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Geese Howard

A Word Before We Get Down To The Real Talk:
What you will read down is my strategy, which means.. it might not be workable
with you as it is with me and may be yes. I really do not need any E-Mail(s)
asking: "What is good or bad" since I will fully talk about everything about
him (including combination attacks). Hope it will somehow be useful to you and
lead your play or skills to a higher level.

Character Profile:
Character Profile:
Name: Geese Howard (The Kingpin Of Southtown)
Wife: Maire R.
Son: Rock Howard
Half Brother: Wolfgang Krauser
Brother-In-Low: Kain R.
Most Trustworthy Bodyguards: Billy, Hopper and Ripper
Also Known As: "Ruler of Southtown", "The Conqueror of the Underworld", "Don of
the Dark Organization", "The Ultimate Self-Made Badguy" and "Lone Wolf Killer
He Is: The Main Villain in SNK
Weapon: Bare Hands
Birth Date: 1953.1.21
Birthplace: America
Age: Above 46
Height: 183cm
Weight: 82kg
Blood Type: B
Country: U.S.A
Style: Kobojutsu and Hakkyokuseiken
Hates Most: Those who get in his way.
Likes Most: To be on top of everybody.
Favorite Sport: None
Stage: Geese Tower
Character Voice: Kong Kuwata
English Character Voice Actor: Ward P. (only in the Fatal Fury animes)


In Games:
1)The Super Spy
2)Fatal Fury: The King of Fighters
3)Fatal Fury Special
4)Fatal Fury 3: Road to the Final Victory
5)Real Bout Fatal Fury
6)Real Bout Fatal Fury Special
7)Real Bout Fatal Fury 2: The New Comers
8)Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition
9)Fatal Fury: First Contact
10)Fatal Fury: Dominated Mind
11)Art of Fighting 2
12)Quiz The King of Fighters
13)SNK Vs. Capcom The Match of the Millennium
14)Capcom Vs. SNK
15)Capcom Vs. SNK: Pro
16)Capcom Vs. SNK 2
17)The King of Fighters'96
18)The King of Fighters Ex: Neo Blood
19)The King of Fighters'Kyo
20)SNK Vs. Capcom Card Fighters Clash
21)SNK Vs. Capcom Card Fighters Clash: Expand Addtion
22)The King of Fighters'Ex: Neo Blood
23)SNK Vs. Capcom Chaos

In Backgrounds:
1)Pao Pao Cafe - The King of Fighters'94
2)The King of Fighters'2002

In Endings:
1)Fatal Fury Team - The King of Fighters'94
2)Fatal Fury Team - The King of Fighters'95
3)Special Team - The King of Fighters'97
4)Art of Fighting (on Nintendo)
5)Billy Kane - Real Bout Fatal Fury
6)Yamazaki - Real Bout Fatal Fury
7)Terry Bogard - Real Bout Fatal Fury
8)Andy Bogard - Real Bout Fatal Fury
9)Ex Billy Kane - Real Bout Fatal Fury Special
10)Billy Kane - Real Bout Fatal Fury 2
11)Billy Kane - Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition
12)Ryo - Art of Fighting 2
13)Robert - Art of Fighting 2
14)Yuri - Art of Fighting 2
15)Takuma - Art of Fighting 2
16)King - Art of Fighting 2
17)Jack - Art of Fighting 2
18)Lee - Art of Fighting 2
19)Temjin - Art of Fighting 2
20)Eiji - Art of Fighting 2
21)Mickey - Art of Fighting 2
22)John - Art of Fighting 2
23)Mr. Big - Art of Fighting 2

In Openings:
1)Fatal Fury Special
2)Fatal Fury 3
3)Real Bout Fatal Fury
4)Fatal Fury Wild Ambition
5)Fatal Fury Mark of the Wolves
6)The King of Fighters'96
7)Art of Fighting 2

In Animes:
1)Fatal Fury: Legend of the Hungry Wolf
2)Fatal Fury 2: The New Battle
3)Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture


Why Geese?
  Well, well, well... Geese did regenerate and now is the old ruthless ruler of
Southtown. He is way stronger now than before and so cooler. You will surely
like him once you see his Raising Storm.


  Geese Tower. Yup, you will love it so much. It is open and there is no corner
in the stage. So, do not think of combination that can only be done in the
corner. Just see the demon status and the town in the background, then you will
understand the coolness of his stage.


