Robert Garcia by Dagwon

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                              T H E  R A G I N G  T I G E R  F A Q

                             A Robert Garcia Guide ver.1 by Ryuusei

Warning:  This is may used for those who want to know closely about Robert 
Garcia and wants to use him in battling with other contenders/characters. 
Also this is for those who is curious about his once-under-estimated 
fighting style (Kyokugenryuu Karate, which is translated as Karate Of The 
Extreme Style).  c. 1998 by Ryuusei.  This is a non-profit guide and will 
never be produced in any profitable media, 'cause I'm doing this for free. 
For those who violate this, I will put an special punishment in an extreme 
style. So please email me at before doing anything 
worse, OK ?!

 C O N T E N T S :

   1.1. Note from author
   1.2. Robert Garcia's profile

   2.1. Special Moves
   2.2. Ultimate Moves
   2.3. Other Moves (which includes normal, command and throwing)
   2.4. Combos

   3.1. Mode Selecions
   3.2. Quotes and stuff (which is when he prepares to fight, wins, loses,   
   3.3  Mueishippuujyuudankyaku section

   4.1. Conclusion
   4.2. More To Come
   4.3. Credits and Inspiration


   1.1. Note from author

You maybe reading this either bored or just want to find out about Robert
Garcia ..... whatever.  Mostly those who uses Robert, often neglecting few 
of his other cool and latest moves. Mostly do HaOuShouKouKen and RyuuKoRanBu 
which both is the best DM/SDM around, but his other moves are cool and not 
to be underestimated. Please take note that this is based on the PSX 
version, which it has a cool preview of an upcoming PSX only The King Of 
Fighters Kyo (Hehe, a little promo!)

Firstly, I'll assume that who ever read this should know KOF'97 or KOF in 
general. You could be an intermediate or better by now. But if you're a 
rookie or beginner, never fear!  I (mostly other freelance KOF FAQ authors) 
highly recommended EX Andy's Beginner Reference Guide for more in depth 
info. If you confused to find it, come and get it at:

   1.2. Robert Garcia's profile

Full name      : Robert Garcia
Birthdate      : 12/25/73
Birthplace     : Italy
Age            : 24
Height         : 180 cm
Weight         : 85 kg
Blood type     : AB
Hobby          : Car collecting
Fave food      : Sushi and yakisoba
Fave sport     : Motor sports
Most valued    : His car collection
Most hated     : Rakkyou, which Ryo Sakazaki forced him to eat one.
Fighting style : Kyokugenryuu karate, with his kicks.
Voiced by      : Koichi Mantarou


   2.1. Special Moves (Hissatsu Waza)

Please take note that most of the move names are came from other sources, 
but some translations are purely my own and try to follow the art of 
Nihongo. This is goes to all, in cluding DMs/SDMs, throwing and command 

   1. RyuuGekiKen

Translate   : Dragon Attack Fist
Motion      : QCB + Punch
Quote       : "Ryuugekiken!"
Hits        : Weak 1, Strong 1
Description : Robert steps forward while firing a golden energy blast in 
              front of him.
Comments    : The weak RyuuGekiKen is useful for negating two projectiles 
              for a minute or two.

   2. RyuuGa

Translate   : Dragon Fang
Motion      : F,D,DF + Punch
Quote       : "Soriya!" (This is a Japanese war cry)
Hits        : Weak 1, Strong 2
Description : An uppercut move.
Comments    : The strong version rarely knocks down, which is best used as 
              an anti-air by dashing towards a jumping opponent and give it 
              to 'em.

   3. RyuuZanShou (mostly known as the Flip Kick)

Translate   : Dragon Slash Flight
Motion      : F,D,DF + Kick
Quote       : "Soriya!"
Hits        : Weak 1, Strong 1
Description : A flippping kick attack.
Comments    : Never seems to knock down, though it's OK as an anti-air if 
              used early.

