FAQ/Walkthrough by PKT_Paladin

Version: 0.98 | Updated: 06/26/01 | Printable Version

FAQ for Dragon Ball Z 3: Hot Battle! The Androids
by: PKT_Paladin

Table of Contents
I. Introduction
II. History
III. How to Play
	A. Cards
	B. Menus
	C. Moving around on the map
	D. Battling
	E. Field Battling
	F. Minigames
	G. Growing Sensu Beans
	H. Setting Auto-Battle Options
IV. Characters
	A. Goku (Fight with Frieza)
	B. Gohan
	C. Piccolo
	D. Kuririn
	E. Yamcha
	F. TienShinHan
	G. Chao-zu
	H. Vegeta
	I. Trunks
V. Cards
	A. Heart Cards
	B. Card Cards
	C. Training Cards
	D. Foot (?) Cards
	E. Fight Cards
	F. ! Cards
VI. Tips & Tricks
	A. Quick Level Gain (Chichi's Minigame)
        B. Quick Level Gain 2 (Kami)
	C. Quick Level Gain 3 (Mr. Popo's Minigame)
	D. Card Selection
	E. Outcome Selection
	F. Healing Houses
	G. Party Selection Strategy
	H. Training with Goku, Piccolo, and Gohan
	I. Training with Vegeta
VII. Items
VIII. Minigames
	A. Mr. Popo
	B. King Kai
	C. Chichi
	D. Training (Piccolo, Gohan, and Goku)
	E. Training (Vegeta)
IX. Walkthrough
	A. Search for the Dragonballs! (Z Fighters)
	B. Search for the Dragonballs! (Vegeta)
	C. Preparing for Coola (Vegeta)
	D. Preparing for Coola (Z-Fighters)
	E. Heavy training with Goku, Gohan, and Piccolo
	F. Heavy training with Vegeta
	G. Battle with Coola
	H. Battle with the Androids
X. Enemies
XI. Save-State Hacking
XII. Credits
XIII. Contact Information

I. Introduction

My name's not PKT_Paladin, but it is my alias.  I use something called 
"Emulation" to play this game.  Actually, most people who are reading 
this FAQ are using emulation to play the game since it was never released 
in English.  

This FAQ originally started out to be just for tips and tricks.  Instead,
because I thought that the size wouldn't fit the requirement for GameFAQs,
it has grown to be much more than that, to include just about everything.

II. Revision History

v.98 -  A Save-State hacking section is now available so you can cheat
	to your heart's content.  New information has been added in a
	couple places as well.  To complete this guide once and for
	all, I plan on playing through the game again to pick up any
	missing information that is present in each section.
v.95 -  I added more to every section to make this guide nearly complete!
	The only thing that is missing now is some small pieces of information
	that I need.  I only need to add the rest of the information on the
	monsters, more items (if they exist), which enemies appear where, the
	Japanese names of the enemies. 
v0.8  - I added the information on the cards that I knew.  Some of it is
	missing.  Also, I added the items information, which is severely
v0.75 - This guide started out as only a Tips and Tricks guide, but I 
	expanded it to include some of the characters too.  Be warned,
	much character detail is missing.
v0.7  - This is the first version of the guide.  It contains three tricks 
	and one tip, along with the introduction, History, and Credits.  
	I don't know if there are any other tricks than the ones I have 
	already listed, but any submissions to pkt_paladin@yahoo.com 
	would be appreciated.

III. How to Play
A. Cards
	Almost everything in the game revolves around the set of five
cards that you have at the bottom of the screen: minigames, battles,
moving on the map, healing, and even sometimes events.  Here's a nice
picture of a card with an explanation of what each part means:
|   |           |
| A |           |
|___|_______    |
|  |        |   |
|  |        |   |
|  |   B    |   |
|  |        |   |
|  |________|___|
|          |    |
|          |  C |

A: Dragonball (This is more often used as a number for something such
   as comparison in a minigame)

B: This is a symbol (It determines whether or not a character can use
   KI attacks in battle)

C: This is a card symbol.  When you move (or in battle) usually something
   will happen.  For more information about what each symbol does, see
   the cards section.

B. The menus
	Since some people might not be playing the English version of the
game, I decided to list the translations of the encountered menus 
throughout the game.
	When you first begin the game, this is what the menu looks like:
|Start	                                          |
|                                                 |
|                                                 |
	Start: Start a new game

	And this is what is looks like after you have already saved
your game at least once:
|Retart	           Continue                      |
|                                                |
|Delete	                                         |
	Restart: Start a new game
	Continue: Continue a saved game (there are two slots for saved games)
	Delete: Erase a saved game

	This is what the menu looks like when you are travelling around
on the map:

|Move   |       |       |       |       |       |
|       |       |       |       |       |       |
|Menu   |       |       |       |       |       |
|       |       |       |       |       |       |
|Map    |       |       |       |       |       |
	Move: Move around on the map by selecting a card
	Menu: Opens the game menu
	Map: Erases this window and allows you to look around the map

	Another menu pops up when you choose menu.  This is what it is:

|Move   |Item                   Mode	|
|       |                               |
|Menu   |Order                  Status  |
|       |                               |
|Map    |Save                   Card    |
	Item: Use or look at you items
	Order: Changes where each fighter is.
	Save: Saves the game
	Mode: Changes mode for auto-battle
	Status: Look at the status of a character
	Card: See the description of what each card does.