Background Music:
  Two BGMs. First, the same evilish one that you do not want to miss that was
in Fatal Fury 3, Geese Ni Shouyu . It speaks of many things... selfish, greedy,
badness, hate, ruthlessness, carelessness and more. The second one that you
will not be able to listen to unless you fight Geese the CPU and beat him the
first round... you will listen to GEESE NI KATAKORI, remix but very damn
cool... don't miss it, stud! Both BGMs are remix.


Character Background
  The secret scrolls of Qin, they are all in the hands of Geese Howard. one
day, he called his subordinate, Billy to get rid of the secret scrolls.

Geese: After all, the scrolls teach me nothing. They say the most powerful
human gets possession of the scrolls. But, it may be just a legend.
Billy: But why do you want to get rid of them?

Geese: You know Jin brothers. They want the secret scrolls for some reason. I
still don't know why. Well, any way, just get rid of them.
Billy: Well, I feel there is no need for you to be afraid of them.

Geese: I am not afraid of them! I am telling you to get rid of them not to
repeat the same mistake.

  Two men are talking in a room on the top of the Geese Tower looking down
Southtown. Having a glass in his hand, Geese stands up from a chair and walks
to a window.

Geese: By the way, have you made arrangements for the King of Fighters?
Billy: Yes, everything is progressing steadily.

  Geese looks out from the window with an audacious expressin on his face.

Geese: Heh, heh, I will show them again who the real ruler is.


Terry: GEESE!
Geese: :) (smiles then forms a ball of energy)


Andy: GEESE!
Geese: :) (smiles then forms a ball of energy)


Special Intros With:
1)Vs. Terry
2)Vs. Andy
3)Vs. Billy
4)Vs. Kim
5)Vs. Geese


  As Geese, the imposter was painfully lying down next to Geese... Geese gave
the imposter his back. After getting down, he as usual... with a wonderful look
on his face, he looked out from the window at his town with an audacious
expression on his face. Then as always, he gained money from the crimes and
dirty business with an open smile... and Billy was always there to guard him.
After he finished his business, he started to shave and the important men came
all around him to talk with him while he is shaving and smoking at the same
time, but Hopper, Ripper and Billy did not make them cross the line, and pushed
them back.


Special Endings:
Defeated By Terry:
  In the very end of the fight between Geese and Terry...

Geese: RAISING.... ahhhh... uhu.


  While Geese is falling, Terry manages to hold Geese's hand. But the hatred
and pride made Geese so ruthless to refuse Terry's help. He slaps Terry's hand

Terry: .....

  Geese loudly laughs at Terry while he is falling... looking so coldly at
Terry for thinking that he (Geese) would let him help him.

Terry: ....

Defeated By Andy:

  In the the very end of the fight between Geese and Andy...

Geese: RAISING.... ahhhh... uhu.
Andy: Ultra Break Blasttttt...


  While Geese is falling, Andy manages to hold Geese's hand. But the hatred and
pride made Geese so ruthless to refuse Andy's help. He slaps Andy's hand away.

Geese: Hmph... WAH, HAH, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! >:)
Andy: ....

  Geese loudly laughs at Andy while he is falling... looking so coldly at Andy
for thinking that he (Geese) would let him help him.

Andy: ....


A button = Punch
B button = Kick
C button = Powerful Attack
D button = "Oversway" to background. "Oversway" to foreground (while
crouching). Turning back in the air (while jumping).


Command List:
Special Moves:
1)Reppu Ken: Quarter circle backward + A
2)Double Reppu Ken: Quarter circle backward + C
3)Upper Hit: Half circle forward + B
4)Mid Hit: Half circle forward + C
5)Evil Spirit Slash: Backward briefly, then forward + B or C
6)Shippu Ken: During jump, quarter circle backward + A
7)Double Shippu Ken: During jump, quarter circle backward + C

Super Move:
8)Raising Storm: Down/backward, half circle backward, down/forward + BC

Hidden Super Moves:
9)Thunder Break: Forward, down/forward, down + C
10)Deadly Rave: Quarter circle backward, forward + A, A, B, C, C, C, B, C, C
quarter circle backward + C

11)Raimei Gouha Nage: While opponent is lying on the ground (near), down + C
12)Anvil Bash: Near opponent, forward + C
13)Kosatsu Sho: Near opponent, down-forward + C
14)Mauling Tiger Crunch: Near opponent, backward + C
15)Fatal Blow Bopper: During Mauling Tiger Crunch, forward + C
16)Push of the Tiger: Down-back + C
17)Fatal Squeeze Fury: During Push of the Tiger, up-forward + C



  Here we are again with the another F.A.Q. for the almighty Geese. This year
Geese gets pretty strong after learning the Qin scrolls and boy you do not
really want to miss with the combo demon, Geese Howard. On with it...

