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The best piece of bug-ridden filth I've ever playedAlgus8/10
A true game-changer for its time, but is it a classic?AnalyticalGamer9/10
A classic in the RPG Hall-of-Fame...Auron25510/10
Spells surround me day and night, stricken by the force of evil light.BimmyandJimmy7/10
The best $75 I ever spentBlack_Crusher9/10
4 young warriors arrive, each holding an orb. REVIVE THE ORBS!!DraimanBelieve710/10
Some people actually REQUEST me to write these kinds of if MORE praise for this game is needed...EPoetker10/10
Back to the beginning...Gbness7/10
The game that created a series that you can never get enough of...What a Fantasy to behold!GravitonX20009/10
It's your call: dinosaur or classic?honestgamer8/10
Fun for 8 bit RPG lovers or nostalgic purposes but outdated by the 4 remakes that have since been released.Jerrynsteph4eva6/10
It Fell Short of Its Mark but Still Stands as One of the Greatest Games of All Time.KillAllPopStars8/10
The humble beginnings of a series that would become a juggernaut of an entire genrekiriyama28/10
It's hard to overstate the amount of imagination and ambition packed into this game.nastynate31187/10
The best of the "First Game" in known RPG series' for the NES but is still quite the flawed game.Pokejedservo7/10
Needed to Play this Game: Lots of Patience!Psycho Penguin8/10
Nothing beats old schoolSMuffinMan10/10
A good start to an excellent seriesTerii Senshi8/10
While it can be hard to get into at first, there’s a very enjoyable game insideterrisus10/10
Ineffective?the ultimate687/10
A good, early RPG in which dying to a group of Gas Dragons can be as time-consuming as manually buying 99 healing potions.TheSpelunker8/10
WARRIORS. Revive the power of the ORBS!!UltimaterializerX8/10
A world veiled in darkness...and a helluva challenge!Virulent9/10
This was going to be the last game from Square, but we all know what happened.....Zylo the wolf7/10

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