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Copyright 1990,  Alpha Denshi CO. Ltd
FAQ Copyright 1999, THe MeSSiaH oF DaRKNeSS

Part 1-  Introduction 
 1-1.  Other FAQs I wrote 
 1-2.  About Magician Lord 
Part 2-  How to Play 
 2-1.  The Controls 
Part 3-  The Hero 
 3-1.  Elta 
 3-2.  Dragon Warrior 
 3-3.  Water Man 
 3-4.  Poseidon 
 3-5.  Shinobi 
 3-6.  Samurai 
 3-7.  Rajin 
Part 4-  The Items 
 4-1.  Changing Orb 
 4-2.  Power Orb 
 4-3.  Treasure 
Part 5-  Enemies 
 5-1.  Lesser Enemies 
 5-2.  Guardians 
 5-3.  Bosses 
Part 6-  Stages 
 6-1.  Stage one "Dale of Evil Gods" 
 6-1-1.  Outer Stage 
 6-1-2.  Inner Stage 
 6-1-3.  Guardian "Skeleton Sword" 
 6-1-4.  Boss "Face of Evil" 
 6-2.  Stage two "To The Evil Mine" 
 6-2-1.  Outer Stage 
 6-2-2.  Inner Stage 
 6-2-3.  Guardian "Skeleton of Moon" 
 6-2-3.  Boss "Pulsating Eye" 
 6-3  Stage three "Highway Leading to a Foreign Space" 
 6-3-1.  Outer Stage 
 6-3-2.  Inner Stage 
 6-3-3.  Guardian "Alien" 
 6-3-4.  Boss "Dragon Wyrm" 
 6-4  Stage four "Castle of Devils" 
 6-4-1.  Outer Stage 
 6-4-2.  Inner Stage 
 6-4-3.  Guardian "Warlock" 
 6-4-4.  Boss "Hell Hound" 
 6-5  Stage five "Anderground Passage of Terror" 
 6-5-1.  Outer Stage 
 6-5-2.  Inner Stage 
 6-5-3.  Guardian "Boomerang Ax" 
 6-5-4.  Boss  "Tower of Terror" 
 6-6  Stage six "Corridor Leading to Hell" 
 6-6-1.  Outer Stage 
 6-6-2.  Inner Stage 
 6-6-3  Guardian "Beautiful Assassin" 
 6-6-4.  Boss  "Hell's Creation" 
 6-7  Stage seven "Gal Agiese" 
 6-7-1.  Outer Stage 
 6-7-2.  Inner Stage 
 6-7-3.  Guardian "Grand Knight" 
 6-4-4.  Boss  "Incarnation of Az Atorse" 
 6-8  Stage eight "God of Destruction Reincarnates" 
 6-8-1.  Return of the Guardians 
 6-8-2.  Final Boss "Spirit of Az Atorse" 
Part 7- Ending 
 7-1.  Ending 
Part 8- Final Hints 

PART 1-  Introduction 
  1-1.  Other FAQs I wrote. 
I have wrote two other FAQs so far "The Unofficial Solar Assault FAQ", and "Area 
51 - Site 4 Unofficial FAQ" that is available at www.gamefaqs.com.  If you have         
questions/suggestions about this FAQ or the other FAQs, please Email me at 
"thantos@nbn.net"  (no quotes). 

 1-2.  About Magician Lord 
Magician Lord is side scrolling game released in 1990 by Alpha Denshi Co.  That 
has a fantasy world like feel and that each stage has two areas.  What makes 
this game so much fun is the fact that you can change your character into other 
forms.  Even  through graphics and sounds are not impressive to today's game, it 
was very impressive when this game was made nine years ago. 

One might ask why did I make a FAQ for game that is so old.  Two reasons, one 
there does not seem to be a FAQ on this game, and two with the release of 
NeoRage not mention MAME's latest update this game is playable on Emulators and 
many people have know idea how to get through this game. 

The Story of Magician Lord is guide Elta though the eight stages to steal back 
the eight books of wisdom from the God of Destruction Az Atorse. 

