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Asked: 5 years ago

How do I find the Step Ladder?

Its been many years since I have played and I can not find the step ladder to cross gaps. Can you help please?

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From: TTF 5 years ago

Uh, no, the Stepladder is in level 4 in the first quest. When you reach the water, go RIGHT to the next room and defeat the enemies in the room and go right and defeat the enemies there and push the block in the middle to reveal a staircase and go down it to get the Stepladder.

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In the first quest, the ladder is in level 5. There's a room where you need it to cross the water to go up to the next room. So, to go up, you'll need to go left first (either bomb or key). Just keep exploring in that level until you find it.

In the second quest, the ladder's stuck in level 6. You need to go to a room at the left of the map and push the left-most block. It's in a room with no enemies, just traps.

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