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The Goonies 2 
by Konami
FAQ/Walkthrough 1.1
By Kurt Kalata (kkalata@worldnet.att.net)
Created 7/8/99
Updated 7/11/99
I. Explanation of Walkthrough
II. Tips
III. The Actual Walkthrough
IV. Quick Rundown of Game Events
V. Closing/Revision History
I. Explanation
The reason for this walkthrough is simple...there was no
Goonies 2 FAQ anywhere on the Internet, at least where
I looked.  So, I created one myself.  I actually bought Goonies 2 the
same day I had bought my Playstation (September 3, 1997, which was
also the day Final Fantasy 7 was released.)  It didn't get much play at
first, but after I had finish FF7, I had time to devote to beating Goonies 2.
It certainly was frustrating finding everything (the search for the ladder
always drove me nuts, or any other little thing, because a small bit was
overlooked) but it was fun.  I was going to write a FAQ back then, but
never did.  Well, having just seen the Goonies a couple days ago on TBS,
I was inspired to finally write a document to help any old school NES
players through Goonies 2. (By the way, I always wished there was a sequel
to Goonies the movie.  Wouldn't that have been awesome?  I'm still waiting
for the Goonies on DVD myself...)
I hope some people find this useful.  I know it's a twelve year old game,
but it's still pretty fun, and worth a playthrough...in a bizarre, low-tech way,
it's a precursor to modern classics like Super Metroid and Castlevania:
Symphony of the Night.  So good luck!
[If any errors are found, e-mail me at kkalata@worldnet.att.net.  Not
everything here is listed in the most efficient ways to get things done,
but it works.  Hopefully.  If anything is wrong or doesn't make sense, let
me know!  I spent several hours on a summer evening/night playing the game
and writing this, so errors are possible.]
II. Tips 
-To be honest, I don't even bother to fight a lot of enemies here.  The
larger ones (like dinosaurs and skeleton angel-things) take WAY too many 
hits, and thus too much time.  I usually end up losing less life by running.
Sure, that means dying a lot more, but the only thing you lose are yor
weapons and keys.
-Collecting keys is very irritating, especially if you use the above
method by plowing past everyone, and constantly dying.  Just find a cozy
spot where the enemy respawns, and keep killing it until you get a key.
It CAN take several minutes, but you'll get one eventually.
-The map isn't incredibly useful, mainly because the "warp zones" will take
you to different spots in the game (and also because it's not laid out
very well.)  Still, it can give some guide to finding Goonies, at least
if you found a Magic Locator Device (which I never found all of...hence,
there's only three or so listed in the walkthrough.)
-This really isn't a tip, but know that this isn't entirely complete.  Like
I mentioned, I only found three Locator Devices.  I don't think I mapped out
ALL of the bomb and fire boxes either.  In fact, I never found the Transceiver
either.  Any ideas where they are?
-In my first version of this walkthrough, I never found the candle.  Well,
a cool guy by the handle of Luuke13 let me know you can get it by beating
an old woman in the red cave senseless with your hammer.  However, it's
not totally necessary to get this item - you can still wander around in
the dark, pick up items, use your hammer, even use your glasses (which
doesn't make sense at all.)  
-There are probably more spots that you can bomb to find hidden doors,
but I only really found one.  Just keep bombing, I guess.
-I found the boomerang useless, especially since it's so easy to get stolen
on the bridge.  The slingshot is cool, but you lose it when you die.  And
the molotov cocktails and bombs are a bit unwieldy to use (and very limited.)
I just stick with the yo-yo, really.
-On a quick note: in case you select the "Go" option and want to cancel
it, press the Start button.  You can select from the menu again.
III. The Walkthrough
You start in the warehouse on the front side of the map.
Go in the first door (top level of the screen) to get
the hammer, then go into the next door to the right
to obtain the keyring.  Exit, and head right further.
Go down the ladder to the basement area.  To the right
is a dead end, but go left and enter the door to
obtain the magic locator device.  Exit the way you came,
and head left further across the pit to another door.
Inside is a slingshot, and an old lady who lost her
Now you can head back right and go back to the door
where you found the locator.  Go through the door, and
you're now on the back of the map.  Head up the ladder
to the "alternate" warehouse area.  Go right, and continue this path
upward until you find another door (the map should show
as blue dot.)  If you go in here and hit the front wall,
you'll get a bomb box.  Head to the right, and hit the
front wall with the hammer.  This will reveal a hidden
door, where you can go through and save the first Goonie.

