Blue Mary by SIrawan

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Blue Mary FAQ Ver 1.1

A Guide to play Mary in KOF97
Written By Stevie Irawan

Author's Note
All inside this FAQ is free, so use it to your liking, but no commercial use is 
Blue Mary, The King of Fighters '97 and other related stuff is copyright of SNK.


1.0  FAQ Introductions
  1.1 Character Backgroud
  1.2 Character Profile
  1.3 Costume Colors
  1.4 Introduction
  1.5 Taunt
  1.6 Win Poses
  1.7 Losses
2.0  Moves
  2.1 Normal Moves
  2.2 Other Moves
  2.3 Special Moves
  2.4 Desperation Moves
3.0 Combos
  3.1 Chain Combos
  3.2 General Combos
4.0 Strategy
  4.1 General Strategy & Mind Games
  4.2 Team Mates & Order of Fight
  4.3 Meter Management
  4.4 VS Strategy
5.0 Closing Acknowledgement
  5.1 Credits
  5.2 Revision History
  5.3 Saying Goodbye


This guide has been created to help all good player to play Blue Mary in KOF97 
effectively to the bottom of her deepest potential. Motivated by a lot of guys 
wrote about other characters guide, I decided to write a guide that everyone's 
I write this guide with the basics of playing her all the time, my personal 
knowledge about her and suggestions of other Mary player that I think can be 


In KOF97, Geese sends Billy to enter the tournament with a hired guy named 
Yamazaki. Mary knows about this and wants to know what is Geese trying to get to 
and join the team. 
She is some kind of a secret police or spy, I think. Which explains why she got 
those Stars on her blue trousers.
She got some interest in Terry. I think she was sent by him to investigate Geese 
scheme behind this year's tournament. 
Mary's boyfriend offered him a dog named Anton . Her boyfriend died, killed by 
someone (it explains why Mary became a sad person for a time). All of this 
appears in the RBS art by SNK, in the CD version of RBS . Mary and Terry seems 
to be very very close friends , but not really official lovers.


Nationality    : American
Birth Date     : 2 / 4 / 1974
Age            : 23 (at KOF97 tournament)
Height         : 168 cm
Weight         : 59 kg
Blood Type     : AB
Hobbies        : Bike Touring
Favorite Food  : Beef Cup
Favorite Sport : Baseball
Most Valuable  : Her Leather Jacket
Hates the most : Cats
Fighting Style : Commando Sambo


A (Advanced)  : red upper with blue pants
D (Advanced)  : black upper with black pants
A (Extra)     : orange upper with blue pants
D (Extra)     : white upper with green pants


As first up        : Mary has her leather jacket on, tosses it to her running 
dog (Anton). Does some shaky move.  
As second or third : Points at her opponent, says "Are you ready ?"
Vs Terry Bogard    : Brings left hand to mouth, whispers "Hi, handsome Boy." 


Spins her belt around like playing hula hoop. Says something ?
Use this when you hate your opponent and  when you're on the lead to make'em get 


(A)  : She waggles her hands to the face, fans herself. Crosses her arms and 
grinds. "Whew, I did it"
(B)  : Points her index finger like a gun. "Bakyuun!" (Bang, Bang).
(C)  : Bends down and beckons her dog over to her. Anton approaches & licks her 
face. "Come on, Anton"
      [ I always use this winning pose after beating my cousin with her. Can you 
tell my cousin's name ? ]


By KO     : " I shall return......."
By Time   : [ I don't know, I never lost by time with her...  :)  ]
Draw game : [ Anyone can tell ? ]

2.0  M O V E S
I know that most of you guys already knows about the games joystic movement, 
buttons, and command notations. So I'll just skip this part.
If there's any of you who don't understand the game or never played KOF before, 
please refer to 
EX-Andy's Beginner Refference FAQ at :


I'll describe these moves asuming that Mary is on the left side of the screen.
Ratings : *     = most useless  
          ***** = most useful

- Far Standing

(A) Quick jab with Mary's left hand. Low damage, but considerable reach.
Only use this to poke opponent when they at low life, I'd rather use a far 
standing B though.
Rating : **

(B) If you're a poke happy player, you'll love this move. It comes out fast, 
good range, high priority. 
Mary jabs out her left leg reaching opponent's stomach. 
Good for stopping opponent at the beginning of their jump attempts, very good 
for poking and frustrating people with little life left.
Not bufferable.
Rating : ***

(C) Mary steps forward and do a slow  two hits back fist punch to the chest. A 
dangerous move to do since it's lag at beginning and at end. 
Very punishable if whiffs (or blocked if your opponent is fast & clever). Often 
comes out as a compensation of reckless jump ins instead of standing close C. 
Not bufferable.
Rating : *

(D) Mary does a spin kick, similar to Kyo's far standing D, but she does it with 
two legs at horizontal position. 
Again another poke, pretty slow but not as slow as the standing  C. The good is 
: she leaps a bit while doing this move, so she is immune to sweeps. Not 
Rating : ***

- Close Standing

(A) I forgot it, sorry. Maybe it's because I never use this move when my 
opponent close to me.
If someone knows, tell me. I remember it as an elbow jab or something. Am I 
right ?
Rating : *

(B) A knee hit in the mid section. Very fast to come out, when in close you can 
score three hits with it self, four hits plus the far B.  
I use it when people are trying to do some fake jump ins to grab me, so they got 
pushed back  again.
Rating : ***

