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The King of Fighters '97
King Strategy guide

by Yu Lew

Well, this guide will try to explain how to use King to her full
potential. This is my first strategy guide and I hope to get some
feedback on it.


0.0 Preface
1.0 Introduction
        1.1 About the Author
        1.2 How to Use this Guide
        1.3 Where to Get More Information
        1.4 Character Background
 1.5 Revisions
2.0 The Moves
        2.1 Special Moves
        2.2 Desperation Moves
        2.3 Normal Moves
        2.4 Command Moves
        2.5 Combinations
        2.6 Taunts
3.0 General Strategy
        3.1 Overview and Example
        3.2 Ranges and Zoning
        3.3 Mind Games
        3.4 Meter Management
        3.5 Punishing Mistakes
4.0 Acknowledgments
        4.1 Credits
        4.2 Version History
        4.3 Copyright Information

1.0: Introduction
1.1: About the Author

The author(Me, who else?) of this guide has been playing KOF ever since
it came out in 94. He's played '97 since the first day New York got it. He
usually plays every character (except Choi!!!!).  But most of the time he 
takes his time to learn weak characters to make them stronger.  He went to 1 
small tournerment in Philly and made it to the Semifinals with most of the 
characters he plays.  A strong Vice,Mature,King,Kasumi player in 96,  in 
97 he plays almost every character(but Choi).

1.2: How to Use this Guide

Well since this is the first time I'm writing a Guide on a character,
please be patient with me.  I have included a table of contents to be 
sure you're not missing anything. When you get to the strategies, I will 
use the names of the moves King does, so you must be familiar with her 
attacks to understand them.

1.3: Where to Get More Information

This guide is designed for middle to advanced-level King of Fighters '97
players; in other words, if you're reading this, then this guide is for
you. If, however, any of the terminology in this guide is confusing to you,
please refer to Andrew Seyoon Park's comprehensive The King of Fighters '97
Beginner's Reference v.0.10 which may be found at:

Therein you will an extensive glossary of terms in addition to all the
basic rules of the game.

1.4: Character Background

NAME: King "The Beautiful Kickboxing Lady"
BIRTHDAY: April 8, 1973
AGE: 24
HEIGHT: 175cm
WEIGHT: 58kg
3-SIZE: B-86 W-55 H-85

HOBBIES: Collecting Wine Glasses
THING SHE HATES THE MOST: Gross People (like Jack)

King originally intended to decline this year's entry to spend some time

with her younger brother Jean (pronounced Zhahn) overseas. However,
Chizuru agrees to have Jean come with them as an escort (airfare payed by the
KOF committee treasury, of course!), and King loses an excuse to decline. For
the sake of her recovering brother (from an illness), King will fight once

1.5: Revisions

 v1.0 My first attempt for making a guide

 v1.1 thanks to the help of Andrew Seyoon Park, and Tony Wedd I
  revised this faq in 2 days time.

2.0: The Moves
(Note: The following assume King is facing right. Mirror the motion if
facing left.)

2.1: Special Moves

Different Character's each has their own special moves. That's what
makes each one unique.  The joystick motions and the button combinations each
make up a special move is shown here

1.Tornado Kick

-O  \  |  /  O- + B/D
     O O O

B version-a 4 hit aerial kick
D version-a 6 hit aerial kick

A great attack if it hits.  A stupid mistake if she misses.
It's a great move if you anticipate your opponent jumping.
but it leaves you very open if you miss.

It is a great counter if you know your opponent is going to jump at you.
You should avoid using it if your opponent is  grounded (there is an
exception to rules like this when playing certain characters.  in this case it
doesn't mean that you should not use this move when the opponent is grounded,
but if you anticipate the opponent is off-guard for a few seconds, then use it
to your liking)

2. Surprise Rose

-O  |  \        + A/C
    O   O

An anti-air 4 hitter. King goes up for 2 hits, and then she goes down at
you for 2 hits.

basically one of King's best moves.  if you hit the opponent on the ground
it might lead to you crossing up. or if the first knee hits, it knocks 
your opponent up for the full 4 hits.  it is an average anti-air priority.

The A-button surprise rose leaves you on the ground a little before the
opponent hits the ground (thus if you're in the corner, a tornado kick is 
the best follow-up).

the C-button version leaves you on the ground before the opponent, but
the recovery time is increased by a few split seconds (thus, trying to
do the tornado kick right afterwards will miss most of the time unless 
you get the timing right).

a very unique anti-air move that is very weak in comparision to most
moves but it is very effective when you learn its timing.