PART 2- How To Play 
 2-1. The Controls 
The controls are an eight way joystick and two buttons (shoot and jump.) 
Move the joystick left to move left or right to move right.  Move the joystick 
down to crouch or descend a ladder, you can also use down to aim in that 
direction when jumping.  Press the joystick up to aim up or ascend a ladder.  
The shoot button fires Elta's current weapon the direction he fires is 
controlled by the joystick.  Use the jump button to jump, the joystick controls 
movement, and the time the jump button is held down determines height.  Hint 
your height of a jump is also changed by what charter you are is the speed and 
distance.  Also press up and jump to do a high jump. 

PART 3- The Hero 
 3-1.  Elta 

  Is the Hero's normal form he attacks by blasting magic waves (2 at start but 
increase with collecting power orbs) at  his enemies. His life bar  is the blue 
squares (1 to 3 depending on the difficulty) the pink squares (1 to 2) are for 
the other forms and when they go so does one of Elta's lives. 

 3-2.   Dragonwarrior 

 The Dragon Warrior is one Elta's other forms.  This form attacks with a fire 
breath that is constant but short range.  Elta becomes the Dragon Warrior by 
collecting 2 red changing orbs. 

 3-3.  Waterman 

 The Waterman is another of Elta's forms.  The Waterman attacks with bubbles 
that travel a long distance following the floor but are weak.  Elta becomes the 
Waterman by collecting 1 red and 1 blue changing orbs. 

 3-4.  Posedion 

 Poseidon is one of Elta's strong forms.  Poseidon attacks with a water pillar 
attack that freezes enemies.  Pick up 2 blue changing orbs to become poseidon. 

 3-5.  Shinobi 
 Another of Elta's forms the Shinobi is one of the best.  Shinobi attacks with a 
spinning fireball and has excellent speed and strength.  One needs to collect 1 
red and 1 green changing orb. 

 3-6.  Samurai 

 The Samurai is Elta's best form.  With a powerful attack that goes through 
multiple enemies and hits at least twice and great moveably the Samurai is the 
best form to have.  Collect 1 blue and 1 green changing orb to become the 

 3-7  Raijin 

  The Raijin is last of Elta's forms.  The Raijin has an lighting attack that 
covers all directions, but is very short range and weak.  Two green changing 
orbs give you this form. 

PART 4-.  The Items 

 4-1.  Changing Orb 

 The changing orb comes in 3 colors red, blue or green.  Collecting 2 changes 
Elta's form. 

 4-2.  Power Orb 

  The power orb changes the strength of your attack plus the distance, size and 
the amount you can shoot.  However you lose your power with each hit. 

 4-3. Treasure 

  Treasure gives you bonus points anywhere from 100 to 10000 points. 

PART 5- The Enemies 

 5-1.  Lesser Enemies 

Skeleton- they come in a couple of colors but are very weak and easy to kill.  
They hop around and run at Elta. 
Trilobite-  appear on ledges and lob bullets at an arc.  Pretty weak. 
Long Arm-  a medium strength enemy that attacks with a retraceable arm. 
Electro Bird- they stand still and attack with a beam of lighting from their 
beaks.  Unmobile but medium strength. 
Mosquito-  fly from the sides of the screen and fire bullets.  Very annoying 
enemies that like to appear around ladders. 
Bug-  just like Trilobites but smaller. 
Winged man-  teleport and attack with slow projectiles.  Medium strength. 
Flying Head-  attack like Mosquitos but appear in larger numbers.  A real pain 
when jumping. 
Skull-  spin in from the background wraps its self in flames fires a bullet and 
spins off screen.  Weak and easy enemy. 
Ledge Horror-  appear as blobs first then change into skeleton like creatures.  
That attack by firing bullets at Elta. 
Gargoyle-  appear at of thin air and attack with slow moving projectiles. 
Gargoyle Knight-  a strong enemy that rotates around the screen trying to slice 
Elta with his sword and wing. 
Fish-  appear in schools and attack with smaller fish.  Weak but have a very 
annoying movement. 
Treasure Hider- hides in treasure chest and hops at Elta.  Weak but very small. 
Frog-  appear in whole messes.  They harmless in this but when they change look 
out.  Try to kill as many as possible when they appear. 
Frogman-  this what a frog turns into if left alone.  Strong and annoying 
enemies that can easily destroy you. 
Armored Dog- fast moving but weak. 
Cat-  they jump around and attack with their claws.  Rather strong enemies that 
are nightmares in groups. 
Eye-  an enemy more annoying then Flying Heads.  Appear in large quantities and 
attack with straight fireballs.  A real danger in stage 7. 
Chariot Knight- rolls back and force trying to impale you.  A strong enemy but 
has an easy pattern. 
Sword Master-  first appear as bodyguards to stage six's guardian.  Then become 
strong enemies similar to Cats but have a long ranger and take more hits to 
kill.  The most dangerous of all lesser enemies. 
Death Bringer- appears when you have spent to much time.  Unkillable and does 
not leave until it kills you. 

