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The first in my holiday trilogy...

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                     Author: Jdude84
                  E-Mail Address: Jdude84@hotmail.com
                     Version: 1.0

I really didn't need to make this faq, but i simply love RPGs.
This isn't the best RPG out there, as it's only a old  NES one
with hardly any gameplay. But i still find it fun, as i enjoy
almost every RPG known to man. So, here is a guide that may
help you out or may just be fun to read.

          T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S
                I. Version History
               II. Legal Info\Credits
              III. Author's Note
               IV. Attack Of The Yellow Scarves*
                V. Codes
               VI. Farewell

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I. Version History

December 22nd, 1999 - Version 1.0

First version of this Mini-FAQ. Enjoy reading....

...aren't these version histories starting to get a bit short?

II. Legal Info\Credits

This document is copyright 1999-2000 Jdude84.
All Rights Reserved.

This document may not be reproduced, re-written, copied, translated,
or changed in any way shape or form. This includes: Putting this
document on a website, magazine, book, video, or any other viewable
material. It may not be updated, translated, copied, changed, or
deleted by anyone else other than the author. This document may not
be sold as a printout, sold as a book\help guide, or any other printed
matter. It may not be used for profit as a promotional item, given away
with a game, or other product. It may not be formatted into HTML form
by anyone other than the author. This faq may not be given away even if
it is for NON-Profit reasons. You may not print multiple copies of this
faq, you may only print one (1) copy for yourself, and may do NOTHING
else with it. I am not affiliated with Nintendo, the makers of this
game, or anyone commercially associated with this game, and it's

This document is copyright 1999-2000 Jdude84.
All Rights Reserved.
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| My Friends On The Msg. Board| For all their wonderful suggestions
| World-Of-Nintendo.com       | Found Codes Their - As Usual...
| Jdude84                     | Guess...

III. Author's Note

Please read the following statement issued to all readers:

Although i do not get quite as much mail as the famous authors such as
Kao Megura, Dingo Jellybean, and Marshmallow on gamefaqs, i do recieve
quite a bit of e-mail a day. I do not dislike recieving e-mail, only
the ones that are not worth reading.

If you wish to contact me at my standard mailing address, feel free to
do so as long as it is one of the following: A question _unanswered_
in the F.A.Q, Suggestion, ASCII Art (by request), submissions
(also by request), comments, praise, _constructive_ criticizm, or a
correction. Finally, when e-mailing me questions, be SURE to include
the name of the game your question is about in the subject - EG:

I receive a few e-mails every now and then qith messages with no
subject, or a non-informative subject and a e-mail containing the
following: "How do i get ________
<the 6th gem, the 8th coin, the second star> just to name a  few.
Including this, is VERY helpful to me, and will result in a quicker

Webmasters, listen up. I recieve an average of 10 e-mails a week from
you guys and gals, which in itself is not alot. However, add that to
the constant flow of 'normal' e-mail from readers, and it adds up to a
few e-mails i do not have time to answer. So, for my, your, and the
reader's conveinence, a few "Do's" and "Don'ts"

Webmasters - Do NOT:

- Post this FAQ On your site directly
- Link _Directly_ to this faq
- E-mail me about my faq in _ANY_ way, shape, or form

Webmasters - DO:

- Link _Inderectly_ to this faq. What does that mean? Simple, link
to the page at gamefaqs.com - the PAGE, NOT the .txt file.

And finally, for all of you 'normal' readers of this faq, a few Don'ts
for you as well.

Readers - Do NOT: E-Mail questions allready answered in e-mail and\or
the F.A.Q., do not e-mail me chain letters, job applications, special
requests, incoherent crap, or submissions or ascii art UNLESS i ask
for help in one of my guides. Failure to comply with ANY of these rules
will result in permanant filtering of your mail. Thank you for listening
and i hope you understand.


IV. Attack Of The Yellow Scarves

The saga begins in Lou Sang, Liu Bei's mother will tell you a
long boring story on how you must restore peace to the land - yadda
yadda, and then you will leave your house and start your journey, let's

~Lou Sang~

This is your hometown - and it isn't much to look at. First head south
and talk to the man with the pony. He will give your 1000 Rations and
200 gold coins. Head accross the bridge, and talk to one of the two men
nearby. They are Song Ren and Son Yong and will fill your party. Next
equip\trade items among yourselves until you have the following:

-Liu Bei-
Armies: 314
Item: Flail

-Guan Yu-
Armies: 100
Item: Dagger

-Zhang Fei-
Armies: 100
Item: Dagger

-Song Ren-
Armies: 110
Item: Dagger

-Son Yong-
Armies: 110
Item: Robe

Now head back accross the bridge and exit to the west. You will now be
on the trail to Xu Zhou. Fight a few bandit and rebel forces until you
learn your first tatic - Lian Huo.

