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                          Fire Emblem: FAQ/Walkthrough
                                 Written by:
                     Eaichu250 - lowlyeaichu@hotmail.com
                                 Verison - 1.0


Table of Contents:
          1: Introduction
I. Verison History
2: Game Basics
I. How to play the game
II. General Controls
III. Tips and Hints
3: General Walkthrough
I. Chapter One
II. Chapter Two
4: Legal Stuff

** 1 - INTRODUCTION - **

Heya! This would be Eaichu250, as usual.
This is a guide for the Japanese-only game, Fire Emblem, one of my all time
favorite Strategy game series. This guide is meant to help out the high demand
for a complete FAQ/Walkthrough for this game, and I hope it will be able to
help everybody that has problems in the game.

Fire Emblem is a completely Japanese game, and there has never been a release
of the game in the states. However, do not worry, I have some translations for
the game, and you will be able to read them in this guide,

I hope this FAQ will answer all the questions and such you have, if you have
any more questions, don't be afraid to nail me at -

Now, on with the FAQ!

-- Eaichu250


1.0 - Initial release of this FAQ. Things have just been started, so you cant
expect too much to be done. However, I am aiming to have a bit of information
done in every section, so you can expect some quick help. I'm trying my best
for this guide, so don't worry! ^_^

** 2. - GAME BASICS - **

Fire Emblem is actually a pretty basic game, at most. Like most strategy games
that can be found on consoles, Fire Emblem relies on pure chessboard type
strategy, and uses a turn-based engine. Sounds simple? Not really, this is
actually a game that requires you to use careful strategy for the most part,
and this is what the section will be covering.


For most people, trying to understand the game can actually be quite a pain.
However, it really isn't all that tough to understand.. I'll give you the
general layout of how to correctly play the game, moving units, and doing other
tasks. May seem rather confusing at first, but I assure you, you will get the
hang of it in no time!

Generally, when you first start the game.. you will see only a couple options,
it's suggested that you just pick a new game and start on with the game. I
doubt there's anything else that you would be planning to do at first.

When reading through the summaries of each chapter, there's nothing to it.. you
just press the A button to continue scrolling through the text, and afterwards,
you will be shown to a map with a several units on it.

Now, all units that are colored red.. those are enemies, your goal is usually
to kill all of these guys, or lower their number, since you wouldn't want them
running around.  Units that are colored blue are your guys, and you can move
them around with the control patterns. (Listed below)

So, what's the point? You have to move your units around, have them engage in
battles, buy items, visit villages.. all sorts of things. I will stress the
more important things when playing the game here..

The goal of every map is to conquer the castle, but there are many other things
that have to be done before doing this. When there are villages(large houses)
on the map, it's suggested that you move Marth into them in order to get
information or certain other items/characters.

Moving your fighting units up to enemy units will usually have them able to
engage in combat. For certain units, such as Archers, they will have to be two
steps away from the enemy in order to attack. You should be able to get the
hang of this for a while, it's not too hard to understand.

Be warned, when fighting in combat, striking the enemy with your weapon will
lower their weapon usage.. which means when the number next to the weapon goes
down to 0, the weapon will become broken. However, this can be avoided by
buying new weapons and taking caution. Remember to always stay efficient.


Will be up shortly.


Will be up shortly.


Chapter One: ?

Storyline information: The small island Kingdom, known as Talis, has recently
been attacked by the pirates of Garuda. The pirates have already succeeded in
taking over the Kingdom, and Princess Sheeda flees to Marth to tell him the
information of her escape and that he must rally his army and take back Talis.


Marth - Class: Lord.
Sheeda - Class: Pegasus Knight.
Jeigan - Class: Paladin.
Gordan - Class: Archer.
Doga - Class: Armor Knight.
Kain - Class: Social Knight.
Abel - Class: Social Knight.
Riff - Class: Priest. Recruited by having Marth move into the village on the
left of the map.

First off, I suggest that you do not use the character named Jeigan in this
chapter. Starting off, I suggest that you have Jeigan hand his Silver Spear to
Sheeda.. simply move Jeigan next to Sheeda, choose the first option, and then
choose the second one and then choose the 20-point item(which would be the
Silver Spear). Now, from now on, with Jeigan, I suggest not moving him and only
using him as defense, as he is a HORRIBLE character.

