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    Windjammers (Flying Power Disc)
    Neo Geo FAQ
    Version 1.0
    1-2 players
    Copyright 2003 by JuneHa Kim/BakaOrochi
    All Rights Reserved.
    Unauthorized reproduction of this FAQ in any shape or form is prohibited.
    Come on, it's not like it's HARD to e-mail me if you want to use any part
    of this FAQ, is it?
    If you want to use ANYTHING, even codes or whatnot from this, CONTACT ME
    FIRST.  This is my work, and not one bit of this is to be reproduced in any
    way, shape, or form.  Copyright laws protect this FAQ.  This is
    purely my own work, any other similarities to other FAQs are purely
    I do respect all other copyrights and if I have inadvertently infringed on
    any, please contact me immediately so that I may remedy the problem.
    FAQ History:
    -First release
    1. What's the point of this FAQ?
    2. What the heck is "Windjammers?"
    3. How to play
         3a. Control
         3b. Bonus Rounds
    4. The players
    5. Frequently asked questions...well maybe not that frequent.
    6. Arcade (MVS) and Home (AES) settings
    7. Can you give me some tips/secrets?
    8. The arenas
    10. Closing notes/Thanks/Contact Information
    1. What's the point of this FAQ?
    Why not?
    2. What the heck is "Windjammers?"
    Think volleyball, tennis, and soccer with a frisbee.  That's the basic premise for what
    Windjammers is.
    While having a futuristic feel, it also has a beach volleyball-type environment.
    It's very unique in that it doesn't seek to imitate any kind of sport, and makes up
    its own game in itself, and very well.
    3. How to play
    The objective of the game is to score as many points on your opponent either before
    the timer runs out (time limit is dependant on game settings), or the first person
    to score 12 points wins.
    Games are split off similarly like Tennis.
    Each ROUND is divided into SETS.  Each set goes up to 12 points, and a person must
    win 2 sets to win the ROUND, and advance to the next opponent.  The third set is
    called the FINAL SET.
    The EXCEPTION to the 12 point rule is if both players' scores are within a margin
    of 3 points.  For example, if you have 13 points, but your opponent has 11, then
    the game will keep going until you can score with a lead of over 2 points.  You opponent
    CAN CATCH UP (i.e. you=13, opponent=11, opponent can score a 3 point goal, and both
    players will keep going until one person can lead with over 2 points).  In this, the
    game is similar to volleyball.
    A TIE will only occur if both players have identical scores and time runs out.
    BOTH players will win a SET if this happens.  If another tie occurs and both players
    have won a SET (on the FINAL SET), SUDDEN DEATH will take place, in which the first
    person to score wins the ROUND.
    However, if both players tie, yet one players has already won a SET, the person that's
    one SET up will advance, and no SUDDEN DEATH or FINAL SET will occur.
    If there is STILL no winner after SUDDEN DEATH, the game is declared a draw, and both
    players lose.
    You can score in a few ways:
    1-Whip the disc into your opponent's goal.  Depending on which arena you're
    in, the score areas will be different.  Yellow area scores 3 points (and is
    usually the largest area), red scores 5.
    2-If you or your opponent drops the disc (if it's lobbed up in the air and not caught,
    or not catching a blocked disc), then it's 2 points for the opponent.
    3-PUSH your opponent into the goal!  This depends how strong your throw is, and
    how close your opponent is to their own goal.
    The winner of a SET is decided on either:
    a)First person to reach 12 points (if score difference is more than 3)
    b)If player scores are within a margin of 3 points, first to break the margin wins
    c)Person with a high score by the end of the time limit
    d)First person to score during a Sudden Death match.
         3a. Control
    This is the most crucial part of the game.
    You must learn all the conditions and how to control the disc if you want to
    be a decent player (and beat the computer).
    C and D buttons do NOTHING.
    Controls your player.
    DEFENSE (if you don't have the disc):
    Direction + A = Slide (you will automatically catch the disc if you intercept it)
    OFFENSE (if you have the disc):
    Direction + A = Controlled Throw
    You CANNOT walk around while the disc is in your possession!
