunging into the ocean you start swimming towards the ocean floor. 
As you descend you'll encounter obstacle in the forms of spiky face 
monsters, they will electrocute you upon contact. Various point items are 
also around, including small life icons. The life icons are all on the 
left side while the points on the right. 

Getting through the spiky faces you finally reaches the ocean floor. 
Press jump repeatedly to swim and go across the chasm (if you get knocked 
down into the chasm you'll automatically comes back up with a few seconds 
of invincibility) a new monster in the shape of a jellyfish appears, 
aside from knocking you down on contact like all the other one hit 
monsters, they can also drop in from above and land on your head, 
draining the life out of you unless you shake them off, this can also 
happen if you swim too high.

To the right you'll come across a underwater base, submarines are 
launched periodically through a docking bay. There are also 4 yellow 
colored stubs surrounding it, these are automated plasma cannons and they 
will spring up occasionally to fire their plasma shots at you. Crossing 
the chasm brings you to another submarine dock guarded by another 2 
cannons, and the boss itself.

Boss: Aqua Slug

Aqua Slug, by far has to be the most difficult boss you have faced up to 
this point. He has fast attacks with long reach, has as much endurance as 
the previous 3 bosses, and he frequently retreats within his shell to 
hide and avoid attacks.

Punch: Slug's body forms into a long arm and punches forward.

Stab: A long tooth comes out of Slug's mouth as he uses it to stab 
forward, nearly as long reaching as the punch and just as quick.

Tornado: The same attack Beetle Master used. You can swim repeatedly 
upwards to avoid this attack completely.

Shell rush: The shell spins rapidly then darts towards you in an attempt 
to knock you down.

Bubbles: Slug shoots 3 big purple bubbles in a spread fashion, if hit by 
it you are inflated in a comical fashion, press the A button and wriggle 
the joystick to return to normal, which will knock you down.

Shell defense: When being hit by punch or kick attacks, Slug can retreat 
into his shell for a brief moment to avoid attacks, he will usually pop 
out immediately afterwards and follow up with a punch or kick attack.

Grapple: Slug presses his body against you, a flash occurs and you are 
encased in ice. Shake the joystick left and right to break out.

Boss Strategy

As Geon

The horn stab may give you a range advantage but Slug can frequently duck 
inside his shell, wasting your horn's limited lifespan. You could try 
the flame wave, but take care not to knock Slug into the chasm or it will 
screw up the timing and rhythm. 

As Guy
Good old Atomic thunder never fails, but you need to knock him down with 
repeated kicks instead of jump attack since that won't give you enough 
time to charge up. Slug's shell rolls half a circle forward and stands 
upright before Slug emerges, wait till the shell is standing upright 
before releasing the special. You may need to lure him to the base area 
since it's larger and the shell moves towards you a bit every time you 
knock him down.

As Woo

Use Guy's strategy with rocket hands; stay somewhat closer so the hands 
can latch onto Slug faster.

Bonus Battle

Much easier than the grappling contest. 6 sets of one hit monster comes 
in groups of 5, they each come on screen set by set. Defeat them all and 
you'll get a 6000 point bonus, as well as 6 items which includes 2 power 
icons, 2 point item, 1 small life icon, and 1 unknown icon.

Stage 6: Lava Zone

There is no stage to go through; you are thrown right into the boss 
battle at the start.  This stage is full of environmental hazards; the 
lava flowing around will slowly drain your life the longer you remain 
standing in it. There are also several smaller craters on the ground that 
will occasionally flare up and knock you down. Finally from time to time 
the volcano will erupt, sending chucks of debris raining down. 

Boss: Lavicus

Being the second-in-command to Famardy, Lavicus is the toughest out of 
all the bosses. With nearly 20% more life than the previous 3 bosses, a 
wide array of attacks and the environment assisting, he is not to be 
taken lightly.

Finger smack: Short range, not very damaging but quick.

Tail whack: Also quick and short ranged.

Confuse ray: Lavicus points his fingers out and shoots a green beam, if 
you get hit the controls temporally gets reversed, you can still move and 
attack normally. The effect will wear off by itself shortly after.

Swoop attack: Lavicus glows red and does a swooping attack at you. This 
can easily move him across the screen, plus he's invincible while red. He 
will use this more often when his life is more than half depleted.

Tractor beam: His midsection emits a green pulse that sucks you towards 
him, you can break free by shaking the joystick left and right, if you 
are drawn in his midsection will take several bites at you doing huge 
damage. You can avoid the beam completely by jumping. You can tell he's 
about to use it when his body wriggles. He will use this more often when 
his life is more than half depleted.

Summon monsters: A tube on his head throws out an egg that hatches into a 
single one hit monster, after a few seconds the single monster turns into 
three; they start to rotate in a circle, slow at first then gradually 
picking up speed. A good idea is to defeat the single one before it has a 
chance to multiply. He will use this more often when his life is more 
than half depleted.

Flaming eyeball: Once you beat Lavicus, the eyeball on his midsection 
burst into flame and flies directly at you, hitting you for very minor 

Grapple: He grabs you, jumps off screen then toss you back down.

Boss Strategy

As Geon

For starter, Geon's earthquake won't work on him, so you'll have to resort 
to the horn or the flame wave. The flame wave can make short works of him 
if you can get a good rhythm going, otherwise use the horn and stab him 
while he's downed for extra damage.

