Orochi Leona Combo by m00nrun

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King of Fighters 97
Leona (Orochi-ed)
Combo FAQ
Last updated on 05/03/1998

Warning: This FAQ is copyright 1997-98 by mdEarth ISLE(mOOnrun COMBO PAGE).
All information in this FAQ should not by any means be used as a source of
profit. Non-commercial products may use the information in this FAQ  for
"FREE" but provided that credit is given to the author where credit is due.
But please inform me first before doing so.

General Combo notations:

A = light punch        B = light kick
C = heavy punch        D = heavy kick
dn/dwn = down joysatick direction
up = up joystick motion
bk = hold joystick in blocking direction
fw = joystick forward motion
s = store for few seconds
QCB = quarter cirlce back joystick motion
QCF = quarter circle forward joystick motion
HCB = half circle back joystick motion
HCF = half circle forward joystick motion
DP = uppercut joystick motion
RDP = reverse uppercut joystick motion
(C) - corner combos, combos that only work in the corner.
(DM) - DM combos, combos that involve super moves or desperation moves.		
(HD) - High damage combos, each combo can do more then 3/4 life damage.
(XX) - Difficult to do combos.
(INF)- infinite combos, combos that can be repeated and result in a continued 
(MAX)- must be maxed out or POWered up for this combo to work
(MID)- opponent must be mid-air for this to work
(NEW)- new combos
***- refer to explanations

Chain combo notations:

* = chain combos that won't connect with the command attack
    but can still be done.
I.E when Benimaru does dn B, then fw + B, the down B won't be considered a 
    combo with the fw + B
** = combos that can be done only when opponent blocks


Chain Combos:
Command attacks:

Chain Combos
Dn + B x 5
Dn + B, dn + A x 2
Dn + A, dn + B x 3
Dn + B, dn + A, dn + B x 2

General Combos:

Jump C/D, dwn B, dwn A x 2, dn s up + C
jumping heavy punch or kick, down light kick, light punch twice combo-ed into 
"Moon Slasher", dn s up + C

Jump C/D, Stand/Crouch C, dn s up + C
jumping heavy punch or kick, stand or crouch heavy punch combo-ed into "Moon 
Slasher", dn s up + C

bk s fw + D, fw + D
"Grand Saber", bk s fw + D, "Sonic Kick" fw + D

bk s fw + D, dn s up + C
"Grand Saber", bk s fw + D,"Moon Slasher", dn s up + C

Jump C, stand D(1 hit), bk s fw + B, dn s up + C, bk s fw + B
Jumping heavy punch, stand heavy kick(1 hit) combo-ed into bk s fw + B, juggled 
With dn s up + C then execute bk s fw + B to hit opponent while on ground.

Jump C/D, Stand D (2 hits), QCB, QCF + K
jumping heavy punch or kick, standing heavy kick combo-ed into "Revolver 
Spark",qcb, qcf + K

bk s fw + A, jump QCF, QCB + C or CD
"Ballict Launcher", bk s fw + A, then jump and execute "V-Slasher", qcf, 
qcb + C or CD

bk s fw + B/D, QCB, QCF + K or any DM(?)
"Grand Saber" bk s fw + B/D, then execute "Revolver Spark" qcb. qcf + K

Jump D, QCF, QCB + A
jumping D combo-ed into "V-slasher", qcf, qcb + A while in mid air!

Jump C, dn + A, QCF x 2 + P

jumping heavy punch, crouching light punch combo-ed into "Gravity Storm", qcf 
x 2 + P

againts tall characters:
Jump C, hyperjump D, "V-Slasher" QCF, HCB + P
jumping heavy punch then hyperjump towards the opponent with heavy kick 
combo-ed into "V-slasher", qcf, hcb + P

Jump A, Stand D(1 hit), bk s fw + A, jump "V-slasher", QCF, HCB + P
jumping light punch, standing heavy kick(1 hit), combo-ed into "Ballict 
Launcher", bk s fw + A, then jump and execute "V-Slasher"

Jump A, Stand D(1 hit), bk s fw + B, "Revolver Spark", QCB, HCF + K
jumping light punch, standing heavy kick(1 hit), combo-ed into "Grand Saber", 
bk s fw + B, then execute, "Revolver Spark", qcb, hcf + K.


KoF Mailing List (kof-ml@umich.edu)
- for several interesting info
- some combos also

Kao Megura (kmegura@yahoo.com ) 
- some move names are taken from his kof97faq.txt

Darklancer (lancer@pacific.net.sg)
- also some move names from him

Darren (darren03@mbox3.singnet.com.sg)
- for several good combos
- the infinite combos for Kyo Kusanagi and Terry Bogard of course

Rafee ( no e-mail)
- for lotsa other combo info and tactic tips

Charles ( nghouse@hkstar.com)
- for giving me the idea of the COMBO PAGE

Hashakku Iori ( iori@chez.com )
- for being an internet pal and a fellow KoF fanatic.
- helped with several html and graphic stuff.

SNK(c) Japan, SNK(c) America 
- for making KoF'97, the greatest series of fighting games this era

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