   4. HiEnSenPuuKyaku

Translate   : Soaring Whirlwind Kick
Motion      : HCB + Kick
Quote       : "Hiensenpuukyaku!"
Hits        : Weak 1, Strong 4
Description : Robert leaps forward while performing rapid roundhouse kicks.
Comments    : The weak HiEnSenPuuKyaku will cause an instant knockdown, if   
              it hits. However it will never pass any projectiles. Best in 

   5. HiEnRyuuJinKyaku

Translate   : Soaring Dragon God Kick
Motion      : In the air, QCB + Kick
Quote       : "Hienryuujinkyaku!"
Hits        : Weak 1, Strong 1
Description : Robert dives down with one leg extended.
Comments    : Robert will jump back if his HiEnRyuuJinKyaku is blocked.

   6. KyokugenryuuRenBuKyaku (mostly known as the Kick Dance)

Translate   : Extreme Style Consecutive Kicks
Motion      : Close, HCF + Kick
Quote       : "Toriya!" 4X (This is also a Japanese war cry)
Hits        : Weak 4, Strong 4
Description : Robert performing four swift consecutive kicks.
Comments    : Can be followed by any move you want, it's best for juggles.

   2.2. Ultimate Moves / Ougi (Hissatsu Ougi(DM) / Chou Hissatsu Ougi(SDM))

   1. HaOuShouKouKen

Translate   : Ruling King Flying Gap Fist
Motion      : F,HCF + Punch
Quote       : "Haoushoukouken!"
Hits        : Weak 1, Strong 5 (Hissatsu Ougi)
              Weak 1, Strong 5 (Chou Hissatsu Ougi)
Description : Robert extends both arms, blasting a wall of energy to his 
Comments    : This is a long range projectile. It can negate and also passes 
               certain small projectiles.

   2. RyuuKoRanBu

Translate   : Dragon Tiger Rumble
Motion      : QCF,HCB + Punch
Quote       : "Kyokugenryuu Ougi!" then "Soriya soriya soriya!!"/"Donaiya?!"
              "Secret Technique Of The Extreme Style!" (war cries) "How 
              about  that?!"
Hits        : Weak 15, Strong 15 (Hissatsu Ougi)
              Weak 25, Strong 25 (Chou Hissatsu Ougi)
Description : Robert dashes forward and perform a barrage of punches and 
               If it is blocked, he'll stop, otherwise he finishes with a 
Comments    : none

   3. MuEiShippuuJyuuDanKyaku

Translate   : Heavy No Shadow Gale Kick
Motion      : QCF,QCF + Kick
Quote       : "Mueishippuujyuudankyaku!"
Hits        : Weak 7, Strong 7   (Hissatsu Ougi)
              Weak 12, Strong 12 (Chou Hissatsu Ougi)
Description : Robert performing rapid kicks while flying towards the 
              As a Chou Hissastu Ougi, Robert perform a HiEnSenPuuKyaku 
              before kicking.
              If it isn't blocked, he'll finishes with a RyuuZanShou, also 
              as a Chou Hissatsu Ougi.
Comments    : A GenEiKyaku memorial.


   1. Standing light punch.

It's a normal front hand jab like in boxing, even in a regular or close 
range.  You'll may use it as in close range attack, as in a combo 

   2. Standing light kick.

By regular range, it's a short middle kick with a front leg. But in a close 
range, it turns into a downward kick with the back leg. You may use the 
regular range for multi-hits (or in combo), 'cause try to arrange both close 
and regular range will not be put as a multi-hits.

   3. Standing strong punch.

By regular range, it's a straight punch. But in a close range, it turns into 
an uppercut. For combo arrangements, close range C would be appropriate. As 
for the regular range, use it when you just blocked a close range moves from 
an opponent and you wanna keep  him away from you.

   4. Standing strong kick.

By regular range, it's a powerful roundhouse kick with the back leg. But in 
close range, it's an axe kick. Maybe you can use a close range axe kick for 
a two-hit mayhem and buffered it with any thing you got.

   5. Crouching light punch.

In both range, it's a crouching jab. Also best if you put it in a combo 
arrangement, like buffer it into RyuuKoRanBu, MuEiShippuuJyuuDanKyaku, even 

   6. Crouching light kick.

In both range, it's a crouching kick thrust. Also good in combo arrangement 
as above.