	Here's the menu for battles:

|Fight  |       |       |       |       |       |
|       |       |       |       |       |       |
|Menu   |       |       |       |       |       |
|       |       |       |       |       |       |
|Run    |       |       |       |       |       |
	Fight: Attack your opponent
	Menu: Calls a menu in order to do other actions
	Run: Attempt to escape from battle

	This is what it looks like when you choose menu:
|Fight  |Item               Mode                |
|       |                                       |
|Menu   |Place              Status              |
|       |                                       |
|Run    |                                       |
	Item: Use an item
	Mode: Change everyone's auto-battle mode
	Place: Change whether or not someone is in the front or back
	Status: View the status of your characters

|Fight|	|                                       |
|	|                                       |
|Auto	|                                       |
|	|                                       |
|Man. |	|                                       |
	Auto: Commands are picked by the computer
	Manual: Commands are picked by the player

C. Moving around on the map
	Like I said, the cards determine nearly everything, and moving
around on the map is one of the things that is determined.  The number
of stars on the dragonball determines how many steps you can take.  Pick
Move (the top option) and pick a card.  After you move, you will either
enter combat (a ! will appear next to the character) or the card will
do something.

D. Battling
	Battling is rather simple.  You can either choose Fight (the top
option), Menu (the second option), or Run (the third option).  You can 
choose one to use if you have any to use.  If you choose to run, you
will escape from battle if you can, and if not you will be forced to 
fight the enemies.
	If you select to fight (which you can't win the game without
doing plenty of times), the top option is Auto and the second option is
Manual.  I recommend choosing manual since you can select KI attacks.  To
use a KI attack, select a card that is flashing when you choose a card
for a character.  Choose that card and pick a technique to use.  If you
choose to power up, a whole new list of techniques will appear for you
to choose from next time you use a card with the ability for a technique.
	Regardless of what your actions are (if they are not technique
actions, they will be regular attacks), you will attack and effects will
happen as a result of the Card symbol at the bottom of your card.  For
more information about the cards and what they do, see the cards section
of this FAQ.
	Should you choose menu, you have four options:
Item   Mode
Place  Status
	If you choose item, you will be able to use an item out of the
list of things you have.  Place changes which members you control,
allowing you to switch between back and front lines, mode sets the auto-
battle mode, and status allows you to see information about your
	After battle, you will receive experience points which increase
the character's level and fighting abilities.

E. Field Battling
	After you become significantly stronger than your enemies, you
will no longer engage in regular battling, but you will be able to watch
little people fly around the screen fighting instead.  In this mode, you
can choose either Auto (top option), Manual (middle option), or run (bottom
option).  If you choose Auto, you will fight until the end of the battle.
The same thing will happen with Manual battle, but you can select good
cards for your fighters with Manual if you have any.  Run escapes from battle,
should you need to.
	After battle, you will receive experience points which increase
the character's level and fighting abilities.
	Author's Opinion: I think this type of battle sucks.  You don't have
the cards to help you out and you can't see your characters' HP / KI points.
Usually, this is when your characters die, but if they do, see the tricks
section for help (if you are using an emulator).

F. Minigames
	Minigames are used to raise the levels of your characters by
awarding them experience points.  To activate minigames, use the cards
to move around that have litle dumbbells at the bottom corner of the
card.  You will either get the minigame with King Kai (The blue guy with
sun glasses), Mr. Popo (the black guy with weird looking eyes), or Chichi
(the girl who seems extremely angry).  For information on playing these
minigames, see the minigames section.

G. Growing Sensu Beans
	Up to three times in the game, you will be given the opportunity to
grow your own Sensu beans.  here is how it is done:
	When you choose to grow the Sensu beans, a plant will appear sprouting
from the ground.  Press the A button as quickly as possible (multiple times)
and make that thing grow.  You can grow up to 5 Sensu beans in one turn.  If 
you are using an emulator, slow down the game so you can grow more Sensu beans 
(regardless of if you grow five of them in the first 2 seconds of this 
minigame, you can only grow a maximum of five at a time).

H. Setting Auto-Battle options
	This section is still incomplete, because I don't know what each auto-
battle option actually does.  To change the options for Auto-battle, select
a character and pick one of the four choices that appear at the bottom
of the screen:

Don't use   St. weak
All-auto    Do big

	Again, I can't be quite certain what each of these things do, but
I am trying to figure it out.

IV. Characters
This section gives a little information about each playable character 
in the game.
NOTE: The first half of the abilities is before powering up; 
      the second part is afterwards.

A. Goku (Fight with Frieza)
Level 	33
HP 	340 / 340
KI	400 / 400

Power up	  0
Energy Beam	  0
Renzoku E. D.	  0
Energy Beam	  0
Renzoku E.D.	100
Mega Kamehameha 400

B. Gohan
Level	31
HP	245 / 245
KI	270 / 270

Power up	  0
Energy Beam	  0
Energy Beam	  0
Masenko		250

C. Piccolo
Level	31
HP	246 / 246
KI	280 / 280

Power up	  0
Makoho		  0
Makoho 		  0
Ray Cannon	250

D. Kuririn
Level	31
HP	238 / 238
KI	280 / 280

Power up	  0
Energy Beam	  0
Kamehameha	100
Energy Beam	  0
Kamehameha	100
Energy Disc	250
Kakusan ha	200

E. Yamcha
Level	31
HP	234 / 234
KI	270 / 270

Power up	  0
Energy Beam	  0
Kamehameha	100
Energy Beam	  0
Kamehameha	100
Spirit Bomb	250

F. TienShinHan
Level	31
HP	246 / 246
KI	275 / 275

Power up	  0
Energy Beam	  0
Split Form	100
Energy Beam	  0
Split Form	100
Kikoho		250

G. Chao-zu
Level	31
HP	218 / 218
KI	256 / 256

Power up	  0
Energy Beam	  0
Dodonpa		100
Super Skill	150
Energy Beam	  0
Dodonpa		100
Super Skill	150

H. Vegeta
Level	31
HP	450 / 450
KI	275 / 275

Power up	  0
Final Flash	250
Energy Beam	  0
Final Flash	250
???????????	400

I. Trunks
Level	40
HP	486 / 486
KI	505 / 505

Power up	  0
Energy Beam	  0
Renzoku E.D. 50
???????????? ???
???????????? ???

