Item/Weapon FAQ by Juigi Kario

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 09/11/04 | Printable Version

Fire Emblem 1: Ankoku Ryuu To Hikari No Tsurugi
(Dark Dragon and Sword of Light)
Weapon/Item FAQ
Version 1.1
By Juigi

Table of contents
1. Introduction
2. Version notes
3. Physical Weapons
-a. Swords
-b. Spears
-c. Axes
-d. Bows
-e. Catapaults
-f. Mamkute Stones
4. Magic
-a. Black Magic
-b. White Magic
5. Miscellaneous items
-a. Promotion items
-b. Stat increasers
-c. Other
6. Credits

(Copied directly from AstroBlue's FFTA FAQ.)
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1. Introduction

Hello. In case you don't go to the GameFAQ Boards and haven't seen my 
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Fire Emblem is a Strategy RPG series that has yet to be in America. So why 
are Marth (from Fire Emblem 1 and 3) and Roy (from Fire Emblem 6) in Super 
Smash Bros. Melee? Because SSBM was made in Japan. Both characters were the 
Lord/Leader of an army in their respective games, so they needed to survive 
for you to avoid Game Over.

Anyway, I'm making In-depth FAQs to make the size of my main FAQ/Walkthrough 
smaller. It's already going to be big enough without In-game Lists. Besides, 
if I put up several Fire Emblem FAQs at once, I might be able to make it more 
popular. Anyway, this Weapon/Item FAQ is one of the lesser FAQs I'm going to 
put up.

Oh yeah, about me:

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Japanese text addition notes: all Japanese characters are assumed to be 2 
characters long. In addition, I'm using "tu", "ti", and "si" in place of 
"tsu", "chi", and "shi" respectively in case you're confused. Small vowels 
are abbreviated as they would be in Romanji, so "jiyo" with "yo" being a 
small vowel becomes "jo." FYI, this applies only with "shi", "ji", and "chi" 
because they're the only convertable ones.

2. Version notes

*Version 1.1 (9/11/2004) - Serious reformatting. Section removed and charts 
made for easier reference. Since it's been 3 years exactly since the 9/11 
incident, don't forget to think of the people who died in said indicent.

*Version 1.03 (8/4/2003) - Personal info added.

*Version 1.02 (4/24/2003) - Navigation made slightly easier.

*Version 1.01 (4/22/2003) - FAQ should be done for sure. Just weapon tips not 
done yet.

*Version 1.0 (4/10/2003) - FAQ should be done. Just a couple of things 

*Version 0.9 (3/2/2003) - FAQ started. Still missing some items.

4. Physical weapons

a. Swords 

Information: The lightest of the physical melee weapons, Swords are also 
typically least powerful. However, most heroes prefer them, and Knights 
sometimes use them too.

|Name  |Might|Drblty|WLvl|HitR|CHR|Wght|  Defeats|     Special|
|IronS |    5|    42|   2|100%| 0%|   3|         |            |
|Rapier|    5|    28|Mrth|100%|10%|   1|SKnt,Armr|            |
|SteelS|    8|    38|   2| 80%| 0%|   4|         |            |
|SlvrS |   12|    17|   9|100%| 0%|   3|         |            |
|ArKill|    5|    22|   3| 80%| 0%|   2|     Armr|            |
|DKill |    6|    16|   7| 80%| 0%|   2|DKnt,Drgn|            |
|KillS |    8|    22|   7|100%|20%|   2|         |            |
|ThndrS|    7|    20|   8| 90%| 0%|   2|         | MagicAttack|
|DevilS|   17|    19|   1|100%| 0%|   5|         |   DmgToUser|
|MrclS |   18|    42|Mrth|100%|10%|   3|         |            |
|Flchn |   10|Perfct|Mrth|100%| 0%|   3|EarthDrgn|    Falchion|

*Drblty = Durability; number of times the weapon can be used before breaking
*Perfct = Perfect; weapon will never break so it can be used infinite times
*WLvl = minimal Weapon Level required for equipping the weapon
*Mrth = Marth only
*HitR = Hit Rate of weapon
*CHR = Critical Hit Rate of weapon
*Wght = Weight of weapon
*Defeats = classes weak to the particular weapon
*SKnt = Social Knight and Paladin
*Armr = Armor Knight and General
*DKnt = Dragon Knight
*Drgn = Dragons, excluding the Earth Dragon
*EarthDrgn = Earth Dragon
*Special = special traits of the weapon
*MagicAttack = is used for attacking like with a Tome
*DmgToUser = (21 - user's Luck)% chance of damaging the user if they miss or 
*Falchion = fully heals user if Used, also seals sword and spear attacks on 
the user when equipped
*IronS = Iron Sword
*SteelS = Steel Sword
*SlvrS = Silver Sword
*ArKill = Armor Killer
*DKill = Dragon Killer
*KillS = Kill Sword
*ThndrS = Thunder Sword
*DevilS = Devil Sword
*MrclS = Miracle Sword
*Flchn = Falchion

-Tetsu no Tsurugi (てつのつるぎ - Iron Sword)
*Fighting using this weapon: This is your basic sword. It's useful early on, 
but starting Chapter 5, be sure to use this sword only if you want a speed 
advantage and you can't sacrifice too much power by using this.
*Fighting against this weapon: Most methods can work on defeating this 
weapon. So I can't give you any major tips.

