FAQ/Walkthrough by sco412

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sco's FF2 Walkthrough [version 2.2]

"In a far off land...
 A long peace has ended.
 The Palamecia Empire
 has summoned Hellspawn in
 hopes to rule the world...

 The people of Fynn fought
 bravely for their kingdom...
 And lost.

 Now four of Fynn's youth
 must flee to Altair,
 with the enemy just behind..."

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Pre-Adventuring Tips
 2A. Skills/Stats
 2B. Improving Stats
 2C. Weapon/Spell Skills
 2D. Boosting Stats
 2E. Stat Boosting Tricks/Tips
 2F. Combat
   a. Basics
   b. Fight
   c. Magic
   d. Item
   e. Run
   f. Rows
   g. Revivification
 2G. Status Ailments/Buffs
   a. Permanent Ailments
   b. Temporary Ailments
   c. Buffs
 2H. Character Weapons/Magic/Items
   a. Weapons
   b. Magic
   c. sco's Spell List
    1. White Magic
    2. Black Magic
   d. Items
 2I. INT/SOUL penalties
 2J. EVA% Significance
   a. Raises AGL
   b. Faster Turn in Battle
   c. RUN!!!
   d. Evade Physical Attacks
   e. Increasing EVA%
    1. Having High AGL
    2. Shields
    3. Weapons
    4. Equipment
 2K. Key Terms/Items
 2L. Menus/Translation
3. Walkthrough
 I. The Beginning
  I-A. The Journey Begins
  I-B. Basic Training
  I-C. Head to Fynn
  I-D. Back to Altair
  I-E. Search for the Mythril (Semitt Falls)
  I-F. Returning with the Mythril
 II. The Warship
  II-A. Contact the Spy
  II-B. The Bafsk Sewers
  II-C. Report Back to Hilda
  II-D. Finding the Goddess's Bell
  II-E. Ice Cave
  II-F. The Kas'ion Ruins
  II-G. Destroying the Warship
  II-H. Back to Altair
 III. Striking Back at the Empire
  III-A. Traveling to Deist
  III-B. Deist Castle
  III-C. Deist Cave
  III-D. Back to Altair, again...
  III-E. To the Battle Arena
  III-F. Recapturing of Fynn
 IV. The Path to Ultima
  IV-A. Exploring Fynn
  IV-B. The Down-Below
  IV-C. Finding the Black Mask (Tiny Island)
  IV-D. The Mysidian Cave
  IV-E. Side-Tracked Straight Down (Leviathan)
  IV-F. The Mysidian Tower
 V. The Emperor's Final Stand
  V-A. Reporting Back to Fynn
  V-B. Inside the Eye (Cyclone)
  V-C. Celebrating the Emperor's Beat-Down
  V-D. Acquiring the Airship
  V-E. Castle Palamecia
 VI. Pandaemonium, the Forbidden Fortress
  VI-A. Return to Deist
  VI-B. Get Ya Weight Up
  VI-C. The Jade Passage
  VI-D. Pandaemonium
  VI-E. The Finale (The Final Battle)
4. Secrets
 4A. Snowcraft Mini-Game
 4B. Chocobo
 4C. Normal Mode
 4D. Blood Sword
 4E. Waterfall Magic Shop
5. Revisions/History
6. Legal crap
7. Thanks

1. Introduction

  Final Fantasy II was the ACTUAL second installment in Square's very popular
Final Fantasy series.  Commonly known as "FF2j", Final Fantasy II was
originally released on the NES, a.k.a. "old nintendo", and never made it over
to the U.S.  Because of this, and the fact that FF3 never made it here either,
the FF2 that did make it to the U.S. on Super Nintendo is actually FF4.
Eventually, however, the game was officially released to the U.S. in 2003, as
Final Fantasy Origins.  Final Fantasy II was playable in the U.S. before then
by getting the NES ROM, and playing it on an NES emulator.
  FF2 is a great game, with many original features.  From the way the heroes
are developed, to key word feature, FF2 accomplished many things never seen
before in an RPG at that time.  FF2 also had many ďfirsts" along with it.  It
was the first Final Fantasy to have the Chocobo, and also the first to have
an actual plot.  Many trademark enemies of the Final Fantasy series first
made their appearance in this game.
  This is my very first walkthrough, and I picked one hell of a game to
write/type one to.  I probably should've started with something like NES
Gauntlet, or Pong.  Anyway, I decided on a FF2 walkthrough because of a
number of reasons.  One, it's a pretty cool game, two, I have a site floating
somewhere around, and a walkthrough is just about mandatory.  And three, while
I've always been a huge fan of FF1, driving my nephew/cousin crazy playing it
constantly through those long summer days with nothing to do, I was able to
do the same thing with FF2.  Playing through the same game, multiple times,
on three different systems can't be fun to watch, or hear about.  I always get
the question "How can you do that over, and over, and over again?"  Heh, heh,
heh, no 2P games for you!  Anyway, e-mail any questions, corrections, and
pithy comments to sco@scoff2j.com.  Don't be too harsh though...

  There are, in fact, multiple "translations" for Final Fantasy II.  I chose
to use the translation from the Playstation version for this walkthrough.
A few things, however, may be little different.  I may have used abbreviations
for spells from the NES version.  Also there are a couple of enemies that I
refer to from the NES version.  It's basically the same, but not.  So don't
hate, I've went through the game many times, so whatever stuck, sticks, got
it, good?

  Moving on, there ARE spoilers in the walkthrough.  EVERYWHERE.  So if you
don't want the plot to be ruined your first time through, don't read the
walkthrough.  Repeat, if you don't want SPOILERS, DO NOT read the walkthrough.
If you do need some help though, you can read the Pre-Adventuring Tips
section for a few hints and tricks.
  Well, I hope you enjoy the walkthrough, and find a lot of useful and helpful
information in it.  Again, e-mail me with any questions and the like.  Good
luck with the game, and have fun I guess...

2. Pre-Adventuring Tips

  Getting started in Final Fantasy II isn't hard at all.  Although, a few
things set FF2 apart from most RPGs.  I'll start with the most complex stuff
first(the stats), then move on to battles and stuff.  Once you get the basics,
like anything, it's not so bad, and it makes the game flow so much better.
The fact that the characters are developed, or "leveled", so differently from
many "traditional" RPGs, may have turned a few gamers away from FF2.  In this
Pre-Adventuring section, I'll attempt to break-down and explain various topics
that should lead you to success, and hopefully help you better understand FF2
and it's many functions.

 2A. Skills/Stats

  FF2 has it's own way of developing the 'heroes' in the game.  There are no
experience levels, or even experience points.  Rather, how you fight in battle
dictates how your characters will improve.  For example, if you use a lot of
Magic in a fight, your magical abilities will improve, or if you always
attack in a fight, your strength will increase, but magical abilities may
begin to decline.
  All "raw stats" can be increased in battle, and some will decrease.  Raw
Stats include Strength(STR), Agility(AGL), Vitality(VIT), Intelligence(INT),
Soul(SOUL), and MagicPower(M.PWR).  Other stats that can increase in battle
are Max HitPoints(MaxHP), Max MagicPoints(MaxMP), Evasion(EVA), and
MagicDefense(M.DEF).  Modified Stats are those that depend on various factors,
such as the Raw Stats themselves, weapons, armor, and other conditions.  They
include Attack(ATK), Hit Percent(HIT%), Defense(DEF), Evasion Percent(EVA%),
and Magic Defense(M.DEF).  Modified Stats cannot be increased in battle.
Here's what all the stats do:

Raw Stats:
  STR  - base damage output and accuracy of physical attacks
  AGL  - base evasion%
  VIT  - rate a character's MaxHP increases each time it goes up
  INT  - power and success rate of Black Magic
  SOUL - power and success rate of White Magic
  M.PWR- rate a character's MaxMP increases each time it goes up

Modified Stats:
  ATK  - final damage output of physical attacks
  HIT% - number of and accuracy of attacks
  DEF  - amount of damage a character can absorb
  EVA% - chances a character has at avoiding physical attacks, and more
  M.DEF- defense against Magic and Special Attacks

 2B. Improving Stats

  Characters can improve their skills and stats in battle by attacking,
using magic, or being attacked.  Below shows each stat, and how it is
affected in battles.
  MaxHP- lose a lot of HP in a battle
  MaxMP- lose a lot of MP in a battle
  STR  - attacking a lot; decreases from excessive White Magic use
  AGL  - having a high EVA%
  VIT  - lose a lot of HP during the battle; decreases from Black Magic use
  INT  - cast many Black Magic spells; decreases from attacking a lot
  SOUL - cast many White Magic spells
  M.PWR- lose a lot of MP during a fight
  EVA  - be target of a lot of physical attacks
           **Only increases Evasion Count, not base percentage
  M.DEF- be target of a lot of spells
           **Only increases M. DEF Count, not base percentage

 2C. Weapon/Spell Skills

  Weapon and Spell skills also improve in battle.  Weapon skills can increase
by attacking with a certain weapon type in battle.  The Shield skill also goes
up if one is equipped while attacking.  The higher the weapon skill, the
higher a characters Attack Count.  A higher Attack Count gives the fighter an
extra 'hit' per attack, thus raising chances for the attack to succeed, and
increasing damage output and chances for critical hits.  A higher shield level
boosts the effectiveness of the shield wielded.  A shield with the evasion
percentage of 15%, matched with a shield skill level of 3, becomes a shield
with the evasion percentage of 45%.  Simple enough, yeah?
  Spell skills increase when a certain spell is used.  Once a new spell is
learned, it starts a level 1.  Let's say someone learned FIRE, they would
have FIRE 1.  After using it a buncha times, it becomes FIRE 2.  Each
individual spell is leveled separately, but it's effectiveness increases with
every level.  Most status ailment spells need to be greater-than or equal to
the enemies M.DEF Count to work.  The spell won't always WORK, nor could it
always MISS if this isn't the case, but it's a good general rule to go by.
  Weapon and Spell skills are MAXED OUT at level 16.  16... an impressive
number, yeah?  Especially when you count 8 weapon types(including shields),
40 spells, 3 main characters, and 6 side characters throughout the game.  Raw
stats MAX OUT at 99(or A5), MaxHP at 9999, and MaxMP at 999.  That's a lot
to build up, so your good friend 'sco here will give you some tips to boost
those skills and stats real fast-like.

 2D. Boosting Stats

  Now, in this section, I'm going to explain how to boost stats up faster, and
higher than normal.  FF2j can be an extremely hard game not using these
"tricks", especially with the spells.  But if you've got the skillz, or
patience, then going through the game "normally", is a fun challenge.  And I
should maybe emphasize CHALLENGE.  Not that it can't be done, because it very
well can, just if you get stuck, and don't want to spend time fighting battle
after battle, then you can use these "tricks" to help speed up the process.
Using these "tricks" also helps bring up skills and spells up to levels not
"normally" reachable.

Weapon Skills/STR -
  To build up weapon skills quickly, instead of attacking over, and over, and
  over, and over, and over, killing enemy, after enemy, after enemy, simply
  target the enemy, and when the next character steps up for commands, cancel
  back to first character and repeat the process.  Lost?  Here, checkout this
      Maria wants to increase her weapon skill...
       1.  Maria steps up to attack
       2.  Maria selects 'Fight'
       3.  Maria then selects her target
       4.  Guy steps up to attack
       5.  Hit the cancel button, Guy steps back, Maria steps up
       6.  Repeat steps 2-5 over, and over, and over, and over, and...
  You should get the picture now.  Each time you do that, you'll receive 1
  point toward your weapon skill.  Do it 100 times to increase your skill.
  Once you get a high skill level, you may need to do it more times, or find
  stronger foes with a higher rank.  Doing this trick will also increases the
  character's STR stat.

Magic Skills/SOUL/INT -
  Building magic skills is essentially the same as weapon skills.  However,
  the process is a little longer, and there are just too many spells.  The
  process is easier, however, if the spell you wish to build up is the first
  one on the character's spell list.  Doing this trick with the spells raises
  the character's SPRT or INT, depending on what kind of spell is being used.
  Here's another example for the hell of it:
      Guy wants to increase his BREAK spell...
       1.  Guy steps up to attack
       2.  Guy selects 'Magic'
       3.  Guy chooses the BREAK spell on his spell list
       4.  Guy then selects a target
       5.  Josef steps up to attack
       6.  Hit the cancel button, Josef steps back, Guy steps up
       7.  Repeat steps 2-6
  Now, you may be thinking, "well, what if there is no fourth character?", or
  "what if the next character is dead?", or even "what about the fourth
  character?"  Well, the answers are simple.  If there's no fourth character,
  Guy's S.O.L., and can't do the trick, same with the fourth character, he/she
  can't do the trick.  If the next character is dead, asleep, paralyzed, or
  can't act for whatever reason, then if there's nobody left to act, then the
  'round' will be forced.  Long story short, you need another 'usable'
  character below you to do the trick.

  Simply beat the crap out of your own team.

  Have everyone cast spells on each other, or spells that won't kill the
  enemy.  The RASP and OSMOSE spells can be used to damage a characters MP,
  making it easier to build up.

AGL/EVA Count -
  The easiest way to build AGL, is to equip a shield and wear light armor.
  Basically, you just need a really high EVA%.  The more EVA% you have, the
  better chance of an AGL boost.  You can also do this with dual-wielding.
  EVA Count will go up from time to time, but to really boost it up, kill off
  everyone in your group, then fight monsters that use only physical attacks.
  A high AGL, and a shield are recommended for this.  I believe that the
  higher the enemy's Attack Count, the higher your EVA Count can get.  Not too
  sure, just need some more testing with that one.

M.DEF Count -
  Simply fight monsters that use high-leveled magic.  Sometimes they don't
  even have to use it to get a boost.  M.DEF levels from time to time, I've
  never really "intentionally" leveled it.

 2E. Stat Boosting Tricks/Tips

SWAP trick -
  To build up your MaxHP, VIT, MaxMP, M.PWR, and possibly SPRT, all in one
  shot, use the SWAP trick.  Find or purchase the SWAP spell and level it a
  little, say 4 or 5.  Go over to the Altair area and battle the Goblins, or
  Hornets, or something weak like that.  Cast the SWAP spell on them to change
  stats.  Your HP will drop to around 6, and MP to 0.  Finish off the fight
  and reap the rewards.  You can do this over and over and Max out your HP
  fairly quickly, along with MP.  The only downside is that the Inn prices will
  eat your wallet, but near the end of the game, money shouldn't be an issue.

Additional tips -
  Sometimes selecting 'Fight' 100 times, along with a target, can be a mind-
  numbing process.  And building up each and every spell like that can drive
  you crazy as well.  So I've come up with a few 'alternative' methods to
  build weapon and spell skills, while continuing on with the game almost
    Bulk Method - If I need to build up spells for three different party
                  members, choosing the spells 300 times is boring.  Instead,
                  of using it 100 times, use it 25-35 times per character.
                  This guarantees a Stat Boost, plus builds the spell.  Do
                  it for 3-4 battles to get an increased skill level and some
                  extra stats.

    Tiny Method - Instead of just picking a time to build skills, do it while
                  fighting all those monsters in the dungeons.  If I want to
                  build a weapon skill, every round I select a target 5-10
                  times before continuing.  Same with spells.  Maybe besides
                  selecting a spell every round, I'll select it 10-20 times
                  every time I use it, or if it's a boss, 20-50.  Doing it
                  this way breaks up the 100 uses, and makes it a little bit
                  less monotonous, all the while increasing chances for a
                  stat boost every battle.

  Heh... was all that clear?  Anyway, the only downside to this is as your
  skills become way higher than the enemies rank, it becomes harder to build
  up skills.  That's why you should seek out tougher enemies, or select the
  skill a couple of extra times.

 2F. Combat

Now that you know the how to boost stats n' such, let's move on to the basics
of combat.  You'll spend most of your time playing FF2j in dungeons, and in
battles.  While treading the world map or exploring a dungeon, the party can
be forced into random battles.  As I've mentioned before, how you battle is
how your characters are developed, so let's learn how to fight, yeah?


  The battle system in FF2j is turn-based.  Each 'round' consists of you
choosing the actions of your characters.  Once you're finished, your party
and the enemies attack each other.  Each character's Agility determines when
they'll attack in the round.  There are four actions each character can take
in battle.  The four actions are FIGHT, MAGIC, ITEM, and RUN.  Your battle
strategies will change, depending on the enemy being fought, and how you've
developed your characters.  A balanced party is key in making your journey a
lot easier.


  This action makes a character use a normal physical attack with his/her
equipped weapon(s).  You must first select a target to attack.  Once a target
is selected, and the round has begun, the character will attack the chosen


  Use this action to have a character cast a certain spell during a battle.
First, you must choose the spell the character will use, then you must choose
the target for the spell.  After the round has started, the character will
use the chosen spell.  Spells are important for strategy in a fight.  Use them
to heal the party, and to exploit enemy weaknesses.


  Items that are equipped in a character's inventory can be used in battles.
Items can be used to restore HP and MP, cure status ailments, or even cast
certain spells on the enemies.  A character can equip extra weapons into
their inventory and swap them out in battle.  Some weapons can be used as
items.  To use an item, first you must select the item in the inventory, then
a target for the item's use.  Once the round begins, the character will use
the item when his/her turn occurs.

e. RUN

  Sometimes, there are situations that running from the battle is the best
option.  You may not have the strength, or time for fighting.  Use the RUN
command to escape from the battle.  Simply select RUN, and once the
character's turn occurs in the round, he/she will attempt to escape.  Running
from battle is based on the character's EVA%, the enemy being fought, and a
little luck.  Many enemies won't allow you to escape, such as bosses.  The
undead are also some pesky enemies that you can't run from.  Pick and choose
your fights, it may not seem the most useful option at times, but sometimes
it's the only thing between you and certain doom.


  In battle, there is a front-row and a back-row.  There must always be at
least one party member in the front row at all times.  Party members in the
back-row cannot be attacked by the enemies' physical attacks, but they can
only attack with Magic or a Bow.  If you have any hardcore spell casters,
keep them in the back-row, out of trouble.  Enemies have rows as well.  You
cannot attack enemies that are in the back-row with physical attacks, until
you have defeated the enemies in the front.  The first two rows are the
enemies' front-row, anything behind that is the enemies' back-row.  Rows can
be selected using the Formation Command in the menu.  On the NES version, use
the SELECT button to assign rows.
  Note:  If playing the NES version, any party member that dies, is put into
         the back-row automatically.  Remember to put them back into
         correct formation after reviving them.


  Should a hero in your party happen to fall in battle(HP reaches 0), there
are a number of ways to revive him/her.  You can use the Phoenix Down item,
or the LIFE spell.  If you don't have either, you'll have to take them to
a shrine in a village or town.  The shrine is usually the house with no sign
on it.  The INN, and all of the shops have signs, the shrine does not.  Once
inside the shrine, speak with the Goddess statue at the top of the room.  This
will revive all KO'd party members with 1 HP. 

 2G. Status Ailments/Buffs

There are a number of Status Ailments that can be inflicted on your party in
Final Fantasy II.  Status Ailments can cause a character to be weakened in
battle.  Status Buffs are conditions that improve a character's fighting
ability.  Some ailments, and all buffs are removed after battle, but some
conditions plague a character until cured.  Ailments that wear off after
battle can be healed during a fight with the BASUNA spell or by using the
Unicorn Horn item, I refer to these as "Temporary" ailments.  These ailments
can also wear off during battles as well.  Ailments that continue after battle
can be healed using the proper item or ESUNA spell, I refer to these as
"Permanent" ailments.  A higher level of these spells are needed to heal more
advanced conditions.  You can use status ailments and buffs to gain the
advantage over the enemy in battle.
  ***Also NOTE that status ailments PREVENT your characters from gaining***
  ************stats after battle on the NES version!!!!!!!!!!**************

 Ailments   /  Cured By   /  Description
  Poison    - ESUNA  Lv.1 - damages the victim after every 'round'
              Antidote      if not cured, damages victim with every step

  Blind     - ESUNA  Lv.1 - reduces the Hit% of the victim

  Amnesia   - ESUNA  Lv.2 - victim forgets spells and is unable to use them

  Curse     - ESUNA  Lv.3 - reduces the effectiveness of the victim's attacks
              Cross         and spells

  Toad      - ESUNA  Lv.4 - the victim of this spell has lowered ATK and Hit%,
                            also, he/she cannot cast spells
                            Condition is similar to K.O.(trust me)

  Stone     - ESUNA  Lv.5 - the victim is turned into stone, and cannot act
              Gold Needle   until cured, this condition is similar to K.O.

  K.O./Dead - LIFE   Lv.1 - a character is put into this condition, and cannot
              Phoenix Down  act once their HP reaches 0.  If all party members
                            are put into this condition, the game is over...


 Ailment    /  Cured By   /  Description
  Venom     - BASUNA Lv.1 - a weak poison that damages the victim every round

  Sleep     - BASUNA Lv.2 - once asleep, the victim cannot act until awakened

  Mute      - BASUNA Lv.3 - the victim is silenced, and cannot cast spells

  Mini      - BASUNA Lv.4 - the victim is shrunk, reducing the effectiveness
                            of his/her attacks and defense

  Paralyze  - BASUNA Lv.5 - similar condition to Sleep, but a little stronger

  Confused  - BASUNA Lv.6 - the victim begins to attack his/her own team


  Buff     /  Item Used   /  Description
  Blink    - N/A          - Increases  EVASION, easy to dodge attacks

  Safe     - N/A          - Increases DEFENSE, enemies' physical attacks do
                            less damage

  Shell    - Magiconch    - Increases M.DEFENSE, enemies' spells aren't as
                            effective, and do less damage

  Barrier  - N/A          - Boosts defense against enemies' special attacks

  Wall     - MythrilMirror- Can completely nullify enemies' black magic

  Berserk  - Bacchus' Wine- Increases ATK power, allowing more damage done by
             Yoichi's Bow   physical attacks

  Haste    - Hermes       - Increases Attack Count, allowing more 'hits'

  Aura     - N/A          - Boosts attack against various enemies

 2H. Character Weapons/Magic/Items

  In FF2, any character can use any weapon, armor, and spell.  It also takes
awhile to build up and MAX weapon and magic skills.  Therefore it's a smart
move to decide 'who's using what' at the start of the game.
  Based off the starting stats, Guy leans a bit more toward STR, VIT, and
HP, sacrificing AGI.  Maria has a lot more AGI, and INT, but lower HP and 
STR.  While Frioniel is mostly balanced at the beginning.


  As I mentioned earlier, any character can use any of the equipment.  Guy
starts with an Axe, Frioniel a Sword and Shield, and Maria a Bow.  I highly
RECOMMEND that someone trains with the Sword, as the strongest weapon is a
Sword.  It doesn't really matter WHO, if you want to switch it up and give
Maria or Guy the Sword, it's quite okay.  Some people say that only Frioniel
should use the Sword, or that Guy can only use Axes and Maria magic, but it
doesn't really matter too much, it's whatever you want.  Lionheart has a
decent Sword skill near the end of the game, but it'll be a pain to get it to
Lvl 16, if even possible.  So if you want MAXIMUM damage, Frioniel, Maria, or
Guy will have to use it.  If you wish to play through the game "normally"
(without using tricks to build up skills and stats), then you don't need to
train with the sword if you don't want to, because Lionheart does have a high
skill level with it anyway.
  Also, I recommend that someone train BAREHANDED.  This skill is very often
overlooked, but very powerful, especially at the beginning of the game.  The
only downside is that you can't dual-wield or use a shield barehanded.  Every
time you build up your Fist skill to the next level, your ATK increases
with barehands.  If you plan on maxing out your skill level, then the Fists
will easily be the 2nd most powerful weapon in the game.
  Other than that, just pick you favorite weapons with whomever.  Just be sure
to consider the INT/SOUL penalties of the weapons.  Bows can be used in the
back row effectively(which may seem useful to a mage), but cripple the
INT/SOUL of whoever wields them by 70.  Knives have great Hit% and a low
INT/SOUL penalty.  Spears and Staves/Maces are fun.  Staves have a low
INT/SOUL penalty, however Maces have one of 20(with certain exceptions).
Anyway, you can even mix it up and duel-wield some unique pairs.  Also, while
duel-wielding, both weapons level up.  And if duel-wielding the same weapon
type, it level's twice as fast.  Here are the strongest weapons for each type,
and their stats:

1) Sword - Masamune(150-ATK; 90%-HIT; INT/SOUL -0)
2) Fists - (Based on STR and Skill Lvl; INT/SOUL -0)
3) Axe   - Rune Axe(95-ATK; 60%-HIT; INT/SOUL -50)
4) Bow   - Yoichi's Bow(90-ATK; 75%-HIT; INT/SOUL -70)
5) Staff - Diamond Mace(90-ATK; 75%-HIT; INT/SOUL -5)
6) Spear - Holy Lance(90-ATK; 70%-HIT; INT/SOUL -40)
7) Knife - Cat Claws(86-ATK; 80%-HIT; INT/SOUL -5)

I'll get into more depth on INT/SOUL penalties later.


