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Super Mario Bros. 2

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Author: Brian McPhee (Kirby021591)
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Originally Created: May 27, 2005
Version 1.0

---------------------------Table of Contents---------------------------

Section 1*

Items & Bonuses*

Section 2*

World 1*
World 2*
World 3*
World 4*
World 5*
World 6*
World 7*

Section 3*

World Warps*
Minimalist Quest*
1-Up Trick*
Mushroom Locations*
Doki/SMB 2 Differences*
NES/SNES/GBA Differences*

Section 4*

Credits and Legal Information*
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||----------------------------Section 1*-----------------------------||
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Huh?  Oh, right…  Hello, everybody, and welcome to my thirty-second 
guide extravaganza introduction!  Well, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, 
but this is walkthrough # 32 for me, and it marks the near completion 
of a long series of Mario walkthroughs.  Not only that, but this guide 
is for the popular North American/European version of Super Mario Bros. 
2 on the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System).  Now, since I always 
abide by my formulaic introduction structure, let’s get right down to 
the review, shall we?

Mario only had a few mainstream side-scrolling quests, and the first 
three of them (Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 2, and Super Mario 
Bros. 3) form the sort of “trilogy” of Mario’s original side-scrolling 
games.  And in the USA, we got to play a slightly changed version of 
Doki Doki Panic for our second act of this play, and it is indeed a sad 
one.  That is, this game is definitely the worst of the trilogy, and it 
does not operate like the other Mario classics (though it’s still a 
good game in its own right).  In some series, the sequel is better than 
the original, like Sonic the Hedgehog 2 or Donkey Kong Country 2, but 
such is not the case here.  As you may well know, Super Mario Bros. 2 
for western civilization is almost identical to a game released 
exclusively in Japan called “Doki Doki Panic.”  It was about a can-do 
Arab family who needed to rescue the youngest members of the pack in 
storybook format.

Well, Doki Doki Panic was a flop in Japan, attesting to its not-so-
great game play.  But, when you replace the main character with Mario, 
Luigi, Toad, and Princess Toadstool, voila!  It’s a hit!  I think this 
says something about advertising...  Still, although this game does 
feature everyone’s favorite plumber, let’s be honest.  This game is 
weird.  You pick up vegetables to throw them at small, hooded figures, 
and you’re working against a vitamin-deficient frog named Wart.  But, 
the game isn’t nearly as bad as I might make it sound.  It features 
jump-happy heroes and a heroine, a slew of new enemies that have since 
become regulars in the Mario universe (among them are Pokey, Shy Guy, 
Snifit, Birdo, and Bob-omb), and very… creative level design.  It is 
also somewhat challenging.  All and all, it pales in comparison to the 
classic Super Mario Bros., but it can still be played with the best of 

By the by, should you happen to see this guide on any website other 
than GameFaqs.com or any of its affiliates, please contact me at the e-
mail address listed at the top of this document.  With your help, we 
can put an end to plagiarism to this guide.  Thanks a million, whistle-
blowers everywhere.


You may be wondering what all the asterisks (*) after section titles 
are for.  Well, they are, like, so trendy, but they also serve 
navigational purposes.  That is, if you were to, oh say, press CTRL and 
F simultaneously on the keyboard, a Find/Search box will be brought up.  
And, if you were to type in the name of a section, asterisk and all, 
and clicked the, I don’t know, how about the Find/Search option, it 
would take you to the first place in the guide where it was used and 
then the next place – namely, the beginning of that section.  The 
asterisk distinguishes the text from times I might use those words in 
text (navigation, navigation, navigation).


I touched upon it in the introduction, but all Mario fans should know 
this little tidbit.  There are actually two versions of Super Mario 
Bros. 2, an American version and a Japanese version.  Here’s a run-down.

Super Mario Bros. was released as the premiere game for the NES in 1985.  
It was a huge success, and so Nintendo wanted to keep the gravy train 
rolling for as long as possible.  In 1986, Nintendo released a game 
called Super Mario Bros. 2 in Japan.  As you should know, Japan always 
gets games before North America and Europe.  Super Mario Bros. 2 (Japan) 
was almost exactly the same as the original, though.  With the addition 
of green jumping boards, Poison Mushrooms, and aerial Bloobers, the 
game was thought too repetitive and too challenging for an American 
release.  To that point, Nintendo decided not to release Super Mario 
Bros. 2 (Japan) in North America and Europe, and yet they still wanted 
a Mario sequel there.

Nintendo was in a pickle, for they were already working on Super Mario 
Bros. 3 and yet they had nothing to sell in the west.  So, they needed 
a quick videogame to release there, or to release this challenging 
version of Super Mario Bros. 2 in the US, which they thought would 
spell disaster for our plumber hero.  So, Nintendo settled on the 
former.  They took an unpopular game in Japan called “Doki Doki Panic” 
and changed the main characters, an Arab family, into the stars of the 
Mario series, which explains the Arabian feel of the game.  They then 
released it in North America under the title “Super Mario Bros. 2,” 
just like their Japanese release.  Super Mario Bros. 2 (American) was 
very popular despite its roots in an unpopular game, and Nintendo could 
move on to Super Mario Bros. 3 now.

So, how was it that North Americans and Europeans ever got to play 
Super Mario Bros. 2 (Japan), or the Japanese get to play Super Mario 
Bros. 2 (American)?  The SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) 
marked a new era in video gaming.  As not to forget the old, Nintendo 
compiled the original Mario trilogy, as well as Super Mario World in 
some cartridges, and sold it in North America and Europe as a game 
called “Super Mario All-Stars.”  All-Stars contained Super Mario Bros. 
1, 2, and 3, but it also contained a game called “Super Mario Bros.: 
The Lost Levels.”  The Lost Levels was the name of the Japanese version 
of Super Mario Bros., and it was though this medium that the westerners 
got to play it.  Later on for the Game Boy Color, the game “Super Mario 
Bros. Deluxe” featured SMB 2 (Japan) on it as “Super Mario Bros. for 
Super Players.”  Similarly, the Japanese experienced our Super Mario 
Bros. as a game entitled “Super Mario Bros. USA.”

And so, a cultural exchange brought these games of the same name to two 
different worlds.  How touching…  Now you can share this interesting 
bit at dinner parties.


In the original Doki Doki Panic, two children are kidnapped by Mamu, 
a.k.a. Wart, and it’s up to their family to rescue them from the 
storybook they are being held captive in.  To suit the tastes of 
American gamers, though, many elements of the story (all of them, 
actually) were extracted (the same goes for some of the in-game 
elements, like Arabian lamps that opened doors to sub-space).  Now, 
they are fitting for Mario, though it’s not a particularly good 
storyline.  Here’s a summary.

                        |    Story Summary    |

Mario was having a dream one day, err, night.  In it, he ascended up 
many steps of a staircase to reach a door.  When he opened it, an 
entire world spread out before him, and a strange voice cried for help 
to him.  Naturally, Mario had to tell his good friends Luigi, Toad, and 
Toadstool all about it, and they decided to go have a picnic at a 
nearby mountain (how spontaneous!).  They look at the scenery when they 
arrive and spy a cave in the distance.  Of course, they enter it, and 
they are all startled to find the same staircase that was in Mario’s 
dream.  They walk up it, open the door, and the world he saw while 
snoozing earlier expands before them.  Let’s go save it!

Riveting, isn’t it?  As convenient and improbable as it is, this is why 
we’re saving Subcon, the land of dreams that Mario and the gang 
wandered into, because Mario’s already a hero and that justifies him 
saving every land on the map.  I’ll now list the characters and give 
them bios, including the Doki Doki Panic characters.

                       |    Game Characters    |

Imajin: Imajin is the eldest son of his family, having blue pants and a 
turban.  He became Mario in the makeover of Doki Doki Panic to Super 
Mario Bros. 2 (American).

Lina: Lina is Imajin’s sister.  With her pink clothes and floating jump, 
she obviously became Princess Toadstool in the transformation.

Mama: Tall and thin, the mother of Imajin and Lina became Luigi when 
Doki Doki Panic was translated to Super Mario Bros. 2 (American).

Papa: Short, stout, and strong, Papa wears a turban and most likely 
became Toad when Doki Doki Panic was converted to SMB 2 (American).

Mario: It's-a Mario!  Mario is the mascot of Nintendo, and he's an 
Italian-American plumber (at first, he was depicted as a carpenter, but 
that changed in Mario Bros. because Mario could use pipes) originally 
said to be from Brooklyn, New York.  In his first game, Donkey Kong, 
Mario was known as Jumpman, quite appropriately.  Mario was named after 
the landlord of the Nintendo of America building after his arcade 
classic release (Donkey Kong), and the name stuck ever since.  Because 
of the bad graphics on the early arcade games, Mario was forced to have 
certain characteristics.  To make it look like Mario's arms moved as he 
ran, he wore overalls.  Because they couldn't animate hair and mouths, 
he had a hat and a mustache.  And, since red is one of the easiest 
colors to generate, he took that color.  Mario was instantly popular, 
and he went on to star in Mario Bros., an arcade game.  It introduced 
his brother, and in it he and said brother were defeating enemies in 
the sewers of Brooklyn (although later, in Super Mario World 2, it was 
changed that Mario and Luigi are from the Mushroom Kingdom, not New 
York).  This is Mario's strangest adventure yet and it would define 
Mario as the well-rounded type for years to come, right up into Super 
Smash Bros. Melee.  Of course, he still takes that route today.

Luigi: Luigi's name could be mistaken for the Japanese word "ruiji," 
which means "similar."  This is quite appropriate, as Luigi is Mario's 
younger brother who looks almost exactly the same.  Though his mustache 
is smoother and he is taller and thinner than Mario, he is essentially 
just a change of palette in the originals, including this game.  Luigi 
made a distinction between himself and his glory-hog brother in Super 
Mario Bros. 2, though.  In it, Luigi had a better jump.  In the 
American version of Super Mario Bros. 2, though, Luigi is a slow 
vegetable-picker.  In the Japanese version of Super Mario Bros. 2, 
Luigi's shoes had less friction.  Still, Luigi is not his own character, 
and the eternal understudy remains in obscurity as Player 2 for a long, 
long time.  Eventually, toward the end of the N64, Luigi started 
becoming serious (that is, he became recognized as an important 
character in Nintendo).  In Paper Mario, Luigi was a big joke, but he 
wrote in his diary (which Mario could read) that he wanted to get a 
game with his name in the title.  His wish came true, as the release 
game for the Game Cube, which came out only months after Paper Mario, 
was Luigi's Mansion.  In it, Luigi won a mansion in a contest he didn't 
even enter, and Mario had gone to check it out, but he never returned.  
When Luigi goes looking for him, he finds the mansion haunted, and a 
mysterious spirit has kidnapped Mario.  Luigi rescues Mario by 
overcoming his fear of the dark, which Luigi still supposedly has today.  
Of course, Luigi did get one other chance to save Mario.  It was an 
edutainment (education + entertainment = edutainment) title called 
Mario is Missing, in which Luigi had to use his advanced knowledge of 
world geography to find his brother.  Really, it was more of a slap in 
the face than a great chance to shine.

Princess Toadstool: In Donkey Kong, Mario's first game, Mario tried to 
rescue the Lady, later named Pauline (Pauline was a popular movie-era 
name for damsels in distress).  Well, their relationship was short-
lived, as they broke up as soon as Mario started rescuing Princess 
Toadstool in Super Mario Bros.  Toadstool, princess of the Mushroom 
Kingdom, is the only person who can undo some nasty Koopa magic in 
Super Mario Bros., but later Bowser starts kidnapping Princess 
Toadstool for no reason.  In fact, it has been suggested in both Paper 
Mario games that Bowser is actually in love with Toadstool, which 
explains why he'd abduct her so many times.  Seriously, Bowser, get a 
life!  Princess Toadstool is abducted quite often, and Mario always has 
to rescue her.  Although he strayed once to rescue Princess Daisy of 
Sarasaland (it's like "I can't believe it's not butter"; Daisy and 
Toadstool are almost exact look-alikes), Mario has remained true to 
this princess through and through.  Toadstool often accompanies Mario 
on vacation, such as the ones in Super Mario World and Super Mario 
Sunshine, although they usually end in her getting kidnapped by some 
lunatic.  And, in Super Mario 64, the princess and the plumber got on a 
first-name basis; Toadstool signed a letter inviting Mario over for 
cake as Peach, her first name.  However, because this was a Toadstool 
game, I will refer to the pretty princess in pink as Toadstool and not 
Peach, though they are the same person.  In Super Mario Bros. 2, 
Toadstool makes up for her lacking speed and vegetable-picking 
abilities by being able to float when jumping.

Toad: If you've ever played a Mario game, Mushroom Retainer was the 
original name for Toad.  Toads are the residents of the Mushroom 
Kingdom and the subjects of Princess Toadstool (hence the name "Toad"), 
but seven of them from the court of the Mushroom King were abducted by 
Bowser and thrown into his castles as dummies to lead Mario down the 
wrong path.  Each time you rescue one, they say "Thank you Mario!  But 
our princess is in another castle!"  In Super Mario Bros. 2, Toad is 
actually a playable character.  With bad jumps but quick vegetable-
picking skills, he was the best choice to replace Papa.  Toad also was 
playable in Wario's Woods, the last game for the NES, in which he took 
down Wario, one of Mario's many enemies.  Aside from games like Mario 
Party, Mario Kart, and all of Mario's sports titles, Toad is not 
otherwise playable.  A while back, some began to question Toad's 
masculinity.  To show that Toad was indeed all man, they introduced 
Toadette, a female version of Toad.  On a side note, Toad is even more 
cowardly than Luigi, even since before Luigi's Mansion when Luigi was 
supposed to be a coward.  Super Mario RPG shows one of the earliest 
signs of Toad's not-so-commendable bravery, in which he let Croco just 
zip by without fighting at all.  Still, he's polite.

Wart: Called Mamu in Japan (this made way to a very clever cameo in 
Link’s Awakening.  The frog that teaches you the Frog Song of Soul in 
The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening was named Mamu), Wart is a giant 
frog, possibly a toad (from which his name is derived, as toads have 
warts).  He hates vegetables but loves giving people bad dreams, and so 
he built the Dream Machine.  Foolishly, though, Wart had the Dream 
Machine pump out vegetables, his only weakness, right into the arena he 
fought Mario, Luigi, Toad, or Toadstool in.  Silly frog!  Another note 
of interest (a cameo) is found in Animal Crossing.  One of the possible 
neighbors you could have was a toad/frog named Wart Jr.  Coincidence?  
Of course not.  In any case, this gangster leads a small army of 
characters that would someday become Mario regulars.

And there you have it.  Of course, you don’t need to know any of this 
to enjoy the game.  Let’s move on to game elements, shall we?

===========================Items & Bonuses*============================

There are several items found in Super Mario Bros. 2, many original to 
this game.  Let’s list them!

                            |    Items    |

Mushroom: Mario and Luigi’s favorite snack returns as a sort of power-
up.  In sub-space, dark areas entered by doors from potions, these can 
be found and used to add an extra mark to your health meter for the 
remainder of the level.

Coin: These items are found in sub-spaces.  You can gamble with them on 
the slots (scroll down to the latter part of this section, which covers 
the bonus game).

Magic Potion: When you find these red elixirs, throw them onto the 
ground to make a door appear (what else?).  Take these into sub-space 
where coins and Mushrooms can be found.

Heart: These are found throughout levels after you’ve beaten so many 
enemies.  They restore one lost mark of your health meter.

1 UP: Mushrooms with “1UP” written on them in white letters let you get 
an extra life when you lift them.

Cherry: These are cherries scattered around the level.  For each five 
you get in a level, you’ll receive a Starman.

Starman: When you get your hands on these by collecting five cherries 
in a level, you’ll be invincible for a short time afterward.  Mow down 
those enemies!

POW Block: When you throw these items, all the enemies on the screen 
are defeated.  Neat-o!

Turtle Shell: The shells of Koopa Troopas from Super Mario Bros., of 
course, these can be thrown onto the ground.  They slide forward, 
bulldozing through any enemies in the way.  Unlike Koopa Troopa shells, 
though, they do not ricochet off surfaces.  Instead, the dissipate upon 
hitting walls.

Mushroom Block: You can use these in a multitude of ways, including 
stepping stools, projectile weapons, and shields.  They are reusable, 

Vegetable: The most common item around, you can pick these up from the 
ground and throw them at enemies to defeat them.  There are two types – 
large ones and thin ones.  If you find all the large ones in a level 
(five), enemies freeze in place for a short period of time due to the 
effects of the…

Stopwatch: You get these when you collect five ripe vegetables in a 
level.  Use these to freeze enemies for a short time.

