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|                          TALOON’S COMMISSION GUIDE                          |
|                       Version 1.2 (October 29, 2005)                        |
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|                                By The Admiral                               |
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While many players overlook it as trivial, there are actually many useful 
reasons to understand the inner workings of Taloon’s job and commission system 
in Chapter 3.  This guide explains how Taloon acquires possible items for sale, 
how his commission is calculated, how to get better prices when selling certain 
items, strategies for taking advantage of Taloon’s days as a merchant, and some 
final notes on hacking the ROM for further exploration.  Whether you are a 
first time player or Dragon Warrior veteran, you will likely learn something 
new and exciting that you can add to you playing arsenal in all future Dragon 
Warrior IV excursions.

T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S                                          DW00
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TABLE OF CONTENTS..........................................................DW00
HOW TALOON’S COMMISSION WORKS..............................................DW01
COMMISSIONS AND PRICES.....................................................DW02
STRATEGIES AND TIPS........................................................DW03
HACKING THE ROM............................................................DW04
REVISION HISTORY...........................................................DW06

H O W   T A L O O N ’ S   C O M M I S S I O N   W O R K S                  DW01
During Chapter 3, Taloon spends some time at the outset of his quest working at 
his boss’s shop for a daily commission.  He receives a discrete commission on 
each item he sells, and this total is accumulated until he is paid.  Taloon is 
paid when either:

1.) His commission total reaches 100 GP or more.  When this happens, his boss 
    will come into the shop and pay him.  It will then be night-time when he 
    exits the shop.
2.) Taloon leaves the shop counter and speaks with his boss.  At this point, 
    he is paid whatever commissions he has earned thus far.  Upon leaving the 
    shop, it will still be day-time.

The specific prices and commissions are listed in the next section, but Taloon 
is generally paid a greater commission on higher priced items.  His shop’s 
inventory starts out with three staple weapons: the Club, Copper Sword, and 
Thorn Whip.  No matter how many he sells, his shop can never run out of these 
items.  There are also three additional items his shop can sell: the Boomerang, 
Chain Sickle, and Sword of Malice.  These items will appear in his inventory if 
he buys them from a customer.  His shop will only carry as many of these three 
weapons as he buys, so, if you buy a Boomerang and then sell one, the shop will 
no longer offer this item.  

Taloon can purchase any of these items himself by talking to his boss over the 
counter.  Interestingly, Taloon can buy as many of them as he would like, and 
the quantity will never deplete.  This has some useful applications and is 
discussed later.

A few other notes before moving on to specific commission values:

• Buying items from customers has no effect at all on Taloon’s commission.  
  Purchasing the Boomerang, Chain Sickle, or Sword of Malice will add this 
  item to the inventory (or increase the quantity in reserve).  Purchasing  
  the Club, Copper Sword, or Thorn Whip does nothing.

• Taloon can earn an infinite amount of GP within a single “game day.”  To do 
  so, first leave work early by talking to the boss.  He will pay you, and it 
  will still be day-time.  Exit and reenter the town, then go back to the 
  shop.  The boss will let Taloon work again, and you can repeat this process 
  ad infinitum.  There is really not much use to this, so the point is rather 

C O M M I S S I O N S   A N D   P R I C E S                                DW02
There are three possible prices that Taloon can get for each weapon he sells: 
the normal price, discounted price, or premium price.  The discount and premium 
prices only appear if you say "No" the first time the customer wishes to buy 
the weapon.  The customer may then try to renegotiate the price, either higher 
(premium) or lower (discount).  There is no guarantee either of these will come 
up.  The customer may just get annoyed and leave after the first time you say 

The discount and premium prices are 10% less or greater than the normal prices, 
respectively.  If offered a discount, the customer will always make the 
purchase if s/he has the money and the inventory space.  The customer will 
often turn down the weapon if offered at a premium, but does buy it 

The exact commission values that Taloon receives for each sale are based on a 
percentage of the normal sale price, even if the goods are sold at a discount 
or premium.  The commission he receives for each sale item goes as follows:

     Offered Price     Commission (% of Normal Price)
     =============     ==============================
        Normal                      6%
        Discount                    5%
        Premium                     13%

Basically, Taloon receives the listed percentage times of the good’s normal 
price.  So, if he sells the Copper Sword (normal price of 100 GP) at a premium 
price of 110 GP, he receives a commission of 13 GP, which is 13% of that item’s 
normal selling price.  Note that the game uses an odd function for rounding, so 
some values are off by a few GP.  Tables with the exact commission values 
Taloon receives at all price levels are listed below.