-Rapier (レイピア)
*Fighting using this weapon: This is a really good weapon for a long time. 
Hey. If it weren't limited to Marth, then the whole of Chapter 8 would be a 
joke. Oh well. At least you can nearly turn a total wimp into a one man army 
in a hurry by giving Marth this.
*Fighting against this weapon: YOU CAN'T FIGHT AGAINST THIS WEAPON! HAVEN'T I 

-Hagane no Tsurugi (はがねのつるぎ - Steel Sword)
*Fighting with this weapon: This is a Sword of Choice because of the 
Sharpness and low Required Level. Just watch out for the Weight. This is one 
of the swords with the lowest hit rate. Once you can buy Silver Swords, 
however, just give them to Theives.
*Fighting against this weapon: A stronger sword than the Iron. Just have high 
Physical Defense people fight off this weapon.

-Armor Killer (アーマーキラー)
*Fighting using this weapon: Oh God. Against Social Knights, you'd rather use 
an Iron Sword; the only two people on your side who ever have sub-4 Weapon 
Levels are Julian and Ricardo, both of whom have only a Weapon Level of 2 and 
have no Weapon Level growth whatsoever. The durability is lousy, and the HR 
is tied for worst of the Swords. It's only effective against Armor 
Knights/Generals so use ONLY against them. That's a redeeming factor because 
Armor Knights/Generals have nastily high Physical Defense and you can't fight 
the Armor Knight reinforcements AND Social Knight reinforcements in Chapter 8 
with one character in a single turn, making this Sword a must for that 
chapter. (Well, you can, but only with Sheeda and she's weak vs. Bow attacks, 
which the Bow Knight reinforcements can use.)
*Fighting against this weapons. Can you defeat Iron Swords without Armor 
Knights? If you can, then this is easier to defeat.

-Gin no Tsurugi (ぎんのつるぎ - Silver Sword)
*Fighting using this weapon: Silver Swords are better than Steel Swords, 
except in the areas of durability and required level. Until you can buy them, 
don't overuse them, and until a lot of your sword-using troops can use them, 
don't buy too many of them. Once your troops can use them, however, you can 
make a more devastating army easily.
*Fighting against this weapon: Attack magic should cause the defeat of this 
weapon's user, so use it.

-Kill Sword (キルソード)
*Fighting using this weapon: This Sword REALLY kills like the name implies. 
It's the only Sword with any CH Rate, but the CH Rate is 20%, and no weapon 
has a higher CH Rate, plus the Sharpness is decent, at 8 points.
*Fighting against this weapon: Okay. Now you really have to go with using 
your Bow Guns and such before sending a melee weapon user to finish off the 
idiot. If you MUST allow a melee weapon user to be hit by this annoyance, 
then choose one with high HP, Physical Defense, and Fight Speed.

-Dragon Killer (ドラゴンキラー)
*Fighting using this weapon: Okay. Notice that Dragon Knights and Mamkutes 
BOTH have insane Physical Defense? Now this makes this weapon very useful. 
Be conservative, though, because there's only one Dragon Killer you can get 
before the final chapter.
*Fighting against this weapon: Now for fighting AGAINST this weapon, just 
keep Dragon Knights and Mamkutes AWAY at ALL times. If it weren't for the 
special, it would be just like a weaker albeit lighter Steel Sword.

-Thunder Sword (サンダーソード)
*Fighting using this weapon: Since most units have no Magic Defense and this 
weapon can be used by most useful people and from 2 spaces away, keeping one 
around is always a good idea.
*Fighting against this weapon: Magic Shield whoever will fight the holder. 
Then the victor will be clear from the start.

-Devil Sword (デビルソード)
*Fighting using this weapon: A Devil weapon with perfect Hit Rate? Sounds 
good. Just never have units with low Skill and Luck use this weapon because 
they'd risk losing their lives just by missing. If you're smart, you'll bait 
annoyingly tough enemies right off good terrain and then have a high skill 
unit strike with this nasty weapon. Don't overuse this weapon; it isn't 
*Fighting against this weapon: Use ONLY ranged attacks on the user until 
(s)he's dead or almost dead. You have to be REALLY lucky for the "special" to 

-Miracle Sword (メリクル)
*Fighting using this weapon: Sadly, this is limited to Marth, and he'll be 
able to use it for only 6 Chapters before he can use a better Sword
*Fighting against this weapon: Since only Marth can use this weapon, fighting 
against the weapon unless you're the Dark Dragon is like ruling the entire 
universe. What do I mean? I mean it is impossible.