  As for Magic, anyone can have any spell, and it's up to you who gets what.
Maria starts with higher INT, but not that much higher than Frioniel and
Guy.  Some say to just stick Maria with Magic and put her in the back row.
But Magic is more used as a strategic skill, rather than an all out 
offensive skill.  Although, if you've been slacking a little, then many
bosses and a few enemies WILL require offensive magic.
  FIRE, ICE, BOLT, ESUNA, and CURE are absolute MUSTs.  FIRE, ICE, and BOLT
are the main elemental spells, and can deal high damage to multiple foes.
ESUNA heals all status ailments after reaching LVL 6.  And CURE for the
obvious reasons.  You may want 2 or even 3 characters with this spell.
  LIFE, EXIT, SWAP, BERSERK, and POISON are other really useful spells. LIFE
to revive KO'ed allies, EXIT to escape from dungeons in tight situations,
SWAP for the easy stat boosting trick, BERSERK for a high damage boost, and 
POISON is another 'elemental' spell.
  Buffs are often times underestimated.  Buff spells such as SAFE, SHELL,
HASTE, WALL, etc. can make a lot of fights easier.  SAFE and SHELL can be
used to lower the damage of the enemies' physical, and magic attacks
respectively.  A high leveled WALL can completely nullify the enemies' black
magic.  Use HASTE and BERSERK to buff your attacks, helping to deal more
damage to the enemy.
  Don't underestimate status ailment spells either.  You'll have to build
them up at first, but spells such as CURSE, SLEEP, MUTE, BLIND, etc. can
come in handy.  Use CURSE and BLIND to weaken a hard-hitting opponent, and
MUTE to stop those annoying mages from casting.  Spells like STUN, STOP, and
SLEEP can stop an enemy from attacking, other spells like DOOM, MINI, TOAD,
and BREAK can instantly kill an enemy, taking them out of the fight

c. sco's Spell List

  I'm gonna attempt to breakdown every spell in FF2j here, and give MY opinion
on them.  I'll tell ya whether or not these spells are worth getting, building
up, and even using.  So here goes...
 1. White Magic

  CURE - Maybe THE MOST important spell in FF2j.  You don't really have to TRY
         and build this one up, as you'll be needing to recover HP constantly.
         Try to have two or even three party members using this spell, you'll
         need it.  Also, don't forget to increase the MP of your main healer.
         This spell is actually useful offensively when battling those
         annoying undead monsters.  ---10/10

  LIFE - Another important spell.  This revives dead allies, a useful ability.
         You really don't NEED to build this spell up, though, if you do, the
         HP a character is revived with, is closer to his or her MaxHP.  I
         typically don't spend time building it up, however, when a bunch of
         people start falling over...  ---8/10

  ESUNA - A pretty good spell overall.  This spell heals Permanent status
          ailments.  The more you build it up, the more ailments it recovers,
          and the higher chance you have in healing those ailments while in
          battle.  Once it reaches Lv5, ESUNA can heal all status ailments,
          which can help lighten your inventory.  Usually, you only need one
          or two characters with this spell.  ---8/10

  BASUNA - Not an entirely useful spell.  This spell heals Temporary status
           ailments.  As with ESUNA, higher the level, the more ailments it
           heals, and with better chances.  However, Temporary status ailments
           USUALLY wear off after a round or two, and there is only a CHANCE
           that the ailment will be healed.  Most times you can wait it out
           or defeat the enemy completely.  A Unicorn Horn is better to keep
           handy.  ---4/10

  BLINK - A VERY useful spell indeed.  This spell increases your Evade%,
          causing enemy attacks to miss.  BLINK, combined with BLIND, cripples
          those hard hitting monsters completely.  At first, the spell isn't
          too reliable, often times missing, but the higher you build it up,
          the better chance it has to work.  Once at Lv6, this spell is
          pretty reliable.  This spell truly shines when fighting those hard
          hitting enemies, such as the Hill Gigas.  ---9/10

  SAFE - Not as useful as BLINK, but useful nonetheless.  SAFE increases the
         DEF of the target, weakening the attacks of the enemies.  The more
         you build this spell up, the more reliable it becomes, and seems to
         get more effective.  A good spell to backup BLINK with for those
         enemies with a high Hit%.  ---7/10

  SHELL - I don't find this spell useful at all.  It supposedly increases
          your M.DEF, but it's hardly noticeable.  You're better off casting
          a CURE spell to offset the damage...  ---3/10

  BARRIER - This spell stinks too.  It boosts defense against special attacks,
            but... why?  To be honest I never really picked this up to use
            it.  It just doesn't sound too useful.  ---1/10

  WALL - This is an iffy spell.  WALL can completely nullify the enemies
         Black Magic, however, it's got to be at a really high level to do
         so.  Unless you're lucky, by the time you get this, the enemies will
         be using level 8 or higher spells, which means you have to build
         WALL up really high, really quick for it to be useful.  To be honest,
         a Mythril Mirror works better...  ---3/10

  EXIT - A handy spell EXIT is.  This instantly teleports you outside of a
         dungeon in exchange for HP, however, you cannot EXIT out of every
         single dungeon.  Still a useful spell, you can use this in battle to
         instantly kill enemies, though it doesn't work all that well.  At
         higher levels, EXIT uses less HP when escaping, and has a better
         chance at killing foes.  I usually keep this at level 1 though...
         EXIT is Matter elemental.  ---8/10

  DISPEL - Okay, I figured out what this spell exactly does.  DISPEL does in
           fact lower the defense of elemental attacks.  This can be useful in
           conjunction with status ailment spells and instant-death spells.
           There's one catch though, DISPEL is broken in the NES version.

  MUTE - This spell has potential, but just falls short.  You can use this
         spell to stop casters from casting.  Maybe it's my luck, but MUTE
         just seems to only work on monsters that don't cast.  You'll need to
         build it up pretty good to be effective though, especially if you
         want it to work on those Wizard-type enemies.  Just not worth the
         trouble if you ask me, however that Mute Bell came in handy a time
         or two, so who knows...  MUTE is Body elemental.  ---4/10

  FOG - A little better than MUTE, partly because it causes a Permanent status
        ailment.  It does seem to work a little better for me, but the spell
        is just found to late to be useful.  You can, however, work with it
        and build it up, but why bother?  FOG is Mind elemental.  ---4/10

  FEAR - This is supposed to scare enemies and cause them to flee.  Note that
         I said SUPPOSED to.  What it really does is lower the morale stat of
         the enemy.  I don't see the point in this spell, it sucks and doesn't
         work.  Well, technically it does, however, "Feared" enemies still
         stick around and fight.  Don't bother with this spell, it sucks,
         hard.  FEAR is Mind elemental.  ---0/10

  SLOW - This spell has potential also, the only problem is, it rarely works.
         SLOW reduces the enemies ATK Count really low, which is a great
         effect.  It just hardly ever seems to work when you'd want it too.
         Maybe you gotta build it up really, really, high, but the price isn't
         worth the effect, there are better spells...   SLOW is Body
         elemental.  ---2/10

  MINI - Now this is a fun spell to use.  It's an instant-death spell for
         White Mages.  MINI isn't at the top of the list, more like somewhere
         in the middle.  You get it rather late in the game, and you need it
         to be at a high level to be effective, but it's fun to shrink the
         Thunder Gigas down in the Mysidian Tower...  MINI is Matter
         elemental.  ---5/10

  SWAP - A useful and strategic spell when used properly.  You can use this
         spell against weak foes to build up your stats after battle.  What
         SWAP does is "swap" HP and MP between the caster and the target.
         It needs to be rather high to be reliable, but SWAP can really turn
         the tide in a heated fight.  Another mid-line spell.  SWAP is Matter
         elemental.  ---6/10

  RASP - This reduces the targets MP.  Very useful against those annoying
         mages.  Also you can use this on your party to help raise their MP
         after battle.  It has it's place.  RASP is Mind elemental.  ---5/10

  HOLY - Not exactly the best spell, but a decent one.  It's an offensive
         spell for a "White Mage".  You might think that it destroys the
         undead, but in fact, it does it's regular damage to them.  HOLY
         is a non-elemental spell, which makes it really useful against those
         strong monsters, resistant to everything.  HOLY does have it's place,
         and is useful in the Final Battle.  ---8/10

  ULTIMA - This spell is ALL hype.  They claim it's the "ultimate" spell, but
           it isn't.  ULTIMA's damage is supposed to be based on your entire
           party's total stats, but uh, I don't think it is.  On the NES
           version, ULTIMA mostly does only 1 point of damage, massive, eh?
           It's more like a watered-down FLARE, but sometimes seems to have
           a random damage "boost" every now and then.  A weird spell...
           NES/ version  ---2/10

 2. Black Magic

  FIRE - FIRE is an elemental spell, and very useful.  This causes Fire damage
         to the target, and the more you build it up, the more powerful it
         becomes.  Many enemies are weak against FIRE, and the undead loathes
         it.  This is a must-have spell for your arsenal.  ---9/10

  BOLT - Another elemental spell, this causes Thunderbolt damage to the
         target.  Level this spell up for more damage.  BOLT works well on
         water-based enemies, machines, and poison-based enemies.  You'll
         need this, so pick it up from the start.  ---9/10

  ICE - This inflicts Ice damage to it's target.  Many foes are weak against
        ICE, which makes it useful from the start.  It's damage increases
        with each level.  ---9/10

  POISON - POISON is actually an elemental spell.  You may find it late in
           the game, however, so you must spend extra time to catch this one
           up with your other spells.  POISON is a little bit stronger than
           the other elemental spells, but only a select few enemies are
           weak against it.  With this said, POISON is still a useful spell,
           with place in any Black Mage's spell book.  ---8/10

  FLARE - This is THE spell.  It's probably the most powerful offensive magic
          in the game.  It's non-elemental though, which means no enemy is
          weak against it, but no enemy is strong against it either.  You
          find this spell really late in the game, so be sure to take a lot
          of extra time to level it up.  Once built up, this spell definitely
          makes it's mark in the Final Battle.  ---9/10

  DRAIN - Not incredibly useful, though, it does have it's moments.  This
          spell steals the target's HP, and gives it to the caster.  Like with
          all the other offensive spells, the more you build it up, the more
          damage it does, thus, the more HP drained.  The only problem is that
          the damage is really low.  Oh, and DO NOT use this on an undead
          enemy...  ---2/10

  OSMOSE - A great spell OSMOSE it.  This spell is similar to DRAIN, but
           instead of absorbing HP, OSMOSE absorbs MP!  The amount absorbed
           is decent, even at Lv1.  This spell can save you thousands of Gil,
           and make those annoying mage enemies to quit casting.  Build this
           spell up to absorb insane amounts of MP, but still don't cast this
           on the undead...  ---8/10

  BLIND - This spell blinds it's target, lowering their Hit%.  This spell
          combined with BLINK creates an unbeatable combination.  If you find
          this spell early on, start leveling it immediately.  The higher
          level it's on, the better chance it has to blind the target.  BLIND
          is a Body elemental spell.  ---8/10

  CURSE - Another useful status ailment spell.  CURSE lowers the damage output
          of it's victim.  The ATK and magic damage of whoever is cursed is
          greatly lowered.  CURSE works on more opponents than most think, if
          fact, all status ailments work a lot of opponents.  The only problem
          is that the spells have to be build up so high to break the
          opponents M.DEF.  CURSE is Mind elemental.  ---8/10

  CONFUSE - This spell confuses the target into attacking it's own group.  The
            spell COULD be useful, but by the time you can acquire it, you
            may not feel like building it up.  CONFUSE is a Temporary ailment
            also, which means that it could wear off in a round or two.
            CONFUSE is Mind elemental.  ---3/10

  SLEEP - Although a Temporary ailment, SLEEP has it's uses.  It seems very
          effective on the bigger, hard-hitting enemies, giving you a chance
          to buff or heal your team.  SLEEP is also Mind elemental.  ---5/10

  STUN - This spell paralyzes the target.  Some enemies seem to stay stunned
         forever, but some just don't.  Technically the same as SLEEP.  STUN
         is Body elemental.  ---4/10

  STOP - STOP is the same as STUN.  It does SEEM to work more often, but
         generally, the same as STUN, maybe because it's a Matter elemental
         spell.  ---5/10

  TOAD - This spell turns the target into a frog.  It instantly kills an
         enemy if you use it on them.  A very fun spell to use.  You gotta
         build it up high though, but that's with most instant-death spells
         anyway.  If you get this one to Lv16, all the cards in the hidden
         Snow Sled matching game turn into frogs.  The prizes you get become
         outstanding...  TOAD is Matter elemental.  ---6/10

  BREAK - A semi-useful spell, this instantly kills the enemy by turning them
          into stone.  The higher level it's on, the higher success rate you
          will have.  It's nothing to rely on, like most instant-death spells.
          BREAK is also Matter elemental.  ---4/10

  DOOM - DOOM causes the target to drop dead.  Not much else to say, just
         your average, everyday instant-death spell.  Of course, it is Death
         elemental, oh, and you don't want to use it on the undead...  ---5/10

  BANISH - This spell warps you to the previous level in a dungeon.  Useful
           if you happen to need to go back a floor or two.  You can also use
           this spell against enemies for an instant-death effect.  The more
           you build BANISH up, the higher chance it has to kill enemies, and
           the more floors in a dungeon you'll warp back.  If build up enough,
           BANISH can become more like EXIT.  If you only want to warp back
           1 level though, you'll have to keep this spell at lv1.  BANISH is
           Matter elemental.  ---6/10

  BERSERK - An offensive buff, and a great one indeed.  This spell increases
            the ATK of the target.  The Yoichi's Bow gives a similar effect,
            but only at level 3.  If you want maximum damage build this spell
            up.  Using BERSERK, you can easily break through the enemies' DEF.
            If you find this spell early on, build it up, as it will make the
            game A LOT easier.  ---9/10

  HASTE - HASTE is really only a useful spell if you find it early on.  The
          Masamune casts HASTE 11 on all members, so if you discover it late
          in the game, why waste time building it up?  What HASTE does is
          increase the target's ATK count, giving them more "hits" per
          attack.  If you find it early, use it, it'll help.  ---7/10

  AURA - This boosts damage against various foes by giving elemental
         properties to your attacks.  The higher level that Aura reaches,
         the more elements you receive.  Unfortunately, this spell is broken
         in the NES version, which explains why I didn't know what the f^%!
         it did.  ---3/10



  As you explore various dungeons and slay monsters in FF2, you'll
undoubtedly find items that have spell effects when used in battle.  Use
these items when you find them, instead of saving them for later.  Chances
are, you'll forget about them and they'll wind up taking space in your
inventory.  You'll have to equip the items in your character's inventory to
use them in battle, the same applies for regular items such as Potions.  Most
of the Magic Items cast spells on the enemies, such as FIRE or SLOW.  And
many of them can be used multiple times.  A few weapons also can be used as
items in battle to cast various spells.  Here is list of weapons that can be
used as items:

1)Mage's Staff - Bolt  Lv 5 (All enemies)
2)Spellbinder  - PoisonLv16 (Random Target)
3)Thunder Spear- Bolt  Lv16 (All enemies) *Only one use*
4)Holy Lance   - Holy  Lv 8 (All enemies) *Only one use*
5)Rune Axe     - Fog   Lv 6 (All enemies)
6)Yoichi's Bow - BersrkLv 3 (All allies)
7)Masamune     - Haste Lv11 (All allies)

  Also, magic spells can be used as items in battle if equipped in your
character's inventory, rather than used and learned.  The spell is cast as
a Lv 8 spell, and targeted against all enemies, or allies, depending on the
spell used.  This is a more expensive way to use magic, but doing so will
allow you to use the spell instantly without learning it.  Also, I think that
a character's INT isn't factored into the spells when used this way.  The
damage done is a bit low, so there's reason to believe that the INT used is
low maybe like 1, or maybe 3...  Anyway, the same goes for the Magic Items
used as well.  Here's a list of the many Magic Items, and the spells they
cast in battle:

Garlic       - Undead Damage    Mute Bell     - MUTE
Hellfire     - FIRE             Thanatos*     - FEAR
South Wind   - ICE              Hourglass     - STOP
Acid Bottle  - POISON           Unicorn Horn  - BASUNA
Gaia Drum*   - QUAKE            Magiconch     - SHELL
Zephyr Flute*- TORNADO          Mythril Mirror- WALL
Slumber Stalk- SLEEP            Hermes        - HASTE
Silk Web     - SLOW             Sage's Wisdom - Boosts INT
Backstabber  - CONFUSE          Saint's Spirit- Boosts SPRT
Bacchus' Wine- BERSERK

* - Multiple uses

 2I. INT/SOUL Penalties

Often times, I've heard questions and comments about why Magic in FF2j can
just plain suck.  While this may or may not be true, there is, however, a good
explanation for this generalization.  The equipment the caster wears plays a
MAJOR role in his/her casting ability.  You see, each piece of equipment has
an INT/SOUL penalty attached to it, and although you can't see it on the
status menu, it is there.
For example, let's say Frioniel has a SOUL of 53.  He equips a Mythril
Mace(-20 SOUL), a Buckler(-70 SOUL), a Bronze Helm(-8 SOUL), a Bronze
Mail(-20 SOUL), and some Mythril Gloves(-24 SOUL).  This leaves Frioniel with
a grand total of -89 SOUL.  Not good, and if you look at the status screen,
it still says that Frioniel has a SOUL of 53.
Don't believe me?  Try it out.  I didn't believe it at first either, so I
tried it, and here are my results:

  Maria with INT of 99 and Lvl 16 ICE, fully decked out in Genji Gear,
  complete with Excalibur and a Rune Axe, did around 800-900 damage to a
  Sergeant. Next battle, same stats, only this time Maria is barehanded with
  only the Black Robe, ICE 16 did around 1600-1750 damage to a Sergeant.

That's almost a 100% increase in damage, yeah?  The biggest downside is that
your true INT/SOUL doesn't appear on the status screen(very, very, EVIL), so
you don't really know what your true INT/SOUL is.  That's what this
walkthrough is for though.  I got the INT/SOUL penalties for each piece of
equipment.  Once you see the numbers, you may realize why Magic "can just
plain suck":

NOTE: INT/SOUL penalties are removed from weapons and shields in the PSX
      version.  The penalties still exist on armor though.
  Fists: -0 INT/SOUL(duh)

  ALL Knives: -5 INT/SOUL

  Bloodsword: -100 INT/SOUL
  Excalibur: -30 INT/SOUL
  Masamune: -0 INT/SOUL
  ALL other Swords: -50 INT/SOUL

  Mace: -20 INT/SOUL
  Mythril Mace: -20 INT/SOUL
  Werebane: -20 INT/SOUL
  Power Staff: -20 INT/SOUL
  ALL other Staves: -5 INT/SOUL

  ALL Axes: -50 INT/SOUL

  ALL Spears: -40 INT/SOUL

  ALL Bows: -70 INT/SOUL


  ALL Shields: -70 INT/SOUL

  Leather Cap: -2 INT/SOUL
  Bronze Helm: -8 INT/SOUL
  Mythril Helm: -8 INT/SOUL
  Giant Helm: -24 INT/SOUL
  Flame Helm: -26 INT/SOUL
  Diamond Helm: -34 INT/SOUL
  Genji Helm: -60 INT/SOUL
  Gold Hairpin: -0 INT/SOUL
  Headband: -2 INT/SOUL
  Ribbon:  -0 INT/SOUL

  Clothes: -2 INT/SOUL
  Leather Armor: -4 INT/SOUL
  Bronze Mail: -20 INT/SOUL
  Mythril Mail: -20 INT/SOUL
  Golden Mail: -20 INT/SOUL
  Knight's Armor: -44 INT/SOUL
  Flame Mail: -58 INT/SOUL
  Ice Mail: -72 INT/SOUL
  Diamond Mail: -86 INT/SOUL
  Dragon Mail: -50 INT/SOUL
  Genji Armor:  -100 INT/SOUL
  Copper Plate: -1 INT/SOUL
  Silver Plate: -1 INT/SOUL
  Gold Plate: -1 INT/SOUL
  Ruby Plate:  -1 INT/SOUL
  Diamond Plate: -1 INT/SOUL
  Black Outfit: -1 INT/SOUL
  Power Sash: -1 INT/SOUL
  White Robe: -0 INT/SOUL
  Black Robe: -0 INT/SOUL

  Leather Gloves: -4 INT/SOUL
  Bronze Gloves: -24 INT/SOUL
  Mythril Gloves: -24 INT/SOUL
  Thief's Gloves: -40 INT/SOUL
  Giant Gloves: -60 INT/SOUL
  Ice Gloves: -80 INT/SOUL
  Diamond Gloves: -100 INT/SOUL
  Genji Gloves: -100 INT/SOUL
  Power Armlet: -2 INT/SOUL
  Protect Ring: -0 INT/SOUL

It's easy to see why people think magic sucks when a lot of them equip their
caster with a bow(having -70 INT/SOUL), along with other equipment.  Bows,
shields, swords, gloves, etc. can cripple a "mage's" effectiveness.  I hope
this clears up A LOT of confusion about how a "mage" character is very
dependant on the equipment he/she uses.

 2J. EVA% Significance

EVA%, or Evasion %, is one of, if not, the most important stats in FF2j.  Not
only does it help characters evade or dodge physical attacks, but it also does
other things, like help raise AGL.  The signifcance of EVA% has been stressed
in many forums and such, and in this section, we'll look at what you can gain
with a high EVA%, and how to achieve it.

a. Raises AGL

  I've already mentioned it a couple of time in the walkthrough, but having a
high EVA% increases AGL.  The higher the character's EVA%, the more often, or
better chance, he/she has in getting an AGL boost.  The best part though, is
that when you get an AGL boost, you also boost your EVA%.

b. Faster Turn in Battle

  That's right, I've confirmed it.  The higher a character's EVA%, the sooner
his/her turn will be in battle.  AGL doesn't DIRECTLY affect it.  When a
character's turn is determined by his/her EVA%.

c. RUN!!!

  It's fact now, character's with a higher EVA% just seem to escape better
than those that don't.

d. Evade Physical Attacks

  Duh, that's what EVA% literally does, help you EVADE attacks.  But what
makes it so special here, is that EVA% becomes way better than raw DEF around
the mid-end game scene.  Most end-game enemies can easily "break" the DEF
cap of normal armor, and with multiple hits, the damage can start adding up.
With a high EVA%, you can dodge the attacks all together, plus avoid those
nasty status ailments some enemies can drop on ya.

e. Increasing EVA%

 1. Having High AGL - a character's AGL determines his/her base EVA%.  Every
                      point of AGL adds 1% to a character's EVA%.  So if
                      Frioniel has an AGL 0f 28, then his base EVA% is 28%.
                      But, to raise AGL you need a high EVA%, so...