After that, have Sheeda and the Social Knights to attack the Thief to the
south, you dont want the Thief to be running around the map, since it has the
ability to destroy villages. Move Marth into the village, and you will get an
award of 10,000 Gold Pieces.. very useful for buying some items in the future,
but be careful not to waste too much of it.

Move your other units towards the castle to the left, and simply end your turn,
which can be done by pressing select, and choosing the bottom option.

Now, on the following turns, follow these steps and you should be able to get
through the chapter without a problem.

Keep all your characters in a defensive position, and have them be gathered in
a group, most of the enemies in this chapter are pathetically weak, but you
musnt underestimate them. Simply lure out the Pirates, and smack them down with
all your troops. Be careful to not have Sheeda be attacked by the Archer in
this level, because she will most likely be killed in one hit.. and I suggest
HIGHLY that you have none of your characters die. You must keep them alive at
all costs, if a character dies by accident, simply reload the game and follow
through again, being more careful.  Keep note of the three Pirates coming in
from the sea, it's suggested that you have Doga and the rest of your units stay
by the coastline and smack the Pirates when they are able to come onto the
shore. Make sure that you get rid of all the other enemies around the area
before dealing with the pirates from the sea, too, and dont let them surprise
you, keep a watch on them at all times.

Now, when moving onto the fort to the south, right by the castle and village to
the left, make sure that you have a healthy character sit on the fort, and have
your other characters gather slightly in the back of him. This will give the
character a significant boost to their dodge rate(unless you place Sheeda on
there) and they will have a lower chance of getting killed in battle. Now,
simply end your turn, and the three pirates surronding the castle should attack
the character on the fort.. you shouldnt have any problem with any of them. On
the following turn, simply nuke the Pirates and continue on with the castle.

Before anything else, however, move Marth onto the village and choose the top
option, which will allow a Healer named Riff to join your party. Riff's special
ability is to be able to heal a character, simply move him next to a character
that is wounded, and he will be able to use his healing staves on him. Later in
the game, you will be able to have a larger variety of staves that have special

Now, after all of that.. you only have one problem left, which would be the
boss sitting on the castle. You really shouldnt have any problems with him,
just have Sheeda with her Silver Speak attack him, and any of your other
healthy units gang up on him, he should go down in no time. Dont have any
wounded characters go into battle aganist him, and remember to use Riff to heal
any units that have a chance of dying aganist the boss.

After the boss has been killed, simply have Marth conquer the castle, this can
be done by moving Marth onto the spot where the boss was, and choosing the top

** II. - CHAPTER 2 - **

Storyline Information: The King of Talis congraulates Marth for his victory
aganist the Garuda Pirates in the Talis area, and gives Marth a small portion
of his army. Marth is now ready to go on his advance to Orleans, in order to
gain a stronger support for his army, and correct more wrongs in the land.


Note: Any characters that have DIED in the previous mission will not be here. I
highly suggest that you keep all units alive, however.

Marth - Class: Lord.
Sheeda - Class: Pegasus Knight.
Jeigan - Class: Paladin.
Gordan - Class: Archer.
Doga - Class: Armor Knight.
Kain - Class: Social Knight.
Abel - Class: Social Knight.
Riff - Class: Priest. Bald.  Recruited by having Marth move into the village on
the left of the map.
Oguma - Class: Sword Fighter.
Barts - Class: Axefighter.
Saji - Class: Axefighter.
Maji - Class: Axefighter.
Daros - Class: Pirate.  Recruited by having Marth initate a conversation with
him, or allowing Daros to talk to Marth.
Kashim - Class: Hunter.  Recruited by having Sheeda initate a conversation with

** 4 - LEGAL THINGS - **

This guide is under copyright laws. So you cannot copy it, give it to anybody,
sell this guide, rip it off and use it as your own guide, or make any profit
from this. If you would like to have this guide hosted on your site, you can
email me. I only allow GameFAQs to host this guide, currently.

The Fire Emblem series is copyrighted by Nintendo and Intelligent Systems.
I am in no way affilated with Nintendo or it's products.