-Falchion (ファルシオン)
*Fighting using this weapon: Heehee. This sword is one of the best swords; a 
decent Sharpness rating, perfect durability, and the ability to have the user 
(Marth) heal himself all make this weapon good. Too bad you get it near the 
end of the game, and if you don't know what to do, you won't get it. You 
still should have it against the last boss of the game though.

b. Spears

Information: Spears are the most balanced of the melee weapons. They may not 
have Strengths but that is their only real weakness when they're used against 
Swords and Axes. Knights like to use Spears because of their high reach. 
Spears have no Critical Hit Rate bonuses, so that's excluded.

|Name  |Might|Drblty|WLvl|HitR|Wght|Defeats|     Special|
|IronL |    8|    38|   1| 80%|   6|       |            |
|Jvlin |    7|    22|   3| 70%|   6|       |     Range+1|
|KnKill|    5|    14|   4| 90%|   5|   SKnt|            |
|SlvrL |   12|    20|   7| 80%|   7|       |            |
|Gldius|   20|    17|  14|100%|   4|       |     Gladius|

*Range+1 = maximum attack Range increased by 1
*Gladius = fully heals user if Used, Range+1
*IronL = Iron Lance (Regular Spear)
*Jvlin = Javelin (Hand Spear)
*KnKill = Knight Killer
*SlvrL = Silver Lance (Silver Spear)
*Gldius = Gladius

-Yari (やり - Regular Spear)
*Fighting using this weapon: If you must do some decent damage early on, go 
ahead and use this weapon. But once you can use Steel Swords, get rid of the 
Regular Spears, because the only differences is who can use either a Regular 
Spear and a Steel Sword (the only Spear users can use Swords anyway), 
*Required Levels (higher for Steel Sword, but only by one point that doesn't 
make a difference), and the Weight (lower for Steel Sword by 2 points).
Fighting against this weapon: Treat like a heavier Steel Sword. No problem.

-Te Yari (てやり - Hand Spear)
*Fighting using this weapon: The only way to make good use of this weapon is 
to take advantage of the extra range. If you want your SKs to fight up-close, 
then the Regular Spear is better.
*Fighting against this weapon: It's rather odd that weapons can be semi-lousy 
when the player uses them but they are a nightmare to fight when the computer 
uses them. Anyway, have a high Physical Defense character fight the holder.

-Knight Killer (ナイトキラー)
*Fighting using this weapon: Since the durability is THIS far away from being 
pure crud....*holds his hand up with Index Finger and Thumb out and close to 
each other as he says the last 7 words he said*....the reliability is low. 
Only use this weapon against Paladins or strong Social Knights.
*Fighting against this weapon: Keep your Social Knights and Paladins away at 
all times! They'll stand LITTLE chance of surviving if they aren't protected 
from this weapon. Other than that, there's not much to worry about.

-Gin no Yari (ぎんのやり - Silver Spear)
*Fighting using this weapon: Give this weapon to fast people, especially 
Pegasus Knights; this weapon always compliment fast people.
*Fighting against this weapon: The sharpness is rather annoying. Just take 
advantage of the weakness of the class of the holder or use ranged attacks.

-Gradius (グラディウス)
*Fighting using this weapon: This is one of the Royal Weapons. Everything but 
the Durability and Required Level are great, especially/even for a Spear. 
Avoid overusing this weapon at all costs though.
*Fighting against this weapon: Before you can get this weapon, you must fight 
it and its holder, Camus. You have to check Part 3 of my Walkthrough for 
defeating him......

c. Axes

Information: Axes are the most powerful of the melee weapons. However, they 
are heavy and also have fairly low accuracy. Thankfully, they are durable, 
except for the Hand and Devil Axes. None of them have a CH Rate bonus, and 
only Axemen and Pirates can use Axes.

|Name  |Might|Drblty|WLvl|HitR|Wght|Defeats|     Special|
|IronA |    7|    43|   1| 80%|   7|       |            |
|Hammer|    6|    40|   2| 70%|   6|   Armr|            |
|HandA |    5|    13|   3| 60%|   9|       |     Range+1|
|SteelA|    9|    31|   2| 70%|   9|       |            |
|DevilA|   20|     9|   4| 70%|  14|       |   DmgToUser|

*IronA = Iron Axe (Regular Axe)
*HandA = Hand Axe
*SteelA = Steel Axe
*DevilA = Devil Axe

-Ono (おの - Regular Axe)
*Fighting using this weapon: It's in the middle of the Axes when it comes to 
Sharpness, but it has the second lowest weight, the highest hit rate, and the 
best durability of the axes. Use this or the Hammer; both compliment the Axe 
users' strength.
*Fighting against this weapon: Now this is like a weaker Silver Spear, but 
the problem is the few people who use this have no direct weaknesses. Just 
use bow strikes or have people with high Physical Defense fight this weapon 
off though.

-Hammer (ハンマー)
*Fighting using this weapon: This weapon seems useless because the Regular 
Axe is sharper and more accurate, and Axemen are already strong enough to 
deal any damage to Armor Knights with normal damage, but the point of this 
weapon is to deal even more damage to Armor Knights. Better yet, this axe has 
the lowest weight rating of the Axes too, so Armor Knights, especially Spear 
users, won't be able to get two hits on the Axemen; the Axemen will be 
getting the twin-hits instead.
*Fighting against this weapon: DO NOT HAVE ARMOR KNIGHTS ATTACK WHOMEVER IS 
HOLDING THIS! Not only will they be smashed to pieces in a hurry, but only L1 
and L2 Pirates don't have enough speed to keep all of it from being negated. 
Just have other high Physical Defense people beat down the users instead.