    POWERED-UP (If disc is in the air, and your character starts to pose and glow):
    A=Throw special technique
    B=Throw a rolling lob
    When you're on the defense, blocking is absolutely necessary to throw special
    throws.  When you see a disc coming at you, hit A as it hits you, and the disc will
    be deflected high in the air.  When this happens, you'll see a crosshair on your court.
    Walk to it, and your character will automatically start posing.  Hit A, and your character
    will start powering up.  Remember though, blocking only puts your guard up for a full second,
    then your character drops his/her arms.  If you hit A too early, you will drop your guard
    automatically, and you'll end up catching the disc instead of blocking/deflecting it.
    Also, if the disc is RIGHT next to you, and you hit A JUST as it hits you, the disc will
    fly up either above you or closer to you.  The earlier you hit A, the farther away the
    disc will fly away from you, thus giving you a harder time to charge.
    Remember!  If you hold onto a disc longer, your throw speed will be slower!  As soon
    as you receive the disc, hit A quickly to throw the fastest possible throw you can.
    Sometimes you will throw a SUPER FAST throw if you can time the catch and throw well
    enough (you will know if you do this, as your character will say something, and the
    disc will have a trail as it zooms off).  You can also do these if you catch a lobbed
    (or blocked) throw.
    Signature Throws:
    You must be standing inside the crosshair and your character MUST be posing to power-up
    for one of these.  ANY time a disc is tossed up in the air, whether by a lob, a block,
    or if the disc hits on of the net barriers, you can power-up by hitting A a couple times.
    Everyone has a signature move that can be activated when you've powered up.  See
    the Players section for more detail on their signature moves.  The same principle for throwing
    applies for signature throws!  The longer you hold it, the SLOWER your throw will be, EVEN if
    it's powered up!  Use this for strategy if you will, but usually you will want to avoid throwing
    slow signature moves.
    These will toss the disc high in the air, and you control where it lands.  For the most part,
    you DO NOT want to use this, because this is a free power-up opportunity for your opponent.
    You can use this as a fake out, otherwise avoid this, unless you've mastered reversals, or
    such technique.
    Special lobs:
    When you're powered up, this is a GREAT way to psyche out your opponent.  Instead of hitting
    A to throw your signature move, hit B, and it will do a FAST rolling technique which will
    launch the disc in the air, land in front of your opponent's goal, and roll right in!  Do this
    if your opponent is next to the net, and is best against slow players (because it goes FAST).
    Controlled Throws:
    When you hit A, you will throw the disc back in a straight line.  If you throw it while holding
    a direction, you will throw it in an angle at that direction.  If you ROLL your controller
    forward, you can put a spin on it!  Think of it similar to doing a FIREBALL motion with a 
    fighting game.  Start from back (or down), roll the joystick, back, to down, to forward, and hit
    A.  You can do this with different directions, so experiment!  Just remember though, your throws
    will naturally be slower; you cann throw a REALLY FAST curve disc throw.
    Ground hoppers:
    I STILL do NOT know how this happens, but it seems to occur randomly.  These can be VERY difficult
    to catch, and are powerful (as in, they will push you back if you catch them).  These will
    skip along the ground in different patterns, and everyone has this move.
    If you get time it right, if your opponent throws a signature move at you, you can COPY it,
    and do the SAME move on them right back!  You can do this with ANYTHING thrown
    at you, including the ground hopping throws and the powered lobs.  If you hit A, you will copy their
    move.  If you hit B, you will do a power lob instead.  You have to hit either button THE SECOND
    you receive the disc (timing is VERY tight, so you may not be able to reverse often).
    You CAN do a reversal upon reversal, and the computer will do it too (I've gotten into a reversal
    battle with the computer a few times, it's quite entertaining as well as intense).  You also SWITCH
    UP reversals, i.e., a ground hopping move can be reversed with a B power lob, and back and forth.
    Warning: A reversal will reverse the move with the fastest speed possible, so reversals
    come out VERY fast right back at you!
         3b. Bonus Rounds
    After 2 Rounds, you will be given a Bonus Round.
    You cannot lose this either way, nor can you avoid them.
    The first one is "DOG DISTANCE."
