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=START=============================  Hokay, i'm no ASCII artist,
 + + + + Orochi Shermie FAQ + + + +  this'll have to do .
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By `Rimururu (spanky@tm.net.my)

This FAQ version is : 1.1
This FAQ can also be found in :
http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/8218/OShermie.txt (case-sensitive)

All the Crap to Begin With:

This is my first FAQ, so bear with me if i've somehow screwed
things up a bit here. (of course i might even be doing that,
having this column here.)...

  Now, why would anyone want an Orochi Shermie FAQ ? (as if
any of those Orochi fans would favour her). Obviously, SNK has
created a rather weird array of moves and specials for Orochi
Shermie, she is difficult to play, control, or (worse) to be
used against human players. This FAQ is written to enlighten
people who are interested to play O. Shermie, and for those who
find it hard to play her effectively.

This FAQ contains a gaming guide to Orochi Shermie (ack! i'm
repeating again). For those who would want to know the darker
side of Shermie better, let it roll !

Note : If you have any questions, feedback, anything you think that
needs to be added or corrected, or just to flame, just drop me a
mail at my email address above...

+ + + Gaming Section + + + + Gaming Section + + + + Gaming Section + + + +

Contents 1 : In General - 1.1 - A Short Introduction on Orochi Shermie
                        - 1.2 - Character Relationships / Match-ups, Colour
                        - 1.3 - Normals, Specials, Desperation Moves
         2 : Strategies - 2.1 - Extra / Advanced
                        - 2.2 - Air / Ground Game
                        - 2.3 - Mind Games
                        - 2.4 - Punishing mistakes (and some hints)
                        - 2.5 - Combos, Chains, Interruptables, Juggles
         3 : Endings    - 3.1 - Other stuff about Orochi Shermie
                        - 3.2 - Acknowledgements and Credits
                        - 3.3 - Some hilarious stuff when when working
                                on this FAQ ^_-;
         4 : FAQ Version History, Signature.

1 : In General :
1.1 : A Short Introduction on Orochi Shermie :

`Nuff said. She sux, she's weak, she's lame, she's lousy !'

OK I don't mean that, it is just what many would think about
Orochi Shermie anyway (yours truly once did). Anyway, she is
a totally different version from the normal Shermie which is a
grappler, and relies on lightning-based attacks. Nevertheless,
her normals and specials make her a hard character to master,
and also a character no one but the hard-core experts would
ever bother to pick. She deviates from many fighting styles,
and needs to be played in an unorthodox fashion.
  Orochi Shermie seems rather shallow, but is very high on the
learning curve. To play effectively as her (I have yet to see
anyone master her), patience is needed, and hot-headed players
just might toss her aside after a few games and forget about
her. This FAQ will try to explain all there is to understand about
her, hopefully...


1.2 : Character Relationships, Match-ups and Colours :

Orochi Shermie can be matched up with her team mates, whether in
their Normal or Orochi form. Like her team mates, other fighters
hate her and her towards them, so no stocks will be passed to
her at all, with the exception of Benimaru (She will pass her
stock to her, but Benimaru will not pass his stock to her). In
short :

Yashiro Nanakase => Smiley
Chris            => Smiley
Benimaru Nikaido => Neutral (but would not pass stock to her)

Note : Reason for Benimaru ? Well, obvious isn't it ? The heart-
       throb of KOF women participants, and not even Shermie is
       spared ^_^

Her colours are :
Advanced : A button select = Red
         : D button select = Brownish Black
Extra    : A button select = Purple
         : D button select = Bluish White


1.3 : Normals, Specials, Desperation Moves :
Note : all specials and a certain command move is similar to
Normal Shermie. These joystick motions are shortened :

dn =down
bk =back
QCF=quarter circle forward
QCB=quarter circle back
HCF=half circle forward
HCB=half circle back

Normal Attacks Descriptions :
Standing A : O. Shermie slaps using her palm.
Standing B : O. Shermie jabs out with a leg.
Standing C : O. Shermie slices the air with one hand, the other
             placed at her back.
Standing D : O. Shermie does a roundhouse kick.
Standing CD: O. Shermie hops off the ground and kicks with both

(near) Standing A : Same as Standing A.
(near) Standing B : Same as Standing B.
(near) Standing C : O. Shermie's arms come up at both sides.
(near) Standing D : Same as Standing D.