 2. Shields - The easiest way to boost EVA% is to equip a shield.  Each shield
              has a small EVA% bonus, and that bonus is multiplied by a
              character's skill level with the shield plus one.  Let's say
              Lionheart has a shield with an EVA% of 9%, and Lionheart also
              has a shield skill level of 5.  Then that shield gives him a
              total EVA% bonus of 54%.  Nice, yeah?

 3. Weapons - Weapons work the same way as shields, but usually give a lower
              EVA% bonus.  However, the Main Gauche and Defender offer great
              bonuses to help increase a character's EVA%.
              So the EVA% formula for weapons and shields would be:
              --'Total EVA% bonus'=('EVA% bonus')*('skill level' + 1) 

 4. Equipment - Most armor lowers your EVA%, and the Genji 'Gear' crushes it.
                The key here is to equip "light" armor, such as robes, hats,
                breastplates, rings, etc.  Another plus to equiping "light"
                armor, is that it generally has a low INT/SOUL penalty,
                helping your casters... well, cast.  You can check the status
                screen to help you determine if your is too heavy or not.

 2K. Key Terms/Items

Progressing through FF2 requires you to learn certain words called KEY TERMS,
and finding KEY ITEMS.  These terms and items are necessary to advance the
story.  Certain terms must be spoken to certain NPCs(non-playable characters)
to gain hints on your next destination, or to continue with the story.  Key
items are those that are essential to your mission.  Sometimes you have to
give the items to an NPC, other times, you must use the items in a certain
location or on an object.  Here's a list of the key terms and items you will
encounter in your journey:

Key Terms:                 Key Items:
 Wild Rose                  Ring
 Mythril                    Canoe
 Airship                    Mythril
 Dreadnought                Pass
 Goddess's Bell             Snowcraft
 Sunfire                    Goddess's Bell
 Dragoons                   Egil's Torch
 Hiryuu                     Sunfire
 Mysidia                    Pendant
 Ultima                     Dragon Egg
 Mask                       White Mask
 Ekume                      Black Mask
 Cyclone                    Crystal Rod
 Palamecia                  Hiryuu
 Jade Passage

 2L. Menus/Translation

If you're playing a version of FF2 on an emulator, there are a few chances,
especially if you have the WSC version, that the game may be in Japanese.
If this just so happens to be the case, the first thing you should do is go
to my site(www.scoff2j.com) and download the translation patch and patcher for
your ROM(s).  They're in the downloads section.  If for whatever reason you
can't get to the site, can't get the patch the ROM, or just don't want to,
here's the translation of the game's basic menus:

WSC - Main Menu


NES - Main Menu

  Item  -  Magic  -  Equip  -  Stats  -  Save

    This brings you to your everyday item menu.  From here you can access all
    of your items for use, such as to restore HP/MP, heal status ailments,
    learn new spells using spell books, etc.  You can also sort your entire
    inventory from here and discard unwanted items.
     NES version - you can only hold 32 items, and must sort them manually
     WSC/PS version - you can hold up to 63 items and are given the "Sort"
                      option located at the top of the screen to arrange
                      items automatically
    Select the Magic option, then select the character whose spells you wish
    to use/view.  This brings you to a character's spell list.  From here you
    can use or look at the spells a character has.  You can view the current
    skill level of each spell.  You can also arrange the spells or even
    choose to forget them.  Once a spell is forgotten, it is discarded from
    the character's spell list.  If you wish to learn it again, it will start
    from Lv. 1.  Each character can only learn up to 16 spells at once.

    This option brings to the selected character's equipment screen.  From
    here you can view or change a character's weapons, armor, and personal
    inventory.  Each character can equip a weapon or shield in each hand, a
    helmet, armor, gloves, and any two items for their personal inventory.
    Items equipped in a character's inventory can be used in battle by that
    character only.
    WSC/PS versions - you are given three options at the top of the screen.
                      Equip:  Manually Equip a character
                      Strongest: Equips a character with the best equipment
                                 in your inventory
                      Best Defense:  Equips a character with the best armor
                                     in your inventory
    After choosing this option from the main menu, you must select a character
    whose status you wish to view.  From a character's status screen you can
    look at much information about a character.  You can view a character's
    Raw Stats, Modified Stats, Weapon Skill Levels, etc.
    WSC/PS versions - a character's primary hand, and equipment list also
                      appear on the status screen

    Use this option to put a character in the front-row or back-row.  One
    character must be in the front-row at all times.
    NES version - you cannot access rows from the main menu.  Instead, press
                  the SELECT but to change the party's rows.
    This option simply takes you to a list of the Key Terms you've learned.
    You can read a little bit about them if you can read Japanese.  Not
    terribly useful...

    Change different options about the game.  Here's each option:
      Target Mode:  Normal  -  Classic
      Mini Map   :  Globe  -  Plain
      Dash Mode  :  Normal  -  Classic
      Sound      :  Stereo - Mono
      Functions  :  Default - Custom  (Sets buttons for quick menu options)
      Msg. Speed :  1 - 2 - 3 - 4
      B.G. Color :  R? - G? - B?
      Sort Order :  (Order of Items)

  Quit(WSC version):
    Creates a "Quick Save" that is deleted upon loading it.  This allows you
    to save anywhere, except battle, if stressed for time.  However, once you
    load the data, it is erased.  So if you die, you'll have to start back
    at the area that last SAVED the game.
    PS version - the "Quick Save" isn't deleted when loaded.  But, once you
                 turn off, or reset the PS, the "Quick Save" is then deleted

    Saves your progress for later use.  If you turn the game off, or die, you
    can start back at the point in which you saved.  You can only save on the
    world map though.  You must select a "save file" to save your current
    progress to.

WSC - Battle Menu


NES - Battle Menu


**You can checkout the Breakdown on the Battle Menu in the 'Combat' section**

3. Walkthrough


**At the beginning of each section, I have put HP, MP, and skill level
  indicators for reference, since there are no experience levels in FF2.
  The indicators are in this format: (HP:????  WPN:??  MP:???  SPL:??)
  HP is for the average MaxHP your party should have.  WPN is the general
  weapon skill level everyone should be at with his or her main weapon.  MP
  is for MaxMP, and SPL is the spell level for your most used spells.  The
  indicators are meant to be a simple guide to the party's strength, so use
  them liberally.

**I went through this walkthrough without using the quick stat boosting tricks
  --a.k.a.--beating the crap out of your own team.  Not using these tricks
  helps pin-point what your strength should be at, if not the minimum, for
  each area and boss.  Spell Leveling and the such was done, but legit.  Not
  everyone has the patience for this, so if you wish you build skills/spells
  up faster(especially status ailment and buff spells) for an area, use the
  tricks in the Pre-Adventuring Tips section.  It took A LOT of time between
  dungeons to build certain spells, but it can be done, simply by using them
  over, and over, and over, and over, and over...

**Going through the game like this greatly reduces the effectiveness of status
  ailment spells.  Add a level or two to the Spell Level indicator for these
  to be useful, add three or four to be reliable.

**Before each dungeon, I show the gear and spells I currently had.  Just
  because some characters don't have shields equipped, doesn't mean I didn't
  use them throughout the game.  Shields are key in reducing damage, and
  increasing AGL at certain points, however, they also reduce ATK power, and
  greatly reduce the efficiency of magic.  Keep one handy in your inventory
  just in case.  Also, remember to unequip it before casting.

I. The Beginning

 I-A. The Journey Begins  (HP: N/A  WPN:N/A  MP:N/A  SPL:N/A)
  As the game begins, the party is instantly attacked by 4 Black Knights.  
There is no hope to win this fight, as the party is wiped out quick. Frioniel
is shown in a room with Hilda and Ming-wu, who help him recover from his
injuries. As Frioniel awakens, he wonders where his friends have gone.  Just
outside, he finds Maria and Guy, but Lionheart is missing...
  The three head into the main chamber to speak with Hilda, and tell her that
they wish to join the rebellion.  She tells them the rebelís password,
WILD ROSE, and hints that Maria's brother may be held captive at Fynn.  Hilda
allows the party to reside in Altair as long as they wish.  Once you gain
control over you characters, speak with Hilda again to learn "WILD ROSE".
Also, before leaving the rebels' base, remember to grab a Potion from the
single chest inside.  Walk around, talk with some people, and see what's
happenin'.  After you're finished with everything, head into the village.
  Inside the village, you'll find many colorful characters.  There's Gordon,
the Prince of Kas'ion, who's kingdom was destroyed.  His confidence is shot,
as he chickened out and fled Fynn as it was attacked too.  Then there is Paul,
a master thief from Fynn who makes his living stealing from the Empire.
You can meet Toboul in the weapon shop, but he won't reveal himself unless you
speak the password.  But instead of just walking around, wasting time, you
should be figuring out your party's setup.

 Character Stats/Equipment/Spells

    For my setup, I equipped Frioniel with a Spear/Shield combo.  I gave Guy
  a Knife, and equipped Maria with a Staff.  I put Maria in the front row,
  and also kept guy in the front for now.   Since I found out about the
  INT/SOUL penalties, I went through FF2 again with them in mind.  This
  allowed me to create some equipment combinations well suited for 'mage'-type
  characters.  This is also the reason behind buying a Staff and Knife.  
  However, buying the Staff, Javelin, and Knife requires you to sell off old
  gear you don't need, which in turn can deplete GIL, that can be used for
  spells.  Equip your characters however you wish, just be sure it's something
  effective, unlike everyone with the same weapon.  Also give everyone
  "secondary" weapons.  This'll help keep new, stronger weapons in your hands
  as you find them.  I let Frioniel use his Fists for a secondary weapon,
  Maria used a Sword, and Guy the Bow.  Unique setup still, yeah?
    For Spells, I usually give everyone a particular elemental spell, but this
  time I made 'Black Mage'(Guy) and 'White Mage'(Maria) combos.  I usually try
  and keep my MAIN buffs/debuffs between different characters, that way the
  squad can buff themselves or debuff the enemy in one or two rounds.  Mix 'n
  match your spells, or do whatever you wish.  Whatever floats your boat, but
  again, just make sure it's effective.  Also, be attentive to INT/SOUL
  penalties on ALL equipment.  Heavy casters should wear 'lighter' armor, and
  have at least one, Primary or Secondary, weapon that wields a low penalty,
  such a Knife, Staff, or Barehands.  This way you can switch between weapons
  when using spells for maximum efficiency.

Okay, enough BS, back to the walkthrough...

 I-B. Basic Training  (HP:  30  WPN: 1  MP: 5  SPL: 1)
  While in Altair, be sure to check out the Weapons and Armor Shops for gear,
and equip your party to your needs.  Also the first thing you should get is
the CURE spell from the Magic Shop.  CURE is a vital spell in FF2.
  Once you're out in the wilderness, outside Altair, your first concern should
be to build up your party.  Just battle the small creatures around the
villages, but be careful not to wander to far, or you may get squashed by an
Ogre or something...
  Build your HP to around 30-60, and you weapon skills to 2.  If you have GIL,
try to get the CURE spell as soon as possible.  Try to get your MP up to 10
or so with whoever has the spell.  After your party is built somewhere around
there, you'll be more than ready for the first mission.

 I-C. Head to Fynn  (HP:  40  WPN: 2  MP:  5  SPL: 1)
  After you are prepared, you should head to Fynn.  From Altair, just follow
the river north and travel around the lake.  You cannot enter the castle yet,
so go ahead and enter the town.
  Upon entering, you'll notice there aren't people roaming the city, but 
instead there are guards.  It would be smart NOT to speak to the guards,
because they'll try to kill you.  Talking to one begins a fight with a
Captain, who'll promptly lay the smackdown on your party under normal
conditions.  Also you'll notice that monsters roam the city, attacking the
group at random.  You can enter the shops and such, but there are no
shopkeepers in them.
  Head all the way to northern part of the city, right before the exit. You're
able to walk above and around the trees, leading around the city to the pub.
Inside the pub, avoid the guards and speak to the man around the bar.  Tell
him the rebels password, "WILD ROSE" and he'll show you a secret passage to
an injured soldier.  Grab the Potions from the 3 chests, then talk with the
soldier.  Say "WILD ROSE" and discover it is Scott, Gordon's brother.  He
tells you that Borghen is the traitor and gives you the 'Ring'.  With news of
Scott's death and no information about Maria's brother, the party should head
back to Altair.  With the newly acquired 'Ring', you can view a Map of the
world by pressing Select+B while on the world map.

 I-D. Back to Altair  (HP:  40  WPN: 2  MP: 10  SPL: 1)
  Return to Altair and show Hilda the 'Ring'.  She tells you to keep the
'Ring', and that she needs your help to obtain some "MITHRIL" to make
equipment with.  Hilda requests that you go to Salamand with Ming-wu, and
speak with Josef about where to get some 'Mythril' ore.  Speak to Ming-wu, and
he will join the party to help search for 'Mythril' and he'll give you his
  Ming-wu is a White Mage who joins the party with a great array of spells,
and a decent amount of MP.  He's equipped with a Staff, and some Copper Armor.
Since he has 175HP, trade his armor with another party member, as his HP is
most likely greater than anyone in the party.  Ming-wu has no skills in any 
weapon, so sticking him with the Staff is usually the best option.

 I-E. Search for the Mythril  (HP:  70  WPN: 3  MP: 15  SPL: 1)
   Head northeast from Altair and cross the lake, this will lead you to
Paloom. Nothing much to buy here, a few White Magic spells, and some slightly
better equipment.  It's better just to save your Gil for now.  You have a
choice to buy a ticket to take a ship to Poft for 32Gil or walk to Poft.  I
recommend to just walk to Poft for now, especially if you're low on Gil.
  Start heading north from Paloom, and just follow the coast to Poft.  In
Poft, head to the Pub and talk to Cid.  He tells you about his "AIRSHIP" and
that he'll give you a ride somewhere for some Gil.  Talk to Cid's apprentice
to get a ride to Bafsk, Salamand, Semitt Falls, or Kas'ion.
  From Poft, head just northwest to Salamand.  Upon entering, discover that
the townsmen have been enslaved by the Empire.  Speak with Josef to find out
that they have been taken to Semitt Falls to search for Mythril, along with
his daughter.

  Check out the gear at the shops.  By now, I would just recommend to have 
a Bronze Helmet or something.  Equipped, Frioniel had Leather Armor and Bronze
Helm.  Maria had Leather Armor and Leather Glove.  And Guy had just Ming-wu's
Copper Armor, while Ming-wu only had the Clothes.  For weapons, just save your
Gil, there is really no need to upgrade yet.  The only NEEDed spells for now
are just Cure and maybe Ice.

  From Salamand, start heading directly west.  Keep west until you reach the
ocean and see a river.  Follow the river into the lake and you should see the
entrance to the Semitt Falls cave.  For an easy way to the Semitt Falls, head
back to Poft and pay Cid to fly you there.  Here's my gear/spells before
entering the Semitt Falls:

         Right: Javelin         Spells: Bolt  Lv 1
         Left : Buckler
         Head : Bronze Helm
         Armor: Leather Armor
         Glove: N/A
         Right: Staff           Spells: Cure  Lv 1
         Left : N/A
         Head : N/A
         Armor: Leather Armor
         Glove: Leather Glove
         Right: Knife           Spells: Ice  Lv 1
         Left : N/A
         Head : N/A
         Armor: Copper Plate
         Glove: N/A
         Right: Staff           Spells: Default Spells
         Left : N/A
         Head : N/A
         Armor: Clothes
         Glove: N/A

  Upon entering, head to the northwest corner to find 10Gil in a chest, and
the southeast corner for 200Gil.  Head to the southwest corner to the stairs
to B2.
  The northwest corner of B2 holds Eyedrops.  Go east for a chest with a
Potion inside.  Now go to the southeast corner for another Potion.  Just north
from there are 4 doors, choose the first one on the left.  Going into the
wrong door takes you to an empty room with a high chance of random encounters.
  Once on B3, go directly south for a chest with a King's Ransom worth of Gil!
After rejoicing, travel west and across the bridge for 50 more Gil!  There is
nothing more to the south across the bridge, so head back across and go north
above the bridge.  There are 3 doors, again choose the one on the left.
  Inside you'll see the townsmen of Salamand, along with Nellie, Josef's
daughter.  Speak with Paul and he'll tell you that he will rescue the
Townsmen, and asks you to find some Mythril hidden deeper inside the mine.

  After Paul escapes with everyone, you're about halfway through the dungeon.
If your party is in bad shape, now is the best chance to escape Semitt Falls
and resupply the group.  If the party is doing well, (which they should if you
even remotely read this walkthrough) then continue downward.

  On B4, head north across the bridge and open the chest for the FIRE Spell.
Go east to the bridge intersection and take the northern bridge.  Follow
along and descend the stairs to B5.
  Walk across the bridge and around to the chest.  DO NOT open it yet.  Heal
the party first and prep up for a fight.  Upon opening the chest, you'll
receive the EXIT Spell, but also be attacked by a Spiketoise.  The Spiketoise
has a high defense and can pack a punch.  If you've followed the walkthrough,
you should have the ICE spell, at least at level 2.  If not, cast any other
damage spell and cast SAFE and/or BLINK with Ming-wu.  Spiketoise isn't too
tough, but can be deadly if you're unprepared.  Claim your prize, and go back
across the bridge.  Go north from the bridge and choose the door on the left
yet once more.
  Inside, you'll see a guard, and behind him a chest.  If you want that chest,
you're gonna have to slap that guard around a little bit...  Heal up then
talk to him.

   HP: 140   MP: 10
  ATK: 35  HIT%: 2-70%
  DEF: 25  EVA%: 1-30%  M.DEF: 3-50%
  ABSORBS: none
  TYPE: none

  This guy is very similar to the Spiketoise, except he has no elemental
weakness.  Cast SAFE and BLINK with Ming-wu and focus on keeping the party
alive.  If you have spells, cast them.  If you bought better weapons, or have
someone using Fists, you'll have a better chance to damage him.  All in all,
the Sergeant is a pushover, however, if you came in ill-prepared and cannot
damage him you'll be thrashed...
After takin' out the Sergeant, grab the Mythril from the chest and escape the

 I-F. Returning with the Mythril  (HP: 100  WPN: 3  MP: 15  SPL: 1)
  With the Mythril, it's time to head back to Altair.  First stop by Salamand
and recover.  Head back to Poft, if you sailed to Poft before, you can sail
back to Paloom, if not, then you'll have to walk all the way back.
  Once back in Altair, Hilda tells you about the "DREADNOUGHT" and tells you
to take the 'Mythril' to Toboul, the Blacksmith.  Find Toboul at the Weapon
Shop and hand him the 'Mythril'.  He quickly makes equipment for the
resistance.  Some new gear is available at the shops in Altair, Paloom, and
Poft now!
  Speaking back with Hilda, she tells you to meet with a spy in Bafsk.  You
have to stop the "DREADNOUGHT" before it is completed!

II. The Warship

 II-A. Contact the Spy  (HP: 110  WPN: 3  MP: 20  SPL: 1)
  After buying some new gear at Altair, head back to Poft.  From Poft, either
pay Cid to fly you to Bafsk, or travel east on foot.  Once in Bafsk replenish
the party, check out some more 'affordable' gear, and look at some new spells.
After you're done taking your tour of Bafsk, head south and speak with the
soldier blocking a path.  Tell him "WILD ROSE" and discover that he is the
spy.  Tell him you're here to see the "DREADNOUGHT" and he'll let you pass
into the sewers.

 II-B. The Bafsk Sewers  (HP: 120  WPN: 3  MP: 25  SPL: 2)
  Here's my gear/spells into the Bafsk Sewers...

         Right: Spear           Spells: Bolt  Lv 2
         Left : Bronze Shield
         Head : Bronze Helm
         Armor: Leather Armor
         Glove: Mythril Glove
         Right: Staff           Spells: Cure  Lv 2
         Left : N/A                     Exit  Lv 1
         Head : Leather Cap
         Armor: Leather Armor
         Glove: Leather Glove
         Right: Knife           Spells: Fire  Lv 2
         Left : N/A                     Ice   Lv 2
         Head : Leather Cap
         Armor: Copper Plate
         Glove: Leather Glove
         Right: Staff           Spells: Default Spells
         Left : N/A
         Head : N/A
         Armor: Clothes
         Glove: N/A

  After entering the sewers, follow the water north to a chest with a Long
Sword inside.  Continue following the stream to the southwestern corner of
the room.  Grab a Long Bow from the chest before heading up the stairs.
  On 1F, head east from the steps and follow the winding path until you meet
up with the Dark Knight, the Emperor's right-hand man.  He tells you that the
Warship is complete and retreats to it, followed closely by Borghen.  The
party heads out the cave only to see the Dreadnought take off.
  Head back inside and check out the room off to the right.  Take the 'Pass'
from the chest and use the teleporter on the east side of the room to exit
the cave.  The party now needs to return to Altair and report back to Hilda.

 II-C. Report Back to Hilda  (HP: 130  WPN: 4  MP: 25  SPL: 2)
  On your way back to Altair, stop by Poft and learn of the Dreadnought's
devastation.  Speak with Cid inside the pub.  Ask about his "AIRSHIP" and he
will tell you about the "SUNFIRE".  This should give you some insight on how
to stop the Dreadnought.
  Upon returning to Altair, speak with Hilda and learn that the King's
condition worsens.  Ming-wu stays behind to help the King, the party must find
a way to stop the Dreadnought.  Ask the King about the "SUNFIRE" to learn
that it is in Kas'ion.  The only way to carry the 'Sunfire' is with 'Egil's
Torch', hidden deep in Kas'ion.  But Kas'ion was sealed by Scott, and only
the 'Goddess's Bell' can open the gates.  Ask Hilda about the "GODDESS'S
BELL" and she'll hint that Josef of Salamand may know something of it.

 II-D. Finding the Goddess's Bell  (HP: 130  WPN: 4  MP: 25  SPL: 2)
  Return all the way back to Salamand and speak with Josef.  Inquire about
the "GODDESS'S BELL" and he will tell you that it's hidden inside the Ice Cave
in the northern snowfield.  The only way to navigate the snowfield is with
the 'Snowcraft', which Josef has conveniently hidden in the Semitt Falls.
Josef joins the party to help with the search for the 'Goddess's Bell'.
  Go back to Semitt Falls.  On B1 head west until you see a blue stone.
That's Josef's mark.  Search the wall northeast of it to reveal a passage.
Grab the 'Snowcraft' from the chest and you're done, time to leave.
  Now's a good opportunity to strengthen the team and make your preparations
before the next dungeon.  Once you're finished, follow the mountains west of
Salamand, and continue following them north until you reach the entrance to
the snowfield.  The Ice Cave is on the eastern side of the field.
  The recommended spells are CURE, FIRE, and ICE.  ESUNA would is also very
useful for healing the status ailments, i.e. Blind.  As for armor, any Mythril
gear is a plus.  The enemies in the Ice Cave can pack a punch, so a decent
armor for the group will help.  With weapons, if you're still carrying around
a Bronze Sword, you may be in trouble.  Fists are very useful here, since Gil
may be tight.  Again, any Mythril stuff will help.  If no one is using a
shield, remember to equip one to build up AGILITY faster.  If all party
members have been using one, you should be okay.

 II-E. Ice Cave  (HP: 140  WPN: 4  MP: 30  SPL: 2)
  Here's my gear/spells into the Ice Cave...