NOTE: As you can probably tell, the information on Trunks
      is still a little sketchy.

V. Cards
A. Heart Cards
These cards have a picture of a heart in the corner.
	Bulma: 		Restores a little bit of HP
	Master Roshi:	Restores a little bit more HP than Bulma
	Kami:		Completely restores HP
	Korin:		Completely restores KI
	Dende:		Completely restores HP and KI
	Shenlon:	Revives one member or restores a lot of HP
	Kame House:	Does nothing

B. Card Cards
These cards have a picture of a card in the corner.
	Oolong:		Makes a copy of the selected card
	Puar:		Raises the dragonball number of
			every card
	Enma:		Turns one card into a Z Card
	Kame House:	Does nothing

C. Training Cards
These cards have picture of a a dumbbell in the corner.
	Mr. Popo:	Play Mr. Popo's Minigame
	King Kai:	Play King Kai's Minigame
	Chichi:		Play Chichi's minigame
	Kame House:	Does nothing
NOTE: See Minigames section for more information

D. Shoe Cards (?)
These cards have a picture of a boot in the corner.
	Grandpa:	I have no idea
	Dr. Briefs:	Gain experience points with each step
	Bulma's mom:	Lowers the dragonball number of
			every card
	Kame House:	Does nothing

E. Fighting Cards
	Old Man:	Paralyzes all enemies
	Orange-haired:	Raises either attack or defense of all 
	Namek:		Greatly raises attack of all characters
	Kame House:	Does nothing

F. ! Cards
	Witch:		Gives you a new set of cards
	Girl:		I have no idea
	Yajirobe:	Yajirobe attacks the selected enemy
	Frieza:		Frieza attacks the party, dealing damage
	Porunga:	Gives you three wishes.  You can either
			revive a part member, restore HP and KI
			completely, transform one card into a Z
			card, or gain experience points
	Kame House:	Does nothing

VI. Tips and Tricks
This is the section that you all have been waiting for!  Here's 
how to cheat your way right through Dragon Ball Z!

A. Quick Level Gain
	An emulator with the Save State and Load State function is 
needed for this trick.
	Here's how to cheat in this mini-game: Right before you press A 
to take out Chichi's next card, use the Save State feature and save 
your game at that spot.  Then, when she pulls out a card, beat it 
(if you can), and repeat the process.  If you cannot beat her card, 
use the Load State feature and continue at the point before she 
even takes out her next card.  When you can't beat her card, you 
have two options.  You can either press B to quit, or you can press 
A to see if she will take out a different card.  She's got 5 cards 
to choose from, which are chosen randomly, so chances are she's 
got one of them you can beat.  My highest number of wins is 50, 
where I got 93,000 experience points for TienShinHan who was 
on level 39.

B. Quick Level Gain 2
	An emulator is not required for this trick, but it is 
	If you look closely, when your character is about to die, 
his face gets all messed up and he looks like he is in pain.  For 
Gohan and Goku (possibly Piccolo and a couple others, but I can't 
verify that), while you are almost dead (low on HP, basically), 
use a Kami card.  For those of you playing the Japanese version, 
Kami is the old Namek who completely restores your HP when you 
use his card.  When you use a Kami card while one of these characters 
are low on HP, this character will automatically level up.

C. Quick Level Gain 3 (Mr. Popo's Minigame)
	An emulator with the Frameskip feature is required for this 
	To play Mr. Popo's game, you have to follow him while he flies 
around the screen to different spots.  To do this, you have to press 
either up, down, left, or right while he is either at the top, at the 
bottom, to the left, or to the right.  If you follow him, he'll give 
you experience points.
	If your emulator can slow down the game, do it during this game 
so you can get a perfect score.  Then, your character will be given 
plenty of experience points.  This trick isn't as good as the one for 
Chichi's game, and it's rare to find a good emulator that can actually 
slow down your game, but it's good for a small boost of experience points.

D. Card Selection
	An emulator is not required for this trick.
	While flying around, you may notice that you can go into houses, 
towns, or other buildings.  Here's a nice trick that will allow you to 
get any kind of cards you need, such as Heart Cards needed to revive 
someone using ShenLon (The Eternal Dragon).  Use a crappy card that 
you don't need, such as one with one dragonball on it to go into a 
town.  Then, leave the town or building or whatever you entered.  After 
you exit, the card you used to enter will be gone, and you will have a 
new card.  You can repeat this process to eliminate your bad cards and 
get good cards, such as Z cards or training cards.

E. Outcome Selection
	An emulator with the Save State and Load State function is needed 
for this trick.
	This one's really simple.  Pick any card and select the place you 
would like to go, but before you press A to go the location you have 
selected, use the Save State function.  Then, press A to go there.  By 
doing this, you can change what happens to your characters, including 
whether or not they go into a battle and which card they get if they 
don't.  This is really useful for those who need ShenLon or Porunga to 
revive a dead character or those that want to move without battling.  
If you get something you don't want, just use the Load State feature 
and you can try again.