3. Venom Strike

|  \   -O        + B/D
O   O

A Fireball (It travels like Kensou's Fireball, not like Iori's)
the B version doesn't go too far the D version goes almost full screen

What else? (Hey!! If you don't know what or how to use a fireball by
now, I don't see a use for this guide anymore)

4. Double Strike

|  \   -O   |  \   -O        + B/D
O   O       O   O

A double Fireball
the B version doesn't go too far
the D version goes almost full screen

What else? Keep away.  And it's also good for combo's.

try mixing up this move with the venom strike.  sometimes people will
mistake one for another and get hit twice. if you expect the opponent to 
jump after this use the tornado kick.  it's a great move to knock the opponent
back if you don't want to have them at close range.

5. Mirage Kick

O-  /  |  \  -O + B/D
   O   O   O

King runs up to you and hits you for a 4 hit combo

Kinda useless unless you want to drain a character.  it leaves you at a safe
distance from a lot of characters' low sweeps, and has a good recovery

use it only when you expect the opponent to block (or if you anticipate
him/her getting hit by it). mainly because her startup is soo predictable, you
will have trouble using the Mirage kick from a distance. This move is very

6. Trap Shot

-O  |  \        + B/D
    O   O

a grounded creasant kick ending in a combo of kicks if it hit's your opponent
(blocking or non blocking).  Otherwise, it's just a creasant kick.

The Trap Shot is great for combo's and draining.  You can use it to
drain your opponent's energy and fill up your POW bar quickly.

This move has been revamped from the '96 version (which really stunk!!)
and is now a very usefull move indeed

2.2: Desperation Moves

I don't know why I'm even writing about this.  King's Desperation Moves
are "Almost" useless. (take the notice that I said "Almost")

1. Illusion Dance
|  \   -O   \    |    /  O- + B/D
O   O        O   O   O

A rush of attacks ending in a trapshot to a tornado kick

the only time to use this move is when you're on the ground from an 
opponent's attack.  if the opponent is agressive, use it right when you get up
for a real surprise (the b version only, the D version has a really bad start 

this move has been weakened from it's 96 counterpart. in 96 there was no
startup for the b version, and the d version was faster.  right now, only 
the B version is recommended as the only one you use.

2. Silent Flash
|   /  O-  |   /  O-      + B/D
O  O       O  O

A very Powerful Trap Shot ending in a slicing upwards kick.

basically useless unless you use it as an anti-air attack (even then you

will miss the 2nd attack(s) altogether).  This move is very comboable
if you hit your opponent with it

Use this only as a last resort anti air attack.
(I've tried to combo this from a standing D, but afterwards the rush 
counter only registered the (S)DM.  I've hit my opponent every time with this
attack (comboed of course). can anyone conform this as a comboable?)

2.3: Effective Normal Moves

Crotching C
a good attack that attacks upward.

Standing D (2-hitter)
King's Best Move.  it is cancelable into almost every special move she has
(except the (S)DM's)  for best use of this move, you should cancel from the 
first hit (meaning, DO NOT LET THE SECOND KICK HIT!!!!) and your opponent 
will be in trouble

2.4: Command Moves

Slide Kick

\    + D

A Low slide kick.
goes under fireballs.

2.5: Combinations

King relies more on mind games and combos.  King also has enough
special-case and corner combos to give expert players something to work 
toward. What follows is a mostly comprehensive list of what she can do.

(the following combos can begin from the ground without the initial
jump-in attack)

Jump C/D, stand D, A/C venom strike
Jump C/D, stand D, A/C Double Strike
Jump C/D, stand D, Step Side Kick
Jump C/D, stand A/B/C/D, Tornado Kick
Jump C/D, crouch B, Trap Shot
Jump C/D, stand D, Surprise rose
Jump C/D, stand B/D, Mirage Kick
Silent Flash (SDM version), Tornado Kick
Jump C/D, stand B/D(cancel first hit), Silent Flash(SDM version),
Tornado Kick

(the following are possible only under special circumstances, specified in

Jump C/D, stand D(cancel first hit), Surprise rose(A version), Tornado Kick
(note this one only works in the corner)

Stand D(cancel first hit), Surprise rose(A version), Tornado Kick
(note this one only works in the corner)

Jump C/D, stand B/D(cancel second hit), Silent Flash(SDM version), 
Tornado Kick (only been used on huge charaters... can someone conform 
this on other charaters?)

(confirmed!!! King's Infinite Juggle!!!) Surprise rose(a version),
down a (make sure not to hit your enemy with this), cancel into
another Surprise Rose (a version)

Jump C/D Stand D (cancel first hit), Surprise rose(C version), Tornado Kick
(note this one only works "NEAR" the corner!!!)   TOD!!!!!

(if you find out more combos send them to me*]

2.8: Taunts

Press the start button to taunt the opponent.

