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                                  Fire Emblem Ankoku Ryuu to Hikari No Ken
                                             by archayanami

Table of Contents

0.Legal Stuff
2.Character Stat Growths Chart and Character Information
3.Weapons and Items
4.Arena Survival Tips

0. Legal Stuff

This guide is under copyright protection. You cannot copy it. You cannot use
it in your site. You cannot distribute it to anyone, certainly you cannot
rip off and use this as your own guide or generate any profit from this.

e-mail me if you have any questions


General Tips to making you a pro in no time!

Fire Emblem is a turn based Strategy/RPG that you and
the enemy each gets a turn. Here are some helpful tips
that I possibly know to get things started.

-- You cannot collect any treasure that the thieves took. If
they have I recommend restarting the mission if the weapon/item
is irreplacible or rare.

-- You cannot see your characters movements like you
can in the later FE's. It's best to calculate the enemy's
movement in order to keep out of their ranges if your not
ready to battle them yet.

-- Only Marth can conquer a Castle,Fortress,fort or
throne to exit a chapter.

-- Flyers should be kept away from bow users. Unless that
enemy is close to dying.

-- Armor Knights cannot promote.

-- Thieves cannot promote.

-- Axemen cannot promote.

-- Put a character on a fort in order to heal them.

-- Use the terrain to your advantage to increase your
characters avoid and defense.

-- Only Marth can visit the villages. Not like the other
FE's starting from FE4 where just any character can visit it.

-- Do not use Jeigan and Boa. They almost grow NO
stats whatsoever.

-- Clerics cannot level up with the use of staves. They have to
be hit in order to level up.

-- The arenas have no exit!!!! If they lose they die instantly.
NO I really do mean it jam the B button all you want but they
WILL NOT ESCAPE. Just try to make a bargain with the owner to
ensure that they can get always get a win. This is not like the
other FE's with arenas in them where you can just jam the B
button to allow them to eascape. In this game if they lose they
die. And that's that! If your playing this on an emulator however
better use savestates to save them if they die in it. For the
cart you would otherwise will have to restart if you don't want
to lose that unit that is. For the actual cart especially use my
arena survival guide for more information.

-- A 1st class character must be at LV10 or higher in order to
promote them into their finest class.

-- A throne can heal anyone from 3-10 HP that is on it.

-- Gold is not a worry at all whatsoever in this game. Especially
with the arenas making this more than profitable enough.

-- Have a character stand on a fort to heal them 3-10 Hp per turn
and also get them to increase their evasion.

-- Use the terrain to increase their evasion.

-- Flyers should be kept away from bow users unless you can
have them finish them off. Otherwise keep them away from them
or most likely you will have yourself a dead flyer.


Chapter 1 Marth's Quest

Starting characters

Abel (!)
Kain (!)
Gordon (!)
Sheeda (!)

New Characters


Have Marth save the village west to have him talk to Marth


Boss- Salve


Right one- 10000G
Left One- Riff

Destroy the thief with whomever then secure the village.
Preferably Sheeda or any other Social Knight. As for the
rest of these guys standby with Doga. Form a position by
the houses and pick off the pirates with whomever. I prefer
every EXCEPT Jeigan. Because Jeigan may start off powerful now.
But his stat gains suk. DON'T use him. Then secure the village
to have Riff join you.

Oh and DON'T move Sheeda anywhere near the hunter or she'll
get wasted and you CERTAINLY don't want that. Pick the hunter
off ASAP so that Sheeda will be safe from harm. As soon as the
hunter is toast go ahead and send Sheeda to get her some EXP.
She's a wondeful unit as well as Abel and Kain. Send in Marth
to get some as well. But use Doga to soften them up though. Well
anyway after all of the pirates are defeated now it's time for your
first boss fight.

But be sure to have Marth use an Iron Sword. Not his
Rapier. Don't waste this though you'll soon will really need it.
Trust Me! And now for the boss snipe him off with Gordon. Take
note that you can actually train Gordon to LV5 by doing this. Well
anyway after the boss is a goner the baddie will drop a salve. Give
this to Marth preferably afterwards buy 3 Hand Spears and whatever else
you desire. Well afterwards have Marth conquer the castle after item
sorting is finished.

And oh yeah take Jeigan's Silver Spear and give it to Sheeda.
Buy a bow too and hand that to Gordon. And buy an Iron Spear
and hand that to Jeigan after you've took his Silver Spear and
handed that over to Sheeda. After that have Marth exit the chapter
by stepping on the castle to finish the chapter. Congradulations
you've just beaten the 1st chapter now on to the 2nd one.

Weapon Store

Iron Sword 320
Bow 400
Bow Gun 950
Axe 360
Spear 450
Hand Spear 600

Chapter 2 Garuda Pirates

Starting Characters

Oguma (!!!)

New Characters


Have Marth or allow him to talk to Marth.


Have Sheeda speak to him.


Boss Wil- Steel Sword



And well ready to start this ladies and gentlemen or
boys & girls. Good let's give a round of applause to
you for restoring peace to the 1st chapter. Well first
start of all be sure to keep one thief alive. You'll
see why in just a moment. First have Oguma or Doga by
the bridge. Preferably Doga so he'll soften them up as
they try to have a piece of him. Oh and send Abel and Kain
to the left bridge area so they can come for some backup.
Send Oguma by Doga so that he can gain some valuable EXP.
Oguma is badass level him some. Grow him a few levels and
watch him fight. He'll soon tear your enemies limb by limb.
Oh and send Gordon for backup so that he'll help by shipping
them off. Well for the left side block the side bridges off
with Marth and maybe Sheeda. Try picking them off one by one.
But be sure to share the EXP evenly so that they'll get leveled
evenly. Oh yeah don't have the Axemen especially Barts fight here
because they're at good enough levels already.

Have your level 1 or 2 units fight them off. But like I said
before DON'T use Jeigan because he just suks. So does Daros
because he gains NO skill whatsoever. Well anyway kill off one
of the thieves with whomever you want. And oh yeah send Riff by
the fort on the NE map corner and have that lone thief strike
Riff so that he'll get ALOT of EXP. Don't worry he won't die.
The Thief NEVER criticals. I've played this enough that's it's
safe to say that this has never happened before. Well anyway
leave him there to get abused till he reaches LV20. Don't
assassinate the blue haired portrait guy.

Have Sheeda speak to him to have him join your cause. It seems that
Kashim joined the pirates so that he could get money for medicine
for his sick mother. Aww how sweet. Well anyway after he gladly
switches sides afterwards kill the other hunter. Make SURE that
you kill him by any means nessessary. Even *Gasp* Jeigan if you
have to. Make sure that this hunter is dead so that Sheeda doesn't
get sniped off. Wouldn't want to repeat this whole chapter all over
again would ya. I thought so. So anyway after this foe dies next on
your hit list is the boss. Make sure to buy 3 Hand Axes, 3 Hammers,
2 Axes.

Don't buy the Steel Axes because they suk. I'd recommend the Axes
over the Steel ones because they have much better accuracy than the
Steel ones. Yes the Steel Axes are more powerful but they miss alot
more. Really what good is it if it doesn't catch your enemy. If you
really want these then buy 2 of them. But still I don't recommend it
because it's just a good waste of 1100G and plus Daros and Barts
already starts with one so buy them if you wish. Ok now to deal with
the boss now.

Well have Doga soften him and have Oguma finish him or
anyone else of your choice afterwards. When the boss dies
he drops a Steel Sword. Hand this to Marth pronto. Sort out
your weapons then have Marth go to the village to get awarded
with 5000G. This is a promise to save Rena on Devil Mountain
it seems.  That's what the villager says pretty much if you
don't understand Japanese. Ok afterwards have Marth step on
the castle to get out of here. But make sure that Riff is at
LV20 first then kill the thief with whomever you want for some
easy EXP. Have Marth conquer the castle whenever your ready to

Weapon Store

Iron Sword 320
Bow 400
Hammer 300
Axe 360
Steel Axe 550
Hand Axe 450

Chapter 3 Devil Mountain

Starting Characters

Julian (!)

New Characters


Have Sheeda speak to him.


Axeman- Salve
Boss Haimun-Relieve Staff


Devil Axe



Hopefully nobody's dies I hope. Well it seems that
Julian has stolen something from the castle he shouts
Rena san. Oh I Love this part. This is in fact my third
favorite conversation of all time. Well if you can read
Japanese then this is pretty much what this conversation
is all about. Julian must escape from Navarre with his
girly friend Rena. Well anyway MOVE Julian and Rena down
as much as possible so that they don't get wasted. Surely
it's recommended to move Rena down by the hunter. DON'T
worry she won't die. This will allow her to get a little
EXP and so that the hunter isn't by the squad when when
you have Sheeda try to recruit Navarre.

The Pirate bros on the left side of the screen will come
after you. You can send forth some of your troops after
them or wait for them to come to you then pick them off
one by one. Well anyway move Julian and Rena down and out
of the way and move Sheeda up to speak to him. Don't let
him come to her and speak. Have her do this so that Sheeda
won't get attacked by him.

But be sure to keep the enemy thief that's after you alive
so that Rena can gain some major EXP by having her sitting
on the fort. Just make sure that you don't waste this thief
yet. Well anyway finish off the pirates that's after you
from the NE side and the hunter then have Marth secure the
village to get a worthless Devil Axe. Don't use this now as
your axemen have low luck now. This WILL most likely backfire
on them if you try it now. So for now just store it in your
storage tent until later.

Anyway now assault to the western area and move in range
of 1 by 1 and pick them off with anyone that is at LV 1 or 2.
You'll want to get these troops built up. It's important.
You'll see why soon enough. Anyway after they die defeating
the boss is just the same as last time. Waste him. Oh one of
the axemen will drop a Salve when you kill him. Oh and as for
the thief attacking Rena wait until she is at LV20 first
before you waste him with anyone that you want. No the thief
isn't a pervert if that's what your thinking.

The thief is just trying to slaughter her nothing more. Okay as
I was saying you will get a Relive Staff when the boss Haimun is
dead. Well anyway buy an Iron Sword for Navarre so you don't that
precious Kill Sword go to waste on these weak sinister fools. And
replace any weapons that are below 15 uses then have Marth conquer
the castle to get out of here. Phew what a day! Wow and the nice old
guy will offer you 15000G as for thanks in saving this land what
a nice guy he is. Okay time to saddle on the horse and git.
Giddyap!!! ^_^

Weapon Shop

Iron Sword 320
Bow 400
Hammer 300
Axe 360
Steel Axe 550
Hand Axe 450

Chapter 4 Prarie Battle

Starting Characters


New Characters

Maric (!!!!!)

Have Marth secure the village NW to recruit him.


Have Rena speak to him.


Social Knight (Armor Killer)- Armor Killer

NE Village- Maric (!!!!!)
SE Village- 5000G


Battle in it for Money and Experience. But if they
lose they die instantly.

Ookay finally you can begin to select your troops hopefully
everyone is alive and well. Hmm who to pick who to pick. Well
definitely Rena so that she can recruit someone here. And next
go ahead and send out either Sheeda/Abel/or Kain to kill the
Thief. Next assault your troops in A and B positions like.....

|     A  |
|        |
|B       |
|        |

.....this and wait for the enemies turn to end. THEN pick
off the enemies in the A section with whomever you want
then afterwards move Rena by Machis and have her speak to
him. Of course you may get annoyed by this like I do because
many folks including me don't seem to like him. Well he does
suk but yes even he will become much better than Jeigan although
I like Jeigan alot more than Machis. Sorry to say that but it's
true Machis will become much better than Jeigan though. Ahem anyway
as the Macedonian troops on the left B area are closing in towards
you. The next thing to do is oh as for the other Thief he's going
after the other left village. Keep that village safe from harm
because a REALLY good character is in there. If your not able to
stop the Thief and the village gets destroyed RESTART! Well anyway
after you've sent Sheeda to dispose of the Thief next destroy the
rest of the Macedonian Squad with anyone of yuor choice.

One of the Macedonian soldiers will drop an Armor Killer.
Next secure the villages that will have but take out your
Armor Killer Well anyway use this weapon on the Armor Knight
and waste him. Then slay the remaining enemies on the NW side
of the map with whomever you want. Then secure the SW village
for 5000G then secure the other village to recruit Marth's'
old friend Maric. Now oh boy time for the boss Benson. Use
Marth and his Rapier or your new member Maric to kill him.

But I'd recommend the Freeze spell his 2nd one. The one
with 23 uses. DON'T WASTE the Excalibur. Save it!! Ok after
the boss dies either secure the castle to get out of here or
train people in the collisium. Be careful with using the Arena
careful with your bets in there. Use Juigi's Shop Arena FAQ to
get the bidding details. Now remember the bets go up by 40G each
LV gain. Because you certainly don't want to make any bets with
altenate opponents randomly opponent bet in there. Because you
can't get them out of there once a bet has been made. If they
lose their dead meat. So just be sure to be very careful whenever
you train them in it. Use the castle to heal your troops if you're
still training people in there.

I highly recommend not training them no further than 3
LV's in it because you never know when an enemy can score
a critical in there. And believe me this DOES happen often
alot. This would only apply if your playing this on the actual
cart. Emulated otherwise use savestates to save them if they
die in it. Oh and DON'T send Gordon in there because he gets
killed rather easily by any opponent in there. Although you
could but it's not recommended. When you replace any nearly
broken weapons with your new gold at the arena or not. Anyhoo
afterwards have Marth step on the castle to win this battle.
Phew what a day!

Weapon Shop
Iron Sword 320
Bow 400
Hammer 300
Axe 360
Steel Axe 550
Hand Axe 450

Chapter 5 Orulean battle

Starting Characters

Hardain (!)
Roshe (!)

New Characters


Allow him to speak to Marth.


Boss Muraku- Silver Spear

Hopefully everyone will still be in one piece I hope. I
hope that you didn't lose any of them in the Arena. Start
the battle by moving your troops in positions left and north.
And as for the Oruleans Ulf,Viliak,Zagaro and Hardain move
them towards the bridge to join your group. Anyway now after
the enemy's turn ends. Pick off the stragglers with Hardain.
Use him to soften or kill these archers. Anyways pick off the
remaining enemies on the NE side with anyone of your choice.
This battle is actually quite easy especially if you've trained
your troops some in the Arena. Next let Wendel talk to Marth.
Don't worry he won't attack you. Yeah that lone Priest on the
right yeah that's him alright. Actually it maybe a good idea
to let the thieves pass by so that way it will get a little
easier to move your Orulean team the left side units towards
your group.

Or have your right side squad go and help the left side squad
(Preferably the Oruleans). Oh and the right Iron Clad by the
castle drops a Bridge Key. Anyway keep the boss alive then go
by the forts and wait for reinforcements to come. Pick them off
with whomever needs some EXP. Anyway after the reinforcements are
dead if your troops are battered badly then have them stand on the
fort to heal them and that's just about all there is to it to taking
care of the reinforcements. You can of course just defeat the boss
and forget about all of this. But it's not recommended because you
will be missing out on some EXP. But either option is your choice.
I'd choose the reinforcement option. Not only will they be slightly
more powerful by the end of this chapter but they will also perform a
little better in battle by gaining them some extra statistics. Ookay
now it's time for the boss now. Use Maric/Wendel to kill him but still
DO NOT USE MARIC'S EXCALIBUR spell book yet. Don't there will
unfortunately come a time when you'll really need this. Anyhoo after
that is settled buy at this weapon shop some Reinforcements start
coming at Turn 11-18 (Boss Muraku).