F. Healing Houses
	In almost every scenario for the game, you are given the 
opportunity to go somewhere to have someone heal you.  I suggest 
that you use this opportunity to gain levels if you are trying to do
 so fairly.  You can fight battles until you are low on HP and then 
return to replenish them.

G. Party Selection Strategy
	In the beginning of the game, you play as 6 characters.  Three 
of these characters will be used to fight, and sometimes the other 
three will launch an attack at the enemy before the round begins.  Most 
people just fire some sort of energy beam at one enemy, but TienShinHan, 
Chao-zu, and Krillyn all fire at multiple targets.  If you put these 
three out of the battle and in the back lines, they will be able to 
help greatly by damaging each of your opponents before the battle even 
begins.  If you have a tendency to use KI frequently, I would suggest 
having at least one of these characters in your front lines to control 
their attacks upon multiple targets, because the party members in the 
back row attack randomly.

H. Training with Goku, Piccolo, and Gohan
	An emulator with the Save State and Load State feature is
required for this trick.
	For instructions on playing this game, please see the Minigames
	To do this trick, select two cards, select one fighter, and put
the cursor over the second fighter you wish to choose.  Then, use the
Save State feature to save the state, and have the two fight.  Then, two
new cards will appear.  If one of these cards is a ZIII card, use the Load
State feature and go back to right before the two people fought.  Do this
until two ZIII cards do not appear.  By doing this, you have matches by
default and you can train for as long as you would like to.
	NOTE: I don't recommend building levels with this training game.
Use the other three training games gained by using the Training cards
instead, for they offer more experience points and less time is used.

I. Training with Vegeta
	An emulator with the Save State and Load State feature is 
required for this trick.
	For instructions on playing this game, please see the Minigames
	This trick is more complicated than the other tricks because of
the timing of your Save State function.  After you win one set of three
cards, you will receive a message.  This is when you should save your
state.  Then, when you get new cards play (trying to win, of course), and
if you lose, use the Load State feature to load the state and try again.
This will allow you to continue with minimal loss of HP and the most
experience points gained.

VII. Items
	Sensu Bean:	When eaten, it restores HP and KI completely
	Dragon Radar:   Use this to track down the Dragonballs
	Dragonball 1:	A Dragonball with 1 star.
	Dragonball 2: 	A Dragonball with 2 stars.
	Dragonball 3: 	A Dragonball with 3 stars.
	Dragonball 4: 	A Dragonball with 4 stars.
	Dragonball 5: 	A Dragonball with 5 stars.
	Dragonball 6: 	A Dragonball with 6 stars.
	Dragonball 7: 	A Dragonball with 7 stars.
	Bomb:			Capable of blowing up even the biggest mountains
	Laxative:		A special laxative used on dinosaurs
	Training Capsule: Give this to Vegeta so he can train under 300 G

NOTE: There are DEFINITELY more items than this, but I am not sure yet
      what they are or what their English names are.

VIII. Minigames
A. Mr. Popo's Minigame
	In the beginning of this game, you will be given information 
about how to play the minigame.  If you can't read Japanese, and you 
are playing the Japanese version, this could be a problem.  What you 
have to do is follow Mr. Popo around the screen.  When he appears at 
the top of the screen, press up.  When he appears to the left, press 
left.  When he appears to the right, press right, and when he appears at 
the bottom, press down.  When he is in the middle, do nothing and wait 
until he moves to either the top, bottom, left, or right.  When you
finish, Mr. Popo will tell you how well you did based on a percentile
(100 is the best), and based on this number you will get experience
	Also, for us cheaters, check the tricks section to see how to
win this game easily.

B. King Kai's Minigame
	In this game, you have to match up the words.  I cannot read
Japanese, and I am assuming that many others cannot, so I wouldn't
recommend repeatedly playing this game to build levels.  Instead, choose
one of the other two minigames.  Regardless of your choice, when you
make a match of words, something hits King Kai in the head and you
get experience points.  Because this game requires no real skill, you
get three chances.

C. Chichi's Minigame
	This game is similar to the minigames in the other Dragon Ball
Z games.  In this game, Chichi has five cards and you have five cards,
but you cannot see Chichi's five cards.  The object is to meet or beat
Chichi's chosen card depending on the Dragonball.  For example, if Chichi
picks a card that has the Number 3 Dragonball, you have to pick either the
Number 4, 5, 6, 7, or Z Dragonball to win.
	To have Chichi draw a card, press A.  Otherwise, press B to leave
with the amount of wins you have.  The number of wins determines how many
experience points you gain after the game.  If you press A to have Chichi
draw a card and you CANNOT beat it, the game is over and you leave with 0
wins, and thus, 0 experience points.
	If you would like to cheat, getting 50,000 or more experience points
per round, go to to the tips and tricks section to see how it is done.

D. Training (Piccolo, Gohan, and Goku)
	This is an event minigame, meaning you can't trigger it with cards
like games A, B, and C.  After a certain event in the game, you will be able
to play this game three times.  Here's the object:  You have a row of about 7
or 8 cards, and you have to pick two cards with matching symbols on them.  For
those who didn't know, the only symbol that can be used to match is the one in
the center.  For those of us who don't feel like searching, you can just pick
one card and any matches will flash.  However, don't pick two ZIII cards 
becauseit will end the game.
	After you pick two matches, you select two people who will battle
eachother and the number below their picture will increase by one.  At the end
of the game (when you pick two ZIII cards or when you cannot make any more
matches), depending on how many times each character fought, you will gain
experience points.
	See the tips and tricks section to see how to cheat in this minigame.

