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Asked: 6 years ago

When and how I can save?

During what time in this game does it save? Do I have to make it to a castle before any of my progress is saved?

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From: thoul 6 years ago

This game does not save.

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.You have the beat the game in one go, as there are no saves, like Tempest of Shadows already stated.

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If playing on the actual Nintendo you can not save, if using an emulator on your PC you can go to file/save state as

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You cannot save.

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The SNES compilation of the Super Mario Bros. NES games allows saving. The NES version does not.

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The original NES version cannot be saved, as battery backed cartridges were a very new thing back in the late 80's, and didn't become common until the SNES era.

The SNES SMB collection titled "Super Mario All-Stars" allows you to save your games. The GBA version titled "Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3" also allows you to save. The Wii Virtual Console version can be suspended.

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