  If you are going to play him then keep in mind you are going to something
very damaging and combination attacks to knock your opponent out. So, you are
up to his standing A, B, C for combos and to cancel them into Special Moves and
Super Moves. The trick is to not give your opponent a distance to breathe. Keep
attacking with crouching C and cancel it into a Reppu Ken. It is very handy. As
for the down/forward + A is for anti-air attacks. But you have to use it a
little bit eariler before the opponent gets close to you.

  His distance C can be used from time to time to confuse your opponent and
change your pattern. And poke with his As more than Bs because they do not have
any lag or delay. They come out fast and stun your opponent greatly. If you are
going for air attacks then go for the C the most but if you have to use A or B
then be sure to connect them with the C. Example: "Jump A, C, standing C, Reppu
Ken." See how easily done? Remember, his air C is good against air attack,
combination attacks and for a decent damage. Also, it has a good range... so
why use anything else if this does it all? Pretty much not complicated... just
use the high jump + C for combos and low jump + C for combos and against air

  His Reppu Ken still can be used to confuse your opponent or to make him jump
so that you could use the Raising Storm. He recovers fast after he performs it,
but there is still some lag... be careful. His Double Reppu Ken is good for
combos and to stun your opponent, just do it when you are very close, do not
worry... there won't be anything surprising to do by your opponent. Try not to
use it from a distance and if you have to, then use it when the opponent is
felling down. But as for the Reppu Ken, you can use it, but be very careful
when you are up to use it. Some combo demons (like Terry) might give you a hard
time if you miss anything or do any mistake. You see, you are already a combo
demon and your character is great, but that does not mean you will rule over.

  Always go for the Sippu Ken and forget a little bit about the Double Shippu
Ken because the Shippu Ken lets you control Geese while you are in the air
after performing the Special Move. Unlike the Double Shippu Ken, it does not
give you give that, but instead... it makes you go backward. Do the Shippu Ken
when the opponent is about to get up or when you are really lost against air
attacks, you could use it. A very good thing to rely on but not always.

  You should know by now that Geese can counter the air attacks and some
Special Moves and Super Special Moves with his Upper Hit move. So, does that
mean you can always use it when the opponent jumps at you? No, of course, stud.
Because this move has its weak point, now it is not worth it when Terry jumps
and then you do it, then he does nothing but when he lands he performs a demon
combo on you! See! So, you need to use it from time to time... not really
guessing, but more of a mind game. You do many confusing things and give a hard
time to your opponent and when he is about to jump, you will surely think that
he got some air to attack you to give you some hard time, here do fast Upper
Hit as it will counter his air attack! But when the character jumps a lot then
change your pattern. Like down/forward + A, jump C, backward twice then
distance C. But when the character does a move and you are pretty sure that the
Upper Hit can counter his or her attack, then there is no chance for guessing
here... fast do it.

  So, you need to know if you can counter this or that Move, Super or Hidden
Super in order to master this Special Move perfectly. As for his Mid Hit, there
a big advantage to both, you and your opponent. If you miss you will eat a big
combo, if you get your opponent with the Special Move, you will eat him or her
alive. So, how to master this move in order to be good with it? If you see
anyone mashing or giving you a hard time by punching and kicking you from
different ways like crouching attacks then distances attack or standing
attacks, then you can do it... but not just do it, wait for the right time and
when your mind tells that the opponent is about to hit, hit! No, I am not being
sarcastic, I sometimes do mistakes, but most of the times I do well... and
pretty well. You just need to do it in the right time, there is nothing to lose
most of the time. Geese will hit his opponent and stun him for a big combo, so
never dare to miss that good chance, eh? Or you could use it when you know that
the next Normal Attack that the opponent will do cannot be connected to any
combo or what-so-ever damaging. Here, you will have nothing to lose byu
performing the Special Move.