-Tatic: Lian Huo-
Tactic Points: 2

This will be effective later on, fight some more if you wish, or head
to Xu Zhou.

~Xu Zhou~

First up, head to the building to the far left as you enter the city.
Here you will find Mi Zhe - your next partner. Ditch Son Yong here,
and pick him up. You should now have Liu Bei, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei,
Song Ren, and Mi Zhe. Give Mi Zhe one of your current leaders
Daggers, then head to the shop and buy a couple of flails. Now you
should have:

Liu Bei - Flail
Guan Yu - Flail
Zhang Fei - Flail
Mi Zhe - Dagger
Song Ren - Dagger

Take a rest if needed here, if you have any gold left. Then head to
the king in the castle, talk to him for more background info, and head
north to Qing Zhou. Before making it to the city, you will be attacked
by Zhang Liang - one of the Yellow Scarves.

Zhang Ling: 259 Armies
Rebel Force: 140 Armies
Rebel Force: 100 Armies

Pretty easy since you know Lian Huo. Have Liu Bei, and Guan Yu use it
on Zhang Ling while the other 3 attack the weakest rebel force. In 3-4
turns you should vanquish the first rebel force, then shortly there
after defeat Zhang Ling. Use normal attacks with your 5 members to
kill the remaining Rebel Force member in a flash. Now enter Qing Zhou

Difficulty: 2 of 5

~Qing Zhou~

Here you can buy the same items you found in Xu Zhou, so get them if
you want. Talk to the gatekeeper, who is actually Ma Yuan Yi. Time
for another fight...

Ma Yuan Yi: 177
Rebel Force: 100
Rebel Force: 120
Rebel Force: 120
Rebel Force: 140

Wow they all suck, so either go after the weakest first, or the leader
first. It really doesn't matter. Use a tatic or two if needed...then
you can finish up your duties here...

Difficulty: Who Cares...

Heal everyone, and enter a nearby house to find some old guy that i
really don't care about. However, his son Chen Deng will then join you
Now, for all of you that care, you should have:

Liu Bei - Flail, Guan Yu - Flail, Zhang Fei - Flail,
Mi Zhe - Dagger(Strategian), Son Ren - Nothing,
Chen Deng - Dagger(Tactician)

Of course you can only have 5 members at a time so ditch Song Ren at
Xu Zhou, which is a bit back. Afterwards, head to Mount Da Xing to
the west. Before you reach there - you'll encounter Zhang Bao.

<coming soon - maybe...>

V. Codes

   ______          __
  / ____/___  ____/ /__  _____
/ /   / __ \/ __  / _ \/ ___/
/ /___/ /_/ / /_/ /  __(__  )

| Game Shark Code             |Effect                             |
| AEKPZZGT                    | Buy 300 provisions for no money   |
| AENLULZL                    | Dagger costs nothing              |
| AEVLKGZL                    | Bandana costs nothing             |
| AENUKLGT                    | Flail costs nothing               |
| AEXLXGGT                    | Robe costs nothing                |
| AEUUXLGP                    | Elixer A costs nothing            |
| AEXUVLGT                    | Resurrect costs nothing           |
| AEXKVUEG                    | Steed costs nothing               |
| AEEUKUEG                    | Gullwing costs nothing            |
| AEKPIZYZ + AEKPTZAP         | Buy 30,000 provisions for nothing |
| AEXUOKGZ + AEXUXGPA         | Leather costs nothing             |
| Level 51 |

Normally you can't raise your experience beyond level 50, but there is
a way. When you get to Ji Zhou castle, DO NOT talk to the man who levels
you up at the house in the outskirts of the castle. Ignore him until all
your armies  are at level 50. Then talk to the old man at the Northeast
Corner outside the castle walls and he'll level you up to 51.

VI. Farewell

The insane author of this faq may be reached at: Jdude84@hotmail.com. By
reading the note above, you know that all mail cannot and will not be
replied to as i am too busy with life, writing, or your e-mail was
simply one that did not need a reply. You could always contact me on ICQ
- but i doubt you'll get a reply on there either unless i know you - or
you are a fellow FAQ Author. Go check out another one of my 40+ FAQs now
...or i will send a jello army from hell to invade your house...

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-End Of FAQ-