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                _______________   ___________   ______________
                |_____   _____|  /           \  |   _________|
                     |   |      |   _______   | |   |
                     |   |      |   |     |   | |   |
                     |   |      |   |     |   | |   |____
                     |   |      |   |     |   | |   ____|
                     |   |      |   |     |   | |   |
               ____  |   |      |   |_____|   | |   |
               |  |__|   |      |             | |   |_________
               \_________/       \___________/  |____________|

                 ___________   _____    _____  _____________
                /           \  |    \   |   |  |            \
               |   _______   | |     \  |   |  |   _______   \
               |   |     |   | |      \ |   |  |   |     |    |
               |   |_____|   | |       \|   |  |   |     |    |
               |             | |   |\       |  |   |     |    |
               |   _______   | |   | \      |  |   |     |    |
               |  |       |  | |   |  \     |  |   |_____|    |
               |  |       |  | |   |   \    |  |             /
               |__|       |__| |___|    \___|  |____________/

               ______    ______   ___________     _____________     
               |     \  /     |  /           \   /   _________|
               |      \/      | |   _______   | |   |
               |              | |   |     |   | |   |
               |   |\    /|   | |   |_____|   | |   |
               |   | \  / |   | |             | |   |
               |   |  \/  |   | |   _______   | |   |
               |   |      |   | |  |       |  | |   |
               |   |      |   | |  |       |  | |   |__________
               |___|      |___| |__|       |__|  \____________|

++A Complete Walkthrough To Joe & Mac For The Nintendo Entertainment System++
Copyright (c) 2005
By: Justin
email at: justinsfaqcomments@yahoo.com
I would appreciate comments or corrections.
FAQ/Walkthrough [1]
1.00 - The Walkthrough is finished on September 29th, 2005.
1.01 - Minor spelling corrections and some different wording.
Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Controls
3. Characters
4. Enemies
5. Weapons
6. Health Items
7. Walkthrough
a) Level One
b) Level Two
c) Level Three
d) Level Four
e) Level Five
8. Game Genie Codes
9. Review
10. Conclusion
1. Introduction
Joe and Mac was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1991 by Data
East.  This game takes place in Prehistoric times.  You play as Joe a caveman,
for first player and Mac as two player.  You fight your way through five
intense levels fighting prehistoric dinosaurs, giant flowers, and electric 
fish.  Are you up for the challenge?
2. Controls
A - Jumps
B - Uses the Weapon you possess

Start - Pauses Game
Select - Set Game Options at Title Screen

Control Pad Left - Moves Player Left
Control Pad Right - Moves Player Right
Control Pad Down - Makes Character Duck
Control Pad Up - Nothing (by itself)
Control Pad Up + B(Jump) - High Jump
Control Pad Up + A(Weapon) - Throws Weapon Upwards
Hold B(Weapon) and Release(before character gets dizzy) - Charged up attack
3. Characters
Joe - First Player character.  Male with brown hair.  In the actual game he 
looks like he has a Jay Leno chin.  He will beat his chest and hold up his 
fist after beating a boss.

Mac - Player Two character.  Female red head with a red dress.  During the one 
player game she will run past Joe after he beats the boss.
4. Enemies
*Not including Bosses

Caveman - Either jump over these using High Jump or kill them with a weapon.

Pterosaurs - These green flying dinosaurs will swoop down at you at three
heights.  At the top height you can walk under them or kill them by throwing
a weapon upward.  At the middle height you can either duck under them or high
jump over them.  At the bottom level you have to either kill them or jump over
them; you can duck under them.

Archaeopteryx - Jump over these or duck under them before they hit you.

Small T-Rex - Smaller versions or your first mini-boss.  Jump over these with 
High Jump.    

Plants - Kill these with your weapons.  Watch our for the seeds they spit,  To
the best of my knowledge they spit these randomly.

Electric Fish - These can be killed, yet it would be best to jump over them,
for it takes a long time to kill them.

Cavemen With Eggs - Once killed these cavemen will give you either health or 
a weapon.  They can hurt you so watch out.
5. Weapons
Stone Axe - This is the weapon you will start out with.  

Flint - This weapon is the weakest but can be thrown more rapidly.

Stone Wheel - This is a strong weapon. 

Boomerang - This weapon is fairly strong and like a normal boomerang it will 
return to you.  I could never get real ones to work though. Oh well.