  It seems that his Evil Spirit Slash is now way better than before, eh folks?
Well the one with the B button can be used when you want to do it any time. You
will not be wide open even if the opponent blocks it, but never do it with the
C button. Instead, do the one with the C button when you are up to combos. It
is so damaging and so helpful to do Divine Punishment after it. Look for the
"Combos Section" for a further demonstration.

  His Divine Punishment is just great for an extra damage after every monster
combo you do. Anvil Bash, sweet sweet Anvil Bash that is very known to
everybody. If you are up to something cool then Anvil Bash is the right answer.
He throws the opponent far away with a cool evil pose. If you want your
opponent near you then you are free to use his Kosatsu Sho or Fatal Blow
Bopper. But if you still want to throw your opponent far away then you can also
use his Mauling Tiger Crunch. Very cool throws, really!

  Ahh, is there something more powerful, great, useful and damaging than his
Raising Storm? Is there? Is there? His Raising Storm this year gets its respect
from everyone... so useful and helpful. When you see the opponent jumps fast do
it and forget that the opponent will hit you or land and then wait for you lag
and kick you hard. No, this time the Raising Storm comes out very fast. I tell
you, it does not need the screen to stop or anything. It just comes out very
fast and has a decent range. If you did it late, even when the opponent defends
it, it will take five hits at least and you will recover from the Super Move in
no time. The opponent will not have anything much to do. And if he or she goes
down or backward by the D button, it will hit them for sure. It is not that
hard to perform as most of the guys think, just practice and you will master it
in no time. Use can use it against the air attacks, the moves that unleash
toward you or anything. If you master this Super Move, you will own so much in
this game, so much that words cannot say how...!

  His Hidden Super Move, Thunder Break, is worse than the Raising Storm. It
comes out so slow and has a big delay and lag. The Thunder attacks come down by
random, so when the opponent jumps and you perform it, do not be so sure the
first thunder attack will always be in the forward position where Geese stands!
It may comes backward or in the middle... completely random. So, in the Combo
Section there are some combos involve the Thunder Break super. Do not think it
does not connect to the combos when "what I said does have a meaning." You and
your luck where the thunder attacks first. I will be very much good with the
Raising Storm as it is way better than the Thunder Break. The Thunder Break has
one good thing and that is, COMPLETE DAMAGE! Always keep that in mind, ladies
and gentlemen!

  As for his sweeeeeeet Deadly Rave, I highly recommand using it along with the
Raising Storm. It has good invinciblity and damage. It is so good for combos.
Finally, they realized their mistake that they should have put this Hidden
Super Move since Fatal Fury 3! Well, the move does not make the opponent dizzy
as it was back in Art of Fighting 2, but still, it is still damaging and good
for combination attacks!

  That is about it, ladies and gentlemen. Geese is so much fun and good to use.
But you just need to love or like the guy at least if you really want to use
him perfectly. Best of luck...!


Combos Section:
  I will only write the names of the moves (not the commands), I have always
been so... so if anybody is not good with it, you can see the command list
above and then check here again. I will list every good, bad, short, long, easy
and hard combos. I really will not bother to look for sites to put any of their
combos in here. I like to see my work completely original, but you might know
all the combos... I will put it just for Geese's fans' sake.

Normal Combos:
1)Jump C, standing C, Reppu Ken
2)Jump C, standing A, B, C
3)Standing D, Double Reppu Ken (opponent must be in the background)
4)Standing D, Reppu Ken (opponent must be in the background)
5)Jump C, crouching B, standing B, crouching C
6)Crouching B, B, B, B, standing B, standing C
7)Jump C, standing A, standing B, down/forward A
8)Standing C, Evil Spirit Slash, Divine Punishment
9)Jump C, standing A, standing C, C, C, C, forward C, Divine Punishment
10)Jump C, backward B
11)Jump C, standing B, B, backward C, Divine Punishment
12)Jump C, standing A, standing C, C, Evil Spirit Slash, Divine Punishment
13)Jump C, standing A, standing C, C, Double Reppu Ken
14)Jump C, standing A, standing C, C, C, C, forward C
15)Jump C, standing A, standing C, C, Reppu Ken
16)Jump D, C, Shippu Ken
17)Jump C (cross), standing A, A, Reppu Ken
18)Jump C, distance C
19)Standing D, Evil Spirit Slash, Divine Punishment (opponent must be in the
20)Crouching B, B, B, B, standing B, down/forward A, Divine Punishment
(opponent must be cornered)
21)Jump C, standing A, B, C, D, Evil Spirit Slash, Divine Punishment (opponent
must be cornered)
22)Jump C, standing A, B, C, D, Reppu Ken (opponent must be cornered)
23)Mid Hit, distance C
24)Mid Hit, standing B, B, backward C, Divine Punishment (opponent must be
25)Mid Hit, standing A, B, C, D, Evil Spirit Slash, Divine Punishment (opponent
must be cornered)
26)Upper Hit, Divine Punishment (opponent must be cornered)