Taunt: She holds one arm up while
       beckoning her opponent with the other hand
       and says "Honki de oide yo!" ("Try for real!")

3.0: General Strategy
The following is a suggestion as to how to think about a match as a King
player; I stress that being unpredictable is the key to consistent victory not
just with King but with any character (but this mostly applies to King).

3.1: Overview and Example

Most things considered, King still ranks one of the lowest contenders in
the KOF series.  Mainly because there aren't many people who could get 
used to all the changes of her moves and timing(look at how worthless her 
trap shot is now!). I started playing her mainly because I never really 
saw anyone play her. (for some reason, I try to turn the worst fighters into
contenders...although Dan is another story...*I can play good with him 
too!*)  In 96 she used to be ranked as low as Vice and Mature in fighting.  
With King, you will have to get used to her timing, and trying to 
anticipate your opponent's moves.

3.2: Ranges and Zoning

With the venom strike and double strike, King can zone her opponent away. And
if the opponent jumps to try to avoid it, he/she can fall into a coming 
tornado kick, or the second half of the venom strike. at close range, her 
mirage kick can drain some energy off a foe (and leave king far enough 
away most of the time to be safe). and the double strike can knock the 
opponent a safe distance away from King.

3.3: Mind Games

Mind games are Essential with King.  Ever since KOF96 she had been forced to
resort to mind games and Anticipation.  By mixing up tornado kicks,
mirage kicks, surprise roses, venom strikes and double strikes, you'll 
have your opponent trying to guess what you're throwing next.  And the 
surpise advantage by doing the Illusion Dance (S)DM when she gets up from 
a knockdown to an airborne opponent (or an attacking one) makes her 
deadly.  if you have played King is 96, take notice that her Illusion Dance 
timing is different now. her Hard kick version is slower while her New 
Light kick version is like the same speed as her 96 counterpart.

3.4: Meter Management

King really doesn't need to charge up her meter, since both of her DM's
kinda stink.  But It always helps with that power boost you get from Extra.
Another reason to charge her meter is that you have the suprise advantage 
of her Illusion dance (S)DM(light kick version) if you ever get knocked down
and your opponent jumps to attack you.

Advanced mode is the mode I suggest you use with King. Keep attacking with her
and stock up your meters.  King's Illusion dance (S)DM(light kick Version) is
perfect if you get knocked down by your opponent... see above for tips on 
this another reason for having advanced mode for king is that she will have 
air superiority.  If you know that you will not be able to anticipate your
opponent and attack with the tornado kick, you can use the next best 
thing, the Silent Flash DM ( I know it's kinda bad because it will only 
hit your oppoent with the first attack and miss with the second, but it 
does give her the advantage there) if you want to you can use up 1 bar to 
power King up. What you'll have to do is keep attacking with her then,  
most of the time you'll be able to regain that bar (and a half) in no time.

4.0: Closing Acknowledgments

4.1: Credits

This guide would not have been possible without the following:

- The King of Fighters Mailing List:
  Without it I wouldn't be playing KOF97 as well as I do now

- Andrew Seyoon Park, aka EX Andy:
  the idea and moves for this guide. (thanks for the taunt translation
  and reminding me some of the other combos that King has, see Matt

- Greg A.
  the idea for this guide. (Your Yashiro Guide inspired me for this
  guide, Thanks!!!)

- Chikako Jennifer Ishikawa:
  Back story, character profile, some speech transcription and
  translation. (Arigato!!)

- Tony Wedd:
  Grammer, Text info.  (BTW: please cut down on my capitalization on
  things this was all done on Notepad, so I had no help with grammer)
  (a special thanks to you for putting your time in to fully check on my

- Matt Hall @ m00nrun:
  Combos!!!!!!!!  (a special thanks for the Silent Flash, Tornado Kick

- Neo Geo Freak Magazine
  Official special moves, some combos.

- SNK Corporation of Japan
  For creating the best 2D fighting game in years.

If you took your time to read this guide, you have showed me that I am
not a fool for writing a guide no one would read.  Please send your
criticism to me so I know if you liked it or not.  THANKS

4.2: Copyright Information

This guide is intended for entertainment purposes only. Reproduction in
whole or in part in any form or in any medium without express permission
of the author is prohibited. (ahhh %#%$# it!!! if you want to make a copy
of this go ahead!!!!  you took your time to read it, so please do!!)

Thanks for reading and enjoy the game.

Yu Lew


Guide v1.1               Copyright 1997 Yu Lew

All rights reserved. The King of Fighters '97, King, Neo-Geo, Neo-Freak
etc. are all trademarks of SNK Corporation, Copyright 1997