    As soon as you receive the disc, hit A right away (this does a fast throw, which will give
    you the most distance).  You then control the dog.  Jump over or avoid obstacles, as otherwise your dog
    will be slowed down, and will have difficulty catching up to the disc.  When the disc starts falling low
    enough, hit A to jump and catch the disc before it falls on the ground.
    FYI- Each country/player has a different dog color.  Their hankey around their neck goes with their
    owner's corresponding uniform color.
    Italy-Dark brown
    The second one is "FLYING DISC BOWLING."
    This is about as basic as it gets.  Hit A to throw the disc at the pins.  The objective?  Like bowling,
    get strikes by knocking down the pins in one throw.  If there are some leftover, knock down the remaining
    ones for a spare.  If either you knock all pins down within two tries, or you leave some over after
    two tries, the pins will reset.  After 10 frames (10 pin resets), the round will end.
    You control the disc like you do in the court.  Your best bet is to throw the disc as fast as you can
    straight ahead.  You can also throw curves too, and make the disc go slower, just like while you're
    in an actual match.
    4. Players
    South Korea (European version ONLY)
    Name: Beeho Yoo
    Height: 180cm
    Weight: 73kg
    Age: 20
    Throwing Speed: E (average: 86.96 km/h)
    Curve power: B
    Running speed: B
    Sliding power: E
    Dexterity: A
    Difficulty: Beginner
    Signature move: Depending which direction you hold, up or down, he'll throw the frisbee to the
    side walls, which will accelerate and gain speed as it covers more ground, towards the goal.
    UK (England) (Japan and US versions)
    Name: Steve Miller
    Height: 180cm
    Weight: 73kg
    Age: 20
    Throwing Speed: E (average: 86.96 km/h)
    Curve power: B
    Running speed: B
    Sliding power: E
    Dexterity: A
    Difficulty: Beginner
    Signature move: Depending which direction you hold, up or down, he'll throw the frisbee to the
    side walls, which will accelerate and gain speed as it covers more ground, towards the goal.
    Name: Hiromi Mita 
    Height: 170cm
    Weight: 55kg
    Age: 22
    Throwing Speed: F (average: 82.44 km/h)
    Curve power: A
    Running speed: A
    Sliding power: F
    Dexterity: B
    Difficulty: Beginner
    Signature move: "Lightning Wave"
    She will throw the disc in a flame wave, which will snake up and down the court.
    Name: Jordi Costa
    Height: 198cm
    Weight: 105kg
    Age: 24
    Throwing Speed: D (average: 94.76 km/h)
    Curve power: C
    Running speed: D
    Sliding power: B
    Dexterity: D
    Difficulty: Intermediate
    Signature move: This move will do small zigzags across the court which will increase in range
    as it zigzags further.
    Name: Loris Biaggi
    Height: 204cm
    Weight: 110kg
    Age: 23
    Throwing Speed: C (average: 98.99 km/h)
    Curve power: D
    Running speed: C
    Sliding power: C
    Dexterity: C
    Difficulty: Intermediate
    Signature move: When tossed, the disc will travel in big circles and do loops until it hits
    the goal.  If it hits the wall, it will bounce violently against the walls.
    Name: Gary Scott
    Height: 191cm
    Weight: 125kg
    Age: 23
    Throwing Speed: A (average: 104.64 km/h)
    Curve power: F
    Running speed: E
    Sliding power: D
    Dexterity: E
    Difficulty: Expert
    Signature move: "Mach 2"
    He will whip the disc at the walls, which will bounce up and down VERY fast and VERY strong.
    Name: Klaus Wessel
    Height: 194cm
    Weight: 122kg
    Age: 24
    Throwing Speed: B (average: 101.27 km/h)
    Curve power: E
    Running speed: F
    Sliding power: A
    Dexterity: F
    Difficulty: Expert
    Signature move: This will go up, forward, down, forward, up, forward, down, forward, and so forth.
    It's a bit slow, but STRONG, and can be tricky, so be careful.  Don't take this one too lightly.
    My personal recommendations:
    If you're JUST starting this game, go with with UK or Italy.
    Hiromi Mita moves around VERY fast, and she can be a little difficult to control.
