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Mike Tyson's Punchout
FAQ / Walkthrough
Version 1.4

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No actual update or changes to the FAQ... I just changed my alias and
e-mail address and replaced it everywhere in this FAQ. Please note that
cripplerx@hotmail.com is no longer my e-mail address!


About 3 months ago, I said that this FAQ was done.... I was wrong. I
added a Q & A into the FAQ section.

I added a Game Genie Code (compliments of Game Sages,
http://www.gamesages.com) that allows you to knock out your opponents
in one punch. This FAQ will not be updated anymore because there is
literally nothing else to add.

7/16/99 - This time (nearly 5 months later) I have added a few
more walkthrough strategies. I also added a tricks section.

2/26/99 - Typed it up, sent it in, easy as that. I made this
because I loved playing this game, and thought it would be cool.
I will update if I receive information from others for stuff to
put on here. My E-Mail Address is on the top of the page.



1. Introduction
2. Walkthrough
a) Glass Joe
b) Von Kaiser
c) Piston Honda
d) Don Flamenco
e) King Hippo
f) Great Tiger
g) Bald Bull
h) Piston Honda
i) Soda Popinski
j) Bald Bull
k) Don Flamenco
l) Mr. Sandman
m) Super Macho Man
n) Iron Mike: Mike Tyson
3. FAQ
4. Tricks
5. Thanks
6. Legal Information


1) Introduction

Welcome. This is a nice little FAQ / Walkthrough for Mike Tyson's Punchout
for NES. I was getting a little bored with FAQ making, because I am working
on a huge, Zelda 64 Walkthrough, so I made this. You should know that there
are 2 versions of this game, the first was made as Mike Tyson's Punchout 
Tyson was the champ, then it was changed to Punchout when he was de-throned
in real life (James "Buster" Douglas whooped his ass in 1990)! But, since
I'm a reasonable guy, I'll throw in my Mike Tyson knowledge as well.

Well, You're Little Mac, a small but dangerous individual, that has to face
off against big, grown up guys that want to box with you. Your profile:

Age: 19
From: Bronx, New York


B - Left Body Punch
A - Right Body Punch
Up + B - Left Face Punch
Up + A - Right Face Punch
Down on D-Pad - Block
Left + Right on D-Pad - Move
Select - Super Punch is you have a star.
A + B When Down - Get Back up.

2) Walkthrough

You should have no trouble in comprehending this. I give you his profile
according to the game, the strategy on how to beat him, and then I rate his
difficulty on a scale from 1 to 5. 1 is the easiest, 5 is the hardest. Ok
then, on with it.

a) Glass Joe

1-99 1 KO
Age: 38
Wt: 110
From: Paris, France

If you can't beat this guy, give up! No, seriously, this guy is super easy.
You can come out with shots to the face, and when he starts blocking them, 
after the stomach. Eventually, he'll fall. He'll also go for his "super
punch" or so I like to call it, where he'll step back and taunt you. Simply
jab him in the face when he gets close, and he'll fall right down. He may
start throwing punches at you, but have no fear! Dodge them, and follow up
by continuously hitting him in the head.

Difficulty: 1


b) Von Kaiser

23-13 10 KO
Age: 28
Wt: 144
From: Berlin, Germany

This guy would almost be as easy as Glass Joe, only he varies his punches.
When he shakes his head, he's signaling to throw a jab. You can keep dodging
them and htting him to knock him down the first time. Now he'll get up and
throw uppercuts. Dodge them, and when he bends over, hit him low for a star.
Then use that star after you dodge an uppercut. When he's ready to go down,
he'll pause and put this retarded look on his face. Nail him high to put him

Difficulty: 1.5


c) Piston Honda

*Minor Circuit Champ*
26-1 18 KO
Age: 28
Wt: 174
From: Tokyo, Japan

Here it is, your first championship bout! This guy is big, and relatively
tough compared to your first two opponents. He'll raise his eyebrow which
forshadows a jab. When you dodge it, you'll be able to come back with two
shots to the face. After awhile, he'll start throwing hooks. Dodge these and
you can get multiple shots to his face, maybe five or six, I'm not sure. His
next phase will be crouching down, and then popping up with explosive upper
cuts. If you doge these, he'll be stunned for quite some time, giving you a
good oppurtunity to work over his face. His final phase is moving back and
dancing around. When he approaches you, hit him in the face, and he'll fall,
or if you miss, he'll explode with four strong jabs that you'll have to 
or avoid.