Rocket: In the business of advancing you further in the level, you can 
pluck these from the ground and ride them skyward to a new part of the 

Bomb: These are explosives that can be used to decimate certain 
obstacles in your way.  They’ll aid you greatly during your quest to… 
well, it wasn’t really explained.

Key: These are used to open locks found in levels.  When you get one, 
Phanto, a generic enemy, will start to chase you.  To avoid this, lift 
the key and throw it when Phanto gets close to you.

Crystal Ball: Before Hawkmouth, that hawk’s head found at the end of 
each level, you will find one of these, usually in the possession of 
Birdo.  They are used to beat the level by giving them to Hawkmouth.

                           |    Bonuses    |

Now, what good are coins?  Coins can be used to gamble as many times as 
you can afford at the end of the level bonus, the slot machine.  You 
just stop it and hope for the best.  Here are winning combinations.

- If you get three of any symbol besides Cherries, you get a 1-Up.

- If you get a Cherry in the first slot but not the second, you get a 

- If you get Cherries in the first two slots but not the third, you 
will get a 2-Up.

- Cherries in all three slots result in a 5-Up.  Aim for this!

- Any other combination results in nothing but a waste of a coin.

Here are a few tips for winning 1-Ups.

- If you want to get three-of-a-kind for a 1-Up, timing is key.  That 
is, if you press the B Button in sequence, waiting the same amount of 
time to press it as you did before pressing it the first time in 
between each press, you’ll get it.  For example, if you wait five 
seconds to press B the first time, another five the second, and another 
five seconds for the third try, you’ll get a three-of-a-kind.

- The slot machine starts at cherry for the first slot; if you press B 
immediately as it starts, you’re guaranteed at least a 1-Up from the 
first cherry you get.


Super Mario Bros. 2 features quite a cast of characters, and by 
characters I mean enemies.  They are alphabetized, my passion.  But, on 
a more serious note, Super Mario Bros. 2 was rather poorly edited, and 
as such the names of the enemies shown after the credits are a little 
off.  For instance, it switches the names of Birdo and Ostro and the 
manual and game disagree over the spelling of “Hoopster” or “Hoopstar.”  
Also, modern spellings of “Shyguy” and “Bob-Omb” differ, and I will use 
today’s lingo – “Shy Guy” and “Bob-omb.

Enemy Name


Above is the setup, below the list.  Any questions?


Notes: This is a flying bird colored red.  You can hitch a ride on them 
(they sometimes travel in groups, making it an easier jump) and can be 
defeated by throwing items or enemies at them.  They often drop Bob-
ombs into battle or will try to swoop into you.  Anywhere but the tops 
of their body is dangerous to touch.

Notes: These are rolling cannons that shoot fireballs.  Pretty nifty, 
eh?  They can have enemies riding them which can be defeated, and the 
cannons themselves can have items thrown at them to defeat them.  
According to the manual, it is often called the “bad dream machine.”

Notes: These are flying Shy Guys with pitchforks.  The red variation 
often swoop down from the top of the screen, but the pink variety fly 
in a straight path.  They often come in groups.  They can be defeated 
by throwing items or enemies at them, but I’d just let them pass.

Notes: An enemy that became popular shortly after Super Mario Bros. 2 
was released, Bob-ombs are walking explosives that resemble bombs.  
They chase you, become angry, and then blow up, in that order.  They 
can also be plucked from underground, but they come out ready to blow.  
If that’s the case, immediately throw them and run in the opposite 

Notes: These are red snakes that pop out of vases and the ground.  Both 
shoot projectiles at you, but they attack differently.  The vase type 
will rise up and shoot, remaining stationary.  The underground variety 
appears and chases you down as its primary means of offense, but it can 
also use projectiles.

Notes: These are strange, blob-like creatures coming in packs in World 
4 exclusively.  Luckily, they have terrible traction, and will often 
slide on ice into pits or other obstacles, giving you the advantage.  
Just avoid them.  They are too fast to land on, but if you can, they 
can be thrown.

Notes: This is a ladybug that crawls up and down vines.  They move 
rather slowly, but will speed up if you are on their vine.  A curving 
jump will do the trick to get above them, but they often have two 
Hoopsters to a vine.  If you can, jump to another vine.  In later 
levels, they climb up tree trunks.

Notes: Although it was never a mainstream Mario character, Ninji did 
reappear in Paper Mario for the N64 and Super Mario World for the SNES.  
These are black creatures with white eyes that jump up and down either 
in place or around the place.  You can throw things at them or pick 
them up.

Notes: Though the game’s unedited credits call Birdo Ostro and vice 
versa, Ostro is not the pink dinosaur creature that you fight at the 
end of many levels.  Ostro is an ostrich that runs around, usually rode 
by Shy Guys, to run you over.  Ostro cannot be defeated by picking them 
up, but the riders can be lifted and throw at it.

Notes: These are plant-like enemies that shoot fireballs, much like 
Volcano Lotuses in Super Mario World.  The red and white versions are 
stationary, but the blue can approach you.  Red shoots fireballs 
straight up into the air, while the other two colors shoot them in arcs.

Notes: These are annoying enemies that resemble masks.  When you first 
see them, they are motionless and harmless.  Pick up a key, though, and 
they dog you relentlessly and tirelessly until you drop the key.  They 
cannot be beaten.  So, to avoid getting hurt by them, pick the key up, 
throw it ahead, and pick it up.  Repeat this until you’ve used the key 
and gotten Phanto off your tail.

Notes: Though a memorable enemy, these never went mainstream (though 
one did appear in Super Mario All-Stars title screen).  Another hint at 
this game’s Arabian roots, these are birds that fly magic carpets and 
chase you down.  Like Lakitus in Super Mario World, you can steal a 
Pidgit’s carpet if you defeat it (pick it up and throwing it off is the 
best method).

Notes: This enemy took off immediately as a popular Mario character.  
These are long, segmented cacti (the plural of cactus) that move around 
to try to bump into you.  If you hit their head with an item, the next 
segment down becomes the head.  Unlike most recent Mario games, however, 
Pokeys can be defeated in one shot by throwing items or enemies at the 
lowest segment.  The opposite is true in most recent games.

Notes: These are porcupine-looking enemies that walk around mindlessly, 
and their bodies provide natural defense to jumps – spikes.  So, unless 
you want to flee in terror, throw an item or enemy into it to defeat it.
Shy Guy

Notes: Instant classics, Shy Guys are masked, robed figures (hence the 
shy part of their name) that walk around aimlessly.  The pink type will 
pace back and forth over a certain territory, usually a platform.  The 
red type will walk in one direction, throwing caution to the wind (that 
is, they can fall off cliffs and the like).  They can be jumped onto 
easily, and thrown just as easily.  So, that leaves one question to be 
answered: what’s under the mask?  Maybe you should check out Luigi’s 
Mansion for Game Cube…

Notes: These are Shy Guys that have nozzles to shoot bullets from their 
masks.  They come in three colors – red, pink, and gray.  Reds stand in 
one place and shoot bullets.  Pinks move as they shoot bullets.  Gray, 
though, jump as they shoot bullets.  They can be lifted and thrown into 
pits, or you can throw objects at them to beat them down.

Notes: These are orbs of pure electricity that make rounds around 
whatever platform, wall, etc. that they find themselves on.  They 
cannot be beaten, just avoided.  However, they do not seek you out; 
they stick to their assigned platform unless you do something to remove 
them (try using Mushroom Blocks).  Actually, I lie.  They can be 
defeated only when you are invincible or with POW Blocks.  But what’s 
the likelihood of that?  Well, you can also throw things at them.  So, 
I guess they aren’t as invincible as I cracked them up to be, huh?

Notes: These are fish that jump out of the water to strike you.  You 
can jump across them like platforms, and they can be grabbed.  The 
latter is rather stupid, though, as you’ll be grabbing the only thing 
between you and a bottomless, instant-death gap.

Notes: These are masked birds that bound along the ground, occasionally 
making larger hops than normal, and are very weak enemies.  Throw items 
or enemies, whatever floats your boat, at them or pick them up to get 
some use out of them.

Ooh, I’m quaking in my boots now.  But, I did not include on the enemy 
list all the bosses and the sort of boss – Birdo, Mouser, Tryclyde, 
Fryguy, Clawgrip, Hawkmouth, or Wart.  But, enemies aren’t the only way 
you can die.  Here’s a list of things that can hurt or kill you.

                       |    Causes of Death    |

- When an enemy hits you, you lose a bit of health in your meter.  When 
you lose all of it (when all of it’s white and not shaded), you lose a 
life.  You can have at most four marks on your health meter, and you 
become small (a subtle Super Mario Bros. reference) when you have only 
one left.

- If you fall into a pit or water, or if you fall from the skies, you 
will lose a life.

- When you lose all your lives, you get a Game Over.  You have two 
continues from there to start back from where you were.

- Use all your continues and you’ll have to start the game all over 

So, be warned.  Now, to learn how to combat enemies.


So, what’s to know?  Well, besides learning which buttons do what, I’ll 
also place here a guide to each character’s strengths and weaknesses.  
That’s right; unlike Super Mario Bros., the different characters 
actually play differently.  Mario and Luigi are definitely the best of 
the bunch, but Toad and Toadstool have their good points, too.  Here 
are the basic controls.

                           |    Control    |

D-Pad: Left and right move characters accordingly, and down can be used 
to duck.  Ducking can be used to gain power (power squat jumps are in) 
or to avoid airborne enemies.  When on vines, ladders, or chains, you 
can use up and down for all your vertical movement needs.  Up can also 
be used to open doors.

Select: You can use this to choose between Continuing and Retrying when 
you’ve gotten a Game Over.

Start: Select seems to have been replaced by this button.  It is used 
to choose an option, pause the game, and to un-pause the game.

A Button: To jump!  Jump!  Jump!  Jump!  JUMP!  That’s the name of the 
game, after all.  Also, if you hold down until your character flashes 
and then press A, you’ll do what is called a “power squat jump,” higher 
than normal ones.  The longer you hold A, the higher you’ll jump.

B Button: This has a number of uses.  First, hold this to run faster.  
Or, you can press it when over an enemy, item, plant to pick it up.  Or, 
you could use it to stop the slots in the bonus round.  Reader’s pick!

Now here are the differences in characters.  Ver-i-eh-tay.

                            |    Mario    |

Jumping Ability: Mario is world-renowned for his jumping prowess.  
Still, all that cake and those mushrooms are getting to him; he’s only 
the second best jumper in the game.  Yep, he loses out to his bigger 
but younger brother, Luigi.

Hang Time: Mario doesn’t stay in the air very long.  He ranks third as 
far as that is concerned, making him a pretty average jumper.

Picking: Mario’s been throwing fireballs and busting bricks for so long 
that his arms are pulling machines.  He is the second-fastest puller 
around with very little waiting time.

                            |    Luigi    |

Jumping Ability: In this respect, Luigi really takes the cake.  He can 
jump higher than anyone else, and his bicycle kick adds flair to his 

Hang Time: Luigi’s bicycle kick gives him the number two hang time in 
the bunch, and he stays up nearly endlessly.  Still, he comes in second 
in this group.

Picking: Luigi falls short here (I’ve fit in two reverse-puns twice now 
– he takes the cake and he falls short, but Mario does both of those!  
Oh, burn!).  Honing his legs has cost him his arms, and he is the 
third-best, or second-worst, picker.  Expect to wait for a bit if you 
want to use his mediocre picking skills.

                            |    Toad    |

Jumping Ability: Short as he is, Toad is the worst of the jumpers in 
the gang.  Pathetic, truly, though most people probably jump twice 
their height.

Hang Time: Toad is a weak jumper, and he has little to work off of.  
Really, he just goes up and falls.  Worst hang time of them all.

Picking: Well, he had to be good at something.  Stout and sturdy, Toad 
can pluck things almost instantly.  Don’t expect to wait for him.  He’s 
the best in this area.

                     |    Princess Toadstool    |

Jumping Ability: Toadstool is strong for a princess who sits around and 
gets kidnapped, but it’s not good enough.  She has the third-best 
jumping ability, just beating out Toad, her subject.

Hang Time: Here’s where Toadstool shines.  If you hold the A Button 
after she jumps, you’ll float there for quite some time.  Luigi’s 
bicycle jump hardly compares.  As such, she can cover the most distance 
in one jump and has the best hang time.

Picking: She comes in fourth here.  I guess she doesn’t get much 
exercise for her upper body, but Toadstool takes an incredibly long 
amount of time to pluck a vegetable from the ground or lift a block.

Mario is well-rounded, but Luigi has got it where it counts – jumping.  
It’s the most important skill in the game, after all.  Luigi is the 
best of the bunch in my opinion.  In Doki Doki Panic, Mama became Luigi, 
and Mama got to skip Chapter 1 (in the original, the worlds were 
chapters of the storybook).  Clearly, Luigi was made to be the best.
  /                                                                 \
 /                                                                   \
||----------------------------Section 2*-----------------------------||
 \                                                                   /

===============================World 1*================================

The first leg of our strange quest takes place in this introductory 
zone.  Water is abundant and so is vegetation, reminding one of the 
jungle.  Will it be easy?  Hopefully, yes.

                          |    Level 1-1    |

Player: Mario

You start, just as the storyline would say, falling from a high-up door.  
When you land, jump right and you’ll go through the screen to the other 
side.  Odd…  As you fall, you’ll notice enemies called Shy Guys.  They 
just pace back and forth in a weak attempt to hit you (at least the 
pink ones do.  Red ones, as you’ll see later, will chase you off 
cliffs).  Yes, in Super Mario Bros. 2, notice you have hearts in the 
left corner.  Each hit you take loses you one of your hearts.  Run out 
and you’re done with.  So, fall to the bottom to find a door.  To open 
it, press up on the D-Pad.

When you reappear, to the right you’ll notice a red Shy Guy.  Go 
forward and lift the first vegetable you find and throw it at it to 
defeat it.  Or, if you’d like, lift the Shy Guys by jumping on top of 
them and pressing B.  Throw them at other enemies for a double-whammy.  
As you go, pluck all the vegetables to get two ripe ones.  At the end 
of the line of Shy Guys is a Tweeter, masked bird enemies that hop 
around, basically the same as Shy Guys.  Throw a vegetable at it if 
you’d like, as they behave almost exactly as Shy Guys do (only they 
hop).  Now go forward to find a vine.

Stand by it and press up on the D-Pad to climb it.  Get onto the ledge, 
defeat the Shy Guy by throwing it off into the distance, and then lift 
the first plant from the right.  This is a Magic Potion.  Drop it onto 
another plant and a door appears.  Enter and you’ll be in what is 
called sub-space.  While there, go right to the Mushroom.  Lift it to 
add a mark to your life meter.  Also, if you set it on a plant, you can 
pluck the plants for coins (used in bonus rounds).  Last but not least, 
jump left for the Cherries, five of which make for a Starman.

When you reappear, jump right into the Cherries and then jump to the 
blow with “POW” written on it.  This is a Power Block, called a POW 
Block.  Lift it and drop it to defeat all enemies on the screen.  By 
now at least, a Heart should appear on the screen, resembling a bug of 
some sort crawling up it.  If you take it, you can recover your lost 
life in the meter (one mark each).  Now jump right, pluck the vegetable, 
and toss it at the Shy Guy to the right.  Jump to its ledge and then to 
the next before lifting the next Shy Guy.

Jump onto the wooden bridge and throw the Shy Guy you’re holding at the 
next one walking.  Traverse the bridge, avoiding or throwing a Tweeter 
off the edge, and you’ll come to a waterfall.  Wait for logs to appear 
about to fall off of it and jump across them to reach the other side.  
Defeat the Shy Guys here if it floats your boat and go right to the 
upper ledge by the POW Block.  Pick the plant before it for a 1-Up, 
giving you an extra try for levels if you die, and then use the POW 
Block.  Now drop right through the Cherry and lift the first plant to 
find a Bomb.  Set it down and make it out of there ‘cause that will 
blow up shortly.  The second plant contains a Turtle Shell (a la Koopa 
Troopa).  Slide it forward to plow through enemies.  Now collect the 
next two Cherries.  That’s five!  A Starman appears, making you 
invincible.  With it, run forward through the enemies until you reach a 
cave door.

Enter it and lift the first two plants to freeze time.  Yes, five ripe 
vegetables will produce a Stopwatch capable of freezing enemies 
momentarily.  It’s great for passing this Ninji here.  This variety 
just jumps, but it can still be a menace.  Pass it and climb the vine. 
At the top, run right and exit the cave through the door (remember, 
press up on the D-Pad).