-Te Ono (ておの - Hand Axe)
*Fighting using this weapon: Be VERY careful with this weapon; only one 
weapon has worse hit rate than this and that's a Catapault anyway; all the 
other weapons have better hit rate. Sharpness and durability are both LOW, 
and out of all the weapons aside from most Catapaults and the Earth Dragon 
Stone, this has the highest Weight rating except for the Devil Axe. The extra 
range might be nice though.
*Fighting against this weapon: Just like the Javelin, it can be a real pain 
for the player to use this weapon effectively and yet it can be a real pain 
to fight off. High Physical Defense characters should take out the user 

-Hagane no Ono (はがねのおの - Steel Axe)
*Fighting using this weapon: You better be careful with this axe; it may be 
sharp and used by strong people, but it's still heavy. Personally, I wouldn't 
even bother using a Steel Axe; Axemen are already strong so the sharpness is 
unneeded, and if you're looking for a lousy useful Axe, go for the Hand Axe 
*Fighting against this weapon: Now this is really getting worse. Even high 
Physical Defense characters may find themselves shaking in their boots if you 
make them. Bow strikes will take care of the idiots who use this though.

-Devil Axe (デビルアクス)
*Fighting using this weapon: Don't use this axe if you can help it; this has 
low durability AND high Weight, not to mention there's the chance, though 
semi-low, that the Devil Axe will backfire.
*Fighting against this weapon: Okay. The sharpness is annoyingly high. Use 
ONLY ranged attacks; until the user is badly battered, melee attacks are a 
bad idea. If you feel REALLY lucky, just let the DA user attack your units. 
If they miss and the Special activates, you'll end up scoring a quick victory 
over the idiot.

d. Bows

Information: Bows are used by Archers to fire Arrows from a distance. Most 
Bows are light and all are fairly accurate, but tend to be weak. All Bows are 
also the weakness of Pegasus and Dragon Knights. All bows must be used from 2 
spaces away from an enemy if they are to be used.

|Name  |Might|Drblty|WLvl|HitR|CHR|Wght|     Special|
|IronB |    4|    33|   1| 90%| 0%|   1|            |
|XBow  |    5|    37|   2|100%|20%|   2|            |
|SteelB|    7|    28|   3| 80%| 0%|   3|            |
|SlvrB |   11|    24|   7| 80%| 0%|   6|            |
|Partia|   17|    17|  13|100%| 0%|   3| Use:MShield|

*Use:MShield = grants Magic Shield status to user if Used
*IronB = Iron Bow (Regular Bow and Arrows)
*XBow = Cross Bow (Bow Gun)
*SteelB = Steel Bow
*SlvrB = Silver Bow

-Yumi (ゆみ - Regular Bow and Arrows)

-Bow Gun (ボウガン)

-Hagane no Yumi (はがねのゆみ - Steel Bow)

-Gin no Yumi (ぎんのゆみ - Silver Bow)

-Partia (パルティア)
*Fighting using this weapon: This is like a Bow version of the Gradius. Like 
the Gradius, never overuse this weapon.
*Fighting against this weapon: THIS IS A ROYAL WEAPON AND YOU AUTOMATICALLY 

e. Catapaults

Information: Catapaults are attachments to the Shooters' chariots to allow 
them to fire arrows. Even Snipers can't use them. They are fairly sharp and 
can be fired from a distance and most are accurate, but all of them have no 
CH Rate bonus, cannot fire close up, and take some time to fire......

|Name  |Might|Drblty|WLvl|HitR|Wght|Defeats|
|QuickR|   12|    27|   1| 90%|   7|   Flyr|
|StoneH|   15|    43|   2| 50%|  13|       |
|FireGn|   12|    23|   5|100%|  10|       |
|ThndrC|   10|    54|   6| 90%|  11|   Shtr|
|Elphnt|   18|    19|   1| 90%|  12|       |

*Flyr = Aviator; refers to Pegasus and Dragon Knights
*Shtr = Shooter
*QuickR = Quick Rain
*StoneH = Stone Hedge
*FireGn = Fire Gun
*ThndrC = Thunder Bolt (the C is "Catapault" to avoid confusion with "B"ows)
*Elpnt = Elephant [Gun]

-Quick Rain (クインクレイン)
*Fighting using this weapon: Not bad. Such low weight can allow Shooters to 
attack twice as long as the enemy isn't too fast. Unfortunately, Sharpness is 
the lowest of the Catapaults, but it is still very good.

-Stone Hedge (ストーンヘッジ)
*Fighting using this weapon: This is one of the worst weapons in the whole 
game. Sure the sharpness and durability aren't bad, but the Hit Rate and 
Weight are both ridiculously annoying! Don't waste your money on this unless 
you're sure you can make good use of this.

-Fire Gun (ファイヤーガン)
*Fighting using this weapon: Now this is very good. Perfect Hit Rate and 
decent Sharpness and Durability means that you'll be having a better time 
with your Shooters. Sadly, the weight is somewhat high, but at least the 
other Catapaults except Quick Rain have higher weight. Nevertheless, buy this 
if you have enough money to spare.