The Boss will drop a Silver Spear when you kill him. Buy at
least 2 Steel Swords and 3 Bow Guns and maybe 2 Spears and 2
Hand Spears. Oh and don't forget to secure the village to
retrieve a Red Dragon Stone. Store this in your tent until
I tell you to take it out. Well afterwards secure 1 of the
2 castles to get out of here.

Chapter 6 Fire Emblem


SE One- 10000G
The second NW one- Reblow Wand
NW one (Top One)- Armor Killer (Iron Cutter)
NE One (Top One)- Kill Sword
NW One (Bottommost One)- Angel Clothes

Starting Characters


New Characters


Have Julian talk to his godbrother

Ooh this will be kind of a tough battle definitely deploy
any of your units that's below LV4 and definitely deploy
Rena (Warp Staff). Trust me you WILL need it. Well whatever
thieves pilfer from the treasures they do not take the item
and keep it! They destroy it. X(

Well your first priority should be to Warp your troops to
the treasures using Rena's Warp Staff and oh yeah definitely
send out Doga. Trust me you will need him too. Seriously I
perfectly honestly think that you saved your 2 healing rods
considering that this chapter DOES NOT have any forts to heal
them. I hope that you've saved enough of these rounds as this
is a chapter where YOU WILL REALLY NEED THEM. Deploy Julian as
well and whoever else that you want. NOW use Rena's Warp staff
to warp Wendel by the cheast in the left side of the map's
treasure the SW one. Yes the one by the boss. Send Julian by
the door. And send everyone except Doga west. Wait Doga by Rena.
End Turn. The thieves will be moving towards the treasure now.
Ookay the Armor Knights will be after Wendel now. But that's
okay ha ha Wendel should quite easily take care of those dummies.

Okay send Julian to unlock the door. Warp Doga to the NE one.
Hopefully he should hold his own against those Social Knights.
But be careful though. Yes one of them has a Silver Spear but
he should hopefully be fine with a Salve. Oh and as for him by
the way let the enemies attack him don't attack them Social
Knights (Especially the one with the Silver Spear.) See this
will allow him to get healed and it makes perfect sense to do
so. Ok as for the rest of your troops continue to assault west
but NOT too far because you certainly don't want them to get
swarmed as that will only stress the living hell out of you.
End Turn.

But be sure to send either Marth (Rapier) or any Axemen/Pirate
with (Hammer) or Mercenaries with the (Armor Killer) Iron Cutter
is what I like to call it though. That's all that it takes to kill
that Armor Knight. NEXT TURN start by Warping a good strong unit
up towards the top NW treasure this is so that the thieves won't
destroy it. Killing that Magician should'nt really be any problem
to defeat with that strong character. Next start by killing those
damned thieves. If you can't defeat them yet that's okay they
should be meeting their matchmaker soon enough.

Now for Doga use a Salve to heal him if he is dangerously
hurt. As for the others have Julian talk to Ricardo
(His Godbrother). This conversation says that well Julian
is performing some justice speech (Pure justice) ha ha.
Super Hero Julian lol. It's no wonder that he wears a cape
lol. Anyway after he is recruited move everyone else in
towards the left side End Turn. Next Turn continue to pick
away at the thieves and enemies if Wendel is close to dying
then move in Marth or one of your strong units to help assist
him. Get Riff or Rena to heal anyone that got hurt seriously.
And as for Doga continue the same strategy. END TURN. Send
Marth (Rapier) to kill the upper Iron Clad (Armor Knight).

Well let that Armor Knight come to him. Continue the assault
with Marth's' army to kill the rest of the remaining enemies.
Hopefully Maric and Wendel should've killed those 2 Armor
Knights by now. Hopefully all of the thieves should be dead
by now. Repeat the process for Doga till the Social knights
are defeated. Everyone else should take care of the remaining
enemies. END TURN. Now that the Social Knights should be gone
as of right now. And as for the outside thief kill him with
anyone that you want for some easy EXP. Now wait by the boss
area with everyone else. And oh yeah save those Angel Clothes
or feed it to Rena right now if you would like. But someone
that I will mention later is who I would highly recommend
giving these Angel clothes to. Okay lure the Archers and Thunder
Magician 1 by 1 and pick them off.

And as for the boss Marionesu (Silver Spear) kill him with Maric
and Wendel. You get a Thief Key for killing him. Give this to
Julian or Ricardo as they are the only ones who could use these
one of a kind keys. Then finish your item sorting then whenever
that you are ready have Marth conquer the throne to begin the
next chapter. And as for Princess Nina she will offer Marth the
Fire Emblem (That will allow Marth to open treasures throughout
the rest of this game.) Yup she does present you this wonderful

Weapon Shop

Iron Sword 320
Steel Sword 500
Steel Bow 560
Bow Gun 950
Spear 450
Hand Spear 600
Hammer 300

Chapter 7

Starting Characters


New Characters


Secure the lone village.

Send out Doga and anyone else that you prefer. I prefer to
send out 3 Bow users and your Magician and Priest. And anyone
else that you want. It seems that Minerva the red haired hottie
yeah her. She seems bothered by having to go after your team.
But the boss Harmain says that if she and her Macedonian Squad
Est, Paola, and Kachua doesn't follow orders then his minions
will kill their younger sister Maria. =( I'm sorry Minerva.
Anyways the pegasi triplets Est (the red haired girl on a flying
horse even though she has pink hair in Marth's' SNES games of his.)
Paola the green haired girl on a flying horse yes that's her. And
Kachua the blue haired girl on a flying horse yup that's her. And
as for Minerva the red haired girl on a flying dragon are all
forced to go after your teammates. Stupid Harmain using a child
as a shield how low he has sunk indeed.

Anyway after your finished moving your troops some up and some
down NE. Make sure to keep out of range of the regular enemies by
them. And as for Minerva and the pegasus sisters they will not go
after you you'll see next turn hee hee. Anyways by the time that
you are done with your turn Minerva tells her sisters to retreat
with her as they make a break for it. Ha ha serves him right =P.
These pure hearted girls would'nt do such things. Play FE2 as Paola,
Kachua,Est are friggin awesome in that game. Hee Hee! Okay snipe off
the flyers with bow users when they come by you. As for the archers
they can be easily disposed of with any ranged attacks. Next after
the archers are out of the picture now lure off the mercenaries and
kill them. They really should'nt be difficult to defeat. Have Marth
secure the village to recruit Bantou who tells Marth that he is
looking for his granddaughter Chiki and she is princess of the Narga
kingdom and that he lost some stone in Perady that the villager
has found that you have received from him 2 chapters ago.

Now you know the stone that you have stored in your storage tent
or had Marth hold on to it. Give this stone to him now. You see
this stone will allow him to fight as he can transform into a fire
dragon whenever that he uses it. Now it's time to deal with the
lower quadrant enemies area's enemies. Destroy the thief with whomever
that you want to. He drop a door key when he is dead. When the
reinforcements comes they are quite powerful by the way. Dispose of
them with your LV3 or higher units till they are all dead. Watch out
as one of them will have a Knight Killer.

DO NOT PUT ANY SOCIAL KNIGHTS near them as they will most likely
will be killed in one hit as this will only fustrate the hell out
of you of having to start the whole chapter all over again because
of this. Now as for the boss Ugh this might be a good time to use
Maric's Excalibur. Waste him with that and watch that idiot die with
extreme pleasure.Now have Marth conquer the castle to simply call
it a day. This guy will pretty much talk about the story and the
Mamkutes legends and about the legendary weapon the Falchion that
Marth's' ancestor Anri used to slay the evil dragon Medeius with it.
Yeah the legendary sword of light. *Sigh* Honestly Nintendo should
have made a game that stars Anri and shows his army. They should've
made a game of that but they didn't. That would've made perfect sense
to do so so it can show his adventure as well as seeing his army. But
oh well enough I know time to begin the next chapter already.

Weapon Shop

Iron Sword 320
Steel Sword 500
Steel Bow 560
Bow Gun 950
Spear 450
Hand Spear 600

Chapter 8 Port City Warren

Starting Characters

Raddy (!!!)
Shiza (!)

New Characters


Have sweet Sheeda speak to him.


Boss Kanarisu- Silver Spear


Battle in it for money and Experience but if they lose
they die instantly.

Whom to send out. Definitely deploy Sheeda and Doga as well
as your LV5 or higher units. But send out a couple of your
LV 1-4 units here so that you can train them in the Arena here.
And definitely deploy 2 healers. 1 being Wendel definitely and
as for the other one either being Riff or Rena. And definitely
send out Bantou as well as your Axemen and or Mercenaries. Shiza
greets Marth as he tells him that he and his subordinate Raddy
will assist Marth in his army. Okay NOW starts the REAL THING.
Yes this is going to be your toughest battle yet. This chapter
is absolutely the 3rd hardest chapter in the game. Yup! And now
start by moving everyone towards the town.

Supply the Magician and Priest (preferably Maric) with some
magic tomes/new healing rods that are availible to buy here.
And equip your Mercenaries preferably Oguma/Raddy with the
Iron Cutters (Armor Killers). Oguma should be at LV 5 or 6 by
now. And honestly this is a chapter where the Hammers will become
very useful. Okay have your highest defensive units form a wall
this should be Oguma,Marth,Bantou,Doga. Now comes the hard part.
Yes these troops that you currently see now will come after you.
They will not wait patiently for you to attack them. Form a wall
then wait for the troops to come to you.

Pick them off with
those defensive units. As well as hitting them hard with ranged
attacks. Magic would be most helpful of course. Hopefully the first
wave should be dealt within a few turns. This battle is far from
over. Now you will have to be prepared because in moments the map
will be flooded with Iron Clads and Social Knights/Horsemen. Starting
on turn 11-32 the Iron Clads will start coming out of the right forts.

And starting on turn 13-32 Social Knights and Horsemen will be coming
out of the left forts. But if you can somehow get the Horsemen and
Social Knights to stay on the forts then this battle will be alot
easier. The battle will be tough either way. But it's certainly better
to deal with the Armor Knights than the Social Knights and Horsemen.
To defeat the Armor Knights use Magic, Iron Cutters,and Hammers. And
by the way this is very good EXP for your Axemen,Pirates,Mercenaries,
and your Magician Maric and your Priest Wendel.

This is only if the Armor Knights only comes. If not then this
will be a little harder otherwise. Now after all of the
reinforcements are dead go ahead and train your troops in the
Arena if you'd like. But use Juigi's Shop/Arena FAQ to know which
opponents that you are going to particularly going to face. Well I do
have some Arena advice to give you so listen up. Have Mercenaries
battle Axemen or Magicians. Avoid the bets against the Social Knights.
For Axemen have them fight Axemen or Magicians. For your Pirate have
him battle pirates. For your Thieves have them battle Magicians. As
for Social Knights have them battle Thieves and Magicians.

Armor Knights have them battle Axemen. Archer Don't have them do
AT ALL IN THERE. Your Hunter have him battle Hunters. Your Pegasi
have them battle Pirates and Magicians. Your Priest have him battle
Magicians. And your Bowmen don't have them battle in it at all. Well
there is one way to train your Archers and Bowmen and that's when you
Magic Shield them with Wendel's Magic Staff and have them battle only
Magicians. This is the only way that you can train them in it. As a
matter of fact this is a great way to level up any of your units in
the Arenas. Hopefully making sure that no one dies as you send them in
to fight.

Well anyways after you are ready to go buy at least 2 Fire Books, 2
Thunder Books, 3 Salves or any other weapons that you need to replace
with your new gold. After that is settled sort out your items and
weapons then shallth proceed to thy next chapter. ^_^

Chapter 9 Prady's Red Dragon

Starting Characters


New Characters


Secure the Lone village here.


Far Right one- Dragon Killer (!)
Left one- 15000G
Right one (1st one)- Goddess Icon (!)

Deploy anyone you want it doesn't matter really. Oh and bringing
one of your thieves is certainly a must and 1 healer at least.
And any other troops that are below LV5. Now start by watching
out for the Devil Axe Pirate. I'll show you a diagram of him

X X    X
  X    X
  XX  * Devil Axe Pirate

Okay he's @#%* ready to send you there if he hits you. Yeah
so first start by watching out for the Devil Axe Pirate. (Watch out
he is VERY lethal.) Have Sheeda go south on the southern penninsula
and have her defeat the Hand Axe pirates & the Freeze Magician.
Secure the village with marth right now or block the village with
anyone so that the Thief doesn't destroy it. If the Thief does
destroy it RESTART!

Yes this Devil Axe pirate will inflict 27 DMG if he hits you. But
if the axe backfires on him and kills him instead then it serves
him right for using the damn thing in the first place with absolutely
no luck whatsoever =P. Anyways have a good sword fighter or snipe off
the hell pirate and send him straight to hell. You get his Devil Axe
for killing him. Now have Sheeda finish off those remaining pennisula
enemies if she is close to dying then have her fly back up and have
somebody heal her. If the hunter gets too close then don't send Sheeda
down there anymore.

Just make sure that the Freeze Magician dies because he can be quite
deadly considering that he has about a 10% chance of criticalling you.
Okay as you deal with the rest of the remaining enemies watch out as
one of them has a Bow Gun. When the reinforcements arrives they are
rather easy to deal with. Put them in the mountains to increase their
evasions and hold them off on the bridges and elsewhere and hopefully
they really should'nt be difficult to defeat. Watch out as some of them
most likely become Iron filings so don't. Keep them away from these

The southern first fort are the pirates with the Hammers. The others
have Steel Axes and Hand Axes. The Hand Axe one should be killed by
your weakest characters or whomever else that you want to. They are
among the easiest than the rest. Okay after the reinforcements are dead
the far right treasure has a Dragon Killer (This is needed to defeat the
boss here.) The top one has 15000G in it and the other one has a Goddess
Icon. Kill the boss with the Dragon killer and he should go down rather

After the Perady Dragon dies replace any weapons that are nearly broken
and simply step on the castle and conquer it to begin the next chapter.
Anyway Kachua the blue haired pegasus knight talks to Marth about that
Maria has been kidnapped by thier brother Michael.

Chapter 10 Princess Minerva

Starting Characters


New Characters


Have Marth speak to her.

Minerva (!)

Have her speak to Marth once Maria is recruited first. She
will not join otherwise.


Right One- Reblow Wand
Left One- Thunder Sword

Hero- (Hero's Proof)
Sniper- (Silver Bow)

Aww time for a really sweet chapter. I love this one. It seems that
Minerva is forced to attack you again or else the boss will kill
Maria (Her younger sister). Oh Minerva =(

Anyway you're mission is to somehow save Minerva's sister. But of
course saving her will not be easy either. Now start deploying 2
or 3 bow users 2 healers at the very least with 1 Reblow Wand if
you still have it. And send out your Social Knights definitely as
well as sending out Bantou. Now deploy anyone else that is around
LV 5 or 6. You want to make everyone or most of them powerful don't
you. Now send those troops out and begin the battle by warping Marth
to the treasure as the lone thief will try to destroy them. Oh and
the Armor Knight by the treasures Marth should be able to deal with
him easily with his Rapier!!

Aha ha ha ha but that's why Marth is here.Have him kill the thief when
the thief comes to meet his doom muh hu hwa hwa hwa. Anyways after the
thief dies the Dragon Knights and Pegasi's and Social Knights and Bowmen
will come after you. Next move continue to move your squadren south.
End Turn. If the thief hasn't died and that you have took the treasure
the thief will otherwise just stand there looking stupid. Either way
eventually he will not leave this place alive. The enemies should'nt
really be tough to defeat. Snipe off any flyers that comes to you then
kill off the Social Knights with any good defensive Characters. Oh and
the sad girl portrait be careful not to attack her by mistake.