Crouching A : O. Shermie slaps while crouching.
Crouching B : O. Shermie does a short jab with her leg.
Crouching C : O. Shermie sweeps her hand at a 45 degree angle.
Crouching D : O. Shermie slides at her spot to a certain
              position before sticking out a leg.

Jumping A : Shermie does a light punch  (can't see it, darn health bar)
Jumping B : O. Shermie sticks out a knee, doing it in a likeness
            of jumping upwards.
Jumping C : O. Shermie sticks out an elbow, with her whole body
            in a lying position.
Jumping D : O. Shermie kicks slightly downwards.
Jumping CD: O. Shermie kicks out with both her feet in a scissor
            -like shape.

Notes on normals :
Standing A : Fast and good for short range. Very useful for
             getting out of a tight situation. (near) version is the
Standing B : Not as fast as the Standing A, but does a 2-hit if done
             close. Not for poking. (near) version is the same.
Standing C : (near) version is more effective, as it can punish
             hoppers and stray jumpers who end up behind.Can also
             be interrupted into a special move. Normal
             C is a bit slow, and easily punishable if used at the
             wrong times.
Standing D : Good Anti-Air move, but prone to sweeps. (near) version
             is the same.
Standing CD: Immune to sweeps. Good priority, comes out fairly

Crouching A : Same as Standing A.
Crouching B : Not as fast as Crouching A, but has an unusual push-back
              ability. To be used for giving yourself a little more
              distance. Note : Unlike mose crouching attacks, two kicks
              are enough to push opponent back out of your range. Best
              used as a follow-up from Crouching A.
Crouching C : Excellent Anti-air move. Unusual angle makes it useless
              against crouching opponents, but hits if they are near.
Crouching D : Extremely slow startup and recovery, an almost useless

Jumping A : Doesn't seem to be of much use.
Jumping B : Looks weird, might be for countering jump-ins in the air.
Jumping C : A Good Jump-in attack.
Jumping D : Same as Jumping C, a little less priority.
Jumping CD: Excellent for punishing jumping attacks.

Command Attacks Descriptions:
Note : I am using the most understandable names for the moves here,
       you might find the names different from some other FAQs.

(near) fwd/bk + C : O. Shermie does a surplex slam on opponent.

(near) fwd/bk + D : O. Shermie does a surplex throw on opponent.

Forward + B       : O. Shermie does a cartwheel-like overhead kick.

QCF + A/B/C/D     : O. Shermie cups her hands and blows an electric
(Electric Kiss)     sphere out of it.

QCB + A/C         : O. Shermie sweeps her hands away and a sabre of
(Electric Sabre)    electricity flies out.

QCB + B/D         : O. Shermie does an electrified version of a Spin-
(Elec.Spin Kick)    Kick.

(jump),QCF+B/D    : O. Shermie does a downward-angled kick in the air
(Electric Whip)     that leaves an arc of electricity.

Notes on Command Attacks :
C Throw         : Knocks opponent down to a certain short range.

D Throw         : Opponent gets thrown a bit further than the C Throw.

fwd + B         : Acts as a chain to link attacks. Also an overhead move.
                  must be blocked high.

QCF + A/B/C/D   : Sphere of electricity ends up at 4 possible
(Electric Kiss)   possible places in the screen depending on the
                  button used. Best used as a keep-away move and
                  at guessing games.