-Thunder Bolt (サンダーボルト)
*Fighting using this weapon: This isn't buyable. Even though this fatigues 
less than any other item except infinite use items (Falchion and Dragon 
Stones) you should still save this for enemy Shooters.

-Elephant (エレファント)
*Fighting using this weapon: This isn't buyable either. And that's bad; this 
weapon can't really endure too much use either. Just save this up for those 
really nasty enemies, or better yet, you may want to use this to inflict a 
few extra points of damage on the last boss if your Shooters are well-armed 
enough (IE have 18+ Strength).

f. Mamkute Stones

Information: Mamkute Stones carry the hidden power of Mamkutes. Mamkutes once 
infested the land but some abused it to the point where they angered the 
Gods, so the Gods simply sealed their power within these stones, to let the 
humans wander freely through the world. Mamkutes are now victims of prejudice 
too. The two Mamkutes who can join your cause are Banut and Chiki. All Dragon 
Stones can only be used at melee range and have no CH rate but also have 
perfect Durability and give off a Physical Defense bonus.

|Name  |Might|PDfB|WLvl|HitR|Wght|Defeats|       Special|
|FireDS|   16|  12|----| 80%|   3|       |              |
|GodDS |   12|  15|Tiki|100%|   1|   Drgn|              |
|MgicDS|   18|  16|Enmy| 90%|   6|       |     MagicSeal|
|ErthDS|   20|  23|LstE| 70%|  10|       |EarthDragonStn|

*PDfB = Physical Defense bonus when equipped
*LstE = Last enemy (or last boss)
*MagicSeal = prevents Magic from working at all
*EarthDragonStn = MagicSeal, God Dragon Stone and Dragon Killer "Defeats" 
condition won't apply

-Ka Ryuu Seki (かりゅうせき - Fire Dragon Stone)
*Using this: Ah ha ha! Scratching Banut with this will be like scratching a 
Level 5 General that is weak vs. Dragon Killers rather than Hammers and Armor 
Killers. Unfortunately, Banut doesn't hit as often as you'd want him to, and 
his base stats are fairly low too. Feh.
*Fighting against this: Bring out your anti-Dragon weapons. The Dragon 
Killer's bonus will cancel out against the Physical Defense bonus, so if you 
use the Dragon Killer then you can safely treat the Fire Dragon like a low 
Physical Defense idiot. Just watch out for the high damage dealt. Either that 
or just send some high Strength characters, especially with some other 

-Shin Ryuu Seki (しんりゅうせき - God Dragon Stone)
*Using this: Tiki should have 5 Physical Defense when you get her, so right 
off the bat she'll be able to defend herself with ease, except against pesky 
Dragon Killers. The damage is nothing to praise, but if you make Tiki fast, 
she'll usually hit twice, usually hitting her target no less.
*Fighting against this: Only Tiki uses this weapon. You can recruit her before 
you have to fight her if you're careful though. Since she's a really useful 
ally, don't ask me on how to fight against this unless you want a challenge 
for the 6 chapters that follow.

-Ma Ryuu Seki (まりゅうせき - Magic Dragon Stone)
*Using this: Impossible unless you cheat......
*Fighting against this: Convenient. Insane Physical Defense bonus, very good 
Hit Rate, high Sharpness, and the fact that the user can't be hurt by magics 
all make a tough weapon to defeat. Use Anti-Dragon Weapons, or your army can 
expect to be wiped out. Hopefully, your Dragon Killer users have high base 
strength; they'll need it. Be thankful that the only chapter that isn't late 
where you face any Magic Mamkutes in is Chapter 17, and then there's only one 
of them there and he's the boss anyway.

-Chi Ryuu Seki (ちりゅうせき - Earth Dragon Stone)
*Using this: Only the last boss will ever use this. Don't even ask me on this.
*Fighting against this: Like I said, only the last boss ever uses this. 
Walkthrough Part 3 has information on how to defeat him.

4. Magic

a. Black Magic 

Information: Black Magics are casted by chanting the words in special books 
called tomes as quickly as possible without messing up. As with physical 
weapons, Black Magic usage is limited, this time by the fact that if the 
spell is casted too much, then the book loses its power until it is driven 

|Name  |Might|Drblty|WLvl|HitR|CHR|Wght|     Special|
|Fire  |    5|    25|   1|100%| 0%|   0|            |
|Thndr |    6|    21|   2| 90%| 0%|   1|            |
|Freeze|    7|    23|   3| 80%| 5%|   2|            |
|L.Fire|    9|    18|   4| 80%| 0%|   5|            |
|VCanon|   12|    13|   5| 70%| 0%|   6|            |
|Torron|   13|    21|   5|100%|10%|   3|            |
|Worm  |   16|    25|   7| 70%| 0%|   9|            |
|XClibr|   13|    33|Mric|100%|20%|   3|            |
|Aura  |   20|    25|Lnda| 90%| 0%|   7|            |
|Maph  |   14|Perfct|Grnf| 70%| 0%|   9|Invncibility|
|StLght|   13|    12|   9|100%| 0%|   5|IgnoreMaphSp|

Mric = Maric only
Lnda = Linda only
Grnf = Garnef only
Invncibility = all attacks get sealed automatically
IgnoreMaphSp = Ignore the Maph's Special
Thndr = Thunder
L.Fire = Large Fire ("LFire")
VCanon = Volcannon
XClibr = Excaliber
StLght = Starlight

-Fire (ファイアー)
*Fighting using this weapon: Since so few units have any Magic Defense, this 
is a pretty good spell. Hit Rate and Weight can't get any better. The real 
worries are the Sharpness and Durability.
*Fighting against this weapon: One use of Magic Shield will make the victor 
instantly clear, although the HP damage is kind of pitiful anyway.