Fire - The strongest and best weapon. 
6. Health Items
Health Items come from the cavemen that carry eggs.  Kill them and they will 
either give you a weapon or a health item.  These health items will come in a 
variety of forms such as as apple or a hamburger.  They all do the same thing;
raise your health.
7. Walkthrough
**The enemies will appear randomly as you make your way through the levels so
my guide will not be an exact enemy by enemy walkthrough.  Use the methods 
above in the enemy section to avoid or kill them.
a) Level One
The openng level of the game.  You will be approached by pterosaurs swooping
down at you.  Duck, jump, or kill them.  Next you will face a caveman.  I 
recommend you kill him so you don't jump into a pterosaur.  Next you will find
a guy hiding in a bush.  Duck down and throw two stone axes at him.  Progress
until you reach two more bush cavemen kill them or jump over them, but be
careful as a small t-rex will be running at you soon.  Highly recommended that
you jump over it.  After a second small t-rex you find yourself facing a mini-
boss.  He is a larger t-rex...

The t-rex mini-boss will walk back and forth across the screen.  When he goes
to the far right side you need to duck in the right spot and you will not get
hit by the rocks he spits at you.  To kill him you need to do a high jump and
while in mid air through a weapon at him to hit him in the head. He will flash
white if you did this correctly.  Two hits in the head with a stone axe will 
take away one of his health bars.  For some reason he explodes when he dies.
I'm still not quite sure why but whatever.

You're still not done yet.  Continue dodging or killing pterosaurs and 
cavemen.  You them find yourself going up a "hill."  There should be a caveman
with a new weapon you can get.  After climbing off the head a caveman in a
helicopter will drop bombs on you so watch out.  Progress over the next "hill"
with pterosaurs, cavemen, and a helicopter caveman at the end.  You will now
face the end-of-level-boss, a giant T-Rex...  

This boss will spit boulders at you that you should jump over.  You need to  
hit this boss in the head also.  He will also release small t-rexs at you that
you should jump over.  This boss isn't much, if any, harder than the mini-boss
And thats the end or level one, 20 % of the game is now finished!
b) Level Two
You begin this level with boulders rolling across a bridge at you.  Pterosaurs
will attack you as you cross the bridges.  If you come to a caveman with an 
egg kill him and get your health or weapon.  You will then come to an electric
fish and a plant.  Kill the plant before jumping over the electric fish.  High
jump and throw your weapon to kill the next plant up on a ledge.  After that
you will come to an electricfish and a plant.  Kill the plant before jumping 
over the electric fish.  Jump over the next fish.  Then there will be a plant
on a bridge above you.  Kill it, but watch out for the seeds it spits.  Jump 
over an electric fish onto the bridge.  You then come to a mini-boss which is
a giant plant...

This is EXTREMELY hard to beat.  It will send out two smaller plants to spit
seeds at you while a pterosaur swoops down at you.  This is the best method i
have found.  1. Go to the far left side. 2. Kill the plant closest to you.  3.
Before it sends out another one hit it one or two time(you can throw more than
weapon while in the air).  4. Repeat until it is dead.  This will take a 
really long time and gets boring but good luck.  Also do NOT get to close to 
the giant plant or it will eat you and kill you.

You now find yourself on a mountainside with what else but pterosaurs!  Jump 
onto the cliff as you jump over the boulders rolling down it.  Kill the egg 
caveman and get the health or weapon(if you want).  Keep on dodging pterosaurs
and boulders until you get to the end-of-level-boss.. a giant Pterosaur!

This is probably the easiest boss.  Just dodge the smaller pterosaurs and toss
your weapons upwards as the boss passes above you.  Like the other bosses it 
will then explode.  You have now finished 40 % of the game! 
c) Level Three
You are now surrounded by water.  The usual will be there to greet you.  Go 
through the level jumping electic fish and dodging pterosaurs.  Kill the 
caveman with the egg and keep going untill you reach the mini-boss, a giant
sea creature...

You must also hit this one in the head.  Jump over the water or whatever he 
squirts at you hitting him as you do so until he starts to approach you.  You
will then need to use high jump to clear his head.  Repeat this process until
it is dead and explodes.

This portion starts out a little pink.  There is nothing different here. Dodge
the pterosaurs and boulders, kill the egg cavemen and steal their stuff, and
jump over the small t-rexs.  You will then face your boss, an Anklosaur, which
is a dinosaur...

