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How do I get the sword from the old man in the graveyard?

I have beat levels one through five and need the sword from the old man but he won't give it to me and I can't get through level six without it. I'm working on the first quest.

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cr1985 answered:

You need at least 12 hearts before he'll give it to you. The faqs page has detailed info on the locations of all the heart containers.
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TyVulpine answered:

There's two hearts on the eastern coast (one needs the Stepladder from level 6 and the other needs the raft from level 4), There's one three screens to the right of the starting area (bomb the rocks to the LEFT of the up passage), One two screens down and two screens right of level 5 (or one screen right of the desert), bomb the right side of the bottom of the rock. And there's one one screen below level one (burn the 5th bush from the right side). That'll give you 13 total hearts (assuming you got the ones from the 5 dungeons you've completed so far)
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