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Freedom Force

NES 1988

Version: 1.0


Plug in the zapper lightgun into Port 1 to be able to play. Simply point and
shoot at the screen to get this game started.

Your mission is to neutralize all terrorists. Sometimes they simply disappear
but you want to kill them before they have the chance to shoot at your first.

There seem to be four different types of enemies. One is the normal goon with
just a pistol. He takes off one chunk off your health bar when he gets the
chance to shoot. Next up we have the same guy armed with an automatic which
fires quick bursts and takes off around 1/3rd or 1/4th from the health bar. The
other two enemies have a grenade or grenade launcher. Either will kill you in
an instant if they manage to hit you. Fortunately you are able to shoot down
the grenade in mid-air although it takes quite a bit of skilled shooting.

Every 2 scenes there is a Code Breaker mini-game. This is like hangman where
you need to guess letters that might be in the word you are looking for. As the
white line cycles through the letters, shoot the one you want to try. You may
only do five errors but all you play for is bonus points anyway. Each second
left on the clock is worth 100 points. So if you are not very good at this then
just let the timer run out or get five errors on purpose. Hitting the same
letter you have used already will result in a different error sound, but not
give you another error count.

New items appear in the bottom right corner of the screen. Shoot it to pick it
up. It is required for reloaded your ammo among other things. One item that you
can pick up is the "Harder" symbol, which makes the goons tougher. This is of
course for players that want more of a challenge only. I suppose picking this
up by mistake is also a planned feature. Watch out for invaluable "Health" and
"Ammo" boxes.

The display includes your health bar, which decreases with the amount of damage
you take. Simple gunshot wounds only reduce it by one or few chunks but a
grenade may take out the entire bar in one go! Health is kept over from one
scene to the next. You may also gain health by shooting enemies in a specific
way. It seems kind of random. The error bar is your allowed limit of mistakes
you may do. This includes shooting innocent hostages. If you shoot to many it
is also game over. Points are awarded for taking down the enemies. Lastly, the
ammo counter is reduces with every shot you take. Refill this by picking up
more from dead goons. The ammo is reset to full after each scene.

2-Player mode is alternate play. One player finishes a stage and the other one
has to do the same. If one player dies then the other one can complete the game
by himself.


Scene 1:

Bagmen are holding many hostages. Save the innocent.

You start out at a stopped airplane with way too many emergency exits. They
will open up as you go by and bagmen or hostages may pop up. I say 'may'
because sometimes the door is just plain empty. This does not mean a goon might
show up there after a few seconds.

Scene 2:

Now that the plane is secure, the criminals are in the terminal walkway. As
they look out from the windows, take 'em out. Look out for the grannies that
have a death wish. After scrolling to the right you are nearly done.

Scene 3:

This takes place in the airport terminal itself. The goons like to pop up from
behind the pillars. There are a lot of hostages here, including ones that are
uses as body shield. Do not attempt to shoot the foe behind any of those as
this will only result in slaying the hostage itself while the guy gets home

When the scene reaches that refreshment stand, be on the lookout for both right
and left pillars. This will be a little bit tougher as they are so far apart.

Scene 4:

Elite Assassins who are charged with Jaywalking?

You have made it outside the airport. Enemies tend to be behind trees but take
special care of the guys hiding inside the broken buses on the far sides of the
street. There are lots of civilians that like to hang about for too long any
real person would ever do.

Scene 5:

Eugene Extreme's hideout apparently. Lots of goons here in the windows and some
grannies obviously haven't learnt from the airport walkway. After one hellish
cycle through the neighborhood you have flattened the enemy HQ.

Now you may restart the game from the beginning with added difficulty. On the
fourth time you have managed to destroy the HQ there is a new ending sequence.

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