Question from The_Admiral

Asked: 6 years ago

Where can I find the Stones of Sunlight?

I know I need them but can't seem to locate them.

Accepted Answer

From: Y0u 6 years ago


In the basement of Tantagel. You need at least one key (it might have been more, it's been awhile.) Go around the outside of the castle (once you leave the castle, you have to stay right next to the wall or you will leave to the world map. I think you go outside near the top or top-right corner of the castle.) Go around to the lower-right corner and there should be a set of stairs leading to them.

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Submitted Answers


Yes but I think you need the Silver Harp to get it. I might be wrong, it has been 12 years.

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It's been a long time for me too, but I think it's the staff of rain that you need the silver harp to get.

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First response was correct.

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