Normal Prices are those listed on the inventory menu next to each weapon.  
Customers come in expecting to pay this price, and it is the first one they 
will offer for weapons.  The listed price and commission for selling each one 
are found in the table below.

|   Weapon Name   |     Normal     |  Commission on  |
|                 |      Price     |  Normal Prices  |
| Club            |      30        |       1         |
| Copper Sword    |      100       |       6         |
| Thorn Whip      |      200       |       12        |
| Boomerang       |      350       |       21        |
| Chain Sickle    |      550       |       34        |
| Sword of Malice |      3500      |       218       |

If you refuse to sell a weapon to a customer at the listed price, meaning you 
say “No” when they ask if the price is right, they will occasionally think you 
are giving them a discount.  In this case, they will suggest the discounted 
price.  If the customer has the money and the inventory space, they will always 
buy items offered at these prices.  Discounted prices are always 10% less than 
the normal prices, and they are listed in the table below, along with the 
commission for selling each one.

|   Weapon Name   |    Discount    |  Commission on  |
|                 |     Price      | Discount Prices |
| Club            |      27        |       1         |
| Copper Sword    |      90        |       5         |
| Thorn Whip      |      180       |       11        |
| Boomerang       |      315       |       19        |
| Chain Sickle    |      495       |       30        |
| Sword of Malice |      3150      |       196       |

As with discounts, if you refuse to sell a weapon to a customer at the listed 
price, meaning you say “No” when they ask if the price is right, they will 
occasionally think the price is higher than listed.  In this case, they will 
suggest the premium price.  Even if the customers have the money and inventory 
space, they may still refuse to buy items at a premium since they feel ripped 
off.  There seems to be about a 50% chance as to whether they will accept the 
new price or not.   Premium prices are always 10% more than the normal prices 
and are listed in the table below, along with the commission for selling each 

|   Weapon Name   |    Premium     |  Commission on  |
|                 |     Price      | Premium Prices  |
| Club            |      33        |       4         |
| Copper Sword    |      110       |       13        |
| Thorn Whip      |      220       |       27        |
| Boomerang       |      385       |       48        |
| Chain Sickle    |      605       |       75        |
| Sword of Malice |      3850      |       481       |

Customers will frequently try to sell their used wares to Taloon.  You receive 
no commission gain or loss for purchasing these items, but buying the 
Boomerang, Chain Sickle, or Sword of Malice will add this item to the inventory 
reserve.  The prices that Taloon pays customers are always 75% of the original 
weapon price.  These prices are also non-negotiable, so turning down a 
customer’s offer cancels the transaction completely.  

|   Weapon Name   |     Buying     |
|                 |      Price     |
| Club            |      22        |
| Copper Sword    |      75        |
| Thorn Whip      |      150       |
| Boomerang       |      262       |
| Chain Sickle    |      412       |
| Sword of Malice |      2625      |

S T R A T E G I E S   A N D   T I P S                                      DW03
The following section contains a few strategies, tips, and points of trivia 
with regards to Taloon’s commission and his merchant experiences in Lakanaba.

1.) If someone sells Taloon the Sword of Malice, DO NOT sell it back to a 
    customer.  Save this weapon until later in the Chapter, when Taloon can   
    come back and purchase it himself.  Not only is it the strongest weapon he  
    can use in Chapter 3, it’s also a great way to make money when you need to 
    save up the 60,000 GP for the Cave of Branca construction.  Since Taloon 
    can buy an unlimited quantity, stock up on as many Swords of Malice as you 
    can, then give them to Neta to sell (once you have the shop in Endor).  
    Within 2-3 days, you can rake in tens of thousands of GP from the sale of 
    these weapons.  

    Additionally, before leaving Chapter 3, you should sell off all of Taloon’s 
    gear and fill your inventory with 7 Swords of Malice.  When you meet up in 
    Chapter 5, Taloon can distribute these swords to the party and sell the 
    rest for a lot of money.  Of course, if you are lucky enough to be sold a 
    second Sword of Malice while you are working as Taloon, there’s no harm in 
    selling it off.  It won’t effect your ability to stock this item later.