Don't worry she will not attack you shes oversoft. Let her in the
castle. The archers should be lured one at a time. But the Sniper is
rather dangerous. This foe should not breathe for long. (Deals 18 DMG)
subtracted by defense and having a Silver Bow in his possesion. I would
have Marth defeat the Sniper enemy. Anyway once that he is dead meat
next have Marth speak to Maria to get her to join your cause. DO NOT
ATTACK HER BY ACCIDENT. If she dies then Minerva won't join you and she
will go awol I've heard and she will start attacking you. BUT DOING THIS
IS NOT RECOMMENDED TO BEGIN WITH. This is souless if you do this is all
I have to say if you somehow for some crazy reason did this.

And I've also heard that the pegasi triplets will not join you and
TRUST ME THEY ARE REALLY GOOD UNITS. If you did this on accident then
it would be time for the reset button. Ahem anyway once Maria joins
Minerva will start rushing in to speak to Marth and tells him in thanks
for saving her sister and she seems happy now. That sad face ruins her
beauty. Anyway once she joins she comes with a Thunder Sword. Yep! Open
the door and have Minerva kill that hero enemy. She should be able to
handle him rather easily. The hero enemy drops a Hero's Proof upon
defeating him. Now when the reinforcements comes on turn 17 by the NE
area the starting piont hopefully by then all of your troops should be
inside the castle by now.

When the reinforcements damn you bastards just when things are going
sweet this has to happen. Oh well time for them to die. When the
reinforcements comes have Bantou guard the front and Doga behind him
with a Hand Spear. Pick them off 1 by 1 with these 2 till there is only
2 Armor Knights left. Now surly have Maric gets the others from behind
Bantou to get him some easy EXP. Now after all of the reinforcements are
taken care off the boss royally is a joke as you can just pelt him with
any type of Magic/Thunder Sword. Jeekofu should die in just a few turns
eventually. After the boss gets defeated he drops a Speed Ring. Go ahead
and give this to either Doga or Roger since they are just about the only
characters that really needs it. Now after that's settled next buy at
least 10 Pure waters in the shop. Store these in your tent.

You'll see why in moments. Now after your item sorting is finished time
to close this chapter up ^_^. Nina will talk to Marth about Linda as she
is Miroa's daughter. And that her father was assasinated by the evil
wizard Garnef. Even though it says Rinda in the Japanese Katakana

Weapon Shop

Iron Sword 320
Steel Sword 500
Rapier 900
Spear 450
Silver Spear 1800
Steel Bow 560
Bow Gun 950

Item Shop

Pure Water 1450 (BUY THESE!)
Ointment (Salve) 600
Door Key 500
Bridge Key 900

Chapter 11 Norda Slave Market

Starting Characters


New Characters

Linda (!!!!!)

Save the village.

Jake (!!)

Have Sheeda talk to him.


Social Knight- Hand Spear
Enemy- Thief Key

Boss- Power Ring


Lone one- Linda (!!!!!)


Battle in it for Money and Experience. But if they
lose they die instantly.

It seems that the tables have turned as Linda gets caught by slave sellers
and that it is your job to rescue her from them. Grunia is attacking again
just like both Grunia and Macedonia were attacking. This Chapter is so EASY
that it is truely rather pathetic to discuss any strategy here. Ok whom to
send out. Definitely deploy Minerva,Wendel,Sheeda,Maric,Maria and at least
2 bow users. But surely that you'll want to send out anyone to level up in
this Arena. Since this is by far the best time to use this service since this
is a rather very short and easy chapter.

Oh and don't forget to bring Oguma or Raddy and level them in the Arena
promote one of the two then continue to train that character some more. You
can also promote Navarre or Shiza with it. But I recommend Oguma or Raddy
since they are ALOT better. Wait until that character reaches LV20 before
promoting that unit to ensure them to get the most stats possible. Start by
moving your troops towards the capitol town. Snipe off the Pegasi as they come
to you. Defeat the remaining enemies and go to the village to recruit Linda.
YAY! ^_^

Destroy the Shooter that isn't Jake. (The one with no potrait). Have Sheeda
talk to him to have him join your cause. And as for the boss Jorgan he's a
mere joke. Send anyone using Magic/Thunder Swords or the Dragon Killer and
this joker is as good as gone. Jake he seems to be looking for his girlfriend
Anna. Yeah she's the red haired lady who saves your progress. Jake must be a
real stud to get a goddess as his girlfriend. There is one village that
actually has Anna in it. Surely you don't want to miss this.

Okay the shooter is cake. Just use magic/Thunder Swords and that machine
is as good as gone. Yup! That is all that it takes to defeat the shooters
so keep this in mind. Now after finishing training in the Arena go ahead
and shop for whatever that you need then have Marth conquer the castle to
get out of here.

(Tip: Use the Pure Waters that you have bought just last chapter ago to
have a much easier and fearless time in the Arena. Have them battle Magicians
and NO alternate bets with them and some other opponent.)

Dialouge between Marus and Linda (my 2nd favorite!)
Slave Seller: Need a slave? Right now I only have a small kid, but I can sell
him cheaply.
Marth: You even sell children?! Damn it! If you want your life, free them and
get out of my sight!
Slave Seller: Ahhhhh! The Aritians! Help!!! (Runs away)
Marth: You must have suffered, but now you are able to go home.
Boy: I have nowhere to go...
Marth: Hey! Aren't...you a girl? Why are you wearing boy's clothes?
Boy: I am Wizard Miroa's daughter, Linda. To escape from Garnef, I had to
disguise myself as a boy, but....I ended up getting caught by those slave
Marth: So you are Miroa's daughter! Am I glad to see you! Princess Nina is
worried about you. From now on, you can stay with us and things like this will
never happen again.
Linda: Thanks, Prince Marth! I also need to battle. My father has given this
Aura magic to me. I can use it if I have Princess Nina's permission. I really
want to avenge my father.

Chapter 12

Starting Characters

Medeia (!)

New Characters



Thunder Mage- Thunder
Thief- Warp Staff
Thief- Armor Killer
Elfire Mage- Elfire
Left cleric- Live Staff
Red Dragon- Salve
Paladin- Knight's Medal
Nina (Chapter Clear)- Partia (Best bow in the game!!) (!!!)


X 2
  X 3
    X 4
      X 5
1. Orion's Arrow
2. 20000G
3. Manual
4. Silver Sword
5. Thief Key
6. Boots

Ookay this chapter only allows you to bring only 10 units. Yes! Only 10! Bring
in Linda defintely as well as Maric. Bring in any of your remaining low level
troops into battle as the enemies here are quite weak. Now start by moving
Medeia's iron squad by the archers okay here is the diagram on whom to move.

Diagram Tables

PA-Paladin (Medeia)
P-Priest (Boa)
A-Archer (Thomas)
I-Iron Clad (Thomth/Michelean)


X I   X

Now move everyone else up north to pick off the thieves. One will drop a Warp
Staff and the other one will drop a an Armor Killer (Iron Cutter) . Move
everyone else west trying to get Linda most of this EXP because right now she
WILL need alot of EXP. Next Turn move Medeia's team in this Diagram now



Medeia is so cute *Swoon*. END TURN. The Thunder Magician drops a Thunder tome
when defeated and the Elfire Magician will drop an Elfire tome when he's
defeated. Okay now move Medeia and her squad in this diagram now


XI    X

Eliminate the mages that are coming to you as well as the archers (Bow Gun).
Try to tread some of this experience with Linda as she is rather a very good
character. After unlocking the doors and collecting the treasure the General
should'nt pose much of a problem with a good magic user with a highly defensive
character guarding them. But as for Linda DO NOT USE her Aura right now. Go
ahead and grab the treasure then as you defeat the cleric as he will drop a
Live staff. The Fire Dragon will drop a Salve upon defeat.

It's recommended to raise your characters' Mag defense before battling the boss.
This is to keep his Volcannon spell from harming you too much. He will drop a
Volcannon tome when you kill him. Next have Marth take out those Social Knights
after you have unlocked the door first. The Paladin enemy will drop a Knight's
Medal when defeated. It is strongly suggested to buy at this shop as they will
sell some rather nice things that will help out greatly in the later chapters.
You at least want to buy 2 Thunder Swords,3 Kill Swords,2 Silver Swords,and 2
Armor Killers. If you've brought Julian into this battle give him the Manual as
he will perform much better in battle by allowing him to have the ability to
use some better equipment.

You could give it to Ricardo if you'd like though I SERIOUSLY don't recommend
it. As Julian and or someone that you'll get later are much better
recommendations as Ricardo pretty much suks anyway. But Julian is certainly a
MUUUCCCCHHH better choice that Ricardo. Give the Boots to Jake right now as he
WILL seriously need them. Okay after that's settled clear a space in Marth's'
inventory so that he can receive the Partia the best damned bow in the game.
Yup ^_^ Nina offers you this nice gift hee hee.

Chapter 13 Grunia's Woodhorse Group

Starting characters


New Characters


Secure the Lone Village.


Have Medeia speak to him.


Thief- Knight Killer
Thief- Knight Killer

Ooh this can be a tricky chapter. First off bring Medeia as she is needed to
recruit someone here. Send anyone into battle that can use Thunder Swords.
Magic users are rather good as well. It is strongly advised to use handsome
Maric and pretty Linda and not Wendel. First start off by guarding the 3
bridge points waiting for them to come to you before you can start taking
them out. It is advised to Warp Marth to the village rather than having him
go there on foot.Try to get a thief to attack Maria. This should'nt be hard
to do. This is actually a way to get her some nice EXP. Better give her the
Angel Clothes if you've saved it. She WILL need it.

Save the village then take Beke's Thunder Cannon and pass it over to Jake if
you've brought him because this weapon will obliterate any shooter in 1 blow.
Try it out and see for yourself. Have Medeia talk to Astoria to have him
switch sides. He comes with a Dragon Killer too. Lure the Shooters 1 at a
time and take them out. Do this to tread Linda some EXP. Remember to keep
7 spaces away from any shooter that you do not want to lure out yet.

You do not want to battle them all at once because this is just a way to get
them killed most likely so don't. You certainly do not want to have to repeat
the chapter all over again do ya? So anyway try to get Medeia some EXP as she
is rather a good unit and she is HOT. *Swoon* ^.^

Kill the thieves to retrieve their Knight Killers (Leave the one alive if you
got that one to attack Maria so that she can get some MAJOR EXP. Wait until
she reaches LV20 before you kill that particular thief. Heal her with another
healer because she will most likely get hurt big time. As for the boss
surround him on all sides keeping other characters out of his attack range
and then just plummel him into submission until he dies. Too bad that he does
not drop the Elephant Gun as this is the best weapon in the game for your

Okay buy anything that needs replacing if not then simply exit this chapter
by having Marth liberate the castle.

Weapon Shop

Iron Sword 320
Steel Sword 500
Rapier 900
Spear 450
Silver Spear 1800
Steel Bow 560
Bow Gun 950

Chapter 14

Starting Characters


New Characters

Paola (!)

Let her talk to Marth.

Kachua (!!!)

Let her talk to Marth.


Thieves- Salve
Boss Joru- Silver Sword

Left one- Silver Card (!!!)
Right one- 10000G

Ooh this is rather a nice chapter to bring your bow users. This chapter
will provide them with some easy EXP. Send in anyone else  that is in
need of leveling. Be sure to keep one of the Armor Knights (Hand Spear)
alive This is so that this will allow you to level Maria if you haven't
done so already from last chapter. The Shooter and Armor Knights
should'nt present much of a problem. And any door that has a sniper in
it. It is CERTAINLY NOT RECOMMENDED to have a Thief open it because the
sniper will most likely kill that Thief efforlessly. Better use Door Keys
when opening that door.

Marth is rather good at killing the sniper. If he scores a critical
with a Rapier the sniper is as good as dead. Thunder Swords seems to work
well against the sniper. Anyway once this deadly enemy is deafeated thank
goodness Move Marth by the starting area because by now reinforcemnts
should start coming by now. Look at any sky horse troops with portraits.
Yep! That's Paola and Kachua.^_^ Do not kill them allow them to talk to
Marth this way they will join your army.

Give them any Thunder Swords that you have left over. This will help
greatly into leveling them against the reinforcements. Especially Kachua
because she needs much more EXP than Paola does. Kachua is a really good
character. I highly highly suggest that you start treading her some EXP.
These powerful ladies are especially alot more useful in FE2. Play that
and see what I mean. In that game they are just about completely
invincible. Have Medeia, your bow users and or Paola/Kachua fight off
those sky horse reinforcements.

Give Kachua a Thunder Sword and she should defeat those sky horse
reinforcements rather easily. Heal with Libro Staff if they are seriously
hurt. Anyway once the sky horse reinforcements have been dealt with have
Minerva deal with the Armor Knight by the throne room because he is quite
lethal having a Silver Lance in his possesion. The remaining enemies
should'nt be much of a problem to deal with. The thieves will drop Salves
when you kill them. The boss Joru is a complete joke. Just use any magical
attacks to take him out. He will drop a Silver Sword when you kill him.
Kill the clerics with whomever needs some extra EXP. If you haven't fought
the archers yet do so now. But watch out as 3 of them have Bow Guns.
Defeat these archers first before taking out the Steel Bow ones. Kill the
reserve cleric with whomever you want. Buy at least 3 door keys and store
these in your tent. Buy whatever else is needed and after your item
sorting is finished conquer the throne to begin the next chapter.

Note: If you've saved the Goddess Statue and don't know what to do with it
give it to Paola now as she is 1 character of good choice into giving this

Weapon Shop

Armor Killer 760
Rapier 900
Kill Sword 1240
Knight Killer 820
Silver Spear 1800
Steel Bow 560
Silver Bow 2200

Item Shop

Ointment (Salve) 600
Door Key 500
Live Staff 680
Fire 680
Thunder 460

Chapter 15 Magic Country Khadain

Starting Characters


New Characters



Thief- Recover Staff
Mage- Thunder

Left one- Magic Amulet
Right one- Power Ring

Ooh this is a pretty easy chapter compared to the last one. Bring some
of your weakest units here as this is a perfect chapter to level them up.
Definitely bring Paola and Kachua as they will become really powerful
overtime. Send out your Axemen as this is a good chapter to level even
them up. I seriously don't recommend sending any Horsemen or Social
Knights here as they can hardly move through the sand terrain here.

Don't use Boa because he just suks and he will just waste your EXP. So
just don't bother with him. Don't really bother much with Daros because
he grows no skill whatsoever and he gets attacked twice often by enemies.
Characters like these should just rot in the bleachers. You do not have
to really bother with them if you don't want to because they are just
plain disasters.

Use Maji,Saji,and Barts since they are MUUUUCCCCHHH beter axe users than
Daros is. Daros happens to be the worst axe user in the game. If you
thought of that then your right he does suk big time. Now send out your
Mercenaries as they too are also very good to level up in this chapter.
The Magicians and Dragon Knights should'nt be any problem. But be
absolutely very careful when you fight them as you want to stay 8 spaces
away from Garnef. Trust me you cannot defeat him right now. Don't get too
close or he will just come and have fun picking off your characters!! He
will destroy your troops in a flash so don't. Even though his Maph (Mafuu)
is what it says in the Japanese writings though his spell is rather cool
looking. If you want to see it get in his range and let him come to you
though I SERIOUSLY DO NOT RECOMMEND IT. Just forget that I said that in
order to see it. You will not be able to defeat him anyway so don't even
think about trying it.

Anyway his Fire mage cronies will come from turns 4-11. Raise your troops'
Mag defense and they should hopefully not be any difficult to defeat
whatsoever. This is as a matter of fact a great way to get your weakest
troops some EXP. I would recommend leveling your weakest characters with
this EXP. Characters that you haven't had much of a chance to level up yet.
This is probably some of the easiest EXP that you will ever get. So do so
to take advantage of this. Once Garnef leaves by turn 9 there is nothing
to hold you back from getting the treasure.

