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Friday The 13Th- BY LJN toys 

Written on April 20, 2004


1.0 First Version,updates to come.

-Intro- This game was made for the nes in  1988 by LJn toys, 
and its  a pretty underrated game. It may be hard to get into, 
but once you do , you will want to play it untill you win. 
This game may be beatable in 4 minutes by experts, but 
expect a many hours of gameplay because its got a 
pretty high challenge level for a beginner, 
which makes you do over and over again till you complete it. 

This game is based on Fridaythe13th's Crystal Lake area, 
and has some elements of the movie.
A man named Jason is  out for revenge, 
and is killing the kids, and you have 
6 counsollors to try to kill him with, but it is 
easier said then done.

-Table of contents-
1. Characters
2. Controls
3. Items
4. Enemies
5. Weapons
6. Jason Fight Strategys
7. Walkthrough
8. Credits
9. Copyright

*1* The Six playable Counsollors.

Mark: This is the fastest character, and jumper. 
You will use him through most of the game.
He rows his boat like it has a motor, and 
can easily jump over enemies, if he dies 
you might want to restart the game.

Paul:  I never really use this Counsollor much, 
if I do its for protecting someone on the lake, 
or for fighting in the houses. Never use him to 
go get items, he isn't fast enough and cant really 
jump enemies very good.

George: Like Paul, I rarely use him, he cant 
jump or run very good, so just stick with him 
when you need extra help, or your fast characters 
are nearly dead.

CRISSY: This character should be used like Mark, 
the one who goes and gets the items for everyone, 
has about the same jumping and running 
power as mark and can fight just as good.

Debbie: Like Paul/George, this is just 
another character that is worthless for 
doing much, probably the worst character.. 
just use this one as a suicide attacker.

Laura: Cant really jump, but is one of the 
3 useful characters. I usually use this one 
on the second day of the game, it has pretty 
good running speed, much better then george and 
paul anyway.

*2* -Control-

Cabin\Cabin fights: Left\right moves the 
character to different parts of the cabin, 
up  moves forward.
In a cabin fight, left and rights moves, 
and B shoots the weapon. Holding down and 
left does a left dogde, holding down and right 
does a right dodge.


A: Jump
B: Throws weapon
Pad: Move left/ or right or Up and down a path or house.
Start: Pauses and shows map

Boat: Same as walking, except this time your rowing.

B: throws weapon
Pad: Row  left or right
Up: goes in  the lake house, or out of the lake

*3*  -Items-

-Medicine- Heals about 5 health bars 
when used on a Counsellor,
and is automaticly used when you die
 to heal about 1\10 of the health.

How to get: Jumping and killing enemies.  
(More come out at forests)

-Flashlight- Lets you see the secret paths in the cave.

How to get: Light up all 7 fireplaces with the lighter.

-Lighter- Lights up the fireplaces in the cabins.

How to get: At the start of the game, 
kill 3 enemies in a row with rocks to 
get it everytime, not random like other items.

-Key- Opens the doors in the woods, and caves.

How to get:  Randomly by jumping/killing 
enemies on the trail.

-Sweater- Reduces damage taken by Jason by half, 
and stops most trail encounters.

How to get: Defeat the monster head in the cave 
on the second day

*4* -Enemies- 

>Zombi< Endless enemies that constantly appear 
on the trail, just kill them quick
with a knife or better or jump over them.

Hit Points: 3 rocks, 2 knifes, 1 machete,axe,torch,pitchfork.

>Crow<  Appears after around  Zombi kills, 
Just jump over them or kill them.

Hit Points: Any weapon will kill them instantly. 

>Lake Zombi< Jumps out of the water, 
sometimes diagonally,  its best to avoid them.

Hit Points: 2 rocks, 1 hit of anything else will kill them.

>Bats< Rare enemy in the cave, best to avoid them.

Hit Points: Ive never fought them before, 
so ill have to go test first.

>Wolves< These appear in the forest at 
evening and night time after you kill 
about 3 Zombi , they are the hardest in game to kill, 
except for bosses.

Hit Points: Not sure on this, but:  Rocks: 9  
Knife: 6 Machet: 3
Axe,pitchfork, torch: 1-2

*5* -Weapons- (Listed from weakest to best)

Default weapon you start with, not really 
good for killing anything

-Knife- Its a bit better than rocks, and 
its best to make sure all 6 characters have 
atleast one of these.

How to get: Random, jumping on the trails.

-Machete- Bit better than a knife, a 
overall good weapon for fights, will 
kill most enemies in 1 hit.

How to get: Supposdily, its gotten after 
killing a certain about of zombi, 
I have yet to test it though.


Perferred weapon to have, besides the torch. 
try to get atleast 2, as they can kill 
anything in 1 hit except bosses.

How to get: Ive found 2 ways to get this item.

Light the fireplaces, grab notes, and goto
the cabin in the woods, and it should be near the exit. 

Can also get by defeated the Monster head
 in the cave on the first day , using a machete.

-Torch- this is one of the best weapons, it
 can take off 1 life bar from jason each hit,
 and kills all normal enemies quickly, and has a 
burning effect.

How to get: Light every fire places (all 7)
 grab the lighter, and search the 2 big
 lake houses and it will be in one of them.

-Pitchfork- The best weapon, has same power as
 the torch, but it can kill multiple enemies and has 
longest range.

