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Asked: 5 years ago

What are some other NES Games that are like Mega Man?

What are some other NES Games that are like Mega Man?
You know side scrollers that you gain a power after beating the level boss? I remember one when i was younger, trying to find it

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I am looking for a game that you gain powers after you finish the boss at the end. just like mega man, how you gain the ability's of the bosses at the end of each board

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From: maydogg6 5 years ago

Whomp 'Em is very much like Mega Man. Except for instead of a robot, you're an young Indian brave. The same basic formula remains:

- Choose the stage order
- Collect new weapons by defeated the bosses
- Each boss weak against one weapon

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Well, in Metroid you can get lots of different weapons, but not after the bosses. And also it has more emphisis on exploring. Obviously Mega Man 2-6 are like the original.

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Darkwing Duck is alot lot Megaman all the way to being able to select the order you want to do the levels. The one big difference is that you DON'T get weapons after each level >_<. Still it's pretty fun and alot like Megaman.

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