Level Kachua with some of this EXP as she is quite weak right now as she
is an excellent unit. Or will become one later on. Raise their Magic
Defenses and they won't be scratched for a couple of turns. As a matter of
fact this is just about all that it takes to beat this very easy chapter.
The thief will drop a Recover Staff when killed. And a Thunder mage will
drop a Thunder Tome when defeated. After all of these mages have been dealt
with Kachua should at least be at LV 5-7 by now. And as for Paola she should
at least be at LV10 by now. The remaining enemies should be dealt with any
of your flyers. Keep 13 spaces away from the Hand Spear Dragon Knight if
you are not ready to battle him just yet.Have Paola/Kachua with Kill/Silver
Sword kill off the Priest.

Kill the remaining Dragon Knights with Bow users and and the Freeze Magician
with whomever you want. If the Dragon Knights have under 7 HP have your bow
users finish them off to get them ALOT of EXP. (45+ EXP). Kill the clerics
then Raise your magic defense AGAIN becuase this mini boss can be quite
deadly as he has a Worm Tome. This boss should'nt be too hard with raised
Mag Def. Buy at least 2 Recover Staves,2 Relieve Staves as these staves
recovers alot more HP than the Live staves do. Replace any Iron/Steel
equipment with Silver and Killer Equipment. Buy at least 1 Volcannon Tome
and 1 Elfire Tome and store these in your tent. After that's settled and
after your item sorting is finished have Marth conquer the castle to get
out of here.

Weapon Shop 1

Silver Sword 2000
Silver Spear 1800
Silver Bow 2200

Weapon Shop 2

Armor Killer 760
Rapier 900
Kill Sword 1250
Knight Killer 820
Silver Spear 1800
Steel Bow 560
Silver Bow 2200

Item Shop 1

Fire 300
Thunder 460
Freeze 700
Elfire 1250
Volcannon 1600

Item Shop 2

Ointment (Salve) 600
Relieve Staff 1200
Recover Staff 1550
Freeze 700
Elfire 1250
Volcannon 1600

Chapter 16 Aritia Battle

Starting Characters


New Characters


Liberate one of the villages. But the other one
will close it's gates after choosing one of them.


Have Marth talk to her.


Hero(Thunder Sword)- Hero's Proof
Boss- Dragon Shield


Battle in it for money and experience. But if they
lose they die instantly.

Well Nina now says to tell Marth to liberate his homeland as now
this is his and his army's chance to liberate his homeland. Marth
says that him and his troops will now restore peace to his homeland.
Okay this is a tough battle. Definitely send in some bow users and
Paola and Kachua as well as Michelean and Thomth so that they can
get trained in the Collisium as there is 2 of them here. Hmm must
be a really rich city into owning 2 of these. 2 of these quite

You do not see this in any other Fire Emblem game. Send in anyone
that you will want to train in the arenas here. Start by warping
Marth to the village that you want to have this character join you.
Alan can be recruited in the left village and Samson can be recruited
in the right village. Whichever that you choose first the other one
will close it's gates. So choose carefully to who you want. Move the
rest of Marth's' squad in the back row waiting for the Dragon Knights
to come to them. END TURN.

Now it starts as the enemies the Dragon Knights,the Social Knights,
the Paladin and the Bowmen start heading towards you thirst for
slaughtering. But you'll show em ha hah hah hah hah hah hah hah lol.
Some say that Chainey is male but Chainey is truely female. I mean
come on look at Sami in Advanced Wars she looks just like Chainey.
By the way Advanced Wars is a REALLY good game series even though
they call it Famicom Wars in Japan. Play these sometime as these
games were developed by the same companies that made the entire Fire
Emblem series so far that Nintendo and Intelligent systems have.
Yep ^_^

Okay ahem back to the game now I know. Next start off by well be sure
to watch out as 1 Dragon Knight has a Knight Killer. 1 has an Armor
Killer and 1 has a Spear (This one is totally nothing to worry about
though.) Silver Bows and Dragon Killers should be most effective on
the Dragon Knights. But I recommend saving the Dragon Killers as you
REALLY will need these for the later chapters. Now start moving
everyone else towards the villages as the Grunians are hot on your
trails. Even though that it says Gurunia Hei in the Japanese writing

When the Grunians gets to you DO NOT get so hasty as some of them
have Knight Killers and Armor Killers. After you have taken them out
next have Marth visit the village to whomever that you want to join
your army. Now get ready for 2 reinforcement waves The first wave is
easy. After taking them out the second wave however is pretty
worrysome. 1 has a Knight Killer and 1 has a Silver Lance. If you have
Alan use him or his Knight Killer to take out the Silver Lance one.
But be sure to defeat the Knight Killer one quickly.

I would recommend killing off the Silver Sword Hero with ranged
attacks leaving the door closed. The other one (with Thunder Sword)
may charge at you. Surely you'll want the ranged attacker to have
raised magic defense just before the Silver Sword Hero dies. The
Thunder Sword Hero thought that he was a myth god eh. Hah that'll
show that imposter. Anyway after the cool enemy dies he will drop a
Hero's Proof. The Generals should be dealt with Armor Killers/Thunder
Swords and the like.

Watch out for the right one sitting on the fort and yes this one can
move so DO NOT put any Clerics near this area. The boss suks. Just
pelt him with any magical attacks and he should drop a Dragon Shield
when he is dead. Give this to Chainey if you are planning on training
her in the arena here. If not then give it to someone like Linda. I
honestly think that everyone should level a few times here. Raise their
Mag Def and have them battle Magicians (No alternate bets). Train
Chainey,Tomth,and Michealean to at least LV 7 in the arenas. Anyways
once that you are done buying what needs replacing have Marth conquer
his home to simply call it a day.

Note: Have Chainey battle Commandoes and Magicians. And Have Thomth
and Michelean battle Axemen and Magicians (Only with raised Magic
Defense.) But be absolutely careful with the first Magicians bet as
that one is an alternate one. Use Juigi's Shop/Arena FAQ for more

Chapter 17 Starlord Marth

Starting Characters


New Characters


1  2
X3  X 4
5 X6  X
X  X

1.Warp Staff
3.Devil Sword
4.Dragon Shield
5.Knight's Proof
6.Secret Book

Left Cleric- Member card (!!!)
Right Cleric- Reserve Wand (!!!)
Moses- Speed Ring

Ugh this is going to be quite a hard chapter. I would strongly
advise to bring some prepromo units. Characters like Astoria are
great for this mission. Medeia bring her as well. Do not bring any
flyers here because nearly every foe here are bow users. Definitely
send out Linda and Maric. Wendel if he hasn't leveled up much. Not
Boa though because he happens to be the worst Magic user in the game.
And he just suks. I highly recommend not to use him. Send out your
Bowmen. And your Mercenary that you going to plan on class changing.
Bring at least 1 Cleric with a Warp Staff. Because you will need this
if you expect to get the treasures here.

It seems that Moses that little bastard admits that he killed Marth's'
mother and he claims now that Marth won't be able to stop him now. And
that he's Medeius' faithful servant. Medeius has sent his goons to
destroy you. Now it's time to start kicking Medeius' army's asses. And
definitely defeat Moses. (Have Marth do this) so that he can avenge his
mother's death.

Anyway first start off by having your Cleric (Warp Staff) warp Marth to
the empty space by the treasures. But surely you will want him to have
a Salve and having some Reblow Wand uses. This is a must if you're going
to expect Marth to possibly survive. Move everyone else in the NW
corridor. END TURN.

Now hopefully Marth will survive. If not try again. ^_^ Okay start by
killing off the Sniper with Marth. Yes 2 Fire Dragons are coming to you
and they are quite powerful. It's best to use dragon Killers or have
Linda use Aura and or Have Maric use Excalibur. Thunder Swords and Silver
Swords works quite well on them too. Start off by KILLING THOSE DAMNED
MAGICIANS. Yes 3 of them have Elfire tomes and 1 has a Volcannon tome.
Yes you have yourself quite a tough battle here. Surely you'll want
to either use your permenent Mag Defensive character and you will want
to raise Mag Defense for the others too neglect their deadly tome
attacks. The Dragons alone are more than enough to deal with.

Surely you'll want to destroy the theif so that he doesn't destroy your
hard earned rewards. Remember now this ain't like the other FE games
where the thief pilfers the treasure that you can receive back by killing
that thief. But in this game however if a thief touches a treasure it's
gone for good. So be sure to save those treasures as they really have some
very good items in them. After this powerful wave has been taken care of
next start by unlocking the door disposing of the remaining enemies. Now
the funnest part of the battle is about to begin. =) Tape this if you own
the actual cart. You'll see why in moments.

Start taping this by the end of Turn 9. At turn 10 3 reinforcements will
appear and they will continue to come until Turn 50. Start by guarding the
left side with your highest defensive units as they come to you hit em hard
with everything that you've got with your prepromos and any units that
you've been itchin to promote for some time now. Use your Armor Knights as
well. They are great for this stand off. If Marth doesn't need any EXP the
just let him sit and watch his army fight them off. But use him if things
gets too hasty. As you pick off the buttload of reinforcements don't be
afraid to have your weaker troops to get a crack at them every once in a

But only do this only if a couple of them is around. If they get too hurt
retreat them from behind your other units and put in another highly
defensive unit. See this will buy you enough time to heal them. This is
pretty much all that it takes to hold them off. This battle is getting
legendary eh? I know this has to be one of my utmost favorite chapters in
the series. Yes I never would imagine Nintendo would ever make games such
as this but they have and seeing this chapter alone has certainly changed
my outlook on them forever! ^_^ If you own the actual cart tape this battle
because it's way to cool to just see only once per playthrough. This is
definitely one of my top 5 favorite chapters in the entire series. Ahem
anyway once that you have defeated the nearly unlimited reinforcements kill
the sniper with a high defensive unit. The sniper is a mere joke to all
this leveling that you have been getting here.

Kill the LV10 Reserve Clerics as the left one will drop a Member Card and
the right one will drop a Reserve Wand. Be sure to have Marth at least at
LV10 before battling Moses. Give him a Dragon Killer as this is about the
only effective way to defeat him. Magic will NOT work on these dragons.
Keep this in mind. Hopefully Marth should defeat him in a few turns. I
would recommend letting him attack him so that Marth will retaliate and
attack him because he is quite lethal. See this way this will allow
Marth to get healed. Hopefully after his humiliating defeat. GOOD! =D The
little buzzard deserved it. He will drop a Speed Ring when you kill him.

Speed up one of your Iron Clads with this. Go ahead and collect the
treasure if you haven't done so already. Get someone with very high movement
preferably a Paladin with the Member/Silver cards and go to the spot behind
the door behind the throne to access a secret shop. I'm going to simply tell
you right now but this is the ONLY SHOP THAT WILL SELL ANY OF THIS STUFF. No
this simply CANNOT be ignored at all whatsoever. Here are my recommendations
on what to buy here..... (Yep the save goddess Anna owns these secret
shops. ^_^)

1 Thief Key (1 is all that you need. Seriously.)
7-9 Reblow Wands
3-7 Magic Staves
7-9 Torron Spells
5-9 Worm Spells

Hopefully the arena should've scraped you more than enough gold to afford
all this. Throw away any unwanted items now and replace them with these. I
would advise to leave at least 5 spaces of tent room. Have the other
characters such as Bantou (Provided if you've brought him) hold on to some
of this stuff. The villager in the village tells you about the Member Card
and the secret shop here if you can read Japanese that is. Pretty much
that's all that this villager says pretty much. Anyway once your item
sorting is finished use Social Knights/Paladins to carry these over to the
tent and store them. Surely you'll want to equip your magic users with these
as well as your Clerics. Anyway once that your item sorting is finished
simply have Marth conquer the throne to reclaim his home/kingdom. YAY! ^_^
And to get out of this very long chapter of course.

Secret Shop (Locaton: Behind the throne room door. Must have Member Card
in order to enter it.)

Thief Key 2540
Reblow Wand 2440 (BUY THIS!)
Magic Staff 2500
Torron 1940 (BUY THIS!)
Worm 2280 (BUY THIS!)

Item Shop

Pure Water 1450
Ointment (Salve) 600
Door Key 500
Bridge Key 900

Chapter 18

Starting Characters


New Characters

Est (!!!!!)

Have her speak to Marth to get this hottie to join your army.


Boss- Knight's Proof


Battle in it for money and experience. But if they
lose they die instantly.

Surely you'll want to bring anyone that's low leveled to train in the arena
here. Yes this chapter has an arena in it. Togijou is what it says in the
Japanese writings. Definitely bring Doga or Michelean and or Thomth. Bring
at least 2 healers. And anyone else that you want. Move your squadren left
and watch out for the Social Knights as some have Armor Killers. The enemies
by the arena should'nt really be any difficult to defeat. By turn 7 a sky
horse will come from the SW corner of the map. It's EST!!! Let her talk to
Marth to have her switch sides. Give her a Thunder Sword so that you can try
to tread her some EXP. She comes with the Miricle Sword the best damned
sword in the game. And she's just HOT.

She's the hottest of the pegasus sisters in my opinion. Even though many say
that Paola is the hottest. But the pegasus sisters are MUCH hotter in
Marth's' SNES games. Ahem anyway reinforcements will begin to come by Turn 8
and they are quite strong. Watch out as they all have Silver Weapons. Surely
you'll want your highest defensive units hold them off. Try to have Est pick
them off with a Thunder sword (with no Bowmen around) to try to tread her
some EXP. These enemies deals 20 DMG per hit of course lessened by defense.
Try to take out the Horsemen first so that Est can get some of this EXP.
Watch out for the Thunder Sword Paladin. This enemy sure looks badass but he
should'nt be troublesome with raised Mag Def or your permenent raised Mag Def

If any foes are close to dying have Est finish them off to get her the EXP.
This is by far the easiest way to level her up. Level her this way for now
till she can get trained in the arena because it is pretty easy to lose her
now. The boss just pelt him with ranged attacks. If you can get Est to get
the finishing blow on him then she will receive ALOT of EXP. Hopefully she
should be at level 9 or 10 by now. Now you should have 3 Knight's Proofs and
1 Orion's Arrow and 1 Hero's Proof. I know that you are itchin to promote some
of your characters at LV20. I perfectly honestly think that you should train 3
of your Social Knights to LV20 and Est to LV20. Have them battle Magicians and
ONLY Magicians (with raised Mag Def.) Whenever your ready by whatever needed.

I honestly would say to by a couple Relieve Staves and store them in your tent.
These will be incredibly handy for the next arena. Be sure to buy lots of
Thunder Swords and equip them to any Sword user that can use them. But make
sure to buy enough weapons/items for everyone as the NEXT CHAPTER has NO
Weapon/Item Shops there. Now whenever that you are ready have Marth conquer
the castle to begin the next chapter.

Weapon Shop (NW One)

Armor Killer 760
Rapier 900
Kill Sword 1250
Knight Killer 820
Silver Spear 1800
Steel Bow 560
Silver Bow 2200

Weapon Shop (SE One)

Iron Sword 320
Steel Sword 500
Armor Killer 760
Rapier 900
Kill Sword 1250
Thunder Sword 1600
Silver Sword 2000

Item Shop (NE One)

Ointment (Salve) 600
Relieve Staff 1200
Recover Staff 1550
Freeze 700
Elfire 1250
Volcannon 1600

Item Shop (SW One)

Fire 300
Thunder 460
Freeze 700
Elfire 1250
Volcannon 1600

Chapter 19 Mamkute Princess

Starting Characters


New Characters

Chiki (!!!)

