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The game that changed video games forever.AlderDryad10/10
Hey, I could have rated it a lot lower.BimmyandJimmy6/10
Thus, a classic was born.antseezee10/10
If you can get past the colors, this is one of the best Zelda games stillBlack_Crusher9/10
Even with today's quality controls and analysis, I can only say: "This is great!"Celtic Forest8/10
The Only Game in the Zelda series that I Have Yet to EnjoyConArtist2/10
In A World of Metal Gear Solid 4 And Convoluted Story Sequences, How Does This Game Hold Up?Duff_Ostrich9/10
Classic LegacyEJRICH9/10
Welcome to Hyrule circa 1987EnmaDaio25885/10
The Beginning of a LegacyEvil Insane8/10
Still worthy of its golden cartridgeFranzKefca9/10
Clash swords for the first time!Genjuro Kibagami10/10
Your parents help you hook it uphorror_spooky10/10
The Legend of Zelda is really rad...if you can forge your own path that is!Jerrynsteph4eva8/10
A game that is still good to fansLinkfan48/10
Never again will we see such a brilliant gameMariner10/10
Why am I choosing this game as my 100th review? It's a secret to everybody.nastynate31188/10
The game where it all began. Not just for the Legend of Zelda series, but for all future adventure gaming.Oliwam8/10
And for my 100th review on this site, itís my favorite game of all time!Overdrive10/10
The stuff of NES masterpiece.Ryan Harrison10/10
Influential but not the best Zelda title by any means!Shin_i_Gami6/10
…but wait, there’s more!terrisus10/10
Legendary OriginsTSA_ZHQ9/10
I Wonder if This is what a Real Adventure is Like?Yutayari10/10
Pay you for the door repair?! You're out of your mind old man!ZFS9/10

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Ignore my previous reviewice beam9/10
It may have redefined gaming forever, but its randomness bogs it down.ABXInferno7/10
A true Legend of our time.AWing Pilot10/10
An unforgettable classic that has withstood the test of time.BCD10/10
Forget flashy graphics and voice acting, this game proved what really makes a true classicDaredevil318110/10
The candle burned out long before the Legend ever did...discoinferno8410/10
The grandfather of Zelda games now on the WiiDraimanBelieve79/10
Fun, addictive, classic. What's not to like?Farshaft8/10
May legendary swords shine sharpGbness10/10
Zelda is a good game, but it's not all it's cracked up to begrasu6/10
Set the standard for real-time RPGs.IMAP8/10
TG Review: The Legend of ZeldaJackyBoyJaneyGi10/10
Twenty years later, Linkís original adventure still holds up well.KleenexTissue507/10
Others in the series have done better, but this is the game that started it all.Looneymaster8/10
When a game is this good, the nostalgia is earned and should be rewarded.neonreaper10/10
Poor Link. He's doing all the adventure and his name isn't even in the title.pafbonk9/10
Good, but not the best game of all timePlasmawarriorX6/10
A true pioneer, but does it pass the test of time?RageBot8/10
A great but not so great memory.SatoshiMutou6/10
An incredible game, that may be the greatest game ever made.shneepshnop10/10
Where it all Began for Link & ZeldaSteles9/10
Link vs. Ganon: Part IVivox10/10
The legend begins.WhatTheDeuce928/10
To this day, the first Legend of Zelda is still one of the best.Zylo the wolf10/10

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The debut of one of the greatest series of all time.Arbuthnaut10/10
I have a love/hate relationship with this game....BenhTheMan7/10
The start of a beautiful friendship!berenlazarus9/10
Golden package for a game that is worth a big pile of gold.Braben10/10
A Great Start to the Zelda SeriesDarkdoomsday8/10
The start to the greatest video game series of all-time.DarkMark428/10
The Start of a LegendDETHSHADO9/10
One of the greatest games of all timedragoon lover9/10
The Beginning of a LegendFirestorm887/10
The introduction to one of the finest series in existenceGame Reviewer9/10
Not Perfect Though a Good Start For a Legendary Seriesgameaddict517/10
The Truly Revolutionary Game is Back and Better Than Everjuicecentral9/10
The Legend is Born!Link200519869/10
Same exact game.. New Console.Maester_Link8/10
Holy Crud!!! I just lost one of my 6 hearts!mashpotatoking9/10
Let me introduce you to a little friend of mine called Link.Megaman198110/10
The Beginning of the Zelda SeriesMI4 REAL10/10
A nice throw-back, best Virtual Console title yet.mrduckyrisin8/10
A game should be judged by playability, not nostalgia or childhood memoriesnoidentity6/10
A Legend Is Bornplasmabeam9/10
One of THE most praised NES games ever made, does it deserve it? How many synonyms of "yes" are there?Pokejedservo10/10
The start of the best series ever made!PT10/10
The Legend RecreatedRockyStarPro10/10
The Best NES Game, Ever.SaLvAToreRulz10/10
The Legend of Zelda: Nearly 20 years laterShivan Reincarnated7/10
One of the games that made the NES such a great system!SliQrick7910/10
The Game That Started the Greatest Video Game Series of All Timetazzyboyishere9/10
Why the Legend of "Zelda"?The Manx10/10
A classic game that's aged terriblyTheFanBoyDestroyer6/10
A golden gem into a golden game boxTopgamer199110/10
The Legend of Zelda takes its first steps into the title of "best video game series ever".xanthous_30310/10
This classic gem is still fun today, as long as you don't care too much about story.xXChaosMasterXx8/10

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NT_Redmage Review
Golden Oldies - The Legend of Zelda from Diceman82

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