   7. Crouching strong punch.

It's an uppercut, like standing close range. It's a combo arrangable too.

   8. Crouching strong kick.

Your regular sweep attack. If it is blocked, you can cancel it into a move 
of your choice.

   9. Jumping light punch.

A jumping front hand punch.

  10. Jumping light kick.

A jumping front leg kick.

  11. Jumping strong punch.

A jumping strong punch, good as in a combo arrangement.

  12. Jumping strong kick.

A jumping downward spinning roundhouse kick, also good as in a combo 

  13. Standing strike.

A spinning roundhouse kick. An instant knockdown, though it causes a lag 
when blocked.

  14. Jumping strike.

A drop kick. Same as for standing strike.

* From no.15 onwards is a command and throwing, so it may look like special 
and ultimate moves criteria.

  15. RyuuHanShuu (command move)

Translated  : Dragon Fluttering Kick
Motion      : fw + light kick
Description : Robert performs a spinning back kick at his opponent
Comments    : One of a few comboable command moves. Use this chance to put 
              Ryuu HanShuu in combo.

  16. RyuuTobiKyaku (a throw)

Translated  : Dragon Spring Kick
Motion      : close, fw/bw + strong punch
Description : Robert grabs his opponent and kicked his/her chest with both 
              feet, while flipping  back afterwards
Comments    : none

  17. KubiKiriNage (a throw)

Translated  : Neck Cutting Throw
Motion      : close, fw/bw + strong kick
Description : Robert grabs his opponent in one hand, as he truns back and 
              flipped him/her into an opposite direction.
Comments    : none

   2.4. COMBOS

Combos for him are specially divided into :
(Please note that (*) means is difficult to arrange in a combo.)

   1. Chain combos

- Crouching light kick x 3
- Crouching light kick x 2, crouching light punch
- Crouching light kick x 2, crouching light punch, RyuuHanShuu
- Jumping strong punch/kick, crouching light punch, crouching light kick, 
- Jumping strong punch/kick, standing strong punch, RyuuHanShuu
- Jumping srtong punch/kick, crouching light kick, RyuuHanShuu
(Please note that the last can only be used when the opponent blocks!)

   2. Regular/General combos

- Jumping strong punch/kick, standing/crouching strong punch into   
- Jumping strong punch/kick, standing/crouching strong punch into 
- Jumping strong punch/kick, standing/crouching strong punch into RyuuGa
- Jumping strong punch/kick, standing/crouching strong punch into 
- Jumping string punch/kick, standing/crouching strong punch, RyuuHanShuu 
  into HiEnSenPuuKyaku

   3. Regular/General combos, which can be after the KyokugenryuuRenBuKyaku

Below are combos that includes moves which can be done after 
KyokugenryuuRenBuKyaku. For more, here's the main string below:

Jumping strong punch/kick, standing/crouching strong punch, 

After that, you can follow by these following moves:
1. RyuuGa
2. RyuuZanShou
3. Jumping CD (the drop kick)
4. MuEiShippuuJyuuDanKyaku (this is included as a Desperation Combo)

   4. Desperation Combos

Below are combos that uses Hissatsu Ougi for more deadly touch and these 
 are speak for themselves.

- Jumping strong punch/kick, standing/crouching strong punch into
- Jumping strong punch/kick, standing/crouching strong punch into 
- Jumping strong punch/kick, crouching light kick twice into
- Jumping strong punch/kick, standing/crouching strong punch, RyuuHanShuu 
  into RyuuKoRanBu

This is a "bug" combo, which is also a Desperation Combo. Can be done 
anywhere (High Damage)

(*)KyokugenryuuRenBuKyaku, as soon as he move, do crouching light 
punch/sweep into RyuuKoRanBu.

Note: The crouching light punch and the sweeping cannot hit the opponent, 
but must be buffered into RyuuKoRanBu.

   5. While-in-the-corner Combos

Below are combos that can only used while in the corner. This can be a 
Regular or a Desperation Combo, and a possibility there's (*) included.

First, this is a high damaging Desperation Combo. Used only as a Chou 
Hissatsu Ougi (SDM).