Have Bantou speak to her.


Sniper- Orion's Arrow
Hero(Silver Sword)- Silver Sword
Devil Sword Thief- Light Orb (GET THIS! VERY IMPORTANT!)

2       3
X       X
                  4      5
                  X      X
6       7
X       X
                  8      9
                  X      X

2.Dragon Whip
3.Speed Ring
4.Earth Orb
5.Angel Clothes
8.Pure Water
9.Priest's Ring

This is actually one of the few chapters in the game that has no
reinforcements whatsoever. Pretty much this is a chapter where you
should bring your LV18-19 units so you can allow them to get leveled
up to LV20 by the end of this chapter. DEFINITELY bring Bantou as you
will need him to recruit the little girl Chiki. Bring anyone else that
you really want as in this chapter they only allow you to bring only 10
Characters. Marth has to be one of them of course.

Honestly I would recommend thieves here as there is many doors to
unlock in order to get the treasures here. Better get them quickly or
the thieves will beat you to it. Okay as you begin the battle as you
can see that Garnef says to Chiki to burn everyone to ashes and lies
to her and says that she was born from Medeius and not from the Narga
Kingdom. Or not in any way related to Bantou. Ambitious he is. Sick fetish
taking advantage of a child's mind. This is indeed the lowest that he's ever

Anyway begin the battle by picking off the enemies one by one. Weaken the Hero
enemies with your stronger units then finish them off with your weaker units
to get them some good EXP. Now with the Priest's Ring here you can Promote any
of your Clerics which allows them to use battle magic in addition to healing.
For a Magician this will allow them to use staves in addition to battle magic.
Choose whomever you want to promote with this handy item. I would recommend
Linda for a reason much later in the game. Maric is another good choice for
this. Well when you've finally made up your mind on whom to promote with this
go ahead and promote that character now with this. Even if they aren't at LV20.

Raise Mag Def and pick off those damned Magicians. If they aren't finished
off then try to have your weaker units pick them off so that they can get the
well needed EXP. Because you will want to start promoting people by the end of
this chapter. Defeat the thieves one of them should drop a Light Orb when
defeated. It is very important that you get this.

Anyway have Bantou speak to Chiki to have her join your army as she will
certainly be a great asset to your team. Be sure NOT to attack her by mistake.
No I will not provide a strategy on how to fight against her because doing this
is not only a souless thing to do but it's just not recommened to begin with.
If so then your on your own otherwise though this is certainly NOT RECOMMENDED.

Have Chiki kill off the remaining enemies to get her some EXP. Do not worry
about dragonstone uses as they are unlimited in this game. Hopefully she should
be at LV6 or 7 by now. Chiki says at the end of her speech that she doesn't
ever want to be alone ever again. *Aww so cute* like Marth and Linda's speech
in Chapter 11 promising her that he will never let this happen to her again. As
for the Dragon Whip promote any of your Pegasus units with this. I would
recommend Est because she just KICKS ASS. Hopefully you've beefed her up from
the arena to make this promotion possible. Sheeda and Kachua are other good
choices. Promote Paola with it if you'd like. Any of them are good choices it
doesn't matter. Est and Sheeda are my recommendations.

Be sure to equip Marth with the Miricle Sword and Star Orb before exiting this
chapter and as for the Light Orb store this in your tent. Once your item
sorting has been finished have Marth conquer Chiki's throne to get out of here.

Chapter 20 Black Knight Camus

Starting Characters


New Characters


Have Sheeda talk to her father to have
him join the squadren.


Paladin- Silver Sword
Elephant Shooter- Elephant Gun (!!!)


Battle in it for money and experience. But if you
lose they die instantly.

Okay DEFINITELY deploy Sheeda and Chiki. As well as your new Priest/Priestess
and Dragon Knight. And surely you will want to bring anyone else that's low
leveled that your itchin to promote later on. Bring both of your Shooters as
this is now the chance to start leveling them in the arena. Becuase your
cannot really get them much ammo right now and then. I'm going to heed this
small warning to you but this is the last chance that you will get to use the
arena at all. Making absolutely sure that nobody dies in it either. Because
you certainly do not want any dead units at this point in the game.

Oh great prepare to battle some really powerful enemies as the DMG they
can deal to you will be more than enough to put your units into pain fast.
Surely you will want to have enough Libro Staves to heal them if they get
hurt too bad. Just take out 1 at a time if you can. Half of your army should
be powerful by now at the very least so hopefully you can take them out. Or
you can just use Marth (Rapier) to easily take them out. Only doing this one
at a time of course.

You must not diddly around either because a thief will destroy that lone
village quickly if you don't get to it fast enough. It is absolutely vital
to save that village because you can get a Harmain staff in it used to repair
any weapon. Too bad that you cannot repair any Magic books though. =/

The shooters shouldn't really be any difficult to defeat. Pick them off with
your new Priest/Priestess to get him/her some EXP to start him/her off with.
The Paladin Stooges are ready to run thier blades red with glory. You'll show
em soon enough heh heh heh heh heh. The Silver Spear Paladins can deal 22 DMG
per hit. (The DMG of course can be reduced from Defense.) And that's rather
really painful. Just be absolutely very careful so that this doesn't get too
hasty and hectic.

The Silver Sword Paladins can deal 24 DMG per hit 2 points more Power stats.
(Reduced from Defense of course.) They are indeed deadlier than their bloody
bros. And NO I'm not going to say the Paladin Of Doom/Blood since this is
pretty much Vengence's idea anyway. But that line is rather cool though. Back
to the game. Take them out with your highest defensive units. NOOT Chiki because
she is rather weak at the moment. Don't worry she will get powerful soon enough.
Have your newly promoted Dragon Knight pick them off (Highly Recommended). One
of the Silver Sword Paladin's will drop a Silver Sword when defeated.

You may not want to attack the Thief here up close because he has a DEVIL
SWORD. Take him out with ranged attacks.Keep flyers away from the left forts
area and put Sheeda in the upper mountains so that she can talk to Lawrence.
Because alot of bow users will come starting on Turn 7. By now Lawrence should
be by the docking area. Try to have Sheeda talk to him right now because you
will really want him as he is easily one of the best characters in the game.
And he's the only General availible in the game because you cannot promote any
of your Armor Knights in this game. Bites huh I know. Oh well.

Once this powerful behemoth joins you have him pick off the reinforcements on
the left. He should be able to handle them easily and moving Sheeda out of
range of the bow users so that she doesn't get killed. Because the Bowmen are
quite powerful. Have Lawrence block the bridge area so that those
reinforcements cannot get through to your other units. Because you certainly do
not want to start the chapter all over again if Sheeda dies. Heal Lawrence if he
seriously got hurt. You can give Lawrence the Speed Ring that you have gotton
last chapter. Go right ahead as he's one of the top 10 best characters in the
game. PERIOD!

Anyway once the reinforcements have been dealt with. Even though that it is
only for only a few turns you can start by either taking the left path or by
going through the bridge to get to them. I would recommend the bridge since you
can pick them off easier that way. But be sure to have a Thief or Bridge Key to
open the broken bridge. Do not send your flyers or Chiki over there becuase
these shooters have Elephant Guns and they will be destroyed in a flash if you
try it.

You can use Lawrence to defeat the Generals and Elephant Shooters as he can
handle them quite easily. Just hope and prey that the Elephant Shooters does
not critical Lawrence or else pretty much he's a goner. Restart if he has died.
One of them should drop an Elephant Gun when defeated YAY! ^_^ Lawrence should
at least be at LV7 by now before or after battling those damned
Shooters/Generals. Kill the Clerics with Chiki to get her some well needed EXP.
Since she cannot battle in the arena. Now Oh Great prepare for a REALLY tough
boss fight. Just hope and prey that Marth scores a critical on him with the
Miricle Sword and he should go down rather easily. Marth should be at LV20 by
now anyway.

Anyway once Camus says his last words. Don't worry he will return soon enough.
You don't receive EXP for defeating him either. Just play FE2 and FE3 Book 2
and see what I mean. Anyway once Camus is down for the count train any
remaining characters in the arena for those that are below LV10. Raise Mag Def
battle Magicians and have your Shooters battle Archers with the Light/Star Orbs
so that their caterpult ammo doesn't get used up. This is so that none of your
troops will die in it. Hopefully you'll get most/everyone LV10+ by the end of
this chapter. Use the stored Relieve Staves that I've told you to store 2
chapters ago. This is now the time that they will become REALLY useful as there
is no store that sells healing staves here.

If your still training people in the arena have them use the fort by it to
heal them. (This is when you run out of Relieve Staves.) I would recommend
using the Relieve Staves on people that are on foot. But for the horse
riding units it's better to heal them at the fort instead since they can move
at much greater distances than the characters on foot. Oh and I'm going to
simply tell you right now but this is the last chapter that will sell any axes
at all. Just buy enough to last for the remaining 5 chapters of this wonderful
game. Whenever your ready simply have Marth conquer the castle to get out of

Note: Camus will drop the Gladius upon defeating him. Poor Camus. =(

Chapter 21

Starting Characters


New Characters



Sniper-Dragon Shield
Boss-Knight's Proof

Oh great this chapter is certainly going to push your buttons. Definitely
send out your Snipers,Bantou,Chiki,All 3 of your Clerics,Daros(Hopefully he's
at LV10 by now.),Lawrence definitely send him out. Now send out Minerva and
whoever else that you want. Start by moving your squadren into 3 separate
groups. Move your bow users,magic users,your 3 Clerics each with a Reblow Wand.
Next just wait until they get to you first. Don't move them too far north as you
certainly do not want the Paladins to come after you and pound your troops into

Snipe off the Dragon Knights with your Snipers/Shooters as they by far do the
most damage to them. Some shooters will come after you but they're nothing to
worry about except for the one with the Thunder Cannon. Plus it will certainly
take alot more time for them to get to you. But by then the Dragon Knights
should all hopefully be disposed of by then. The Dragon Knights will certainly
be there before the shooters will.

Raise Lawrences's' Mag Def so that the Magicians doesn't have fun picking him
off with their sinister magic. Marth with the Miricle Sword (with Star Orb)
will prove to be really useful as well. Now keep your Clerics far away from them
as the Dragon Knights will just have fun poking them with their weapons. Which
will just fustrate the living hell out of you. Hopefully your troops will
survive because it may take 2 or 3 turns to finish them all off. If somehow they
maim your good troop. Restart and try it again.

Some reinforcements will be coming more Dragon Knights and Shooters. But they
should'nt really be tough to defeat. Stay south so that the Paladin trio won't
come after you. Have Lawrence take care of the Paladins. Laugh out loud as they
stand no chance whatsoever. If you haven't fed him the Speed Ring then this can
present a problem otherwise. You may have to otherwise heal him a few times with
some Libro Wand uses. Anyway after the blood lusters die have Chiki or Lawrence
take out the boss here. He's a mere joke. This foe will drop a Knight's Proof
upon killing him. This boss is much like Camus in terms of his fighting style
but he's alot weaker however. This one only has a stinkin Hand Spear. While
Camus had the Gladius. Anyways once the boss has been taken care of go get both
your Member/Silver Cards as there is a secret shop here.

Go to the lone forest in the NE mountains in order to find it. But that
character has to equip with the Member Card. And the Silver Card to prevent
Anna's merchendise from being painfully expensive. Enhance these characters
with Power Rings,Speed Rings,Mystery Books,and Goddess Statues needed. Max them
out to 20 each as this is the highest a stat in this game can possibly go up to.
This is what makes all this extra gold from those arena's rather useful.
Hopefully you should have more than enough gold for all of this to happen. But
be sure to save about 295,000G for the remaining Weapon/Items shops and the
Defense set that you'll be able to buy very soon.

Anyway once that you are done powering up Chiki,Bantou,Daros,your 3 Clerics
and whoever else you want and of course Marth himself. Be sure to buy 2 Power
Rings for Sheeda,2 Speed Rings for Ellis(That you will have soon enough on your
team.),1 Mystery Book for whomever you didn't give 1 of these too (Maric/Linda).
And 3 Goddess Statues for Paola because she almost grows no luck whatsoever. If
she's already been fed one then otherwise give the remaining one to your
Sword/Axe users so that they can use the Devil weapons with less chance of
backfiring upon them. Buy some Thunder Swords replace any dulled up equipment &
items then simply have Marth step on the castle whenever you're ready to get out
of here. NEXT!

Secret Shop

Location: In lone forest in the North eastern mountains.
Must have Member card in order to enter it.

Power Ring 2540
Speed Ring 2540
Mystery Book 2540
Goddess Statue 2540

Weapon Shop

Iron Sword 320
Steel Sword 500
Armor Killer 760
Rapier 900
Kill Sword 1250
Thunder Sword 1600
Silver Sword 2000

Item Shop

Ointment (Salve) 600
Relieve Staff 1200
Recover Staff 1550
Freeze 700
Elfire 1250
Volcannon 1600

Chapter 22 Deceisive Battle Of Macedonia

Starting Characters


New Characters



Boss Micheal- Dragon Shield (Too bad that he doesn't drop the Aiote's Shield
though like in Marth's' SNES version of this game of his. His 2nd game.)
Boss Castle Boss-Dragon Whip

This has got to be the 2nd hardest chapter in the game. Not only are
the starting enemies are plentiful to deal with as it is but your also
going to be facing several reinforcements that are quite lethal. Unless
you have a Reserve Wand you can expect your army to pretty much get wiped
out. Seriously. This is now the time to start using it. Bring Paola even
she is at LV20 to feed her the Goddess Statues. Bring in your other Pegasi
to promote her here as there is another Dragon Whip that you can get here
unless you want to promote Paola. Next bring Daros if you want to simply
LV him up some more now now that he has been fed with the offense set. Now
he will no longer suk now. Bring in Sheeda/Kachua for whomever that you are
planning on promoting here. Next definitely bring in Chiki. Hopefully she
should at least be at LV9 by now. Next bring in your Social Knight to promote
him with your new Knight's Proof. I'd recommend Abel/Kain/Hardain/Roshe.
Whomever hasn't class changed yet. Bring in your Cleric with a Warp Staff
and your Priest/Priestess. Bring in Bantou if you'd like or just bring anyone
else that isn't at LV20 yet.

First start by warping Chiki to the village so that the thief doesn't
destroy it. YOU MUST PROTECT THIS VILLAGE. No I am dead serious it's
incredibly important. In fact it's so

----------  |\    /| |----  ------  ------  -------  -------    |\       | ----|
    |       | \  / | |    | |     | |     |    |     |      |   | \      |   | |
    |       |  \/  | |    | |     | |     |    |     |      |   |  \     |   | |
    |       |      | |----  |     | |-----|    |     |      |   |   \    |   | |
    |       |      | |      |     | |     |    |     |------|   |    \   |   | |
    |       |      | |      |     | |     |    |     |      |   |     \  |   | |
    |       |      | |      |     | |     |    |     |      |   |      \ |   | |
----------  |      | |      |------ |     |    |     |      |   |       \|   | |


that yes I'm that serious this task certainly cannot be ignored at all
whatsoever. You must have both the Light and Star Orbs and they must be in
Marth's' possesion before you visit that village in order to get the Starlight
spell that is needed to defeat the boss next chapter. You cannot get the
Falchion without it. Yes Marth's' traditional sword that he used in SSBM!
(Super Smash Bros Melee)

Anyway the bottom line is to save that village at all costs. That's if your
really going to have any hope at beating this game. You will want to deploy your
Sniper trio. Gordon and Thomas should already be Snipers by now! Otherwise
deploy your Bowmen. Provided that you've kept them alive. Move your other
squadren NE and pick off the enemies by the castle. Most will be after Chiki.
But yes now that you have enhanced her Power Stats she should now take care of
them rather easily now. This is when she shines. I would advise to start raising
your other characters Mag Def as you will see why in moments. Be sure to keep
Chiki on that village so that the thief doesn't go after it and try to destroy

Have your other troops snipe off the flyers. That's right reinforcements will
be coming and they are quite strong. Especially get rid of those Worm Priests
they are among the deadliest of them. Try to have Chiki kill them if you can.
Heal with Libro/Reserve staves with raised Mag Def and they shouldn't do too
much harm to your party. But be careful as some of these Dragon Knights also
have Knight Killers. Michael will go after you after the reinforcements are
defeated. Just have someone throw the Gladius at him and he should go down
rather easily. Because sniping him will not work as he has an Aiote's Shield
(prevents sniping bonuses from flyers.) Anyway after Michael kicks the dirt he
should drop a Dragon Shield. Too bad that it's not the Aiote's Shield though.