When you reappear, go right and lift the plant for a Magic Potion.  
Drop it on the plant to the right and enter sub-space through the door 
that appears.  The Mushroom is to the right, adding a fourth mark to 
your life meter (they do not remain for the rest of the game, only this 
level).  Also, lift the plants for coins.  Now go right and climb the 

The enemy that was on the vine was a ladybug called Hoopster (also, 
Hoopstar).  They climb up and down vines and can be stood on.  When you 
emerge, jump onto the first Ninji and let him jump to let you jump to 
the next ledge.  Repeat this to reach the next ledge and then jump your 
way up to a new vine.  Climb it and then jump to the clouds to the left.  
From the leftmost one, jump to the large cloud to the right.  Now start 
up the right vine, jumping onto the Hoopster to let it give you a ride 
up.  At the top, drop left to another vine.  Take it up and go right to 
find the mini-boss.

Mini-Boss: Birdo

Birdo is now a Mario regular, but there was quite a bit of confusion 
over her name and gender.  At first, Birdo was a transvestite male who 
liked being called “Birdetta,” though her name was confused with Osto, 
a generic ostrich enemy you’ll meet later.  Now, Birdo is a match for 
Yoshi and his partner in many recent games.  As for beating her, though, 
this is a common affair.  First, Birdo wanders around and spits an egg 
forward.  You must jump onto the egg and then pick it up (B).  
Afterward, get close and toss it at your enemy, the pink dinosaur.  
This counts as a hit, and two more will have Birdo beat.  When you win, 
she leaves behind a Crystal Ball.  Lift it and enter Hawkmouth, the 
statue head to the right who opened its mouth.  If you got coins, you 
can play the bonus slot game (see “Items & Bonuses for details on it), 
and afterward you’ll pick a character for Level 1-2.

                          |    Level 1-2    |

Player: Toadstool

Let’s give the Princess a shot.  Her special ability is her float.  To 
use it, press A after she jumps to hover in place (you can also move 
around) for a short time period.  Now jump right up these ledges to 
find a Pidgit.  Attesting to the Arabian theme of the game (actually, 
the theme of Doki Doki Panic), Pidgit is a bird who rides a flying 
carpet.  When he swoops down to hit you, jump onto him and toss him off.  
Now you control the carpet!  Go right and a brigade of Beezos swoop 
down to attack you.  These are just winged Shy Guys with pitchforks.  
Fly downward or upward to avoid them and make your way right.  When you 
reach land, the carpet will dissipate.  Lift the plant you see to find 
a Magic Potion.  Use it, enter sub-space, and get the Mushroom.  Now 
exit, please.

Stand on the first vase to the right and crouch (press down on the D-
Pad) to enter it.  At the bottom, avoid a Tweeter and lift the plant 
for a 1-Up.  Now stand on the edge of the pot, squat, and hold it there 
for a while.  When you flash, release to jump straight up into the 
Cherry.  Now center yourself on the vase and squat to enter.  See those 
masks?  You’re about to see more of them.  Lift the key you fall onto 
and jump out of there.  One of the masks follows you.  It is called a 
Phanto, and it is one of the worst enemies in the game.  It dogs you 
relentlessly whenever you have a key.  Lucky for you, we don’t have far 
to go.  When you surface, jump right over the Ninjis for the Cherry and 
go right when you land.  See the locked door?  Press up by it on the D-
Pad to enter and use that key.

Inside, lift the Shy Guy and chuck him into the Snifit to the right.  
Snifits are nasty enemies.  Although related to the Shy Guy, they have 
bullet-firing nozzles on their masks, making them quite deadly.  Now 
lift the plants to the right by the breakable wall.  A Bomb!  Drop it 
onto the wall’s base and it will blow up.  Jump through this hole and 
quickly run up the ladder to avoid the fire of a Snifit to the right.  
Here, lift the plants for Bombs and use them on the blocks to the right 
to blow through them.

When you fall, jump right onto the ledge and you’ll be greeted by two 
running Ninjis.  Lift the first and throw it into the second to defeat 
both at once.  Now go right to a ledge you can’t jump to.  Actually, 
you can.  This jump, which I showed you earlier, is the “power squat 
jump.”  Crouch until you flash and then jump for extra height.  Tada!  
You’re on the ledge.  Now take the door out of here.

Lift the plants to the right and throw them at oncoming Shy Guys.  Then 
go right to a cave door.  Take it to…

Mini-Boss: Birdo

It’s the same situation as last time.  Birdo is one resilient… thing, 
now isn’t she?  Wait for Birdo to shoot an egg and then jump onto it.  
Lift it and give it a good toss into Birdo to land a hit.  Three hits 
and Birdo’s down for the count, leaving behind the Crystal Ball.  Lift 
it to open the mouth of Hawkmouth to the right and proceed to the bonus 

                          |    Level 1-3    |

Player: Luigi

Now let’s try out the best jumper in the crowd, Luigi!  From where you 
start, power squat jump to the upper ledge and jump right through a 
total of four Cherries to land on walking Snifits.  Chuck one into the 
other to defeat them both and then lift the plants to the right before 
the bridge, one of which yielding a Magic Potion.  Use it and go left 
onto the bridge for the Mushroom.  But, do not get the Cherry!  Instead, 
get it to the right in non-sub-space to become invincible out here.  
Run right to find Trouters, fish that jump out of the water to try to 
hit you.

Just jump over them using Luigi’s famed bicycle kick and you’ll reach a 
waterfall.  Jump across them for a seventh and eighth Cherry and you’ll 
reach five plants.  Lift all of them for five ripe vegetables, giving 
you a Stopwatch.  Use it by jumping right over a gap and taking a 
Cherry above and then lifting the leftmost plant for a Magic Potion.  
Carry it to the nearest plant and drop it.  In sub-space, gather as 
many coins as you can by plucking plants.  When you emerge, go right 
past two Ninji and two Tweeters to reach a door.  Take it into a 
dungeon area.

Climb the chain to the right as you would a vine and you’ll see a Spark 
to the left.  These orbs of electricity circle platforms to try to hurt 
you.  They cannot be defeated.  Continue up the chain until you reach 
the top.  When the Shy Guy is walking right, get onto the platform and 
jump upward.  Now power squat jump to the above ledge when the Spark is 
out of the way and jump to the left platforms.  Climb them up and 
you’ll come to more Sparks.  When they are down, jump up their 
platforms (the first requires a power squat jump) to reach a door.  
Take it.

Inside is a Spark, a key, and a Phanto.  Gulp…  Get ready for a great 
escape.  Grab the key and bolt to the door.  Run right and fall down 
straight past the chains and onto the Mushroom Blocks (that’s the name 
of those funny mushroom things).  Rush left past the Shy Guy and fall 
down to a shaft that another Shy Guy is walking down.  Throw the key 
into it and throw it right again to keep Phanto off of you.  Pick it 
back up and then fall down to the chains, but stick to the right wall.  
When you land, enter the locked door.

Jump right to some ascending platforms and take them up to a tiered 
walkway.  Stay along the top, jumping over the Snifits, and you’ll 
reach a brick ledge.  Carefully cross the next few platforms when the 
Sparks are down and you’ll reach a hallway.  Avoid a final two Ninji 
and go right to find the Crystal Ball.  Lift it and go through 
Hawkmouth’s mouth… to the boss.

Boss: Mouser

Mouser is a “bomber of bad dreams that destroys of good dreams.”  And, 
even though he’s a mouse, he thinks of himself as much more, according 
to the manual.  Also, Mouser makes a small cameo in a future Mario game 
– Paper Mario for the N64.  He operates a shop called Little Mouser’s 
Shop of Dry Dry Outpost where an entire race of mice is modeled after 
him.  In any case, he’s the boss of World 1.  Go right under the Spark 
and pick the plant.  It’s a Bomb!  Chuck it right and vamoose, Luigi!  
When you and Mouser have both broken through the wall, you’ll feel an 
onslaught of bombs coming your way.  When one lands, pick it up and 
throw it back at Mouser.  If it explodes on him, he’ll be hit.  Once 
you’ve hit him, wait under his platform for a good opportunity to 
attack again (he can’t hit you when you’re there).  Three hits and 
he’ll be beaten.  The end?  Take the door out of here to play the bonus 
game.  Good job on beating World 1!

===============================World 2*================================

A world away from World 1 (pun!), World 2 is a desert complete with 
pyramids and quicksand.  But, who is the boss?  Mouser must have been 
the weakest of Wart’s gang, and things will only get harder from here.

                          |    Level 2-1    |

Player: Mario

The desert…  Go right until you see bones and an enemy pops from the 
ground to run you down.  It’s a Cobrat.  This type runs at you and also 
spits bullets occasionally.  Jump onto its head, lift it, and toss it 
into oblivion.  Now jump onto the pile of bones to the right and stay 
down.  A bullet will fly over your head.  It came from the vase to the 
right.  A Cobrat, the other type, is in it.  This breed is stationary 
and jumps out occasionally to attack.  Jump onto it, throw it away, and 
go right onto the pile of bones.  Look out for bullets from both 
directions and jump the Shy Guys to more bones.  After them is another 
Cobrat in vase.  Pluck it out and send it packing.  Then jump right 
onto the stone structure and lift the first plant for… a Magic Potion!  
Set it on the plant to the right and then claim your Mushroom in sub-
space, as well as some coins.

Returning to normal Subcon, go right and notice the sand is being 
pulled down.  This is quicksand, and you’ll die if you get pulled under.  
Jump repeatedly in it as you go right past cacti until you reach a 
pyramid.  Sitting on it is a Panser, strong plant enemies that spit 
fireballs.  This type shoots them in arcs.  Pass under it to find more 
quicksand.  Out of it comes another Cobrat for you to defeat.  Do so 
and hurry right to a pyramid.  Enter.

It’s time for Mario to get his dig on (I “dig” that!).  Press B on this 
sand to dig through it.  Continue this, going down layer by layer, 
collecting Cherries if you want.  The red Shy Guys are expertly placed 
in this scenario because they will follow you down as you dig.  So, it 
may be a good idea to spread out your digs to make them zigzag and slow 
down.  There’s also a Snifit along the way complicating matters.  After 
it fires, just dig straight down very quickly to avoid it.  Or, you 
could dig onto it to lift it up and throw it into a Shy Guy.  Any way 
you get down, you’ll reach a ladder at the end.  Take it down to a door.

Mini-Boss: Birdo

Wow!  Birdo is one resilient pink dinosaur-like thing.  Hop over some 
gaps to the right until you reach her.  Now, this is your normal jump-
lift-throw affair, but I do have some more useful advice.  Birdo is 
standing on the left side of the arena, giving you very little room to 
act.  So, jump over her and use the spacious right side of the arena 
instead.  She’ll turn around and fight a losing battle against you.  
Three hits and Birdo’s beat, leaving behind the Crystal Ball for you to 
lift.  Now hop up the platforms to the right and enter Hawkmouth.

                          |    Level 2-2    |

Player: Luigi

Jump up the ledges to the right and enter the door.  We’re back outside.  
Curses!  Jump right over a hidden Cobrat and some quicksand to reach a 
few cacti.  Jump up them and go right to a vase, Cobrat inclusive.  
Throw it out and lift the first plant for a door to appear.  Take it to 
sub-space where you’ll find a Mushroom.  Now reappear in “normal” 

Lift the other plants to throw out the next two Cobrats.  When you have 
done so, jump right to a lot of quicksand, which isn’t really all that 
fast.  Drop in to avoid a Beezo flying overhead and then jump onto the 
cactus.  From it, jump clear over the other cacti to land on the Cobrat 
in the vase.  Throw it away and stand on the jar’s rim.  Leap over the 
quicksand to the right, as it is super-fast.  When you reach the other 
side, take the door below the cliff you were on when the Cobrat fire is 

Just lift the rightmost plant for a 1-Up.  Huzzah!  Now, see the vases 
filled with Cobrats.  Get on one and make a leap of faith over the next 
few.  You should pass over an enemy called a Pokey, a walking segmented 
cactus.  They are tough to beat as they require throwing an item or 
enemy into their bottommost segment for a one-hit kill, and it’s better 
to just avoid them.  When you land, run under the pyramid’s top to 
avoid the fire of Pansers.  Run, Luigi, run!  You’ll then reach a 

You lower yourself into an underground region in need of dig.  Here’s 
the strategy.  First, dig straight down for about four spaces.  Then 
run as far away from that spot as you can and dig four more spaces.  
Continue this to keep the Shy Guys from murdering you.  Also, watch out 
for Cherries, which you should collect, and Ninjis jumping up the 
layers.  And when you reach the fork in the road at the bottom, go 
right.  In fact, stand against the right wall and dig so that you lift 
the Snifit here.  Throw it at the nearby Shy Guy and then dig down to 
the door in peace.  Open the door.

Mini-Boss: Birdo

Birdo is red now, and she can breathe fire.  Ooh, I’m quaking in my 
boots now.  Head right and lift a Mushroom Block.  Carry it right, jump 
the gap, power squat to the next ledge, and then jump left onto the 
arena.  Now launch that block into Birdo’s beak!  Really, you have two 
options for beating Birdo.  First, you can lift the eggs and throw them 
back at her like usual, or you can throw the Mushroom Block.  I find 
the latter is easier because Birdo now has rapid-fire eggs where she 
launches three at a time, and at least one of them will be a fireball.  
So, just bash her with the Mushroom Block until the Crystal Ball is 
yours.  Lift it and enter Hawkmouth to the right.

                          |    Level 2-3    |

Player: Mario

You start by climbing the ladder to the right to the surface.  First, 
go left to find two Cherries, a ripe vegetable, and a pink Shy Guy.  
Collect them all and then go right, throwing the Shy Guy at an incoming 
Beezo.  Now lift the first plant for a Magic Potion.  Drop it to the 
left where you saw the Shy Guy and enter the door to collect no coins 
but do collect the Mushroom.

Return right and lift the other four plants for ripe veggies, meaning 
that you get a Stopwatch to end this Beezo nightmare.  When they are 
frozen, go right and jump up a few to reach the door above.  It’s much 
harder when they’re moving.  Take the door and lift the first plant to 
the right for a Magic Potion.  Enter sub-space, take the Mushroom, and 
then exit sub-space.  Exit the cave, reenter it, and then reenter sub-
space.  Lift the other tufts of grass for… major coinage!  Do it again 
if you’d like.  Now, to avoid a pummeling by Beezo, lift the second 
plant to the left of the door you enter by for a ripe vegetable.  
Repeat this until you have a Stopwatch.  Now exit the cave and run 
right like a madman!

You’ll pass cacti and bones until you reach two Cherries that should 
provide you with a Starman.  With them, run right through a Pokey and 
Cobrat to reach the pyramid.  Enter if you dare…

You’ll reach two paths you can fall down.  I recommend the right, as it 
contains two Cherries.  When you reach the bottom, lift the POW Block 
and drop it to defeat the enemies.  Now fall down to reach a Tweeter 
over some dig-able sand.  You know the drill; dig down a few spaces, 
move away, dig, move away, dig, and so on.  Collecting Cherries to get 
a Starman is also quite helpful.  When you reach the door at the bottom, 
take it.  Inside is… a key and Phanto.  When the Spark is to the side, 
jump upward, grab the key, and run through the door.

Luckily, going up is a lot faster than going down.  Take the right 
route and start jumping like crazy.  Dodge the Phanto as you climb and 
use the key on the locked door to reach…

Boss: Tryclyde

Tryclyde is a three-headed snake who, according to the guide, impressed 
Wart with his power and cunning to join his gang.  Still, we haven’t 
reached Tryclyde yet.  Shall we?  Grab the Shy Guy nearby and run right 
over the sand to reach an opening.  Throw the red Shy Guy you’re 
holding against the lower pink Shy Guy to make a path for you to run 
under the Panser.  Now jump right over the cacti and then to the Cobrat.  
Pluck it from its pot and then take it down.  Avoid the Shy Guy and 
lift the plant for a POW Block.  Do not use it, though.  Take it back 
to the surface with you and drop it to the right when you see the dual 
Cobrats.  Now lift the Crystal Ball that was between them and go right 
to Hawkmouth.  Take it to the real boss fight (even though the boss 
music was already playing).

This “outsider” that is now a helper of Wart has a spelling error in 
the credits, calling it “Triclyde.”  Either way you spell it, this guy 
makes Mouser look like a mouse.  But do not fear.  There is an easy way 
to beat this creature.  First, go right to see the mighty Tryclyde, 
whose heads launch fireballs at you.  Jump to avoid them and a Tweeter 
falls down to the ground.  Drop there and lift the Tweeter, jumping 
back up the ledges until you can toss the Tweeter clear over the 
menacing beast.  It will bounce off the wall, hit Tryclyde, bounce back 
up, fall down, bounce up, and fall again to land three quick hits on 
the snake.  And that’s just enough to deliver Tryclyde to an 
everlasting sleep.  Or is it?  Enter the door with victory intact.

