Move List by KAlexander

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                    F A T A L    F U R Y    I I

                     (revised April 1st 1993)

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Most characters:  (buttons are A B C D)  [unofficial section]

   light punch               A
   light kick                B
   heavy punch               C    (medium kick for Kaphwan)
   heavy kick                D
   throw                     close, towards + C
   character-specific        close, towards + D  (some characters)
   taunt                     far,  centered + C

   fierce attack                          C + D
   change foreground/background           A + B
   (if characters already on different levels, many things will change
    fgnd/bgnd, such as stick up or down to roll between levels, or 
    C or D or C+D to attack between levels)

   supermoves      See below; require your health bar to be flashing red.

Martial Arts Master  TERRY BOGARD

   Burning Knuckle                           |   /  O-  + punch
      [flaming fist lunge]                   O  O 

   Rising Tackle                             |  then  O  + punch
      [straight up feet first]               O        |

   Crack Shot                                |   /  O-  O   + kick
      [forward somersault kick]              O  O        \

   Power Wave                                |  \  -O  + punch
      [flame on the ground]                  O   O

   Exploding Power Wave                      |  / O- / | \ -O + (B)+(C)
      [SuperMove]                            O O    O  O  O 

Koppo Specialist  ANDY BOGARD

   Zaneiken (shadow slice)                    /  then  -O  + punch
      [quick running shoulder]               O

   Shoryudan (rising dragon punch)           |  \  -O  + punch
      [dragon punch]                         O   O

   Hishoken (flying crunch)                  |   /  O-  + punch
      [fireball]                             O  O

   Kuhadan (sonic split)                      /  then   O  + kick
      [foot dive, powdered toast man]        O         /

   Flaming Foot Dive                         | then \  -O  O O + (B)+(D)
      [SuperMove]                            O       O    /  |

The Youthful Muetai Pro  JOE HIGASHI

   Slash Kick                                 /  then   O  + kick
      [flaming foot lunge]                   O         /

   Bakuretsuken (TNT punch)                  punch repeatedly
      [rapid punches]

   Tiger Kick                                |  \  -O  O  + kick
      [flaming knee hop]                     O   O    /

   Hurricane Upper                           O-  / | \  -O  + punch
      [tornado]                                 O  O  O

   Giant Tornado                             -O O- / | \ -O + (B)+(C)
      [SuperMove]                                 O  O  O

Orthodox Wrestling Champ  BIG BEAR

   Giant Bomb                                 /  then  -O  + punch
      [charging lunge]                       O

   Super Drop Kick                           (D) for 10 seconds, release
      [what the hell?]

   Lariot Drop                               close,  \  + (C)
      [a nasty throw]                                 O

   Flame Breath                              -O \  |  / O- -O + (B)+(C)
      [SuperMove]                                O O O


   Nihon Sehoi Dash                          O-  then  -O  + kick
      [run up and throw]

   Senbe Shuriken (cookie cutter)            O-  then  -O  + punch
      [cookie frisbee]

   Aerial Throw                              jump, close,  |  +  (D)
      [unofficial]                                         O

   Ooizuma Otoshi (body drop)                close,  |  then  O  + punch
      [spinning piledriver]                          O        |

   Sparkling Spinning Piledriver              / then | \ -O  O O + (B)+(C)
      [SuperMove]                            O       O  O   /  |

The Muscular Master of Lump-Giving  CHIN SHIN ZAN

   Dai-Taikobara Uchi (belly blast)          |  then  O  + punch
      [belly flop]                           O        |

   Hagan-Geki (bone crusher crunch)          O-  then  -O  + kick
      [body ball]

   Kirai Hoh (tempest blast)                 |  \  -O  + punch
      [booger glob]                          O   O

   Electric Glob                              / then | \ -O + (B)+(C)
      [SuperMove]                            O       O  O

TaiKwonDo Taitin  KIM KAP HWAN

   Hienzan (flying slice)                    |  then  O  + kick
      [upwards somersault kick]              O        |

   Hangetsuzan (crescent moon slash)         |   /  O-  + kick
      [forwards somersault kick]             O  O

   Hishokyaku (flying kick)                  jump,  |  + kick
      [repeated head stomp]                         O

   Flurry Kick & Razor Kick                  |  / O- / | \ -O + (B)+(D)
      [SuperMove]                            O O    O  O  O

The Gorgeous Ninja  MAI SHIRANUI

   Ryuenbu (flame fandango)                  |   /  O-  + punch
      [flame swish]                          O  O

   Kachosen (butterfly fan)                  |  \  -O  + punch
      [fan toss]                             O   O

   Swan Dive [unofficial]                    |  then  O  + punch
      [only in her own stage]                O        |

   Hisatsu Shinobibachi (deadly ninja bees)  O-  / | \  -O  + kick
      [tumbleweed across screen]                O  O  O

   Flaming Tumbleweed                        -O O- / | \ -O + (B)+(C)
      [SuperMove]                                 O  O  O 

 Ken Alexander                     Computer-Aided Engineering Network                          University of Michigan