-Thunder (サンダー)
*Fighting using this weapon: The only advantage of this spell over Fire is 
the one extra point of Sharpness; this spell does slightly worse in every 
other area.........
*Fighting against this weapon: Despite being stronger than Fire, you still 
might not want to even bother with Magic Shield to make the victor instantly 

-Freeze (ブリザー)
*Fighting using this weapon: This is almost as good as a Fire spell.
*Fighting against this weapon: One use of Magic Shield will decide the victor 
instantly, albeit barely. Or sending a high HP troop to dispatch the idiot 
will save you a use of Magic Shield. 

-Large Fire (エルファイア)
*Fighting using this weapon: I'd rather use a basic spell than use this. At 
least I'd get better results with Freeze.
*Fighting against this weapon: This is the first of buyable spells that 
cannot be completely blocked. However, it's still too weak to do any major 
damage to anybody who is under a full power Magic Shield. Quickly take out 
the user though, so that he can't become a pain.

-Volcannon (ボルガノン)
*Fighting using this weapon: The Durability and Weight are both annoying. But 
the Sharpness is good. If you can't use Torron or Worm, use this instead.
*Fighting against this weapon: Just great. A weapon that still does 5 damage 
to anybody under a full power Magic Shield. Magic Shield a physical 
powerhouse and then have that powerhouse strike the idiot down.

-Torron (トロン)
*Fighting using this weapon: This beats Volcannon in every area but cost. A 
must use if you have plenty of money.
*Fighting against this weapon: See my anti-Volcannon user strategy. (Just 
above.) This time, you have to fight off 1 extra point of damage per hit, and 
more likely all the damage could end up being tripled too, so it would be a 
range of anywhere from 18 to 39, depending on Magic Defense level.

-Worm (ウォーム)
*Fighting using this weapon: Another weapon better than Volcannon, except for 
Weight. Definately use this or Torron.
*Fighting against this weapon: Take advantage of the lowered speed and have 
only High HP characters, Magic Shielded of course, fight the idiot off. Never 
let this spell critical, because the damage is just too high.

-Excaliber (エクスカリバー)
*Fighting using this weapon: A useful personal weapon. Fairly high power and 
a very good CH rate. However, you probably will want to save it for certain 
*Fighting against this weapon: WHAT? Maric is in love with Marth's sister, 
who is already a natural ally, and he's the only person who can use this. Why 
the HFIL would Maric fight against the army of his sweetheart's brother?

-Aura (オーラ)
*Fighting using this weapon: Another personal Tome. Beware though; if you 
overuse this, it WILL break. Granted, nearly anything will break if overused, 
but the durability is only average and it is one of a kind. The really high 
power is useful though.
*Fighting against this weapon: ........this belongs strictly to Linda, who is 
a natural ally.

-Maph (マフー)
*Fighting using this weapon: Don't even ask on this.
*Fighting against this weapon: Only Garnef ever uses this spell, and he's an 
enemy. Watch out; only Starlight can nullify the Special, and during your 
first encounter with Garnef, you can't have Starlight already, so you better 
stay away from him. If for some reason you can't/won't avoid a fight with 
him there and then, DEFINATELY use the Magic Shield to guard against the high 

-Starlight (スターライト)
*Fighting using this weapon: Only use this on Garnef. The durability is low, 
and without this weapon, you cannot defeat Garnef and score the Falchion.
*Fighting against this weapon: As if you can, when the person who made the 
Tome is a good guy (albeit one full of anti-human bias).

b. White Magic

Information: White Magics are casted by waving special Wands around while 
chanting certain words. They are used mainly for support. The Wands, like the 
Tomes required for Black Magics, have a limited amount of power that can be 
used before they become useless.

-Live (ライブ)
*Durability: 20 uses
*Required WL: 1
*Use: undoes 10 HPs of damage to an adjacent unit.
*Comments: Your basic healing wand. Keep this around in the early stages of 
the game.

-Relieve (リライブ)
*Durability: 16 uses
*Required WL: 2
*Use: undoes 20 HPs of damage to an adjacent unit.
*Comments: A better healing staff. Once you can buy this, just waste your Live 
Wands, in the most convenient way if you can, and then give Relieve Wands to 
your Healers and Priests.

-Recover (リカバー)
*Durability: 13 uses
*Required WL: 3
*Use: undoes all damage of an adjacent unit.
*Comments: A must have around. With ANY battered unit suddenly back at full 
health, the enemies will find themselves going right back to shaking in their 

-Reblow (リブロー)
*Durability: 10 uses
*Required WL: 7
*Use: undoes 10 HPs of damage to one unit anywhere on the map.
*Comments: Don't waste too much money on buying Reblow Wands; Reserve Wands, 
which you should already have by the end of Chapter 17, are a LOT more 
effective AND they're more durable.....