Terminate this thief with extreme pleasure if you haven't done so already.
The boss by the exit to this chapter royally is an absolute joke. Just use a
Dragon Killer or just hit him hard with the Gladius and he should go down
without a problem. He drops a Dragon Whip upon killing him. Promote your Pegasi
that you've brought here and promote her right now and have her kill off the
clerics to get her some EXP to start off with. Start now by buying 2 Fire,
Thunder,Freeze and 3 Elfire,Volcannon books and store these in your tent. It
is rather important that you do this as beyond this chapter WILL NOT SELL ANY
TOMES AT ALL. Be sure to buy the caterpult ammo as this is the only chapter in
the game that will sell them.

Have Marth (with both Light/Star Orbs in his inventory) and have him visit
that village to get the Starlight Spell. Give this to Linda pronto. YAY! ^_^
that you have gotton this simply have Marth conquer the Macedonian fort to
begin the next chapter.

Chapter 23 Evil Priest Garnef

Starting Characters


New Characters


Simply finish the chapter.


Thief-Door Key
1st Reserve Cleric-Pure Water
4th Cleric-Reserve Staff (!!!)
Throne Garnef-Priest's Ring
Real Garnef- Falchion (!!!)

Left one-10000G
Right one-Magic Armlet(!)

Ooh a very easy and fun chapter. This has to be one of my top 3
favorite chapters in the game. (My 2nd favorite) You'll love this
one. Defintely send in Linda and your LV20 units as well as your
newly promoted flyer. And yes this chapter has a secret shop that
sells Promotional items!!! Bring the Member/Silver Cards definitely.
If someone else has these then you will have to bring that character
into battle in order to get the card/cards from them. And now you
should be all set and ready for battle.

It starts as Garnef claims that he's invincible and that Marth even
Medeius himself cannot stop him now that he has both the Falchion and
Maph in his possesion. But you'll show him soon enough. Immediately
start grabbing those treasures and use the Magic Armlet on your newly
promoted Pegasi. Now have her battle most of these enemies to tread her
some very easy EXP. As for the Sniper you will have to try to take him
out in 1 turn. So that your flyer/flyers doesn't get endangered. If the
Sniper doesn't die then send in another unit to finish him off. Yep your
battling Medeius's' yesmen (Dolua) yet again along with Kladain mages that
are under Garnef's mind control. Lure the other sniper and kill him. Afetr
defeating the remaining enemies. But watch out as 1 of the thieves has a
Devil Sword on him. Lure Garnef with Linda equiped with Starlight and have her
bean him with it. He should go down in a turn or few turns. After Garnef's
defeat he drops the Falchion upon defeating him.

Give this to Marth right away and say hello to legendary Marth SSBM style!!!!!
The other 2 Garnef clones should'nt be any difficult to defeat. One of the
Clerics by the throne should drop a Reserve Staff and the other should've
already dropped a Pure water already as you went up the tower of Thebes.
The Throne Garnef clone should've already dropped a Priest's Ring upon
defeating him. Promote a Cleric/Magician immediately with this. Go behind
the throne with the Member/Silver Cards and buy this amount of promotion
items as needed.

2 Knight's Medals
2 Hero's Proofs
4 Priest's Rings
0 Orion's Arrow
2 Dragon Whips

Promote anyone that you've brought here that has not class changed yet.
Store your Member/Silver Cards in the tent as you WILL need these next chapter.
Store your other promotion items in the tent then simply have Marth conquer the
throne to rescure Marth's' sister Ellis. YAY! ^_^ This young woman that Maric
has a crush on will join you along with the Oum Wand. She says that Garnef has
kidnapped her because of her revival powers and now she is willing to help out
by reviving a troop that you've lost. But anyone else that you have lost are
going to remain dead. Just keep note of that. Okay time for the next chapter

Secret Shop
Location: Behind the throne. Must have Member Card in order to find it.

Knight Proof 2000
Hero Proof 2000
Priest's Ring 2000
Orion's Arrow 2000
Dragon's Whip 2000

Chapter 24 Mamkute Kingdom

Starting Characters


She joins automatically at the start of the battle.

New Characters



Lone one- Devil Sword

This is going to be your toughest battle yet. Now bring Ellis definitely,
bring in all of your newly promoted troops,bring in Linda,the pegasus
sisters,Minerva,and surely you will want to bring in anyone that hasn't
class changed yet,bring in Jake and Beke,and finally Chiki and Bantou.
Now begin the battle by class changing everyone else that hasn't class
changed yet. Send in Ellis to feed the Angel Clothes and 2 Speed Rings. She
WILL need them if you have any hope of leveling her. Go around the mountain
path. I really do not recommend going down south through the mountains as that
area is heavily guarded with powerful enemies.

And by now the snipers should be coming from your left and right. Or all left.
Anyway once you deal with them send a flyer down to kill the Reserve Cleric.
I would recommend doing this as not only will it keep them from getting healed
but you'll see why in moments. You really want these pesky clerics to die ASAP.
Try to kill both of these clerics keeping out of range of the Thunder Sword
Hero. Keep 10 spaces away from him. Be sure to pick off the thief as your
trying to kill the right Reserve Cleric. Once the Volcannon Priest comes by
have Ellis stand in the forest so that the Priest can start attacking her. But
be sure to have 1 of your Priest/Priestesses nearby to heal her. And or just
heal her with Libro Staves whenever she gets hurt by the Volcannon Priest. DO
NOT KILL THAT PRIEST. NO I AM DEAD SERIOUS. Because you want to allow Ellis to
get leveled up so you can promote her by the end of this chapter.

If the thief is not dead then teleport Marth and have him kill him but watch out
as this lone wolf thief has a Devil Sword so watch out. Have Marth kill that
thief with the Falchion. Do this so the thief doesn't counter attack. Now get
ready now because starting on Turn 8 the field will be scattered with enemies.
You can finish this battle in 2 ways.

First Way- Fight off the buttload of reinforcements keeping your magic users on
the right side of the map and having your melee fighters on the left side of the
map. Becuase LOTS of Magic Dragons are going to come out of the forts by the
Boss Zemzel. Have your magic users pick off the Fire Dragons on the right side
of the map. And have your Dragon Killers ready because YOU WILL NEED THEM IN
ORDER TO PICK OFF THOSE DAMNED MAGIC DRAGONS. Devil Swords works well on them.
(Only with characters with 15+ Luck though) And have Marth use the Falchion on
them. This is the only 3 consecutive ways that are just about the only way to
defeat those damned Magic Dragons. Keep Magic users away from them. Shooter's'
Elephant Gun should works well on them too. But don't rely on them much though
because most likely they can get defeated rather easily. Try Silver Swords on
them but ONLY if that melee fighter only has 20 in Strength.

Be careful if any sky horse troops comes because they are armed with Dragon
Killers. You know whom to keep away from them. This is pretty much all that
it takes to hold them off until Turn 35 which that's when they will stop

Second Way- Around Turn 5 start warping your shooters or anyone that you
are not going to plan on using to fight here to the 4 forts by Zemzel. This
will prevent those nasty Magic Dragons,Snipers,and Hero's to come out of
those forts. But ALOT of sky horse troops will come by doing this though.
But you know what to do to take care of them though. Do not worry the boss
does not move.

Note: Have Rena use her Harmain Staff to repair the Dragon Killers
when they are below 5 uses.

I would recommend the Second Way because not only will you have an easier
time just fighting off the Fire Dragons which are far less lethal than the
Magic ones but also you can level your characters up more easily this way too.
But if you somehow want a more challenging battle then go for the First Way.
This battle is going to be tough either way. Anyway after the reinforcements
are defeated well after this legendary battle ends. This has got to be one of my
top 5 favorite chapters in Fire Emblem history. Now for Zemzel just use a Dragon
Killer and he's nothing but pure garbage. >_>

If the alter enemies aren't killed yet they will now start charging after you.
That's right fellas come to your deaths muh hwa ha ha haaaa. Dispose of them
then have Marth grab the lone treasure as it has a Devil Sword in it. Aww no
Fire Dragon stones. =( The SNES version of this game has them though. BUT DO NOT
CONQUER THE CASTLE YET. At anytime when Ellis reaches LV20 go right ahead and
kill the Volcannon Priest afterwards with a flyer.

Head to the tent and take out your Member/Silver cards once again. Have a
flyer go to the lone empty spot in the SW mountains area in order to find the
secret shop there. Enhance your legendary warriors with these to max out their
HP,DEF,MAG DEF,AND MOVEMENT. Especially do this for your Priests/Priestesses.
Kill the Volcannon Priest once Ellis has reached LV20. Go ahead and promote her
right now once that she reaches LV20. Anyway once that you are finished
enhancing your characters with the Defense Set. I know this is icing on the cake
in this legendary battle. Replace any weapons/items and whenever that you are
ready have Marth conquer the castle. Surprize it's Medeius he has been waiting
for your arrival. He will welcome Marth and his friends to you get the picture
of what Dolua already is. Well it's time to kick his butt now. ^_^

Secret Shop

Location: SW mountains area at empty spot. Must have Member Card
in order to find it.

Angel Clothes 2540
Dragon Shield 2540
Magic Armlet 2540
Boots 2540

Chapter 25 The Choices of Many

Starting Characters


YESS! He joins at the start of the battle.

New Characters



Dragon Knight-Thunder Sword
Hero (by entrance)-Silver Sword
Magic Dragon (by entrance)- Salve
Priest-Door Key
Paladin-Dragon Killer
Hero-Dragon Killer

Dialogue (My Most favorite!)
Gato: Marth, you have to fight at your best! You are the only hope we have.
In the past I used to hate humans, for they seemed so weak and stupid. But
after seeing you battle so fiercely, I no longer hate them. They have
come at the right time. You are the Chosen One by the gods to subdue
the spirit of the Dark Dragon and bring it back to the darkness from which
it came.

Hopefully most if not everyone should be promoted by now. Now send out most
of your Priests/Priestesses including Ellis. Now pick out whomever else that
you want to continue this Holy war. Surely you will want to bring anyone
that you've just leveled last chapter. After that you are done selecting
the characters that you want next it starts as Gato no longer hates humans
and that he says that the humans came at just the right time. And that
he has watched your recent trials up to here. He thanks Marth at the bottom
of his heart.

Okay pretty much this chapter doesn't really have any strategy. Just
have fun wasting everyone. Have fun you've certainly earned it! Thanks to
the Defense Set!! It's possible to finish this chapter in about 6-9 turns.
Pretty much the rest of this game is like FFT now. Well the reinforcements
will start coming after you as you begin to start to battle Medeius and they
NEVER stop coming. With Marth having 20 Strength (with Falchion) Medeius should
go down in 3 blows. Let legendary Marth stick it to him. Once he is defeated the
game will stop and now the ending begins and the remaining Dolua reinforcements
will just now start looking stupid. Well Sheeda asks Marth to go to Talis with
her and he of course agrees.

After clearing the final scenario
Sheeda: Marth! At last, we can return to Talis.
Marth: Yes, Sheeda. But I must tell your father goodbye. After sending
you to Talis, I must go back to Aritia.
Sheeda: Alright...
Marth: Sheeda, I still can't relax yet. I must help rebuild everything
that was ruined in this land durring the war.
Nina: Haha...Marth, you have left out something that is very important,
haven't you? Go on....you are a warrior. Avoiding it is pointless.
Marth: (blushing) Nina! I-I have nothing......! Uh......Sheeda......
Sheeda: Yes.....?
Marth: Go with me.....I really want you to return to Aritia with me.
Sheeda: Alright!


Now he and his friends now start fixing all the damages in this dark war
that the evil dragon Medeius has created. Revived by the evil wizard Garnef
of course. That's it well ENJOY THE ENDING and thanks for playing
one of the top ten of the greatest videogames ever made PERIOD!

2. Characters and their stat growth charts

      Hp  Str  Skill  Wpn  Skill  Speed  Luck  Def  Mag Def
Marth 90% 50%  40%       30%       50%   70%   20%    0%
Jeigan 10% 10%  10%       0%       10%   0%    0%     0%
Kain   90% 30%  60%      60%       60%   50%   20%    0%
Abel   70% 40%  50%      70%       50%   40%   20%    0%
Doga   60% 20%  40%      20%       40%   20%   10%    0%
Gordon 40% 30%  30%      50%       30%   40%   10%    0%
Sheeda 50% 20%  70%      80%       90%   70%   20%    0%
Riff   20% 0%   0%       20%       10%   10%   10%    0%
Oguma  80% 40%  20%      70%       30%   40%   20%    0%
Barts  60% 50%  50%      30%       50%   70%   50%    0%
Saji   100% 30% 20%      50%       40%   40%   40%    0%
Maji   90%  50% 50%      20%       10%   30%   50%    0%
Kashim 70%  60% 40%      20%       40%   20%   20%    0%
Daros  90%  50% 0%       20%       10%   10%   40%    0%
Julian 80%  70% 50%      0%        50%   80%   30%    0%
Rena   0%   0%  0%       30%       20%   40%   0%     0%
Navarre 90% 50% 40%      30%       50%   40%   10%    0%
Maric  80%  0%  30%      80%       50%   50%   20%    0%
Machis 50%  40% 30%      70%       20%   20%   20%    0%
Hardain 50% 30% 50%      70%       60%   30%   20%    0%
Zagaro 90%  30% 20%      30%       10%   10%   20%    0%
Ulf   70%   50% 10%      60%       20%   70%   20%    0%
Roshe 80%   40% 50%      30%       10%   10%   10%    0%
Viliak 50%  30% 10%      70%       20%   10%   10%    0%
Wendel 60%  10% 30%      70%       20%   40%   10%    0%
Ricardo 50% 50% 20%      0%        60%   40%   20%    0%
Bantou  10% 0%  10%      0%        0%    10%   0%     0%
Shiza   80% 30% 30%      30%       20%   10%   20%    0%
Raddy   90% 50% 40%      50%       70%   40%   10%    0%
Roger   70% 50% 10%      40%       20%   80%   10%    0%
George  60% 20% 10%      50%       20%   10%   10%    0%
Maria   0% 0%  0%        70%       20%   30%   0%     0%
Minerva 40% 30% 50%      70%       40%   40%   20%    0%
Linda   70% 0%  70%      70%       60%   80%   20%    0%
Jake    50% 30% 50%      50%       20%   50%   10%    0%
Medeia  80% 30% 50%      50%       50%   10%   20%    0%
Thomth  70% 30% 40%      70%       30%   10%   20%    0%
Michelean 50% 30% 10%    40%       20%   10%   10%    0%
Thomas  50% 20% 20%      50%       30%   10%   10%    0%
Boa     10% 0%  10%      0%        20%   10%   10%    0%
Beke    10% 20% 40%      70%       50%   30%   0%     0%
Astoria 90% 50% 40%      40%       20%   50%   10%    0%
Paola   70% 50% 80%      30%       20%   10%   30%    0%
Kachua  50% 50% 30%      50%       40%   40%   10%    0%
Alan    50% 50% 30%      50%       40%   40%   10%    0%
Samson  70% 30% 10%      70%       20%   50%   20%    0%
Chainey 50% 30% 10%      0%        20%   20%   20%    0%
Est     50% 70% 70%      70%       70%   60%   20%    0%
Chiki   80% 50% 90%      70%       90%   90%   0%     0%
Lawrence 70% 50% 70%     50%       20%   50%   20%    0%
Ellis   80%  0% 50%      90%       60%   80%   30%    0%
Gato    80%  0% 50%      90%       60%   80%   30%    0%


Class Lord
Rating 7/10

The prince of Ariteia. He has been forced into exile after the evil empire
Dolua took it over. Marth started his adventure at Sheeda's homeland. You
are forced into using him in every map. One of the stars of SSBM!!!
He really unravels his usefulness once he reaches LV20. Because of this
I do not recommend using him too much.

