FAQ/Walkthrough by King Kai

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Dragon Ball Z 2: Lord Freezer's Fury
(also known as Freeza, Planet Destroyer,
and many others)

This document is copyright 2000 Michael Marsee

Table of Contents

1. Intro
2. Updates
3. FAQ
4. Walkthrough

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1. Introduction        |

Dragon Ball Z 2: Lord Freezer's Fury is the 2nd DBZ RPG for 
the Famicom console.  Once again, the graphics of this are
AMAZING for a Famicom game.  I found myself mesmorized by this
game for hours on end till I finally beat it all!

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Now to the fun stuff!
2. Updates	|

4/18/00 - Began working on this walkthrough and released first
          version 1.0 today!

3. FAQ		|

Q: About how long should it take to win?

A: This game is much shorter than the first one.  It should only
   take you arround 6 hours + to win.  I believe the game is much
   better than the first, but a little to easy.

Q: Is this game in English?

A: Once again, there are no fully translated versions.  But they do
   have some partially.  But the ones like that are Roms.

Q: What are these cards?

A: Cards have multiple uses in this game.  One is movement.  The number
   of stars in the dragon ball on the upper left hand corner of the card
   is how many squares you will move.  In combat, the upper left counts
   as attack power, and the #/symbol on the bottom right is your defense.
   The symbol also has some affects.

Now for the walkthrough!

4. Walkthrough  |

Alright, last time on Dragon Ball Z Piccolo died in the fight against
Nappa and Vegeta, and now your the Z Team on their way to Namek.  Unlike
the show, you have Kuririn, Gohan, Tien, Chao Su, and Yamtcha!  Now your
little force should fight on their way to namek.

Along the way, every time you finish moving, you will be forced to choose
one of 8 destiny cards.  These cards can be anything from a fight with
Freeza's men, to a training session (the Kamesennin card).  I have another
trick I found in this game you can use!

If your using a ROM for this, use save states before choosing the destiny
card.  Always get something aside from fighting Freeza.  Try to get a 
Kamesennin/Master Roshi card.  It gives you a game where you must match the
dragon ball starts, the numbers/symbols in the bottom right, or the symbol
in the middle.  Save before selecting a card to match to, and if you can't
match it, load again!  Do this till you get 10 points, then quit, do it again.

While moving move 1 square at a time, trying to get the Kamesennin card!
If you do this right, all 5 characters will have a 999,999 powerlevel by the
time you reach Namek!  This walkthrough won't talk to you through this
"cheat method".  But if you do, you can skip some things.

Now on your way you will find a hot air balloon like item on a square.  Go
there and save the people (the first option), and you will find a shortcut
which you can read in english, which is either 6 or 7 squares north then
one west.  This is the shortcut they take in the show.  Just continue
along the path until you reach Namek.

Now your on Namek and Bulma notices 4 dragon balls are already gathered!
It is now time to race for the rest.  Right now Vegeta and Kewi are also
headed there!  On this planet you can use the "fly" command located next
to the old "move" command.  Fly makes you move like 2x faster, and over

Running into Vegeta isn't bad, he will spare you.  But running into Kewi...
thats a death wish unless you used the cheat (if you did, fight him now!)
Fortunately, you dont HAVE to make it to the village first, since you will
fight Dodoria, Kewi, and Zarbon eventually.

Now after the first dragon ball is obtained by someone, you go to Gokuu
in his training.  Go to Namek as Gokuu now!  You can use my old cheat, but
with Gokuu, I didn't (I wanted him to be a wimp, just for fun, Kuririn was
like...500,000 higher in powerlevels!  Funny!).

Now you will eventually go to a room arround the space pod.  Go to the bottom
and you will begin your training at 20x Gravity.  Just beat the machines 1,
2, or 3 cards.  This is kind of hard, but its not impossible.  Just remember,
you CAN die from this.

Once Gokuu defeats this gravity, you go back to the others.  Now Freeza's
goons have hit arround 3,000 for their powerlevel.  Still not hard.  Sadly,
now Dodoria is going for the village.  It might be harder than before if you
didn't kill Kewi.  Find the village and get another dragon ball, or let the
bad guys get one (bad idea).