Jumping strong kick, standing strong punch, RyuuHanShuu into 

Secondly, a (*), need a perfect timing.

Jumping strong punch/kick, standing strong punch into 
KyokugenryuuRenBuKyaku, then jump and do HiEnRyuuJinKyaku, before opponent 
lands, finish him/her with a strong RyuuGa.


   3.1. Mode Selections

There are two modes available in KOF '97, Advanced and Extra. For most 
players, they played the Advanced Mode. I myself based on my experience, 
chooses the Advanced mode for him. For those who played him in geisens (a 
Japanese word for game center or arcade), mostly chooses Advanced Mode always 
for his ability to gain points for the power gauge (most characters do
have that chance) by few of his special moves, especially the strong version 
of the Hiensenpuukyaku.  So to this, I personally stated that Robert are 
best as an Advanced character, for there's a chance for him to maxed out his 
power point to add more deadly damaging Ougis (DMs or SDMs). But as an 
Extra, I think I have doubts about him as an Extra character, for he can
do SDMs only in a near death stage. If there's anyone who played as Robert 
in Extra and want to correct this, will you please email me for it. If I had 
time, maybe I'll update this and give anyone who do that a fair credit. For 
now, the way to use Robert is in Advanced because he can use his 
Kyokugenryuu Karate skills in an extreme style.

   3.2. Quotes and stuff

Below are things that Robert used to say and do when he fights, wins, loses, 
etc. Please excuse me if the translation is a bit strange, because the 
translations are done by myself.

   3.2.1. Initiation to fight (As first, second, and third chosen fighter).

Robert fixes his gloves and stands with one hand streches towards his 
opponent, gesturing.
Quote for that : "Hona, ikimase."
Translated     : "Well, let's get to it."

   3.2.2. Special initiation.

This is done when he is facing Sie Kensou with Kensou in his chohatsu 
(taunt) position first, while Robert does his afterwards. I put in both 
quotes in here to make this clear enough.
Kensou's quote : "Donai de ka?"
Translated     : "How's it hangin'?"
Robert's quote : "Bochi bochi, denna."
Translated     : "Pretty well, kinda."

Note : These two talks in an Osaka-Kansai dialect, which is really wierd. 
Since when these two can get along by this dialect, altough there's have no 
relationship between them?

   3.2.3. Quotes and stuff while in the battlefield. While provoking (taunting, to be exact)

Robert stands with one hand stretches towards his opponent, gesturing.
Quote for that : "Donai shitan ya?"
Translated     : "What's a matter?" After winning a round.

1. Robert stands with one hand pointing up for a while and he brings it down 
in to a thumbs up.
   Quote for that : "Yosha!"
   Translated     : "Yeah!"

2. Robert flip his coin into the air and turn around as he grab back his 
coin, fist clenched.   
(No quote)

3. Robert turn his back and thumbs up to himself, his head turn towards the 
   Quote for that : "Donai ya?"
   Translated     : "How about that?" Defeated.

1. In a KO,
   Quote for that : "Kusottare--!"
   Translated     : "Damn--!"

2. In a time out,
   Robert pulls out one of his gloves, slams it in front of him, an angry 
 (No quote)

   3.3. MuEiShippuuJyuuDanKyaku section

This is Robert Garcia's latest Ultimate Move (Ougi) that now is used as a 
few of his deadly and powerful assaults (beside HaOuShouKouKen and 
RyuuKoRanBu). As a Hissatsu Ougi (DM), Robert do rapid kick attacks. But as 
a Chou Hissatsu Ougi (SDM), Robert launches a HiEnSenPuuKyaku before those 
rapid kicks, also if it isn't blocked, he finishes with a RyuuZanShou.

There are some opinions about this move and most of them in various 
expressions about it. I pick the best and most appreciative about this move. 
Here's the summary, along with my words:

The Mueishippuujyuudankyaku (SDM) is just as speccy, if not better. The DM 
version doesn't seem to finish, but he just let them go. Perhaps in '98 
they'll add a roundhouse kick at the end of it, though it would be strange 
since he's in the air. Also said that there's a combo with MESJDK (that's an 
acronym for MuEiShippuuJyuuDanKyaku, for those who like acronyms.), which is 
made up a question, is it a while-in-the-corner combo or just a regular 
combo? By the way the combo is like this :

Any jump attack, close strong punch, Kick Dance into Mueishippuujyuudankyaku

Isn't it like one of the combos that I put in my regular combo list, is it? 
For those who like to help us answer this mystery, please email me as it 
will be my top priority in updating this.