Class Paladin
Rating 1/10

Marth's' loyal bodyguard and also was Abel and Kain's' martial arts teacher.
Many use him as the term Jeigan character. Just look at his stat % growth
that's more than enough for you not to ever use him. Using him is just only
going to eat up your EXP. I SERIOUSLY do not recommend using him under any
circumstances. He's definitely the worst character in Fire Emblem history
so congradulations. Bah let the old buzzard rot.

Class Social Knight
Promoted to Paladin
Rating 8/10

Kain a knight of Ariteia. Now this is a character that you would want to use
in every playthrough. It's rather complicated to know who will end up better.
The question is either Abel or Kain. Use them both and you have yourself 2
high movement fighting machines.

Class Social Knight
Promoted to Paladin
Rating 8/10

Abel a knight of Ariteia. Alriiight I know that this guy will end up awesome.
Go ahead and use this guy seriously! What more can I possibly say.

Class Armor Knight
Rating 4/10

A Knight of Ariteia. *Sigh* I will have to say this but he's part Jeigan
obviously. He's rather useful in the early going. But you can go ahead and
bench him once that you can get some better troops. Suks that he does not
promote though. In Marth's' SNES games though that's where he really shines.
But unfortunately in this game obviously he doesn't. Use him early then bench
him later.

Class Archer
Promoted to Sniper
Rating 6/10

A Bow soldier of Ariteia. Obviously he is going to suk until he promotes. Go
ahead and use him. Once he becomes a Sniper that's when he will start shining.
It's quite difficult to level him as an Archer though. Keep him out of heavy
combat though.


Class Pegasus Knight
Promoted Class Dragon Knight
Rating 9/10

A pure hearted Pegasus Knight and princess of Talis. Her home was overrun by
pirates. She joins as in thanks for Marth in helping her out. Also Marth's'
childhood friend and sweetheart. One of the utmost important characters
in the game. You will need her to recruit several characters and that she is
quite easy to level especially in the early going. Expect her to max out in
Speed and Luck. Her other stats are pretty well balanced. She gets well balanced
stats in everything else except Strength. I would highly recommend using her in
every playthrough as not only will she become rather awesome in the end but she
is after all the daughter of Lawrence. She always ends up being an awesome
character for me.

Class Cleric
Promoted to Priest
Rating 5/10

A wandering Cleric from Talis. He joins you in thanks for saving his village.
He's not all that bad of a character as he is very important for healing your
units. But once he promotes even so he isn't hardly worth mentioning much. But
he's the ONLY 2 Clerics of the game that will have a chance to grow HP.

Class Mercenary
Promoted to Hero
Rating 10/10

A Mercenary for hire from Talis. Also Sheeda's bodyguard as well as being
captain of his compatriets Barts,Saji, and Maji. SERIOUSLY always use this
guy not only will he end up very badass in the end but he will be able to use
any sword very fast. He grows better defense than Raddy does. Upon promotion
he will become a great asset for the endgame. Always use this guy or else your
insane. That's all I have to say on this one.

Class Axeman
Rating 6/10

A compatriet of Oguma's. Honestly he's the only Axeman that is rather
worth using for the endgame. He does start at a rather good LV for the
beginning. He won't take long to end up at a good LV. Doh if only he could
promote that is. =(

Class Axeman
Rating 4/10

A compatriet of Oguma's. I really don't recommend using him hardly as he is
a rather useless fighter. This character isn't really worth discussing. Really.

Class Axeman
Rating 4/10

A compatriet of Oguma's. Worthless character. Not even woth discussing.

Class Hunter
Rating 8/10

A wandering traveler that has joined the pirates to be able to get gold for
medicine. But leave it to softhearted Sheeda to correct his wrongdoings. This
guy will most likely max out in Strength. Although he suffers at growing Wpn LV
but once he's past LV10 he will start to become a good enough asset for a bow
user. Use this guy if you want a good Bow Gun user.

Class Pirate
Rating 2/10

A Pirate from the Garuda Pirates gang. Officially he's the only pirate in the
game. I seriously don't recommend using him at all or hardly. Only use him only
if you'd like a axe user to have the ability to walk over water.He NEVER grows
any Skill whatsoever. And he almost never grows Speed either. He often gets
attacked twice often because of this. Go ahead and let him rot if you'd like.
He's just a plague to this army anyway. Feh!

Class Thief
Rating 7/10

The Thief super hero of justice. A pure spirit and a drop of light. Boyfriend
to Rena. He recued her from Navarre's' nasty gang. Use this guy always. He is
rather an important character as he is the only Thief that is worth using at
all. But he grows NO wpn LV whatsoever. Better give him the Manual in Chapter
12 to make him more useful. Level him past 10 and that's when he'll be
assertive enough to help you out in needs of opening doors and treasures. He's
a character that you always would want to use in each and every playthrough.

Class Cleric
Promote to Priestess
Rating 7/10

A Cleric from Macedonia. She got kidnapped by Navarre because she refused to
marry Michael. Julian saves her from this horrible fate. Girlfriend to Julian
and sister to Machis. Always use her because she is the only character in the
game that can use the Harmain Staff. She is certainly going to be incredibly
useful for the endgame once you can get her the Defense set especially.

Class Mercenary
Promoted to Hero
Rating 8/10

A Mercenary known as the title as "The Crimson Fencer Of Death". Kidnapped Rena
to follow Micheal's' orders. The pure hearted young woman Sheeda convinces him
to join. Navarre absolutely hates to harm women. Nothing else is said about him
after that. Well I can say this but he is rather a useful character. Using this
guy will only turn out good enough if you level him some without the use of an
arena. But overall worthy enough to use on the battlefield.

Class Magician
Promoted to Priest
Rating 10/10

A Magician studying the arts of Khadain and a student of Wendel's.
And old childhood friend of Marth's'. This is one character that you always
want to use in every playthrough no matter what. He certainly will be a great
asset throughout the game and will have the ability to use staves upon
promotion. What more can I possibly say.

Class Social Knight
Promoted to Paladin
Rating 1/10

A Knight from Macedonia. Tricked by Michael and now he will guard the Macedonian
gateway to the bitter end. He is also Rena's dumbass brother. A plague to all
3 of Marth's' games. I seriously don't really recommend using him because he
hardly never has much Speed and Luck which means that he will be open to
criticals easily and getting attacked twice often.

Class Social Knight
Promoted to Paladin
Rating 7/10

Leader of the Orulean squad and an employee of the king of Oruleans. This
guy can already hold his own as he joins you and will also end up a pretty
well balanced great character. He's someone that you really should'nt
mind using in every playthrough.

Class Bowman
Rating 4/10

A soldier from Orleans. Loyal to Hardain to the bitter end. Gah this guy
starts at LV1 when he joins you and in the end he really won't turn out all
that great. I seriously do not recommend using him much unless some
of your other bow users died.

Class Bowman
Rating 5/10

Commander of the Orleans squad. A loyal soldier to Hardain to the bitter end.
Well You can go ahead and use him since both him and Zagaro are the only Bowmen
in the game. He won't exactly turn out bad either. When he gets the ability to
use Silver Bows that's when he will shine up to his ratings that I have given to
him! ^_^

Class Social Knight
Promoted to Paladin
Rating 6/10

A soldier from Oruleans. Commanded by Hardain and Ulf. Well I can't exactly
say much for this guy but he has problems in growing Speed. Better give him
a Speed Ring in order to make him rather useful. But at least he WILL end up
better than Machis and Viliak.

Class Social Knight
Promoted to Paladin
Rating 1/10

A soldier from Oruleans. He will follow Hardain's' orders to the bitter end.
*Sigh* Another plague to the field. He is actually worse than Machis. Although
he is liked more than Machis because of FE3 Book 2. Let this weakling
rot if you'd like. He's an embarrasment to the entire field.

Class Priest
Rating 7/10

A master of the arts of Khadain. Teacher to Maric. Although he will be surpassed
by his student though. =P He is actually a rather useful character. He's going
to be your only good Priest until chapter 19. Use him for this reason. He is
actually the ONLY good Priest for 2/3 of the game. He will actually prove rather
useful for the endgame if you level him up enough times.

Class Thief
Rating 2/10

A Thief that got locked up for stealing in Macedonia. Rescued by Julian his
godbrother. He's not only one of the characters to get low stats. But he
doesn't turn out any good at all either unless you enhance him with some stat up
items. But he's your only other Thief in the game. Use him to unlock doors and
treasures. Useful for that.

Class Mamkute
Rating 1/10

A Mamkute that is looking for his granddaughter Chiki. Granddaughter to Chiki.
Well he can be rather useful for the first 1/3 of the game. But unless you
enhance him with some Stat up items he won't get useful for the endgame. Bench
him after Chapter 19 if you'd like. He's another Jeigan.

Class Mercenary
Promoted to Hero
Rating 8/10

A guardian for the Port City of Warren. Friend to Raddy. He does start at a
rather good level. He's another character that will only end up awesome without
the use of the arena much. If your lucky he can grow ALOT of Defense by the
endgame. Awesome character you bet.

Class Mercenary
Promoted to Hero
Rating 9/10

A guardian for the Port City of Warren. Friend to Shiza. Another character
that will totally ROCK for the endgame. He has simularities to Oguma. But
even though Oguma WILL grow more Strength and Defense than Raddy will. But
this guy should NOT be ignored for training though however. Feeding him a
Power Ring and Dragon Shield and he always ends up an awesome character for me.
But he does grow more Luck than Oguma does though slightly. Go ahead
and use him. He's probably the 2nd best sword user in the game.

Class Armor Knight
Rating 5/10

An Armor Knight guardian from the Port City of Warren. He will usually become
much better than Doga. But since he cannot promote I do not recommend using him
all that much. Makes a great roadblock however and he is quite easy to train in
the arena too.

Class Sniper
Rating 7/10

A soldier from Macedonia. Joined Marth's' army to get back at Dolua for
corrupting the minds of Macedonia. Brother to Astoria. Quite good for a
prepromo. If you don't feel like using Grodon or Thomas then this guy
will be you great back up Sniper. But he's 1 of the 3 Sniper trio though.
But still I would recommend using both Gordon and Thomas for this reason.
George may need some Power Rings to have him become a much better unit.

Class Cleric
Promoted to Priestess
Rating 7/10

A Cleric from Macedonia. Kidnapped in order for her sisters not to betray
Macedonia. Minerva,Paola,Kachua,and Est's' youngest sister. She is rather
useful for healing your units. She is a very important character because
of this. She will need an Angel Clothes in order for you to level her. She
isn't too bad at promotion either. Expect her to grow the most Speed and Luck
in the game for any Staff user.


Class Dragon Knight
Rating 7/10

A beautiful princess of Macedonia. A very softhearted young woman who
loves her sister very much. Has a crush on Marth. Although she doesn't know
that he has Sheeda. =P Also she is HOT in this game too. Well she will
grow alot of Defense and every other stat but she will rather suffer at
having lower HP than any other Dragon Knight. Better give her some Angel
Clothes to make her more useful for the endgame.

Class Magician
Promoted to Priestess
Rating 10/10

Daughter to Miroa. And Princess Nina's student. Gotton kidnapped by slave
sellers. She hid her idendity to hide herself from the evil wizard Garnef.
One of the 3 great magic users with only Garnef and Gato being the other 2.
Got rescued by Marth. YAY! ^_^ Wow now this is another character that you
will always will want to use. Not only does she behold the best spell in
the game Aura but she does get rather good growths in everything. This is
another character that will fit nicely in your squadren throughout the game.
Having the ability to use staves upon promotion. Training her in every
playthrough is a DEFINITE MUST. Bring her to Chapter 23 to have her get
revenge on her father. Always have her fight Garnef this IS her fight anyway.
Use her or weep.

Class Shooter
Rating 6/10

Boyfriend to the save goddess Anna. Guardian of Norda. Sheeda taught him in
his misguided ways to convince him to join the Aritianian army. Well he really
won't be all that useful of a character until chapter 20 when you can train him
in the arena due to the fact that they DO NOT sell any caterpult ammo until
chapter 23. He will shine most with the Offense/Defense sets.

Class Paladin
Rating 9/10

A bodyguard of Boa and captain of the others and that she is Astoria's'
girlfriend. Got captured in the Orulean fortress. Got rescued by Marth.
Wow this character may be a prepromo but use her I AM DEAD SERIOUS not only
does she have very amazing growths for a prepromo but she will end up rather
awesome for a Paladin. She's the only female Paladin in the game. Plus as an
added bonus SHE'S JUST HOT.

Class Armor Knight
Rating 5/10

A bodyguard of Medeia's'. He's probably the best Armor Knight in the game
aside that from Roger. He does get good weapon growth to start out with though.
Too bad that he does not promote though or else he would otherwise be one of the
best characters in the game. Gah! No promotion suks huh I know.

Class Armor Knight
Rating 3/10

A bodyguard of Medeia's'. Starts out with a suky Wpn LV. Honestly I really
do not recommend using him much either because not only does he have worst stat
growths than Thomth does but he just suks commonly. Let this worthless soldier
rot if you'd like.

Class Archer
Promoted to Sniper
Rating 5/10

A bodyguard of Medeia's'. Well I'd have to stay that he does start at a much
hugher LV than Gordon does though. Although that I think that Gordon and George
are ALOT better. He doesn't really grow much Luck. Without the use of Goddess
Statues otherwise I don't really recommend putting all that much work into him.

Class Priest
Rating 1/10

Medeia's advisor. He's another pure Jeigan. He's definitely the worst magic
user in the game. Although he slightly gets better growths than Jeigan does
but using this guy he is only going to eat up your EXP. If you want to level
this guy if your playing this on an Emulator then use savestates in an arena.
On the actual cart let this old buzzard rot. You don't have to bother with this
guy at all if you don't want to because he is another disaster.

Class Shooter
Rating 3/10

A traveller from Grunia. Brother to Jake. He's another disaster of a character
to use. But if you want to make him rather useful better give him the
Offense/Defense sets.

Class Hero
Rating 8/10

A Hero that has been tricked by Dolua and has worked for Macedonia. USE this
guy. His growths are not only astounding like Medeia's but he can hold a league
of his own at the endgame if you level him enough times just like Medeia. But
he will never be as good as Oguma or Raddy though *Sigh*.

Class Pegasus Knight
Promoted to Dragon Knight
Rating 9/10

A purehearted Pegasi from Macedonia. Even though she looks rathe young in this
game but many folks say that she's the hottest of the pegasus sisters. Favored
by many fans she is a character that will attract a large sum of folks. She
does rather suffer at growing Luck. But give her some Goddess Statues and she
will be more rather useful. She can also do the Triangle Attack along with her
sisters. FE2 is where she most shines though however.