 5-2.  Guardians 

These appear before the boss in each stage.  The names of the Guardians and 
strategies on them are at the stages section. 

 5-3.  Bosses 

Each one guards a book of wisdom.  They are Az Atorse's incarnations.  Same 
applies to these as Guardians more info in the stages section. 

PART 6-  The Stages 

 6-1.  "Dale of Evil Gods" 
This is the first stage of the game, use this stage to get accustomed with the 

  6-1-1.  Outer Stage 
The Outer Stage is where you start the stage at it is a large area that has many 
doors each door leads to an Inner Stage.  I will direct you to the correct door 
for each stage, the other doors are not necessary to enter. 

 Start by going right and kill a few Skeletons.  Continue right and hop up to 
the next step watching out for the projectiles from a Trilobite that is above 
and to your right.  Kill the Trilobite by jumping and shooting or by shooting it 
from beneath.  Next take care of the Long Arm on the ledge you are on, just duck 
when he attacks.  Kill the next Trilobite above you followed by the Trilobite on 
your ledge.  Go right kill another Long Arm, then kill an Electro Bird use the 
same tactic as a Long Arm.  Now continue right and be ready to turn and shoot 
the two Skeletons behind you. Kill the Eltro Bird and descend the ladder.  Go 
left and kill two Electro Birds to open a chest containing a Red Changing Orb.  
Descend the ladder go right and kill the Skeletons.  Descend this ladder and 
shoot the Skeletons and a few Mosquitos that appear.  Descend the last ladder 
and kill the Long Arm.  Go right and drop to the lower ledge and kill the 
Skeletons here then press up to enter the door. 

  6-1-2.  Inner Stage 
  Kill the Skeletons and ascend the ladder.  Go left kill these Skeletons then 
ascend the ladder.  Watch the maces here they descend one then that ascends then 
the other descends.  Continue right kill a Long Arm that is protecting a chest 
that hold a little treasure and a Green Changing Orb.  Keep going right kill 
some Mosquitos and open a chest with some treasure.  Duck and shoot the 
Trilobite then grab the Power Orb in the chest.  Kill the Long Arm and continue 
right to the descending ladder watch the maces before you descend.  After 
descending that ladder you will meet some Skeletons, shoot them.  Descend the 
final ladder beware of Mosquitos while descending this ladder.  Go right and 
kill the Skeletons then continue right to the guardian. 

  6-1-3.  Guardian "Skeleton Sword" 
   This guy is easy to kill.  He can only be harmed in the air or when he 
strikes.  Stand at the left edge face right and shoot when he jumps.  When gets 
next to you jump straight up to make him jump back then shoot him.  Using that 
tactic you should not even break a sweat or even take a hit. 


  6-1-4.  Boss "Face of Evil" 
Now this thing is a little tougher then the guardian but still easy.  The face 
will shatter causing the ground to shake and create stalactites that fall in the 
order they appear.  After this the wall open revealing a face that shoots either 
a fast single fireball or a slow five shot.  Duck either fireball attack and 
shoot the face.  Remember to watch the ceiling for stalactites that appear on 
occasion.  Just continue shooting the face while ducking the fireballs and you 
should kill this boss without a problem. 

 6-2. "To The Evil Mine" 
Stage two now get ready for false doors. 