         Right: Spear           Spells: Bolt  Lv 2
         Left : Bronze Shield
         Head : Bronze Helm
         Armor: Leather Armor
         Glove: Mythril Glove
         Right: Staff           Spells: Cure  Lv 2
         Left : N/A                     Blink Lv 1
         Head : Leather Cap             Exit  Lv 1
         Armor: Leather Armor
         Glove: Leather Glove
         Right: Knife           Spells: Fire  Lv 2
         Left : N/A                     Ice   Lv 2
         Head : Leather Cap
         Armor: Copper Plate
         Glove: Leather Glove
         Right: N/A             Spells: N/A
         Left : N/A
         Head : Leather Cap
         Armor: Leather Armor
         Glove: Leather Glove

  Note, that you cannot EXIT out of the Ice Cave.  If you begin to run into
trouble, start out with enough strength to WALK to the exit, AND through the
snowfield, AND back to Salamand.  Okay, now that we've been warned, upon
entering the cave, climb the stairs, and travel west.  Open the chest on the
northwest corner for 100Gil.  Continue south and grab another chest for 150
more Gil.  Descend the stairs to B2.
  Nothing much here on B2.  Follow the path and skip the door, there is
nothing in there anyway.
  Once on B3 head north and around the wall for a South Wind, an item that may
come in handy.  Return to the stairs, and from there head south and follow the
path east.  When you reach the fork, go north if you're interested in treasure
hunting.  Go south to continue deeper into the Ice Cave.
  Assuming you wish to be quite the treasure hunter(like me), or just like
exploring EVERYTHING, then heading north led you to some stairs back up to B2.
Just stay along the path and you should run into the first chest at the
southeast corner of the room.  It contains a Battle Axe.  The second chest is
at the southern part of the area and has an Antidote inside.  Stay on the path
and you'll reach the last chest with a Mythril Mace inside.  BEWARE, guarding
the chest are Grenades.  This should be an easy fight, just thought I'd let
you know about it though.  Retrace your steps back to B3.  Head south until
you reach the fork.  Obviously, keep heading south at the fork because it's
the only path you haven't chosen.  Use this point to check your party's
condition.  If you're not doing so good, and have used up all you resources
already, head back now.  If you're stomping and destroying everything in
sight, then by all means, proceed.
  The path should take you to the southwest corner of B3 and down to B4.  The
northwest corner of B4 holds a Potion inside a chest.  Directly east of that
chest is another with the ICE spell inside.  If nobody has it(shame on you if
they don't) give it to someone as it will definitely come in handy.  Make your
way directly south from there to discover another chest with a Potion.  Go
northeast towards a chest with a Mythril Spear.  Continue north to the
northeast corner of B4.  Bypass the door on the way, as it is an empty room
as well.  Go down the steps to B5.
  From the steps, go directly west.  This should lead you to a chest in the
northwest corner of the room, along with a door below it.  The chest contains
a Mythril Shield, and the door, you guessed it, nothing.  Make your way to
the southwest corner of B5 to find the Ancient Sword.  It's guarded by a few
undead creatures, but nothing you can't handle.  The Ancient Sword has a
ridiculously low Hit%, but has the ability to Curse opponents, thus reducing
the effectiveness of their attacks.  From here, head to the southeast corner
of the room to find a door.  This is the door you want to enter.  So go
  Inside you'll see a buncha weird beaver-like creatures.  Talking to the
roaming ones does no good, as they just make noise.  Speak with the 'leader',
who is standing in the corner of the room, Guy can understand him.  Have Guy
ask him about the "GODDESS'S BELL" and he will reveal a passage beyond the
wall to the right.  Walk east to discover that you can actually walk through
the wall... WOW!
  Follow the winding path down and around until you stumble upon a turtle.
Grab the chest to get a suit of Silver Armor.  If by now Bells and Whistles
aren't going off saying...  "BOSS FIGHT" then you may need some help,
seriously...  Prep Up and take the Goddess's Bell's "Guardian" head on.

   HP: 450   MP:  0
  ATK: 50  HIT%: 2-75%
  DEF: 60  EVA%: 0-00%  M.DEF: 1-50%
  ABSORBS: none
  SKILLS: none

  This fight SHOULD be insanely easy.  If you picked up the South Wind on B3
(which you should have) or if you have the ICE spell(hopefully you do), then
the battle will go rather smoothly.  If you do not have either of these, then
you: A)really hate Ice  or  B)haven't been reading the walkthrough and need
to KILL YOSELF!!!!!!!!  Either way, just keep your party at full health,
'cuz this guy hits hard.  Also, Adamantoise has high defense, so unless you
have high-tier weapons or high-level fists, physical attacks won't do much.
Keep your HP in the high 100s if possible and keep blasting it with ICE
and/or any other spells.  Whack him with the Ancient Sword you found earlier,
and if you're lucky, it'll Curse the Adamantoise, thus weakening his attacks.
If you've built them up, SAFE or BLINK are handy too, but at low levels they
tend to be unreliable.
  After slaying the Adamantoise, head up the stairs and through the door.
This will take you back to B1.  From there, head north to exit the cave.
Before you exit the cave, you'll see Borghen waiting for you.  If you're an
equipment Hog, you can unequip Josef now, because he's about to leave the
party.  Speak with Borghen and he will try to kill you.

   HP: 240   MP: 20
  ATK: 25  HIT%: 1-75%
  DEF: 17  EVA%: 1-40%  M.DEF: 3-50%
  ABSORBS: none
  TYPE: none

  Borghen is a pushover, especially when compared to Adamantoise.  Just use
physical attacks, why waste MP on him?  This fight is just a waste of time.
If you're really lucky, he may drop a Mythril Dagger.

  After laying the smackdown on Borghen, he triggers a sneaky trap, causing a
boulder to roll down the stairs after you India Jones style.  Josef braves
the giant rock and holds it long enough for you to escape it's path.  Watch
Josef get squished and then leave the cave.  Travel back to Salamand to rest
up.  With the 'Goddess's Bell' in hand, you can now enter the gates of Kas'ion
to acquire the 'Sunfire'.  
  You can either return to Poft and support Cid by paying him a little Gil to
fly you to Kas'ion: the easy way, or go on a lonnnnnnnnng hike: the hard way.
Personally, I'd rather just fly there, it's A LOT faster, plus, you can't get
lost.  But if you wish to walk, head east from Salamand until you see the
ocean, then go south 'till you get to Bafsk.  From there travel southeast
'till you run into some mountains, then follow them east a little.  You should
see a break in the mountain range leading into a dense forest region.  Go
southwest into the forest and you should see Kas'ion surrounded by a small
mountain range and a lake.
  Kas'ion can be a really tough dungeon.  And by really tough, I mean really
really hard.  Be sure to stock up on Potions to save your MP throughout the
dungeon.  EXIT, CURE, and LIFE are your friends here.  If you find yourself
getting stomped, EXIT out, instead of continuing on and dying.

 II-F. The Kas'ion Ruins  (HP: 160  WPN: 4  MP: 35  SPL: 2)
  Here's my gear/spells into Kas'ion...

         Right: Mythril Spear   Spells: Bolt  Lv 2
         Left : Mythril Shield          Safe  Lv 1
         Head : Mythril Helm
         Armor: Mythril Mail
         Glove: Mythril Glove
         Right: Mythril Mace    Spells: Cure  Lv 2
         Left : N/A                     Life  Lv 1
         Head : Leather Cap             Esuna Lv 1
         Armor: Silver Plate            Blink Lv 1
         Glove: Leather Glove           Exit  Lv 1
         Right: Knife           Spells: Fire  Lv 2
         Left : N/A                     Ice   Lv 2
         Head : Leather Helm
         Armor: Copper Plate
         Glove: Leather Glove

  Entering Kas'ion, head up.  Bypass the big Flame in the room.  It is the
'Sunfire', but you can't grab it without 'Egil's Torch', which is hidden deep
inside the ruins.  Anyway, head up to the locked door and use the 'Goddess's
Bell'.  This unlocks the door, so go inside.
  Just through the door you find Gordon waiting.  He had access through the
door, but was unable to compete with the monsters inside.  He joins up with
the party, and after seeing his stats, you can see why the monsters were to
strong for him.  Actually, he has some decent stats as far as STR, AGI, INT,
etc., etc. are concerned.  But he has low HP(64), no weapon skills, and no
spells.  He starts with a Spear, and a Bronze Shield, Glove, and Armor.  I
usually just keep him with the spear, since he's not a permanent member, but
give him whatever your fancy.  Sometimes I give him a sword.  If you want to
build him up a little before continuing on, it may be a good idea.
  Okay, back to the dungeon.  Go east and descend the steps.  This'll take
you to 1F.  From the steps, go south, this'll take you to a chest with the
CURE spell.  Head back to the steps, and this time go west.  On the north-
western corner you'll see a door, ignore it and head south.  Go up the steps
to 2F.
  Once there take the fork south, then east, to the southeast corner.  Go
north to the northeastern corner and open a chest for 300Gil.  Go west and
around to the stairs.
  Now on 3F, proceed to the west.  From the corner, move south, this will
lead you into an open room.  Take the second path from the left downward,
then go back west to a chest in the southwest corner of 3F with some
Monsters(Wererats) and a Gold Shield.  Move back north to the open room and
go east.  Take the eastern passage south and curve around back to the
northeastern corner to reach the stairs.
  From the 4F stairway travel west until you reach a fork, from there, go
south and enter the first door you see.  Inside the room will be three
chests.  From left to right, the chests contain:  a Mythril Axe, a Werebane
Mace, and a Mythril Sword.  Exit the room and go back north, head westward
to the northwest corner, then south.  You should see the stairs from there.
Ignore all other doors on this floor, because they are empty.  Ascend the
steps to 5F.
  You'll be greeted with a fork upon entering 5F.  Go east, the other way
leads you to an empty room.  Moving eastward should bring you to a 3-way.
Take the road straight down to a guarded chest.  Upon opening, a few
Mines attack.  A decent level BOLT and FIRE will take 'em out.  Your
reward, Gold Armor.  Move east from there until the next 3-way, then go
north.  This should bring you to the northeast corner with a door.  Go
inside for some treasure.  From left to right:  a Mallet, an
Antidote, and some Eyedrops.  Nice treasure, eh?  Exit the room and make
your way to the southwest corner of 5F.  The southeast corner has a door,
but it's empty, so don't waste your time in there, unless you don't believe
me.  Anyway, once at the southwest corner you'll see stairs going down.  So
go down them.
  Back on 4F, there's only a small room with a door.  Inside, you'll see a
chest with a fireball-looking thing in front of it.  That's the boss.  Make
sure you're healed up for this one.

BOSS FIGHT:  REDSOUL(a.k.a. Shrieker)
   HP: 540   MP: 30
  ATK: 35  HIT%: 1-80%
  DEF: 40  EVA%: 1-60%  M.DEF: 4-40%

  The RedSoul isn't too tough, but if you're caught off guard, you could be
toast.  First off, magic doesn't hurt this guy, it heals him, and any, I
repeat ANY spell will heal him.  Second, all he does is cast Lv8 spells all
over your party, every single round, that is until he runs out of MP.  You can
stay defensive until this occurs, or you can go all out and crush him ASAP.
The SHELL spell helps, a little.  A lowly level 1 or 2 SHELL can't stand up
to the RedSoul's Lv8 spells.  Using a SHELL spell as an item doesn't help that
much either, so when I stay on defense, I just throw a lot of CURE spells now
and then, along with some Potions.  If you can't damage him with physical
attacks that well, then you'll be fighting awhile, there's no other way to
beat him.  A high-lvl Fist or a few good smacks with a Mythril Axe or Werebane
will take the fight out of 'em.  Try to Curse the RedSoul with the Ancient
Sword to weaken his attacks.  After beating the RedSoul, claim your prize,
'Egilís Torch'.

  From here, you can EXIT out, or travel all the way back through the castle.
But either way, return back to the main chamber on 1F.  Walk up to the
Sunfire and use the 'Egilís Torch'.  You've now acquired the 'Sunfire'.
  Exiting the Kas'ion Ruins, you see Cid's Airship being chased by the
Warship.  Return to Altair to report and find out what's going on.

HINT:  For an easy route back to Altair, move DIRECTLY SOUTH of Kas'ion.
       You'll wind up in the Chocobo Forest, grab one and leave the forest,
       it should be waiting for you just outside.

  Once back inside Altair find out that Hilda went on Cid's Airship to meet
you at Kas'ion, and that they were captured by the Dreadnought.  Speak with
various people to find out that the Dreadnought is being refueled and
repaired in a field northwest of Fynn.  Rest and resupply your soldiers, then
move out in that direction.
  Traveling northwest of Fynn you'll meet up with some stronger foes.  Use
this as an opportunity to strengthen the team, especially Gordon.  Once
you're ready, go inside, but remember to save, many things can go wrong
inside the Warship, like running out of MP.  Don't forget to bring along some
Ether just in case.  Like the Ice Cave, there is no warping to the outside.

 II-G. Destroying the Warship  (HP: 250  WPN: 5  MP: 55  SPL: 3)
  Here's my gear/spells into the Warship...

         Right: Mythril Spear   Spells: Bolt  Lv 3
         Left : Gold Shield             Cure  Lv 2
         Head : Mythril Helm            Safe  Lv 2
         Armor: Mythril Mail
         Glove: Mythril Glove
         Right: Werebane        Spells: Cure  Lv 3    Exit  Lv 1
         Left : N/A                     Life  Lv 1
         Head : Leather Cap             Esuna Lv 2
         Armor: Silver Plate            Blink Lv 1
         Glove: Leather Glove           Rasp  Lv 1
         Right: Mythril Knife   Spells: Fire  Lv 3
         Left : N/A                     Ice   Lv 3
         Head : Leather Cap
         Armor: Silver Plate
         Glove: Leather Glove
         Right: Mythril Sword   Spells: Cure  Lv 1
         Left : Mythril Shield
         Head : Mythril Helm
         Armor: Golden Mail
         Glove: Bronze Glove

  Okay, now that you're ready for the Warship, head inside and give the guard
the 'Pass' you acquired in the Bafsk Sewers, without saying "WILD ROSE".
Trust me, he won't like you if you say that...  Don't speak with any other
guards because they won't be as dumb as that one was.  Move east until you see
steps going down.
  This'll take you to 2F.  All that is on this floor is a chest locked behind
bars.  To reach it, you must walk through a hidden passage DIRECTLY west of
the chest.  The chest is guarded by some Soldier and Mage type enemies.
Dispatch them to receive the Sleep Sword.  Now climb the stairs back to 1F.
  Now head west, up the steps and go west.  Ignoring the doors, you should
see a chest, grab it for 400 Gil.  Now head east from the chest.  Follow
along until you reach a fork.  Take the fork east and down the steps.  This
should take you around and up some steps to a door.  Enter it.  Inside is a
small room with steps going down.
  This takes you to another part of 2F, follow the path south until you're
at a fork, go west, and at the second fork, go west again.  This should lead
you to a chest with the Shade Bow inside.  Now get back to the second fork,
but this time go south.  This'll take you to yet another 3-way.  To the left,
a chest with the Thief Glove, and to the right, a cell with Hilda and Cid.
Speak with Cid, who tells you that he'll help Hilda escape, while you destroy
the Dreadnought by throwing the 'Sunfire' into the engine.  Now head all the
way back to the first fork, and go east.  You'll reach two chests, both only
with Potions inside.  Make your way back to the steps to 1F.
  Retrace your steps back to the 3-way, and go south, because it's the only
way you haven't been yet.  Follow along and go down a flight of steps, then
go back east to find some more steps downward to 3F.
  This'll take you to a large room, with guards walking below.  Walk ALL the
way around and enter the door.  Inside go down the steps to 4F.
  On 4F, walk ALL the way back around to the east side of the room.  Skip the
steps and make your way northeast, avoiding the guards.  On the northeast
part of the room lies four chests.  From left to right:  The Trident, the
Main Gauche, GUARDED(HillGigas-a mean bastard) an Ice Shield, and a Giant's

   HP: 750   MP:  0
  ATK:100  HIT%: 3-80%
  DEF: 60  EVA%: 1-30%  M.DEF: 4-40%
  ABSORBS: none
  SKILLS: none

  Remember to Rejuvenate your party before the Hill Gigas fight.  He has lots
of ATK, DEF, and HP.  If you're not careful, he could knock a party member out
in one hit.  Buff your party up with SAFE and BLINK, you'll need all the
defense you can get.  Use the Shade Bow, Sleep Sword, and Ancient Sword,
and pray that the status ailment effects work.  If you found the BERSERK spell
from a monster drop, use it to boost your ATK power, other than that, use
magic to wear the giant down, but be sure to keep him asleep using the
Sleep Sword.  You don't actually have to damage the HillGigas to put him
to sleep.  For good results, have whoever is using swords to dual-wield the
Ancient Sword and the Sleep Sword.

  If you managed to survive the HillGigas, go back and climb the set of center
stairs.  This will take you to the center of 3F.  Go inside the door and down
those stairs.
  Now you're on 5F, the tricky part.  Okay first off, you should notice that
there are a buncha ways to go.  Next, you should see that there are guards
blocking certain ways.  They won't do anything to you unless you talk to them.
So don't unless you want to fight them.  Even if you're strong enough to
defeat one, when you return from battle, he'll still be right there, so
fighting isn't an option here.  So now you're thinking, "how the heck am I
supposed to get through here if the guards are in the way?"  Well, that's
what the walkthrough is for, I'm here to tell you.  But you'll have to read
  Okay, here goes.  From the stairs, take a couple of steps to the right, and
you'll be at the 1st fork, go north. All the way up.  Once you're at the top,
move west, then south.  Walk by the guard, that's the 1st fork, now take
either the 2nd or 3rd fork east, then south all the way to the bottom.  Now
go east, passing the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd forks, and taking the 4th one north.
There should be a guard just to your left, now head east and go north again
at the fork.  While going north, pass the 1st fork(there should be a guard a
few steps to the left blocking the way), and make it all the way to the
northeast corner of 5F.  Head west and take the 2nd fork you see(should be
your only option) south.  Then east, then south again.  Go all the way south
you can, then west.  From here you should see a door.  You made it.  Inside
is the engine room.
  Walk up to the engine and throw the 'Sunfire' inside.  Shortly after,
everything starts shaking and blowing up.  The Dark Knight curses you and
Maria hears a familiar voice.  With no time to spare, however, the party must
escape before they are toasted and blown to bits...

 II-H. Back to Altair  (HP: 300  WPN: 5  MP: 55  SPL: 3)
  Back at Altair, you should unequip Gordon of any useful gear.  Head to the
King's bedroom, his condition is getting worse.  Hearing of Gordon's recent
accomplishment's, the King asks Gordon to help lead the rebellion.  He asks
Ming-wu to find the Forbidden Spell, Ultima.  And finally asks your party to
travel to Deist and ask the Dragoons for help.  With his final path set, the
King passes on.
  Hilda is broken up about her father's death, so Gordon is in charge for now.
Go into the main room and speak with him.  Gordon will tell you about Deist,
the "DRAGOONS", and the "HIRYUU".  Talk to the other people to find out that
Deist is located on a far off island.  So to get there, you'll need a ship.
Use this information and head to Paloom.

III.  Striking Back at the Empire

 III-A. Traveling to Deist  (HP: 300  WPN: 5  MP: 55  SPL: 3)
  After destroying the Dreadnought, your party may be fatigued, and weighed
down with all the loot looted!  Reorganize and sell of what you don't need.
If you were lucky, you may have picked up various Spells from defeated
enemies.  Replenish your team and supplies, then depart towards Paloom.
  Upon entering, you should see a woman next to the boat-ride guy.  Speak
with her.  She offers a ride to Deist, how convenient.  Maria doesn't trust
her, but who listens to her anyway, right?  Okay, it is a LITTLE suspicious,
but why pass up such an opportunity?  She tells you that she'll be waiting
outside of town.  Take care of any business you may have, then leave.
  You should spot a ship a little east of Paloom.  Get onboard.  After sailing
a lil' ways, you'll be taken to a scene onboard where Leila gets her crew to
attack.  Bad news, eh?

   HP:  45   MP:  0
  ATK: 17  HIT%: 1-60%
  DEF:  4  EVA%: 1-30%  M.DEF: 2-40%
  ABSORBS: none
  TYPE: none
  SKILLS: none

  Actually, I don't think it's possible to lose to these guys.  If you've
made it this far, then these chumps are nothing.  Wipe them out and move on.
Mad that you defeated her crew, she accepts defeat.  Afterwards, you ask her
to join the rebellion.  Why not, yeah?  So Leila and her crew join your group
and you get a ship.  Don't worry though, the pirates won't be used for

  Leila starts with low HP and MP.  Her stats are average at best, except for
AGL, which is very high.  She has some weapons skills in the Sword and Knife,
and starts with the BOLT spell.  Leila has some decent gear, 'cept maybe the
weapons.  I still keep her with the Sword/Knife, as it's my favorite combo
anyway.  Hmmm...
  Anyway, now that you got a ship, it's fun time.  Well not really.  You can
go pretty much anywhere now though.  The ship can dock anywhere in this
Final Fantasy, unlike the first one.
  Okay, to get to Deist(the real reason you're here), start by sailing south-
east of where you are.  There should be a small channel around a peninsula
at the southeast corner of the sea.  From there, keep south.  After aways,
follow the sea southeast some more.  You should run straight into the island.
If you're lost, use the map(select+B on NES), it's the big island almost
directly west of Fynn Castle.  Once you reach the island, find Deist Castle,
that's where you want to be next.
  Take this moment to really beef up your party, especially if you got your
butt kicked in the Warship.  Build up Leila's HP, and try to bring up 
everyone's AGL, if needed.  Attacking first and strategic escapes will be
very useful now, although running isn't an option for some battles(bosses,
undead, annoying baddies, etc.).  Regardless, now is the time to build up
everyone's HP, MP, weapon/spell skills and the such if you've been slacking
up 'till now.

 III-B. Deist Castle  (HP: 320  WPN: 5  MP: 60  SPL: 3)
  Once entering Deist Castle, you should see a boy.  Upon talking to him, he
runs off.  Treading further, you see him again, and he runs up the stairs.
Follow him up.  You'll see a chest with a Cottage inside in the northwest
corner.  Now head south from the steps and speak with the boy and his mother.
  They tell you that all the Dragoons are dead, and only one Hiryuu remains.
To speak with it, however, you're gonna have to find a 'Pendant' used by the
Dragoons to understand the Hiryuu.  The mother hints that one is hidden
nearby, maybe in the Deist Cave perhaps?
  Explore the empty castle for treasure.  Along with the Cottage you should
have found earlier, you'll find:  a PhoenixDown; a UnicornHorn; the STUN
spell; the STOP spell; the CURSE spell; a GoldNeedle; a Sage's Wisdom; an
Antidote; some Eyedrops; a Cross; a Saintís Spirit; a Mallet; and a
WingedSword.  Nifty, yeah?  After the looting, exit the castle and head north
to find the Deist Cave.

 III-C. Deist Cave   (HP: 350  WPN: 6  MP: 70  SPL: 3)
  As soon as you enter the cave, head east.  There should be a chest with
30Gil inside, take it.  Take a few steps north, then keep east again.  This
with lead you down to some stairs.
  On B2, you'll be in a small room with an object.  Search the object to find
the 'Pendant'.  See that wasn't so hard...  Unless you got thrashed by a
couple of HillGigas's or something.  Regardless, take the 'Pendant' and get
out, quick.  Don't worry, you'll be back soon enough, trust me.
  Take the 'Pendant' and speak with the last Hiryuu.  Ask him about the
"HIRYUU" and he'll give you an 'Egg'.  He wants you to submerge the 'Egg'
into the Pool of Life located at the bottom of the Deist Cave.  See, told ya
you'd be back in the cave.
  If you had a lot of trouble just getting the 'Pendant', you're gonna need
to build up some more, or change tactics.  If you've been keeping up with
spells, you'll have a decent leveled FIRE, very useful against the Undead
monsters.  For the HillGigas's and other hard-hitting enemies, the SAFE and
BLINK spells are useful to possess.  Use the CURSE spell to weaken foes,
although you'll need to bring it to a higher level.  BLIND and SLEEP are also
handy at higher levels, if you found them that is.  If not, make use of the
Ancient Sword, Crescent Sword, and Shade Bow for these effects.  Remember to
bring along some Ether to sustain your MP though.  Unless you're super-strong,
'hack-n-slash' isn't going to cut it here.
  Here's my gear/spells into the Deist Cave...