(C) Mary slaps upward, causing two hits of pain. This is THE MOVE.....enough 
time to combo into alost anything. The priority seems good, but must be done 
close enough if you don't want that standing far C. 
Use it all the time in your combo, punishing mistake, blocked jump ins. 
In other word, don't afraid to use it. perfect setup for command move Fw + A 
then the Splash Rose, M. Snatcher combo.
Bufferable at each hit.
Rating : *****

(D) Looks like Kyo's  Fw + B overhead, but hey! it's a normal move. Slow at 
beginning but descent speed when it comes out. High priority, but use the 
standing close C anyway. 
Use it for variations and mind game, I'll explain the use later. 
Bufferable at each hit.
Rating : ***

- Crouching

(A) Short jab, pretty slow. I've only use it to push away grappler who gets too 
close. Good for punishing any surprise roll attempt if you're not ready for it.
Rating : **

(B) A low kick that comes out fast. Good for poking opponent who wants to get in 
close. Use in mind game. A perfect cover for you to charge  a Straight Slicer 
from distance.
Not buferable.
Rating : ***

(C) Mary move forward hitting opponent with her head. Little lag at the end, but 
very high priority. Use it to punish any running grab attempt (e.g. Clark's 
Rolling Craddle), then buffer into a special or DM. 
Let them feel that there's no fooling around with this babe.  ;p

(D) Mary does a spinning sweep with her two legs. Slow to come out, so just use 
it when you feel that it will connect or when they just got up from a knock 

- Horizontal Jump

(A) Not much to say here... She just place her left arm downwards like Goro's 
Jump A. Good for air to air combat I think.
Rating : *

(B) Same as above. She do an angled down light kick, very weird. I use it only 
for tick throw. You do a short hop, push B early, hits blocking opponent on the 
way up, command throw when you reach the ground. Works only on average player 
Rating : **

(C) This is a good way for a deep jump ins. She does a downward punch, pretty 
slow move with little priority. Often trade hit in air to air combat, so use it 
for jump ins only. 
A great setup for her 100% combo in middle screen.
Rating : ****

(D) Downward heavy kick. Great priority, another great move to do for a jump in 
combe if you need to reach. The priority seems only beaten by Iori's jump D and 
Joe's jump D.
Rating : ****

- Vertical Jump

(A) Same as horizontal jump A.
Rating : *

(B) Again, same as horizontal jump B.   :)
Rating : **

(C) The same animation used in Mary's crouch A. But hey, don't forget that this 
is a strong punch!!.
Low on reach, but it seems to has a high priority againts air attacks.
Rating : **

(D) Very weird move. Mary kicks horizontally with her left leg, but she kinda 
bend her other leg (how many legs she had anyway ? hehe hehehe). 
Good for a jump in start up on a waking enemy if they whiff a normal attack 
(i.e. they floored, see you nearby then perform a command throw move, but you're 
already in mid air).
Rating : **

- Stand CD
Something like Kasumi's stand CD in KOF96 unless viewed from the front, the 
range and speed is slowed. Try buffer into M. Spider sometimes and see the 
opponent fall for it.
Rating : ***

- Jump CD
She does a side chop with her left arm, yell something. Good for air to air. 
I use it after a POW explode to fake an early jump CD, then voila, M. Typhoon 
Rating : **


- Normal Throws

Victory Throw   (near) Bk/Fw + C

She brings her opponent down on the ground, then give'em an elbow on the 
abdominal. A cool looking move.
I think it's the only C throw that makes you switch side in the whole game.

Head Throw  (near) Bk/Fw + D

She grab her opponent throw 'em behind her. Looks like Ryo's D throw.
Again, it makes you switch side and no recovery roll if connected.
Remember if you throw your opponent into the corner with this move, add a 
Snatcher to get everyone drop their jaws  ;)

- Command Move

Hammer Arc  Fw + A

Mary hops forward doing a double fist hammer punch. An overhead. Great poke, and 
a part of her huge combo. Good to keep your mind game alive. Just don't do it 
too often. 
Remember, after Stand C, if you do the Fw + A, your opponent can command throw 
you before it comes out if they're fast .
Not bufferable if done alone though. 
Rating : ****

Climbing Arrow  DnFw + B

She bends down to give momentum for her upward kick. I don't know how to use it. 
As an air defense I presume.
Rating : *


M. Spider.  QCF + A/C.

Weird move, I must say. She jumps pretty high, if she catch a person's head 
she'll bring them to ground then snaps their arm. Looks painful, but low damage 
because it's unblockable. It will catch people while blocking, crouching, 
running, rolling, and even dodging. 

Very useful for mind game. Do a Jump in, stand C into Fw + A (blocked all of 
them) , then M. Spider (A version, coz the C will make you go over them). See 
how well it catch people sleeping. Eliminate the Fw + A for variation. 

Another good way is to do a stand CD (blocked) into M. Spider (A button). Try M. 
Spider (C button) alone from distance to catch snooring people.  
Oh yeah, she yells "Spider".
Rating : ***

Spin Fall  QCF + B/D

I don't use this move often. Infact, I almost never use this move. Mary leaps 
and performs a heel kick on the way down. Sometimes acts like an overhead if 
hits deep. 

Do this as a follow up after a blocked jump in C/D, Stand C, Fw + A. Watch the 
spinfall connects. 