QCB + A/B       : A fast move with almost no start-up lag. Good
(Electric Sabre)  for a surprise attack and for countering jump
                  -ins. Weakness is due to its high-level, which
                  can be evaded by merely crouching, and won't hit
                  short characters. Can be comboed from after an
                  interrupted normal attack.

QCB + B/D       : A good move for countering whiffed attacks. Can
(Electric Spin    be used against hoppers. A slight end-lag if blocked,
 Kick)            but pushes opponent back a little, giving some time
                  for recovery. D version lags longer than B version.
                  Be warned that some characters have fast sweeps.
                  Vulnerable if whiffed.

(jump),HCF+B/D  : An effective move for countering late jumpers
(Electric Whip)   and uppercut moves. Instant knockdown attack.
                  Safe if blocked.

Desperation Moves Descriptions :
QCF,QCF + A/C : (DM) O. Shermie does an Ankoku Raikohken (Dark
                version of Benimaru's Raikohken).
                (SDM) Ankoku Raikohken in red and covers a larger

QCB,HCF + B/D : (DM) O. Shermie does a horizontal drill-kick
                (ala SF2 Turbo Cammy Cannon Drill) with
                her feet surrounded in an electrical cone-shape.
                (SDM) O. Shermie does a fast horizontal drill-
                kick, this time her whole body is surrounded in
                a wide electric arc.

Notes on Desperation Moves :
QCF,QCF + A/C : Has good priority and comes out horribly fast like
                Benimaru's Raikohken, but lacks the invulnerability.
                Both A and C versions are the same. Lag at the end is
                slightly less than Benimaru's Raikohken. Can be comboed
                from an interrupted attack.
                Note : Although most FAQs put this move as a QCF,QCF,
                it is somehow harder to perform compared to the
                Electric Drill DM. I would recommend doing a HCF,HCF
                motion for this move, and be careful (see hints on the
                Punishing Mistakes section)

QCB,HCF + B/D : DM version comes out rather slow. Punishable if
                blocked. SDM version starts and ends almost
                instantly, and covers a larger area. High risk
                when used, and it doesn't do much tick damage. Best
                in SDM. (see Punishing Mistakes).
                Note : Contrary to the crappy Ankoku Raikohken move
                detection, this move is unimaginably sensitive, and
                would come out even if you are rolling a QCF,QCF motion.
                Personally, I had always thought this move was a QCF,QCF
                motion, until EX Andy pointed it out to me. Will even
                work with crappy joysticks.


2 : Strategies :
Basically, Orochi Shermie is a character that has the same movement
as Normal Shermie, but with weird command attacks to boot. Unlike
the other Orochis, O. Shermie in my opinion is weaker and less mobile
than her normal self, due to the nature of her attacks, which are
rather like keep-away moves.

  A general strategy with Orochi Shermie : don't let anyone get near
you, or you're toasted. And also use your normals with care, for they
are not really suitable for a fistfight. Your Electric Kisses will be
your main and vital arsenal, but be careful not to abuse its use, for
it opens up opportunities for your opponent.

  And of course, playing as if you are pressuring your opponent helps
you a lot too.

  Finally, most of these are easier said than done, but with practice,
it will be a breeze ! (I didn't waste lotsa money on KOF rounds getting
whacked playing a low-grade character for nothing... ^_^ )


2.1 : Playing in Advanced / Extra :
Playing in Advanced Mode :
  Orochi Shermie is not going to dash around much in this mode, as she
has to avoid a close-up with any other character. However, once in a
favourable close-up position, go for a knock-down attack, or a throw.

  Once you knock down your opponent, do an Electric Kiss over where they
are lying, dash towards them and pressure them with a close C, fwd+B,
Drill, which will be part of your mind game. If opponent starts to think
you're going to be serious on the offensive, put up your defenses and
switch back to don't-come-near-me mode ^_^ , in other words play a hit-
and-run game. If the going gets tough, get defensive. Mix up your style
of play as suited to the situation. If you can be unpredictable and
frustrate your opponent, it will be to your advantage. (see mind games).

