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How can I get the Magic (LV3) sword?

I've completed the fourth dungeon, have the White (LV2) sword, and the guide I looked through said I should be able to get the Magic Sword now. However, when I try to get it from the Old Man, it won't pick up. Any ideas why?

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thegamemaster8 answered:

Sword's (except the first one you get) can only be obtained once you get certain amounts of Hearts in your Health Meter.

Regular Sword 1st Quest: 3 Hearts / Location: In a Cave on the screen where you start

Regular Sword 2nd Quest: 3 Hearts / Location: Same area as 1st Quest.

White Sword 1st Quest: 5 Hearts / Location: In the cave on the screen with the lake on Death Mountain.

White Sword 2nd Quest: 5 Hearts / Location: Same area as 1st Quest.

Magical Sword 1st Quest: 12 Hearts / Location: Push a Grave Stone in the Graveyard to find a secret Cave Where you get this one.

Magical Sword 2nd Quest: 12 Hearts / Location: This one actually moved. One screen to the left of the screen with the White Sword's location is some rocks forming an area pointing left. Use the Power Bracelet to move a stone leading to a cave with the Sword in it.
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