Use it to trick people only due to it's non comboable characteristic. Surprise 
your opponent with this move.
Quote : "Spin Fall" (who's going to spin or fall anyway ?)
Rating : **

Straight Slicer  Bk-s-Fw + B/D

Ahaaaa! , I like this one. Mary slide forward with lightning speed with her leg 
forward. The B version is quick and travels short distance  and must be block 
low. The D version travels almost full screen, but little lag at beginning and 
end of this move. 

When close, the D version does NOT hit low , so avoid using the D version at 
close or medium range. The good is that the end of this move Mary slides slower 
but it will hit anyway. This move can go under projectiles like Kensou's. 
A good thing to try is to roll behind'em, run away from them (facing backward) 
see if they follow you, then "Hey" do a Straight Slicer to surprise them.

Sometimes I use this move to catch people on the way down after miscalculated 
jump. (i.e. Opponent jumps although you're at distance, do Straight Slicer to 
catch them before they reach the ground. Timing is rather tricky.

Great move for surprise attack, so if you see someone running to you or you see 
athose vulnerable legs, do it. A tactic is to do this after your opponent 
floored because of M. Spider, Command throw, or DM throw, just do it when they 
starting to get up. 

Try another B version one if you catch them with a complete Slicer-Clutch as 
they get up. Don't become a Slicer happy though. Coz if it blocked you're in 
Quote : "Hey"
Rating : ****

Crab Clutch  QCF + B/D

It's a follow up after a connected Stright Slicer. Mary grabs her opponent and 
get them into leg snapping hold. Hear those bones cracking. 

Here's an easy way to do it : do the QCF + B/D just as soon as the Straight 
Slicer comes out (don't wait it to connect), and see that it comes out 

Vertical Arrow  DP + B/D

The B version makes Mary leaps low, but beware as the D version makes her leaps 
higher. If whiffs or blocked, makes Mary vulnerable for damaging combo. 

This move is a great anti air if done considerably early. If done late, it will 
risk a trade or opponent gets clean hit. But if you do it at the right moment, 
you'll get two hits plus the M. Snatcher for about 20% damage.
Rating : ***

M. Snatcher  DP + B/D

A follow up after Vertical arrow. It's an air command grab. Do this move 
everytime you do the Vertical Arrow, because somtimes if the Arrow does'nt 
connect this move will bring your opponent on the ground.

Follow up after Splash Rose DM anywhere on screen, and Backdrop Real in corner 
(The Vertical Arrow does not connect but the snatcher catch the opponent while 
falling or bouncing).
Got to catch the opponent on the way down immediately if done after Splash Rose 
though, due to recovery roll.

The easy way to do it is to watch Mary herself. If you see she has landed, 
perform DP + B/D (B more prefered) then quickly do a QCF + B/D (assuming that 
the joystick is on FwDn position after you do the Vertical Arrow).

Mary Reverse Facelock  QCB + B

From the name you can tell that it's a counter. A move that makes Mary stand 
into certain position : left arm up, right arm holds her left arm bisep waiting 
a jump attack or special attack to hit her. 

If this attacks hits, Mary will reverse it, ground'em, Mary's on top opponent 
then doin' something as you hear bones cracking. Watch out for that fake jump 
into throws though. just don't do this move often againts grapplers.

Good for stopping Orochis fast attacks, and most (I think all) special attacks. 
It can stop Billy's pole extend, catch Yama's Snake Arm, Ralf's G. Phantom, and 
even Chang's Body Drop SDM!!! hehehe hehe  :)
Imagine a small girl like Mary holds Chang's 203 kg body after jumping from 
third floor of a building.
Rating : ****

Mary Head Buster  QCB + D

Another reverse based move. Mary bends down with arms crossed waiting for a 
ground poke to catch. Like I said, it's very good move to deal with poking 
character (e.g. Ralf). If hit, Mary will throw the person high into the air 
behind her, making it a free juggle. 

Juggle with : Vertical Arrow + Snatcher, Straight Slicer + Crab Clutch if you 
charge it before (wait till opponent down a bit). The other option is the Splash 
Rose (S)DM, do it immediately then you'll get a snatcher free juggle, can be 
done anywhere on screen. 

Don't try with her Dynamite Swing, coz the grab just won't connect. Trap people 
with this, do a jump D, follow with one or two normal light attack then do this 
reverse. People tend to attack you back with normal poke ---> but get stuck with 
this move.

Suprisingly, it can reverse Goro's low D...
Experiment with other low attacks. 

Rating : ***

Backdrop Real  (near) HCF + A/C

Mary grabs her opponent from behind and does a German suplex. This is a command 
throw move, so this move makes Mary a grapler too. 
Use it to punish opponent's move that make'em get too close. The C version seems 
has more reach. Don't hestitate to do a dash in throw with this after you block 
a special move that has little lag (e.g. Terry's Power Charge). 

See that they will do a crouching block coz they expect you to try countering 
them with a normal move. She yells "Goodnight!!"

To do the dash in throw, there are three ways :
1. If you're close, do Fw Fw HCF + C
2. If you're at medium range, do Fw Fw HCF (hold Fw after doing HCF for a while) 
press C.
This is the same way to do a running grab with Clark's Super Argentine 
Backbreaker. (if you do as the way no. 1, you'll get the Frankensteiner instead)
3. If you're at far, do Fw Fw (hold) HCF + C when closeenough.
This move also acts as a combo finisher. Refer the Combo section for details :)
Remember to add a snatcher juggle if you connect it in corner.
Anyone can do a running normal throw like CPU Terry ?