Now your back at Gokuu!  Deja vu, travelling to Namek.  Once you reach the
space pod screen, you must defeat the 50x Gravity machine now.  This is just
the same but the machine has more HP, so it takes longer.  Defeat the machine
and your back on Namek.

Once again it just isn't your day!  Now you have Zarbon on Namek with you!
I guess you better get some strength to fight these 3, because it might be
hard avoiding them much longer.  Find another dragon ball.

Gokuu must be annoying by now.  You will run into a planet this time,
where he will fight 3 enemies:

   Yuze         Karbos       Gupley         
 HP:  250      HP:  230     HP:  200 
BP: 15,000    BP: 17,000    BP: 6,200

These wimps should be easy.  I hope.  If not, you better train harder!
After they are dead, you will have to continue on and finally do the
last training for Gokuu!  You will now have to face 100x Gravity.  Once
again, just kill it, and your done finally!

Now you don't have to find dragon balls on Namek.  You must reach Guru!
He is located on the lower left corner of the map.  To see easier, hit
the 'B' button on the map so be able to move arround the map and see it
all!  Kuririn will gain a large ammount of BP from Guru!  Now where is
the game taking you now?

It's me!  King Kaioh!  Now you are in control of Piccolo's training.
He has 3 mini games like in DBZ: Assault of the Saiya-jins.  The first
is a rock game, where you must beat the cards dragon ball stars.  The
second is a fight against your clone!  The final one is like Kamesennin's
game.  Defeat all 3 to go back to Namek.  If you need healing go up to
King Kaioh to be healed.

Now it's time to fight.  Your team needs to be powered up by Guru!  Take
them there and you will get some power in your men.  Vegeta followed you!
Now you have a great fighter, but you can't control him!

Since Gokuu hasn't arrived, you are still on your own.  First fight Kewi
to test your strength,  He has a 19,000 BP so be on your guard.  I hope 
your group can beat him:

HP: 350
BP: 19,000

Now its time to kill Dodoria.  Your group should have gotten a large
boost in BP from Kewi to laste against Dodoria.  He also has 3 goons
with him like Kewi did!  This fight is much harder!

HP: 425
BP: 22,000

Now you just have Zarbon left.  And he is no pushover.  He also has
3 goons.  Talk about boring.  Once you beat his wimpy first form, he
transforms!  Now you have to fight big bad Zarbon!

Zarbon Transformed!

Gokuu has arrived and now its Ginyuu force time!  Start going arround the
map fighting all of Ginyuu force!  Here are their stats, in the order of
what order to fight them!

HP: 410
BP: 19,000

HP: 460
BP: 64,000

HP: 480
BP: 68,000

HP: 540
BP: 71,000

Now for the captain.  Just fight him.  If he changes bodies, still kill him
and Gokuu's body should be returned.

Captain Ginyuu
HP: 730
BP: 160,000

After this fight, Nail is holding off Freeza?  Run Dende!  Get to the team
while Nail can hold him off!  But it is OK!  You should make it!

Now you summon the Dragon once the team is there.  You wish for Piccolo
to be on Namek and alive.  Then bye bye dragon and 3rd wish.

Now Freeza is ticked and you must kill his 1st form!  Be prepared for a 
HARD BATTLE!  Make sure Gokuu charges the Genki Dama (Spirit Bomb)!

BP 530,000?!

Now Piccolo is back and you must fuse with Nail!  Now Freeza is
transformed and is showing off a 1 MILLION powerlevel!  

Freeza Form 2
BP: 1,000,000!?  Too high!!!!!!!!!

Fighting with this monster is almost impossible, but it is possible.
But you still haven't seen his full power!

Now hes ticked off, you are too strong for that form, and he is going
to kick your scrawny ass for it!  Be prepared to fight long and hard!

Freeza Form 3
HP: 1,000
BP: 2,500,000!  HOLY $hit!

If you have no life insurance, get it.  Hes mad as a hornet now, with
his 3rd form not being enough.  He will now unleash the full wrath of
hell upon you!  Don't think he's impossible, consider him a godly being
with a weakness, you!

Freeza Form 4
HP: 1,600

If you defeated him, good job!  Now King Kai gives you the Tenkaichi
Budoukai tournament mode passwords for the characters.

Watch the credits and see previews for DBZ 3: Assault of the Androids!
Another great RPG I will make a walkthrough for soon!

Copyright 2000 by Michael Marsee.