• Debug Password

    Enable Debug MenuK!N!!! L!BB!?

    Contributed By: ReyVGM.

  • Passwords

    3rd Quest, Final Stage[Club][Club]TKXG FDN6P[Spade]
    Final Stage[Spade]8GWG99N9[Club][Diamond]F
    Final Stage (2nd Quest)0Q9G!W N8MV3[Diamond]
    Final Stage (3rd Quest)7NM9FY 6[Spade]ZCQ[Heart]
    Final Stage (4th Quest)FF6!WF MMS3[Diamond]R
    Second Quest[club]5S6F3 [diamond]9F0L9
    Third QuestMHMQZG D?R6F3

    Contributed By: Colin, ReyVGM, and MrDurp.

  • Player Level

    Enter this password and press the B button on the spell screen to increase your player's level.

    Enable Player Level SelectionL!W!!G !M!N!?

    Contributed By: ReyVGM.

  • Power Passwords

    These passwords are so named because they will get you to the designated quest and sector with the following attributes - you will have all magic, will be at Level 7 (9,999 EXP/999 MP), and will have 10 lives.

    1st Quest - Sector 1WDFGQN 40TGJQ
    1st Quest - Sector 2WDFGQN 91TGJQ
    1st Quest - Sector 3WDFGQN B2TGJQ
    1st Quest - Sector 4WDFGQN H3TGJQ
    1st Quest - Sector 5WDFGQN N4TGJQ
    1st Quest - Sector 6WDFGQN T5TGJQ
    1st Quest - Sector 7WDFGQN 26TGJQ
    1st Quest - Sector 8WDFGQN 77TGJQ
    2nd Quest - Sector 16?F!9F 5D?!CQ
    2nd Quest - Sector 26?F!9F ?F?!CQ
    2nd Quest - Sector 36?F!9F CG?!CQ
    2nd Quest - Sector 46?F!9F JH?!CQ
    2nd Quest - Sector 56?F!9F PJ?!CQ
    2nd Quest - Sector 66?F!9F VK?!CQ
    2nd Quest - Sector 76?F!9F 3L?!CQ
    2nd Quest - Sector 86?F!9F 8M?!CQ
    3rd Quest - Sector 1??TKXG V9N9WG
    3rd Quest - Sector 2??TKXG ??N9WG
    3rd Quest - Sector 3??TKXG 8?N9WG
    3rd Quest - Sector 4??TKXG ??N9WG
    3rd Quest - Sector 5??TKXG G?N9WG
    3rd Quest - Sector 6??TKXG MBN9WG
    3rd Quest - Sector 7??TKXG SCN9WG
    3rd Quest - Sector 8??TKXG YDN9WG
    4th Quest - Sector 1JQ5DW! ?ZPP?!
    4th Quest - Sector 2JQ5DW! G3PP?!
    4th Quest - Sector 3JQ5DW! M4PP?!
    4th Quest - Sector 4JQ5DW! S5PP?!
    4th Quest - Sector 5JQ5DW! Y6PP?!
    4th Quest - Sector 6JQ5DW! 67PP?!
    4th Quest - Sector 7JQ5DW! ?8PP?!
    4th Quest - Sector 8JQ5DW! D9PP?!

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

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