M. Typhoon  (near) HCBx2 + B/D
Very cool  looking super grab. The SDM version has incredible reach that can 
only be compared to Goro's HFCx2 + B/D and Orochi Yashiro's HCFx2 A/C. Mary 
climbs to her opponent's shoulders, puts her legs around the neck, flips them 
high into the air then slams them.

It's dissapointing that this move sometimes overlaps with Mary's reversal if 
done  at the wrong range. At SDM version, Mary taunts her opponent after 
slamming them (causing your opponent to do a counter attack if they're fast and 
close) . She said something. 

If you're frenzy, do a dash in super grab with SDM one. Surprise sleeping guys.
Do a roll behind them and then HCBx2 + B/D the opposite way, if not the Dynamite 
Swing will come out instead. 
Rating : ****

M. Splash Rose  QCF HCB + A/C

SNK got mixed up the names somehow. Splash Rose supposed to be the name for the 
super grab DM (there's a rose splashed when Mary slams her opponent). 
And this DM should be named M. Typhoon due to running around Mary looks like 
Typhoon. But SNK said that they ment to trade those names all along    :)

This is my kind of move. Mary does a running back and forward through her 
opponent several times then sends them into air with a Shoryudan tipe of 
uppercut. For the SDM level, she does the running a lot more, plus two sets of 
She yells "Finish" at the last Shoryudan. Sometimes this move can act as an anti 
air DM, just do this move before they land eating every attack attempts they do. 

Essential in her 100% combo. I always use the A version since the C version has 
a little startup lag. About how to do this move in combo, refer the combo 
section below.

Do this as an anti air move, do it before they land. High priority makes her 
invicible to any move they do.
Rating : ****

Dynamite Swing  QCFx2 B/D

Mary knees her opponent while jumping, then tries to grab them in mid air. If 
the grab connects, she brings her opponent down smashing their head on the 
floor, then while they dizzy she taunts a bit (adjusting hair) before grab their 
head, spins them around few times and release them. 

SDM version looks very painful  (infact, it takes their lifebar painfully too), 
she perform two Backdrop Real before spins them around. Mash all the button to 
increase damage during the spin. 
You can  use it as an air defense sometimes. But must be done really late if you 
want the grab to connect. 

While Mary is leaping kneeing upward, she has the invincibility. That means she 
cannot be hit by any attack if she's on the way up. It'll eat anything. 
A good wake up move if you see your opponent foolish enough to attack you when 
you're floored. But if blocked, you're doom.
Rating : ***


Combo notations : 
*   = DM level
** = SDM level
!    = corner only


Dn + Bx3, Stand B
Dn + B, Dn + A, DnFw + A
Jump C/D, Stand C(1 hit), DnFw + B
Jump C/D, Stand C(2 hits), Fw + A


 1. Jump C/D, Stand C, Fw + A, QCF + B
 2. Jump C/D, Stand C, Fw + A, QCF + A
 3. Jump C/D, Stand C, Bk-s-Fw + B/D, QCF B/D
 4. Jump C/D, Stand C,  Fw + A, DP + B/D, DP + B/D
 5. Jump C/D, Stand C, Fw + A, HCF + A/C
 6. ! Jump C/D, Stand C, Fw + A, HCF + A/C, DP + B/D, DP + B/D
 7. */** Jump C/D, Stand C, Fw + A, QCFx2 + B/D
 8. */** Jump C/D, Stand C, Fw + A, HCBx2 + B/D
 9. */** Jump C/D, Stand C, Fw + A, QCF HCB + A/C, DP + B/D, DP + B/D
10. Reversal QCB + D, QCF HCB + A/C, DP + B/D, DP + B/D

Notes :

- Combo no.1 and no.2 The Spin Fall and M. Spider won't register as combo. But 
if your opponent is standing still doing nothing, the Spider will reap the 

- Combo no 9. If done when MAX, takes full lifebar (100% Combo). If done in mid 
screen, you must hit 
the jump in very deep. If not, Splash Rose will be blocked.

- Snatcher after Splash Rose will only connect if you do it immediately after 
Mary lands. If not, it can be rolled.

- Combo 9. Easy way to do :
After Fw + A, immediately do HCBx2 then press A button. Splash Rose can be done 
with HCBx2 A/C as well. 
This helps you as the joystick is in forward position when you do the Fw + A. If 
done with QCF HCB, you will have difficulties doing QCF HCB as your Joystick is 
in Fw position ---> not quick enough.


4.1 General Strategy & Mind Games

Sorry if I confuse you with names of moves. I'm not familiar with all of them, 
so i'll just use the names I give to them. (sigh)
I put this two section together due to the same fact that they often talk about. 
I can only tell you my strategy using Advanced Mary.
So, Extra players just have to face it, she doesn't belong in Extra Mode. Mary 
is an attack based character, not a turtle scrub who just sit in corner doi'n 
fireball and wait. She must keep attacking to keep her alive (even though she 
dies sometimes).   :(

I'll mention everything I remember :

- Do a blocked jump in, Jump D, Stand C, Fw + A, M.Spider.
They won't expecting a Spider  to come out, since they only see Mary doing a 
jump after Fw + A. Whammo, they eat the spider and got their arm snapped. Don't 
use it many times though, vary your game with the same jump in minus the spider. 