===============================World 3*================================

We are getting ever closer to the wicked Wart, having already defeated 
two of his minions.  Our trek through the desert has taken us to the 
mountains, and we are so close to the clouds you could almost touch 
them.  We are closing in on Wart’s fortress.  What defense lies here?

                          |    Level 3-1    |

Player: Toadstool

I know we haven’t used Toad yet, but Toadstool is the best choice for 
this level.  Walk right and jump across the gap to enter the door.  
Jump up these clouds, first.  Simply avoid the Shy Guys and you’ll 
reach a Pidgit at the top.  Jump onto its carpet when it swoops down 
and displace it.  Now fly upward past the Beezos and you’ll reach a 
vine.  Take it to the sky.

Here’s an awesome shortcut that only Toadstool can use.  Go left of the 
vine to find a large gap.  Stand back and then run forward into a jump.  
Float over it and you’ll land by a door.  Use it to be all the way to 
the mini-boss.  Take a Bomb and drop it onto the wall to the left to 
blow it up.  Now leave the other Bomb and jump onto the stack of 
breakable blocks to the left.  Power squat jump from them and pull left 
a bit to reach the roof.  Walk left over it and fall down to Birdo, 
that pesky monster.  Skip straight ahead to the mini-boss below.  For 
those of you who don’t want to use my awesome shortcut, I’ll guide you 
through the level normally.

Go right of the vine and lift a Mushroom Block to throw at the Pnaser 
to the right.  Now pluck the weeds to the right to find a Magic Potion.  
Drop it here and take the Mushroom from sub-space.  We’ll resume when 
you return from sub-space.

Go right of that ledge and pass over some cloud ledges to reach a 
Mushroom Block.  Throw it into the Panser to the right and then 
continue right to reach a hallway.  Lift the pink Shy Guy and throw it 
into the moving Panser to the right (the pink Panser).  Now take the 
ladder down and pull up the first tuft of grass for a Magic Potion.  
Throw it to open a door and then collect the coins from the sub-space.  
When you reappear, pull the plants up for ripe vegetables until you get 
a Stopwatch.  As time is frozen, take the ladder up, pass by the Panser 
and Shy Guy, both pink, and take the door to the mini-boss.  Just go 
right to find her.

Mini-Boss: Birdo

Either way you get here, shortcut or not, you’ll square off with Birdo.  
This is the red sort that shoots flames, you see.  Jump onto the eggs 
if it spits them and then grab it, retreating to the right edge of the 
platform to the left.  Stay there until the coast is clear and then 
toss the egg into Birdo to land a hit.  Two more will defeat it.  Use 
the Crystal Ball and go through Hawkmouth.

                          |    Level 3-2    |

Player: Toad

Yeah, let’s give this little guy a chance to shine!  When you start, an 
Ostro comes riding at you.  These ostriches are usually ridden by Shy 
Guys.  Toad has weak jumping skills but awesome lifting skills.  Lift 
the Shy Guy lightning quick and throw it into the Ostro to defeat it.  
Now go right, jumping across the pillars and avoiding Beezos, and grab 
an unripe vegetable from the pile.  Take it with you to find a 
stationary Panser to the right, the kind that shoots flame straight up.  
Defeat it with your vegetable and go right past two Ostros and a Snifit 
to reach a ledge (actually, lift the first Snifit you see to throw at 
the second Snifit below the ledge).  Lift the first plant for a Magic 
Potion and drop it here.  Take the Mushroom and the other three plants 
for coins.

When you return from sub-space, go left and pick up a Bomb.  Drop it 
onto the breakable blocks and then fall through when they blow up.  Now 
go left to a ladder, which I suggest taking down to a cavernous area of 
several routes.

Jump left over the gap and climb the ladder.  Grab the leftmost Bomb 
plant, drop right over the edge and onto the lower level, and toss it 
left into the rock wall to blow a path in it.  Now climb the ladder 
again, take the rightmost plant, and drop down to the lower route.  
Sprint left and throw the Bomb against the wall again.  Now use the two 
remaining Bombs on the lower route to blow up paths through the two 
remaining walls.  Before continuing, climb the ladder to a POW Block.  
Grab it and use it to defeat three Tweeters to the left.  Now climb the 
ladder down, go left, power squat jump to the ladder, and climb it out 
of here.

Just go left to another ladder and take it down.  Here, jump across the 
platforms and Shy Guy to reach a ladder.  Take it up to emerge on the 
surface.  Now go left and take the ladder down.  Man, this is getting 

Drop to the upper route with all the Bomb plants and lift one.  Stand 
right next to the edge and wait for the Bomb to flash for two seconds 
before dropping it.  It should blow up the two middle blocks in the 
stack, letting you pass through (if you waste all your Bombs, just exit 
and reenter this screen).  When you pass through, you’ll reach a ladder, 
but don’t take it just yet.  Instead, go left to find four Porcupos, 
porcupine enemies that cannot be jumped on.  Pick up the leftmost plant, 
a Bomb, and use it to blow up the right blocks that cover the right two 

Now lift the rightmost plant for a Magic Potion.  Use it and enter sub-
space.  If you blew up the blocks correctly in Subcon, the Mushroom 
should be accessible in sub-space.  Take the coins from the plants, 
return to the normal world, and go right to a ladder.  Take it up to 
the surface.  Go left to a door and open it to reach the mini-boss.

Mini-Boss: Birdo

Who else?  And, since we’re this far into the game, Birdo is red (go 
left to find the arena).  Here, I suggest standing against the right 
wall and waiting for Birdo to fire.  If it is an egg, jump onto it and 
grab it, then retreat to the upper ledge until the barrage stops.  If 
it is fire, just jump it and wait for the next egg.  When the barrage 
does stop, drop down, hit Birdo, and then go back to the right wall.  
Repeat this until victory is yours and so is the Crystal Ball.  Lift it 
and then go left to some Mushroom Blocks.  Lift one to fall through, 
throw it away, and go right to Hawkmouth.

                          |    Level 3-3    |

Player: Luigi

Go right to some tiers.  Hop up them and take the door to the outside 
world.  Air!  Calm now, go right and stop at the POW Block.  Overhead, 
a large bird called an Albatross flies overhead to drop a Bob-omb on 
you.  Two new enemies in one sitting…  Albatrosses are just large birds 
that fly out of reach and drop enemies for the most part.  Bob-ombs are 
walking explosives that will chase you until they’re fed up, blowing 
their tops and their bodies.  Now go right and pick the rightmost plant 
for a Magic Potion.  Go left to the POW Block and drop it there.  Enter 
sub-space, take the Mushroom, collect the coins, and reappear in normal 
Subcon for another aerial attack.

Lift the POW Block and take it right to drop when you see an Ostro and 
a Bob-omb.  When they are all defeated, go right to a door.  Take it 
inside a dungeon, just like in Level 1-3.

Pluck the first plant to the left for a Turtle Shell.  Slide it forward 
to plow through those Ninjis.  Now pick the second plant to the left of 
you for a Magic Potion.  Carry it right until you see the locked door 
and then drop the potion by it.  Tada!  In sub-space, climb the ladder 
and take the Mushroom.  When you reappear, go right to the ladder and 
climb it to a Ninji pair.  Throw the first into the second to defeat 
both in one shot.  Now bound right across the Spark-ridden platforms to 
reach a door.  Enter and jump up the ledges here, avoiding the Shy Guys 
that come from the pots, and you’ll reach a door.  Take it to a key.  
Grab it and run!

Out the door, run left through one side of the screen to appear through 
the other (you can throw the key to shoo away the Phanto) until you 
reach the door.  Take it and throw the key left as you go to reach the 
locked door.  Use the key and hurry in.

Jump onto the first cross-shaped platform and jump right of it to the 
blue blocks.  Duck in the right corner until the Spark passes and then 
power squat jump to the left onto the floor there.  Now, wait for the 
Spark to start traveling up to go under this + platform and then jump 
from the blue platform to the ladder against the left wall.  Jump from 
it to the other + platforms to reach another ladder to the right.  
Climb it, jump onto the square-shaped platform to the left, and then 
jump to the door.  Take it, of course.

Start jumping up the ledges, grabbing the first Tweeter to throw at the 
second, and you’ll reach a chain.  Start up it, avoiding the fire of 
Pansers to the right, until you reach the top.  From here, drop right 
to the next chain, climb up, drop to the next, and so on until you 
start up the rightmost chain.  Jump from it to floor that a Snifit is 
guarding.  Defeat it if you so desire and take the door.

This is a complex dungeon…  Jump left onto the blue block, wait for the 
Spark to start going down, and then crouch.  When the upper Spark is 
going left, power squat jump up onto its platform.  Collect the two 
Cherries and then jump right onto the platform here for a third Cherry.  
Now jump left into the alcove for two more Cherries.  That’s five!  
Take the Starman that appears and you can beat up the Sparks!  Or, you 
can pluck the plant by the fourth and fifth Cherries and drop the POW 
Block to defeat them!  I suggest you save the POW Block for when you 
reach the platform with two Sparks on it as you ascend up them.  When 
you reach a ladder, climb it to a door.

Boss: Mouser

Pluck the plant to the right for a Turtle Shell.  Kick it right to 
slide through five Ninjis and then head across the bridge to reach the 
Crystal Ball.  Use it and pass through Hawkmouth’s clamped beaks to 
reach the boss.

Mouser, the “bomber of bad dreams that destroys good dreams,” that 
proud mouse who thinks he’s more than just a rodent, is back!  The only 
real difference between this fight and the first is that a Spark is now 
circling around the wall, slightly complicating matters.  First, run 
under the platform Mouser is on and wait for him to throw a Bomb (one) 
onto the upper ledge to the left.  When he does, jump left, grab it, 
and then toss it into the middle of his platform.  If the explosion 
hits Mouser, he takes one hit.  Now, aside form green highlights that 
were pink, Mouser has changed in one other way: he takes five hits now.  
Do so and a door appears, marking your victory be creating a path to 
World 4.  Now, I’ll reveal that we won’t fight Mouser again.  But, in 
the original Doki Doki Panic, you fought Mouser three times.  To make 
the game less repetitive, they changed the boss of World 5 from Mouser 
to another enemy, but who?  More importantly, who is the master of 
World 4?

===============================World 4*================================

Drat!  I hate this world, and you should, too.  It’s an icy world where 
your traction is decreased (so is the enemy’s).  Not too fun at all.  
Let’s go!

                          |    Level 4-1    |

Player: Toad

Go forward an enemy called a Flurry, little white blobs with terrible 
traction, will try to run into you.  Jump it and then jump right over a 
gap (you’re over water, meaning Trouters will jump occasionally.  Keep 
that in mind).  Wait on the upper platform for a Flurry to charge over 
the edge of the platform to the right and then jump onto it.  Jump to 
avoid more Flurries and go right until you see two tiers of ice path 
with a plant on the lower one.  Let the Flurries kill themselves, drop 
to the lower level, and then create a door with the Magic Potion from 
the plant.  Take the Mushroom and collect the coins from the plants 
until you reappear in Subcon.

Go right past a Trouter and a Flurry to reach more running across ice 
and Flurry-jumping action until you reach land.  Pluck some vegetables, 
one of which is a Magic Potion.  Drop the Magic Potion and enter sub-
space to take another Mushroom for your own, plus a few coins to boot.  
Now, in Subcon, drop to the lower level the rightmost plant is on and 
pick it to find a… rocket?  Toad rides it up into the sky where you 
must fight the mini-boss shortly.  That was a short level, as the mini-
boss music is already playing.

Go right past some stone floor to reach the ice.  As you go, a new 
enemy approaches you.  It’s an Autobomb, large rolling cannons that 
shoot fireballs at you.  If you jump onto it, grab the Shy Guy riding 
it, and throw it at the Autobomb, you can defeat them both.  Now 
continue right, jumping from the stalagmites over the Flurries and 
Autobombs.  Make sure to grab one Flurry at the end so that you can 
always throw one at an oncoming Autobomb.  At the end, take the stairs 
up and drop down to an icy veneer over what appears to be sand.  Lift 
the Flurry and cast it into the Autobomb charging you.  Continue up the 
stairs to reach a Crystal Ball, and then use Hawkmouth.

                          |    Level 4-2    |

Player: Toad

Go forward and climb the frozen vine up to a main screen of the level.  
As you go right, an onslaught of gray Beezos.  This type of Beezo flies 
straight forward from the right edge of the screen.  And they hurt.  
Walk forward slowly so that you can make your short hops over the 
Beezos as they come and have a little time to react.  When you first 
reach the two Flurries, let all the Beezos pass by and then throw the 
Flurries into each other.  Now continue forward, ducking or jumping 
when appropriate, until you reach a door on clouds.  You see, Toad was 
the best choice because of his low jump, whereas Mario, Luigi, and 
Toadstool’s jumps were so high that they were more liable to get hit.  
Now take the door.

You appear above a whale.  Go left onto a small whale and lift the 
leftmost plant for a Magic Potion.  Drop it there and take the Mushroom 
from the whale’s tail.  Now return to the Subcon and jump right onto 
the first whale.

Note: If you die after collecting coins twice, you can repeat the cycle 
of Magic Potions and coins over and over for more coins until you want 
to finish the level with your life intact.  Continue until you’re 
satisfied with your coin count and your life count.  This is a good way 
to get gambling money for the slots.

When the water spout is not up, pass right on its back and jump to the 
tail of the whale.  Jump to the next whale, stand over it spout’s hole, 
and then ride it up to a Cherry.  Jump right to the icy platform and 
jump right through the Cherry to another whale.  Now jump from it to 
dry land to the right and make your way to the second ledge.  Lift the 
rightmost plant for a Magic Potion.  It can be used in the same manner 
as the first by dropping it on the leftmost whale for a loop of coins 
(see the note above).  Now go right onto the whale’s back.  Use the 
water to reach a Cherry and then repeat on the next whale (only on the 
next, you’ll want to throw the Snifit into the deep).  Now you should 
get a Starman.  Run right through whale’s water and Shy Guys until you 
reach a dead-end.  Use the water spout to reach the block above and go 
right along it (there’s one Flurry to look out for) until you reach a 
lone plant.  Pluck it to be rocketed up to a new screen.  We just 
“skyrocketed” in elevation.  Ha, weak pun.

Go right and drop into the alcove for a Cherry.  Now throw the Shy Guy 
off the Autobomb, but do not destroy the Autobomb.  First go right and 
pluck the plant for a Magic Potion.  Carry it onto the Autobomb and 
ride across the spikes for four more Cherries (Starman!) and the exit.  
Or, if you found the Autobomb too difficult to mount, you could always 
ride the Shy Guy across the spikes.  At the end, avoid the Porcupos and 
drop the Magic Potion onto land.  Take the Mushroom there and, when you 
reappear in normal world, go right and take the door to the mini-boss.

Mini-Boss: Birdo

Who’d you expect?  Power squat jump onto the ledge to the right and 
then jump right onto the edge of an icy platform.  It’s red Birdo, and 
she’s angry.  Stand there and wait for her to launch an egg.  When she 
does, jump and grab it swiftly (you’re Toad, remember?), and then jump 
over any more eggs or fireballs she fires.  When she pauses, throw the 
egg at her.  Now fall back to the edge of the ice (the left edge, that 
is).  When you’ve struck her three times with her own eggs, take the 
Crystal Ball and go right between Hawkmouth’s sturdy beaks.

                          |    Level 4-3    |

Player: Toadstool

Go right, climb the ladder, and take the door to the outside world.  
Look!  It’s our old chum, the pink version of Birdo!  How you doing, 
Birdo?  In any case, jump onto the ledge above her and take the plant 
for a Magic Potion.  Head left all the way, use it on one of the lower 
stalagmites, and then power squat jump to the Mushroom in sub-space.  
Now return to Birdo.

Take the cave door you came through and then go back through it to the 
outside.  Take the Magic Potion and hold it.  Jump over her and stand 
to the right.  When she fires an egg at you, stand on it and ride it 
right over the water to a stone platform.  When you land, use the Magic 
Potion, and then pick the plants for major coinage.  Now get on the top 
tier of the stone formation and jump right onto a bridge.

Take this route if you want a shortcut.  The upshot of this is a quick 
path to the boss of World 4.  Unfortunately, you’ll face him with only 
three marks.  So, take it at your own risk.  Run forward to a door, but 
do not take it.  Instead, make a running jump to the right and float 
over the water (this can only be done as Toadstool) to another bridge.  
Ignore the first door and enter the second (watch out for a Beezo).  
Now that’s a shortcut!