Class Pegasus Knight
Promoted to Dragon Knight
Rating 10/10

A purehearted Pegasi from Macedonia. Another character to be favored by many
folks indeed. She will pretty much max out in nearly every stat by the endgame.
Use her and you won't regret it is all I have to say on this one. Another
character that can do the Triangle Attack. FE2 is where she most shines however.

Class Paladin
Rating 8/10

A soldier from Ariteia. Hid in his house from Dolua and Macedonia. Another
character to get rather amazing growths. But not as good as Medeia becuase she
WILL likely grow more Defense than he will. But he will grow more Strength
and Luck than she will though. Use him along with Medeia and they make a perfect

Class Hero
Rating 8/10

Another soldier from Ariteia that hid in his house from Dolua and Macedonia.
Looks ALOT like Marth's' father. Another character to get rather well astounding
stats. He will grow more Wpn LV and Defense than Astoria will. But he's overally
another nice character to shine in your ranks.

Class Commando
Rating 5/10

A wandering ninja that can transform into almost anyone and doing their
techniques. Kidnapped and chained by the prison chief from Dolua because she
refused to work for Dolua. Her growth suks pretty much but have her transform
during the endgame to make her rather useful. And plus she is the only character
in the entire series that will get the Commando class and the ability to
transform into others.

Class Pegasus Knight
Rating 10/10

A purehearted Pegasi from Macedonia. Another character to be favored by many
folks. I think that she is the absolute hottest of the pegasus sisters. Also she
is the youngest of the Pegasi triplets. Alright I'll have to put it simply to
you bluntly but SHE IS THE BEST CHARACTER IN THE GAME. Seriously! Once you
promote her at LV20 with the use of the arena at Chapter 18. She's the character
that I would absolutely promote first with the Dragon Whip in Chapter 19.

She will max out in every stat most likely by LV 20/5 (LV25). Seriously!!!! Use
her in the arena in Chapter 20 to earn some fearless cash. She will kill any
opponent in there with a blow or a couple of blows. She not only KICKS ASS and
that she can whip absolute ass in the arena than anyone else. She's the easiest
to level in the arena than anyone else. Use her or weep. She is another
character that can do the Triangle Attack. In FE2 she is a GODDESS!!!!!
Seriously!!!! Play it and see for yourself.

Class Mamkute
Rating 9/10

Granddaughter to Bantou. Princess of the Narga kingdom. Many folks consider
her to be the cutest character in any videogame. Indeed she sure is at that
pretty much! In this game sadly she doesn't really perforem as well as in
Marth's' SNES games. But once you can get her some Power Rings/Offense set
she should pretty much hold her own league. Watch them as she burns them to
cinders starting at Chapter 22 Muh hwa ha ha haaaaaa.

Class General
Rating 10/10

A soldier that is loyal to Grunia. But betrays the country after his
daughter Sheeda's' consent. This is the only General in the game that is
availible to your army. No there is no doubt at all not to use him as he is
easily one of the best characters in the game period!

Class Cleric
Promoted to Priestess
Rating 9/10

Princess of Ariteia and sister to Marth. Kidnapped by the evil wizard
Garnef. Marth rescues her. She does possess the greatest growths for a
Cleric/Priestess. But you get her so late though that you can't really
level her past LV20/1 (LV21). Better enhance her abilities with the Defense
set to make her more useful. She always ends up an awesome character for
me. Too bad that you get her at the endgame though.

Class Priest
Rating 9/10

A wise guru of Khadain. Teacher to Miroa and Garnef. He hates humans at
first for them being rather weak and stupid. But Marth shows him soon
enough of how humans can really be when they fight to defeat evil. He helps
you out in many events to getting the Starlight/Falchion. He does come with
a Reserve Staff when he joins. But you have him at the endgame though
however. And this is the only game of Marth's' that he is availible to use.
His statistics are well good enough to have him handle the endgame.

3. Weapons and Items

* None. No requirements at all to use the weapon.

I. Swords

Iron Sword
Mt 5
Accuracy 100%
Weight 3
Uses 42
Wpn LV requirements 2 or higher

Steel Sword
Mt 8
Accuracy 80%
Weight 4
Uses 38
Wpn LV requierments 2 or higher

Silver Sword
Mt 12
Accuracy 100%
Weight 3
Uses 17
Wpn LV requirements 9 or higher

Kill Sword
Mt 8
Accuracy 100%
Weight 2
Uses 22
Wpn LV requirements 7 or higher
Bonus: Adds 20% to Critical.

Thunder Sword
Mt 7
Accuracy 90%
Weight 1
Uses 20
Wpn LV requirements 8 or higher

Devil Sword
Mt 17
Accuracy 100%
Weight 1
Uses 19
Wpn LV requirements 1 or higher
Caution: This weapon can backfire on the user depending on luck.

Dragon Killer
Mt 6
Accuracy 80%
Weight 1
Uses 16
Wpn LV requirements 7 or higher
Bonus: Effective against dragons.

Armor Killer
Mt 5
Accuracy 80%
Weight 1
Uses 22
Wpn LV requirements 3 or higher

Mt 5
Accuracy 100%
Weight 1
Rapier 28
Wpn LV requirements * (Only Marth can use this.)
Bonus: Adds 10% to critical.

Falchion Sword
Mt 10
Accuracy 100%
Weight 3
Uses --
Wpn LV requirements * (Only Marth can use this.)
Bonus: Needed for the last boss.And also effective
against any other dragon and heals Marth fully.

Miracle Sword
Mt 18
Accuracy 100%
Weight 3
Uses 28
Wpn LV requirements * (Only Marth can use this.)
Bonus: Adds 10% to critical.

II. Spears

Mt 8
Accuracy 80%
Weight 6
Uses 38
Wpn LV requirements 1 or higher

Silver Spear
Mt 12
Accuracy 80%
Weight 7
Uses 20
Wpn LV requirements 7 or higher

Knight Killer
Mt 5
Accuracy 90%
Weight 5
Uses 14
Wpn LV requirements 4 or higher
Bonus: Effective against Social Knights

Hand Spear
Mt 7
Accuracy 70%
Weight 6
Uses 22
Wpn LV requirements 3 or higher
Bonus: Can attack at a distance of another space.

Mt 20
Accuracy 100%
Weight 4
Uses 17
Wpn LV requirements 14 or higher
Bonus: Adds 10% to critical and is the absolute best spear
in the game.

III. Bows

Mt 4
Accuracy 90%
Weight 1
Uses 33
Wpn LV requirements 1 or higher

Steel Bow
Mt 7
Accuracy 80%
Weight 3
Uses 28
Wpn LV requirements 3 or higher

Bow Gun
Mt 5
Accuracy 100%
Weight 2
Uses 37
Wpn LV requirements 2 or higher
Bonus: Adds 20% to Critical.

Silver Bow
Mt 11
Accuracy 80%
Weight 6
Uses 24
Wpn LV requirements 7 or higher

Partia Bow
Mt 17
Accuracy 100%
Weight 4
Uses 17
Wpn LV requirements 13 or higher
Bonus: Casts Mag Def when used. The most powerful bow
in the game.

IV. Caterpult Ammo

Quick Rain
Mt 12
Accuracy 90%
Weight 7
Uses 27
Wpn LV requirements 1 or higher

Mt 15
Accuracy 50%
Weight 13
Uses 43
Wpn LV requirements 2 or higher

Fire Gun
Mt 12
Accuracy 100%
Weight 10
Uses 23
Wpn LV requirements 5 or higher
Bonus: Adds 20% to critical.

Thunder Cannon
Mt 10
Accuracy 90%
Weight 11
Uses 54
Wpn LV requirements 6 or higher
Bonus: Effective against Shooters.

Mt 18
Accuracy 90%
Weight 12
Uses 19
Wpn LV requirements 1 or higher
Bonus: Best Catapult Gun in the game!

V. Axes

Mt 7
Accuracy 80%
Weight 7
Uses 43
Wpn LV requirements 1 or higher

Steel Axe
Mt 9
Accuracy 70%
Weight 7
Uses 31
Wpn LV requirements 2 or higher

Mt 6
Accuracy 70%
Weight 4
Uses 40
Wpn LV requirements 2 or higher
Bonus: Effective against Armor Knights/Generals

Devil Axe
Mt 20
Accuracy 70%
Weight 14
Uses 9
Wpn LV requirements 4 or higher
Caution: Can backfire on the user depending on luck.

Hand Axe
Mt 5
Accuracy 60%
Weight 9
Uses 13
Wpn LV requirements 3 or higher

Mamkute Stones

Fire Dragon Stone
Mt 16
Accuracy 80%
Weight 3
Def Increase +12
Wpn LV requirements --

God Dragon Stone
Mt 12
Accuracy 100%
Weight 1
Def Increase +15
Wpn LV requirements * (Only Chiki can use this stone.)
Bonus: Effective against Dragons.

Magic Dragon Stone
Mt 18
Accuracy 90%
Weight 6
Def Increase +16
Wpn LV requirements --
Bonus: Immune to magic. Only possible to obtain with cheats supposedly.

Earth Dragon Stone
Mt 20
Accuracy 70%
Weight 10
Def Increase +23
Wpn LV requirements -- (Only the last boss will ever use this.)
Caution (because of Last boss): Immune to magic,God Stone,and
Dragon Killer.

VI. Spells

Mt 5
Accuracy 100%
Weight 0
Uses 25
Wpn LV requirements 1 or higher

Mt 6
Accuracy 90%
Weight 1
Uses 21
Wpn LV requirements 2 or higher

Mt 7
Accuracy 80%
Weight 2
Uses 23
Wpn LV requirements 3 or higher
Bonus: Adds 5% to critical.

Mt 9
Accuracy 80%
Weight 5
Uses 18
Wpn LV requirements 4 or higher

Mt 12
Accuracy 70%
Weight 6
Uses 13
Wpn LV requirements 5 or higher

Mt 13
Accuracy 100%
Weight 3
Uses 21
Wpn LV requirements 6 or higher
Bonus: Adds 10% to critical.

Mt 16
Accuracy 70%
Weight 9
Uses 25
Wpn LV requirements 7 or higher

Mt 20
Accuracy 90%
Weight 7
Uses 25
Wpn LV requirements * (Only Linda can use this one of a kind spell.)
Bonus: Most powerful spell in the game!

Mt 13
Accuracy 100%
Weight 3
Uses 33
Wpn LV requirements * (Only Maric can use this one of a kind spell.)
Bonus: 2nd most powerful spell in the game! Adds 20% critical. And
is effective against flyers.

Mt 13
Accuracy 100%
Weight 5
Uses --
Wpn LV requirements 9 or higher
Bonus: Ignores Maph Immunity. (Have Linda use this.)

Mt 14
Accuracy 70%
Weight 9
Uses --
Wpn LV requirements * (Only Garnef will use this.)
Bonus: Immunity.

VII. Staffs

Heals 10+ Hp
Uses 20
Wpn Lv requirements 1 or higher

Heals 20+ Hp
Uses 16
Wpn Lv requirements 2 or higher

Heals ALL Hp
Uses 13
Wpn Lv requirements 3 or higher

Heals 10+ Hp at any distance
Uses 10
Wpn Lv requirements 7 or higher

Heals 10+ Hp at any distance and to ALL characters.
Uses 11
Wpn Lv requirements 8 or higher

Warps any character to any location.
Uses 7
Wpn Lv requirements 5 or higher

Temporarily raises Mag Def. Decreases 1 point of Mag Def every turn.
Uses 18
Wpn Lv requirements

Harmain Staff
Repairs any weapon except the Partia,Miracle,and Gladius ones and tomes.
Uses 12
Wpn LV requirements Only Rena can use this.

Ohm Wand
Revives a dead unit! Must use this at the altar in Chapter 24 in order
for this to work.
Uses 1
Wpn LV requirements Only Ellis can use this.

VIII. Misc

Door Key
Opens any door.

Bridge Key
Fixes a broken bridge.

Ointment (Salve)
Heals 10 Hp. Has 5 uses.

Pure water
Temporarily raises Mag Def. Decreases 1 point of Mag Def every turn.

Magic Armlet
Permenently raises Mag Def by 7.

Permentely raises Movement by 4.

Permenently raises Wpn LV by 5.

Mystery Book
Permenently raises Skill by 5.

Power Ring
Permenently raises Strength by 4.

Speed Ring
Permenently raises Speed by 6.

Goddess Statue
Permenently raises Luck by 7.

Angel Clothes
Permenently raises HP by 9.

Dragon Shield
Permenently raises Defense by 3.

Thief Key
Allows a Thief to pry any door/treasure.

Silver Card
Reduces price down by half.

Member Card
Allows the holder to enter a secret shop.

Earth Orb
All units takes 4-15 damage (Randomly) on the screen.

Star Orb
Has no Wpn uses of ANY weapon of the holder.

Light Orb
Holder neglects enemy terrain boots.

Knights Proof
Promotes a Social Knight into a Paladin LV10 or higher.

Hero Proof
Promotes a Mercenary into a Hero LV10 or higher.

Priest's Ring
Promotes a Cleric/Magician into a Priest/Priestess LV10 or higher.

Orion's Arrow
Promotes an Archer into a Sniper LV10 or higher.

Dragon Whip
Promotes a Pegasus Knight into a Dragon Knight LV10 or higher.

4. Arena Survival Tips

Mercenary- Have them battle Axemen/Magicians. Avoid the Social Knights.

Axeman- Have them battle Axeman/Magicians.

Pirate- Have him battle Pirates.

Thief- Have them battle Magicians.

Social Knight- Have them battle Thieves/Magicians.

Armor Knight- Have them battle Axemen.

Archer- Don't do any fights. They get killed in every bet. Seriously.

Hunter- Have him battle Hunters.

Pegasi- Have her battle Pirates/Magicians.

Priest/Priestess- Have him/her battle Magicians.

Bowman- Have them do no fights at all. They get killed rather easily in
every bet in there.

Tip: As for Archers/Bowmen the only official way to train them is to
raise their Mag Def and having them battle Magicians. NO ALTENATE BETS
with another opponent that's with the Magician bets.

Commando- Have her battle Commando's(Only if used the Power Ring and
Dragon Shield in Chapter 16 otherwise DON'T do this bet for no more than
a few level gains otherwise. And have her battle Magicians (with raised
Mag Def of course.)

Shooter- Have them battle Archers. Only have them battle Magicians only
if their Mag Def is raised. Otherwise avoid the bet otherwise.

Tip: Have them avoid EVERY other bet as those are only death traps so

Tip: Only do the Magician bets only by raised Mag Def by using either
a Magic Staff use or a Pure water item use. Otherwise avoid the bets
with them except with Pegasi because they can handle them rather easily.

5. Credits

CJayC Of course for creating and running one of the best gaming sites
on the net. And of course for posting this guide!!!!! Definitely
deserves major thanks!!!!! ^_^

Nintendo/Intelligent Systems

For creating one of the top 10 greatest videogames in the world.
Special thanks to SSBM (Super Smash bros Melee) game that got us
including me introduced into Fire Emblem series. The SSBM staff
definitely deserves major thanks!!!!!


For scripts in Chapter 11 and 25. And of course for her running one of
the greatest Monshou No Nazo sites on the net.


For their site providing me with the characters stat growths
information. Weapons information. And of course for running two of the
greatest Fire Emblem sites on the net.

My Booklet

For providing me with some Weapons and All items information.


For creating this guide of course!!!!!


For reading this. I have worked very hard on this masterpiece. Hope
this guide helps you.

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