  She also needs to make up to every chance she gets, so watch out there
and go for a combo for every mistake the opponent makes. This is one sure
way to charge up your meter fast. Try not to waste a stock, as it is
quite hard for O. Shermie to charge up enough for one.

Playing in Extra Mode :
This is a harder mode for Orochi Shermie, but better at playing a keep-
away game. As usual with Extra Mode, always stay MAXED. Most effective
way to charge up is to do it after doing an electric kiss.
  She has one of the most effective dodges in the game, as in recovery
time and duration of dodge. (Believe me, the same dodges dodged a full
Benimaru Shinkuu Katategoma without taking a tick of damage.). Duration
of dodge is short enough to have no end-lag, and should be used
effectively to give yourself an edge in punishing mistakes (see Punishing
  Also, don't just play keep-away, mix in a little variety of attacking
and pressuring.


2.2 : Air / Ground Game :
- Use either the jump C or jump D if opponent leaves him/herself open.
  Both have fairly good priority. The Jump CD isn't bad either, but
  is better for air to air matchups.

- The Electric Whip is fairly good air to ground. It has little lag, and
  good priority. Because she makes an extra "double" jump (jump on air),
  it will often evade whatever anti-air the opponent tries to throw at
  you, or (better still) counters the anti-air move thrown at you totally.
  Somehow the D version is more punishable when blocked. Advantage lies
  in its knock-down capability, which would give you some time for a

- If you are going to do any tick damage, use the B Electric Spin Kick.
  Maximum ticking damage can only be done on a cornered opponent, using
  a B version Spin Kick, which will tick all the way from start-up till
  end. Don't do this unless your opponent is down to a few ticks of life
  because he/she can sweep you if he/she is still not KO'ed.

- When playing the pressure side, you can do this : buffer a blocked
  Standing CD into an Electric Sabre, or an A Electric Kiss. Your opponent
  must continue to block or he/she will get hit by either move buffered.
  This will give you another chance at pressuring and building up your
  POW meter in Advanced.


2.3 : Mind Games :
- As stated above, Electric Kisses are your greatest assets. The opponent
  has no idea where they are going to come out due to its instantaneous
  effect, and if you give him the impression it is totally and completely
  random, the match is yours. Note : No matter how hard it may look like
  you aren't in a random pattern, it might just be yourself. For instance,
  don't be afraid to do the same location 2 times in a row; it is just
  another way to be random. Try not to do a Kiss behind your opponent
  though, because he/she might just walk towards you and punish you badly.

- Another mind game that comes up a little less is this : Throw a Kiss,
  so it lands JUST in front of opponent, as close as it can get without
  them being able to block it. Now they can either backroll, or just sit
  there paralysed. The best thing for them would be to sit there, for back
  -rolling will distance them further from O. Shermie. You can follow-up
  the "paralyzing" Kiss with a walk-in throw or a drill. Both choices are
  in your favour. The worst your opponent can do would be to jump out of
  a throw, because he is open to attack. If he/she jumps upwards, just do
  a Crouch C. Backwards, use the Sabre.

- The Electric Whip is the safest air-move in the game, with no apparent
  recovery lag, and does not rebound after it is blocked. For added
  pressure, do a close C, fwd+B into B Electric Drill  on your opponent.
  If you happen to land just behind your opponent after the Electric
  Whip, go for a throw. (It works on the CPU). You can start the Electric
  Whip after a blocked Jump CD. You can also play a trick by doing a
  Jumping CD while jumping back after buffering an Electric Whip from a
  Jump CD, or after a blocked Electric Whip, but this is not really
  recommended unless your opponent is clueless about what you are going
  to do next, because the jumping back can be punished, and it wouldn't
  be worth it if you want to pressure your opponent.