Or, if you want to play through the level normally, take the first door 
you come to.  This is just a long, vertical tower filled with ice 
platforms and Flurries.  All you must do is jump up them, hover in 
place to let Flurries run right under you, and then continue jumping 
upward until you reach a door.  Take it to be outside.  Go right, lift 
the plant for a Magic Potion, and then go left to two clouds.  Jump 
across them (power squat jumping to the second) to get on top of the 
castle.  Jump across its top until you reach the rightmost piece of 
roof.  Set the potion there.  Take the door into sub-space, claim your 
Mushroom, and return to regular Subcon.  Drop left and take the here to 
return to the fortress of World 4.

Jump onto the first red Shy Guy you see.  He will across the spikes for 
you.  Ride him down all the way to a door, which you should take.  
Inside, defeat the Flurries by slamming one into the other.  Then take 
the key and run!

Go right and run down these tiers as quickly as possible.  Phanto will 
be chasing you, and a few Flurries will make life difficult for you.  
Throw the key into the Flurries to 1) defeat the Flurries, and 2) keep 
Phanto off your back for a while.  When you reach the descending 
platforms, just run across them to the locked door, holding the key the 
entire time.  At the end, use the key on the locked door.  You’re 
outside.  Go right, avoid the Beezo, and take the door.

Boss: Fryguy

Go right and lift the Crystal Ball to open Hawkmouth’s beaks.  Welcome 
to Fryguy’s chamber, the fiery boss of this icy world.  Fryguy is a 
living flame who was, according to the manual, given life to by Wart.  
So, is this Wart’s son?  Either way, prepare for an easy fight.  First, 
grab a Mushroom Block.  You’ll fall down to the floor, and so you 
should quickly jump back up the top platform.  Stand on the left side, 
jump, and hover there.  Face left.  When Fry Guy swoops in to the left 
beneath you, drop the Mushroom Block onto him.  This way, you’ll avoid 
his lame fire-dropping attack and hurt him all at once.  After three 
hits, Fryguy seems defeated, but he divides into four smaller versions 
of himself.  They will chase you, making it easy to lure them into one 
of the depressions on the ground (that is, lure them onto the floor and 
between the left wall and the three Mushroom Blocks there).  Grab a 
Mushroom Block, hover over them, and drop it onto them to defeat them 
all in one fell swoop, err, drop.  If you don’t hit all of them, just 
grab another Mushroom Block to throw at it.  Afterward, take the door 
out of World 4.  What does fate have in store for us in the next new 

===============================World 5*================================

This seems to be a nighttime version of World 1 as far as theme is 
concerned, but maybe a bit more tropical.  It’s much more difficult, of 
course, as we are nearing Wart’s fortress.  Who was it that asked us to 
save them, and why?  We can find out only if we play through this, the 
fifth world.

                          |    Level 5-1    |

Player: Luigi

Go right to find an Ostro with Shy Guy on top.  Lift the Shy Guy, 
leaving the Ostro to fend for itself, and walk right to find a Panser.  
Throw the Shy Guy into the killer plant to beat them both.  Now go 
right, fall to the lower ledge, and jump left across the ledges to a 
door.  Take it, Mr. Green.

Go right and do not pull on the first grass tuft; it is a Bob-omb 
waiting to blow up.  But, do pull the second for a Magic Potion.  Keep 
it for now; don’t use it yet.  Jump right over the gap and up the 
ledges to reach an underwater waterfall with logs rolling off it.  Jump 
across them, avoiding the Trouter between the third and fourth log, and 
stop when you reach land.  Jump across the next gap by hopping across 
Trouters.  Jump over the next gap with Luigi’s awesome jumps and then 
jump across the Trouters again to reach a platform with two weeds on it 
just hanging in the air there.  Use the potion there and enter sub-
space.  First, collect the coins by pulling out the plants.  Then jump 
left for the Mushroom.  When you reappear in Subcon, lift the plants 
for a 1-Up and another Magic Potion.

Use Trouters and rolling logs ahead to get onto the final log.  Jump 
from it to the roof to the right and then fall into the second hole 
there.  Drop the Magic Potion, enter sub-space, and claim the Mushroom 
as your own.  Then, in Subcon, pull the Mushroom Block you’re on from 
under you to fall to the floor below.  Lift the first plant for yet 
another Magic Potion!  Use it, collect the coins from sub-space, and 
use the door to the right when you find yourself in Subcon once more.

Mini-Boss: Birdo

Though this is supposed to be green Birdo, it looks more like gray to 
me.  Either way, this type of Birdo spits only flames at a rapid pace.  
Run under the platform it’s on and jump for the Mushroom Block.  Take 
it and let Birdo fall to the ground below.  Stay on the little elevated 
tier of land the Mushroom Block was on for safety.  When you’re ready, 
throw the Mushroom Block onto Birdo.  She is stunned!  Jump forward and 
land on the bewildered beast’s head.  When it stops, drop down from the 
head and retrieve the Mushroom Block, jumping into the air afterward to 
avoid her flames.  Now stand in the left corner, jumping the flames 
easily, until you have a chance to toss the block into her.  Hit!  Now 
you must retrieve it once more using the head-fall technique.  One more 
blow and you’ve won the toughest Birdo fight yet.  Take the Crystal 
Ball and go right to Hawkmouth.  Mission complete.

                          |    Level 5-2    |

Player: Toad

Climb the ladder and take the door out of this cave.  Go right to find 
three Hoopsters climbing up and down the trunks of these trees, as well 
as an oncoming Ostro.  Repeat this to the right and then power squat 
jump up to a ledge with a vase on it.  Crouch on it to take it down and 
then fall down to the bottom of it.  Pick the Bomb from the tuft and 
drop it on the ground to create a path downward.  Here, lift the plants 
for a ripe vegetable and a Magic Potion.  Avoid the Shy Guy and 
Porcupos here as you make your way out to drop the Magic Potion right 
outside.  Take coins from the plants and then fall to the Mushroom.  
Now return to Subcon.

Go right, jumping the Porcupos below to land on an Ostro.  Fling the 
Shy Guy rider off and go right.  Ahead are two trees with one Hoopster 
to each.  Do not pick the plant at the foot of the second tree, though; 
it is a Bob-omb ready to blow.  Instead, ride the second Hoopster up 
and jump right onto the ledge there.  Now jump across the next few 
Hoopsters, but stop when you see a Panser.  Let the Hoopster before it 
rise all the way before you jump over the Panser and land on the pillar 
right of it.  From there, jump onto the ledge to the right and pick the 
third plant on the little platform here for a POW Block.  Use it on a 
Porcupo and an Ostro to the right before you climb a vine to the very 
right into the sky.

Beezos occasionally attack you here, but you’ll be so slow that they 
won’t hit you.  Go up the first vine you start on until a second vine 
becomes available, which is the one you should take.  The only real 
danger on it are Snifit bullets, but you can dodge them if you wait for 
them to pass.  At the top, drop to the right vine and then onto the 
cloud.  Go right to the door.

Prepare for a fall.  The diagram below should show you what this screen 
is like and how to move.  Note that this is a rough estimate (it’s hard 
to count blocks when you’re falling), but it should be accurate.

                       |      PICTURE KEY      |
                       |W = Wall               |
                       |- = Bridge             |
                       |D = Door               |
                       |P = POW Block          |
                       |T = Trouter            |
                       |Falls = Waterfall      |
                       |^ = Spike              |

                           WW             WW
                           WW             WW
                           WW             WW
                           WW             WW
                           WD             WW
                           WW             WW
                           WW             WW
                           WW             WW
                           WW             WW
                           WW             WW
                           WW             WW
                           WW             WW
                           WW^           ^WW
                           WWW           WWW
                           WWW           WWW
                           WWW           WWW
                           WWW           WWW
                           WWW           WWW
                           WWW           WWW
                           WWW           WWW
                           WWW^         ^WWW
                           WWWW         WWWW
                           WWWW^       ^WWWW
                           WWWWW       WWWWW
                           WWWWW       WWWWW
                           WWWWW       WWWWW
                           WWWWW   ^   WWWWW
                           WWWWW   W   WWWWW
                           WWWWW   W^  WWWWW
                           WWWWW^  WW  WWWWW
                           WWWWWW  WW ^WWWWW
                           WWWWWW   W  WWWWW
                           WWWWWW   W  WWWWW
                           WWWWWW   W  WWWWW
                           WWWWWW      WWWWW
                           WWWWWW      WWWWW
                           WWWWWW      WWWWW
                           WWWWWW      WWWWW
                           WWWWWW^     WWWWW
                           WWWWWWW^    WWWWW
                           WWWWWWWW^   WWWWW
                           WWWWWWWW    WWWWW
                           WWWWWWWW    WWWWW
                           WWWWWWWW    WWWWW
                           WWWWWW      WWWWW
                           WWWWWW      WWWWW
                           WWWWW       WWWWW
                           WWWWW       WWWWW
                           WWWWW       WWWWW
                           WWWWW       WWWWW
                           WWWWW       WWWWW
                           WWWWW       WWWWW
                           WWWWW      ^WWWWW
                           WWWWW      WWWWWW
                           WWWWW      WWWWWW
                           WWWWW      WWWWWW
                           WWWWW     ^WWWWWW
                           WWWWW     WWWWWWW
                           WWWWW     WWWWWWW
                           WWWWW     WWWWWWW
                           WWWW        WWWWW
                           WWWW        WWWWW
                           WWW          WWWW
                           WWW          WWWW
                           WW            WWW
                           WW            WWW
                           WW             WW
                           WW             WW
                           WW             WW
                           WW             WW
                           WW             WW
                           WW            ^WW
                           WW            WWW
                           WW            WWW
                           WW           WWWW
                           WW           WWWW
                           WW           DWWW
                           WWWWW-  - - WWWWW
                           WWWWW  T T  WWWWW
                           WWWWW Falls WWWWW
                           WWWWW       WWWWW
                           WWWWW       WWWWW

Fall, avoiding the spikes, and land toward the right so that you’re 
above the door to exit by.  When you do, you’ll reach…

Mini-Boss: Birdo

Thankfully, it’s not that gray/green nightmare from before.  This time, 
we’re fighting a red Birdo.  First, you fight over a bridge, meaning a 
Trouter is below.  When the Trouter jumps upward, grab it and toss it 
into Birdo.  This gets it out of the way and it lands a hit.  Then 
stand just right of the hole in the bridge and jump onto the eggs Birdo 
spits when they come.  If it’s a fireball, just jump over it.  Wait for 
Birdo to let up in her fire and pelt her with it.  One more such shot 
will have her beat.  When you win, go right into Hawkmouth’s gaping 

                          |    Level 5-3    |

Player: Mario

Note: If you want to reach the warp point, use Luigi.  Otherwise, use 
Mario.  See “World Warps” for more information on this.

Go right and take the ladder up to the surface.  Lift the first plant 
to the right for a Magic Potion.  Now jump right through a rain of Bob-
ombs from Albatrosses and then drop the Magic Potion at the end when 
you see all the planted veggies.  In sub-space, collect coins and the 
Mushroom.  Then take all the plants but leave the left one for last.  
It is another Magic Potion, which can be used there for more coins.  
Now return to Subcon.

Run right past more Bob-ombs until you reach a block wall.  If you lead 
enough of them to it and throw them into it, they’ll blow it up for you.  
Now, inside, throw the Bomb plant here against the wall to the right to 
blow it up.  There is now a path to the ladder, but we want to make one 
small detour first.  Use a power squat jump to get on top of the ledge 
above and lift the middle grass tuft for a Magic Potion.  Drop into the 
first compartment you used a Bob-omb to open and use the potion there 
to reach the second Mushroom.  When you reappear, go right and take the 
ladder down.

Go left and avoid the Bob-ombs to reach… a Panser.  Throw one of the 
bombs at it and then go left to a door, which you should take into the 

You come out to a Spark that looks like it’s on amphetamines; it’s 
moving faster than any you’ve ever seen before.  Go right and lift the 
Mushroom Block when it’s safe and fall down and continue grabbing 
Mushroom Blocks and working your way down until you hit bottom.  From 
here, run left and get onto the stack.  Jump up to the wooden platform 
here and hop up them past Spark and Bob-omb to the top.  Stand on the 
Mushroom Blocks to the right and power squat jump upward to a wooden 
platform.  Since this section wraps around, let the pink Panser come 
out you and then go right through the opening to appear on the other 
side of the screen to avoid its fire when it gets close.  Continue up 
this path until you reach a door.  Take it.

Mini-Boss: Birdo

Go right to some plants and pluck them for four ripe vegetables, which 
should be enough to get a Stopwatch.  Run right, grab a Snifit, defeat 
it, and then wait for the effect to wear off.  Now let the Pidgit fly 
toward you and jump onto it.  Throw off the Pidgit and fly right onto a 
red platform.  Avoid some Beezos coming at you and then jump across the 
cloud platforms.  As you go, lift Shy Guys to throw at the next Shy 
Guys and you’ll reach red Birdo.  Easy!  Stand to the left of it and 
jump over fireballs, gather eggs, wait for her to stop, and throw them 
at her.  Do it three times over and you’ll win, getting the Crystal 
Ball.  Lift it to make it disappear.  Now go right to Hawkmouth.

Boss: Clawgrip

Clawgrip, called “Clawglip” in the credits of the game, is a crab 
skilled at throwing rocks.  Jump right until you see the beast.  Stand 
by it, ducking as you do so, and you’ll observe its crazy mannerisms.  
It throws a boulder (or attempts to), but it bounces to the left 
against a wall.  That’s when to jump to the boulder and hoist it up 
above your head.  Jump right now onto the steps before the monster and 
wait for it to be grabbing a boulder to jump and hurl the boulder 
against its tough shell.  Five of these hits will defeat Clawgrip.  I 
guess he was just “crabby.”  Ha!  Well, at least you didn’t have to 
fight a Mouser again, the original fifth boss in Doki Doki Panic.

===============================World 6*================================

We’re back in the desert, and it’s tougher than ever.  This is the last 
world before Wart’s fortress, and stragglers will be terminated.  Strap 
on your game face, my friend, ‘cause this is going to hurt.

                          |    Level 6-1    |

Player: Toadstool

Jump right and float over a Cobrat to a pile of bones.  Hover right 
onto another Cobrat that pops out of the ground and then to one in the 
vase.  Throw it out and take the vase down.  At the bottom, pluck the 
plant for a Magic Potion.  Don’t use it here, though.  Jump out and 
hover right onto the bones.  Use the Magic Potion there and take the 
Mushroom that falls into the sub-space before it is absorbed by the 

When you reappear, a Pokey will be coming at you.  Jump and hover over 
it to some cacti, non-moving, and continue hovering right over all this 
super-mega-quicksand until you head up a small ledge after two potted 
Cobrats.  After them are two more Pokeys to float over.  Then throw 
down the Magic Potion by the structure to the right, claim the Mushroom, 
and pull up the plants for coins.  When out of sub-space, enter the 
structure by the door.

Go right and lift the Mushroom Block over the vase.  Take it down and 
fall to the bottom.  Dig your way down to find a 1-Up among the plants.  
Now exit that jar and enter the fifth jar from the right.  Inside, dig 
down past an inactive Phanto to reach a key.  Dig it up, grab it, and 
jump your way out of there.  When you emerge, jump right over the jars 
and Mushroom Block, throwing the key before you land.  Keep throwing it 
until you reach the locked door.  Take it to the mini-boss.

Mini-Boss: Birdo

Go right, lift a Mushroom Block, and jump up the steps until you can 
see it – green Birdo.  Unlike the first one, this actually does appear 
green.  Luckily, though, you can defeat it with ease.  First, jump 
right and hover over Birdo.  When you’re to the left of her, drop the 
Mushroom Block square onto her head.  Ouch!  Then land on the head, 
avoiding the fire the entire time.  Power squat jump left, fall down to 
the Mushroom Blocks when the fire is clear, and grab it.  Repeat the 
process until Birdo, green as she is, is beaten.  Take the Crystal Ball 
to open Hawkmouth’s beak to the right.

                          |    Level 6-2    |

Player: Toadstool

This is an EASY level.  At the very beginning, an Albatross is flying 
below you.  Drop onto its back and fly right.  For the rest of the 
level, just power squat jump and hover over enemies and obstacles, 
always returning to the Albatross’s back to continue flying right over 
otherwise impassable gaps.  At the end, take the door to the mini-boss.

