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How do I beat Dr. Wily in the level after beating all the bosses again?

I keep trying, but I keep on losing. How do I beat him? Please, help me, I'm desperate. I've never beaten this game before and after buying it again from the PSN (Japanese version), I'm starting to think it's impossible. I understand this version is harder than the American version.

Another note, I have no E-tanks. Am I doomed?

DoughBoy319 provided additional details:

Not the alien form, I'm talking about Wily in the airship immediately after beating all the bosses in a rematch.

I finally managed to defeat him. When he closed in on me, I realized I needed to be all the way to the left to just have a chance at dodging his attack. Used the buster for the first form of the ship and then unleashed the metal blades for the second form.

I'll leave this question open just in case anyone else who is new to this game needs extra info on how to beat Wily.

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Redmage1987 answered:

As in, his Alien Form right? Use Bubble Lead, It's the only weapon that will do damage to him.
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G1v3th_Tak3th answered:

Japanese version and no E-tanks huh? Well, your screwed. Sorry, but the best thing you can do for yourself is to just give up. Enjoy your incomplete game.
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zuschzero answered:

Just spam the metal blades (remember you can aim it).
If you're fast enough, he will die before you do.
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