E. Training (Vegeta)
	This game is similar to blackjack.  In it, you have one card and the
opportunity to select another until you have three.  You cannot go over 15, but
you must get a higher number than your opponent.  The number, of course, is
the number of stars on the dragonball which is on the star.  You play this until
you run out of HP or you make it up to 300 Gravity.
	By the way, you will know whether or not you won or lost by the
expression on Vegeta's face.  If he looks surprised, then you've lost, but if
the right side of his face smiles and his right eye moves, then you've won.
	See the tips and tricks section to see how to cheat in this minigame.

IX. Walkthrough
	If you are playing the Japanese version, you probably don't know what's
going on in the beginning of the story.  Here's what happened:
	Gohan, Bulma, and Kuririn went to Namek to get the Dragonballs, but Frieza,
who was more powerful than them, was there trying to get the Dragonballs.
On top of that, Vegeta was collection the Dragonballs, too.  Vegeta teamed up
with Gohan, Bulma, and Kuririn to get the Dragonballs to wish everyone who died
back to life.  Then, Shenlon and Porunga brought everyone back to Earth, but
Goku, who turned into a Super Saiyan, stayed to fight Frieza.
	You get to play as Goku fighting Frieza.  This battle is EXTREMELY easy,
since Goku can dodge every one of Frieza's attacks.  Do anything in the fight
and you will win.
	After Goku beats Frieza, he gets in his spaceship to fly back to Earth.
Unfortunately, because he couldn't win, Frieza blew up Namek, so the Z-Fighters,
who were back on Earth, decide to get the Dragonballs to wish their friend
back to life.

A. Search for the Dragonballs! (Z-Fighters)
Enemies: Bua, Namo, Jeic, Eva, and al-dhi
Objectives: Collect six Dragonballs
	Since Porunga wished all of the Z-Fighers back to Earth, you get to play
as them now.  After some talking, you'll get to control Piccolo, Gohan, 
and Kuririn.  Yamcha, TienShinHan, and Chao-zu are all in your party, but if 
they aren't in the front lines you don'tcontrol them in battle.  I suggest
putting Yamcha in the front row instead of Kuririn. For more information about 
why, check the Tips and Tricks section.
	Since you already have a Dragon Radar, you should use it and get a good
glimpse of the location of the Dragonballs.  Right now, you can only get three of
them.  The first one you can get is located inside of a cave, but you there is no
entrance to it.  
	Whether or not you go and talk to the people in the town, there is a mine
to the north, and that is your next destination.  It's the only cave you have
access to in the game right now, so it shouldn't be hard to find.
Between now and the time you are done playing as the Z-Fighters, you will fight
in a battle (obviously).  When you do, Piccolo asks your enemies why they are here,
since they are soldiers of Frieza.  They tell him that a new boss is giving them
orders, and that they will kill Piccolo.  Piccolo kills that enemy instead, and
every once in a while you will have to fight enemies after this.
	Upon reaching the mine, you will talk to this animal who will give you some
explosives so you can blow stuff up, just like he does.  Take these explosives, and
with your map, locate the desert in the middle of the area you are in.  Around the
desert, you will see a small group of mountains with an opening that you can't
reach.  Here's what it looks like:

^^^^^^  ^^^^^^ A: This is the opening that you can't reach.
^^A ^^^^^^  ^^ B: This is the spot you need to fly to to blow an entrance.
^^  ^^^^^^  ^^
^^^^^^B ^^^^^^

	Go to spot B with your explosives and blow an entrance into the cave.
Whoever is leading your group will enter and get the Dragonball and then come
back out.  Now that you have your first Dragonball, it is time to get the second
	Southeast of this cave, you will find a house surrounded by trees with a
dinosaur next to it.  Go to the house and talk to the man inside.  He will give
you some herbs after complaining about the dinosaur.  Take these herbs and fly
back to the town.
	In the town, talk to the Pharmacist.  If you are using the japanese version,
the phramacist is this option:

Person     Person
Person*    Pharmacist
* = This person will heal you if you are weak, but he can't revive dead people.

	The phramacist will graciously take your leaves and give you a laxative in
return.  Take this medicine and fly back to the dinosaur.  Feed the laxative to
the dinosaur and the Dinosaur will be cured!  Not only have you solved the herb
grower's problem, but you have found your second dragonball (Yes, the thing eaten
by the dinosaur that made him sick was the dragonball, and yes, they make Kuririn
take it because he has no nose.).
	Now that you have two Dragonballs, it is time to get the third.  An enemy
base is in the northeast, but you can't get there because there is a guard
blocking your entrance to it.   For some reason, you can't just kill him, but
you can get by another way.  Visit the cave to the northwest again to pick up
some more explosives, and then head back to the guard.  Don't talk to him, just
go along the mountains to the south of him.  When you reach a certain spot, Tien
will blow a hole in the mountains, distracting the guard.
	Since the guard is distracted, you are free to enter the enemy base.
If you don't feel confident battling a normal enemy with the cards you have just
before entering the enemy's base, there is something you should know.  For no
matter how long you wonder along the left side of the enemy base, you will never
fight any enemies.  Therefore, you can use up your crappy cards standing in one
spot until you get the good ones you need to take down any opponents.
	Inside this base, you will have to fight an enemy (Eva).  This battle 
is quite simple, especially if you haven't had any problems with the enemies 
on the map.  Use normal attacks and KI attacks to easily take this guy down.
	After defeating this enemy, you will receive four dragonballs, although
you were only able to track one of them.  Now it is time to play as Vegeta, who's
job is to get the last Dragonball.