2.4 : Punishing Mistakes (and some hints) :
- Try to punish your opponent's mistake with a combo, or a knock-down
  move, then get out of your opponent's way and harrass him/her with
  a keep-away move. You can further confuse your opponent by being on
  the offensive sometimes. Mix both styles up nicely, and you'll have a
  nice game.

- The (air),HCF + B/D is a good ANTI anti-air move. B is for jumping
  in on anti-airs, D is probably for high jumpers. (Note : try not to
  use the D version unless you think it is the right situation). You
  can also use the D version to evade certain rush-DMs, or anti-air ones.

- Electric Kisses are good against stray jump-ins, as well as the
  Electric Sabre for jump-ins that are further. (Note : Do an A Electric
  Kiss, then kneel down ^_^ )

- Always counter an attacking jump-in with a Crouching C. It is the best
  anti air move O. Shermie has.

- If you are sure your opponent will sweep you on his/her next attack,
  do a Standing CD. Buffer it into an Electric Sabre; if there is a
  Counter message after the Standing CD, you'll score with your Sabre.

- If you are jumping, and are faced with a jumping attack, do not
  hesitate to use a jumping CD. You might even get to juggle with
  another move if you get a Counter message and land first.

- It may be fun and satisfying to punish a whiffed attack, a mistake,
  or take advantage of an opponent's ignorance, but watch out... since
  Orochi Shermie can do an Electric Kiss with any button (except the
  start button ^_^), beware your joystick position. You don't want to
  see an Electric Kiss on the other side of the screen when all you
  wanted was to punish your opponent. This can happen especially after
  you are blocking downwards, and when you push your joystick forward
  in any position again. My advice : don't rush when you want to punish
  a mistake.

- You shouldn't always think Benimaru when using Ankoku Raikohken. It
  does not really have the invincibility although it works the same way
  offensively. For punishing lags. Note : Be more specific when doing
  joystick motion for Ankoku Raikohken, because it has a wider joystick
  range than Benimaru's Raikohken. If done incorrectly, you might just
  get an Electric Kiss instead. (Watch out crappy joysticks.)

- Never blow an Electric Kiss behind your opponents.

- Never use the Electric Sabre on a standing Choi Bounge.

- Your Electric Spin Kick is vulnerable from the top side. Beware of
  high jumpers.

- Never use a QCF,QCF + B/D unless it is in SDM mode, and you catch your
  opponent jumping.

- Lastly, watch out for anti-Orochi fanatics, especially those with a
  lead pipe, crowbar, etc. with the propaganda, "Orochi Orifices" (j/k)


2.5 : Combos, Chains, Interruptables, Juggles :
Note : These parts (Combos, Chains, Interruptables) are taken directly
       from the Ultimate KOF97 Combo FAQ by Matt Hall and m00nrun.
     : The * sign means the part does not need to be in the combo for
       it to work.

Combos :
Jumping D, Crouching C, Electric Sabre. (4 hits)
Jumping D, Crouching C, fwd + B, Electric Sabre (6 hits)
*Jumping D, Crouching C, Ankoku Raikohken (7 hits)

Note : The rest of her combos (and gameplan) mostly focuses around her
       electric "kisses"... basically, you're going to want to either
       push your opponent back into the kiss with an attack, or hit them
       with another attack AS they're getting hit by the kiss. Nothing's
       guaranteed, but that's why it's fun to play her!

Chains :
Standing A, Standing B
Standing A, f+B
Jumping C/D, Standing/Crouching C, f+B

Interruptables :
Standing        : A,B,C
Crouching       : A,C
Standing (near) : B

Notes : Standing B is a 2-hitter, but must be interrupted before
        the 2nd hit.
      : All interruptables can be interrupted into any Command Attack,
        or the Ankoku Raikohken DM.