2.) There is no reason at all for Taloon to buy Clubs, Copper Swords, or Thorn 
    Whips from customers.  He gets nothing from this, and turning down the 
    offer has no negative effects on future sales or potential customers.  
    However, there’s really no point to refusing the sale, either.  It takes 
    the same time to press the buttons and hear the dialogue no matter which 
    action you choose.  So, if you’re in a grumpy mood, turn down these sales.  
    If you’re rushing through this part and don’t want to take your fingers off 
    the A-button, just accept them.  It really doesn’t matter.

3.) Similarly, always buy Boomerangs, Chain Sickles, and, especially, Swords of 
    Malice from customers.  All of these items can be sold for far more GP than 
    the staple goods, and each can also be bought for personal use by Taloon.

4.) There is no conceivable reason to ever sell a weapon at a discount, unless 
    you just want to see what the dialogue looks like.  You receive a lower 
    commission for every weapon except the Club, and, even in this case, it 
    takes more time to scroll through the price conversation screen.  

5.) The theoretical one session total you could earn from commissions would be 
    580 GP, from selling items for a total of 99 gold, then closing by selling 
    the Sword of Malice at a premium.  

H A C K I N G   T H E   R O M                                              DW04
The following section lists some of the memory address and information for 
hacking the ROM of this game with regards to Taloon’s commission.  The 
following section assumes you have some minor knowledge of hacking and memory 
editing, as no background information is provided.

The memory addresses for Taloon’s commission consist of three bytes, at the 
following locations:


The game has a hard cap on commission at 10,000,000 GP, so any values above 
this in the lowest memory address are disregarded when Taloon is paid.  Why the 
game has three bytes for this value is a mystery.  The maximum GP that Taloon 
can ever legitimately earn is 580, which means two bytes would have been more 
than enough.  Not to mention, the game caps your party’s gold total at 99,999 
GP.  Perhaps there were originally going to be more ways later in the game for 
Taloon to earn a commission, but no one knows.

The game also records the quantity of the three optional items that can be sold 
to Taloon –- Boomerangs, Chain Sickles, and Swords of Malice –- at separate 
locations.  Setting the addresses to 0 (zero) means that the item will not 
appear on the inventory screen.  A value of 1 or higher means this item will 
show up on the shop menu, with each sale decreasing the reserves by 1.  The 
addresses for these items are found in the SRAM portion of the memory, and are 
as follows (starting at 0x00006000):

   $62E7: Quantity of Boomerangs in reserve 
   $62E8: Quantity of Chain Sickles in reserve
   $62E9: Quantity of Swords of Malice in reserve

It is also possible to derive Game Genie codes from the above memory addresses, 
but I am not able to do so.  If anyone would care to convert them, please email 
me and I will include these codes (as well as credit you fully) in this guide.

D I S C L A I M E R                                                        DW05
This FAQ is meant for personal use only and cannot be reproduced for commercial 
usage under any circumstances.  No portions of this guide may be reproduced, in 
part or in entirety, without the written consent of the author.  If you would 
like to use any part of this guide in your FAQ or on your website, I will 
probably give you permission if you ask, but you must ask first (Email: 
Admiral1018@yahoo.com).  The Dragon Warrior IV title, as well as all contents 
within, are copyright of Enix, Inc.

R E V I S I O N   H I S T O R Y                                            DW06
Version 0.99 – February 1, 2003
  • Preview Version

Version 1.0 – February 3, 2003
  • Initial Release

Version 1.1 – March 12, 2003
  • Corrected info on commission percentages for normal and discount prices
  • Made a few explanations easier to read
  • Minor spelling and formatting changes

Version 1.2 – October 29, 2005
  • Minor spelling and formatting changes

C R E D I T S                                                              DW07
Big thanks to everyone who helped me with this guide, especially the members at 
the GameFAQs Dragon Warrior IV message boards – this guide would not have been 
possible without your encouragement.  If I have accidentally omitted your name 
from this section, please feel free to contact me and I will include you 
immediately.  Special thanks to the following people:
• ke6drt: for correcting some information on the commission levels for 
  discount and normal prices

• BTB, Robbie Levy, and muskey38: for all your help in coming up with the 
  basics of the commission system and feedback about the guide.

• Everyone else for taking the time to read this guide and give me feedback 
  on it.  Thanks a lot.

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