  6-2-1.  Outer Stage 
Start by going right dodging the maces, they fall in a simple pattern just watch 
them.  When moving through the maces keep a look out for Mosquitos that you 
should kill.  Drop down to the lower ledge and kill a Trilobite followed by 
another Trilobite to your right.  Leap to the ledge that the Trilobite was on 
and kill a Long Arm.  Take the ladder going up, then ascend the next ladder.  
Kill the Skeletons and Mosquitos here then go left.  Shoot the Trilobite and 
ascend the ladder.  Now kill the two Long Arms above you before ascend the next 
ladder.  After climbing the ladder jump to the platform and kill couple 
Mosquitos.  Ascend the ladder you come to then shoot the Skeletons above  you.  
Climb the ladder and duck to shoot the Bug.  Ascend the ladder jump to the left 
platform and kill another Bug.  Use the ladder and kill the bug up top, then 
drop to the right platform with a chest containing a Green Changing Orb.  Now 
drop to your right continue right, and drop down the gap, then walk left land on 
the platform with the door, enter. 

  6-2-2.  Inner Stage 
Drop off of the platform and steer your self to the bottom.  There are a couple 
secret passages in the right wall.  The first passage contains a Blue Changing 
Orb and some treasure.  The second passage contains some treasure and a few 
Mosquitos.  The last passage has a Power Orb and Treasure.  At the bottom go 
right open the chests for treasure watch the Wingedmen here.  Duck their first 
blast then jump the next blast.  Walk on to the lift and ride it up, go left 
kill the Mosquitos then face the guardian. 

  6-2-3.  Guardian "Skeleton of Moon" 
This guy is a little tougher to beat then the previous guardian but still not to 
tough.  He attack by dashing across the screen or by leaping across.  Stand in 
the center and shoot at him jump if dashes duck if he leaps.  You must watch him 
closely he does not give warning when he attacks so be ready. 


  6-2-4.  Boss "Pulsating Eye" 
A little bit harder then the first boss but easily beat.  Elta will be on the 
left edge while the boss hovers to the right.  The boss has a barrier that spins 
around it protecting it from harm.  Shoot the boss in the gap of the barrier 
watching for the spikes that the boss shoots, jump or duck depending on the 
height.  After a while the barrier will fly off the boss and rotate around you.  
If does not protect you from the boss's spikes, you still need to dodge them 
don't jump to high.  The barrier makes three passes before returning, you must 
jump out when it returns.  With those tips you should kill this boss without any 
real problem. 

 6-3.  Stage Three "Highway Leading To A Foregin Space" 
Many flying enemies are here, beware they love to come from behind objects. 

  6-3-1.  Outer Stage 
Start by going right dropping down to steps and walking on to the moving 
platform.  While riding the platform shoot the Flying Heads that try to knock 
you off.  Once across the gap move right and jump a few steps.  Now before 
warned that Flying Heads appear here usually from above or behind an object.  
Next jump across to the right platform and drop down to the lower ledge.  Go 
right and jump to the next platform you come to.  Now jump to another higher 
platform and you will see a door to your right at the very end of the area.  Go 
to this door and enter. 

  6-3-2.  Inner Stage 
This is the shortest Inner Stage there is.  Just run across the crumbling bridge 
left killing some Flying Heads then ducking to shoot the Trilobite on the 
stationery ledge.  Walk left to meet the guardian 

  6-3-3.  Guardian "Alien" 
Finally a guardian that is some what of a challenge.  He attacks by jumping in 
the air then diving at an angle.  Stay about one to two body widths away and 
shoot at him.  When he jumps run underneath him.  Remember to keep the distance 
about that too close or too far will result in injury. 


  6-3-4.  Boss "Dragon Wyrm" 
This is a medium difficulty boss.  The boss is to the right across a gap.  The 
boss attacks with either a laser or spread attack.  Duck or jump the laser 
depending on the height, and leap to the high left step and shoot out the spread 
attack.  Also spikes come out of the higher steps and try to impale you just 
stand to the side and duck.  Start by standing between the two steps ducking to 
avoid the spikes.  Now jump to the left step and fire at the boss.  If the 
bosses nose start to flash get ready to dodge a laser if not shoot out the 
spread attack.  Repeat until dead. 

         6-4.  Stage Four "Castle Of Devils" 
This stage is a little bit easier then the previous.  By the way the door you 
need to take is the one right above you. 
  6-4-1.  Outer Stage 
Walk right and drop to the lower ledge.  Kill the skull and continue to the 
right.  Now some Ledge Horrors will appear on the upper platforms, shoot them.  
Keep going right until you reach a ledge that you can jump to.  Jump on this now 
go left jumping from platform to platform until you reach the door or go right 
and test you skill against some Gargoyles and Gargoyle Knight. 

