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A Boy and His Blob (NES)

by Locke231

Version 1.0 (Final)
June 15th, 2005

Disclaimer: You know the drill. I take no responsibility to any damage that
occurs as a result of anything.

Table of Contents:
3)Detailed Walkthrough
4)List of jellybeans and items
5)Game Genie codes
6)Author's notes and copyrights

-Section 1: Introduction-
In 1989, A most unusual game came from the mind of David Crane. It involved a
boy, a blob, and jellybeans.

The various jellybeans you have grant the blob many powers of transformation.
Trampolines, human-sized bubbles, even brick walls.

Use your abilities wisely to trudge through the surface of the earth, evading
the horrors below and aquiring unknown treasures to buy vitamins with.

Yes, vitamins. You read that right. This will be your sole weapon against the
enemies of blob's homeword, Bloblonia.

Of course, there will be spoilers here and there. And now, onto the walkthrough!

-Section 2: Controls-
D-Pad: move around
A: throw jellybean
B: Whistle (reverts/calls)
Select: cycles through jellybeans
Start: start game/pause game

-Section 3: Detailed Walkthrough-
-Section 3-a: Earth-

From your starting point, run to the subway and head downstairs. Already your
first piece of treasure is visible.
Use a punch jellybean to make blob into a hole and fall through.

Head towards treasure, whistle for your portly pet, and use licorice to
transform into a ladder.

Now, use punch again, near the corner. You'll fall two screens down. Keep your
current position and whistle for blob.

Time it right, and you'll grab the treasure without being slammed by a subway
serpent. Grab it and repeat. More treasure! Take it, and repeat with the one

Wow, another one. Now you can quit with the hole useage. Run left one screen
and make blob into an umbrella, via vanilla.
With a running start, drift to the left to claim a jellybean bag.

Head down and to the left, dodging another subway serpent. Oh my, water...
let's just use a cola jellybean and get into a bubble. Heh, two Seinfeld
references in one paragraph.

Head down, and one screen left for a diamond. Also, be careful navigating
around. Hitting a stagmite will spell certain doom.

Granted the next treasure is below and protected by stagmites, it's not
impossible to get.

Carefully go down to it till the boy's feet hits the surface. And through the
magic of broken collision detection, drift right to the next screen.

Head up, three more diamonds. Next screen over, three more. Now, it's time to
vacate this area, back to where you first came in.

Create a ladder in the corner, narrowly avoiding your friend, the serpent.
Next, create a bridge and time your escape.

Next, head right till you can't go anymore. The fall below would lead you back
to the water. With tangerine, make blob into a trampoline and head one screen

At the far right of the walkway, make a hole and fall through once. Head right
one screen.

Position the boy so he is underneath the equal sign of the treasure count and
make another trampoline.

Jump to the highest screen. Don't worry, you'll land safely. Get blob to you
either with honey or ketchup.

Use a bridge to cross the gap to the next screen. Afterwards, use four licorice
jellybeans to slowly climb your way back to the surface.

Go over to the far right to get another jellybean bag. Congrats, you now have
lime and orange jellybeans.

Make another bridge. Use apple to make blob into a jack, you'll open a manhole.
Lastly, climb your way out with another licorice ladder.

Head to the far right of the city, admiring the not-so-decent city background.
You can purchase assortment five on the vitamin package.

Chances are you won't even need to use the vitablaster, but it'll be enough.
Why? There's a fabulous glitch I feel should be mentioned.

Now, make blob into a rocket with root beet and blast off to his home planet.

-Section 3-b: Blobolonia-
The glitch, as mentioned, is a bit difficult to pull off. Armed with ketchup,
toss them into they head into another screen. That, my friends, is the last

But.. ohnoez, blob is there! Yeah, well, you'll have no trouble getting through
the planet now. All the enemies are gone.

Keep walking into you find a gap. Use a ketchup to summon blob, then a
strawberry to cross it.

Now, head to the end and use lime to make blob into a key. Magically, he is

I won't get into how to finish the game yet, though. Those of you who wish to
beat the game honestly deserve to know the in's and out's of this odd planet.

Firstly, feed the blob a coconut jellybean and toss him as far as possible. DO
NOT MOVE while the ball is rolling.

The bouncing marshmallows arn't difficult enemies under normal circumstances,
but the exploding cherries can and will annoy you otherwise.