Mini-Boss: Birdo

An easy mini-boss for an easy level.  Even though Birdo is green, the 
odds are stacked in our favor.  Immediately upon entry, run forward and 
drop into the pit.  Here, Birdo’s flames will just barely pass over you, 
letting you stand there in safety (because Birdo is on a platform).  
When she lets up, jump onto the Mushroom Block on the ground and lift 
it.  Now, when Birdo is close, stand back and throw the Mushroom Block 
into her.  She will be stunned for a second.  Jump back and grab the 
Mushroom Block.  Hit her again and then jump up the platforms until you 
are on the one right over the arena.  When Birdo steps under you, drop 
the other Mushroom Block on the platform onto her, landing the third 
and final hit.  Lift the Crystal Ball and jump right to Hawkmouth, now 

                          |    Level 6-3    |

Player: Toad

Jump upward and take the ladder out of here.  Now, I highly, highly 
recommend you take the shortcut here.  It cuts out the great, great 
majority of the level, and this level is awful.  So, here’s how to use 
the shortcut (this will be the main guide).  Go left and get into the 
quicksand.  Hold left on the D-Pad and keep sinking until you can pass 
under the wall here.  Now press A repeatedly to stay alive and continue 
under the wall to reach a door.  Take it, jump across the clouds, and 
then enter the pyramid to the right.  Now skip down ahead to the mini-
boss paragraph below.

If you choose not to use the shortcut, here’s a brief description of 
getting through this lousy place.  Basically, go right repeatedly past 
hordes of monsters until you reach a cave.  Enter it and use Bob-ombs 
to blow up a series of walls to lead to an exit to the cave.  After 
that, ascend a huge vertical series of vines filled with Hoopsters 
until you reach the clouds.  Then go right to a pyramid, which you 
should enter for the mini-boss.  That’s the highly condensed version.

Mini-Boss: Birdo

Jump right and pick up the Mushroom Block.  Crouch and power squat jump 
to the upper path here.  Quickly give that red Birdo a piece of your 
mind – a block in the face.  Now stand left on the edge of the hole 
(the left edge) and catch two eggs to throw them back at Birdo.  Presto!  
Use the Crystal Ball and pass through Hawkmouth to the right.

Boss: Tryclyde

Get ready to fight!  Go right, jump onto the ledge, and then drop onto 
the Mushroom Blocks.  Rush right onto the rightmost block and stand 
there (Tryclyde’s fire cannot hit you there).  Grab the block and duck.  
When the fire is passing, power squat jump and launch the Mushroom 
Block straight into the beast.  Then get the second Mushroom Block and 
get to the right edge.  Power squat jump to hit Tryclyde again.  Then 
use the third Mushroom Block in the same way to land the final hit on 
the beast.  That’s the last time we fight it…  Now use the door to pass 
into World 7.

===============================World 7*================================

We are outside the sky fortress of Wart, the evil conqueror of Subcon.  
Though only two levels long, it features some of the toughest levels in 
the game.  After all, these are the last two levels.  Here’s where it 
counts.  Let’s let the Mario Brothers finish up, shall we?

                          |    Level 7-1    |

Player: Luigi

Again, this is a long level.  So, we’re going to use a shortcut!  
Hooray, I know.  But, you must be Luigi.  Climb the ladder you start in.  
If you mess up at the next pat, just take the ladder down and go up 
again to restart it.  Climb the ladder all the way up and jump right 
onto the pillar here.  Crouch immediately to build up power and then 
power squat jump to the Albatross above.  This may take a few tries, 
though, but it is very rewarding when done.  Now ride the Albatross 
left, jumping over pillars, until you see a ladder.  Jump between the 
pillars and lift the plant to uncover a… rocket.  Blast upward to a 
later point in the level.

Run right and grab the Tweeter to throw it into the gray Snifit.  
Continue going until you reach another gray Snifit.  Grab it and drop 
over the other side of the pillar.  Walk down the path to the left and 
get between two Shy Guys.  Just keep marching between them until you 
reach a Ninji.  Then jump right of it, onto the gray Snifit to the 
right, and up the ladder you go.

Jump up the cloud platforms until you reach an arch of Mushroom Blocks.  
Pull one from the side and set it on the top.  Stand on it, avoid the 
Sparks, and power squat jump to reach the cloud above.  Ride the 
Hoopsters up the ladder.  Now move to the central ladder and go up it 
when the Snifit’s bullets are past.  At the top, jump to the right 
ladder and enter the house you come to up here in the skies.  This is 
the gate to Wart’s fortress, guarded by…

Mini-Boss: Birdo

Grab the Mushroom Block to the right and jump right over Birdo’s fire 
(this is the gray type, the same as the green type) to get onto Birdo’s 
head.  When Birdo is backing up to the right, drop the Mushroom Block 
onto her head for a hit.  Score!  Now drop onto the block while she’s 
stunned, lift it, and jump before you get hit by fire.  Land on her 
head and repeat the process until victory is yours.  Alternately, get 
on the left edge of the arena, jump over the fire, and toss the 
Mushroom Block into Birdo.  Then, as she moves as far to the left as 
she goes, and jump over her onto the Mushroom Block.  When the fire 
stops, pick it up and throw it into her.  Repeat this one more time, 
reversing it, to beat Birdo.  Either way you win, congrats on defeating 
the final mini-boss Birdo of the game.  Lift the Crystal Ball and go 
through Hawkmouth’s beak.

                          |    Level 7-2    |

Player: Mario

Go right to find two Snifits.  Jump onto the first and throw it into 
the second, and head right afterward.  Grab the next Snifit to cast it 
into the fourth and go right to the castle’s entrance.  Advance, brave 
plumber.  Notice the Ninji above.  It is no doubt Wart’s watchdog, used 
to alert the castle of your coming.

Inside, you’re immediately dropped onto a conveyor belt.  Grab the Shy 
Guy and throw it into the next, but be sure to jump over the third.  Go 
right to jump to another conveyor belt ahead and walk forward on it; 
this conveyor belt moves to the left to push you into a gap.  Jump over 
the Ninjis and continue forward to a pot with Bob-ombs pouring out.  
Jump over them and jump to the next conveyor belt.  Go right, jumping 
over the fireballs of Pansers, and take a chain at the end up to a new 
room of the castle.

Go left and stand on the very edge of the ledge above so that you are 
standing but the Spark isn’t hitting you.  Pass under it as it’s rising 
and go forward to a room with a Spark circling around the perimeter.  
Jump over it when it gets close and go left under the Spark just like 
the previous one to a chain.  Climb up it to reach a new room with more 

Jump right onto the chain there and then jump to the chain left of it.  
Proceed up it to find a room full of Sparks.  First, stand against the 
chain to the left and wait for the Spark to start rising to run under 
the first Spark.  Stop at the chain.  Now, wait for the next Spark to 
start rising to run to the next chain.  Now, when both Sparks here are 
rising, run under them to a final chain in this room.  Take it up to a 
new room of the same screen.  Jump onto the platform to the right and 
then jump onto the upper one, ducking as not to be hit by the Sparks.  
When they are out of the way, jump onto the left block and then to the 
left chain.  Start up it and enter the door at the top to be outside 
the castle.

Jump to the left and fall down to avoid the fire of a Panser.  You land 
on the left edge of the screen.  Go right under the fireballs and past 
the Tweeters to reach a ladder.  Take it down and take the door.  Grab 
the right shrub for a Magic Potion.  Use it and take the Mushroom in 
sub-space.  Now take the door you entered this room from to go back 

Climb the ladder and jump onto the blocks to be under the Panser.  When 
it stops firing, hop to the right of it and jump to the ladder.  
Quickly climb and take the door back inside.  Jump through the blocks 
above and get on the pillar.

Jump from it to the platform to the right and then jump to the one to 
the left.  Jump onto the right one’s pillar and then onto the blocks to 
the right.  Now power squat jump to the platform to the left.  Jump up 
them to a chain and take it up to a door, which you want to take to…

Mini-Boss: Hawkmouth

Go right and drop the POW Block down onto the Sparks to defeat them.  
Now get up to the conveyor belt, duck to avoid oncoming Sparks, and let 
it carry you right to a chain.  Take it down to a conveyor belt on 
which Birdo has surgically a key to itself, a red one, by the way.  
It’s the last Birdo of the game.  Stand right, let it fire eggs, grab 
them, throw them, jump over eggs, rinse and repeat until Birdo loses.  
Take the key and Phanto comes to life.  Go through the door here and 
rush left to a locked door (throw the key through any Sparks in your 
way).  Use it to emerge in a new room.  Go right, lift the Crystal Ball, 
and… what the…?

Bumbling Bob-ombs!  Hawkmouth popped off the wall and is chasing you!  
In the original Doki Doki Panic, there was no such boss; this is a 
surprise mini-boss.  Run left, avoiding the phantom hawk head as you 
flee in a crazed terror, and grab a Mushroom Block to the left, and 
throw it through it.  Grab the next Mushroom Block while it’s stunned 
and hurl it at the beast.  Then run under it while it’s stopped and 
take one of the Mushroom Blocks you threw.  Toss it back through 
Hawkmouth and it opens its mouth.  JUMP IN, NOW!  If you don’t, it 
shakes off the damage you’ve dealt it and you’ll have to fight that 
creepy, spectral head again.  You’ll fall down to the room that houses 
the Dream Machine.


Go right to find a machine spewing vegetables.  Each vegetable marks a 
bad dream being created for those in the waking world.  And beyond it 
is an obese frog/toad, Wart.  It spits bubbles.  Of course, stupid Wart 
has a machine shooting out vegetables, his only weakness (how fortunate 
for us!).  Stand below the machine’s main valve and wait for a 
vegetable to be spat out.  Catch it and dodge a barrage of bubbles.  
Then go right and wait for Wart to open his mouth to shoot more.  Throw 
the vegetable into his mouth and… bam!  We hit him!  For such a dumb 
boss, though, he sure is tough.  Dodge the bubbles and throw a whopping 
total of six vegetables into his mouth, down his esophagus, and into 
his stomach to hand him defeat.  He turns pale as a ghost, stops 
breathing, and is defeated.  Take the door that appears…

Mario jumps forward and opens a jar to free the Subcon fairies.  Eight 
in all, they are reunited to give good dreams to all once more.  They 
pass over Wart’s battered body in legions of screaming fans as they 
hail their heroes standing above.  They name a Contributor, whoever 
beat the most levels (for you, everybody equaled), and then we see the 
true nature of the adventure.

Then, we see that it was all just a dream had by Mario.  He wakes up 
briefly and then snoozes again.  So begins the credits…  In them, they 
show all the enemies’ names.  Just watch for all the discrepancies.  
They call Hoopster “Hoopstar,” they misidentify Ostro and Birdo, they 
say “Clawglip” and “Triclyde,” and then they show Wart laughing.  The 
screen then reads, in fine cursive against the blue background, The End.  
But really, this shows a lot about Mario.  Well, first, maybe everyone 
had this dream, but let’s assume only Mario did.  His attention-
garnering nature that has caused him to act heroically (his superego to 
put things in Dr. Freud’s terms) causes him to dream of bringing glory 
to a land of his own invention, but in waking moments his controlled 
side (his id) causes him to be but a humble plumber with remarkable 
jumping abilities.  This would mean that Mario does not save Mushroom 
Kingdom out of patriotism or a sense of duty to his nation, but instead 
as a subconscious (“Subcon”) means to receive attention, of which he 
was most likely deprived due to the birth of his younger brother Luigi 
as Mario was growing up.  This is one possibility for the ending.  Or, 
it is possible that the entire group had this dream, or that they could 
enter Subcon only be dreaming.  This means that they might have 
actually saved Subcon in reality, but they were put to sleep afterward 
and put in their own beds.  That’s reaching pretty far, though.  
Interpret it however you’d like, though.  For now, let’s let this 
plumber take a well-deserved rest.

CONGRATULATIONS!  You beat the game.  But, don’t quit just yet.  
There’s always the prospect of playing again to hone your skills or 
give your favorite character a shot at being the Contributor.  After 
all, you can’t save on the NES version.  Why not give it a try?
  /                                                                 \
 /                                                                   \
||----------------------------Section 3*-----------------------------||
 \                                                                   /

=============================World Warps*==============================

This is a tough game with no saves for some people, and so there are 
multiple chances to warp to different worlds in any game.  These are 
basically the equivalent of Warp Zones in Super Mario Bros.  All of 
them are listed below.

Warp to World __

Location: Level _____


Above is the setup and below is the list.  Note that, when warping, you 
always start in the first level of a world you warp to.

Warp to World 4

Location: Level 1-3

Notes: Use Luigi for this, although any character can do it.  From 
where you start, power squat jump to the upper ledge and jump right 
through a total of four Cherries to land on walking Snifits.  Chuck one 
into the other to defeat them both and then lift the plants to the 
right before the bridge, one of which yielding a Magic Potion.  Use it 
and go left onto the bridge for the Mushroom.  But, do not get the 
Cherry!  Instead, get it to the right in non-sub-space to become 
invincible out here.  Run right to find Trouters, fish that jump out of 
the water to try to hit you.  Just jump over them using Luigi’s famed 
bicycle kick and you’ll reach a waterfall.  Jump across them for a 
seventh and eighth Cherry and you’ll reach five plants.  Lift all of 
them for five ripe vegetables, giving you a Stopwatch.  Use it by 
jumping right over a gap and taking a Cherry above and then lifting the 
leftmost plant for a Magic Potion.  With it in hand, go as far right as 
you can past the door you’d normally enter into the dungeon and stop 
when you see a vase.  Enter sub-space there and take the vase down in 
sub-space.  You’ll skip all the way to World 4.  Impressive, no?
Warp to World 5

Location: Level 3-1

Notes: At the very beginning of the level when you must climb up the 
clouds that lead to a Pidgit’s magic carpet, fall down the waterfall, 
staying in the very center (it is a good idea to use Luigi for this.  
His bicycle kick slows the fall, letting you maneuver about a bit if 
you need to).  As you fall, you’ll reach a small platform with a door 
on it.  Take this door, of course (what else are you going to do?).  Go 
right to a row of plants.  Pick the tenth one for a Magic Potion and 
then go left until you see a jar.  Drop the Magic Potion there and 
enter the vase in sub-space to warp exactly two levels ahead.
Warp to World 6

Location: Level 4-2

Notes: When you pass the Beezos and reach the whales, go right, and 
you’ll find a Magic Potion after six plants containing not-so-ripe 
vegetables.  Now go right until you see a vase below an icy path.  
Continue right of it and drop onto the whale.  Jump left of its back to 
the vase.  Now let the Magic Potion go.  In sub-space, take the vase 
down to World 6.
Warp to World 7

Location: Level 5-3

Notes: This one’s at the very start.  I recommend being Luigi for this.  
Go forward, climb the ladder out of the starting place, and then go 
right a bit.  Power squat jump to the top of the ledge, pick the plants 
for a Magic Potion, and use it.  Now take the vase down to World 7.  It 
can be done with other characters, too, though.  That is, the others 
can ride Albatrosses left to the ledge where they can then pick up the 
Magic Potion and enter the vase in sub-space, but it is much more 
difficult than crouching, holding, and jumping.

And there you have it!  Depending on where you are, utilize this list 
to skip ahead a few levels.  But, there’s no need to plan the shortest 
route through the game.  No, I have that all figured out below.

===========================Minimalist Quest*===========================

Utilizing world warps (see the above section for details), it is 
possible to cut out many levels of the game.  Unfortunately, only 50 % 
of the game is possible to skip.  Mario games usually require much less 
effort.  Super Mario World, for example, required only about 12.24 % of 
the game had to be beaten to view the credits.  Here’s a little guide 
through the game, doing as little as possible.  Let laziness thrive!

1) Beat Level 1-1.

2) Beat Level 1-2.

3) Play in Level 1-3, but do not beat it normally.  Instead, use the 
warp in it to go to World 4 (see the above section for details 
involving warping to World 4 from Level 1-3).

4) Beat Level 4-1.

5) Play into Level 4-2, but do not find the normal exit.  Instead, use 
the secret exit to warp to World 6.  If you don’t know how or it 
slipped your mind, see the above section to learn all the steps 
involved in this.

6) Beat Level 6-1.

7) Beat Level 6-2.

8) Beat Level 6-3.

9) Beat Level 7-1.

10) Beat Level 7-2, finishing off Wart.  Amazingly, we only played ten 
of the twenty levels to do beat the game and see the ending.

Of course, 50 % is quite a bit of the game compared to other games.  
Less than an eighth was needed for Super Mario World, only a fourth for 
Super Mario Bros., and but 43 % of it in Super Mario Bros. 2 (Japan).  
Still, it’s better than 100 %, now isn’t it?

==============================1-Up Trick*==============================

Every Mario game has a trick to getting lots of 1-Ups, usually by 
getting them in a continuous loop.  But, since the only way to get them 
in this game is by using 1-Up Mushrooms that you can get only once in a 
level or to gamble on the slots at the end of a level, we can run into 
difficulties.  The best way to get many extra lives is to get many 
extra coins, and here’s how.

1) Have multiple lives, high amounts for the best effects, and find a 
large number of plants.  It helps to have a cliff nearby to help you 
kill your character quickly (I’ll explain later).  Go to the plants 
with a Magic Potion.