Now you can head back downstairs to the door you entered
from, and walk to the right.  Climb down the ladder
and proceed right to the next door.  Go in, head right
and hit the wall to find a fire box.  You can open the
safe two screens to the left of here if you want to, but
it's just a dumb message...in other words, a waste of a key.
It's time to head back to the basement area, just below
the warehouse where you started the game.  Climb the
ladders down one more level, head left and go through
the door.  This is a "warp zone", as the old man 
delightfully relates to you.  Enter in, and you'll
goto the cave area, with the red background.
Climb straight up the vine and enter the door.  If you go to the right,
you'll meet a cranky old lady who'll tell you to "leave if you have nothing
better to do."  I know this sounds horribly cruel, but bash this old coot
a few times with the hammer.  After about four or five hits, she'll 
relinquish the candle.  Now you can leave and head back from where you first
entered the red cave area, one floor down.
Head all of the way to the left, and go through the door
here.  It'll be dark, but you can either head straight forward or use
the candle.  Now
you're in the arctic region (no, this doesn't make
a lick of sense, but this is a 12-year old NES game,
what do you expect?)  Go left, go down the ladder,
and head right to yet another door.  Again, it's dark,
so head forward.  Use the hammer on the front wall
to locate a safe, and unlock it to get the glasses.
Head right and get the boomerang (if you head forward,
you will meet "Eskimo", who gives you the useful information
that "there's nothing here".)  From the eskimo room,
go down and left twice to find the entrance portal
to the underwater area.  REMEMBER THIS FOR LATER!
Now you can leave back for that red-bricked cave area.
If you want, you can climb up to the next level, and go left
which will lead you to a door containing a dark room.  Use the candle
and the glasses then move forward to get the football helmet (now
falling spikes and such will just bounce off your head.)  Now
head back down one level.
From here, go all of the way to the right, and go through
the door at the end.  (It's a bit confusing here...once you're
through the door, head right, then down.)  Now you're back
in the arctic.  Head left, go in the door, head right
and bash the front wall with your trusty hammer.  Enter
the newly revealed door and rescue this Goonie.  You're
done here for now (opening the safe is a waste of a key.)
Leave again back to the red cave area.  

Go left, and head up the first vine you see.  If you go through the door,
you'll goto another cave area, just with an orange background.  To left is 
still another door (yes, if you haven't gotten wind by now, there are 
plenty of doors in Goonies 2.)  It's dark, so use your candle. If you 
wander around a bit, you'll find Konami Man, who will heal you (I think he 
appears other times throughout the game, but he's hidden.  Don't attack him 
either, otherwise he won't heal you.)  You can also wander around and start 
hitting walls in this section until you find a keyholder. Now you can leave 
and head back to the red cave area.
Once you've made it back, you can head to the right for
still another door.  You'll end up at another orange
cave.  Head upwards, and cross the bridge (those chomping
head things will steal your boomerang, so be careful.)
Now you'll be in a purple cave.  Head down, and the first
door you'll enter will reveal another Goonie locator
to you.  When you leave there, head right a little
bit and climb the vine (there's another door to the right
a bit, but there's just another dumb old lady in there.)
From here, you can go left and up another level, but it's
impossible to cross the pit here for now.  Remember it.
Head back down, and go right through the door here.
You'll need to use hammer on the front wall to reveal
the door, but head on through to the green, jungle-like
Go left, and the first door you see (on the lower part
of the screen) will contain a fire box if you hit one
of the walls.  Head further to the left, and go down
one screen.  Go in this door, and look for a blank wall to hit with
a hammer.  As usual, a door will appear, which will lead to another blank
room.  Use the glasses, and you'll find a safe with the diving suit.
Exit, and climb down another screen. Jump over the pits to the left, go 
inside, and hit the wall with the hammer to find the safe containing
the waterproof vest (there are doors on the way, but they're pointless.)  
Now continue to move upwards (a total of three screens, which is as far as 
you can go) and go left.  Enter the first door you see (near the
top of the screen) and head right (you can head right
infinitely actually, which is quite odd.)  Use the hammer
on the front wall to reveal a secret chamber.  Hit the
front wall for a keyring (yay!)  Exit.  
Go left, and into this door.  Wander around until you
find the room with a blank wall, then use the Glasses
(in case you don't know how, choose "Tools", hit the B
button, and then choose "Glasses")  Another Goonie is
in here.  Now you can trek back all of the way to the red cave area.
Now that you've got your diving equipment, you can head back to that arctic
area I told you to remember (through the door in the lower-left part
of the red cave area.)  Go through that one door, and use the Diving Suit
by the hole.  
The controls here aren't too hard to use, so just go right and go through
the first pipe.  If you go to the door to the left, you can find a bomb box
and the ladder by hitting the walls (believe it or not, when making this FAQ, I forget
to hit this wall to get the ladder.  I spent another hour going mad looking
for it.  So remember, HIT EVERYTHING!)  Go back up a screen, and head right to the door.
You can find another magic locator device here, plus another water hole
to jump into.
In this new underwater area, go down the first hole, and go left to this
door.  Look around and a friendly fishman will give you "jumping shoes".
You can explore this little area a bit, but there's really nothing much
else here.
Time for another long hike...remember that one pit that I said you couldn't
jump across?  You know, the purple cave, after crossing that bridge?
Well, now that you can equip your jumping shoes, you can head across to
the door.  The glasses will reveal the door to the warp zone, though if you
look around this space, you can find a blank wall that will yield a bomb
box when hit.  Once you reveal the door, head through to another warehouse-like
area that looks a bit like a log cabin (well, I'll refer to it as the
log cabin area.)
Head left, and go down the first ladder.  The door to the right a bit
contains another magic locator device, plus leads to a dungeon-like area.
In this area, run to the left, go down the ladders, and then right to another
door (on a sidenote: aren't those robots tough?)  Use the glasses to find
another stone brick area (yes, they use this background a lot, making it
hard to write walkthroughs for.) The door on the righthand side doesn't
seem to have much, but there's on a firebox hidden through the lefthand door.
Get back to the dungeon area, and just to the right is another door.  
Use the glasses, then the hammer to reveal the safe containing running shoes 
(which aren't necessary to beat the game, but speeds up things quite a lot.)  
Get back to where you first entered the dungeon area, go to the right and up the 
ladder two screens. Once you're as far as you can go up, head left and into the door.  Use
the hammer on the ceiling, then use the glasses to reveal a safe with the
bulletproof vest.  Once you leave, you can climb into that little squared
off alcove that looks empty.  Drop bombs around to find a hidden door
with an extra man.
Go down one level, and head left to the next door.  Use the hammer on the
floor, and go through to find another warp zone (this time with a water
entrance portal.)  Yep, get your diving suit ready.  The only door
you come across in this area contains the fifth Goonie.  You can leave now
and go back down to the dungeon area.  Get back to the log cabin area, and
go back up the ladder.
Keep running all of the way to the left, and enter the warp zone to get
to the volcano area.  Proceed down and to the right until you reach
still another door (all of these doors are getting a bit repetetive.)
Use the hammer on the ceiling, then use the ladder.  You'll find the fourth
Goonie here.  You can continue searching the volcano area by moving right
then straight up for a couple screens.  At the top there's an old lady who
tells you to look for a transceiver, but if you use the hammer on the
ground in one of the rooms, you can find a hidden passage that leads to
the reverse warehouse (near the beginning of the game.)  It's a nice shortcut.
In fact, the sixth Goonie isn't hidden in a new area, but someplace you've
already been.  Yep, head back the first water entrance you found (again,
right by where you got the glasses...c'mon, you gotta remember this one!)
Head down the first pipe, and go left.  Instead, once inside, head right, use the hammer
on the ceiling and climb up.  You have the last Goonie now.  Time to find
She's not to hard to find...remember that one door RIGHT at the beginning
of the game where you found the first keyring?  And there was a whole
in the ceiling?  Use your ladder there.  Go right, and down through
the warp zone.  Now you're in an attic.  Climb up one screen, and enter
the door on the right hand side.  You're in another warehouse area now,
head through the door to the right.  Now you're in a green warehouse, keep
going down the ladders until you're back in the familiar brick area.
Proceed downward until you reach two doors.  Take the upper one.  Use
the candle, move left and use the hammer on the front wall.
The path to Annie is clear-cut now, so you've pretty much beaten the game.
Just make sure you have one last key! :)
IV: Quick Rundown of Game Events

