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Asked: 5 years ago

What's the best place for levelling up?

It's the end game, I have the best weapons and spells, what would be the best place for leveling up to level 50?

Accepted Answer

From: des223 5 years ago

There are several places you can go:

- The "Peninsula Northeast of Pravoka," or PNEoP, is a safe spot to go. You won't get EXP as quickly as some other spots, but there's basically no chance of your party getting killed.
- The EYE in the Ice Cave. It's on the spiked square next to the treasure chest with the Floater. With a high-level party equipped with ProRings/Ribbons, you have a much lower chance of having a spell like XXXX hit. The EYE is easy to defeat by the end of the game, plus you don't have to walk far to get your next encounter (since it's a spiked square).
- In the Temple of Fiends Revisited, or ToFR, there's a floor where Gas Dragons roam. If you have a party with someone who can cast ICE3, then you can get a lot of EXP for that battle. The problem is, Gas Dragon battles are some of the toughest in the game, so be prepared to do lots of healing and/or use WARP/EXIT to get out of there ASAP after the battle.

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