Juggles :
- A late Jumping CD can be followed by a Crouching C if you land before
  your opponent, but the "Counter" message must appear. I think the
  Electric Sabre can be used as well, if the opponent flies further


3.1 : Other stuff about Orochi Shermie :

Fighting Style : Orochi Lightning-Based Attacks.
Nationality    : France
Birth Date     : Feb 13, 1976
Age            : 21
Height         : 173 cm
Weight         : 68 kg
3 Sizes        : B92,W63,H87.
Blood Type     : B, with Orochi

Hobbies                : Band, Watching French Movies
Role in Band           : Bassist
Favourite Food         : Fish (Especially shiny ones (?))
Favourite Sport        : Ice Skating
Most Valued Possession : Personal Computer
Most Hated Things      : Stew, Celery, Highschool Baseball.

Story : Shermie joined her band mates Yashiro Nanakase and Chris in the
        King of Fighters 97 tournament. They joined the tournament
        because Yashiro wanted to humiliate Iori (a rival band member)
        in public, whose popularity resulted in Yashiro's concert
        being cancelled.
        Shermie turns out to be one of the "Four Heavenly Kings" of the
        Orochi clan. During the tournament, the Orochi in her blood
        arises, and her personality changes drastically, as well as
        her moves. The tournament turned from a personal vendetta of
        Yashiro's into a quest to reawaken their master, Orochi. She,
        like her other team mates, will not let anything stop her from
        acomplishing her duty to reawaken her master.

Opening  : Lifts up both hands, says "Orite kinasai!" (Get down Here!),
           lightning strikes them, and O. Shermie hangs her hands
           beside her in wraithlike outstretched claws.
Taunt    : Points a finger at opponent, says "Anata Shinuwa" (You're
           gonna die)
Dodge    : Lifts up a hand to fix her ear-ring (?)
Win pose : Lifts up a hand, says "Sore ga anata no, unmei yo" (That's
           your destiny) and a bolt of lightning strikes her fist after
           she clenches it.
Losing to
time-out : O. Shermie puts both her hands behind her head,
           her back facing player.
K.O.'ed  : O. Shermie lies with her hands laid back, one knee propped
           higher than the other.

Ankoku Raikohken DM : Says "Ankoku Raikohken!" before and while doing
                      the move.
Electric Drill DM   : Says "Iiwane" (Is this clear), pauses a while,
                      then "Iku wa yo!" (Here I go!) when charging towards
                      the opponent.


3.2 : Acknowledgements and Credits :
- Thanks to Shlomo Abraham (sabraham@accepted.com) who offered to help
  me with my guide, as well as checking out any mistakes and anything
  that has been left out. Thanks again !

- Also to Tony W's (miku@camtech.net.au) Leona Guide, which gave me a
  hint of what to write about. Also to Greg Kasavin's (shrike@slip.net)
  Yashiro Nanakase to round it all up. Tony's Leona Guide at :

- Matt Hall (kensou@aol.com) and m00nrun's(moonrun@pacific.net.sg) KOF97
  Combo FAQ... you guys did a REALLY great job with it ! Their FAQ at :

- Chika's (iorin@aol.com) Shermie Section of her Page for the story,
  biodata, and translations. Her homepage at :

- EX Andy (asp@uclink2.berkeley.edu) for giving a few pointers as well...
  His homepage at :

- Mike Ho (mikeho@umich.edu or motoslave@umich.edu) for the King Of
  Fighters Mailing List (kof-ml@umich.edu) and everyone who subsribes to
  it (thanks for everything!)

- The arcade centres littered around Sungei Wang Plaza, K.L. and to people
  who didn't take my Orochi Shermie for other Orochi bait ^_^.

- The GAME itself !! Isn't The King of Fighters such a C00L game ?!? Thanks
  to SNK, and the team behind the making of KOF !