B. Search for the Dragonballs! (Vegeta)
Enemies: Bua, Namo, Jeic, Eva, Al-dhi
Objectives: Collect the other Dragonball
	Up in the snowy areas of the planet, Vegeta is training, but he wants to
go back to the Z-Fighters to see what's going on.  To get there, he has to go
to the building to the northwest of his current location.
You might notice the little house near Vegeta when you first gain control of
him.  This is Korin's house, and when you go there, he will heal Vegeta
	Although there is not that big of a difference in levels, Vegeta is a lot
stronger than all of the Z-Fighters, so fighting one-on-one is much easier.
However, there is only one Vegeta, so having four enemies gang up on him isn't
going to make things easy.  Be cautious of your HP.
	When you near the building, Vegeta feels a forcefield and decides that,
to destroy it, he will need to destroy the two transmitters.  There is one
to the north and one to the south.  Destroy both of them and then you can enter
the building.
	Upon entering, you will have to battle another one of Frieza's men.  This
enemy is the al-dhi enemy, and as you can see by either looking up his information
in the enemies section or by having already fought him before, you know that this
will be an easy battle for Vegeta.  Either way, use Final Flash against
him once or twice and he will be defeated.
	After defeating this enemy, Vegeta will find the other Dragonball
and he will meet up with the rest of the Z-Fighters.  He denies looking for
the Dragonballs and gives it to them.  Afterwards, he flies away.  Your team
returns to the Capsule Corporation.  Dende will call Porunga,
so you get two wishes.  I know you might think you should get three, but Dende
wishes the Nameks to a new planet, so one of your wishes is already used.  You
can either raise the level of a fighter by one or you can grow Sensu beans.
The top option is to grow Sensu beans.  For more information on growing Sensu
beans, see the How to Play section of this FAQ.
	Now that you have summoned the dragon, King Kai contacts you with bad news.
Frieza and his father are on their way to Earth, you go to meet them to battle
them immediately.  There is no way possible that you are going to be able to
defeat Frieza, so just try and keep all of your character alive.  After getting
beaten horribly for a couple rounds, a mysterious person shows up and kills
Frieza and King Cold.
	After this, Goku shows up and speaks with the stranger.  It turns out that
his name is Trunks and he is the son of Vegeta and Bulma.  He tells Goku that,
in the future, where hs is from, everyone dies because of the Androids.  The
reason Goku couldn't beat them is because he suffered from a heart virus and
died.  Luckily, in the future there is a cure for this virus, and Trunks gives
it to Goku.  Also, Trunks tells Goku that Coola, Frieza's brother, is heading
to Earth to get the Dragonballs for immortality (of course).
	You will then see Coola flying around in space.  He orders to prepare to
land on Earth to get the Dragonballs, but since he cannot find them himself,
he decides to abduct Bulma.
	Vegeta, who is training in the desert, decides to go to Dr. Briefs for
help.  He remember that since Goku was training in a Gravity machine, he 
should too, so he orders that Dr. Briefs builds him a machine to allow him
to train under 300 Gravity.  He finds out that Bulma has been kidnapped and
unwillingly goes to her rescue.

C. Preparing for Coola (Vegeta)
Enemies: ???
Objectives: Find Bulma
	You get to control Vegeta now, who is in a field.  You can go three
places.  If you go into the white and blue house, you can train with King
Kai.  If you go to the brown house to the south, you can be healed by Korin.
Otherwise, talk to the guard to the northeast who is blocking you.  The guard
is actually the enemy dz.-, who you must defeat to continue.
	Of course, this enemy is more difficult than any of the other ones that
you fought.  However, the enemy is easily defeated with the Final Flash 
technique, so be sure you can use it before the fight.  If not, Vegeta can 
still take the enemy out by himself.
	After defeating this guard, you must go to the building to the northwest.
To the right of the building, you can move freely without battling any enemies
to train with training cards, to heal, or just to get the cards that have
Vegeta's symbol on them.  I recommend you do so so that you stand a chance
in the difficult fight that is next.  You must enter the building and fight
the enemy ,.zhi, the red lizard.  Since he's got 800 HP, it's going to be
a little difficult to take him out, but with strong attacks and by using
healing cards (heart cards), you can defeat him.
	After defeating this enemy, Vegeta returns to Dr. Briefs who has the
machine ready waiting for him.  You won't train in it yet, but you will play
as the Z-Fighters now.

D. Preparing for Coola (Z-Fighters)
Enemies: jeic, al-hdi, Eva, S'-y, z-^, nu-hi
Objectives: Save people and rescue Bulma
	As the Z-Fighters, you will talk to Dr. Briefs.  He will give you some
item from the Capsule Corp. and you will be off to help everyone in the houses
around this area.  First, go to the house to the east of your location.  You
will talk to a guy who refuses to let you pass to get to the building that
you need to go to, so you might as well help everyone else to see if he will
change his mind.
	Go to all of the houses in the area (there are three of them) and defeat
the enemies that are inside.  Inside each house is the enemy Eva, one that
you have easily defeated before, so go inside the houses and beat them.  After all
three of the houses have been restored to normal and the enemies removed from
each of them, return to the house in the southeast and the guy will let you pass.
Actually, if you stop in his house he will heal you.
	Further down this path, you will have to battle the hardest enemy thus far
in ths game, e">->.  Though the name doesn't make sense, I strongly suggest that
you are prepared for this battle, having a high enough level for victory and good
enough cards to deal good attacks.  Each time this guy hit one of my party members,
he kill him, so you can see why you would need to kill this guy quickly.  Of course,
you could always cheat to get the best healing (like Porunga) or try to paralyze
him every round with the Namek card.
	After winning, go further south into the building.  Inside, you will find
Vegeta and Bulma.  Give the capsule to Vegeta so he can use it to train under
300 Gravity and you will now have control over Piccolo, Gohan, and Goku.