         Right: Trident         Spells: Bolt  Lv 3
         Left : Ice Shield              Stop  Lv 2
         Head : Giant's Helm            Cure  Lv 2
         Armor: Golden Mail             Safe  Lv 2
         Glove: Mythril Glove
         Right: Werebane        Spells: Cure  Lv 4    Exit  Lv 1
         Left : N/A                     Life  Lv 1
         Head : Leather Cap             Esuna Lv 2
         Armor: Silver Plate            Blink Lv 2
         Glove: Leather Glove           Rasp  Lv 2
         Right: Main Gauche     Spells: Fire  Lv 4
         Left : N/A                     Ice   Lv 4
         Head : Leather Cap             Curse Lv 2
         Armor: Silver Plate
         Glove: Leather Glove
         Right: Mythril Knife   Spells: Bolt  Lv 2
         Left : Winged Sword            Stun  Lv 2
         Head : Gold Hairpin
         Armor: Silver Plate
         Glove: Thief's Glove

  Alright, when you're ready, get back into the Deist Cave.  On B1, make
your way to the southeast corner of the room.  Take the stairs down to B2.
  Follow along and at the fork, take the first path down to nab a chest with
a Mythril Helmet.  Then take the fork up for Mythril Armor.  If you'd like to
nab all the treasure, head south down into the next downward path, and down 
the steps to B3.
  From here, go north.  Ignore the bridge for now and just go north.  You
should spot a chest with a Mythril Glove inside, take it.  Keep going around
and you'll run into another chest with a MythrilMirror inside.  Now go back to
the stairs, you should see a bridge to the left.  It looks funny, but take it
anyway.  It should break just as you're about to cross it entirely.  You'll
fall to B4.
  On B4, make your way to the northwest part of the floor, and go down the
steps to B5.  Rather straightforward here, walk along to the east side of B5
and you'll see lots of treasure.  The chest in the southeast corner holds a
few Adamantoises and some Knight Armor.  There are 3 more chests above it.
The top-left chest contains a Flame Bow.  The top-right chest holds an
Sageís Wisdom, and the bottom-right one has a Saint's Spirit.  Now head back
to B4.  From there go to the southeastern part of the room.  There should be
some stairs, take them up to B3.
  Small room here, walk along and take the stairs up to B2.  On B2, head west,
and take the first fork south for a chest with a Potion inside.  Go back,
and keep heading west.  Take the steps up.
  You're now on the southwest corner of B1.  Take the opportunity to exit and
recover if you need to.  If you're still in good shape, continue on.  Okay,
now get back to B2, taking the southeast stairway.  Return to the fork, but
now keep heading west.  This should take you to yet another fork.  Go south
to find a chest with a Mage's Staff inside.  The chest is guarded by
screamers, but don't worry, if you stand around long enough, they'll actually
heal your party.  Move back north and keep north, the cave will curve around
and take you back south, where some stairs are.  Go down them.
  You should now be on B3.  Go east and you'll see a chest.  Open it for a
Mythril Shield.  Now, go north and pass the bridge.  DO NOT cross it, unless
you want to fall down, again.  Keep going north and cross the small bridge
lying vertical.  Follow the path east, and south once you reach the northeast
corner of B3.  This'll lead you to some more steps downward.
  Now on B4, you should go west.  You should see a chest in the corner of the
room.  An AcidBottle is inside.  Other than that, take the steps to the south
to B5.
  On B5, head northeast from the steps and you'll encounter 4 doors.  If you
guessed that's there's only 1 correct door to enter, you guessed right.  Pick
the 3rd door from the left to continue onward.  The others just lead to empty
rooms.  After going through the door, you'll notice a 'lil monster just
standing around, not doing much.  Wonder what it's doing way down here?  Let's
ask it, but be sure to heal up first...

   HP: 640   MP: 80
  ATK: 60  HIT%: 4-75%
  DEF: 50  EVA%: 1-50%  M.DEF: 3-50%
  ABSORBS: none

  As Greek mythical beasts, the Chimeras aren't all that tough, though they
love using their flame attack, BLAZE, and can hit rather hard.  BLAZE does a
modest amount of damage to the party, and if all the Chimeras use it, it can
get annoying.  Equip the Ice Shield to decrease the effectiveness of BLAZE.
Keep your party healthy using CURE, and take 'em down one by one.  SAFE and
BLINK can help protect your party, as usual, but most offensive spells are
useless, as physical attacks should be enough to bring these monsters down.

  After defeating the Chimeras, walk up to the Spring of Life and drop the 
'Egg' that the Hiryuu gave you inside.  Nothing happens...  Well, you did what
you were supposed to do, so head back to Deist Castle.  Use the EXIT spell if
you have it, it's quicker.
  Upon returning to Deist, you'll find out that the Hiryuu died.  What a waste
of time that was.  No Dragoons, no Hiryuu, no support for the Rebels.  Hey, at
least you got a ship out of it all.  So sail back to Altair and see what
Gordon's got cookin'.

 III-D. Back to Altair, again...  (HP: 420  WPN: 6  MP: 85  SPL: 3)
  Take a moment, now returned to Altair, to recover and resupply/get rid of
some stuff.  After you're done, enter the rebelsí base and speak with Gordon.
He(and everyone else if you spoke with them) thinks that there is something
wrong with Hilda.  Gordon asks you to speak with her.  Be sure to unequip
Leila of any IMPORTANT items you may want to keep.
  Enter Hilda's room and talk with her, she seems to want to speak with
Frioniel, alone.  Hilda wants Frioniel, and wants him now.  Frioniel thinks
this is a bit odd, but figures, "Ah, why not?"  But before he can get some hot
princess action, Hilda turns into a monster.  Frioniel sure is a freak...
Anyway, the party rushes back into the room and a battle ensues.

   HP:1290   MP:370
  ATK: 50  HIT%: 8-95%
  DEF: 50  EVA%: 2-75%  M.DEF: 7-40%
  ABSORBS: none

  Don't waste time with the Lamia Queen.  She can charm/confuse your allies
with her CHARM skill, turning them against you.  Casting SAFE and BLINK is a
good idea to protect you from her physical attacks, and your own.  She has a
high Hit Count and Hit%, so she can hit hard.  The Lamia Queen isn't weak
against any particular spells, and with her M.DEF so high, status ailments
will be tricky to pull off, so stick with attacking.  She'll cast a level 16
BLINK sometimes, which can be annoying IF your attacks start missing, this'll
force you to use spells...  The Sage's Wisdom can come in handy to give your
Black Magic more "umph".  Also her attacks can sometimes cause SLEEP.  Knock
her down quickly, or you may be quick to dispatch your own squad.

  After defeating the Lamia Queen, everyone begins to wonder where Hilda
could really be.  Just then, a guard busts in and informs you that Hilda is
being held captive at the Coliseum in Palamecia.  Great timing...  Gordon
joins the party to once again save Hilda, and leaves Leila in charge of the
rebel army.

 III-E. To the Battle Arena  (HP: 475  WPN: 6  MP:100  SPL: 4)
  The Coliseum is located by Palamecia castle.  There are many ways to get
there.  The easiest is to go back to Kas'ion Castle, catch a Chocobo in the
forest to the south.  From there ride east a little, then south into the large
desert.  Stay on the eastern side of the desert and keep going south.  Find
the mountain range and follow it and you should see the Coliseum.  It's the
tiny building below the castle on top of the mountains.  The monsters around
Palamecia can thrash you if you're not prepared.  Bring a Cottage or two along
in case you need to replenish your group before and after the Coliseum.  You
cannot EXIT out of this dungeon either, so bring in enough supplies to cure
various status ailments if your ESUNA isn't too high.(Gold Needles*HINT HINT*)
  Here's my gear/spells into the Palamecia Coliseum...

         Right: Trident         Spells: Bolt  Lv 4
         Left : Ice Shield              Stop  Lv 3
         Head : Giant's Helm            Cure  Lv 3
         Armor: Knight's Armor          Safe  Lv 3
         Glove: Thief's Glove
         Right: Mage's Staff    Spells: Cure  Lv 4    Exit  Lv 1
         Left : N/A                     Life  Lv 1
         Head : Gold Hairpin            Esuna Lv 3
         Armor: Silver Plate            Blink Lv 3
         Glove: Leather Glove           Rasp  Lv 3
         Right: Main Gauche     Spells: Fire  Lv 4
         Left : N/A                     Ice   Lv 4
         Head : Leather Cap             Curse Lv 3
         Armor: Silver Plate
         Glove: Leather Glove
         Right: Wing Blade      Spells: Cure  Lv 2
         Left : Mythril Shield
         Head : Mythril Helm
         Armor: Mythril Mail
         Glove: Mythril Glove

  Okay, anybody with half a brain would expect this to be a trap, so keep the
party in full health.  Enter the Coliseum and march toward the Emperor.  Upon
reaching him, you become trapped inside and the Emperor tells you to fight.
A large monster comes out the gate and charges at you.

   HP:1620   MP:  0
  ATK: 85  HIT%: 3-95%
  DEF: 50  EVA%: 1-40%  M.DEF: 4-50%
  ABSORBS: none
  SKILLS: none

  The Behemoth has a simple attack strategy:  HIT HARD.  If possible, start
the battle off with SAFE and BLINK.  The Behemoth has a lot of HP, and not a
lot of weaknesses.  Try the SLEEP spell if you have it, and it's a high level.
CURSE and BLIND come in handy to cripple the beast's offensive powers.  If you
picked up the BERSERK spell, use it to boost your fighter's ATK power.  Other
than that, keep up with your HP, and wear the monster down.  It can only hit
one of you, after all.

  After slaying the beast, you charge the Emperor, only to be caught in a
trap.  The guards surround you, and stupidly throw you in jail.  After stewing
for awhile, Paul comes to your rescue, evening the score from Semitt Falls.
After leaving the cell(How could they not see that coming?), start following
Paul east.  Ignore the door an continue following the water.  You should be
led to a chest with  an Antidote, guarded by some monsters.  Now, retrace your
steps back, follow the water north.  You'll see a few doors ahead, make your
way past them all, they're all empty, and into the door on the far east(almost
just west of the chest with the Antidote inside).  Inside will be three
chests, containing (from left to right) an Ether, an Elixir, an a Cottage.
Leave the room and go north.  Now enter the small room in the northeastern
corner.  Climb the steps to B1.
  Rather straightforward here.  Just walk along all the way around the jail
cells, you'll eventually see Hilda in one.  Keep walking until you're at the
southeast corner of B1.  Then take the small slit up and ALL the way back
around to Hilda's cell.
  Unequip Gordon here, because upon releasing Hilda, he takes off with her
ahead of the party.  Hightail it outta there, by getting to the southwest
corner of B1.  The stairs there take you to 1F, where you are safe.  From
there, just exit the Coliseum.  See, simple as pie...
  Guess your next step.  If you guessed "head back to Altair", you win.  You
can take the long way and go walk all the way south, or head north toward
Kas'ion and grab a chocobo in the forest there.  If you sailed near the
Coliseum, you may want to grab your ship...  Once back in Altair, you'll see
a guard.  He tells you that the Rebels have gathered their forces and are
ready to retake Fynn.  Leila sure was busy!  If you didn't notice it earlier,
there is now a small tent just south of Fynn.  Go there, after you recover
and resupply of course.

 III-F. Recapturing of Fynn  (HP: 525  WPN: 7  MP:120  SPL: 4)
  There isn't much to do at the Rebels' camp.  Gordon and Hilda ask you for
help in the raid on Fynn.  Lucky you.  Exit the camp and march north to the
castle of Fynn.
  Once inside the castle, go straight up.  You'll meet up with Leila, who'll
join the party once again.  Hook her up with some decent gear, and continue
onward, up the stairs to 2F.  You can hang around the entrance and fight
monsters to strengthen your team if needed.  When you're ready, head up to
  Beware of the Wizards and Sorcerers inside the castle.  They can tear your
group to shreds with status ailment spells, and pop you off instantly with
the DEATH spell.  If you happen to run into to them, take them out first.
Their HP is low, so single out the casters in the back row with damage spells,
or try and cast MUTE on them.  They have a decent M.DEF though, so unless you
focused on the MUTE spell, and got it to level 4 or 5, it may not be all that
  Ignore all the goodies you see for now, and keep going north, ascend the
steps to 3F.  Then up some more steps to the 4F throne room.  Keep on going
up and eventually you'll see Gottos sitting on one of the thrones.  Walk
straight up to him, and lay the smackdown on his monkey-ass.

   HP:2000   MP: 80
  ATK: 70  HIT%: 6-90%
  DEF: 60  EVA%: 1-65%  M.DEF: 5-40%
  ABSORBS: none
  TYPE: none

  Gottos isn't really tough at all.  Although, if you allow himself to buff,
with spells like HASTE and BERSERK, he can hit pretty hard.  Try the STOP
or CURSE spells to counteract this.  Also, SLEEP can work well.  Just pound
him into the ground with heavy hits and/or magic.  This guy shouldn't be a
problem at all.  If you do have trouble, fall back on the BLINK/BLIND
combination, it's flawless.  You may not have the BLIND spell yet, use the
Shade Bow instead.  Gottos has a M.DEF count of 5, so your spells will have to
be a little high to be effective.

  After removing Gottos, Fynn will be regained.  Easy, wasn't it?  Go ahead
and speak with Hilda and Gordon.  Both are worried about Ming-wu, and want you
to travel to "MYSIDIA" and help him find "ULTIMA".  However before you leave,
you'll need two "MASKS", one of which is hidden in the catacombs underneath
Fynn.  Hilda knows the secret word "EKUME" which can unseal the doorway.
Maybe Paul might know where it is, yeah?  But before we head into town, let's
grab all the treasure we skipped previously.
  Go back down the steps, all the way back to 2F.  From there, grab the chest
to the east.  There's only a Potion inside, but some monsters want it.  So
fight them off.  Go DIRECTLY east from that chest to walk through a secret
passage in the wall.  Go south to find a chest with some Giant's Gloves.
Double back to the steps, but now go west.  Take the chest for the AURA spell,
and be greeted by some more monsters.  Go DIRECTLY south from this chest and
into the small chamber below.  There should be another secret passage in the
wall going west.  Find it, and go north to reach a chest with a Werebane.
Get back to the steps to 1F.  From the steps go east, you'll be led into a
little chamber with two chests.  One with 2000Gil, the other with 1000Gil.
Head back to the stairs, and go west, make your way to the northwest part of
1F for a chest with another 1000Gil.  Now get to the southwest corner of 1F,
and go up the steps.  Then on 2F, climb the steps to 3F.  From here follow
the hallway east, to reach a door on the northeast corner.  Go inside for
three chests.  From left to right, they contain:  the BREAK spell, the DEATH
spell, and the TOAD spell.
  That's it for the treasure in Castle Fynn(for now), so feel free to explore.
Not much left to checkout except for the room with the big Mirror.  Now that
you've saved Fynn, the town is free.  Now you can roam without being attacked,
but most importantly, now you can buy stuff.  So spend some Gil, upgrade your
gear and spells.  Then checkout Paul's house on the southwest corner of town.
He'll tell you to check out the upper-right corner.  Let's try the throne
room.  *wink* *wink*  Make sure you're ready and prepped up first though.

IV. The Path to Ultima

 IV-A. Exploring Fynn  (HP: 550  WPN: 7  MP: 120  SPL: 4)
  After speaking with Paul, and gettin' re-upped, go back into Castle Fynn.
Head all the way back up to the throne room and check out the wall in the
northeast corner.  Say the password "EKUME" and a passage should open up.
Go through and down the stairs until you are on 1F.  Now before you descend
the stairs, check out the walls to the east.  You should be able to pass
through yet another secret passage.  Staying close to the castle, go south
into the chamber below via another passage.  There's a room there, and inside
are three chests.  Containing some Gold Mail, a Gold Shield, and a Gold Plate.
Get back to the stairs and continue downward.

 IV-B. The Down-Below  (HP: 550  WPN: 7  MP:120  SPL: 4)
  Here's my gear/spells into the Fynn Catacombs...

         Right: Trident         Spells: Bolt  Lv 4
         Left : Ice Shield              Stop  Lv 3
         Head : Giant's Helm            Aura  Lv 1
         Armor: Knight's Armor          Cure  Lv 3
         Glove: Giant's Glove           Safe  Lv 3
         Right: Mage's Staff    Spells: Cure  Lv 5    Rasp  Lv 3
         Left : N/A                     Life  Lv 1    Exit  Lv 1
         Head : Gold Hairpin            Esuna Lv 3
         Armor: Gold Plate              Blink Lv 3
         Glove: Leather Glove           Mini  Lv 1
         Right: Main Gauche     Spells: Fire  Lv 5
         Left : N/A                     Ice   Lv 5
         Head : Leather Cap             Curse Lv 3
         Armor: Gold Plate              Doom  Lv 1
         Glove: Leather Glove
         Right: Mythril Knife   Spells: Bolt  Lv 3
         Left : Wing Blade              Stun  Lv 2
         Head : Giant's Helm            Break Lv 1
         Armor: Gold Armor              Toad  Lv 1
         Glove: Thief's Glove

  From the B1 to F1 steps, go southeast.  This'll take you to the southeast
corner of B1 and a chest containing a Knife.  Lucky you.  Go back to the
steps, ignore the door to the southwest, it only leads to an empty room.
From the steps, go west, and get to the northwest corner for a chest with some
Eyedrops.  From there, go east, and at the fork, go south to find a chest with
a Shirt, keep east at the fork to reach the stairs.
  Once on B2, you should see a chest northeast from you.  It holds a Potion.
Head west, and in the southwest corner of B2 is another chest with a Potion.
Go northeast(ignoring the door directly north).  At the fork, go west to
reach the northwest corner with a chest that has a Maiden's Kiss inside.  Go
back to the fork and go east.  Make your way to the northeast corner of B2 to
find the stairs to B3.
  Go south, and make your way to the southeast corner of the B3 to discover
a chest with yet another Potion.  Bypass all doors you come across, trust me.
Head west and travel to the southwest corner with a chest that has a 
Flame Shield.  From here, move northward, towards the northwest corner to
reach a chest with a Silk Web, and the stairs.
  Now on B4, go north.  Once at the northwest corner, go directly east for a
chest guarded by some undead minions.  The chest contains the Blood Sword, a
very unique weapon.  Although the sword wields an amazing 0 ATK power, it is
really strong against certain monsters.  Also, it drains the health from
enemies, but beware, against the undead it is useless, as it with steal your
HP and heal the undead.  Go back, and go south at the fork.  Follow along to
the next fork and go north.  Get to the northeast corner(still ignoring doors)
to find a chest with some Flame Armor.  Go south from there towards the
southeast corner and you should see a chest and the stairs.  Grab the chest
for a Backstabber, then descend the steps.
  From the B5 stairs, go east.  All the way east.  As you start to go north
at the fork, you may notice a chest towards the northwest.  Nab it for the
Orichalcon.  Unfortunately for you, it's guarded by Rhyos, the unstoppable.
Actually, they're pretty easy.  But beware, because they can turn your entire
team to stone, or at least a few members, with their BAD BREATH attack, so be
sure to have some Gold Needles or a Lv 5 ESUNA spell handy, just in case.
Okay, go north from the chest, and east at the fork.  You'll run into a bunch
of doors.  Choose the 2nd door from the right, the others are empty.  Go north
inside the room to find a lonesome little treasure box.  Inside is the
'White Mask'!  Wow!  Now continue up to a teleporter to exit the dungeon.
  Okay, with the 'White Mask' in your possession, there's really nothing more
in Fynn now.  Your next objective is to find Ming-wu and help him find ULTIMA.
After recovering and resupplying in the village, it's time to travel to
  There are a few ways to get to Mysidia, the quickest being your ship.  If
you have the ship docked on what I call the 'Fynn Side', that being in the
sea to the left of Fynn on the map, then set sail south, following the coast
until you cannot go south any more.  Head southeast from there and you should
run into Mysidia.  If your ship is docked on the 'Altair Side' or in the sea
to the right of Fynn, then sail southwest of Altair, between the two
peninsulas, and continue southwest.  You should meet with a mountain range,
you'll want to dock on the eastside of it, as it's closer.  From there,
follow the mountain range below that one and you'll reach Mysidia.  If you
docked your ship far, far away, or just want to go on a hike, then travel
south/southwest of Fynn.  You'll know you're on the right track if you begin
to battle stronger monsters.  Just keep south and you'll make it.
  Also, speaking of the enemies, if you haven't noticed yet, their means of
attack have varied greatly.  Though smash 'n bash tactics may still work, a
strategic attack is still best.  For a lot of the spells to be reliable,
they'll need to be at higher levels.  If you've found the BERSERK spell, it's
buff will greatly heighten the effectiveness of the "smash 'n bash" stuff.
Also, spells like BLIND and SLEEP can help render enemies useless.  I haven't
included them in the walkthrough yet, because they haven't been officially
found, but can be found through various monster drops.  If you have them,
by all means, build them up and use them.  Remember, if you turn an enemy
into a frog using the TOAD spell, they're knocked out of the fight.  Also,
when you find them, use those weird battle items you find or enemies drop.
They're usually high-level spells, and helpful if you know what they do.
Unless you're super-strong, a small buff or status ailment may be the edge
you need to win the fight.  Since we're on the way to Mysidia, I'll get into
spells later.

 IV-C. Finding the Black Mask  (HP: 625  WPN: 8  MP:130  SPL: 4)
  As you figured, Mysidia is full of mages and magic, but they also have some
excellent gear.  Check out the Weapons and Armor shops to upgrade your party.
Most notable is the Ogreslayer Axe, a must buy.
  Mysidia also has mountains of spells for your team to learn.  The newer
spells being BARRIER, WALL, SWAP, and HOLY.  BARRIER is kind of useless, sort
of like WALL, you're better off using a MythrilMirror instead.  The effort
that must be put into it isn't worth the effect it gives.  SWAP is great if
you want to do the easy build up trick, or to use it strategically against
foes.  HOLY is a White Mage's attack spell, which means it's power is based
on the user's Spirit Attribute.  It's damage is okay, but not so much more
than the elemental spells.  I don't think anything is actually weak against
it.  FIRE works much better on the undead.  But, HOLY can come in handy when
fighting monsters that have no weakness.  Since it's the first "non-elemental"
spell you can acquire, you have more time to build it up and make it powerful.
It may be worth picking up though, as it can be used on the final boss.
  Anyway, as you walk around Mysidia, you'll gather information by speaking to
the various mages.  You'll learn that Ming-wu has already passed through.  
Also, you'll find out that ULTIMA is locked away in the Mysidian Tower.  To
enter the tower, however, you'll need a 'Crystal Rod', and to get that you'll
need two masks.  One of which you already should have, the 'White Mask'.  The
other is the 'Black Mask', which is located on a small island in the sea.
Once you have both masks, can you enter the Mysidian Cave to get the 'Crystal
Rod'.  Well, it seems you have some work to do, so let's get crackin'.
  To find the tiny island, you may need to use your map.  It's the little
spec in the sea southeast of Mysidia.  On your map, it's almost DIRECTLY
south of Paloom, although you'll have to sail around the big peninsula to
reach it.  Chart your own path to the tiny island, because it is your next
  Here's my gear/spells into the Tiny Island...