- If your opponent grounded for some reason (after a move that cause your 
opponent can't do a recovery roll  e.g. M.Spider, Backdrop Real, M. Typhoon, 
Slicer-Clutch) , Mary has all the advantadge. You have this following options :

  a. Get in close if your opponent is a grappler, when they about to wake up do 
a high vertical jump. They'll do a command throw, but you're already up in air. 
Making the normal move come out (whiff I hope) , Yamibarai in Iori's case, do a 
combo you can think of or just simply Super Grab them.

  b. Back a bit about two characters away, once they get up do a Fw + A. It's an 
overhead , so it cannot be blocked low. Many good player always block low as 
they get up. Do this several times then do option c.

  c. Go back about three characters away, do a Straight Slicer plus Crab Clutch 
follow up as they get up. After two or three times with the Fw + A. They'll 
learn not to block low as they get up. Straight Slicer will nail their 
vulnerable legs. 
Don't afraid to do the slicer again after you connected with the same move. I 
got three slicer-clutch in a row when I play my friend once and it made him 
looks stupid. 

  d. Do a spider from far range with C version. But if it doesn't work, don't 
try it again in near time. I usually connect a spider after a succesfull combo 
end up with HCF + A/C, DP + B/D, DP + B/D in corner. I guess they never suspect 
me doing the spider after that.

  e. Vs non grapler only. Get in next to them, as they wake up push the D 
button. This will make Mary to do her high priority but slow kick. They'll only 
see Mary just stand there and try to poke you with something. Then pronto,  eat 
that kick !!!. Combo anything to cost more damage.
If they have a good wake up move like Ralf's Vari Vari Vulcan Punch DM or Kyo's 
Oniyaki, just block next to them

- After a connected combo with Splash Rose, try to be tricky with snatcher 
juggle.If your opponent's live is in danger, do the snatcher. If it still much 
alive, just wait, as they do a recovery roll, jump forward and do M. Typhoon 
when you land.
Works everytime for more damage. The problem will come when they don't do the 
recovery roll, can't do much when this happens.   :(

- Do an early hyper hop jump CD, and super grab when you land. Mary's voice 
while doing the jump CD will make them think that you do a jump in and that they 
must block it. Booom, flash screen comes out, you're on the lead.

- Jump with D, do two light punch/kick, go for reversal stance with D. If 
connect juggle with Splash Rose.

- Ugh just remember something. Dash in command throw.......This is an effective 
way to punish save special moves your opponent has. If they do a move like 
Terry's Power Charge (quick, good reach, safe when blocked), block it first then 
as soon as you recover the block stun, dash in close and do a command throw 
(Backdrop Real). 
HCF + C is more preffered. They'll see your run but expect you to do a normal 
move and never expect the throw. Read above for how to do it. Do it from full 
screen range to surprise them. 
Watch out for poke happy person though, as they see you run close, they'll mash 
button like crazy.

4.2 Team Mates & Order of Fight

Dissapointly, Mary will only get more stock if she fights after Terry Bogard. 
Yup, that cool guy with cap on all the time. Who knows how many cap he wasted ? 
In KOF95, if he won in Italy background, he'll throw the cap and the water took 
the cap in the sewer. 
Anyone noticed this ? HAHA AHAHAHA.

I use her almost in all of my team when I think the person I challenge is good. 
I team her up with Joe & Terry (of course) in my toughest to beat team  ;P   
Anyway, she get along with just about most of the good guys (neutral face, no 
change of stock).
It's a good idea too if you team her with Andy  & Terry (Andy up first, Terry 
2nd --> got extra stock, Mary got extra stock from Terry), You'll end up with a 
fully stocked Mary.

About the order, most of the time I use her as my last player. You know why ? 
Because after Terry, she'll usually get three stock at the start of last round -
-> makes my opponent choke when they see three green dots appear. If you play 
Mary effectively, you know the other reason why....

She can be your saviour if you're two characters behind (your other two man dies 
easily). This happens ocasionally to me, and it kinda train you to use her 
agressively but carefully. They say practise makes perfect  :)

4.3 Meter Management

As you play agressively with her, your pow bar will charge up quickly. Don't 
hestitate to do jump ins as Mary's jump D has high priority. When you feel like 
you're facing a though opponent, do a pow-explode when you got the chance. 

Assuming that you has another stock, do jump in attempt for deadly combo or even 
a 100% combo to your liking. If your opponent kept blocking don't forget that 
you has the incredible rech super grab in SDM. 

If your opponent gets too frenzy, don't doubt to throw away a stock for CD 
counter. This will make them stop attacking for a while. At this moment, switch 
the attacking side to you, make them do the defense stance.