The thing that makes this boss difficult is the Pterosaurs cirling him.  You
have to be patient to beat him.  You have to wait until a break in the chain
of pterosaurs and high jump and hit him in the head.  Keep doing this until he
is dead.  Congrats you are now 60 % done with this repetative gem of a game. 
It's frustrating isn't it.
d) Level Four
You will start this level with a weird looking caveman running at you.  It's
right in the beginning so be prepared.  You nest have to dodge the usual 
pterosaurs followed by a second weird caveman(i will now refer to these as 
ghost cavemen).  Boulders will be thrown down at you by a cave man; jump over
them and kill the caveman.  Shortly you will see another caveman tossing 
boulders.  Continue past the green mountain and you will face the levels mini-
boss, a repeat of level one's except with a pterosaur...

Repeat the process for level one's mini-boss while dodging the pterosaur.  
There's no point in trying to kill the pterosaur.  This one shouldn't be too

You are now back at a river.  From the start there will be a caveman in a heli
copter.  Once you get past him you will face a brand new enemy, an 
Archaeopteryx, but i'll call it bird for short.  These work basically the same
as pterosaurs.  There will also be a caveman with an egg.  Careful not to be 
knocked into the water going past the electric fishes.  After the second fish
you should have a ghost caveman running at you; jump over him.  Continue until
you get to the end-of-level-boss, another giant Pterosaur...

This one works the same as the one in Level Two.  Except this one is purple.
Creative huh?  Now 80 % done.
e) Level Five
The last level in the game and probably the coolest looking one.  You will
start with birds flying at you; do the usual.  You will then be attacked by a
ghost caveman.  Then you will find and egg caveman and a three small t-rexs,
followed by two ghost cavemen.  After getting past more birds you will meet
the final mini-boss...

This is a repeat of the final boss in level one except with pterosaurs.  It's
not too hard.

You start out in a very strange place.  It reminds me of like a cell or some-
thing.  Anyway you will have two ghost cavemen running at you in the beginning
along with birds, another ghost caveman and a caveman with an egg.  Then a 
caveman, some more birds and a small t-rex.  Get past more enemies you've seen
before and some boulders until you get to the final boss!!

Its a giant caveman/dinosaur.  He will spit rocks at you that turn into centi-
pedes, with a bird circling him.  As usual, with all the bosses hit him in the
head.  This is not a very hard boss so if you could make it this far you 
should have no trouble.

Thats it your done you beat the game.  Now you get to watch the ending with 
Joe running away from some girls.  Yes he's running AWAY from them not to them
8. Game Genie Codes
*Infinite lives for both players is recommended to beat the game as it is a 
very difficult game.  If you still can't beat it use protection from most 
enemy hits, but that makes it too easy.

PEUXYALA - Player One starts with 1 life instead of 3
IEUXYALA - Player One starts with 5 lives
YEUXYALA - Player One starts with 7 lives
PEUXYALE - Player One starts with 9 lives
SZNXTEVK - Infinite lives for both players
SZKVOKVK - Protection from most enemy hits
SXUVYVVK - Protection from water
AEXZGLAO - Start with 1/2 of your energy (die when bar is 1/2 empty)
AAKUEAPE - Stone axe and flint do more damage to bosses only
YAKUEAPE - Stone axe and flint do a lot more damage to bosses only
AASLOAZE - Stone wheel and boomerang do more damage to bosses only
APSLOAZA - Stone wheel and boomerang do a lot more damage to bosses only
APSLVAGA - Fire does more damage to bosses only
AZSLVAGA - Fire does a lot more damage to bosses only
SZVTKUSE - Apple and hamburger are worth nothing 
AAVTULAO - Apple and hamburger restore health to 1/2
OVUXZAET - Player One starts with stone wheel instead of stone axe
XVUXZAET - Player One starts with flint instead of stone axe
UVUXZAET - Player One starts with fire instead of stone axe
KVUXZAET - Player One starts with boomerang instead of stone axe
ZEKZGAAA - Start in Level 2
9. Review
It is a fun game, but it is extremely hard and frustrating if you don't have
a Game Genie.  It can get a little repetative.
Pretty good for a Nintendo game.  The backrounds are good.
I really like the  music in this game.  Its great.  
It can be difficult to control, especially jumping.
Replay Value
Not as good as Mario 3, in fact not nearly as good, but better than alot of 
other Nintendo games.
All in all its a decent game. I would definintely recommend getting it. I got
mine for $2 at a flea market.
10. Conclusion
Well thats it, the conclusion to my very first guide.  I hope it helped you  
beat this difficult game.  If you have any comments, corrections, or whatever
email me at the address above.
I would like to thank Galoob, maker of the Game Genie, for without you I could
not have written this guide.   ((o))
FINIS.                          ' '