Difficulty: 2

After defeating him, you'll become the Minor Circuit Champion! You'll learn 
password so you don't have to fight in this division anymore.


d) Don Flamenco

22-3 9 KO
Age: 23
Wt: 152
From: Madrid, Spain

Don Flamenco uses a different strategy on you, and that is to block all the
punches you throw, and come back with an uppercut. Well, go out, and
purposely let him block your punch to his face, and he'll throw an uppercut.
Dodge it, and he'll be stunned, and you can punch him until he's down! Then
he'll get back up, and immediately go for an uppercut. Dodge it, and keep
nailing him in the face. Sooner or later, if he's not yet defeated, he'll
throw some hooks. Just dodge them and hit him in the face.

Difficulty: 1.5


e) King Hippo

18-9 18 KO
Age: ??
Weight: ??
From: Hippo Island, South Pacific

Don't be intimidated by this fat blob. Dodge all the jab like punches he
throws at you, until he opens his mouth and lets out a barking noise. Hit 
in the face when he does this, and his pants will fall down! You'll see a
bandage on his belly button! Keep whacking at it while he yanks up his 
and when he goes down, he won't get back up!

Difficulty: 2


f) Great Tiger

24-5 3 KO
Age: 29
Wt: 132
From: Bombay, India

When the jewel on his head lights up, a jab is coming. Just dodge and strike
him in the face. You can block it and hit him multiple times, but you'll 
hearts for later in the match. Now he'll start his upper cuts, where he
crouches and hits them. You'll want to hit him when he crouches for a star,
then stun him and use the star. Then, toward the end of the round he'll do
this intimodating magic thing. He'll disappear and you'll barely see him
hitting you with the punches. Block the five punches in a row, and he'll be
big time stunned, and you can hit him in the face to put him down.

Difficulty: 2


g) Bald Bull

*Major Circuit Champion*
34-4 29 KO
Age: 36
Wt: 298
From: Istanbul, Turkey

Time to pick up your second title! He'll rotate his gloves aound which will
lead to a jab. Dodge these and retaliate with a blow to the face. After
attempting some of these jabs, he'll throw uppercuts. Dodge them, and you'll
get some free shots to head. Then, he'll go for his bull charge. He'll 
to the top of the ring, and bounce down, and nail you with a huge upper cut.
Simply hit him in the stomach when he's about to throw this amazing upper 
and he'll go down.

Difficulty: 2.5

You just picked up your second title! Whoopie!


h) Piston Honda

26-2 18 KO
Age: 28
Wt: 174
From: Tokyo, Japan

He's back, and he wants revenge for that belt you took! He has changed his
style quite a bit. He'll raise an eyebrow to foreshadow a jab, but if you
dodge it, he'll immediately throw 3 more that you'll have to avoid. When he
crouches and shakes, hit him in the head for a star. Stun him and use it for
a big energy loss on his behalf. He'll once again go for his super punch. 
him in the head for a star, but he'll keep the punches and you'll have to 
them. My advice is to just keep racking up the stars and use them when he is

Difficulty: 2.5


i) Soda Popinski

33-2 24 KO
Age: 35
Wt: 237
From: Moscow, USSR

Soda is a big guy, and the kind of guy you'll really want to kill if he
knocks you down. He throws hooks first, and you can fire back with hits to
the face, then he'll start with uppercuts that you can also return with face
shots. You can get a star by delaying and hitting him after an upper cut. 
shots really hurt, so be careful, and be quick with your stars because he
moves. You should knock him out with this strategy.

Difficulty: 3


j) Bald Bull

34-5 29 KO
Age: 36
Wt: 298
From:  Istanbul, Turkey

Another return character who you beat earlier. The only way to put him down
is to nail him with a star or break up his bull charge. If he blocks a punch
of yours, move, because he'll follow with a jab. When he raises his gloves 
in the air, hit him in the face for a star, but don't use it now, use it 
he's low so it will put him down. When he attempts the bull charge, dodge 
and he'll retreat halfway back. Now hit him in the stomach to put him down.

Difficulty: 3


k) Don Flamenco

22-4 9 KO
Age: 23
Wt: 152
From: Madrid, Spain

Don is harder this time because it's hard to knock him out, and it's hard to
beat him by decision. If he blocks you and moves, he won't throw anything. 
he blocks you and stays still, he'll come after you with one of his punches.
This is your chance to pound on him, although he won't fall after it. If you
run out of hearts, he'll come after you with hooks. You'll have to dodge 
all until you recover. Your timing needs to be on, because his punches give 
big energy loss.

Difficulty: 3.5


l) Mr. Sandman

27-2 21 KO
Age: 31
Wt: 284
From: Philadelphia, PA

Get ready, because you're in for a tough battle. His jabs are tough and you
have to time them right, and you can often come back with a blow to the 
His hooks come from both sides, so be ready to dodge them repeatedly. After
you dodger them, hit him in the face once, then in the stomach as many times
as possible. His stomach will become his soft spot later in the fight if you
keep hacking away at it with this process. Now he's gonna go for his super
attack, where if you get caught up, you're going down. He throws some huge,
lightning fast upper cuts. His arms move so quick you won't even see his 
and you'll have to dodge them from side to side as quick as possible, 
they come from both sides. Dodge three of them, then hit him in the face 
and in the stomach a bunch of other times. If you try to hit him in the face
twice, he'll block it, and you'll have no streak going.