-Reserve (リサーバ)
*Durability: 12 uses
*Required WL: 8
*Use: undoes 10 HPs of damage to all ally units on the map.
*Comments: Always keep a Reserve around; you never know when you may need 
that extra 10 HPs for each and every person.

-Warp (ワープ)
*Durability: 7 uses
*Required Level: 7
*Use: sends an adjacent unit to a desired location.
*Comments: only use this under certain circumstances; you can't buy this, 
plus the durability is low.

-Magic Shield (M*シールド)
*Durability: 18 uses
*Required Level: 8
*Use: ups the Magic Defense of an adjacent unit by 7 points, effect decreases 
by 1/7 per turn.
*Comments: Hahaha! This cuts down damage dealt by spells. Most units have no 
Magic Defense at all but no other stats affect damage dealt by Magic. So on 
the turn this is used, the affected unit is automatically immune to the basic 
spells, period. Just don't overuse this though; you might need a major Magic 
Defense edge to last against Garnef's wrath in Chapter 15.

-Hammerne (ハマーン)
*Durability: 12 uses
*Required Level: Rena only
*Use: repairs an adjacent unit's item
*Comments: Oh yes! Something that can be used to repair items. Be sure to 
save this for royal weapons or other useful items (that can be used more than 
once) that cannot be bought; this item CANNOT be bought. It's one-of-a-kind 

-Oum (オーム)
*Durability: 1 use
*Required Level: Ellis only
*Use: revives a dead ally when used in a certain spot in Chapter 24
*Comments: This is a late game item, so this is useless, considering that 
unless you let somebody worthwhile die, and fairly late into the game at that 
too, there will be NOBODY that you can revive who will be able to help at all 
while you're fighting Dolua's last defenses preventing entry into Dolua 
Castle, let alone when (although "if" may be more appropriate than "when") 
you invade Dolua Castle. Ah well. I suppose suiciding somebody when you fight 
Garnef during the last time will work as the best way to make sure this staff 
is useful.

5. Miscellaneous items

a. Promotion Items

Information: These items are, natch, used to promote units. They must be at 
level 10 at least before they can be promoted. Since they go back to level 1 
when promoted, you better wait until the unit you want to promote reaches 
level 20 before promoting him/her.

-Kishi No Kunshou (きしのくんしょう - Knight's Medal)
*Which classes can be promoted by this: Social Knight
*Promoted to: Paladin
*People who could use this: Kain, Abel, Marchis, Hardin, Roshi, and Birak

-Hiryuu No Muchi (ひりゅうのむち - Dragon Whip)
*Which classes can be promoted by this: Pegasus Knight
*Promoted to: Dragon Knight
*People who could use this: Sheeda, Katua, Paola, and Est

-Yuusha No Akashi (ゆうしゃのあかし - Hero's Proof)
*Which classes can be promoted by this: Mercenary
*Promoted to: Hero
*People who could use this: Oguma, Navarre, Raddy, and Caesar

-Orion No Yami (オリオンのや - Orion's Arrow)
*Which classes can be promoted by this: Archer
*Promoted to: Sniper
*People who could use this: Gordon and Thomas

-Shisai No Yubiwa (しさいのゆびわ - Priest's Ring)
*Which classes can be promoted by this: Healer and Magician
*Promoted to: Priest
*People who could use this: Riff, Rena, Maric, Maria, Linda, and Ellis

b. Stat increasers

Information: These items permanently increase a particular stat by a 
particular number of points depending on what the item is. You'll quickly 
learn to love these, even though they have only one measly use and finding 
who to use these on may be difficult.....

-Tenshi No Koroma (てんしのころま - Angel's Clothing)
*Stat permanently increased: Max HP
*By how many points: 9
*Comments: Always give this to anybody needing a Max HP boost. This means 
Maria. 9 extra points of Max HP per use is rather good.

-Power Ring (パワーリング)
*Stat permanently increased: Strength
*By how many points: 4
*Comments: NEVER use this on Magic users; Strength does NOT help them at all. 
EVER! Instead, give this to units other than Chainy who need this.

-Hiden no Sho (ひでんのしょ - Mystery Book)
*Stat permanently increased: Skill
*By how many points: 5
*Comments: Skill affects Hit Rate, and as long as that is kept high, hitting 
a target will be less difficult. Give Mystery Books for people like Daros who 
need them.

-Manual (マニュアル)
*Stat permanently increased: Weapon Level
*By how many points: 5
*Comments: There's only one Manual and it doesn't have too much usefulness. 
Weapon Level increases become useless once Weapon Level gets to a certain 
point. The one Manual should be given to Julian or Ricardo; they're the only 
ones who could need it, and this isn't buyable anyway.

-Speed Ring (スピードリング)
*Stat permanently increased: Speed
*By how many points: 6
*Comments: Evade isn't too reliable, but you don't need to care too much 
about THAT when you can either stop your opponent from hitting you twice per 
round or even allow yourself to hit your opponent twice per round. Give this 
to somebody who will end up really slow.