         Right: Trident         Spells: Bolt  Lv 4
         Left : Ice Shield              Stop  Lv 3
         Head : Giant's Helm            Aura  Lv 2
         Armor: Flame Mail              Cure  Lv 4
         Glove: Giant's Glove           Safe  Lv 3
         Right: Mage's Staff    Spells: Cure  Lv 5    Rasp  Lv 3
         Left : N/A                     Life  Lv 1    Exit  Lv 1
         Head : Gold Hairpin            Esuna Lv 4    Holy  Lv 1
         Armor: Gold Plate              Blink Lv 3
         Glove: Leather Glove           Mini  Lv 2
         Right: Orichalcon      Spells: Fire  Lv 5
         Left : N/A                     Ice   Lv 5
         Head : Leather Cap             Curse Lv 3
         Armor: Gold Plate              Doom  Lv 2
         Glove: Leather Glove
         Right: Main Gauche     Spells: Bolt  Lv 3
         Left : Wing Blade              Stun  Lv 2
         Head : Giant's Helm            Break Lv 1
         Armor: Knight's Armor          Toad  Lv 1
         Glove: Thief's Glove

  The monsters in the cave here aren't all that tough.  In fact, it's open
season with magic spells here.  If your spells need to be, or you just want
to upgrade them, this is a great spot to do so.  You can also RUN from most of
the enemies in this cave too, so if you're in a hurry...
  Okay, on B1, go straight down, ALL the way down.  You'll see a chest with
some Eyedrops inside.  Go north, after grabbing the chest, on the other side
from which you came down from.  This'll lead you to two chests with Hi-Potions
in each.  Go back south, now this time head west at the fork, then south at
the next for a chest with an Ether inside.  Go back to the fork and continue
north.  At the next fork, keep west for a chest with a Silk Web, and go north
to be led to the steps.
  Once on B2, make your way to the northwest corner.  Open the chest for some
Slumber Stalk, then head down the stairs just below you.
  Now on B3, just go south and you should see a chest, inside is another Silk
Web.  Just below that is the steps to B4.  On B4, simply head north, you'll
soon discover steps that leads into a strange village.
  The village is full of weird masked-people.  If you're playing the NES
version, they sorta look like the ShyGuys from Super Mario Bros. 2.  Hmmm,
that's just what the remind me of...  I wonder if...  nah...
Anyway, there's not really much to do here, there's a couple shops, and the
crazy shyguys to talk with.  The shops don't offer much, as your gear is
possibly better.  Notable though, is the Gaia Drum sold at the shop.  It
unleashes the unique QUAKE spell, not all-powerful, but interesting
nonetheless.  The shop also sells the Demon Axe and Demon Spear, and is the
only place to buy and acquire these two items.
  Okay, retrace your steps back to B2.  From the steps there, go east.  You
should see a chest in the northeast corner.  It contains the POISON spell.
From there, head south, to the southeast corner of B2.  There you'll find the
BLIND spell.  Come out of the corner, and go west.  You'll discover a chest
with another POISON spell inside.  Go down an around, at the fork there, go
southwest for another BLIND spell, and north/northeast to reach the steps.
Go down to B3.
  Go straight down to find a chest in the southern corner with Garlic inside.
From there go all the way north and back around to find the stairs to B4.
Rather simple, yeah?
  From the steps, go south.  You should see another set of steps leading back
up to B3.  Take them to reach another part of B3 that holds a chest.  Inside
is a bunch of undead guarding a Phoenix Down.  Go back down to B4, and from
those stairs, head directly east.  You'll find more stairs going up to B3,
take them and head north to go down another set of steps back to B4.  Go
south from there and down some steps to B5.  Follow along west to find three
chests.  The top-left is guarded, and contains a Gaia Drum.  The other two
both contain Slumber Stalk.  Return all the way back to B4, then B3, and back
down to B4.  Now at the southeast corner of B4, make your way to the northwest
corner.  Descend the steps to B5 to find a small room with a chest.  Inside
is a Thanatos.  Go back to B4, and head east.  You should see a chest at the
northern part of the room.  Grab it for 1000Gil, and continue east.  Take the
stairs down to B5.
  There should be a chest just southeast of you.  It holds the SLEEP spell.
Go west/southwest from there to stumble upon a room.  Wonder whatís inside...
Why not go in...? because inside there's a big mean rhino looking thing, and
behind it, a chest.  Maybe we should just leave, and not disturb that big
rhino, he looks like he's really, really mad, and could easily smush us...
yeah, right...

   HP:1140   MP:  0
  ATK: 50  HIT%: 4-85%
  DEF: 50  EVA%: 1-60%  M.DEF: 6-30%
  ABSORBS: none
  TYPE: none
  SKILLS: none

  You may or may not have encountered the Gigan Rhino already.  Either or,
the Gigan Rhino isn't really a challenge.  Just hack 'n slash this guy.  If
you're not doing a lot of damage, and he's hitting hard, try BLINK and SAFE
to buff the party's defenses.  It's an all-you-can-cast fest with status
ailments spells on this "boss", as long as their around level 6 or so.  You
probably don't need them though, but it can be fun to CURSE or STUN the Gigan
Rhino.  You can even kill him with BREAK, MINI, etc. if you've built them high
enough.  I think the most important factor in this battle is to just have fun.

  Once you've offed the boss, nab the treasure box for the 'Black Mask'.
After that, you're task is complete here.  Go north to use a teleporter to
warp out, or just walk out if you wish to build up spells or whatever some
more.  Once you've left the cave, sail back to Mysidia.
  Back at Mysidia, rest up and recover.  I spent some time building up a few
of the newer spells I acquired here.  If you're getting your butt kicked,
take some time to strengthen your entire party.  After taking care of all your
business, go to the southern part of Mysidia.  Go down the stairs on the
small island in the lake.  You'll find the Goddess Statue down there.  If you
haven't already done so, place the 'White Mask' on the statue.  Hmmm...
Nothing happened...  or so you think.  Mwu-hahahahahahahahahaha.

 IV-D. The Mysidian Cave  (HP: 650  WPN: 8  MP:150  SPL: 5)
  After placing the 'White Mask', and the 'Black Mask' in your possession,
you're ready to enter the Mysidian Cave, in search of the 'Crystal Rod'.  On
your map, the Mysidian Cave is just southeast of Mysidia, surrounded by a
mountain range.  Hike east of Mysidia, following the mountains until they
stop.  Go around and head back west.  After you leave the forests heading
west, go south and you should see the cave.  It's a long hike, so you may
want to bring along a cottage or two.  Be sure to bring along some Gold
Needles, in case someone is petrified.
  Here's my gear/spells into the Mysidian Cave...

         Right: Demon Spear     Spells: Bolt  Lv 5
         Left : Ice Shield              Stop  Lv 4
         Head : Giant's Helm            Aura  Lv 2
         Armor: Flame Mail              Cure  Lv 4
         Glove: Giant's Glove           Safe  Lv 4
         Right: Mage's Staff    Spells: Cure  Lv 5    Rasp  Lv 4
         Left : N/A                     Life  Lv 1    Exit  Lv 1
         Head : Gold Hairpin            Esuna Lv 5    Holy  Lv 3
         Armor: Gold Plate              Blink Lv 4
         Glove: Leather Glove           Mini  Lv 3
         Right: Orichalcon      Spells: Fire  Lv 5    Curse Lv 4
         Left : N/A                     Ice   Lv 5    Doom  Lv 3
         Head : Leather Cap             PoisonLv 2
         Armor: Gold Plate              Blind Lv 2
         Glove: Leather Glove           Sleep Lv 2
         Right: Main Gauche     Spells: Bolt  Lv 3
         Left : Wing Blade              Blind Lv 1
         Head : Giant's Helm            Stun  Lv 2
         Armor: Knight's Armor          Break Lv 1
         Glove: Thief's Glove           Toad  Lv 1

  From the entrance, climb the stairs to the upper-level just to your left.
Stay westward at the first fork.  Climb down the stairs when you reach them,
and grab the chest just below them.  It holds a Gold Hairpin.  Climb back up
the stairs, ignoring the door, it's empty.  Head back east to the very first
fork, and take it south and the next east.  Climb down the stairs to reach
the chest below.  It contains a Black Outfit.  Go back up, and head west,
taking the fourway west also.  Follow the winding path, passing up the first
set of steps.  As you head south, go down the steps DIRECTLY in front of you.
This'll take you to the Doppelganger.  Since you placed the 'White Mask' on
the statue in Mysidia, the Doppelganger cannot move.  Place the 'Black Mask'
on him and he'll die.  Enter the doorway behind him.  Just for the curious
though, if you didn't place the 'White Mask', the Doppelganger will move and
you'll be unable to place the 'Black Mask' on him.  Moving on, descend the
stairs to B2.
  Go straight up from the steps on B2.  As you take the corner and start east,
take the steps to get to the chest below.  It has a Power Staff inside.
Ignore the door and, go back up the stairs.  Continue east.  See, that chest
to the east?  Want it?  Of course you do.  As the path turns south, follow it
ALL the way down.  Once you can't go further, turn east and keep walking.
You'll walk through the wall, leading you to the chest for a Flame Lance.  Go
back through the wall and go all the way west.  Take the fork south, and the
next one back west.  Use the stairs to your left to reach the door below.  Go
inside to find the stairs to B3.
  On B3, climb the stairs to the upper-level and go west.  At the first fork,
continue west.  See that door down there?  That's where you want to go, but
first, I'm gonna lead you to a treasure box.  Walk all the way to the left.
To reach the chest in the top-left corner, walk through one of the walls a
couple of steps above you.  You'll receive the Ice Bow.  Go back east, and
south at that fork.  Take the next fork east.  Follow along the path, and
continue east at the third fork.  This'll take you to some steps leading to
the lower-level.  The chest you see is guarded, grab it for an Ogreslayer.
Then head west.  Pass the first door you see, and keep going west, then north
as the path goes up.  Go inside the door at the end to find the steps to the
next floor.
  Now on B4, go west, then south, and as you head east, take the steps you
see to the upper-level, and go west at the top.  Follow along the path for
awhile, and go down the steps.  Grab the chest for a Potion.  Go southwest
from there to find three doors.  Go inside the center door to find three
chests.  From left to right they hold: a Phoenix Down, a Mute Bell, and a
Gold Needle.  Exit the room and go southeast to reach the room with the
steps down to B5.
  Take the chest to the right of the stairs for the DRAIN spell.  Careful
though, it is guarded.  Make your way to the southeast corner to get up some
stairs to the upper-level.  Walk along the eastern wall.  If you want to reach
the chests over there, you have to find another wall to walk through.  Check
the walls to the left to find it.  About halfway up, you should be able to
find the passage.  Grab the chest just southwest of you to find the MINI
spell.  Go north from there to find four more chests, containing from left to
right: a Potion, another Potion, a third Potion, and one more Potion.  Nice
treasure, eh?  Go back through the wall, and go north.  Follow the path up,
then all the way west.  Then go south, all the way.  Go down the steps to the
lower-level, and double back all the way north.  Go inside the room to
discover three chests, containing the DRAIN spell, the OSMOSE spell(a mage's
best friend), and the 'Crystal Rod'.  Now that you have the 'Crystal Rod', you
can use the EXIT spell to exit the cave, or you could just walk all the way
back out.
  Get back to Mysidia and recover and resupply the troops.  After you're all
rested up, SAIL back to Altair, your next destination is near there.  Note
that I used SAIL, because your next stop is the Mysidian Tower, on an island
to the west of Altair.  You'll need your ship docked around that area.  If you
had your ship set just northeast of Mysidia, then you should be okay.  Oh,
yeah, and now is a good time to unequip Leila, unfortunately...  So now, with
your new and shiny 'Crystal Rod', you can now enter the Mysidian Tower and
unseal the "ultimate" spell...  ULTIMA.

 IV-E. Side-Tracked Straight Down  (HP: 650  WPN: 8  MP:150  SPL: 5)
  Just before you reach the Mysidian Tower, a whirlpool created by Leviathan
sucks you and your ship underwater.  Then Leviathan swallows everyone.  The
party finds themselves actually inside Leviathan's stomach.  MMMMmmmmmmmm, 
heroes...  Leila is M.I.A. now, but the party must move forward regardless,
and search for a way out.
  Here's my gear/spells into Leviathan...

         Right: Flame Lance     Spells: Bolt  Lv 5
         Left : Ice Shield              Stop  Lv 4
         Head : Giant's Helm            Aura  Lv 3
         Armor: Flame Mail              Cure  Lv 5
         Glove: Giant's Glove           Safe  Lv 4
         Right: Power Staff     Spells: Cure  Lv 5    Rasp  Lv 4
         Left : N/A                     Life  Lv 1    Exit  Lv 1
         Head : Gold Hairpin            Esuna Lv 5    Holy  Lv 4
         Armor: Gold Plate              Blink Lv 4
         Glove: Leather Glove           Mini  Lv 3
         Right: Orichalcon      Spells: Fire  Lv 6    Blind Lv 3
         Left : N/A                     Ice   Lv 5    Curse Lv 5
         Head : Gold Hairpin            PoisonLv 3    Sleep Lv 3
         Armor: Black Outfit            Drain Lv 1    Doom  Lv 4
         Glove: Leather Glove           OsmoseLv 1

  You start in Leviathan's Intestines.  It pretty straight-forward here.  Just
follow along and collect the treasure you see.  You should first find the
Headband, and then the Power Sash.  Take note, that as you step inside the
yellow watery stuff, the party takes damage.  But also notice that as you wade
through the goo, you won't encounter any battles.  Eventually, you'll head
up into Leviathan's Stomach.
  There are no monsters here, in fact, there are actually people!  One of such
importance is a Knight who is in the center of the room, blocking your way to
the other side.  Above him, is a chest, go up and grab it for a Power Armlet,
then speak with him.  Ask him various things to find out that he was also
searching for ULTIMA.  Show him your 'Crystal Rod', and he'll reveal his name,
and that he is a Dragoon.  Richard joins your party to help unseal ULTIMA.
Although he's not as cool as Leila, he's still okay.  You're stuck with him
for awhile now, so may as well make the best of things, yeah?  He tells you of
a ship stuck in Leviathan's mouth.  Head to the northwest corner of this
floor to reach the mouth.
  Once in the mouth, go a little to the northwest of the steps to see a chest.
Open it to receive the Terra Sword.  From the chest, go all the way south to
discover another chest.  It contains a Diamond Shield and some Shriekers.
Now head to the western side of the mouth to find your ship and some ugly
worm thing in front of it.

   HP:2000   MP:  0
  ATK:120  HIT%: 6-95%
  DEF:100  EVA%: 1-10%  M.DEF: 4-50%
  ABSORBS: none
  SKILLS: none

  The Barrel Worm can hit really, really, hard, but that's about it.  Keep
your party protected, especially Richard, since unless you built him up, may
have lower HP than the rest of your party should.  Throwdown some SLEEP,
CURSE, or BLIND spells to cripple the worm's massive attacks.  BLINK and BLIND
are, as always, the perfect combination here.  Just keep smacking him, and he
should die soon.

  Jump back onto your ship and head back to Altair to recover.  You won't have
to worry about Leviathan anymore, so it's safe to go back.  Once you recover,
take a chance to look at your party's stats.  If you had a tough time in
Leviathan, then you will suck in the Mysidian Tower.  So get to building up.
But, if you've been following this walkthrough, then your spell and weapon
skills should be pretty good.  Bring your spells up to around 5, 6, or even 7.
If your team is attacking dead last, then you definitely need to raise
Agility.  Somewhere around 25-40 is pretty good.  Also, MP needs to be high,
especially for those with the CURE spell.  Once you're ready, enter the
Mysidian Tower.  Be sure to bring along some Elixirs and Phoenix Downs in case
something goes wrong(trust me, it can happen).

******************************BESTIARY NOTE***********************************
If you're looking to fill out you're bestiary, be sure to fight these monsters
before ascending the Mysidian Tower:

  -Queen Bee   - (Salamand Region)
  -Phorusracos - (Northwest of Fynn, around the Warship site)
  -Antlion     - (Palamecia desert region)
  -Sand Ray    - (Palamecia desert region)
  -Dive Eagle  - (Sea)
  -Killer Fish - (Sea)
  -Sea Snake   - (Sea)
  -Buccaneer   - (Sea)

 IV-F. The Mysidian Tower  (HP: 715  WPN: 8  MP:150  SPL: 5)
  Here's my gear/spells into the Mysidian Tower...

         Right: Flame Lance     Spells: Bolt  Lv 5
         Left : Ice Shield              Stop  Lv 5
         Head : Giant's Helm            Aura  Lv 3
         Armor: Flame Mail              Cure  Lv 5
         Glove: Giant's Glove           Safe  Lv 5
         Right: Power Staff     Spells: Cure  Lv 6    Rasp  Lv 5
         Left : N/A                     Life  Lv 1    Exit  Lv 1
         Head : Gold Hairpin            Esuna Lv 5    Holy  Lv 5
         Armor: Power Sash              Blink Lv 5
         Glove: Power Armlet            Mini  Lv 4
         Right: Orichalcon      Spells: Fire  Lv 6    Blind Lv 4
         Left : N/A                     Ice   Lv 6    Curse Lv 5
         Head : Twist Headband          PoisonLv 4    Sleep Lv 4
         Armor: Black Outfit            Drain Lv 1    Doom  Lv 4
         Glove: Leather Glove           OsmoseLv 1
         Right: Terra Sword     Spells: Cure  Lv 2
         Left : Diamond Shield          Life  Lv 1
         Head : Titan's Helm
         Armor: Knight's Armor
         Glove: Titan's Glove

  Use your 'Crystal Rod' and enter the Mysidian Tower.  Once inside, go to
the right.  On the right side of 1F, there should be a chest with a Staff
inside.  Next, head to the northeast corner and take that chest for another
Staff.  From there go straight down, all the way down until you hit the wall.
Then go directly left and through the wall to reach the next chest.  It holds
the White Robe, which boosts SPRT slightly. Come back out and head south
towards the stairs.  If you want the last chest on 1F, go west toward the
leftside of the floor.  There'll be a chest at the top with another Staff
inside.  Go back to the stairs and head up to 2F.
  Go straight up from the steps, then go right.  Follow through the path and
spot two chests in the top right corner.  One has a Flame Bow inside, the
other holds a Flame Lance.  As you start to go down heading back, take only
a couple of steps down, then walkthrough the wall to the left.  At the fork,
head up, but ignore the door.  As you walk along the winding path, notice that
chest?  Check the walls on the left to find another passage(It should be about
halfway down).  Double-back up to reach the chest.  Inside is a Flame Shield.
Now go ALL the way down, following the western edge of 2F.  Once in the
southwest corner, follow the southern edge east, to the southeast corner of 2F
to find the stairs to 3F.
  On 3F, go west, walking through the fire.  Skip all the doors along the way,
if you want to check them out you can.  There's nothin' in 'em though.  The
door you want to go in is all the way to the left.  Go in the door and you'll
be taken to the northwest corner of 3F.  From there head east, passing the
stairs you see.  All the way east lies a chest with a Flame Sword in it.  Get
back and go up the steps you passed by.  Before going into the door, check
out the east and west corners for some chests.  In the top right corner is
Flame Mail, and the top left, a Flame Helm.  Go through the door now.  A
small Black Mage is standing in front of some steps.  Speak with him to see
what he's doing here.

   HP:1800   MP:240
  ATK:100  HIT%: 6-95%
  DEF:100  EVA%: 1-40%  M.DEF: 4-50%

  Apparently he wants to smash you, because he changes into a FireGigas.
Using FIRE on this guy is a bad idea, unless you want to heal him.  Blast him
with ICE and smack him around.  He's not really that tough, though if you let
him slap you a few times, you'll feel it...  If your ICE is at a high level,
you shouldn't have anything to worry about.  Use SAFE, BLINK, and BLIND to
disable his damaging physical attacks.  His M.DEF is rather low, but his
evade is lower, so if you can't seem to cast BLIND effectively, bring out the
Shade Bow.  If you focus mostly on offense, then this flaming giant should
go down quickly.  If you're super lucky, he may drop the CONFUSE spell.  After
taking out the FireGigas, head up the stairs to 4F.

  From the stairs(if you're in a hurry, check out the eastern wall to find a
hidden wall that leads to the 5F stairs), go west to find a chest with an Ice 
Shield.  Go down and head up the steps to the 5F.  From there go straight
down to get a chest with an Ice Lance.  Go back down the steps to 4F.
Continue south and grab the chest for the Ice Glove.  Go east from the chest,
as you start to head north, double-back west.  Grab the chest in around the
center of 4F, just below the 4F steps, for the Ice Mail.  From there, go
northeast to the 5F stairs.
  Follow along through the ice and the winding path.  Eventually you'll see
a chest with the Ice Brand inside.  Continue onward toward the door.  Inside
there you'll find another 'lil Black Mage.  Seeing all the ice around, you
guessed it.  He turns into an IceGigas.

   HP:2000   MP:140
  ATK:120  HIT%: 7-95%
  DEF:120  EVA%: 1-50%  M.DEF: 4-50%

  Same strategy as before really, except use FIRE and not ICE.  Use the Flame
weapons and armor you acquired to your advantage, although he can absorb a lot
of physical damage.  He's only slightly tougher than his Fire counterpart, so
you shouldn't have too much trouble.  When you're done here, head up to 6F.

  From the steps, go all the way east to open a chest with a Potion.  Go back,
and then south across the bridge.  Then head back east, and at the four-way,
keep going east.  At the three-way here, ignore the doors and go south.
Follow along the bottom of 6F, and at the fork go up for a chest with the
Spellbinder.  Head towards the door to the left(you'll have to walk back
around), and up the stairs to 7F.
  Go east as soon as you enter, you'll see a chest with a Silk Web inside.
Now make your way to the northeast corner of 7F(ignoring the doors).  In the
corner is a chest with a Hermes inside.  Now start heading west.  Get the
chest you see for a Unicorn Horn.  Continue west, you should see a door on
the western wall.  Go inside.  Yet another Black Mage blocks your path.  This
time, however, he turns into a ThunderGigas.  Make sure your crew is healed
up for this one.

   HP:2500   MP:370
  ATK:150  HIT%: 8-95%
  DEF:150  EVA%: 1-60%  M.DEF: 4-50%

  The ThunderGigas is actually pretty tough.  He has a lot more HP than the
other two jabronis, and can do way more damage.  If you built up the POISON
spell, it'll be your best friend here.  If you're a risk taker, you can use
that Spellbinder staff you just found for a chance to nail him with a level
16 POISON.  The target is randomly chosen, so beware, there's four of you and
one of him.  Now's a great time to use those SlumberStalks, AcidBottles, etc.
Cast the usual buffs/debuffs as needed, the BLINK/BLIND combo will save your
@$$ here.  This doesn't put him out of the fight yet, as he can use his
BOULDERS 9 attack, and THUNDERBOLT 12, on top of getting lucky and
occasionally landing a strike.  CURSE him to eliminate his offensive
capabilities.  Just beat on him, and POISON him long enough, and he'll die...

  Now on 8F, head up, all the way up.  To the east is a chest with the FLARE
spell, guarded by a few thugs.  FLARE is maybe the strongest spell by a hair,
but it is non-elemental.  Which means that there are no enemies strong against
it, but nor are there any weak against it either, very useful...  Go through
the door just below the chest.  Go up those stairs in there to 9F.
  Walk north from the steps to find a chest with an Hourglass inside.  Make
your way to the southwest corner for a chest that has a Cross in it.  Now go
northwest.  Climb the stairs to the upper level of 9F.  Go to the northeast
corner.  There's a chest there with a Black Robe inside guarded by a White 

   HP:2500   MP:140
  ATK:150  HIT%: 6-95%
  DEF:120  EVA%: 1-75%  M.DEF: 5-50%

  The WhiteDragon can be pretty tough, but his weakness is FIRE.  Blast him
with that a bunch of times, and if you've built it up, and he should go down
quickly.  The White Dragon uses his SNOWSTORM 16 ability a lot, which does
around 150 points of damage to each party member, so be sure to equip that
ice-resistant equipment.  Have a decent leveled CURE spell handy to counteract
this ability when the damage starts stacking.  The WhiteDragon can also hit
hard, so use SAFE and BLINK if you think you need to.  Keep the heat on him,
and he should die before you do.