Also if there's any doubt about the damage this move can do, why don't you 
try this combo? It's in the sub-section 5 of the combo section, and it's a 
while-in-the-corner combo, also a high damaging Desperation Combo. Use this 
only as an SDM.

Jumping strong kick, standing strong punch, RyuuHanShuu into 

Mainly, this move is ressenbles to his old GenEiKyaku (Illusion Kick). Do 
you remember while in '94-'95 Robert used to kick rapidly and ends it with a 
roundhouse kick and Geneikyaku used to be just like a normal special move? 
In '96, that move is gone along with Ryo's ZanRetsuKen but Yuri keeps her 
HyakkuRetsuBinta (her slapping move). Way back there's a rumored move in 
'96, which Robert perform a Hiensenpuukyaku followed by mid-air kick attacks 
that similar to Geneikyaku and it turned out to be a hoax. But when '97 is 
out, I searched around and found out that there is a brand new secret 
technique for Robert and it is known as the Mueishippuujyuudan kyaku as we 
know today.
I think that this move deserves as a Geneikyaku memorial, for its similarity 
and for the fact that it can cause a pretty good damage, although 
Ryuukoranbu is in the first place for damaging (MESJDK is a runnerup, yet 
the SDM version rocks!)


   4.1. Conlusion

Although it's kinda late for a KOF FAQ, but I suddenly notice that there's 
no guide for Robert in every pages. Since he is used to win or there's 
nothing new about him, I don't know. I hope this FAQ can give a clue and a 
kinda information about Robert Garcia that is hopefuly useful for those who 
want to know more about this guy. At last, but not least .... HEAR THE TIGER 

   4.2. More To Come

- Vs. character guide
- More cool combos
- More strategy
- More opinions for the MuEiShippuuJyuuDanKyaku section

   4.3. Credits And Inspiration

Below are everybody that inspired and helped me for building this guide. 
Without them, this FAQ
will never been accomplished.

- Kao Megura ( for move name and more useful info taken 
from his KOF FAQs and please check out his site at:

- Chikako Jenifer Ishikawa aka Orochika ( for an inspiration 
to do and improve some of the moves translations myself. Find out what 
Chika-chan has to offer on Chika's KOF Zone at:

- Andrew Seyoon Park aka EX Andy ( for a helpful discussion 
about RyuuGa and RyuuZan Shou.

  Also thanks to you, maybe I will more cool Hiensenpuukyaku/Kick Dance 
  stringable combos.  Check his KOF Beginner's Refference Guide directly at:

- Matt Hall ( for his Shingo Character Guide, which inspired 
  me to build a KOF character guide.

- The King Of Fighters Mailing List ( for without them, this 
  would never happen.

  The guys that helped me are :
  - Alan 'Shlomo' Abraham ( for his first welcome 
    for me at the KOF Mailing List.
  - Lester C. ( for another first welcome and a few 
    laughs too.
  - Punny ( for the first opinion yet a fun 
    discussion too.
    You're a true friend to me and your oppinion is the best, also the 
MESJDK section partialy  dedicated to you. And I personally gonna help you 
with your future combo FAQ after you've your exams, OK?

- The arcade centers that I walked into. Thanks to the fellow KOFers in 
there, I learn how to do a combo and learned also how to handle them. I 
deepfully thank them for keeping up with me from '95 till '97.

- SNK for making one of the most arcade top hits and making one of my 
coolest characters (I'm talking about Robert, Terry and Shiiingo 
Kiiiikku!!). And make sure those three characters are back in '98, along 
with my favourite baby Toudou Kasumi.

- And YOU (you know who you are!) for carefully reading this from the 
beginning till the end.

Jya, mata ne .....