4.4 VS Strategy

For now, I'll write for characters that often use by people in our local arcade 

- Kyo Kusanagi

He's a tricky character. Watch and learn what type of person who use him. If he 
use his flamefists variation, use a Straight Slicer B version to catch him 
between his flamefist change. Remember that Mary's QCB + D can catch Kyo's Dn D 
and DnFw + B. 
When he grounded, trick him with running in close, making him do his Oniyaki, 
block it and punish him badly.
Beware of his famous autoguard, know his autoguard timing and attack him 

- Benimaru Nikaido

He's called Tick King for a reason. A player who use him will often rely to his 
Jump Dn + D, Shinkuu Katategoma and Raikoken. Remember this ! His Drill Kick is 
SLOW. When you see this, have a reversal ready. 
If you're not ready with it, just simply block it and as soon as the block stun 
gone, do a hop forward. If your opponent do the C version Shinkuu Katategoma 
(Beni players often do this) after Drill kick, they're doom. 
You'll get out from there, go above Beni doin' that vacuum kick waiting for you 
to punish him. Punish blocked Shinkuu Katategoma with Straight Slicer. 
If he got stock, DON'T JUMP. Trick him with dash in close then block his 

- Goro Daimon

Keep in mind that this big guy is slow. Don't jump on him mindlessly due to his 
Cloud Tosser. Use Straight Slicer a lot. 
I know he can pull you out of it with Stump Throw, but hey! who got the 
Punish whiff stand D (far) with dn C into something or roll in to do some 
Another useful thing, Mary's D reversal can catch Goro's dn D. hehehe   :)
Remember that he has a reversal too.
Deal with this guy carefully, his HCFx2 + B/D has better than your M.Typhoon. 
Clear any jump attempts with Vertical Arrow. Counter his HCB Fw + B/D running 
grab attempt

- Terry Bogard

This guy can be annoying if your enemy is good. His Power Charge has little end 
lag and can juggle anything if connect. Punish with dash in command throw if 
blocked. If you're quick on reflex, grab his Power Charge before it touches you. 
I saw the CPU did it. 
Terry : "POWER CHA...." Mary : "Goodnight!"
Again, trick him to do his Rising Tackle then punish him like Kyo. Watch for his 
outstanding reach of Dn C. Remember those guys who can do his infinite and plays 
extra carefully with them. (I'm one of them, hehehe).
Another fact is that you can't touch him while he's doing a Power Geyser. Roll 
behind if you see a flash.

- Andy Bogard

This guy isn't as strong as his big bro'. But if he POWed up, watch for his dash 
in Dam Breaker, coz if you fall for it, watch as your life decrease when he pull 
his ChoReppadan SDM juggle.
Roll his Hishoken if you has the chance and punish him. If he do his Kuuhadan or 
Zaneiken, simply just block it and give him a taste of Mary's high damage combo.

- Joe Higashi

Hehehe!! No one plays him in our local arcade effectively, except myself.  :)
Be careful for his corner trap, kill any jump attempt with early Vertical Arrow. 
If you're stuck with that corner trap, don't do anything untill you got stock. 
If you jump, you'll get caught with Hurricane Upper or worst in his Golden Heel 
Hurter infinite. 
When you got stock, CD counter his dn C or Fw + B. 
After he's grounded, keep doing jump in attack to make the pressure goes the 
other way. Joe hasn't got a good anti air to blow you. Most of Joe player just 
got frustrated if you attack him continuously (that includes me too).

- Ryo Sakazaki

He got a save move loke Terry too. It's the MokoraijinSatsu QCF + B/D. For those 
of you who isn't familiar with the names, it's the jump karate chop he does. 
What you can do is to block this move then dash in to do some command throw. Or 
you can just roll behind him before he lands and punish him on the other side. 
Roll  Haohshokohken happy extra player turtle to give him the taste of Typhoon. 
If he just keep throwing autoguarded Mokoraijinko, just block the first one then 
reverse the other. 
Watch those fake jump into Fist Dance, prepare a close stand B or C to slap him 

- Robert Garcia

The good thing of him is just his HienshippuKyaku and his Ryuuko Ranbu that hits 
jumping opponent. Counter his Hienshippu Kick with jump D or just reverse it. 
Beware of Kick Dance coz a Ryuuko Ranbu can be done after it. 
Catch his Diving Kick with QCB + B. Careful with his new DM, it's fast and high 
priority. Like Ryo, roll any Haohshokohken.

- Leona

I hate this girl. She got air throw like Yuri and Benimaru, but she got the most 
range of it. Do a Straight Slicer immidiately when you see her throwing her 
Reverse her jump ins. Don't do a far stand C coz she'll stuck a dynamite into 
your belly easily. Avoid jumping frequently or she'll air-throw you or just push 
dn C. 
CD counter her dn B pokes if you got enough of it.
Always roll if she throw her boomerang, and you'll get the idea standing next to 
her while the boomerang is still on the way back. Just be patient if she poke 
you with low B all day long. The chance will come out somehow.

- Ralf

He's a poke happy characters. Many people playing him will wait you to attack 
them than poke you with his stand C or crouch C. 
Do a jump in D, knock some dn B twice, and see. If he throw you a crouch C, 
he'll do a stand C afterward. Block his crouch C, then do QCB + D to reverse his 
stand C. 
Best to do this after a POW explode. Juggle with Splash Rose SDM to make him 
pay. Aware of his fake jump into Super Argentine Back Breaker. 
If he's floored, run in close to trick him doin' his Vari-Vari Vulcan Punch 
(known as the best wake up move in the game). Block everything and kill him.
Come to him if he do his Galactica Phantom if you has the chance and at close or 
medium range, then do a combo on him. If you think you can't get to him, prepare 
a reversal QCB + B as he launch the Phantom.