  6-4-2.  Inner Stage 
Walk right and shoot the Fish and ascend the ladder next to the wall. Only open 
the bottom treasure chests here the others contain Treasure Hiders.  Descend the 
next ladder and go right jumping across the crumbling ledges.  Open the chest 
that contains a Red Changing Orb.  Next drop down the gap where the crumbling 
ledges used to be, then descend the ladder you come to.  Walk left and kill more 
Fish and descend the ladder.  Go right to the guardian. 

  6-4-3.  Guardian "Warlock" 
A little bit easier to beat then the Alien.  He floats above you and summons 
monsters or fires a projectile.  Stay underneath him firing up at him.  Shoot 
the monsters he summons when they land.  Just move out of the way when he fires 
his projectile.  The real trick to beating this guardian is to kill the monsters 
as soon as they land, this keeps them from over crowding the screen. 


  6-4-4.  Boss "Hell Hound" 
In one word is boss is ugly.  He attacks by leaping from end of the screen to 
the other and lobbing bullets.  Stay in the center and fire at the boss moving 
left or right to dodge the bullets he lobs.  Warning you may not come out of 
this battle unharmed. 

 6-5.  Stage Five  "Anderground Passage of Terror" 
From now on the stages will be very hard. 

  6-5-1.  Outer Stage 
Start by going right killing the Frogs or Frogmen if you let them change.  Hint 
don't let them change.  Drop to the lower ledge and kill the Eletro Bird.  Go 
right and drop to the next ledge and keep going right.  Next drop down a couple 
of steps that have some Frogs on them, kill the Frogs.  After this drop to the 
next ledge and kill another Electro Bird and drop to the next ledge.  Walk right 
on to column like platform and kill the Electro Bird here.  Leap the gap and run 
right through the long passage stopping to kill the Skeletons that appear.  
Descend the ladder to find two chest each containing a Blue Power Orb.  Descend 
the next ladder and go left to find some treasure, only in the bottom ones, or 
go right and descend the next ladder.  Descend another ladder and kill two 
Electro Birds and go left.  Shoot the Electro Bird and ascend the going left and 
ascending another ladder.  Continue left killing more Frogs then descend the 
next ladder.  Enter the door. 

  6-5-2.  Inner Stage 
This is one big maze with many possible routes, I will tell you one.  Go right 
and take the first ladder going up.  Go left and kill the Electro Bird 
continuing left until the third descending ladder.  Take the ladder kill the 
Electro Bird and Frogs followed by another Electro Bird. Keep going right 
killing Electro Birds and take the seventh ladder.  Walk right shoot the Frogs 
then an Electro Bird.  Ascend the ladder and go right and ascend the next 
ladder.  Keep going right killing more Frogs and an Electro Bird.  Descend the 
fifth ladder go right open the chests for some treasure a Green Changing Orb and 
a Power Orb.  Go right descend the ladder keep going right and descend the next 
ladder.  Walk right to the guardian. 

  6-5-3.  Guardian "Boomerang Ax" 
Harder then the Warlock but not as frustrating as the Alien.  He can only be 
hurt when he is airborne or during his attack.  Stay little bit from the left 
edge of the screen shooting when he leaps.  When stops and throws the ax fire at 
him right before it leaves and again when he catches it.  Remember to either 
stand completely out of the ax's path or in the center of the path to dodge it 


  6-5-4.  Boss "Tower of Terror" 
This the second hardest boss to beat.  It attacks by shooting blobs that bounce 
around the room, they all bounce but the center ones.  It flashes before the 
attack telling you which eye is going to attack next.  Here is what to do stand 
in the middle of the screen shooting the blobs as they appear then jumping up to 
hit the center eye when it's open.  If you destroy the blobs as they appear you 
will survive the fight. 