3.3 : Some hilarious stuff when working on this FAQ :

Outside - At play (most are thoughts) :
- "Gee, I look like an Orochi freak doing the code... ~_~;"
- "Ohmigosh ! Busted joystick / buttons !"
- "Japan ? I'm stuck with JAPAN ?!?"
- "Hey I thought the D button was here !"
- "Uh oh, he's challenging me, hope he doesn't use Orochi Iori..."
- "Not fair ! You challenge my Orochi New Faces Team with Orochi
  Yashiro, Orochi Chris, and BENIMARU !"
- "Aye ? What's this Electric Kiss doing here ?!? I want a Raikohken !"
- "Hey ! She's just Sher... I mean, she's just Orochi Shermie ! Oh, no
  Orochi characters allowed ?"
- "Leave me alone !!" ~_~
- "Time to go back... hey, i forgot this other little detail... well one
  more go at it won't kill me" ^_^
- "Oops, guess I'm walking home again..."
- "Freakin' health bar, I can't see that DARNED Jumping A she's doing !"
- "Damn, when the heck will i ever see Yashiro's or Chris' win pose ?"
- "Hey, she's got a new move ! ... Oops, it's just a Jumping B..."
- "Oops, wrong Electric Kiss..."
- "Sweep ? Why sweep ?"
- "Wow... Electric Kiss, Charge, Electric Kiss, Charge, Raikohken, I
  really can do this all day...(snore...)"
- "Cool ! I dodged a full Shinkuu Katategoma assault without blocking !
  Hm, that guy seems rather upset..."
- "Hey what are you staring at ? Never seen Orochi beaten by a lone Orochi
  Shermie ?"

Inside - at work (writing the FAQ) :
- "Wait, I am writing a guide for Orochi Shermie, not Shermie !"
- "Now where did I thought i wrote that down before ?"
- "Hey, a nice theory, maybe I should try it out tomorrow (which most
  of the time I never did)"
- "OK, here's an interesting part... WHAT ?!? Out of memory ??"
- "I hate it when i messed those text up"
- "Crap, (computer crashes from low memory) and I didn't save...~_~ "
- "Look at the "size" of her... wait, the 2nd measurement doesn't seem
- "Eyes ? What eyes ?"
- "I think she ought to be Iori's girlfriend..."
- "Chevy mode ? what's that ?" (no offense to Shlomo, I think I understand
   it now... nah I won't explain it to you guys...^_^)
- "Orochi...Orochi...Orochi... ... huh? WhAt ?"
- "Damn, 2 hours here, and I've only written one line..."
- "OK, file uploaded... HEY ! I forgot to add this little detail !"

That's all, hope you enjoy it ! (actually it's a rather lame attempt to
persuade impatient guys to stick to playing Orochi Shermie...maybe a
little joke to spice it up). That's all for now, and ENJOY using Orochi
Shermie as much as you can ! (don't mind those guys looking, just put
in the codes !). Happy gaming !

4 : Version History :

FAQ Version 0.1  - Pre-release, 13th November 1997. Lotsa important stuff
                   not included yet.
FAQ Version 0.2  - Fixed some mistakes, added more things after Shlomo's
                   review : 14th November 1997.
FAQ Version 0.21 - Added in a few more corrections, and some discoveries
                   and a little update on the Endings Section : 15th
                   November 1997.
FAQ Version 0.5  - Done the Combos, Chains, Interruptables, Juggles
                   sections, a few corrections to some repetitive
                   statements : 16th November 1997.
FAQ Version 0.51 - Added in a few corrections : 16th November 1997.
FAQ Version 0.7  - Filled in some other details, arranged other details
                   :18th November 1997.
FAQ Version 0.9  - Inserted all the other stuff, added more to the Endings
                   Section, filled up the Credits and Acknowledgements
                   :19th November 1997.
FAQ Version 1.0  - Added another section for the heck of it... ^_- : 19th
                   November 1997.
FAQ Version 1.01 - Colours section... : 19th November 1997.
FAQ Version 1.02 - Whatdya think, forgot some minor details... : 19th
                   November 1997.
FAQ Version 1.03 - Fixed the opening quote : 20th November 1997.
FAQ Version 1.1  - Added more stuff after EX Andy pointed out some
                   things : 22nd November 1997.

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