2) Use the Magic Potion and enter sub-space.  Pluck all the plants for 

3) If you can, exit and reenter the screen to use the Magic Potion to 
collect the coins again.  Now, if you continue collecting plants in 
sub-space, you’ll only get unripe vittles.  Time to circumvent that 
with a little loophole!

4) Kill your character.  Now you can collect coins again in sub-space 
(that is, repeat steps # 2 and # 3).

5) Repeat step # 4 until you have just enough lives to finish the level.  
Now beat the level and play the slots.

If you’re good with the slots, you’ll have tons of coins to get tons of 
lives.  Maybe it’ll be a bit easier if you get some practice manning 
the slot machine beforehand.  But, it should be good enough to at least 
restore the lives you sacrificed, even if you just press buttons 
randomly.  Good luck!

==========================Mushroom Locations*==========================

In the guide, we occasionally skip Mushrooms.  Or, if you don’t want to 
use a complete walkthrough but you still need a bit of help, this 
section can supply some answers to your questions.  What are you 
waiting for?  Read!

Note: 2-1 and 6-2 don’t have two Mushrooms, just one.  How ironic.

                          |    Level 1-1    |

1) In the second screen, left of the first POW Block and right of the 
first Tweeter, take a vine up to a ledge.  Grab the plant for a Magic 
Potion and use it to reach the Mushroom’s sub-space.

2) After the cave part of the level, right before you reach the first 
Hoopster, grab and throw the plant (Magic Potion) near there to enter 
sub-space.  Here’s the Mushroom in plain sight.

                          |    Level 1-2    |

1) After the Pidgit’s carpet ride, you’ll reach two vases with a Magic 
Potion plant between them.  Use aforementioned plant to enter sub-space 
and claim the Mushroom.

2) In the cave part of the level, use Bombs to destroy all the walls 
here so that the place is navigable.  Now use the Magic Potion from one 
of those tufts to reach the lower-right (the lower-left in sub-space) 
compartment where the Mushroom is.

                          |    Level 1-3    |

1) When you reach the wooden bridge with a Shy Guy on it, lift the 
second plant and throw the Magic Potion to find a Mushroom right on the 
center plank.

2) Go right before the door to the dungeon and you’ll see a Shy Guy 
before two Ninjis by a few plants.  Lift one for a Magic Potion and 
then double back to the logs rolling over the waterfall.  Jump from it 
to the adjacent platform to the right (with all the ripe vegetables on 
it), drop the potion, and take the Mushroom for yourself 

                          |    Level 2-1    |

1) After the second vase of the level, jump onto the ledge to the right, 
search the plants for a Magic Potion (I’ll give you a hint: it’s the 
leftmost one), and then drop it.  Enter sub-space and lay your hands on 
another luscious Mushroom.

2) Sorry, no second Mushroom for you.

                          |    Level 2-2    |

1) There’s a Magic Potion between two vases on the same ledge.  Drop it 
toward the right vase, enter sub-space, take Mushroom, and don’t worry; 
be happy.

2) In the first cave part of the level reached by entering the door 
below a ledge by a Cobrat (not the digging cave), pick up the Bomb to 
the right and then blow up the wall to the left.  Now advance left to 
reach a plant on the upper platform for a Magic Potion.  Drop it and 
take the Mushroom.

                          |    Level 2-3    |

1) Right after the first ladder, go right to a plant, the first, which 
happens to have a Magic Potion attached.  Go left to find a pink Shy 
Guy.  Throw the potion there and take the Mushroom in the amazing, 
backward sub-space.

2) Pretty soon, a large number of red Beezos attack you right under a 
door just out of reach.  If you’re Luigi, you can power squat jump to 
the door and enter.  If not, jump onto the Beezos and jump to the door.  
Inside, pull the first tuft to the right for a Magic Potion.  Use it 
for a Mushroom and a whole mess of coins.  This is a good place for the 
1-Up Trick (see the above section).

                          |    Level 3-1    |

1) After climbing the vine, go right (defeat the Panser with Mushroom 
Blocks) to find two buried plants.  The left one holds a Magic Potion.  
Drop it there and get the Mushroom is sub-space.

2) When you reach a ladder leading down to a series of tufts, lift the 
first one and take it to the far-left.  Drop it there and enter sub-
space for a Mushroom.

                          |    Level 3-2    |

1) Go to the far-right from the start, grab the leftmost plant, and 
drop the Magic Potion to create a portal between Subcon and sub-space.  
Take it and lift that Mushroom.

2) In the last patch of cave, go left past the ladder leading up to 
find two pits with four Porcupos in them in all.  First, grab the left 
plant for a Bomb.  Use it to blow up the right blocks.  Now use the 
other plant to create a door using the Magic Potion.  Now take it into 
sub-space and take the Mushroom.

                          |    Level 3-3    |

1) Right of the POW Block is a plant (the rightmost of the group) that 
is actually a Magic Potion.  Go left, drop it by the POW Block, and 
enter sub-space for a Mushroom.

2) When you get into the dungeon, take the second plant to the left for 
a Magic Potion.  Go left until you see a locked door, drop the potion, 
and then take the door.  Here, climb the ladder to attain the Mushroom.

                          |    Level 4-1    |

1) On the icy paths in the first part, stop when you reach two paths 
that are one space away from each other in vertical distance, a plant 
on the lower path (this is a little bit before the rocket).  Pick the 
plant, go left a little ways, and use the Magic Potion you got to 
discover a Mushroom on these Flurry-infested platforms.

2) Get to the end of the first segment of the level (before you take 
the rocket).  On the top ledge, pick the leftmost plant for a (surprise, 
surprise) Magic Potion.  Drop it there to get a Mushroom in sub-space, 
the happiest place in the world.

                          |    Level 4-2    |

1) Upon seeing your first whale, jump left of it to a little island in 
the water.  Lift a plant there for a Magic Potion, drop it to form a 
door, and take it to a Mushroom.

2) At the end, when you reach the spikes you must cross with the 
Autobomb, carry the Magic Potion you get by plucking the tuft right 
before the spikes to the other side of the spike pit.  Once you’ve 
crossed, use the potion to create a door to sub-space and a Mushroom.

                          |    Level 4-3    |

1) Upon surfacing, jump to the ledge to the right above Birdo and take 
the leftmost plant for a Magic Potion.  Now go all the way left to find 
some stalagmites.  Drop the potion, use the door, and take the Mushroom 
from the highest stalagmite up.

2) When you get to the top of the first tower and you are on the ledge 
connecting the two towers, go right and lift the plant for a Magic 
Potion.  Hold it and go left to jump from the clouds to the stone 
blocks above.  Jump across them until you’re on the rightmost one.  
Then drop the Magic Potion, use the door to enter sub-space, and take 
the Mushroom from its resting point high above the bridge that adjoins 
the towers.

                          |    Level 5-1    |

1) After jumping across several Trouters to reach a gap high above the 
ground inside the cave, pull the plants up for a 1-Up and a Magic 
Potion.  Drop it there, enter sub-space, and take the Mushroom while 
you’re at it.

2) The best way to do this is as follows.  Get to the very end of the 
cave part of the level so that you are on the logs that roll over the 
falls.  Jump to the ceiling to the right and walk across it to fall 
into the second hole.  Lift the Mushroom Block so that you fall through 
the hole.  Now pick up the leftmost plant and use the Magic Potion you 
found right there.  In sub-space, a Mushroom that would’ve been blocked 
by the Mushroom Block will fall right into your lap, err, reach.

                          |    Level 5-2    |

1) Take the first vase you come to down by crouching on it.  Pick the 
plant at the bottom for a Bomb, which you should use to blow up the 
base of the vase.  Dig your way down now to two plants, one of which is 
a Magic Potion.  Jump your way out of the vase and use it.  The 
Mushroom is in sub-space there.

2) Thanks to Matthew for telling me where this one is.  He said: “After 
getting the first mushroom go back down the vase and get the potion 
again. Now carry it through the level past Hoopsters until you get to 
three vegetables clustered together on top of a green thing. Throw the 
potion down there and collect the mushroom.

                          |    Level 5-3    |

1) Nab the first plant you see for a Magic Potion.  Now go right to 
five patches of grass.  It is here that you should set up camp, err, 
set the Magic Potion.  In sub-space, take the Mushroom.

2) Go to the ladder you need to take down.  Before it, bomb the wall to 
the left with a Bob-omb.  Now pick the plants above the ladder (on the 
ledge) for a Magic Potion.  Drop it by the ladder and enter sub-space 
for a Mushroom.

                          |    Level 6-1    |

1) Use the first vase you encounter to get a Magic Potion at the bottom.  
Emerge and set the potion on the bones to the right.  In sub-space, 
take the Mushroom before it falls victim to quicksand.

2) Before the Pokeys, there are two cacti with a Magic Potion plant 
between them.  Take it and go right until you see a door.  Drop the 
Magic Potion there, enter sub-space, and chow down on a Mushroom.

                          |    Level 6-2    |

1) On one of the high cliffs you must power squat jump to the top of 
from the back of an Albatross is a tuft of grass concealing a Magic 
Potion.  Use it there, enter sub-space, and take the Mushroom that 
falls to you.

2) Another Mushroom?  Don’t be greedy.

                          |    Level 6-3    |

1) To the right of the ladder you take up is a Magic Potion.  Take it 
and go right past two piles of bones and jump past the cactus beyond 
the second.  Drop the potion there, enter sub-space, and you’ll win 
yourself a fancy new Mushroom.

2) In the cave, use Bob-ombs to blow up the first wall to the right.  
Past it, pick plants for Bombs and blow up the next wall to the right.  
Continue blowing things up until you return to a plant that you didn’t 
pick earlier (a Magic Potion).  Set it down in the hole that was 
formerly inaccessible.  Inside, take your Mushroom.

                          |    Level 7-1    |

1) After a ledge with three plants, continue right to another plant.  
Pick it for a Magic Potion.  Now double back to the left where the 
three plants were.  Create a door to sub-space there, enter, and find 
yourself a heaping helping of Mushroom.

2) Go to the house at the end of a screen.  Inside, get to the ledge 
with the plants growing on it.  Pluck out the third from the right and 
drop the Magic Potion you find right there.  Enter sub-space for a 

                          |    Level 7-2    |

1) If you follow the normal walkthrough in the level, get to the 
outdoors part and jump left so that you land away from a Panser and two 
Tweeters.  When the Panser stops firing, run right, take the ladder 
down, and use the door.  In the room you appear in, pick the plants for 
a Bob-omb (throw away) and a Magic Potion.  Use the Magic Potion by the 
door you entered by and enter sub-space.  Here, take your Mushroom.

2) After the Bob-omb conveyor belt in the first room of the castle, 
drop down instead of jumping to the next conveyor belt.  Lift the 
Mushroom Block here and you’ll enter an alternate route to Wart’s room 
(the harder one, in my opinion).  Eventually, you’ll reach a vertical 
room with three Sparks guarding three platforms.  Jump to the left 
chain, climb it up, and take a door.  Here, get to the bottom, take the 
ladder here, and enter a new door.  Here, go left to a tuft of grass.  
Pull on it for a Magic Potion, go to the door, drop it there to form 
another door, and enter sub-space for a Mushroom.

And there you have it, folks.  There’s a total of 37 Mushrooms in the 
game.  Extend those life meters, everybody!

========================Doki/SMB 2 Differences*========================

Here’s where I compile all the differences between Doki Doki Panic, the 
game that Super Mario Bros. 2 was based off of (read “History” for more 
details) and SMB 2 itself.  Some of them are good changes, while others 
don’t quite make sense (who would expect a Magic Potion to create a 
door?  Come on!  Stick with the lamp).  Oddly enough, though, some 
items (like the POW Block and the Starman) that were already Mario 
items were in the original Doki Doki Panic…  Well, anyways, time for 
the differences it is.  Here they are, listed for your convenience.

                         |    Differences    |

- There is one difference in controls.  In the original Doki Doki Panic, 
the B Button did not let your character run when held.

- The title screens are obviously different.  In the original, balloons 
came onto the screen, popped, and showed the title, all in Japanese.  
In the new version, we have a red title screen with all the characters 
and some enemies below the words “SUPER MARIO BROS. 2,” complete with 
trademarks and copyrights.

- Equally as obvious, the characters have changed.  In Doki Doki Panic, 
the characters were Imajin (now Mario), Mama (Luigi), Papa (Toad), and 
Lina (Toadstool).  Also, there were some name changes (Mamu is Wart, 

- The story is different.  In Doki Doki Panic, Mamu (a.k.a. Wart) 
kidnapped two kids reading a storybook, pulling them into the book 
itself.  So, an Arabian family decides to help the youngsters to whom 
they are related by jumping in and clearing all seven chapters (now 
worlds) to free the children.  You see, they enter the book when their 
pet monkey pointed it out, and that’s how it starts.

- To see the ending in Doki Doki Panic, you must beat the game with all 
four characters.  And of course, the ending is not the same.  You do 
not rescue the Subcon fairies, you rescue the children (that is the 
entire ending sequence).  Then they get out of the storybook to rejoin 
their pet monkey, who is green.

- The slot machine screen was a bland green background with the slots 
in Doki Doki Panic.  Now we have an intricate Bonus Chance screen.  
Also, to reflect what level you were in, the slot picture of the 
vegetable changed.  In SMB 2, though, they show the generic vegetable 
from World 1.

- In Doki Doki Panic, the grass tufts were black, not red (even though 
in SMB 2 vegetables have blackish green grass on top of them after 
being pulled.  Also, the World 7 vegetable looked different in DDP and 
SMB 2.

- A number of items and enemies are now animated or have more frames 
than in DDP.  For example, the Cherries rock back and forth in the new 
version.  In Doki Doki Panic, though, they were stationary.

- Mushroom Blocks were originally weird masks colored red, white, and 
blue.  How patriotic.

- Mushrooms that add a mark to your life meter were originally Hearts.

- As a little Mario reference, the whole shrinking when you get down to 
one mark on the life meter was added, as well as growing back to normal 
size when you go from one to two.  In Super Mario Bros., Mario was 
turned from Super Mario to small Mario if he was hit.

- In Doki Doki Panic, Magic Potions were Magic Lamps.

- Turtle Shells were originally weird, smiling faces that were black in 

- The 1-Up Mushrooms was just an icon showing the head of your 

- Hawkhead was a mask with red eyes and white paint against its black 

- There was no Hawkhead mini-boss.  Also, there was no Clawgrip.  In 
Doki Doki Panic, you fought Mouser a total of three times, once in 
World 1, again in World 3, and one last time in World 5.

- When there was an explosion in Doki Doki Panic, the word “BOM” came 
up.  Now it says “BOMB.”

- Phanto had a rather timid face in Doki Doki Panic.  He looks much 
more menacing now.

- Many things have new noises given to them.  Whales’ waterspouts have 
a new gushing sound effect, but most things were given new noises.  The 
following items and events have noise changes from DDP to SMB 2: 
getting hit, Stopwatch, POW Block, rockets, door opening, 1-Up 
collecting, potions, Cherries, Starman music, sub-space music, picking 
up enemies, Hawkhead/mask opening, and Birdo also makes new noises.

- And of course, the games are differently named and in different 

Aside from that, the game you’re playing is essentially Doki Doki Panic.  
Take off SMB 2’s Mario veneer and you get… weirdness.  No wonder DDP 
was a flop.  Still, you’ve got to admire DDP for introducing so many 
classic Mario enemies into the Koopa Troop, even if Pokeys did change 
coloring eventually and Bob-ombs were made to look way cooler.

=======================NES/SNES/GBA Differences*=======================

For a game that must’ve been made in two weeks, Super Mario Bros. 2 has 
been immensely popular.  It has been re-released at least three times, 
once on the SNES, once on the GBA, and it was also released in Japan 
under the name Super Mario Bros. USA.  It may even have more re-
releases in the future.  Anyways, we’re only concerned with the SNES 
and GBA installments of the game.  For some reason, Nintendo thought 
that they should change the formula for their classic each time they 
re-release it.  And, I must admit, I liked each re-release better than 
the last.

On the SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System), Super Mario Bros. 2 
(both the American and Japanese) was one of the game included in Super 
Mario All-Stars, a compilation of all of Mario’s classic adventures.

On the GBA (Game Boy Advance), Super Mario Bros. 2 hit the markets 
again under the name Super Mario Advance.  Why they chose to release 
the second Super Mario Bros. as the first Super Mario Advance is beyond 
me, though.

Here’s a list of the differences between each version.