E. Heavy training to prepare (Goku, Gohan, and Piccolo)
	You get to play the training minigame with Goku, Gohan, and Piccolo now.  For
information on how to play this minigame, please see the minigame section.

F. Heavy training to prepare (Vegeta)
	Vegeta finally gets to train under 300 Gravity!  For information about how to
play this minigame, please see the minigame section.

G. The battle with Coola
Enemies: dz.-, v-s, alF5x*-
Objectives: Defeat Coola
	After all of this training, you gain control of Goku, Gohan, and Piccolo.
I recommend building your levels up to level 49, and if you don't, go find the
Dragonballs.  If you find the Dragonballs, your power will be maximized and you
will be on level 50.  Although you can get to level 50 without the Dragonballs,
it is much more difficult because you need about 400,000 experience points to 
go up a level after level 49.  Whichever you choose, you have no choice about
what you do next.
	After either building levels or getting the Dragonballs, go to Coola's
spaceship.  It is located in the southwest, and it is not very hard to find
since the color contrasts with the background.  Once you get there and enter,
you will meet up with Yamcha, Kuririn, Chao-zu, and TienShinHan.  Coola will
send a henchman at you, who's English name is enilen.  He's pretty difficult,
but not as difficult as Coola will be.  Be sure to transform into a Super
Saiyan and use the Mega Kamehameha.  Charge up and use powerful moves with
Gohan and Piccolo to take this guy out as quickly as possible.
	After the battle, Vegeta will join up with a new power.  He also can
become a Super Saiyan!  Use this to your advantage to battle Coola.  With
two Super Saiyans, Coola gets a little worried.  Use the Super Saiyan
abilities to bring him down.  The Mega Kamehameha works really well along
with either the Masenko or the Ray Cannon.  You cannot control Vegeta, but
I suggest putting him up front because he can take hits without taking much
damage and deal a lot of damage easily.

H. Battle with the Androids
	Sure, you beat Coola.  Pat yourself on the back, but look out, he
transforms into a stronger form.  This form is a little harder, but if you
use the same strategy as you did with the first Coola, you will win.
	After your hard-earned victory, the gang will congratulate Vegeta
on his ability to become a Super Saiyan.  Then, Yajirobe will appear and
allow you to grow some Sensu beans.  Grow the most you possibly can by
pressing the A button repeatedly.  For more information, see the how to
play section of this FAQ.
	Yajirobe's vehicle explodes, so you have to go investigate.  You are
broken into three groups, and everyone is alive and well.  Goku, on the other
hand, has come down with a heart disease.  This only happens sometimes.  When
you are approached by someone, they tell you where the Androids are destroying
the cities, but since if can't read Japanese, and if you are using the English
translations this part isn't translated, I'll tell you the exact location.  Go
to the cave entrance in the bottom left-hand corner.  Then, go 23 spaces to the
north and 3 spaces to the west (Thanks to Vejita for the hint).  Be sure to keep
all of your characters together to they can all get into the fight at once.
	Use your strongest attacks to kill Android 19.  If Goku gets the heart
virus, he won't be able to help you, and you will have to take him out by
yourself.  Vegeta also appears to help you in this battle, so with all of your
Z-Fighters available, I recommend using Vegeta, Piccolo, and Gohan.  If you
followed my advice, all of them will be at level 49 and they will be able to
live long enough to survive one attack from the Android.  Cheat if you must,
but be sure to heal whenever possible to make sure you live to fight 17, 18,
and 16.
	After this battle, you will chase 20, who flees, to his cave.  He will
activate Androids 17 and 18.  Since those two don't feel like obeying Dr. Gero,
who turns out to be Android 20, they kill him for you and unleash 16.  Then, 
you follow them to the east and battle 17 and 18.
	Like usual, be sure to use your strongest attacks.  I don't recommend using
Trunks in this battle because the Androids can kill him in one hit.  When both
of these Androids have been killed, everyone will be at leevl 49 or 50 beacause
you win 400,000 experience points.  Then, you will have to fight Android 16.  He
isn't much more difficult than the other two, but still be cautious about him.
After you win, you will get 220,000 experience points and everyone will be at their
maximum level.
	After this fight, everyone will be at peace.  Piccolo returns with Kami to
Kami's lookout, but unfortunately, he senses a high power level that he is not
powerful enough to destroy.  He merges with Kami and flies off to find Cell, the
most powerful being in the universe.  Have a battle with him and you will easily
win; if that is what you wish to call it.  When Cell gets to around 350 HP, the
match is a draw, and he tries to absorb 17 and 18.  This then foreshadows the 
television series, and since Cell now has the ability to absorb the two Androids,
becoming (again) the most powerful being in the universe, will the Z-Fighters
be able to take him down?  Congratulations, you've beaten the game!

X. Enemies
These are the enemies you fight in Dragonball Z.  This list is still incomplete,
but I am working on completing it.  The name is taken from the English
translation, but I have provided a description so you can identify them.  If
you can't identify them, they all have different HP, so you'll know which
enemy you are up against.