    5. Frequently asked questions...well maybe not that frequent.
    Q. Is there a difference between South Korea and England?
    A. No, there isn't even a palette swap.  Steve Miller and BeeHo Yoo are exactly
    the same.  The names are just changed for the different regions as is the
    voices (why this is, I don't know why, since only England is changed for the
    European version, Italy, Germany, and Spain are remained untouched).
    Q. Does the difficulty/usage level (Beginner/Expert) matter?
    A. IMHO, no.  The computer can use the Beginner level characters and their specials
    just as efficiently as an Expert character.  If you're not good at the game yet,
    I would suggest using an Intermediate character, as they're the most balance, so
    you can get a feel of whether or not you prefer more power over speed.  Once you get
    a feel for the game, then I would suggest trying out the slow characters (since they
    are VERY sluggish, but their sig moves are effective).
    Q. Are there any secret characters/arenas?
    A. Not that I know of.
    6. Arcade (MVS) and Home (AES) settings
    There really isn't much to worry about in terms of options.
    These are the only things that will affect the game play.
    1-8, 1 is the easiest, 4 is standard MVS settings.
    The harder the game, the more the computer will be resiliant against you.
    1-99, default is 30
    This will determine the SET time.  I would suggest 45 seconds, as 30 is usually
    too short.
    On or Off, default is ON
    Do you want to let your customers (or yourself) continue if you lose a Round?
    If no, then game will be over as soon as you lose.  If you want to beat the
    game, you'll have to do it in one shot!
    7. Can you give me some tips/secrets?
    At this time, I don't know of any.
    Sorry =)
    8. The arenas
    All scoring areas are even.
    No barriers
    Red area is about 25% of the goal.
    No Barriers.
    Red are about 20% of the goal.
    No barriers.
    Red are about 10% of the goal, very small.
    Two yellow barriers, placed somewhat close to the walls.
    Red is about 30% of the goal.
    Two green barriers close to the middle.
    Initially, the Red area is VERY small, however every two yellow goals
    scored and every red goal scored enlarges the size of the unscored goal's
    red goal area!  Thus, this makes it easier for the losing side to score 5
    points on their opponent. Once a goal is scored on an enlarged side, the
    size will go back to normal size.  The red goal size DOES NOT decrease after
    each set.
    No barriers.
    *Note: FINAL ROUND is ALWAYS at the Stadium*
    Unfortunately, I can only do the announcer voices for now.
    I can't really do the quotes for the foreign players yet (since I don't
    know the other languages well enough to understand what the heck they're saying)
    Beginning of each new Set
    "get ready!"
    When time is up, or player has won by score
    And the end of each round
    "Game set"
    If you swept your opponent (or vice versa)
    "Good game"
    "Well done"
    A complete sweep (Opponent has scored 0 against you)
    "Excellent game"
    If you're playing against the computer and you won
    "Next round"
    "Congratulations!  Let's have a big round of applause
    for the winner!"
    Powering up
    "Come on!"
    "Way to go!"
    Gets knocked out
    Fast throw
    "Super sonic shot!"
    Powering up
    "Here we go!"
    "Good show!"
    Signature move
    "Try that one!"
    Powering up/Win
    10. Closing notes/Thanks/Contact Information
    Thanks to...
    Data East for this wonderfully short and fun game.
    Copyrights...(every game I mentioned thus far, just to be safe)
    Windjammers is trademark/copyright of Data East/Sega.
    Neo-Geo is trademark/copyright of SNK and Playmore.
    Before e-mailing me...
    Know that I don't read or respond to the following types of e-mails:
    -Begging for codes
    -Asking for the GameShark/Enhancer/whatever bypass code
    -How to modify your system
    -How to pirate games
    -How to unlock *your favorite song here*
    -Unlocking codes
    -Stupid crap that's already been explained in the FAQ, but you're too
    lazy to read
    -Other such stupidity
    You can e-mail me at BakaOrochi at bemanistyle dot com
    If you'd like to reuse this FAQ in ANYWAY, SHAPE OR FORM, YOU MUST contact me
    FIRST!  So please save yourself the legal trouble.  I won't bite your head off
    or anything =E
    This FAQ can be located http://www.geocities.com/bo_iidx

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