 6-6.  Stage Six "Corridor Leading To Hell" 
The second last actual stage. 
  6-6-1.  Outer Stage 
Start by going right and shoot the Armored Dog and continue right killing 
another Armored Dog.  Now kill the two Cats that appear and walk right.  Kill 
another Armored Dog then go right to destroy the Chariot Knight.  Keep going 
right and kill more Cats then ascend the ladder you come to.  Kill even more 
cats and descend the next to the right.  See the door, you know what to do 

  6-6-2.  Inner Stage 
Step one kill the five Trilobites on the steps, then ascend the ladder.  Run 
left and jump across the small crumbling ledges to the guardian.  If you fail on 
your attempt open the chest at the bottom for treasure and Power Orbs.  Drop 
right and take the steps and destroy the first barricade.  Fall down hold right 
to land in the chamber. 

  6-6-3.  Guardian "Beautiful Assassin" 
This girl is a tough one to break (I know bad pun).  First thing is to kill off 
the two Sword Masters here.  After they are done the guardian is nothing.  Now 
jump her projectiles and blast her when the shield is down.  The hardest part of 
this battle are the Sword Masters with the guardian 


  6-6-4.  Boss "Hell's Creation" 
This thing is looks harder then it realy is.  Go to the left side shooting the 
bottom piece then ducking to shoot the spores it produces.  After that piece is 
gone walk to the right and stop when you just next to the middle part.  Kill the 
middle piece, then move to the left of the eye and shoot up.  If you follow the 
procedure correctly you should not take a hit in this battle. 

 6-7.  Stage Seven "Gal Agiese" 
Welcome to the hardest stage in the game not to mention the last real stage. 

  6-7-1.  Outer Stage 
Go left and leap the gap then ascend the ladder.  Keep going left and drop to 
the ledge.  Now use the moving platforms to cross the long gap, beware of the 
Eyes that try to knock you to your death.  Next head down the ladders killing 
Skeletons then enter the door at the very bottom. 

  6-7-2.  Inner Stage 
Destroy the two Sword Masters that appear then go right taking the descending 
ladder.  Kill more Sword Masters and continue right to the fire pit.  Use the 
moving platforms to get to upper right ledge.  Now you should come to a ladder 
going down.  Take this ladder and let one of the spears hit you so you can fall 
into the guardians room that is to the left. 

  6-7-3.  Guardian "Grand Knight" 
Easily the hardest fucking guardian to beat.  You can only damage him when 
thrusts the sword at you.  Beat him by shooting once jumping over him, then 
repeating the procedure.  You will probably lose a life or two in this battle 


  6-7-4.  Boss "Incarnation of Az Atorse" 
I do not know why this is not the last boss.  He is the hardest mother fucker to 
beat.  He is very cool looking for a boss looks like an evil winged angel.  He 
attacks with a projectile that flies a short distance then spreads apart and 
contracts back.  Stand on the left platform constantly shooting to the right 
this way you damage him and destroy the projectiles.  Getting though this battle 
with out losing a life is nothing short of a miracle. 


 6-8.  Stage Eight "God Of Destruction Reincarnates" 
Not really a hard stage just a bunch of battles. 

  6-8-1.  Return of the Guardians 
You must kill all the guardians again here.  They appear in the same order, use 
the same tactics as before to kill them off. 


  6-8-2.  Final Boss "Spirit of Az Atorse" 
First pick an alternate form to use (only during your first attempt).  The Ninja 
and Samurai is the best bet.  Part one is destroy the big sack on the bottom 
that attacks with flying sperm or lasers.  Shoot the sperm and dodge the lasers.  
Once that part is gone the remaining piece will start to fly around then eight 
orbs will appear below it.  These eight orbs are the weak points.  Stand in left 
corner jumping and shooting the orbs when they appear.  Remember to jump when an 
orb flies at you.  After are eight are destroyed watch the ending. 

PART 7- Ending 
Do not read unless you want the ending spoiled for you. 

 7-1.  Ending 
The books you collected will fly off to the castle in the background.  Then you 
will see Elta with the Elder and the will say to Elta. 


Next the credits will appear while the eight books take there place on the seal. 

PART 8- Final Hints 
1.  The last door in the Outer stage is the correct door. 
2.  Grabbing a Changing Orb refills your life.  So do not pick up a Changing Orb 
at max life. 
3.  Power Orbs are helpful against guardians and Bosses, but depend on them 
because they are easily lost. 
4.  Learn the enemies attacks and patterns. 
5.  Unless you some sort of a cheat, don't except to beat this game without 
continuing let a lone a life.