- First, it should be known that each version contains better graphics 
than the last.  However, other than graphics, there are only a few 
differences between the SNES and NES versions.  I’ll list those below.

                    |    NES/SNES Differences    |

- You can now save the game!  Hooray!  If you save and quit, you 
restart at the beginning of the world you quit in.  A fantastic 
addition, if I do say so myself.  Furthermore, you now have infinite 
continues (in the original, you have two before you have to start over 
again at the first world).

- The characters look different (more improved).  It’s not just the 
graphics, it’s their coloring.  For example, they changed Toadstool 
from a brunette to a blonde.  Toad, who was mostly blue, now has all 
his normal colors.  Not only that, but characters now have black 
outlines instead of blue outlines.  How about that?

- Some enemies look different.  For instance, Pidgits ride yellow 
carpets in All-Stars, but they ride red ones on the NES.  Or, for 
example, Birdo now wears a bow on her head.  Pink Shy Guys are now blue.  
Other enemies also have minor color changes.

- The life meter hearts look more round and heart-like.  In the 
original, they were thin and diamond-looking.

- Birdo spits the Crystal Ball out of her beak in the SNES version.  
Not in the NES version, though.  It just pops up from her body.

- In the SNES version, you start with five lives instead of three.

- If you lose a life in the SNES version, you can choose a new 
character for that level.  In the NES version, you have one character 
through the entire level.

- Doorways are now doors.  For instance, cave entrances now have doors 
to cover them.

- Slots in the bonus chance round scroll down like a proper slot 
machine instead of just flashing.

- In the slot machine bonus chance round, there is now a 7.  If you get 
three 7’s in the slots, you get a 10-Up.  Wow!  Now there’s an addition.

- In the slot machine screen, it says (in the SNES version) “PUSH 
BUTTON,” but it says “PUSH (A) BUTTON” in the NES version.

- On the Character Select Screen in the NES version, your life count 
reads “EXTRA LIFE X,” where X is the number of lives you have.  In the 
SNES version, it reads “EXTRA LIFE…X” instead.

- Backgrounds have now changed.  For instance, all cave walls are now 
the same color.  Also, the first screen of 1-1 is daytime in the SNES 
version, whereas it was nighttime in the NES version (just for the 
first screen).  The night-to-day change also applies to 5-1 and 5-3.  
In boss rooms, blocks are red, green, and blue now.

- Music in some screens has changed.  These changes include… in 2-3, 
boss music plays after you open the locked door in the NES version, but 
not in the NES version.  In 5-2, they played cave music in the long, 
spiky drop on the NES, but regular outdoors music is played on the SNES.  
In 4-2 of the SNES version, the cave music at the beginning of the 
level was changed from outdoors music in the NES.

- A rather odd change is the addition of a cage in 6-3 for the  SNES 
installment.  In the original, the large door was just an opening.  Now, 
there’s a picture of a Bob-omb over it and a cage rises over your 
character as you enter.

- If you warp in the NES version, a screen pops up to tell you where 
you’re headed.  Warp in the SNES version and the screen blurs a bit 
before showing you the warp screen, which now features Birdo.

- All changes between the NES and SNES version also apply to the NES 
and GBA versions.

                  |    NES and SNES/GBA Changes    |

- You can save like in the SNES version, but you can save to any level.  
That is, in the SNES version, when you save, quit, and restart, you 
start out at the first level of the world you saved in.  Now you can 
start back on the level you saved at.

- You can replay old levels you’ve beaten now as a sort of level select 
trick on the file select screen.

- Most noticeably aside from the graphics, characters now have voices 
(like “Lets-a go!”).  Toad’s raspy voice is a pain, though.

- When you select a character in the original or the SNES version, the 
characters are lined up.  In Super Mario Advance, they are in a ring 
fashion and you rotate between them.  Also, the special abilities of 
each player (like in pulling things, jumping, etc.) are shown by each 

- The Princess’s name is changed to “Peach,” Toadstool’s first name.

- Just as SMB 2 introduced new animation frames to DDP, even more 
animation frames appear in Super Mario Advance.

- You start each level small with only one mark on your life meter 
filled.  Still, Hearts are extremely frequent in Super Mario Advance.

- Conversely, ripe vegetables and therefore Stopwatches are much rarer 
in Super Mario Advance.

- There are several new additions.  For one, there is now a Yoshi’s 
Challenge at the end of each level.  When the NES version came out, 
Yoshi was not even in existence in yet.  Yoshi’s Challenge is unlocked 
after you beat the game in a certain file.  The title screen changes 
from this, and two Yoshi Eggs are hidden in each level.  Your challenge 
is to collect them all.  There’s no point, but it’s fun to try.

- Backgrounds are better and more detailed.  On a similar note, music 
is a lot quieter due to the GBA’s lower audio capacity and abilities.

- Levels have been changed around to include new items, enemies, and so 

- There is now an item called the “Item Cage.”  It contains three 
flashing items and you get one of them when you use it (either a 
Starman, a Heart, or a Bomb).

- In the same vein as the Item Cage, there is now a Super POW Block, 
which bounces three times to destroy all enemies on the screen, not 
just ones on the ground.

- Another new item are the larger vegetables.  They take longer to 
pluck but can hit more enemies more easily due to their size.

- There are several new enemies.  They are the Puffup, the Super Ninji, 
the Super Shy Guy, and the new boss – Robirdo of World 3.  Robirdo just 
shoots massive eggs at you, that giant mechanized Birdo.  They take a 
while to pick up, of course.  You must throw three eggs at it to win.  
Otherwise, she also stomps the ground regularly to stun you.

- Robirdo is the new boss of World 3 as I said, but two Mouser battles 
were not taken out of the game.  Instead, Mouser replaced Tryclyde as 
the boss of World 6, meaning that you fight the three-headed snake 
enemy only once.

- The game now includes points, whereas there were none in the NES or 
SNES versions.  If you defeat many enemies in a row with a Turtle Shell, 
you can get 1-Ups.  If you get two million points, a Mario head appears 
on the file select screen.  You can get up to five Mario heads.

- You can pick up the bows of Birdos (only red and green) ones in Super 
Mario Advance.  There aren’t bows in the NES version, and you can’t do 
it in the SNES version.

- Your winnings in the slot machines are changed.  For instance, you 
get only a 5-Up for getting all 7’s in the GBA version, and you get 
only a 3-Up for getting triple Cherries.

- You can now wager coins on each slot run.  For instance, if you wager 
five coins and get a 1-Up, you’ll get a 5-Up.  Very good if you want to 
multiply your winnings, but even more risky than normal.

- There are now Red Coins scattered around each level, five per level.  
All five get you a 1-Up (if collected in the same level).

- For some reason, Super Mario Advance also includes the classic arcade 
game Mario Bros. on it.  Of course, this was not on the NES or SNES 

- A level chart now shows before each level.

- Vases now have new music.  They also have new backgrounds.

- Introduced to the game are three “dream-world creatures.”  Let’s face 
it – they’re there to showcase the GBA’s rotation skills.  There are 
rolling balls you can jump off of for an automatic power squat jump, 
there are yellow balloons that do basically nothing, and blue spikes 
that are in the original can still hurt you, only they now appear in 

- Also to hype the GBA’s rotation effects, items now rotate when thrown, 
and you do, too, when you power squat jump.

- Finally, the faulty credits of Super Mario Bros. 2 (they called many 
enemies by the wrong name.  They called Hoopster “Hoopstar,” they 
switched the names of Birdo and Ostro, and they spelled Clawgrip and 
Tryclyde wrong).

- As if they already hadn’t slammed the difficulty into the ground 
enough, the game is made even easier by the addition of 1-Ups in 

And those are all the changes in the game.  Impressed?  I didn’t think 
so…  Well, now that that’s out of the way, let’s move on to the FAQ, 
just a bit closer to the real gem of the guide, the legal section…


FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions (those crazy cool acronyms!).  
In other words, I post questions here that I’m sick of answering in e-
mail.  What this means to you: read this section before you e-mail me.  
Please, read it, as well as the rest of the guide to see if your 
question is already answered.  This way, you save your time and I save 

Question: Which character is the best?
Answer: Personally, I prefer Luigi.  With his awesome jump, he’s the 
clear-cut winner.  But, any character is able to beat any level (for 
some, it’s just very difficult).  In the guide, I divided the levels up 
so that each character gets five of the levels, but feel free to stray 
from that.

Question: How many Mushrooms can you get?
Answer: Two at a time, though some levels only have one.

Question: What is Doki Doki Panic?
Answer: The full title of the game is “Yume Koujou: Doki Doki Panic,” 
and it roughly translates into “Dream Factory: Hysterical Panic.”  
Because they were time-pressed, Nintendo converted a pre-existing game 
to Super Mario Bros. 2, changing sprites to suit American gamers.  This 
is covered in-depth under “History.”

Question: Can I use this guide for Super Mario All-Stars or Super Mario 
Answer: Yes, you can, but a few things will be inaccurate.  Those crazy 
re-releases changed quite a few things.  For example, in Super Mario 
Advance, the second Mouser boss was replaced with “Robirdo,” a robotic 
version of Birdo, while the second Tryclyde is replaced by the 
displaced second Mouser.  For the most part, the levels are the same, 
but there are some differences that will make my guide off a bit.  But, 
it should be almost perfect for Super Mario All-Stars.

Question: Can I use your guide on my site?
Answer: Absolutely not.  No way.  Not happening.  You might as well not 
even ask because the answer’s always no.  Trust me, I’ve said no to far 
more prestigious sites than yours.  The reasons for this include 
updates, e-mail, and my general distrust of websites.  After all, I 
can’t just go around letting everybody and their brother host my 
walkthroughs, now can I?  So please, just quit asking.  NO!

Question: How can I contact you?
Answer: By e-mail and e-mail only.  The address is at the top of the 
guide.  You see, there was once a time when I took IM’s… back when I 
had two guides out and I was so naïve.  But, that was a long time ago, 
buddy, and times have changed.  I simply cannot respond to the sheer 
volume of IM’s I get, and those are just from my early guides back when 
I didn’t put up this little discouraging question in the FAQ (and 
please, if you do IM me, know that it’s nothing personal; I do not 
respond to anyone.  Also, if my away message is up, do not keep talking 
to my automated response.  It does not keep good company).  If you do 
e-mail me, know that I have a few restrictions on that, too.  First, do 
not send me chain letters, “tags,” which are essentially the same thing, 
spam, flame letters, or personal questions.  In fact, personal 
questions like “a/s/l” are the whole reason that I don’t take IM’s 
anymore.  Furthermore, I’d like you to put “Super Mario Bros. 2” in the 
subject line of your e-mail so that I know what game you need help with.  
Otherwise, I’ll get questions like “How do you beat the boss of World 
4?” and things like that.  As you can tell by the below questions, I 
have lots of Mario guides, and lots of World 4’s.  Try to spell things 
as correctly as you can so that I can understand the question and try 
to be specific with them.  Finally, make sure that your question is not 
answered in the guide before you ask.  I like to think I’m a pretty 
nice guy, and I will answer questions even if they were in my guide, 
but I may just refer you to a section if you ask something like “How do 
I beat Level 5-2?” and things like that.

Question: What games do you have walkthroughs for?
Answer: Plenty of them.  As you might be able to tell, I’m a bit of a 
Nintendo supporter (stinkin’ PS3…), and my guides just happen to 
reflect that.  Here’s a list of all my thirty-two guides, in order of 
my writing them: The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures, Harvest 
Moon: A Wonderful Life, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and 1, Sonic Heroes, Mario 
Kart: Double Dash, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, The Legend of 
Zelda: Ocarina of Time/Master Quest, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind 
Waker, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, Paper 
Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario 64, 
Super Mario 64 DS, The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, Sonic Adventure 
2 Battle, Luigi's Mansion, Super Mario Sunshine, The Legend of Zelda: 
The Minish Cap, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, The Legend of 
Zelda: Link's Awakening, The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX, 
Mario Power Tennis, Mario Party 6, Paper Mario, Super Mario RPG, Super 
Mario Bros., Super Mario Land, Super Mario World, Super Mario Bros. 2 
(Japan), and now Super Mario Bros. 2 (American).  Or, if you’d like to 
see an up-to-date list of my guides, you can find them at this address:


Question: What’s next on the list?
Answer: I think I’m going to end my Mario binge with a classic – Super 
Mario Bros. 3.  Actually, though, I’ve received a request to start 
writing Zelda guides again (I only have a few more games to go and I’ve 
got them all), as well as a guide for Super Mario All-Stars.  So, I 
think I’ll dabble in combining some of my guides for Super Mario All-
Stars, and then I really will have guides for all the classics.  But, 
after my classic Mario guides, which may or may not include the Super 
Mario Land series (I’m debating whether I should or not), I’m going to 
finally move onto the last two real games of The Legend of Zelda – 
Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons.  After that, I’ll have to find 
someone to play Four Swords with, and then I can write a guide for the 
GBA installment of A Link to the Past.  And then I’ll have a 
walkthrough for all the English Zelda games.  And when I’m satisfied 
with all my Mario and Zelda works, I’ll have to move on to other 
titles…  Sigh, why’d it have to end?  At least we have The Legend of 
Zelda: Twilight Princess to look forward to…  I can’t wait!!!

FINALLY!  I mean, uh, yeah, so let’s get onto the legal section.  Man 
oh man, now we’re onto the best part!  It’s like digging through the 
garbage to find two and a half full wallets!  Ah, legal sections, let 
me count the ways I love thee…
  /                                                                 \
 /                                                                   \
||----------------------------Section 4*-----------------------------||
 \                                                                   /

====================Credits and Legal Information*=====================

I sarcastically pretend to like 
this section in all my walkthroughs, but let's just get one thing 
straight, pal: I hate writing these sections.  Let's just extract this 
hunk of junk from an earlier guide.

Reading legal sections is about as fun as watching a slow-motion 
foreign-language film about the making of boxes in black and white.  
First, though, the credits.  Yes, I know that everybody is dying to 
know who helped me write this.  Let's get started, shall we?

First, I'd like to thank myself for writing the guide, playing the
game, and for posting it.  The man!  The myth!  The legend!

Second, a big round of applause for Nintendo.  They made Mario and this
game, and this guide wouldn't be around without them.

Third, let's all thank GameFaqs, the great site that is the only place
where you can find my guides.  Without them, you wouldn't be reading

Recently, some more people have helped me out.  Here's a list of who
they are and what they did.

- spacepope4u, a contributor here on GameFaqs.  I admit to being a 
great fan of his Mario Series Character Guide, and I write him with 
various tidbits regularly.  Anyways, I learned a bit about Mario’s 
origins, mostly name origins, from his guide.  It was this guide that I 
started using some of his information for Mario character bios, as well 
as other characters’ bios, like “ruiji” that evolved into Luigi’s name 
and so on.  I learned quite a bit from him concerning Doki Doki Panic’s 
characters and Also, for creating a truly entertaining guide.  Check it 
out if you haven’t, because it is great.  It is nearly impossible to 
find an encyclopedia of Mario characters that goes as in-depth as his 
guide does, and for that I thank him.

- http://www.nintendoland.com/home2.htm?funfacts/smb2doki.htm.  This 
web site contained the fine majority of the differences between Doki 
Doki Panic and Super Mario Bros. 2 that I used in this guide.

- Matthew, who sent in how to get the second Mushroom in 5-2 (also, I 
should mention that someone else sent me an e-mail about this a few 
months earlier, but I lost it...  So I guess great minds think alike, 
eh?  Thanks to that other person, as well as Matthew, for the tip!).

That's it for now, but I'm sure that list will grow.  Now for the legal
section.  If you're really obsessed with my guides, you'll know which
one I copied the legal boilerplates out of.

First of all, I take no credit for the creation, distribution,
production, idealizing, or in any way making this game.  That honor
goes to Nintendo, not me, and I do not deny this.

Second, this document is Copyright 2005 Brian McPhee.

Third, this may not be reproduced in part of in full under any
circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on
any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written
permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any
public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

To phrase that first item legally, all trademarks and copyrights
contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and
copyright holders.

To make it clear for those of you who might having problems absorbing
information, no one but the website GameFaqs may use my guides on their
sites, books, magazines, etc.

What a hoot!  Ah, another great legal section written and read…  But, 
this is not a time for happiness…  This is a time for crying all over 
your computer and ruining it…  Yes, it is time to end this walkthrough.  
But, as a wise man once said, you’ve got to end these things with a 
good-bye catchphrase.  And I don’t know about you, but I for one am 
going to Houdini out of this joint with some style.  That’s right, 
ladies and gents – it’s time for my signature, trademarked, and 
unbelievably “hip” adios.  Here goes, everyone.  Wish me luck.

Until next time...

No, but seriously, I used to say that back in my Sonic guides in 2003 
when I was a dork (was?).  My really REAL catchphrase is far, far 
cooler than that in a galaxy far, far away.

See ya later.