-Megami no Zou (めがみのぞう - Goddess Statue)
*Stat permanently increased: Luck
*By how many points: 7
*Comments: Luck isn't too reliable, but just in case, give somebody like Riff 
a Goddess Statue.

-Ryuu no Tate (りゅうのたて - Dragon Shield)
*Stat permanently increased: Physical Defense
*By how many points: 3
*Comments: The low increase amount isn't surprising, but it isn't good 
either. However, with HP levels being rather high late in the game, 3 extra 
points for Physical Defense CAN make a difference, be it small or big.

-Boots (ブーツ)
*Stat permanently increased: Movement Power
*By how many points: 4
*Comments: Movement Power is an important stat since it determines how many 
squares a unit can move maximum in one turn. Some units already have very 
good movement power, like Social Knights and Dragon Knights. However, others 
desperately need more movement power, namely Shooters and Armor Knights. So 
give the Boots to anybody from either class.

-Mayoke (まよけ - Amulet)
*Stat permanently increased: Magic Defense
*By how many points: 7
*Comments: Give this to somebody useful, unless most of your troops need 
this, in which case, give it to whoever needs it the most. Anybody holding an 
Amulet will never be hurt by basic attack spells again. All other attack 
spells will do less damage as well. The maximum Magic Defense anybody can 
have is 7 so one use is all that is needed.

c. Keys

Information: These keys are used for exploration and movement purposes.

-Tobira No Kagi (とびらのかぎ - Door Key)
*Durability: 1 use
*Use: unlocks doors, making them disappear from the map.
*Comments: Ugh. An item already driven somewhat useless; you'd already have a 
Theif with a Theif Key before you get a single Door Key. At least you save 
uses of the Theif Key with naturally obtained Door Keys, but why buy them 
when you should have 2 Theif Keys already on Chapter 8?

-Hanebashi No Kagi (はねばしのかぎ - Drawbridge Key)
*Durability: 1 use
*Use: makes drawbridges go down, turning them into bridges.
*Comments: And here we have another useless item. You already have 2 or so 
Theif Keys before even finding a Drawbridge Key, let alone being able to buy 
one. Don't waste your money. You should use only the ones you find anyway.

-Touzoku No Kagi (とうぞくのかぎ - Theif Key)
*Durability: 16 uses
*Use: unlocks doors and lowers drawbridges. Theif only items.
*Comments: This is a multipurpose item used only to open doors and 
drawbridges, but in journeys like these, treasure hunting and doing either of 
those things can get important, even if it doesn't seem like it. The decent 
durability makes this a valuable item, but the problem is you'd have to bring 
in Julian and/or Ricardo for a map whenever you want to use this item.

d. Orbs

Information: these orbs, found in the Rahman Temple, have special powers, 
most likely directly related to the Fire Emblem.........

-Daichi No Oobu (だいちのオーブ - Earth Orb)
*Durability: 3 uses
*Use: Everything on the map (including allies) takes 5-12 damage apiece

-Hoshi No Oobu (ほしのオーブ - Star Orb)
*Held: Weapons don't fatigue

-Hikari No Oobu (ひかりのオーブ - Light Orb)
*Held: Opponent's terrain boost is nullified

e. Cards

Information: These cards are used to help the Alteans with their business, 
and only need to be in a shopper's posession to be useful.

-Silver Card (シルバーカード)
*Held: halves the price of everything at shops

-Member Card (メンバーカード)
*Held: allows the holder into a Secret Shop

f. Other

Information: These items are used to help Marth and his troops survive.

-Kizugusuri (きずぐすり - Ointment)
*Durability: 5 uses
*Use: restores 10 missing HPs
*Comments: Bah. By the time you get one piece of Ointment, you'll already 
have a Healer, and by the time you'd do much healing in mid-battle, you'd 
already be in Chapter 8, when you can buy Healing Wands AND you have 2 
Healers AND a Priest if you took care of all three of them. Unless you want a 
challenge, I'd throw this away if I were you.

-Seisui (せいすい - Pure Water)
*Durability: 5 uses
*Use: same as Magic Shield on user
*Comments: Somewhat useless. Ugh. This is only better than Magic Shield if 
you can't make use of all of the temporary Magic Defense points anyway and 
you don't have to swap weapons. Only waste your money if you're going to go 
abusing arenas in Chapters 11 and 16 or if you want to have this sort of an 
edge at any time before halfway through Chapter 17.....

6. Credits

I must thank the members of the FESS Board at for their help, especially the post.

I'd like to thank anyway, because they provide information 
like Weights and Required Levels and such.

I'd like to thank Nintendo, and Intelligence Systems for this game AND SSBM, 
and anybody else involved in making SSBM, since SSBM is pretty much the 
reason why I even play Fire Emblem games in the first place.

I'd also like to thank for helping me 
translate some of the things, and the Kana Books by James W. Heisig for 
letting me navigate through the Kana. I'd also like to thank Fire Emblem 3 
for helping me find out about the Fire Dragon Stone among other things, and 
the FE3 FAQ writer for help on FE3 as well.

And give a good hand to AdamantNo1 for his Fire Emblem shrine at RPGC. The 
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This is copyright 2002-2004 Juigi and any of the sources. If I find out 
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