Super Combos:
27)Raising Storm, Divine Punishment (opponent must be cornered)
28)Thunder Break, Divine Punishment (let the opponent hit it in the end of it)
29)Deadly Rave, Divine Punishment
30)Jump C, standing A, B, C, D, Raising Storm, Divine Punishment (opponent must
be cornered)
31)Mid Hit, standing A, B, C, D, Raising Storm, Divine Punishment (opponent
must be cornered)
32)Standing C, Deadly Rave, Divine Punishment (opponent must be cornered)
33)Mid Hit, standing A, B, C, Thunder Break (opponent must be cornered)
34)Standing D, Deadly Rave, Divine Punishment (opponent must be in the
35)Jump C, standing A, C, C, C, Deadly Rave, Divine Punishment
36)Jump C, standing A, B, C, D, Deadly Rave, Divine Punishment (opponent must
be cornered)
37)Jump C, crouching B, B, B, B, standing B, C, D, Deadly Rave, Divine
Punishment (opponent must be cornered)
38)Mid Hit, standing A, B, C, D, Deadly Rave, Divine Punishment (opponent must
be cornered)
39)Mid Hit, crouching B, B, B, B, B, standing B, C, D, Deadly Rave, Divine

Ring Out Combo:
40)Mid Hit, standing A, B, C, D, Deadly Rave (opponent must be cornered)


Questions & Answers:
  This section is for those who E-Mailed me about a thing or two about Geese or
some aspects, instead of e-mailing them back, I will answer here so that nobody
would ask the same questions again:

Q: Did Geese Really die here?
A: I do not think so. Just because Terry managed to make him fall again, does
not mean anything. Geese fell first in Fatal Fury and even said to be dead, but
so easily was alive and regained his town. So, I cannot say he is dead just
because of that. I need a better proof. Until I see more, I could change my
mind... Geese lives on no matter how many times that hat boy tries to knock him

Q: Isn't this the strongest Geese that has ever been in any game?
A: No, this is nothing to the Nightmare Geese in Real Bout Fatal Fury Special.
That one is a real nightmare. No matter how strong Krauser really is, Geese
there owns, eats and kicks him anytime, anywhere, any place. Smiply put, he is
the best.

Q: I have a little comment about what you said about Geese and Krauser. How
come you said all that and you know that SNK made Krauser better than Geese in
the storyline?
A: Good question. Krauser really was stronger in the storyline (that's in Fatal
Fury 2 though), but never meant to be so in the gamewise. Gamewise, Geese ents
him alive... and that is what SNK really missed.

  They tried to make Krauser something new and shine, but he was not as cool as
Geese. He hardly managed to butt in four Fatal Fury games, one in Pocket, one
in Playstaion and one in King of Fighters'96. Unlike Geese... needless to say,
Krauser is somehow an okay character compared to the load of trash bosses in
the King of Fighters series (from 97 to 2002)

  We need someone evilish and devilish like Geese. Not someone who fights for
his pride, to be the strongest and his own fame like Krauser. In other words,
we need a villain, not a boring German wanna-be.


Last Word:
  Okay, Finally... it is finished. Hope I was helpful and useful to you. If
anybody wants to use anything, by all means do so, but tell me so first before
you do that. And if anybody have any doubts about any combination attack or
cannot perform any, kindly, E-Mail me and I will explain it more clearly to
you. Remember, do not stick with the rules a lot... Screw The Rules.

"Now come and fight, Terry Bogard" Quote from Geese Howard

Special Thanks:
1)To SNK for this great game.
2)To Gamefaqs.
3)To all Geese's fans.
4)To all my friends for the encouragement.
5)To Vlad Fischert for correcting some mistakes.

Real Bout Fatal Fury is Copyright SNK Crop. This document Copyright 2003 Basel

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