- Clark

This guy is another grab based character. You can always treat him like dealing 
other grappler. Unlike dealing with Goro, you can savely do many jump in 
attempts. I know Clark has that Napalm Stretch DP + A/C, but many good Clark 
player don't use this much. 
Be very careful if you're the one whose grounded. Watch him closely. If he goes 
for that dn D (sweep), just block it. If he jumps, use that Vertical Arrow you 
have. He can be tricky with a Rolling Craddle or his new DM, fear not!! counter 
with dn C into DM to make him pay. Poke any surprise roll with dn B.
One important thing : you CAN'T hit Clark while doing a Rolling Craddle or his 
new DM with dn B.
Clark will grab you cleanly if you do this. Just use dn A or dn C. Learn the 
difference of his normal run and Rolling Craddle's dash in.
Watch out for his far standing D. It has a lot of reach.

- Sie Kensou

A turtle type character. I played with a few people using him, and it's veeerry 
annoying. He'll always start the round dashing back and sit in corner. What you 
do is keep the range at  3/4 full screen and charge for a Straight Slicer. 
If you see him about to do his Fireball, do the slicer. It will make Mary dive 
under Kensou's fireball and catch him recovering. Another way to do is to jump 
over his fireball, but it's risky due to that autoguarded HCF + C. 
If you block his HCF + A, punish him quickly with DM grab or Backdrop Real if 
you don't have a stock. Do it quickly, as I faced someone rolling behind me 
during my poke (trying to punish him), and he caugth me with an Energy Discharge 
on SDM (cost me about 70% of life).

- Kim Kaphwan

Do a QCB + B if  you see him jump and stop a bit in mid air. This is his 
Hishokyaku start up. If you're late and block it, wit him to do his dn D --> 
don't try any poke or you'll eat a sweep. 
Only jump on him if you see him standing up, not charging for his Hienzan anti 
air move. Also beware of his dn A. It has a lot of reach and can be comboed into 
D hienzan + finisher ('bout 20% life wasted).
Block the first part of Comet Crouncher, then reverse the heel drop.
A good Kim player will also looking for a dash in stand C into Fw + A, so 
counter this with HCF + C. Don't be confused with his Fw + A into Hishokyaku and 
watch for those Fw + B when you're floored.
Again, block his Hangetzusan QCB + B/D and punish him later. Do  slicer to deal 
with the D version and dash in throw if they use B version.

- Chang Koehan.

Use your reversals a lot, a player using him will keep poking you with stand C 
or jump C/CD. Catch any of his A version ball throw if you're quick. 
If he do his C version ball throw (he'll swing his ball a few time as a start 
up), get in close. Give him your command throw or super grab. If you're familiar 
with his timing on this move, do a stand C into any damaging combo you know, 
careful with his autoguard though.
One of Chang's best move is his Ball Swing (tap A/C repeatedly). Block this move 
and do B version Straight Slicer if you pushed back far enough.
When you see a Ball Frenzy DM flash, tap your joystick back repeatedly to make a 
good distance. This will make Chang whiff his DM and floored with no defense. If 
you're cornered just do a reversal.
My opinion, don't block it ,coz you'll get caught with his Command Throw (great 
grab range).
If you want a little laugh, catch his Body Drop DM with QCB + B.

- Choi Bounge

This guy is small, but no cute at all. He always makes anyone fighting him 
horrible day. Block his first Flying Monkey Thrust and prepare a reverse to 
catch the next one. Don't be caught by this move while
As I faced a very good Choi user once. He do the Flying thrust thing, then after 
I block the first one, he do his backward thrust avoiding my reversal stance and 
caught me during the recovery with a forward thrust (3rd). 
He juggle me 3 times with Choi's Hurricane DM, no counter message.
I guess he is the guy who familiar with this tactic. I tried to roll forward but 
again he anticipate this with thrusting backward again.
QCB + B on any jump attempt, coz not many Choi player try to do a fake jump and 
throw you. They'll go for his jump C that crossed up a lot, so beware of this 
and don't block low too early. His (mid air) QCF + B/D is another move to catch 
with your reversal.
Do a B version slicer if he is on the ground. He is a small character but he 
must block low too.

- Yashiro Nanakase

DON' T ever do a jump on this guy if he's ready. This means that you MUST do a 
jump in attack only when he's floored or you'll get a 20% damage for eating his 
autoguarded Upper Duel.
DON'T ever do a low block when he's close (dashing in, do a jump in, closing in 
when you're floored). You know why, it's his close stand D that hits high. It's 
the best normal move in the whole game I must say. Block it and see the special 
move they buffer after it (usually the MMB or Teleport punch, or even his DM). 
If he do the DM, wait until he's finish (do an uppercut punch) and kill him.
Beware of his dn D into QCB + A/C (overhead) mind game. Catch his poke if you 
think he'll do one.

- Ryuji Yamazaki

Learn his moves and the times he unleash his Snake Arm. Remember that your 
reversal can catch this move. Dashing in then do a reversal stance is a good way 
to trick him doing his snake arm. 
Go under his snake arm with a slicer if you can. Again, watch for fake jump or a 
roll in to do his Drill DM. Know and mark those frenzy people with a Sand Kick 
infinite and careful combating with them in close range.
Get them confuse with their own keep away game, practise to counter every move 
they do. Last, dash in throw or super grab if you see him sticking his tounge 

- Billy Kane

Get in close to him, he'll die. If he pushed you back anyway, prepare for his 
Pole Extend and catch his pole with QCB + B. 
If he do his Firewheel DM, learn it's timing and roll behind him. An easy way to 
dea with this DM is to go back a bit, wait for a while, do a run then super jump 
above his throwed Firewheel. You get a free jump in!!!. Counter any jump in with 
Vertical Arrow.

