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What is the best strategy for alternate ending?

I've been searchin for this answer and i wounder if someone can help me and its true and here I go
how can I get an alternate ending?? I saw it when i were a kid, the 15 minutes ending with all the names of enemies incluiding the koopa kids like the ending o mario 2 thanks
please help me even in spanish
existe un final que dura 15 minutos y aparece todo el cast incluyendo enemigos parecido al final the mario 2 gracias

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Zzonkmiles answered:

There is only one ending in SMB3, and it shows Princess Toadstool.

The SMB2 ending shows the names of all the enemies while Mario sleeps in his bed. It sounds like you're thinking of SMB2 instead of SMB3.
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_Kaz answered:

The other 2D Mario game where the names of enemies scroll is also "SUPER MARIO WORLD" on the SNES. Which is where they might have seen the names of te Koopa Kids.
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