In the event you still see them, move away two screen's or so, so you won't be
caught in the explosion.

However, as a coconut, once blob reaches the corn fields, your usually safe to

Continue onward till you see bouncing popcorn. They are similar to subway
serpants, so they are easily avoided.

Enter the candy factory. Position this fellow near the left-center of the
screen and feed him a tangerine.

Jump up to one screen and onto a candy cane.

Call him back with either a honey or ketchup. Next screen, flip a switch. It'll
deactivate the machine below.

Use an umbrella to land safely.

Keep in mind you'll have to do the same thing again in the next screen or two.

Now that your done here, keep going till you hit a cave. Be very careful,
however. You'll find mashers.

Time your way through them and head to the next screen for more mashers. Now
that your done with that ordeal, use a punch to head below.

Go right one screen to flip another switch, it'll disable the cauldron near you.

Position blob to the right side of the screen. Using a trampoline, make your
way up and head right.

Again, summon blob again with honey or ketchup. Keep heading right till you see
the giant keyhole, etc.

Now, blob is caged. What to do, what to do... firstly, whistle to get him out
of key form. Lastly, feed him an apple jellybean.

It might be tough, as you need a running start to throw it far enough. But you
can do it! Congrats, you just finished the game, buddy.

-Section 4: List of Jellybeans and items-
Licorice -> Ladder (allow's one to climb ledges)
Strawberry -> Bridge (easily cross gaps and crevices)
Coconut -> Coconut (in-game "camera"
follows rolling coconut, good for scouting ahead)
Cola -> Bubble (for safe underwater travel)
Apple -> Jack (no relation to the cereal, used for only two instances in the
Vanilla -> Umbrella (lessens the severity of long falls)
Tangerine -> Trampoline (jump up to higher spots)
Root Beer -> Rocket (transport between Earth and Blobolonia)
Honey -> Hummingbird (turn's blob into a hummingbird)
Punch -> Hole (portable hole, main source of travel through the underground)
Lime -> Key (unlocks doors, used only once in the game)
Orange -> Vitablaster (your sole weapon for blobolonia)

Jellybean bag - contains jellybeans
Treasure - used for purchasing vitamins at health food store
vitamins - self-explanatory

-Section 5: Game Genie codes-
AAULNGIA-1 life only
ZAULNGIE-Double lives
GXXEOPVG-Infinite lives
AAVKIPPA-Infinite Jellybeans
SXEEZAA-Fast play
AVOPVGEI-Never take damage from enemies
APEUUIAA-Gives 10 Orange Jellybeans
AONUSGAA-10 Lime Jellybeans
OONLOGZN-99 Licorice Jellybeans
AUNLUGIP-Double Strawberry Jellybeans
TUNLNKAP-Double Cola Jellybeans
AKNUOGGX-Double Cinnamon Jellybeans
GXNUUGZP-Double Apple Jellybeans
AVNUNGAL-Double Vanilla Jellybeans
ZPELNITA-Double Ketchup Jellybeans
AONLSGTE-Triple Coconut Jellybeans
APELUITE-Triple Rootbeer Jellybeans
APEUSIAA-10 Vitamin A for Vita-Blaster
APEUNIAA-10 Vitamin B for Vita-Blaster
APOLOIAA-10 Vitamin C for Vita-Blaster
SZXLXKSU+YYXLUGEY-Gives 101 of all starting Jellybeans

*For this code, in the underwater section, if you lose a life you may not be
able to call your Blob, and therefore become trapped.

If this happens, just reset and start again.

-Section 6: Author's notes and copyrights-
The Game Genie codes are not of my creation, they are of Galoob's. Now a
subsidiary of Hasbro, if i'm remembering right.

In any case, please do not claim these code's as your own. They are neither
mine nor yours, but I wished to add these along for reference and for you silly
people that like to cheat.

The FAQ in general, now that is mine. Don't steal it, copy it, etc.

Keep in mind this is my first FAQ, so it may seem a bit sloppy. Questions?
Comments? Hate mail? Gimme a buzz, email's on top.

-Section 7: Thanks-
-Thanks to Nintendo, for the lovely NES system alot of us grew up on and loved.
-Thanks to David Crane, for making this unusual and spiffy game.
-Thanks to CJayC, head honcho of GameFAQs.