	Enemy Name | Hit Points | Experience Points | Description
	Bua        |        190 |               300 | Red scouter + Red Background
	Namo       |        200 |               300 | Blue scouter + Blue hair +
	           |            |                   | Blue Background
	Jeic       |        310 |               400 | Blue face + Blue Background
	           |            |                   | + Green Eyes
	Eva        |        320 |               700 | Orange Scouter + Blue Helmet
	Al-dhi     |        305 |               600 | Blue lizard
	dz.-       |        420 |              1000 | A lizard that is green or red
	en-'	   |	  ???   |		??? | ?????????????
	c-z	   |        ??? |               300 | ?????????????
	laiae>-    |	  ???	|		??? | ?????????????
	,.zhi	   |	  800   |	        ??? | Red lizard
	z-^	   |	  375   |	       1200 | Looks like Bua but is green
	s"-y       |	  380   |		800 | Looks like Namo w/ red hair
	nu-hi      |	  320   |	       1000 | Purple; looks like a snake
	e">->	   |	  980   |	      16000 | Looks like Eva w/ green face
	v-s	   |        ??? |              2000 | ?????????????
	alF5x*-    |        ??? |              1400 | ?????????????
	enilen     |        950 |             10000 | Blue with yellow hair
	Coola      |        950 |               N/A | Looks like Frieza
	Coola 2    |        999 |             86000 | You'll know when you see him
	Android 19 |        999 |             20000 | Fat and white
	Android 17 |        999 |            200000 | Black hair - resembles human
	Android 18 |        999 |            200000 | White hair - resembles human
	Android 16 |        999 |            220000 | Orange hair -resembles human
	Cell	   |        999 |               N/A | Green bug-like thing

XI. Save-State Hacking
	What is Save-State hacking, you ask?  Well, if you are using an
emulator, and you have a Hex Editor (please don't ask how to get either
of them, go to download.com for the Hex Editor, and if you don't have
an emulator to play this game, then don't even worry about this section.)
	Once you have a hex editor, open it with your save state and go 
to the address listed.  Then, change the value according to what you want 
to go there.

Goku's Offsets
400 - Sprite
402 - Current HP
403 - Current HP
404 - Current KI
405 - Current KI
406 - Current Exp
407 - Current Exp

Piccolo's Offsets
418 - Sprite
41A - Current HP
41B - Current HP
41C - Current KI
41D - Current KI
41E - Current Exp
41F - Current Exp

Vegeta's Offsets
430 - Sprite
432 - Current HP
433 - Current HP
434 - Current KI
435 - Current KI
436 - Current Exp
437 - Current Exp

Gohan's Offsets
448 - Sprite
44A - Current HP
44B - Current HP
44C - Current KI
44D - Current KI
44E - Current Exp
44F - Current Exp

Kuririn's Offsets
460 - Sprite
462 - Current HP
463 - Current HP
464 - Current KI
465 - Current KI
466 - Current Exp
467 - Current Exp

Yamcha's Offsets
478 - Sprite
47A - Current HP
47B - Current HP
47C - Current KI
47D - Current KI
47E - Current Exp
47F - Current Exp

TenShinHan's Offsets
478 - Sprite
47A - Current HP
47B - Current HP
47C - Current KI
47D - Current KI
47E - Current Exp
47F - Current Exp

Chao-zu's Offsets
4A8 - Sprite
4AA - Current HP
4AB - Current HP
4AC - Current KI
4AD - Current KI
4AE - Current Exp
4AF - Current Exp

Trunks' Offsets
4A8 - Sprite
4AA - Current HP
4AB - Current HP
4AC - Current KI
4AD - Current KI
4AE - Current Exp
4AF - Current Exp

Sprite Modification Digits
01 - Goku
02 - Piccolo
03 - Vegeta
04 - Gohan
05 - Kuririn
06 - Yamcha
07 - TenShinHan
08 - Chao-zu
09 - Super Saiyan Goku
0A - Super Saiyan Vegeta
0B - Super Saiyan Trunks

If you want to cheat to save-state hacking's maximum potential, you can
change all of the values to FF which is 255.

XII. Credits
1. Vegita: 	 He wrote a walkthrough for Dragon Ball Z 3 that helped me 
		 out when I played the Japanese version.  I can't read 
		 Japanese, so you could understand why I would need help 
		 playing a game that isn't in my language.
2. Vincent:	 Vincent, who made the DBZ Translation page at 	
		 http://http://www.dbztranslation.f2s.com/ , translated Dragon 
		 Ball Z 3 up to 70%.  I helped him out a little bit with the 
		 translation by translating what the cards do, but it was a 
		 little obvious what some of the cards did, so most of 
		 the credit belongs to him.
3. SSJTenShinHan:He found the offsets to hack the sprites for the characters,
		 and from there I found the location of the values to hack
		 the digits to change the stats for the characters.  Much
		 thanks goes out to him for that.

XIII. Contact Information
If you want to send me an e-mail, please send it pkt_paladin@yahoo.com.  
Since there are a few things that I have yet to know that you might know, 
I would appreciate any submissions (you will be given credit, of course) 
to help further develop this FAQ.  Please submit any questions so I can
answer them for you and anyone else who reads this FAQ.

This guide was written by PKT_Paladin (pkt_paladin@yahoo.com.  Please do
not use this guide without permission or take direct information from 
it.  Doing that is illegal.  I am in no way affiliated with the makers
of Dragon Ball Z 3.