Difficulty: 4.5


m) Super Macho Man

*World Circuit Champion*
35-0 29 KO
Age: 27
Wt: 242
From:  Hollywood, California

This is the prelude, the warm up to Iron Mike, and watch out because this 
is tough! Dodge his upper cuts, and retaliate with face blows. After a bunch
of these, he'll go for his super spin punch, which ranges from anywhere to 1
punch to 11. You'll have to keep dodging as he spins around and with his 
extended out. If you get hit, it's a huge loss, but if you dodge them all,
you get tons of free shots to the head. Be careful because his punches are
extremely powerful!

Difficulty: 4.5

Beat this guy, and it's your third title, and you're ready for Iron Mike


n) Iron Mike: Mike Tyson

"The Dream Fight"
99-0 99 KO
From: Catskills, NY

Watch out for the first two minutes of the first round, where he throws
punches that will knock you out after 1 blow! You can't even block it, all
you can do is dodge and be careful. Now he'll start to wink which 
hooks from both sides that are easy to dodge. He'll also throw a series of
jabs that you'll need to jab. When he goes back and stays still, nail him in
the face for a star. Then when he's stunned, go for it! Beware his super
punches a few more times. With a few stars, you should put him out late in
the third round.

Difficulty: 5

3. FAQ

Q: How do I get back up after being knocked down?

A: After two times, press A + B simultaneously and quickly to rise to your
feet. After being knocked down for the third time, you won't get up.

Q: How do I get a star and how do I use it?

A: You get stars differently on each opponent, while some you can't get 
on. Use them by hitting select, and Little Mac will let out a strong upper

Q: What are some useful passwords so I can cheat?

Major Circuit                           005 737 5423
World Circuit                           777 807 3454
Super Macho Man                         940 861 8538
Mike Tyson                              007 373 5963
Super Macho Man                         267 913 7638
Nintendo's Old Phone Number             800 422 2602

(Please see Credits)

Q: What are the hearts for?

A: Every time you block a punch, you lose a heart. After you lose all your
hearts you turn white, and get real tired, and it takes a few seconds to

Q: My game is called Punchout, not Mike Tyson's Punchout. Why?

A: Read the Intro.

Q: Do you know whether it is possible to KO (not TKO) Mike Tyson?

A: Good question. If it is possible, I wouldn't know, because I've
never done it before (I always TKO him). Maybe someone reading this
FAQ now will read this and answer it for you and I.


4) Tricks

Bonus Fight
To access "Another World Circuit", enter the password "135 792 4680",
then press A + B + Select simultaneously.

Busy Signal
Enter the password "800-422-2602" to hear a busy signal. This was
Nintendo's old customer service line. Proof that even Nintendo has a sense
of humour.

Game Genie Codes
Code      Effect
AAVETLGE  Mike Tyson Mode - One punch knocks out your opponent.

Harder Game
When a match first starts, when the you are being shown the opponent
(where it shows your and your opponent's current stats) press select
repeatedly. This will lower you life gauge, so the more you press select,
the lower amount of life you will start out with. This also disables
the ability to regain lives between rounds for every match in which
you use it, so beware!!

To get some of your life back after a round, press Select repeatedly. This
trick only works once.

You'll be a contender with these knockout passwords.

Fight             Password
Major Circuit     005 737 5423
World Circuit     777 807 3454
Super Macho Man   940 861 8538
Super Macho Man   267 913 7638 (23 wins!)
Piston Honda      032 730 8442 (2nd fight)
Don Flamenco      005 373 5423
Mike Tyson        007 373 5963
China             777 807 3454

View Credits
To view the credits, enter the password "106 113 0120", then press A + B
+ Select simultaneously.

Here is a Game Genie Code that you can use. It is called "Mike Tyson Mode"
and allows you to knock out your opponents with one punch:

Code      Effect
AAVETLGE  Mike Tyson Mode; one punch knocks out your opponent.

5) Thanks

For the passwords in the FAQ section.

Game Sages
For the Tricks


6) Legal Information

Mike Tyson's Punchout, and Punchout, belong to Nintendo, and I
have no association with them what so ever. You may not use this
on your site unless you have my written permission, nor may you
re-produce it, sell it, or alter it in anyway. The latest version
of this FAQ can always be found at:


This FAQ is copyright  1999-2000 by Outkast and Mike Tyson's Punchout
is copyright  1987-1988 by Nintendo.