How to get: Kill the Monster head in the cave on the 
third day, ive never done this because i
 had the torch, but its suposidly a hard fight.

*6* Jason strategys

-Day 1-

This is where you figure out how to fight him, 
hes easy once you figure it out, but hard at first.

Cabin Fighting: To beat this form, simply  
wait for him to come, and do a doge till he 
goes to the back of the room, hit him 2-3 times
 while he's there, and repeat. Sometimes he may 
do a double attack, to tell if he is, when he 
retreats, he will normally go all the way to 
the left of the room and come down to you. 
When he does this, its a single attack, when 
he comes down at about half way from the left 
and half way from you, its a double attack, 
so do the dogde 2 times.

Trail Fighting: I always find trail fighting 
harder then cabin on first day, but if you 
must trail fight, just constantly throw  weapons at him 
untill he retreats. 

-Day 2-

Cabin Fighting: Today he has 2 modes , 
Normal mode(from day 1) and Turbo mode, 
in turbo mode he always does a double 
attack, but its faster and harder to 
dogde then a slow double attack. Just 
use the same strategy from day 1 and 
the only difference is the dogdging 
is much harder, sometimes impossible
on a controller with a worn out control pad.

Trail: Trail fights are the same through
 out days 1-3 , so just reapeat Day 1's strategy. 

-Day 3- 

Cabin Fighting: Today you must use a totaly new
 strategy, if you use the old one, you will
 dodge him, but won't have time to get any
 hits in! To beat him here you must rely 
on a little bit of luck and timing.

He's always in turbo mode.. So what you
 must do is wait till he comes near you
 and At the last second, do a dodge , and
 it will dodge both attacks, and you can
 hit him with a weapon right after it.
 This form is pretty hard, and it might be
 easier to fight him on the trail in day 3.

*7* Walkthrough.

Ok, now that i've given you all the
 strategys and item locations, lets
 move on to using them in the actual
Since this game is random, just try
 to follow this guide best you can.

The game uses 3 different days, and
 you kill jason on each day. Sounds
 easy enough, but each day he gets
 faster and hits harder.  When he
 attacks someone a 60 second clock
appears, and he will damage them
 every couple of seconds  if you
 dont get there. Use the Slow characters
(Paul, Debbie near the lakes for when jason attacks the kids.

---Day 1---
I suggest you pick mark for this day,
 he walks and jumps the best.
Get used to the games controlls ,
 and kill 3 Zombi that come from the
ground to get a lighter. now goto the
 lake area, light up the 2 cabins that
 have fireplaces in them. While your
 doing this try to get Medicines, Key,
 and a Knife. And be sure to yeild off
 the occasional jason attack. (Check the
 map and the green flashing house is where he's at)

Now goto the main path that goes around,
 and light all 3 fire places. Then move
on to the 2 near the cave, and grab the flashlight.
Now go back to the lake, and search both
 houses until you find a torch.
To grab the torch press select and pick TAKE.

For the rest of the day, just search for
 potions while waiting for jason attacks,
 eventually you will kill him. 

---Day 2--- First off, i suggest you give
  the torch to laura and take mark to the
 forest. Once in the forest, goto the forest
 house. Heres a forest solution: Enter the
 forest at the top of the screen from the
 lake, goto the right and goto the first 
path that heads upwards, and go up it.
 You should find another one in the same
 spot, go up it and you should be in the
 forest house. (you should have the key,
 if you followd this guide in day 1.  

Search the house, and go back out,
 you should find a Axe at the exit.
 Take it, and leave the forest and
 goto the cave paths. Now go in the
 cave, jump the hole to the left, 
and make one more jump,  you should
 see a door. Go in it. Go up and unlock
 the door with the same key from the forest,
 you will now be fighting the Monster head.
 To defeat it, i suggest just keep hitting
 it with the axe while standing in the middle
 till it dies, because your not using this
 character again(mark) until day 3. 

When it dies, grab the sweater object.
 (notice the new glowing) This item will
 help greatly in day 3 during  the final
 jason fights. Now take this character back
 to a house, and keep him there until day 3,
 your now done with Mark for today. Now take 
contrl of Laura (has the torch)  and search
 for Medicine.  **NOTE** Be careful not to   
 jump into a knife or machete, or you will 
lose the torch and the third day will be very hard.
Now just do as usual, fight jason off until he dies.
(if you get low Health, trade the torch to someone 
besides Mark.
You've now made it to the third and final day!

---Day 3--- 

Take Laura and give the torch to Mark,
 and then switch to him. You will use him
 until the end of the game. **OPTIONAL** IF
 you want the pitch fork with Laura, goto the Cave
 and kill the monster head, but you  probably will
 die without a axe or better, but i have never done
 this before. Taking control of Mark, This day is
 straight forward: Chase jason until he dies.  (refer
 to the jason fighting strategys) 
 Once you kill him watch the 'Ending' Not very
 long, but you can be satisfied you beat a pretty hard game. 

*8* Credits

TheAmazeingChaoDaos, And Binta  for
 telling me  2 different torch strategys.

*9  Copyright

This guide is Copyright (2004) (Jake "Demon" Jetro),
 Friday The 13th Game is By Ljn 

If you want to use this Walkthrough on a web
 page, just Include that its my
 work and don't alter any of the text.

For questions, mistakes and Whatever
else Email Demon1050@hotmail.com