As Guy

Atomic thunder can't hit Lavicus since he's flying. You'll have to 
substitute with the energy block instead. Use repeated 
kicks to knock him down and charge up the special. Lavicus has no 
recovery animation; he simply gets up so you'll have to time it well. 
Stay at a medium distance and count to four at a medium pace, release it 
on four and it should hit him. With a good rhythm going he'll be helpless. 

As Woo

Same as Guy's strategy, the rocket hands flies faster than the energy 
block, so you can afford to stay a little further back to be safe. In 
case he recovers too quick for you, use the remote torso and knock him 
around a bit, the tractor beam can't draw you in while in torso form.

Final Stage: Hideout

You jump into the volcano and drop through a long passage, again you are 
prompted to press jump just before you land for the chance to win another 
1-up. Watch out for the holes on the floor that emits fire periodically. 
To the right a few monsters appear, all of them drop power-ups, in case 
you are not fully powered. Once you collected what you needed continue to 
the right. A most difficult challenge awaits you.

You now have to face all the bosses again, in the same order. 
6 unknown icons will drop in when you defeat Frogger, and again when you
defeat Clawhead. 2 appears when you defeat Aqua Slug and 6 again when you 
defeat Lavicus. You can check them for possible power-ups such as life or 
power, but they can also contain anti-power up so be careful. The bosses 
haven't changed a bit, except when it comes to dodging Aqua Slug's tornado 
you can't swim anymore so you'll have to dodge manually. Don't touch the 
blue beam the bosses come down with, they'll knock you down.

Once you beaten all 6 bosses, a voice appears from nowhere praising your 
bravery, but says you'll learn the meaning of fear when you meet us. 
Suddenly another beam appears and the final boss makes his appearance.  

Final Boss: Famardy

Nearly 3 times larger than you and weights even more, Famardy is a giant 
spiky blob with 4 eyes, a giant mouth, hands and even a tongue with its 
own face. With nearly twice the endurance of Lavicus it becomes a battle 
of attrition to see who will come up top. He may seem big and slow, but 
he's got an array of moves to defend himself and he's no slouch at doing 

Projectile shoot: His tongue shoots out a random projectile such as acid 
shot, confuse ray, plasma shot and bubbles. He'll usually do this twice
in a row.

Summon monsters: Just like Lavicus, he can spit out an egg that will 
hatch into a monster that splits into three.

Tongue grab: His giant mouth wriggles and the tongue lashes out, if 
you're caught you'll be reeled in and the tongue proceeds to suck on you 
like a lollipop. Shake the joystick to break free.

Devour: When his life is half depleted, he'll occasionally flash red and 
his tongue lashes out just like the tongue grab attack, but instead you 
are reeled back into the giant mouth and eaten whole, instantly 
losing a life.

Contact: Simply coming into contact with Famardy will knock you down and 
hurt you (actually you're only harmed if he moves, you're safe if he's 
stationary) He also likes to jump around a lot, increasing the chances 
he'll run/jump into you.

Taunt: If he's bored his tongue will make a raspberry and taunt at you. 
Usually he'll taunt you after getting hit by one of his attacks.

Boss Strategy

As Geon

I find the horn to be the easiest to use since he's so big and easy to 
hit (you can even hit him by standing slightly above) Stab him when he's 
downed for maximum damage. Flame wave can do more damage, but he might 
jump around and screw up your timing. If he's coming at you in a straight 
line, don't release the wave until his spiky mass is almost touching you 
or else he'll quickly move up and dodge it.

As Guy

Atomic thunder can hit, but he'll almost always jump to dodge it if you 
just use it plainly.The best special to use would have to be Guy flash, 
use repeated kicks to knock him back first, then charge up the wave 
and release it when he's running towards you and is almost touching you, 
the wave will knock him off screen and he'll immediately run back at 
you, at which point you can just repeat the process for an easy win. 
Don't use the energy block, it does no damage to him and can't hold him.

As Woo

This is the only time when the Mega cannon special is useful. Knock him down 
with repeated kicks first then charge up the cannon, wait until he's 
almost touching you before releasing the special, the cannon itself won't 
hit him, but an unseen force will damage and knock him back. 
Immediately charge up another round and release it if he is in front of you,
the cannon will score a direct hit for maximum damage. If he jumps instead of 
running at you, wait till he's almost touching you before releasing the 
special. Repeat until defeated. Don't use the rocket hands since it does no 
damage and can't hold him.

Once you deplete his life, Famardy shrinks and explodes, becoming 15 
smaller version of him. Each of them jumps up into the air, then all of 
them lands simultaneously. You now have 10 seconds to destroy all of them, 
if you succeed you get the good ending, fail and you get the bad ending.

Good ending: The hideout explodes, the explosion sends you flying out the 
volcano and high into the air, as you begin to fall your monster strikes 
a victory pose, and you are congratulated as the King of Monsters, with a 
100000 point bonus. You then see your monster strolls though the ruined 
city triumphantly.

Bad end: The hideout explodes, taking Famardy and you along with it. You 
see a shot of the earth, a message says that everything sank to the 
bottom of the ocean, and then the earth was silent. Peace exists at last, 
but what would the future bring? The end is uncertain.

9. Credits

I would like to thank the following:

SNK for developing and Publishing the game

GameFAQs for hosting this walkthrough.