There are the IMPORTANT items only.
1. Get hammer (front side of warehouse)
2. Rescue first Goonie (backside of warehouse)
3. Get candle (red cave area from old lady) (really not necessary, but makes
things easier)
4. Get glasses (arctic area) 
5. Rescue second Goonie (other arctic area)
6. Get diving suit and waterproof vest (close to each other in jungle 
cave area)
7. Rescue third Goonie (jungle cave area)
8. Get ladder (underwater area, entrance by where you found glasses)
9. Get jumping shoes (underwater area)
10. Rescue fourth Goonie (another underwater area, off of green log cabin)
11. Rescue fifth Goonie (volcano area)
12. Rescue sixth Goonie (the first underwater area)
13. Rescue Annie the Mermaid (use ladder in door near beginning of game
to find the route.)

V. Closing
Finishing this off, I'm a bit paranoid that I maybe screwed up the sequence
of events, or ending up writing sentences are a bit confusing.  And if at
least someone found this walkthrough useful, drop me an e-mail!  I was
quite surprised that I actually got a handful of responses just a few days
after I wrote this FAQ, which makes the ordeal seem worth it.  I
love hearing stuff, whether it's good or bad.  Plus it's been a long time
since I've written a FAQ (Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest, which I did two
years ago or so.)  So I hope this helped!

This file is copyright 1999 by Kurt Kalata.  It may be freely distributed
for use on webpages, but may not be copied or sold without the express
permission of the author.  So don't be bastards about it.  Not that I think
anyone would sell a FAQ like this.  
Plug: Visit the Castlevania Dungeon, the best place on the Internet for
Castlevania stuff (hey, it's Konami related:)
Revision History
1.1 : added the location of the candle and a few more hints, plus the 
revision history now that it needed to be revised
1.0 : initial release
-End of file