  Just below the chest(a little to the southeast really) are four doors.  Take
the 2nd one from the left.  Go up the stairs to the 10F.
  Go up and you'll see Ming-wu.  Wonder how he got there so fast...?  Ah,
anyway, see what he's up too.  He informs you that there is a seal on the
door, and that he's going to focus all of his energy to blast it away.  Hmmmm,
makes for a good show, so sit back and watch.  He blasts the door DBZ style,
and then falls over for naptime.  I bet he could use a CURE spell, or even a
LIFE spell now, but too bad, he's the big-bad white mage, not us, so screw it.
That would take too much time, plus he'd just slow everyone down.  So
continue on through the door he opened for you.
  Inside are five pedestals, grab the four around the center one to increase
your STR, AGL, INT, and SOUL.  The orb in the center gives you the ULTIMA
spell.  Yay.  Now you have the 'ultimate' spell.  ULTIMA is white magic, and
most definitely not the strongest spell there is.  You can build it all the
way to 16, and it's still not very strong.  Not as stronger than FLARE, but
close to it.  I've heard that the damage is based on your entire party's
total stats.  I'm not to sure on it though.  But, if you're playing the NES
version, then ULTIMA does somewhere around 1 damage.  Some ultimate spell,
yeah?  It is a non-elemental spell, so it can come in handy against enemies
with high defense and no weakness.  If you want to build it up, have at it.  I
won't stop you.  Back to matters at hand, now that you do have ULTIMA, and
found Ming-wu, well, sorta, it's time  to...  you guessed it:  Go back to Fynn
and speak with Hilda.

V. The Emperor's Final Stand

 V-A. Reporting Back to Fynn  (HP: 850  WPN: 8  MP:175  SPL: 5)
  If your party is in bad shape, use a Cottage.  There's something different
about the overworld now...  Stronger foes and angry soldiers now roam about
looking to rough ya up.  You'll also notice as you pass by Altair and Gatrea,
that they've been demolished.  You can't enter the towns anymore, nor the
cities of Paloom and Poft.  Head to Fynn to find out what's going on.
  After reaching Fynn, in case you didn't notice, there's a huge cyclone just
behind it.  Hilda and Gordon, will tell you about the "CYCLONE" conjured up
by the Emperor.  There's no way to enter it on foot...  Ask Hilda about the
"HIRYUU" and she'll say something about the 'Pendant', Dragoon, and the
'Hiryuu'.  You have a Dragoon and a 'Pendant', but no 'Hiryuu'.  Make your
way to the big mirror room and use the 'Pendant' at the mirror.  An image of
the egg you placed in the Life Spring hatches into a 'Hiryuu'.  The 'Hiryuu'
then flies into the castle and is united with Richard.  With the 'Hiryuu' now
in your possession, walk up to the Cyclone to fly inside.  In case you're
wondering, if you speak with various mages in Mysidia, they tell you to use
the 'Pendant' on the big mirror in Fynn.  Anyone who's played an old-school
RPG knows that talking to the "towns people" will provide important clues to
figure out where to go, and what to do next.  Yeah, anyway...
  Before charging in head first, however, return to the city of Fynn and
resupply the party.  Check out Paul's house, and let him know that you're
planning to take on the "CYCLONE".  He'll tell you about a secret passage in
his house beside the bed.  It's his secret stash!  There are eight chests.
Inside them are:  a Ninja Suit, a Ruby Plate, a Thief Glove, a Gold Plate,
an Elixir, a Gold Hairpin, a Silver Plate, an another Blood Sword.  Not all
of the treasures there may be useful, so just sell of what you don't need for
some extra cash.  Take some time to build up a few spells, and when you're
fully prepared, fly into the Cyclone.

 V-B. Inside the Eye  (HP: 850  WPN: 8  MP:175  SPL: 6)
  Here's my gear/spells into the Cyclone...

         Right: Ice Lance       Spells: Bolt  Lv 6    UltimaLv 2
         Left : Ice Shield              Stop  Lv 5
         Head : Giant's Helm            Aura  Lv 3
         Armor: Ice Mail                Cure  Lv 5
         Glove: Ice Glove               Safe  Lv 5
         Right: Spellbinder     Spells: Cure  Lv 6    Rasp  Lv 5
         Left : N/A                     Life  Lv 2    Exit  Lv 1
         Head : Gold Hairpin            Esuna Lv 5    Holy  Lv 5
         Armor: White Robe              Blink Lv 5
         Glove: Power Armlet            Mini  Lv 5
         Right: Orichalcon      Spells: Fire  Lv 6    OsmoseLv 1
         Left : N/A                     Ice   Lv 6    Blind Lv 5
         Head : Twist Headband          PoisonLv 5    Curse Lv 6
         Armor: Black Robe              Flare Lv 3    Sleep Lv 5
         Glove: Leather Glove           Drain Lv 1    Doom  Lv 5
         Right: Ice Brand       Spells: Cure  Lv 2
         Left : Diamond Shield          Life  Lv 1
         Head : Flame Helm
         Armor: Flame Mail
         Glove: Giant's Glove

  The Cyclone is a just a cover for the tower inside.  The enemies that dwell
throughout can be pretty tough.  If your party's health and magic start to
become exhausted, use the EXIT spell to exit and resupply.  If you don't have
the EXIT or BANISH spell, then well, you're stuck.  The Cyclone also has many
treasures.  Be sure to collect them all before you complete it.  You cannot
return afterwards.
  Head to the northeast corner of 1F, and climb the steps.  Grab the chest
just to your northwest once on 2F for the Ripper.  Go south from there and
around to climb the stairs to 3F.  Follow along and around to grab the Venom
Axe inside the chest.  Now head all the way back to 1F.  Go west from those
1F steps to climb another set of steps to the 2F.
  Not much on 2F here except to climb to 3F.  Now on 3F, go west and ascend
the first steps to 4F.  From here, go all the way north, go to the left to
find a chest with a Diamond Glove, head to the right for a Diamond Helmet.
Head back down the steps to 3F, and continue south from there.  You should
reach another set of stairs to 4F.
  Go east from the stairs.  You'll come upon two sets of steps, leading to
5F.  Take the first one on the left.  Walk along to the southern part of 5F.
The first chest on the right has the Defender in it.  Go further south from
there, and walk along the bottom to reach another chest.  It is guarded by
some Generals, and holds Diamond Mail.  Make your way back to the steps
leading down to 4F.  Ignore the stairs east, past the damaging tiles, they
only lead to four doors on the 6F with nothing in them.  Now back on 4F, take
the second set of steps to the right.
  Now back on 5F, just go north to reach some steps to 6F.  You can go north,
or east from here.  Simply make your way to the northeast corner of this
floor.  The steps are there, along with a chest with a Zephyr Flute inside.
Beware though, the chest is guarded by a big mean Green Dragon.

   HP:3000   MP:190
  ATK:150  HIT%: 7-100%
  DEF:150  EVA%: 1-75%  M.DEF: 8-40%

  Just as you might think, the Green Dragon can be pretty tough.  First of
all, he absorbs POISON spells.  Therefore, his weakness is BOLT.  Blast him
with a lot of those, and keep you party in top shape.  The Green Dragon loves
to use it's POISONMIST attack on your team, and also smush you with attacks.
It has high defense, so if need be, use buffs/debuffs, such as SAFE, BLINK,
CURSE, BLIND, SLEEP, etc.  His M.DEF is really high, so unless you've really
beefed up your spells, you may have to rely on buffs, CURE, and offensive
spells.  If his POISONMIST is picking you apart, use RASP and OSMOSE to wipe
out the Green Dragon's MP.  Keep your party healed, and just pick the dragon
apart with BOLT spells.  The Mage's Staff can also help a little here.

  After slaying the Green Dragon, head up to 7F.  Recover your party at this
point, then go up to face the Emperor.  Before your second meeting with the
Emperor, he calls some cronies to try an knock you off.  Wipe out the two
teams of Royal Guards, and prepare yourself for the Emperor.  There's no
resting between battles, so make your group is in good condition before
killing the last guard.

   HP:1290   MP:190
  ATK: 70  HIT%: 6-80%
  DEF: 50  EVA%: 1-65%  M.DEF: 4-40%
  ABSORBS: none
  TYPE: none

  The Emperor won't fight you alone... smart guy...  He'll also have two Royal
Guards and a Wood Golem with him.  He has a lot of spells, a favorite being
HASTE.  His pawns can do some damage if he uses this, so take them out first.
Wood Golems can put you to sleep if they hit you, so blast 'em with FIRE to
take them out quick, physical attacks are almost useless.  The Royal Guards
can poison you, but are pushovers.  The Emperor has a bunch of spells at his
disposal, but he is only a man.  If you have them, cast the SILENCE or FOG
spells to stop his magic, or use RASP and OSMOSE to drain away his MP.  Now
is an excellent time to use all those battle items you've acquired.  The
Backstabber can be used to confuse those stupid Royal Guards.  An Hourglass
can actually STUN all the enemies, including the Emperor.  The Slumber Stalk
works well to put him to sleep.  In fact, the Emperor's M.DEF is rather low,
so cast whatever on him.  The usual buffs/debuffs apply here, but may not be
needed.  WALL and SHELL could come in handy.  Just bash the Emperor's head in
with physical attacks until he dies, not too difficult.

 V-C. Celebrating the Emperor's Beat-Down  (HP: 900  WPN: 8  MP:190  SPL: 6)
  Right after stomping the crap outta the Emperor, everyone returns to Fynn to
tell the tale, and share the news.  Everyone starts singing and dancing, lala-
lalalala.  Ah, you know this isn't the end of the game from how easy the
Emperor was.  A guard rushes in and tells everyone that the Dark Knight has
taken over and has become the 'new' Emperor.  Great, as if that wasn't enough,
the Dark Knight turns out to be Lionheart, Maria's brother.  You knew it all
along didn't you.  You know you did.  Hilda informs you that there is only one
place he could be, Castle Palamecia.  The problem is, Castle Palamecia is
located in the mountains, above the Coliseum.  There's no way to reach it on
foot, so you'll have to find other means...  Paul may know a way to get into
the castle.

 V-D. Acquiring the Airship  (HP: 900  WPN: 8  MP:190  SPL: 6)
  You'll find Cid at Paul's house, injured from the Cyclone.  He knows that
he's done for, but his Airship is okay.  He lends you his Airship to fly into
Palamecia Castle, and stop the Dark Knight.  Before he dies, Cid tells you
that his Airship is at Poft, in perfect condition.  Make your way to Poft and
grab the airship.  There's good news and bad news to this.  The good news is
that you can go anywhere you want, easily.  The bad news it, you've pretty
much been everywhere already, so the only place left is Castle Palamecia.
The airship is badass though, so feel free to fly around for awhile if that's
your thing.

 V-E. Castle Palamecia  (HP: 900  WPN: 8  MP:190  SPL: 6)
  Now that you have Cid's airship, you're free to go ahead and fly to Castle
Palamecia and face the Dark Knight.  But before you go, get ya crew's stats
up a little.  Weapon skills, Magic skills, HP, MP, raw stats, everything.  If
you're still getting whooped by enemies, then you definitely need to do this.
Also, make sure to resupply.  Elixirs are way more handy than Ethers, and can
save space in your inventory.  Expensive, yes, but you should have the cash
to spare, so spend it.  Once you're ready, get in the airship and fly towards
the coliseum.  Land on the top of that castle just above it.
  Here's my gear/spells into Castle Palamecia...

         Right: Ice Lance       Spells: Bolt  Lv 6    UltimaLv 3
         Left : Ice Shield              Stop  Lv 6
         Head : Diamond Helm            Aura  Lv 3
         Armor: Ice Mail                Cure  Lv 5
         Glove: Ice Glove               Safe  Lv 6
         Right: Spellbinder     Spells: Cure  Lv 6    Rasp  Lv 5
         Left : N/A                     Life  Lv 2    Exit  Lv 1
         Head : Gold Hairpin            Esuna Lv 6    Holy  Lv 6
         Armor: White Robe              Blink Lv 6
         Glove: Power Armlet            Mini  Lv 5
         Right: Ripper          Spells: Fire  Lv 7    OsmoseLv 1
         Left : N/A                     Ice   Lv 6    Blind Lv 6
         Head : Twist Headband          PoisonLv 6    Curse Lv 6
         Armor: Black Robe              Flare Lv 4    Sleep Lv 5
         Glove: Leather Glove           Drain Lv 1    Doom  Lv 6
         Right: Defender        Spells: Cure  Lv 3
         Left : Diamond Shield          Life  Lv 1
         Head : Flame Helm
         Armor: Diamond Mail
         Glove: Diamond Glove

  Entering the castle takes you to 7F.  Take note, if you run into trouble, 
and have to EXIT out, your airship will be located at Fynn.  The best way to
reach it, would be to head northwest and grab a Chocobo.  Be careful though,
as the enemies outside can be deadly, so if you must EXIT, save enough
strength to travel to the Chocobo Forest.  If you're playing the PSX version,
you cannot EXIT out...
  Okay, head north from the entrance point, and enter the door.  Once inside,
go DIRECTLY north, you'll fall into a pit and be taken to 1F.  Go south from
there and you should eventually see a chest to the right.  Grab it for a
Diamond Plate.  Ignore the door below, and head back to the northwest corner.
Go ALL the way east from there.  From the northeast corner, start going south,
take the fork to the left to reach a set of steps.  Now on 2F, just head west
to get a chest with an Hourglass inside.  Go back to 1F, and continue to the
south east corner.  Start heading west.  Keep west at the fork to reach a
chest with some Garlic, take the fork north to reach some more steps to 2F.
  As you head east from the 2F steps, take the three-way south to find a chest
in the southeast corner with a Knife inside.  Head to the northeast corner for
a chest with a Buckler inside.  Head west from there and walk all the way
around to the southwest corner.  Go east to reach the steps to 3F.
  Walk ALL the way north from the stairs.  Go west at the three-way and around
to the southwest corner.  There's a chest there holding the Thunder Spear, and
a sneaky monster.

   HP:3000   MP:240
  ATK:120  HIT%: 8-100%
  DEF:120  EVA%: 1-80%  M.DEF: 8-30%

  The Fallen Emperor is way tougher than his former self.  Although he is
undead, he has no weakness.  He has plenty of strengths though, along with
a high DEF, and deadly ATK.  The only strategy here is to survive.  The Fallen
Emperor loves casting DOOM, so if your M.DEF isn't high, you may find it
difficult to beat him.  Wear him down with physical attacks and high leveled
offensive spells.  Once you beat him, go back to the three-way, and continue
east to reach the steps to 4F.

  As you go north from the steps, make a U-Turn back south.  You should see
a chest.  Take it for a Saint's Spirit.  Then go north again.  At the
intersection, go left for another chest.  This one has a Slumber Stalk inside.
Go back to the intersection, and take it north.  Now at a three-way, go west.
This should lead you to the southwest corner.  To the right is a door, and
inside that door, three chests.  From left to right they contain: a Mage's
Staff, the Healing Staff, and a Spellbinder.  The Healing Staff is a fun toy
to play with, especially against the undead...  Backtrack to the three-way,
and take it east, to the northeast corner.  Ascend the stairs.
  Now on 5F, head west.  Take the steps to 6F.  There's a chest below the
stairs.  Make your way to it for the Sunblade, careful though, because it is
guarded by monsters.  Continue south from the Sunblade, walk around to the
northeast corner for steps leading to the 7F.  Climb the steps, then head
west.  Take the fork south(the only logical way to go) until you see a door.
Go inside and find three chests, each containing Elixirs, yay!  Now go back
and return to 5F.  Walk east from the 5F stairs, then go south.  This'll take
you all around 5F, ending in the northwest corner with more stairs to 6F.  Go
up them.
  Not much to do here, go south from the steps, and make your way to the
southeast corner.  Climb the stairs there to 7F.  Once there, just head north,
and climb those steps to 8F. 
  On 8F now, go down, to the southeast corner, and then west, ALL the way to
the southwest corner.  Head up to the northwest corner for two chests.  One
has a Hellfire, the other a Zephyr Flute.  Return back south.  At the
intersection, in the center of 8F.  Start to head north.  At this point you
should unequip Richard of useful equipment, 'cuz somethin's about to go down.
Make your way north now, up the small set of stairs, and across the pretty
red rug.  At the top of 8F, sitting on the throne, you see the Dark Knight,
Lionheart.  He looks a little lonely, so chat with him for a second.
  Lionheart was expecting you, but isn't quite in the mood for a reunion.  He
likes his throne, and doesn't want to hear his sister tell him to give it up.
Amidst the commotion, the Emperor pops-in outta nowhere to reclaim his throne.
Lionheart doesn't like the idea, and challenges the undead Emperor.  The
Emperor reveals that he's not interested in the petty throne, and lays out his
grand scheme to make the world a living hell, you being his first victims.
Great.  Before that happens though Richard tells you to ride his Hiryuu out
while he battles the Emperor.  He doesn't stand much of a chance(especially
if you took his gear), but it's the best shot you have at escaping.  The
Hiryuu picks everyone up and flies them to safety.
  Back at Fynn you debrief Hilda on the situation.  The Emperor has risen from
the dead to wreck havoc, and the last Dragoon is dead.  Maria tries to
convince Lionheart to join the party and help defeat the Emperor.  Lionheart,
although, dispirited, joins the group.  Go to the throne room in Fynn, and
speak with Hilda.  She'll inform you that the Emperor has risen Pandaemonium,
an ancient demon castle, in place of Castle Palamecia.  Learn about the "JADE
PASSAGE" from her, the only way into Pandaemonium.

VI. Pandaemonium, the Forbidden Fortress

 VI-A. Return to Deist  (HP:1000  WPN: 8  MP:190  SPL: 6)
  It's not necessary to go back to Deist, but it is beneficial.  After
recovering, get into your airship(which should be just outside of Fynn) and
fly to Deist, to pay Richard's wife and son a visit.  Tell them of Richard's
sacrifice, and mention "DRAGOONS" to her.  She'll decide to move on to another
village and leave Deist behind them.  Before she goes, she gives you a sword
prized by the Dragoons:  Excalibur.

 VI-B. Get Ya Weight Up  (HP:1100  WPN: 8  MP:190  SPL: 6)
  Unless you've been stomping absolutely everything you've come across, you're
gonna have to build up your squad, especially Lionheart.  Lionheart has no
spells, and very low MP, but decent stats.  Also, he has pretty good weapon
skills, the axe and sword being his highest skills.  Take this time to build
up his HP, your HP, and spells.  Also, don't forget your raw stats, if they
are low.  Bring plenty of Elixirs, and other healing items into the Jade

 VI-C. The Jade Passage  (HP:1300  WPN: 9  MP:200  SPL: 6)
  When you feel fully prepared, head to the Jade Passage.  It's located on the
long peninsula far to the east of Mysidia.  You could also fly southeast from
Altair, or southwest from Kas'ion.  The Jade Passage is a portal that leads
into hell, so you can bet that the monsters won't be too friendly there.
  Here's my gear/spells into the Jade Passage...

         Right: Thunder Spear   Spells: Bolt  Lv 6    UltimaLv 5
         Left : Diamond Shield          Stop  Lv 6
         Head : Diamond Helm            Aura  Lv 3
         Armor: Diamond Mail            Cure  Lv 6
         Glove: Diamond Glove           Safe  Lv 6
         Right: Spellbinder     Spells: Cure  Lv 7    Rasp  Lv 5
         Left : N/A                     Life  Lv 2    Exit  Lv 1
         Head : Gold Hairpin            Esuna Lv 6    Holy  Lv 6
         Armor: White Robe              Blink Lv 6
         Glove: Power Armlet            Mini  Lv 5
         Right: Ripper          Spells: Fire  Lv 7    OsmoseLv 1
         Left : N/A                     Ice   Lv 7    Blind Lv 6
         Head : Twist Headband          PoisonLv 6    Curse Lv 6
         Armor: Black Robe              Flare Lv 6    Sleep Lv 6
         Glove: Leather Glove           Drain Lv 1    Doom  Lv 6
         Right: Orichalcon      Spells: Cure  Lv 4
         Left : Excalibur               Life  Lv 1
         Head : Diamond Helm            Esuna Lv 2
         Armor: Black Outfit            BasunaLv 1
         Glove: Thief's Glove

  Once you enter the Jade Passage, go east.  Follow the water eastward.
Before the water ends, you should see a chest.  Take it for the Diamond Mace,
the strongest Cane/Mace weapon.  Follow the river back west, ignoring the
door to the north.  Once back near the entrance, make your way to the
southwest corner of this floor for another chest.  Inside this one is a
Hellfire.  Take it, then go straight east.  ALL the way.  There'll be a door
on the east side, go inside it to find the stairs leading down to the next
  Now on B2, ignore the door just southeast of you, and head north.  Go to
the northwest corner for another Hellfire.  Follow the river east.  As it
turns south, there'll be a chest to the right of it.  Grab it for a South
Wind.  Head southwest from there, and keep southwest until you see a chest.
It's guarded by a Blue Dragon, but inside it holds the Cat Claws.

   HP:3500   MP:240
  ATK:180  HIT%: 8-100%
  DEF:150  EVA%: 1-75%  M.DEF: 8-40%

  The Blue Dragon loves BOLT, so use POISON attacks.  Use the same strategy
from the other dragons.  Keep your team buffed and in top shape.  If you're
POISON is at a decent level, the dragon should fall quickly, if not, well,
then you're in for a fight...

  From the chest, go east.  Ignore the door in the southeast corner, and
proceed to the one in the northeast corner.  Go inside the door there to find
the steps to B3.
  B3 is a long, winding path, with a waterfall splitting it into two sides.
You'll have to cut through the waterfall a couple of times, and it will
damage your party a little.  There are a buncha doors along the way, but they
are all empty, except for the one in the southeast corner of B3.  That's your
goal.  Follow the winding path from the northwest corner, down to the
southeast corner.  Along the way, you may spot a chest.  Inside is the Rune
Axe, but if you try to take it, you'll be attacked by the King Behemoth.

   HP:5000   MP:  0
  ATK:150  HIT%: 8-100%
  DEF:120  EVA%: 1-50%  M.DEF: 8-30%
  ABSORBS: none
  SKILLS: none

  He can be a tough fight, due to his lack of a weakness, and the fact that
he hits very hard.  In fact, that's his strategy, hit you hard.  Use this to
your advantage and rely on debuffing spells such as CURSE, BLIND, and SLEEP.
Your spells will have to be pretty high, but if you've taken the time to
build them up, it'll come in handy.  I found that the Shade Bow and Ancient
Sword worked well in afflicting the beast with BLIND and CURSE.  Once you take
away it's offensive power, it's just a matter of time before the King
Behemoth is dethroned.

  Also, along the way, at the very bottom, behind the waterfall, is a hidden
magic shop.  No one knows who the vendor is.  Some believe it to be Ming-wu.
Others believe it to be a banished Mysidian Mage, perhaps from FF1.  I've
even heard rumors of it being Yojimbo, believe it or not.  Oh, it's true.
Regardless of who it is, this guy or gal is pushing some unique spells, which
if you haven't been lucky enough to get a hold of via monster drops, you can
get here.  Up for sale is the DOOM, BERSERK, HASTE, and FLARE spells.
He/She requires a pretty penny for the spells, but it should be nothing you
can't handle.  But what they're gonna do with the cash down in a pit infested
with monsters is their business.  I couldn't tell you... renovating...?
eh, now moving on...  Continue to the southeast corner.  There'll be three
doors.  Take the one all the way on the right.  Go down those steps to B4.
  Start by heading north from the steps.  You should see a chest to your right
eventually.  Grab it for a Backstabber, then continue north.  Once you cannot
go north anymore, start to go east, and go inside the door at the top of B4.
Inside are three chests, containing from left to right: the Aegis Shield,
the Dragon Armor, and the Holy Lance.  Exit the room and continue heading
east, toward the northeast corner of B4.  Grab the chest there for the Yoichi
Bow, and a Red Dragon.

