Special Moves Execution by CChien

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The King of Fighters Special Moves Execution FAQ v1.0

        written by Ozaki Ryo (Charles Chien)

How many times have you tried to execute a move on any of the King of
Fighters games only to whiff and do another move? You followed the
instructions in the King of Fighters and FAQs, but that didn't quite work
or only sometimes works. Well, I don't consider myself an advanced player,
so I don't have the timing of the joystick motions ingrained in my head
after playing many games of KOF. Therefore that lends this FAQ credibility
because if I can do a special move every single time, so can other people.

Please note that I did not include the special moves involving simple
joystick motions. The significant motions worth observing are the more
problematic moves. After this FAQ, I hope you can appreciate the KOF series
more confidence on executing special moves consistently.

Joystick positions:
u - up
d - down
f - foward
b - back
uf - up and forward
ub - up and backward
df - down and forward
db - down and backward

qcf - quarter circle forward
qcb - quarter circle backward
hcf - half circle forward
hcb - half circle backward
dp  - dragon punch
rdp - reverse dragon punch

The Special Moves
1. KOF 96/94: The Dragon Punch motion (dp)
Classically from Street Fighter, the dragon punch is supposed to be done in
the following manner: f, d, df + punch. However in the world of KOF, it
doesn't work like that. Only in KOF 95 does that motion always work. In KOF
94 and KOF 96, it only sometimes works [due to sheer luck or ingrained

How it's really done:
f, center joystick, df + punch.

2. KOF 96: Ryo's MRK Finisher
Apparently, NO ONE gets this right because the timing is tricky and on top
of that the motion listed in the FAQ as qcf doesn't work except by chance.

How it's really done:
qcb + B/D, then just as Ryo connects with any of the 3 hits in the MRK, do
the SNK dp motion.

3. KOF 96: The qcfx2 and qcbx2 motions
Chin's DM, Kasumi's DM, Chizuru's DM...

These motions are listed in the manuals and FAQs would work in KOF 95, but
in fact are done differently. The ironic thing is that in the KOF 95
instruction booklet, it lists the proper execution of these moves while in
KOF 96 booklet lists the wrong motion. One thing to note is that these
moves must be done moderately quickly.

How it's really done:
Method 1
qcf, d, df + punch
qcb, d, db + kick (for Chizuru)

Method 2
qcf, center joystick, df + button

4. KOF 96: Charge motions that go from b to f
Examples: Leona's cheeseball, Leona's running slash, Choi's dive...

This has got to be one of the most frustrating motions to figure out. The
charge motion from down to up is easy. However, it is considerably more
difficult when it's from back to forward. The thing is, charge b, f +
button works fine. However, when the motion is executed from the starting
position at db, it gets much harder to pull off. To pull off this motion,
there is a slight trick.

How it's really done:
charge db, uf/f + punch.

the uf/f is the joystick position between uf and f. Whether or not the
NeoGeo can detect these in-between positions, I don't know. All I know is
that ever since I used this guideline, it has worked for me consistently.

5. KOF 96: Geese's DM
Razing Storm is way too tough to get out, but the easiest way (at least for
me) is:

hcf, hcb, db, d, df + A/C

6. KOF 96: Clark's follow up elbow to rolling cradler
There are two ways to do this: by sight & by sound
This is preference, but I do it mostly by ear.

How it's done by ear:
Grab your opponent with HCF + A/C.
Listen for Clark's grasp and "ARRRRR!"
You hear Clark's rolling thuds in the pattern "BUMP bump BUMP bump BUMP..."
[The capitalized BUMP refers to the heavier thuds]
On the third BUMP, do qcf + C. Forward here refers to the direction in
which Clark is rolling. 

After a while, you'll get the rhythm ingrained in your head and this will
be wasy to do.

7. KOF 96: Clark's follow up elbow to Super Argentine Backbreaker
This elbow is much easier to time than the Rolling Cradler one.

How it's done:
Grab your opponent with HCF + D.
Clark will throw the enemy into the air and catch him. Just as Clark begins
to throw him, do qcb + C. Let me clarify that last statement. Qcb there
refers to the quarter circle motion opposite of the direction Clark grabbed
his opponent. For example, if Clark is on the left side on the screen and
Ralf is on the right and Clark grabs Ralf to backbreak him, then the
quarter circle motion should be done this way:

        |  / O- + C
        O O

8. KOF 96: Clark/Daimon's dodge
It's not really a hard-to-do move, but because it's not well-documented, I
feel that it should be mentioned.

How it's done:

9. KOF 94: King's DM, Illusion Dance
The various manuals and FAQs that list this move aren't accurate. 

How it's really done:
b, f, df, d, db + BD

10. KOF 94: King's Double Strike
The FAQs provide a way for it to work, but it shouldn't be so awkward as

How it's really done:
f, b, db, d, df + B/D

11. KOF 94: Kensou's DM
The motion, qcf, b, f + D is correct. The only catch is that you have to do
it very quickly.
Fin. As of 8/5/1997

- Ryo!
Hidamari no Ozaki Ryo

Addendum by Greg

        All command grab supers which you probably think are performed with:

-O  \  |  /  O- -O  \  |  /  O-
      O O O           O O O

May be triggered with the following faster, easier motion:

\   O-  \   O-
  O       O

This is at its most dangerous when you use it by flicking your wrist twice
quickly and then pushing the appropriate button. This motion is so much
faster than the one above, and when you're fighting up close in '97 that
extra instant makes all the difference. This motion also makes comboing
super grabs much easier. Try it and see. Hope this helps.

        Greg Kasavin

Neo Geo Mega Shock


Greg Kasavin wrote:
> Whereas half-circle motions which one would guess would be more 
> difficult are in fact merely:

>   /   -O
>  O

Hmm, combining this with the "short cut" DM motions from '96 (which still 
work, if I am not mistaken), couldn't the generic QC, HC DM motions be 
abbreviated as follows?

QCF, HCB: |  \   O-
          O   O

QCB, HCF: |   /  -O
          O  O

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Tony W.