- Blue Mary

Nooooo, a twin matchup. I hate when this happens. Not much to say, may the best 
man...ugh woman wins.    :)
If until this section you don't get the idea how a good Mary user plays, quit 
playing KOF and play Mortal Kombat instead.

- Iori Yagami

This guy turns into one hell of a turtle his year. He'll keep doin' Yamibarai to 
force you jump and set a Maiden Masher DM trap. Get in half screen range, wait 
till he do a fireball, roll in and super grab. DON'T jump if he got a stock.
Watch for a fake jump into Scumgale. Kill any jump attempt as you can't do much 
with his very high priority jump D. Roll if you see him holding a fire in his 
hand flash (the Giant Yamibarai DM).
Remember that his Oniyaki turned down a lot this year. It doesn't knock down (A 
version) and low priority.

- Shingo Yabuki

He's a rookie, but don't under estimate him. He is the Rookie of the year! 
(Guess I'm watching too much NBA stuff).
His moves are fairly safe when blocked, but if he recovers too close to you do a 
command throw or super grab. If he do a POW explode, prepare for a roll backto 
avoid his bufferable Shoulder Charge SDM. Trust me, you don't want to get damage 
80% with another SDM, plus a juggle.
When you see a flash, get joystick back position and mash AB button like crazy. 
CD counter any jump in attempt or dn D if he's still on MAX, they'll try to 
buffer it into he's SDM (you can't do much if this happens). Block every Shingo 
Fist they throw and punish blocked Shingo Kick.

- Orochi Iori

His Jump D rules!. Counter it with QCB + B, but you must do it fast. If he got 
stock, beware for jump in Scum Gale into DM. In other word, block a lot and if 
you think he'll do another jump D, counter it.
Jumping back in corner is recommended when dealing with a jump D. Do a super 
grab motion if you block it mid air and push the button when you land. 
Use Straight Slicer as an air defense. Don't forget to follow a Crab Clutch 
after it connect. Wacth for low B into QCB + A/C x3.

- Orochi Leona

Aaaaarrrggh, I hate her the most when fighting Orochis. Be very patients if she 
do a lot of dn B pokes. Do a Straight Slicer from distance, this will caught her 
a lot of times. 
Punish Cheeseball with a Straight Slicer.
Don't jump on her due to her air grab. Counter any jump in with QCB + B.
Know the different of a fake jump into normal throw or a jump in combo (simple 
Jump D, Crouch C, Moon Slasher does a 50% damage).

- Orochi Yashiro

Again, watch for his close satnd D. Once you get caught by it or floored, you're 
in his guessing game.
Always block highwhen this happens. If you see a Scum Spider, jump attack to 
counter it. But it's not that simple, they'll do a stand CD or even dn D into 
this move to do a high-low mind game. Block their stand CD then jump 
Punish any running grab (HCF + B/D) and roll in attempr with dn C into a 
damaging combo.

- Orochi Shermie

Go down under her miss Electric Kiss with Straight Slicer. Roll behind her while 
blowing the kiss, and punish her from the back.
Get in close to her, confuse her with a lot of normal attacks and jump ins. She 
doesn't have a descent normal attacks. Her game relies on keep away and don't 
get near me strategy.
Once you're close to her, you're at full advantage.

- Orochi Chris

Roll any Fireball or Overhead Flame he do. Don't get caught in his Fire Fist 
Dance due to damaging juggle after it.
If you see him jumping, don't jump to counter him since he got an almos 
undefeatable jump CD. Do a Vertical Arrow instead. Trick him to do his Uppercut 
(blocked0 then punish him.
If you has a little life left, reverse his QCFx2 A/C DM don't block it or you'll 
get damaging tick on your life bar and get killed.

Missing VS strategies : 
Vs Strategy againts Yuri, Mai, King, Chizuru, Shermie, Chris.
I never have the chance to fight a good player of these fighters. So if someone 
out there is a good user of this fighters, let me know your strategy fighting 
people with them.



The owner of BIMA Arcade Center
For providing the KOF97 cartridge which cost him a lot of money during this 
monetary crisis.
Plus for charging 100 Rupiahs for one Credit in every game in his Arcade Center. 
Visit your local bank and convert this into your own curency, then compare with 
how much you spent on a Credit.

Many friends of mine at Arcade Center
Especially the one who suggest me doing HCBx2 to replace Mary's QCF HCB motion. 
This helped me a lot doing her 100 % combo. Damn, you're good at playing KOF 

SNK corporation
For making KOF97 the way it is, the best way ever!!
And for making Blue Mary a tough character in KOF97.

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Any other FAQ Authors
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their FAQs to look at what next section I'm going to write.

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Yosha! (
For being a net-pal discussing Mary and for telling me that snatcher after 
Splash Rose can't be rolled if done immediately.
He suggest me to do a Spin Fall instead. More credits for his knowledge about 
Mary's background.
For his information on how to subscribe to the new kof-ml....,aahhhh enough of 
school stuff, more on the superb kof stuff.     :)

YOU, whoever you are
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I hope this FAQ makes you a better Mary player.

5.2 Revision History 

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5.3 Saying Goodbye

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