   HP:5000   MP:450
  ATK:180  HIT%: 8-100%
  DEF:180  EVA%: 1-75%  M.DEF: 8-40%

  These guys just keep getting tougher and tougher.  The Red Dragon is the
strongest of all the dragons, but don't let that scare you.  The same gameplan
should still work.  Blast this guy with ICE and keep the party in good health.
If you can, try to CURSE it, among other ailments.  The Red Dragon hits hard,
so beware.

  Once you're done, head south from the chest, and go inside the door along
the eastern wall.  Descend the stairs, and tread deeper into the cave.
  Now on B5, the path is rather straight-forward.  On the wall by the steps
is a sign saying something about the gates of Hell, so you know you're close.
At least now you're sure that you didn't take a wrong turn, good thing that
message was there, yeah?  Heh, anyway, continue by following along the path,
and eventually you'll spot a chest.  Grab it for a Hi-Potion.  Close to that
chest, is another chest to the northeast.  Inside is a Protect Ring.  Ignore
the door next to this chest, though, unless you enjoy looking at empty rooms.
Continue along the path, and you'll spot another chest, with another
Hi-Potion.  Follow the path south, until you see the door at the end of it.
Go inside to and down the stairs to B6.
  Another easy floor to navigate.  Just follow the path on B6 around, and
climb up a few steps until you see a small rectangular room.  There's a
teleporter in that room that will take you to Pandaemonium.

 VI-D. Pandaemonium  (HP:1500  WPN: 9  MP:200  SPL: 7)
  If you got your ass whooped, and barely made it here, then EXIT out,
quickly.  You're HP should have boosted quite a bit in the Jade Passage.  If
it didn't, then you probably didn't wind up fighting all those annoying Abyss
Worms.  Anyway, if you had trouble getting this far, then escape, return to
town, restock your crew, and build up a little more.

  Here's my gear/spells into Pandaemonium...

         Right: Holy Lance      Spells: Bolt  Lv 7    Safe  Lv 6
         Left : Aegis Shield            Stop  Lv 6    UltimaLv 6
         Head : Diamond Helm            BersrkLv 2
         Armor: Dragon Armor            Aura  Lv 3
         Glove: Diamond Glove           Cure  Lv 7
         Right: Diamond Mace    Spells: Cure  Lv 8    Rasp  Lv 5
         Left : N/A                     Life  Lv 2    Exit  Lv 1
         Head : Gold Hairpin            Esuna Lv 6    Holy  Lv 7
         Armor: White Robe              Blink Lv 6
         Glove: Power Armlet            Mini  Lv 5
         Right: CatClaw         Spells: Fire  Lv 8    OsmoseLv 2
         Left : N/A                     Ice   Lv 7    Blind Lv 6
         Head : Twist Headband          PoisonLv 7    Curse Lv 7
         Armor: Black Robe              Flare Lv 7    Sleep Lv 6
         Glove: Protect Ring            Drain Lv 1    Doom  Lv 6
         Right: Ripper          Spells: Cure  Lv 5
         Left : Excalibur               Life  Lv 1
         Head : Diamond Helm            Esuna Lv 2
         Armor: Black Outfit            BasunaLv 1
         Glove: Thief's Glove

  Pandaemonium is full of monsters, dead-ends, rooms, floors, steps,
teleporters, secret passages, and of course my favorite:  Treasure!  All of 
the good stuff is guarded by big mean Bosses.  But don't worry, that's what
I'm here for.  Of course, now that you're in Pandaemonium, you cannot leave,
unless you have the EXIT or BANISH spells.
  On 1F, start by heading south, and walking all the way around to the
southeast corner.  Then up the long set of steps.  From those steps, head
west and around the winding path to find and reach the steps to 2F.
  Head south from the steps, then make a U-Turn back north.  All the way
north lies a chest with an Ether inside.  Go south from that chest, and down
a set of steps on the left.  Double-back north once again, at the top of 2F
are two pillars with a teleporter in the center.  Use the teleporter to get
to 3F.  Notice, that once you enter the teleporter, you can't go back...
  Go south from the entrance point, then a little east for a chest with some
Eyedrops inside.  Return to the entrance point, the go north.  Turn east as
you hit the top of 3F.  Then as you turn south, go west.  This will lead to
what appears to be a dead-end, but it's not.  Walk through the wall, and
continue south.  This made your path to the teleporter a lot quicker.
  Now on 4F, go north.  There'll be four doors.  Choose the one all the way
on the left first.  Now on 5F, follow the path.  You should pass through a
few 'tunnels' along the way.  As you pass the third one, continue north until
you hit the wall.  From there, go west to find a hidden passage.  This'll
take you north, to a small room with a chest.  Inside are the Genji Gloves,
but don't think receiving them will be that easy.

TOUGH(well, not really) FIGHT:  ZOMBIE BORGHEN
   HP:2500   MP:370
  ATK:120  HIT%: 6-95%
  DEF:120  EVA%: 1-60%  M.DEF:10-100%

  It seems that Borghen has come back for revenge.  But wait, he looks
different.  Borghen has turned into a... a...  a Zombie!  Set Zombie Borghen
on FIRE, and slap him around like before.  If someone is using Canes/Maces,
equip the Heal Staff for major damage.  Really, if you're here, and lose to
this guy, then there really is no helping you...

  Go south from the chest and through the first tunnel.  Take the second
tunnel north.  This should take you to the top of 5F, and east of the chest
you took.  Continue east, and STAY east.  You can walk through both walls that
block your path along the way.  You should bump into a pillar.  Walk around
it, but stay below it.  Check out the wall east of the pillar to be taken to a
hidden room with some nice treasure.  Inside the room is the Masamune, the
most powerful weapon in the game.  The chest itself isn't guarded, but the
room is filled with random encounters with some rather strong foes.  This room
makes for a great place to build up your squad and find some unique treasure
from monster drops.  Retrace your steps back to 4F, the floor with the four
  Take the next door on the right to enter another part of 5F.  Head west
from the door, and through the tunnel.  Climb the small set of stairs, and
check out the wall to the west.  In the corner should be a secret passage,
go through it to the west, and then through the tunnel north to be taken to
a chest with the Genji Helm inside.  This chest is guarded by Tiamat.

   HP:5000   MP:450
  ATK:150  HIT%: 8-100%
  DEF:180  EVA%: 1-80%  M.DEF: 8-70%

  Tiamat absorbs all elemental spells.  So only HOLY, FLARE, and ULTIMA can
hurt him.  On top of that Tiamat has a variety of spells to cast on your
party, and can hit hard.  Buff your attacks with BERSERK and HASTE.  If need
be, use Yoichi's Bow for BERSERK 3 and the Masamune for HASTE 11.  If you can,
try to use BLIND on him to reduce his Hit%.  He has a weakness to the STUN
spell, so nail him with that if you've got it built up.  Wear him down, and
stay healthy.  Keep your HP up, and you should win.

  After you've taken down Tiamat, you can go back.  There's nothing else here,
so you might as well go back to 4F, you know, the room with the four door.
You've been there before, yeah?
  Once back on 4F, take the door ALL the way to the RIGHT.  This'll take you
to a portion of 6F, along the eastern wall.  Follow it all the way up until
you see the chest.  Grab it for the Genji Armor, and to challenge Beelzebub.

   HP:5000   MP:450
  ATK:150  HIT%: 8-100%
  DEF:180  EVA%: 1-80%  M.DEF: 8-70%

  Beelzebub is strong against ICE, and absorbs FIRE.  His defense is rather
high also.  Buff your attacks and go to work.  High level POISON, FLARE, HOLY,
and ULTIMA work pretty good.  He likes to Paralyze characters, so a decent
leveled BASUNA can come in handy.  Go all out offense, and take 'em out quick,
just be sure to keep your HP in check.  Once finished, return to 4F, and into
the final door(the next one to your left).

  Follow the path, and go through the first three tunnels.  As you approach
the fourth, turn west before going under.  The wall is a secret passage that
will cut a lot of steps.  It will also get you to the chest a lot faster.
Open it up for a Ribbon, and to unleash Astaroth.

   HP:7000   MP:540
  ATK:150  HIT%: 8-100%
  DEF:180  EVA%: 1-80%  M.DEF: 8-70%
  ABSORBS: none

  This battle can be a walk in the park, or a nightmare.  Astaroth is
resistant to most elemental attacks.  Again, POISON, HOLY, FLARE, and ULTIMA
are your friends.  Other than that, you'll have to use the Masamune to break
his DEF, unless you use the BERSERK spell.  Watch out for Astaroth's physical
attack though, if he connects, he'll recover a lot of HP.  Use SAFE and BLINK
to protect yourself.  If Astaroth stupidly cast his spells, then you'll have a
good chance of an easy victory.  However, if he's set on bashing your head in,
then you'll have a fight on your hands.  If you seem to be having a hard time
with him, nail him with the Blood Sword a few times for a quick kill.

  Continue westward from the chest.  You can walk through one of the walls
just west of the chest.  From there make your way to the southwest corner to
find the teleporter.  Yet another hidden passage is located in the wall
northeast from the teleporter.  It should save you a couple of steps.
  Now you should be back on 4F, but at the upper level.  Travel north, then
east to find the next teleporter, and to reach 7F.  Go west, and grab the
chest above you to receive a Sage's Wisdom.  Continue west and climb the
stairs.  Walk along back east, then south, and finally back west to the
southwest corner and the teleporter to 8F.
  Really a simple floor here.  You start in the southwest corner.  The
southeast corner holds a chest with a Hellfire inside.  The northwest corner
has a chest that contains an Acid Bottle.  And the northeast corner is where
the teleporter lies.  Grab the chests and hit the teleporter to reach 9F.
  Yet another easy floor.  Just go southwest into the corner.  That's where
the teleporter is.  Take it to 10F, and where the Emperor is located.  The
time for the final battle is at hand, or is it...?

 VI-E. The Finale  (HP:1750  WPN:10  MP:225  SPL: 7)
  If you made it this far, and are in pretty good shape, then that would be
a good sign.  If you barely made it, are outta MP, Elixirs 'n stuff, and
desperately need to escape, do so with the EXIT spell.  Now that you have all
the treasures in Pandaemonium, navigating should be easier the next time
  Before heading into the final battle, you may want to increase the party's
HP and skills.  Doing so will make the journey back to the Emperor easier and
leaving you more HP and MP.  Also, finding superior gear in Pandaemonium from
monster drops is a good idea.
  If you haven't faced him already, a rare monster appears in the first few
floors of Pandaemonium.  The Iron Giant drops all of the Genji gear, the
Aegis Shield, and the Excalibur, but he only drops one item at a time, and an
item drop isn't guaranteed.  Still, if you want to max-out your party on
defense, hunt down the Iron Giant in Pandaemonium.  Sometimes it may take
forever just to find one, other times they just keep popping up.  Be patient,
as the rewards can be great.  The Genji gear has the most Defensive
protection, but also kills your Evade Percentage, however, if you have a
Shield and wield it at a high level, it shouldn't even phase your Evasion.
  When you get ready, head all the way back to Pandaemonium.  You'll have to
travel through the Jade Passage again, but it shouldn't be a problem any
longer.  Tread Pandaemonium again, and make your way to 10F to confront the
Emperor, and the final battle.
  Here's my gear/spells before facing the Emperor...

         Right: Holy Lance      Spells: Bolt  Lv 7    Safe  Lv 6
         Left : Aegis Shield            Stop  Lv 6    UltimaLv 7
         Head : Diamond Helm            BersrkLv 4
         Armor: Genji Armor             Aura  Lv 4
         Glove: Genji Glove             Cure  Lv 7
         Right: Diamond Mace    Spells: Cure  Lv 9    Rasp  Lv 5
         Left : N/A                     Life  Lv 2    Exit  Lv 1
         Head : Ribbon                  Esuna Lv 6    Holy  Lv 7
         Armor: White Robe              Blink Lv 6
         Glove: Power Armlet            Mini  Lv 6
         Right: CatClaw         Spells: Fire  Lv 8    OsmoseLv 2
         Left : N/A                     Ice   Lv 7    Blind Lv 7
         Head : Twist Headband          PoisonLv 7    Curse Lv 7
         Armor: Black Robe              Flare Lv 8    Sleep Lv 6
         Glove: Protect Ring            Drain Lv 1    Doom  Lv 6
         Right: Ripper          Spells: Cure  Lv 5
         Left : Masamune                Life  Lv 1
         Head : Genji Helm              Esuna Lv 2
         Armor: Dragon Armor            BasunaLv 1
         Glove: Thief's Glove

  When finally reaching the Emperor, everyoneís HP was at around 1000-2000.
Carry enough Elixirs to fully rejuvenate the squad, and have a few extras for
the battle itself.  When you're ready, walk north from the entrance point on
10F, and speak with the Emperor, who is awaiting your company at the top of
the room.  The Emperor runs his mouth for a bit, then the battle ensues...

   HP:10000  MP:540
  ATK:180  HIT%: 8-100%
  DEF:210  EVA%: 1-80%  M.DEF:16-70%

  The Emperor has many attacks to hit you with.  Some of his favorites being
METEO(Starfall), FLARE, SLOW, BLIND, CURSE and his physical attack.  Beware of
his physical attack.  It does an insane amount of damage, and heals him in the
process.  If you're not careful, he can take you out in one hit.  Occasionally,
he uses DISPEL, reducing your special defenses, which in turn increases the
potency of his spells.  However, in the NES version, DISPEL doesn't work, so
if you're playing the NES version, then lucky you.  SLOW will override HASTE,
and make the victim's attacks next-to useless.  Keep your HP high, and protect
yourself from his attacks using SAFE and BLINK.  SHELL, BARRIER, and WALL may
not be as useful, his spells are at level 16, but aren't all that threatening
anyway...  not when compared to his physical attack.  METEO damages the entire
party for about 250 points, and his FLARE spell causes about 600-700 damage to
a single character.
  The Emperor's defenses are second to none.  He has resistance to just about
everything, and absorbs the rest.  Regular weapons aren't particularly
useful, as his Defense is just to high.  Cast HASTE and BERSERK on whoever
wields the Masamune, or if they're at high levels, the entire party.  Remember,
whoever does have the Masamune can cast HASTE by using the item in battle.
Lv16 Fists do well against the Emperor as well, if you can get them that high.
HASTE gives you higher attack counts, giving you a better chance to 'Critical
Hit' through the Emperor's high defense.  Since he is resistant to everything,
only non-elemental spells such as HOLY, FLARE, and ULTIMA will be truly
effective.  If you've worked hard, and got those three spells built up to
around 7 or 8, they'll serve you well, inflicting anywhere from 250-600 points
of damage.  Combine these spells with Sage's Wisdom and Saint's Spirit for a
little extra damage.
  Keep any fighters 100% by nulling the Emperor's BLIND and SLOW spells 
immediately.  Also, be sure to heal any character who is CURSED.  A cursed
member's offensive and defensive capabilities are reduced, making them a
perfect target for the Emperor's almighty attack.  Speaking of that attack,
you may want to have a couple of characters with the LIFE spell handy...  Stay
on the offensive, but always try to keep everyone close to full HP.  If you're
lucky, he may just continually cast spells.  If you're not, then he'll just
keep smashing your squad until they're squish.

                          ***EASY WAY***
  The Emperor does, in fact, have a weakness:  The Blood Sword.  It may seem
weak and dumb at first glance, but this thing just slices and dices the
Emperor to bits, and heals whoever wields it.  You can actually kill him in
one single hit with this, and there are two Blood Swords in the game.  The
first is found in B4 of the Castle Fynn Sewers, the other is located in Paul's
stash.  The second one is only obtainable by talking with Paul BEFORE you
enter the Cyclone.  If you get smashed by the Emperor, and are using this
sword, then, my friend, you suck.

  Anyway, after stomping the hell outta the Emperor, again...  Serenity is
restored and everything is A-OK.  Good job, you just won Final Fantasy II.
Now sit back, enjoy the ending, and watch the credits roll.  See.  That wasn't
so hard, now was it?

4. Secrets

4A. Snowcraft Mini-Game (WSC, PS, and GBA versions only)

    Like FF1, there is a mini-game in FF2.  Hop aboard your snowcraft and
  hold down the A button(accept), and press the B button(cancel) 22
  times.  This will take you to a card matching game.  This is sorta like
  the matching game from Super Mario 3.  Match up the characters on the cards
  and earn prizes for winning.  The fewer times you 'miss' a match, the better
  your prizes you win.  The cards aren't shown to you at the beginning though,
  so you have to be psychic, or just be really good at guessing.
    Your prizes(as far as the WSC and PS versions are concerned) are based on
  your number of misses, and the time taken.  If you can beat the clock for
  a set number of misses, then you get the full prize, however, if you don't
  get the best time, you only get a portion of the prize.  It's pretty much
  impossible to not get the best time at first, as the time to beat is
  99 hours and 59 minutes.
    If you have built the TOAD spell up to 16, all the characters turn into
  frogs.  Now, I'm sure you may be thinking "so what".  But get this, once
  you do this, you can earn some killer prizes.  I'm talking Aegis Shield,
  along with some Genji gear.  Definitely worth checking out.
    The prizes vary from the GBA, and PS/WSC versions of FF2.  Below I've
  listed the prizes from each version.  For the Playstation and WSC versions,
  the bottom prize for each miss is what you receive for not getting the best
  time.  The rewards listed for the GBA version are straight from the official
  strategy guide, I've not played the GBA version yet, so...  Here are the
  list of prizes for each version:
PS & WSC       Regular                          TOAD lv.16
Misses - 0 - 40,000Gil;Elixer;PhoenixDown   - 10,000Gil;AegisShield
             24,000Gil;Elixer               - 8,000Gil;Hermes;UnicornHorn
       - 1 - 12,000Gil;PhoenixDown;Cottage  - 5,000Gil;Ribbon
             6,000Gil;PhoenixDown           - 3,000Gil;Bacchus'Wine;M.Mirror
       - 2 - 3,000Gil;GoldNeedle;Ether      - 2,000Gil;GenjiHelm
             2,000Gil;Ether                 - 1,500Gil;Magiconch;GaiaDrum
       - 3 - 1,000Gil;Hi-Potion;Maiden'sKiss- 1,000Gil;GenjiArmor
             600Gil;Hi-Potion               - 600Gil;Saint'sSpirit;Hourglass
       - 4 - 300Gil;Hi-Potion;Antidote      - 400Gil;GenjiGlove
             200Gil;Potion                  - 300Gil;Sage'sWisdom;Hellfire
       - 5+- 100Gil                         - 200Gil

GBA             Regular                        TOAD lv.16
Misses - 0 - 20,000Gil;Elixer;Cottage     - 40,000Gil;Masamune
       - 1 - 15,000Gil;Elixer             - 25,000Gil;AegisShield
       - 2 - 10,000Gil;PhoenixDown;Cottage- 10,000Gil;GenjiArmor
       - 3 - 5,000Gil;PhoenixDown         - 5,000Gil;GenjiGloves
       - 4 - 2,500Gil;GoldNeedle;Ether    - 2,500Gil;GenjiHelm
       - 5 - 1,500Gil;Ether               - 1,500Gil;Hermes
       - 6 - 500Gil;GoldNeedle            - 1,000Gil;Sage'sWisdom
       - 7 - 300Gil;Hi-Potion;Antidote    - 500Gil;Saint'sSpirit
       - 8 - 200Gil;Hi-Potion             - 300Gil;Bacchus'Wine
       - 9 - 100Gil;Potion;Antidote       - 200Gil;Conch Shell
       -10 - Potion                       - 100Gil

4B. Chocobo

    The Chocobo made it's first appearance in FF2j.  There is only one Chocobo
  Forest in the game, and it's located directly south of Kas'ion.  The forest
  is more hidden on the NES version, but on the other versions you can tell
  where it is by an open patch in the forest.  Once inside the forest, find
  and 'catch' the 'lil chocobo running around, then just head out of the
  forest and the chocobo will be waiting for you.
    The chocobo is like any other regular chocobo.  You can pretty much ride
  it wherever you can walk.  Your restrictions being mountains, water, the
  snow, etc.  While riding the chocobo, you encounter no random battles, which
  makes it useful at certain parts of the game.

4C. Normal Mode (WSC and PS versions only)

    Once you complete the game, you have the option to save your completed
  data(PS).  Upon doing so, you open up the ability to play Normal Mode.  This
  puts the game at it's original difficulty.  Auto-target and dash are turned
  off, plus your weapon and spell skills level-up a little slower, like
  intended.  Good stuff, you haven't beat the game until you beat it in this

4D. Blood Sword

    At first glance, this may seem to be the weakest weapon in the game.  And
  in many situations, it is.  The Blood Sword has 0 ATK power, and if used on
  the undead, it absorbs your health and gives it to the monster.  Although if
  used on regular monsters, it absorbs the damage done, and heals whoever
  wields it.  A handy feature, but because of it's low ATK, it's not always
  a reliable source to use for healing.
    What really makes this sword shine though, is that certain monsters have
  a hidden weakness against the Blood Sword.  Most notable are the Mythril
  Golem, Astaroth, and the Final Boss himself.  Not only does it slice 'n dice
  these guys to bits, but you absorb a bunch of the damage done, nice side
    I've mentioned this all before, but there are only two Blood Swords in the
  game.  The first is found in Fynn's Down Below, at B4.  The other is located
  in Paul's stash, and the only way to gain access to that is to speak with
  Paul BEFORE you enter the Cyclone.  Tell him that you plan on entering the
  "CYCLONE" and he'll let you have his loot.  In one of the chests is the
  Blood Sword.

4E. Waterfall Magic Shop

    At the bottom of B3 in the Jade Passage(the room with all the waterfalls),
  there is a secret magic shop in the big waterfall.  No one knows who the
  shop keeper is, and rumors have popped up here and there on who it could
  actually be.  But whoever it is, is hustlin' some rare spells, on the spot.
  I'm talkin' DOOM, BERSERK, HASTE, and FLARE.  That's right, FLARE.  You'll
  need a heavy wallet, 'cuz what's being pushed is the real deal.  Don't ask
  questions, just get down to B3 in the Jade Passage, at the bottom, behind
  the waterfall.

5. Revisions/History

Version 1.0 --- [01/19/2006]

Version 1.1 --- [02/07/2006]
 - Updated the "Thanks" section, forgot a few peeps, heh...
 - Added the "Secrets" section
 - corrected numerous spelling errors

Version 2.0 --- [04/27/2006]
 - Added info. about INT/SOUL Penalties
 - edited equipment due to penalties
 - corrected/added info. about spells
 - corrected status ailment info.
 - edited/corrected boss tactics and stats
 - corrected more spelling errors

Version 2.1 --- [08/14/2006]
 - corrected info. about AGL and Evasion
  - EVA% helps raise AGL
  - RUN deals with EVA%
 - Added "EVA% Significance" section
 - Toad condition is similar to K.O.
 - corrected some more spelling errors

Version 2.2 --- [08/21/2006]
 - corrected the EVA% formula from weapon/shield bonuses
 - corrected some info. in the "INT/SOUL penalties" section

6. Legal crap

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  This is by no means an official strategy guide, although I did use a tid-bit
  of facts from the PSX handbook, and Dawn of Souls Strategy Guide.  Mostly
  status ailment stuff and enemy strengths/immunities.  Also used for info.
  on the Snowcraft Mini-game.

7. Thanks

Square - providing this great RPG, and many fly ones afterwards

NEO Demiforce - for translating the NES version of FF2j

RPGOne - making the translation patch for the WSC version of FF2j

Final Fantasy Classics - a killer FF1 site, that inspired my FF2 site, which
                         in turn inspired this walkthrough

FCE Ultra, NESticle, WSCamp, & Cygne - Couldn't play the ROMs without these
                                       programs, so thanks to these guys

silktail - corrected some INT/SOUL penalty errors, and informed me about
           the "+1" in the EVA% formula from weapons and shields

The People - I gotta thank all the people who send me e-mails 'n stuff about
             my site, a great source of motivation, thanks for the support

You - you're reading the thing, so... thanks